Bandit's Castle

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Replacing the fabulous - but ultimately undersized - YZ-775, Moonstormer, that once belonged to Adhar's late uncle, the Bandit's Castle serves as the new flagship of the Array Consortium. As the Consortium continues to expand in terms of membership, contacts, and resources, it seems appropriate for a larger, stronger vessel that can service smaller smuggler ships and provide protection and cargo as well as to serve as a sign of its growing presence.

The Bandit's Castle has come into the hands of the Consortium via an Outer Rim mercenary company called the Umbaron Company, who had drydocked the ship after superior capital vessels became available. The founder of the company, now retiring, traded the ship to the Consortium in trade for the Moonstormer - which is to be used as a yacht - and a quarterly delivery of deuterium fuel from the Consortium's industrial colony on Kalarba. This, considering everything, is a very good deal.


The ship now known as the Bandit's Castle started life as SN-442, the Rialna Sunrise, first laid down on the yards around Bonadan in the early years of the Empire as part of the CSA's picket fleet. After entering full scale warfare with the Kobok during the Mavvan Conflict in 15 BBY, the Authority elected to hire mercenaries from multiple groups to ensure their border forces were not overly depleted. One of these groups, the Umbaron Company, elected to ask as partial payment for their many strikes against Kobok forces and forays into Kobothi space. The ship accomplished much as the newest addition to the Umbaron fleet, slaying multiple small capitals and some larger vessels as well as carrying out bombardments during surface strikes and escort duty. After the Mavvan Conflict, the ship also participated in engagements against the Trianii before their conflict with the Authority was up.

In the years after these conflicts, the ship would see combat in multiple conflicts across the Outer Rim, for local governments and criminal groups for whom the Empire could muster no attention. Even the Hutt Clans hired on the Umbaron Company to prosecute warfare against their enemies, and the mercenary group became quite wealthy and well-equipped in the years after the collapse of the Empire. Eventually, the ship fell into disuse, finally drydocked at the Company's home station in the deep reaches of the Rim.

There it has stewed, drenched in the blood of old conflicts and the souls it has reaped. Though older now, it is still potent, at least in the smaller scale of regional conflicts and mercenary warfare. It could be used for other things, as well - which, of course, is a purpose it will soon find as a flagship for the Consortium.


Though it is an older vessel, it has been well-maintained by the mercenaries who owned it. However, that age - and a lot of battle damage suffered early on when in service under the Umbaron Company's flag - has left its marks. The ship's turbolasers, while in good shape in and of themselves, will require full realignment and recalibration once the ship is in custody. The ship has been in drydock for some time, and so certain of the ship's systems have idled to the point of requiring full reworks across the board. It is not so much expensive as it is annoying, but thes ship will not function properly without it. While there are not secret smuggling holds on the vessel, the customs holds are vaulted with layers of hyrium alloy. This makes the contents of the hold difficult to sweep through with ship scanners, allowing spoofing to be done fairly easily - containers within the ship can still be scanned by hand, however, making any dedicated customs officers a nightmare for the crew should they not arouse suspicion. Finally, unbeknownst to even the previous owners, the ship's reactor took a torpedo hit in a previous battle that has left microscopic cracks in one of the main coolant line. One day, when the crew least expects it, a primary rupture will occur, flooding at least one or two decks with coolant at a very inconvenient time. Certainly, it might not doom the ship...but it will make things very dangerous for everyone at the time it does occur.



  • Logs to be added


  • Eight double turbolaser turrets
  • Three tractor beam projectors
  • Two capital-scale concussion missile launchers
  • Two quad-laser turrets
  • Fighter/shuttle bay

Starfighters and Other Craft

  • Gambler Wing, Interception
    • TIE/ad, Deep Hunter
    • TIE/ad, Reaper
  • Sabacc Wing, Assault/Escort
    • Sabacc 1, SoroSuub Preybird
    • Sabacc 2, SoroSuub Preybird
    • Sabacc 3, SoroSuub Preybird
  • Harvester, Silvut Svelte-class Shuttle/Boarding/Transport

Repairs & Modifications

  • Extended engine cluster, raising speed to 70MGLT
  • Replaced 2x hyperdrive with 1.5x unit