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Nix is welcomed home

OOC Date: November 17, 2022
Location: Ealor
Participants: Clan Kora, Hadrix Kora, Valeska Kora, Fae Renta, Hahtavi Kora, Nix, Hahtavi Kora, Sumi Kora

Rain falls outside the massive fortress. It emphasizes the ancient stone structures, draws out the mossy smell, and fills the air and surrounding fortress with the pitter-patter of rain. Somehow, this all washes away the threatening danger that often loomed over such a place, and for once, the place was just home.

In the great hall, fending off the cold, fires crackled along the firepits, and the smell of a fresh hunt was slowly turning over a fire. Sana Ryder sat before the great beast, using a brush to spread the seasoning over the meat.

Elsewhere in the room, Sumi sat upon the throne for Alor'Kora. It is a modest seat surrounded by trophies of an earlier day. Tall bones from a Krayt dragon, and a Kell dragon, and numerous other things leave the dais, and its seat, surrounded by objects that loomed through tall, scary shadows and held the firelight in some mysterious, ominous way.

After what seemed like hours of quiet reflection and thought, Sumi dons her helm and rises from the seat, alerting the others from over the ambience of crackling fire noises that, <"It's time.">

As if on cue Hadrix appears at last, maybe it was or more likely the leaders of Kora had been synced. Are synced. Old friends in spite of the short years. Gripper is with him, floating at his side carrying the helmet of Warlord Tsook, the dented and battered article upside down and covered over.

Al'Verde Kora himself carries a brazier, already lit and setting off the iridescence of the midnight purple plates, turning the silver-blue edging and iconography on fire to blaze and outline him like some storybook entity. Heavy tread of beskar shod boots with their hobnails allowed to be heard for a change, his gliding walk still there, the oil over water gait, but mixed with the grind of his sabatons against stone until he comes to a halt, placing the brazier before the throne and putting a brand into it once unclipped from his equipment rigging.

<"Faath Crine."> helmet broadcasting, enough to make his metallic changed voice filled with its gravel and growl echo in the hall.

Also near the great beast, Kirana Ryder leans backward against a wall, speaking to the marinator, Sana Ryder, one hand on her hip and the other dangling at her side. The two of them have spent more and more time together of late, though it can be observed that there's something unspoken between them as neither Ryder is able to fully relax while speaking to the other, even after this full day of togetherness.

Kirana's armor has been patched up and repainted after the damage it took recently, the novice smith having done all of the work herself. The medical work, however, had come on behalf of both Nix and a new contact met on Nar Shaddaa, of whom the clan is familiar with. She seems to be generally recovered though any movement which involves her left, dominant, arm, is done so with a degree of slowness that isn't typically present - things such as grabbing, raising, lifting and eating.

Sana says something which earns a grin in the corner of Kirana's mouth, but before she can retort the gathering is announced by Sumi. As though in unison, both Ryders apply their helmets and Kirana adjusts her posture to something less casual, approaching closer to the seat upon which the clan's Alor presides.

From the table of eats -- because there are always eats -- Valeska has just finished polishing the small femur of some kind of bird. Roasted likely, but certainly not from the beast Sana is seeing to now. No, this was just an appetizer. Shes sitting on a bench from a large piece of driftwood that was cut in half. A massive, wide piece of lumber with a long history of life swirling in the rings. And history of those in the Clan who have sat here before her.

"Always love comin' home, yeah? We should do it more often. One of the quietest places in the galaxy. If you don't mind the cannibals." She raises to her feet, full armor save for the helmet, and tosses the bone into the flames. A bit more fuel for the fire. Then she joins the others around the brazier, both hands planted on her hips.

Hahtavi would have arrived early enough to take part in the hunt with his daughter, Iriin. Just try to keep that child from taking part! Iriin's enthusiasm can be boundless. Just now she's standing over near to the fire and is removing her helmet. She beams a huge smile at Sana, "That smells good!"

For his own part, Haht has also removed his helmet. He is seated at one of the tables and waits until Sumi or Hadrix should call them together.

He does not have long to wait. He gets to his feet to join the others, putting his bucket back on - taking his cue from Sumi perhaps.

Nix arrived on the Woor and went out of a short walk. The rain made the woman reconsider and she went inside and sat beside the fire, poking it with a stick every so often. Her feet pressed again the firepit she's at and she leans closer to it watching the flames until she hears Sumi and she lifts her head up, long hair falling to the front of her armor. The mini-mando glances around at the room trying to gauge which time it is and what for.

Then Hadrix voice calls her dead name and she lifts her eyes up to him and while it doesn't look like she stands up, she does. A step or two beside the fire so that both Hadrix and Sumi can see her. She grabs her helmet and slides it over her head. The woman glances around to the room quickly before looking back to Hadrix, a small bow of her head.

<"The purpose of our meeting marks the end of one's gauntlet, and the new beginning of a life earned in blood and honor. This day, we call the one we know as Nix before us, to be judged by those who bear our mark, .. our name, and arrive at a conclusion on whether she is ready to wear both.">

Sumi steps beside Hadrix, her arms moving until her hands have clasped at the small of her back, pinning her cape away from the artful design which war has left carved on her own armor. It does not bear fresh paint, nor hide scars; it is the ugly truth of their lives as Mandalorians, the tapestry of their life long quest for strength through battle; through war.

After a pregnant pause, Sumi says, <"I open the floor to those present or proxied to cast their vote. Speak your heart, and let this Mando'ade know Yay... or Nay."> Sumi turns her head slightly, nodding to Commander Hadrix, then her mirrored visor settles on Faath 'Nix' Crine.

<"Nix has availed herself constantly. She shows no fear. She offers no hesitation, even to her own detriment. She holds the Clan as family and has never faltered when she is called on."> turning the brand over in the fire, looking to it and back to the others in turn, <"She has my trust and I say yea.">

There is almost a challenge in the bark of his voice, as though to dare others present speak against, the visor of his helmet falling on one after the other until he stills. A reclining creature studying its surroundings and judging what is before it despite the familiarity there. But isn't that often the way of Hadrix, restrained and restraining of himself even in the presence of kin.

The brand is turned again, the coals of the brazier stoked by the movement and kicking a spume of embers into the air to spiral and wink out one by one.

Her voice irrelevant to the subject at hand, Kirana stands motionless beside Sana. Her head turns to search for the one in question, Nix, then glances around quietly at the others as each of them speaks. She'd been to ceremonies like this before, even from Sumi's position for a time, but the politics of clan Ryder were a much different situation than clan Kora. One of them was less venomous and while this situation weren't new to Kirana, seeing it from a healthy perspective such as this, was. Besides this, she intended to learn more about those within clan Kora, particularly those such as Nix herself with whom she'd only just met recently.

Valeska tilts her head one side then the other, working out a crick in her neck that finally pops on the second go. "You ever heard two alley cats fighting? It ain't like a normal brawl, yeah? It's savage. You don't even gotta see it. You hear and you can feel it in your guts. Claws and teeth and the screams of rage. The kind of fight that leaves marks not just in the fighters but in everything around 'em, too. Then you go to the alley, yeah? You find one of the cats there all mangled up bad licking their wounds. Beat the rekk. And you think 'Well, I guess I know who lost.' But then you go to leave and you find the other cat. Dead."

Hazel eyes look over towards the small-statured Nix with a half grin. "Nix has been that feral cat since we met and it's like having a kindred spirit. But it's more than that. She's incredibly knowledgable in her craft for patching all us other rabid cats up while still fighting with all the fury of a nexu. If she ain't Kora, I'll eat my helmet, yeah?" She lifts a gloved thumbs-up. "Got my vote."

Iriin is not a member of the clan. She keeps her place over by the fire and the roasting meat as she watches, this being the second time she has been presant when the Koras voted on accepting a new member to the alit. She remains silent.

Hahtavi inclines his helm with a nod to what the others say, <"I wondered about Nix, at first. She has proven her dedication, her commitment to improve herself and support us on our ops. As our medic and now expanding her learning to be cabable of far more than merely field triage. She makes her contribution. I say 'yea'.">

This Kora has no other part to play in the actual ceremony. Hahtavi falls quiet to observe and listen to what the others have to say. Behind his helm's visor his gaze slips over to Kirana, then back to Nix.

Sana, standing near Iriin, is keen to let the young warrior have a taste of that 'smell-good' beast. A knife is brandished and slid along the exterior of the beast's body, pulling from it a juicy and tender piece and offered over the onyx blade toward the younger girl. Sana has not donned her helm, so Iriin likely sees the small wink given by the Amazon blonde.

Sumi, stoic and quiet, has not allowed her 'gaze' to falter from Nix's whilst the others share their votes. When it is finished, she speaks again, <"I have the proxied votes from Evie, Avery, Terek, Zelo and Lady Fae as well. Yay on all accounts, which leaves my vote as the last required to secure your place. My vote is not my own; I reserve it for you. So, Nix, do you wish to become Kora, to bear our mark, fight our battles, and become our kin? You have lived among us, bled with us, and fought much of our battles. We are eager to hear what you have to say..">

To emphasize it's Nix's turn to speak, Sumi nods her helmeted head toward her.

The small woman tilts her head and stares at Sumi. Warmth starts to fill her as she listens to Sumi and the first one to talk is Hadrix. She turns to look at him and listens to him. A little tilt of her head. Words branded into her soul in a good way. A bow of her head. Then to her sister Valeska. She follows the story and nods her head slowly. Hahtavi is next and she watches him. A bow of her head to him in turn. Then over to Sumi.

The mini-mando pulls off her helmet and places it beside the fire. She moves so she can look at everyone in the room and she bows at the shoulders to all of them before standing and /speaking/ to them all with her voice. "Faath Crine was born into a world no child of Mandalore should be born into. She made a choice to change her course and it buried her for over a decade. It tortured her. She was Nix'd. Nix walked out of that grave beside Clan Kora. Nix learned what it meant to truly trust. She learned what it's like to have a sister." She gestures to Valeska. "A sister who will punch you in the head if you are stupid. She learned about what it's like to have brothers. Both very different but each has things to teach." She gestures between Hadrix and Hahtavi. "She met a young one with more passion and heart than most she's met." She bows her head to Iriin. "And more family is coming out." A little grin to Kirana. "Slightly holey but still good." She takes a deep breath.

"Tonight, Nix dies. She's not needed anymore. The woman before you would be honored to continue fighting beside you, healing you, and being your kin. Tonight Clan Kora, Faath Kora stands before you humbled at that you chose to keep me." She bows her head to them all again.

Ooooh Sana! Iriin grins even bigger. She draws her own knife and very carefully spears the piece of meat that Sana offers her. Sana might need her knife to cut more! Mindful that the meat is very hot, Iriin blows on it before she whispers, "Vor'e." The growing young lady returns her attention to the important ceramony as Iriin waits for the meat to cool enough to taste it.

Her buir stands silent, his gauntlets clasped lightly behind his back as Hahtavi stands at what amounts to parade rest.

Iriin perks up at being mentioned, a slice of meat half stuffed into her mouth at that moment Nix names her! Meat juice trails down her chin.

Nix can't see the smile that eases Hahtavi's face behind his helm.

<"Very well,"> Sumi says in a tone of finality. <"I cast my vote, and it is done. All that remains is saying our oath, and receiving the mark."> Sumi reaches over to claim the end of the hot iron, revealing the molten edge steaming with a sibilant hiss of cooling metal. Faath is to select a spot on her armor that she wants the brand to leave Kora's mark, the sigil that means she's a full-fledged clan member; that she's blood.

<"Say as we say,"> Sumi indicates, holding the brand poised.

<"No matter the field f battle, regardless of time, clime, or place; you will find us, your kin, beside you. You will never be alone in battle again.">

Passing the hot iron to Commander Hadrix, Sumi left the final part of the oath for him to finish as she took Tsook's helmet into her grasp.

Taking the brand and watching Nix, the red pin light behind his visor evidence of that. <"No battle will claim you absent us. We will march by you, we will fight at your side."> stepping towards her with heavy tread, pausing only momentarily with his gaze visibly falling on a mark, an older one, the placement where the prior wearer of the armor chose to have her mark. The big man's entire demeanor shifting momentarily, a weighty sadness in the minute shift of his shoulders.

But wherever she indicates, Hadrix presses the brand, burning hot enough to sink into the durasteel and leave the flaming palmed hand of Kora, hissing and glowing seconds after the Mandalorian Iron brand has been drawn away, the thick core accent of tower dweller Coruscant ringing out again, a liquid growling voice.

<"Where you fall, we will be there to pick you back up, to bring you home. You will never find yourself without us. You will not die alone.">

Nix walks towards Sumi and listens. Then she turns to Hadrix and lifts her hand up to lightly touch her own shoulder right over the doctor's mark and red band and beside Zee's. She lifts her chin. "No matter the field of battle, regardless of time, clime, or place; you will find us, your kin, beside you. You will never be alone in battle again." She speaks resolutely.

"No battle will claim you absent us. We will march by you, we will fight at your side. Where you fall, we will be there to pick you back up, to bring you home. You will never find yourself without us. You will not die alone." Her voice firm before she bows her head to them. She means it. She'll carry someone out of battle if she needs to.

When the brand is removed, the mark clearly burned into the armor plating, Sumi dips her hand into Tsook's helmet and re-emerges drenched in blood. <"Your mark is made this day, Faath Kora." Sumi places her hand over the burned image of their sigil and swipes the blood across it. <"Your oath is heard, and sustained by the blood of our victory. -- Welcome home, Faath."> Sumi brings Faath closer then, and lightly presses the cold beskar forehead of her helmet against the mini-Mando's forehead in a tender Keldabe Kiss. When she parts, it's quiet, but concluding with an approving nod.

It was done. Faath is Kora.

Stepping forward next, Hadrix allows time for Sumi to clear back enough before that one truth that many often forget comes to the forefront. Looking down due to the differences in their height. Still again, like a statue. Not even signs of breathing while she is held in his regard for a long moment. But.

Hadrix Kora is a hugger.

Making to lift her up, wrapped up in a wampa hug now that it's official. Even giving her a slight side to side swing before another long squeeze precedes her being set back down on her feet.

<"Welcome home, sister.">

Kirana had spent most of the time during the voting observing little Iriin, particularly her interactions with Sana. It wasn't done so in a jealous manner but rather one of introspection laced with a tinge of nostalgia. She had been that young girl at one time, Sana feeding her morsels like that while the adults around her discussed clan business. But the star tonight was Nix, who would become Faath, and it's on this new Kora that Kirana's attention turns, leaving Sana and Iriin to themselves beside her.

Kirana drew her hands together in front of herself, standing with a respectful posture, turning her body toward Faath as she addresses the group, and soon after, formally inducted with the flaming palm brand upon her shoulder. This was her favorite part.

Behind her visor, Kirana grins as Faath is inducted and welcomed by her peers and as the tone in the room lightens some, she begins to relax a bit. She'll spend a time conversing with Sana and Iriin a time further, but will later move to join Sumi and linger around her for the remainder of the festivities. But not without patting her hand to Faath's elbow in a congradulatory gesture!

Valeska's half-grin turns into a full one. Only for a moment. Then she goes back to trying to look somber. Serious. Composed. This is a lofty ceremony, afterall. Where a person's path in life makes a clear and sharp split. The kind of decision and occasion that comes once and only once.

She crosses her arms over her chest, aiding in that attempt to regain some gravity back to the moment. The words said by Sumi and Hadrix strike hard into her core. Words she, too, echoed back in her own way. Words that have never left her. Now she remains quiet to give Faayth the opportunity to say those words herself.

So when it's her turn to hug, Valeska is waiting close by. It is well known that Hadrix is a hugger. At least to those he is not inclined to kill or ignore. Thus Val waits until Faayth is back on the ground before offering a hug herself. "Welcome home, vod."

Faath Kora leans her head upwards and presses it against Sumi's helmet. Flesh to beskar. She sighs quietly and then gives a little head bunt to Sumi before she's wrapped up in Hadrix arms. She hugs him tightly and smiles happily, one of the first genuine smiles the groups probably seen out of the tiny stoic doctor. She is wiggled and then put down, giving Hadrix a quick hug tightly before turning to her sister.

She wraps her in her arms and relaxes. "Thank you." Her voice quiet. She hugs Valeska the strongest because her sister needs the hug. She has decided it. Finally, she turns to Kirana and she smiles slowly. She pats the woman on the shoulder. "I'll patch you anytime." Her voice delicate.

There is a little upnod to the room before she grabs her T-21 which she's officially pilfered from Hahtavi and steps back, lifts the gun that's the same length as she is long, over her head and gives the loudest battle cry she can give to the room. Head thrown back and voice strong and loud. She runs out of breath and huffs a little bringing the gun down.