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Cophigrin: They call that a defense post?

OOC Date: July 28, 2020
Location: Cophigrin IV
Participants: Karys, Sumi Kora, Narsai Ordo, Brightspot, Avery Ihala Kora and Hadrix Kora (GM) Clan Kora

Cophigrin IV, Ash Worlds, Formerly Alderaanian Territory

Controlled by: (Unknown) Elements of Sienar Fleet Systems

The mountains near the city of Belleau-a-Kiirium are difficult to travel, dangerous to camp, and considered impossible to assault. Dusty crags with tufts of scrub and scruffy grasses mixed among loose rock and cracks that threaten to open at a moments notice, worn smooth by sandstorms.

They're also a solid location for their height and general difficulty in accessibility to place signal repeaters for Sienar's droid forces. One of which found by a mixture of the Dragoons and a certain Mandalorian who had more time than he normally should have on planet.

The Mandalorians have been forced to move overland due to AA emplacements near the structure of durasreel, crete, and duranium thrust into the sky. Small jet hops have allowed expedience, but they come to the outskirts of the earthworks dug defensively around the small terrace of stone housing entry to the repeater facility. Droids can be heard moving, some small, some quite heavy. The few brows of rock that the strike force can take cover before the approach through No Man's Land short, forcing low-crawling on the final approach.

<<"Hadrix, team - no wire frames from external data, too much dust and cloud cover for a respectable overhead. But it looks like if we can reach the trench networks we have a good chance. Alor'Sumi... It's your call - how do we go in?">> the rumble coming over comms as they close.

Sumi takes cover behind one of the rocks, her heavy presence and footing slipping between what was rock, and the moon-dust. She chicken-wings her rifle, peers around the rock comically, and even squints. <"Ahh, rekkin hells, I can't see a thing. It's old age."> She grumbles, taking a kneeling position and sighing. Her frustration with age is conveyed over comms. <<"End result is reaching the trenches. Concealment might work, but we'll alert them to our approach. It's going to be a fight regardless, so.. I say we pop smoke, hump-it across this expanse and make it to the trenches for some up-close fighting. Open terrain and drones up there..">> She points to the sky. <<"Are gonna be a rekking pain in the ass. Thoughts?">> Sumi didn't normally ask for suggestions, but she didn't seem eager to run either. She was a smoker.

As they are brought in, Karys can not help but flex her restored left hand. Not organic but it serves it purpose as her fingers unfurl and furl again. A sigh leaves her lips and she is quick to lift her helmet and seal it into place. The HUD flickers to life across her vision and she can hear her own breath as well as the voices coming through the helmet. Her head tilts a moment, listening as she takes a moment to survey their location. Her head tips up slowly and she makes a thoughtful sound. <"Confirm two large droids with canons shoulder mounted at the top. Close to eight foot tall...and it appears like there would be humanoids in the trench closest to us."

The indigo of her helmet catches the light briefly almost flashing silver before she reaches down to ready her guns.

<<"Considering there's a few of us that don't have rockets strapped to our backs, I agree, the best way to enter is on foot">> Avery shifts to peer over the rocks and at the challenges ahead. <<"Also some notches cut about mid-way up. Could be collapsed pintle mounts for heavy weapons.>> The slicer slides back down to look at the group through the visor on his helmet. <<"A fight's a fight and if we're gonna be going hard anyway, might as well start now.>> He agrees, unholstering one of the two weapons on his back. He adjusts the sniper rifle, setting up the bipod and manuevering it into place. <<"I can give you all some cover while you run if need be, then follow up in the rear.">>

Clan Ordo...or at least the Alor was onboard and along, an ally of the Clan Kora. Wrapped in her red armor, Narsai moved amongst the team, her blaster in her hand as she scanned the horizon and glanced sidelong towards Sumi, waiting for the woman's assessment. <<"We've got tw-,">> she begins, only to trail off as Karys speaks up with a little chuckle and a nod, lifting her fingers to point towards Karys in confirmation before pressing a button on her gauntlet. A quick 'blip' and the HUD tags the targets, sharing them across the team's own displays.

<<"So far we're not detected, what's the call?">>

Brightspot is staying low, even keeping her tail as low as she can as she stays behind cover. She peeks up and over the rocks she's behind, her rifle brought up to lay atop the rock in case it's needed. <<"I'll take your word for all that, 'cause I ain't seeing a thing">>, she transmits. <<"Y'all tell me where you want me and what you want me to do">>, she adds.

<"Do your best to cover us. With any luck, they'll shoot at us and give you an opportunity to move up. Otherwise, you may be back here for the whole engagement."> Sumi offers to Avery, before standing up. <"Well, people.. we ain't gonna live forever. Die fighting, or not at all. Follow me in!"> Sumi brings her rifle across her midsection to be supported by her other hand, initiated her jetpack, and kicked off the ground in a sudden gust.

She's off. A glare across the expanse and closing the distance to the trenches. Inside Sumi's helmet, her HUD maps the ideal flightpath and begins marking possible targets, in addition to, the ones Karys had called out. It seemed they were going with Plan A out of Sumi Kora's compendium of tactical resources. Chapter One: GET EM!

Up the pass, sounds die for a moment as if a collective holding of breath for droid and mountain alike as the Mandalorians make their rush, by rocket and foot. Droids begin popping up from where they were hunkered, weapons raising and trying to track the initial rush as Sumi leads the charge.

Even for droids there can be an element of surprise as their programming strains to counter. Of the number of basic infantry, barely a handful can fire accurately as they come up - on the initiative of Avery - The Massive Mandalorian rise on a knee - rifle targeting system feeding information to his HUD to spot the two potential shots going out on the Farghul he had invited to join this little party.

The rest spray wildly, scoring black marks on the stone to allow the Mandalorians, and company, their chance to get into the first line of trenches, where a half dozen basic combat droids are visible, and looking surprised.

Her pistol is not going to cover that sort of distance but as Sumi takes off so does Karys. She skips the rocketeering - not trusting herself in truth so thus opens up to a full run. Her gun in hand she keeps her other free to help her should she need. As shots go off from behind to offer cover she keeps moving left and right as the droid aiming at her falls. She does not drop for cover and continues to cross the distance at an all out run. Juking left and then right she tries to get herself some cover before getting too close to the trench.

A nod is given to Sumi as she stands, <<"Will do. I'll be along behind as soon as you all are clear.>> While his comrades pour over the rocks, across the field and through the sky, Avery swivels to plant the rifle's bipod firmly on the ground. He cants his head to flip the targetting computer on and steadies the weapon to protect them as they make their way to cover. <<"Aaaaall right, let's see how many notice the screaming horde that approaches. And by screaming I mean silently flying through the air and running speedily and moderately stealthfully across the grass.">> The ex-Trooper sights toward the droid with the computer, scanning back and forth for any sign of alarm.

<"Had, we got four noticing their advance."> As he speaks, he squeezes the trigger popping off a searing red bolt that strikes the droid sighting down Karys. Through his zoomed HUD he sees the droid go down in a hail of sparks while a crooked grin crosses his lips. <"One down."> The slicer switches comms to speak encouragingly and eloquantly to the rest of the crew, <<"Go faster!">>

Looks like they're moving. Sumi takes off and there's a roll of her shoulders before Narsai launches herself into the air, her jetpack bursting to life and flinging the smaller woman through the air. Rushing in close and hitting them hard? Well, it was a tried and true tradition, particularly with this team! With their covering fire offered by the snipers behind them, Narsai sweeps through the air, twisting out of the way of the bolt aimed towards her in a practiced roll before lifting her blaster pistol. She too was hampered by range with her weapon, but that distance was going to go awfully quick!

Brightspot jumps to her feet as everyone else starts moving out, her rifle in both hands in front of herself as she goes. She indeed -goes-, making good time over the flat terrain, her armor-sheathed tail straight out behind herself as she sprints... but she focuses so much on speed, she seems to have put aside stealth -- she's just trying to get where she needs to be, as fast as she can get there... hoping speed will get here there in one piece, especially as blaster shots start to ring out! 'Jinking' to one side then another as she runs, Brightspot does her best to make a difficult target of herself. For the most part, it works, but she gets tagged in the shoulder by one blaster bolt. It throws her off-balance, but doesn't put her down. As she nears 'the trenches', she slings her rifle to free herself up to draw her pistol.

Though with some difficulty, into the trenches and into the fray they go. Other droids try to follow suit, but are forced to maneuver the trenches now or risk difficult shots. Further up, heavier movement is coming by the sounds of it, besides the massive eight foot mechanoids trying to maneuver for position.

In the trench with the Mandalorians, and co, the handful of combat drones all turn, trying to be faster, to gun down the invaders. Unfortunately the invaders are faster.

Sumi made it to the trench, unable to come to a complete stop, thus colliding with the wall of the dirt trench. She dropped her rifle, stumbling to the side and taking a knee. She heaved, wheezed, and finally rose back up with enough constitution to scream out a curse. <"REKK.. MY .. ASS! GODS...DAMN IT!">

Sumi turns to look down toward the path of the trench and sees the marching droids moving up. Her rifle is too far away, and with nothing left, she reaches low and to her side yanking free the length of a combat sword. She engages, slicing through the the arm wielding a rifle then twisting to cut the droid in half. The blade could have easily struck a droid behind the one she struck, but it had the self-awareness to leap back a bit. Sumi kicked the droid off her blade and growled, rolling her other hurt arm out as if /suddenly/ recovering like it was nothing. <"Come to Momma."> Insert blade twirl.

There is no cover! None whatsoever as she decides to go slide herself right into the mix. She lands in the trench and rises up after she crunches upon her boots. The first shot is made from her squatted form before she rises up, turns, shoots at the next and whirls to face the one right before her - bewildered by the sudden appearance of the gunslinger. There is a hiss as she slaps the pistol up beneath its chin and fires. The droid falls back, slumping into a wreck as Karys lowers the gun. The end of the S-5 glows red but swiftly is cooling into the grey after the execution of three droids around her. <"In the trench. Targets nearly all down.">

Avery is busy moving his attention from one droid to the next, attempting to line up a target to prevent further damage. <"What I wouldn't give for an orbital strike, right about now."> He pauses for a moment, locking onto a particular droid which was about to take a pot shot at one of his crew. The rifle trigger is tenderly squeezed again and another bolt flies from the blaster. The shot collides with his mark sending shards of metal flying into the air. The droid drops but continues moving at very limited capacity. <<"Beware, one down, not out.">>

Zooming out from his HUD, he turns his attention to the crew and their progress in the scramble to engage. <"Looks like they've arrived... ready to make a break for it, Hadrix?"> the ex-Trooper asks, pulling the rifle back over the grass and collapsing it to stow. Avery unslings the other rifle from his shoulder, checking the count of ammunition before giving the big man a nod and preparing to sprint.

Touching down in the trench was the easy part...or at least, it usually was. Narsai wasn't going to comment on Sumi's impact, she'd had that sort of 'bad day' herself more than once herself! Springing into action, Narsai's heavy blaster pistol fired twice, the first missing it's mark and quickly adjusted as she dropped her left hand to the small of her back where her Beskad lay sheathed. The second bolt hits its mark, shattering the last remaining droid in the same moment her gloved hands close over the hilt of the close-combat weapon. Undrawn for now, instead Narsai sweeps her gaze over the trench and the carnage they'd caused so far.

<<"Scratch the 'nearly', trench is clear.">>

Having been thrown off-balance by the shot to her right shoulder, Brightspot turns her sprint into a slide into the trench, switching her pistol to her left hand. The badly-damaged droid soldier, trying to get itself into a position to shoot into the backs of the mando team gets hit squarely and pretty much 'pops' into various sparking, smoking parts as Brightspot slides safely in behind the others.

Fire continues to hurtle all around even as the trench is cleared. Semi-accurate fire rains down, though the earthworks positions ends up a benefit to the Mandalorians as far as keeping out of harms way. One, further up, takes a bolt in its 'head' knocking the automaton backwards to flail against the trench wall and tumble to the ground, saving the Fahrgul from potential further injury,

<<"Hadrix, Strike team - tango down...">> all that is said by the man as he looks to Avery, <"Move up, I'll cover you.">

Repeater blasters begin to open up, chewing up duracrete an steel alike, but nothing coming close to the attackers.

Then the world becomes smoke and sound. Sonic waves strong enough to shake bone and make audial protection kick in hit. To the right, eight meters down a section of the trench erupts. Flame and plasma and shrapnel flying as another blast sounds off behind their position in the no mans lands.

Artillery fire.

Sumi moves to the next trench, climbing over the top and sliding down into the row uncermoniously. <"Heya boys!"> WHACK! She removes an arm! WHACK. <"Hold this."> She struck the droid across the torso chassis, and it held the blade comically. Instead of freeing it, Sumi steps off to pursue the other droids but suddenly gets pulled off her feet and tumbles to the ground where her last victim was. She rises up, props a boot on the droid, and tries to pry her sword free. <"Rekking.. piece of.. DREK!">

Karys' armor is made for climbing and she drags herself out quickly, up and out she goes. She hurries towards the next trench and while inbound takes her shots but they go wildly about. Unsuccessful in the last she realizes how out in the open she is and curses beneath her breath. Definitely not as verbal as Sumi the gunslinger is feeling the edge of irritation to her tone as she mutters to herself.

Bright green eyes widen behind the covered visor of his helmet and Avery takes a moment of pause after the ground nearby erupts into choas and death. He takes a deep breath and gives a final nod to his squadmate beside him. <"Well, no time like the present, huh?"> At that, the man is off and running, breathing hard as he sprints across the open field. Scanning the trenches he watches for any blasters that get turned his way, weaving and dodging as best as he can while he beats feet across the grass. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!" As he reaches the halfway point he hazards a look up, eyes squinting in the light, praying an artillery shell doesn't find him in the field.

Into the second trench! This time the blade was drawn. It probably took someone mad to attack a droid with a sword, hitting metal with more metal and hoping yours was stronger and sharper seemed rather primative in a Galaxy with laser and plasma weapons...but well, Mandalorians were a stubborn bunch.

With her Beskad biting deep, Narsai weaved, twisted and struck as she moved between the bolts headed towards her. A drive of her blade upwards stabbed -through- the CPU of the first before the next severed the head of her target and let it bounce about their feet. The tirade of swearing? It brings a sidelong glance, even as her next strike 'wounds' one of the drones. <<"Still standing Sumi?">>

Brightspot doesn't follow the sword-wielding mandos forward, instead popping up wiht her pistol, firing three bolts into the trench, hitting two droids. One's head splatters electronics everywhere, and it goes down in electronic 'death throes'. Another is sparking and sputtering, but still going.

What droids able to fire do so with vigor. Rifle and repeater fire spraying to the trenches as the Mandalorians grow closer. Though the numbers defending are thinning and their attackers are closing - that does lend to some added benefit to the defense force as more of their own can lend fire to trying to ward off the assault.

Heavy chugging personal cannons opening up blow small craters into defense structures while the two massive droids atop the terrace stomp into a bracing position and their shoulder canons angle. Massive globes of compressed plasma surrounding concussive munitions soaring towards their positions. One coming towards Narsai.

The other making for Hadrix's and the soldier on overwatch is flung, skidding, coughing, and bleeding across the ground. His voice overs comms is unintelligible, but it sounds like that and the grunt from a shot moments ago have hurt the big man.

Sumi doesn't get a chance to free the sword. She takes a hit from a repeater and it puts her down on her ass again, carbon scoring up the beskar breastplate, yet the concussion enough to break /something/. Sumi releases the handle of the sword, allowing it to remain sticking up and wobbling within the droid carcass she'd brought down.

<"Getting there."> Sumi growls back stubbornly, rising to fire with her pistol blindly toward the repeater droid that was kind enough to break her got-damn ribs. <"Ack!">

Whatever these Repeater Drones are on they better share it with their droid brethren for they seem to be managing to keep themselves up and running. Its either that or the Mandalorians are becoming poor shots in regards to them. Karys next three stray far and she hisse sthrough her teeth as she narrows her gaze. A sound is made in the back of her throat and for the first time in battle ever she curses out her inability to hit one broadside. <"PIECE OF DREK! I would have a better chance of hitting one by throwing my pistol at it!">

Avery watches as the shell he was worried about carries over him and explodes where he was. Unfortunately, that's where Hadrix was as well. "Oh kriff!" he barks into his helmet. Pushing aside his concern for the moment, he slows down enough to shoulder his weapon, get a good aim on the artillery droids, and fire. A red bolt screams from the rifle and strikes one of the droids shelling his friend. Sparks and circuitry go flying, but sadly not enough to end it's attack. Avery gives a quick look to the group ahead and notes they're doing well. He makes a quick decision and begins to sprint back in the opposite direction, heading back to help the man who had helped him through so much more than battle. <<"Hadrix, I'm on my way back, what's your status?">>

Okay, artillery was firing at her. Clearly Narsai was getting some attention! Still, the redhead managed to sprint, roll and otherwise dodge her way through the chaos, narrowly avoiding a hit so far. Slashing, twisting and stabbing along her way, the Ordo woman came to the other side of her targets with some scrap in her wake before her gaze shifts towards the next trench and the fire they're pouring down on the other Mando. Just because she was willing to gamble with her own luck didn't mean she wanted to gamble with the others.

<<"Okay, I'm gonna try and draw some fire. Move up when you can!">>

Then she was moving, heading for the trench full of droids that had been firing across at the team.

<<"Hadrix, you still with us?">>, Brightspot transmits as she moves to a different position in the first trench, from where she fires ahead to help the forward elements of the team, mostly just 'make them put their heads down' fire rather than targeted. <<"Avery... take those...">>, she says, meaning to get the sniper going on the enemy's longer-ranged elements, but Avery's already on it, so she drop it. <<"We need you here, with your rifle... I'll get Hadrix.">>, she says to the sniper, as she holsters her weapon... and leaps out to head back. The little farghul woman leaps out of the trench, sprinting back to where Hadrix is. Hauling him up on her left shoulder, she half-drags, half-assists him to move... and basically tosses him down into the trench next to Avery before falling in there, herself, panting hard for breath after moving a man who, in quite a literal sense, masses TWICE what she does. <<"Tell.... tell the big guy... he needs.... he needs to drop... a few stones!">>, she voices on open comms.

The massive drone struck by Avery stutters and stumbles some, despite its bracing, to recover its position. Blaring alarm horn like sounds emit from it, matched by its partner as the two try to reposition.

<<"I'm here... I'm here...">> groaning as he is cast down in the trench, Hadrix rumbles over comms as he peels open a cuisse to get to his leg and... Begins applying synth-skin and bacta spray, wrapping the wound with what some may expect to be surprising competence. Rathe would be so proud.

The repeater fire rains down onto the forcers as regular blasters begin to fade. The sprinting redhead calling attention to herself as per her intentions - a deluge of crimson energy bolts lashing all around her, seeming to be just off target, or not quite striking true. Always something intervening.

The Artillery angle again, the one Avery struck failing - the other launching at Narsai.

Sumi cannot see straight. Her vision wavers, and shooting seemed an unlikely source for help. She makes out Narsai leading the charge to the next trench and Sumi grins. <"Go get'em girl. I'll be here.. bleeding out. Haha!">

Except Sumi didn't bleed out. Looking to Karys briefly, Sumi shrugged, and cast back her cape to reveal an electrum hilt lightsaber. It belonged once to the deadliest Jedi Master in the Jedi Order, Mace Windu. Did Sumi know this? She'd never heard of them. When Sumi did know was how to activate this white-golden weapon and produce its violet beam with a sudden snap-hiss.

The purple hue colored the front of her armor as she trudged forward toward the repeaters. Both annoyed and determined, she showed prowess with the ancient weapon, cutting and slashing until finally, she plunged the violet blade into the droid and cast it aside in a molten heap of slag. <"We fight!"> Sumi screams, and she turned to the remaining repeaters, content to bring them down too.

Tired of the drones getting the better of her shots she aims down at one of the droids and narrows her gaze. The helmet reflects the light as she swings up and squeezes off a shot. As the green bolt downs it her spent power cell ejects and she clips in another with her hand, rather than slamming it down upon her belt. She turns about, surveying the damage and what targets are next in line. The soft crunch of her boots sounding as she stalks forward to enter the second trench fully as the purple lightsaber sears the air.

He halts in his tracks as the Narghul streaks by him to help Hadrix. <"Eeeer... damn you're fast."> A very appropriate comment as Brightspot sprints toward their downed comrade. Avery turns back and kneels down, sighting on the same Artillery Droid that he injured the first go around. "Let's see if you can handle two bolts..." The trigger is depressed on his EL-16HFE and more blaster fire erupts from the tip to streak toward the target. This time, along with the sparks, metal, and damaged components that go flying, the droid ceases its movement and topples dome over servos into the dirt.

With a wide grin and satisfied 'yessssss...', Avery renews his charge toward the first trench, the slicer dropping to his knees to slide into cover. He peeks over the wall, eyes widening somewhat at the violet lightsaber that appears from nowhere and marvels as it chops a Repeater Droid in two. <<"First time I've seen one of those in that color... and not looking like it might explode at any moment because it's been wired by a child.">> About that time, Hadrix and Bright crash into the trench with him, the latter gasping for breath. <"Holy.... you're fast AND strong. Remind me not to piss you off.">

Lots of blaster fire, Narsai just seems to move luckily. Every step, dive, dodge and twist taking her in a path between blaster and heavy fire before she leaps high and crashes her blade down. The sword cleaves through the first, severing it in two before she twists and slashes twice through the next. "C'mon!" she calls, charging the 'soldiers' with her metal weapon.

Then there was the sound of the igniting blade that had Narsai's eyes going wide and looking towards the rallying cry of a Mandalorian woman holding a purple plasma blade aloft.

That was...a little surreal.

Brightspot doesn't reply to Avery's jibes, though her tail thumps on the ground twice before she gets to her feet, pulling her pistol back out... before leaping out and dashing over to slide into the next trench ahead, blasting the remaining repeater-armed drone as she lands with her back to the side of the trench. <<"Second line clear!">>, she reports over the comms, still breathing heavily.

Numbers thinning, leaving only the final line and the remaining artillery. Numbers running very thin. Reinforcements far out. Ground approach was not expected, for obvious reasons. The droid forces have a split second hesitation as orders come through and they begin to fire again.

A steady hailstorm of blaster bolts aimed for the Lightsaber.

These drones were used to lightsabers thanks to central system reports - so target priorities shifted and shifted hard. The massive artillery drone still standing blaring out in basic from it's deep rumbling baritone.



Sumi's battle cry is quickly overshadowed by a sudden priority of target switch. Giving Narsai the time she needed to cause damage at the front, it felt like everything was shooting at Sumi. She charged ahead valiantly, ruby lances dancing by as she tried to reach the final trench.


As they say.

It was not meant to be.

Shy of sliding to safety, Sumi catches a shell from an explosion, and the concussive force of the blast sent the short Mando'ade airborne, sailing from view in a hue of black smoke, dust, sand, and debris. She rolled back down the hill, tumbling in a mess of gear and flash of cape. Clatter, clatter, clatter. Was the noise until she finally ended up at the bottom of the hill, safe from the battle but hurting.

She lay there for a while staring up at the foreign sky and stars wondering what it might have been like to see Sana's face one more time.


Sumi was going to find out, she willed, and tipped her head back for a moment to sigh, staring up at the steep ass hill she'd just fallen down. The lightsaber? Brought up to her chest and clutched. <"Not bad.. for its voyage battle. Ugh.">

Avery takes little time in attempting to bring down the last Artillery Droid. He leans up over the trench, sighting down the behemoth machine, and lets another bolt fly. The red streak hits with a satisfying crunch but the beast moves on. He curses under his breath and pulls down, from the line of fire to gather himself for a second attempt. As he does so, he notes the purple lightsaber extinguish and Sumi go tumbling down the hill. <<"Can someone get her!? We're dropping like flies!">>

The shift of blaster fire away from Narsai towards the lightsaber was equally surreal, but far more alarming. The call of 'Alor down' had the redhead swearing as she ducked another bolt and the call of people dropping like flies? Narsai sheathes her Beskad in a single motion that ends in her drawing a hilt of her own.

The beskar-forged weapon wasn't wielded by a great Jedi Master or carried through the clone wars, it was made by the hand that wielded it now. With the violet blade exploding to life, Narsai sweeps forwards, cutting a swath through two more droids.

<You want a priority target?!> she calls aloud over the chaos. <Come on then!>

Brightspot trots a few steps along through the trench she's in, then pops up and takes a shot at one of the repeater drones... then repeats that motions... then, doubling back, does it again. Her first two shots miss their marks, but the third catches a drone squarely, sending sparks flying, badly damaging the droid -- but not putting it out of action.

<<"If she falls she falls with her Clan there. No Kora is left behind.">> Hadrix growls as he raises himself up again to balance the massive sniper rifle he carries on its bi-pod, trying to keep himself in cover while he traces Avery's shot, breathes, and squeezes the firing stud. His bolt slamming into the hole that Avery opened, detonating in a fireball within that melts durasteel and plast, sending them running like wax before the droid itself tumbles over and smokes. <<"Keep in the fight, Avery. Or she'll rekk your shebs when she's back on her feet!">> the 'commander' voice in place, warring with the pain still suffered despite the pain killers jammed into his own neck and bacta infusions applied to wounds that have pierced his cuirass and rung his bell when the Beskar of his helmet held.

The remaining droids, they cannot flee, they only have their directive and while Narsai is laying into the last of the lighter forces, the heavier units turn and spray plasma at Karys, Hadrix, and Brightspot. Chewing up ground and bouncing bolts off of reinforced armor, or piercing through in one case.

Nearly there, the enemy almost removed and the repeater station in clear sight without additional defenses near.

Leaving the trenches behind, Karys is in hot pursuit of Sumi. Sliding down the length of what is left of her descent. SLiding her gun away she takes out the medpac as her hands shake from the adrenaline pumping through her system from battle. Out comes the scanner and soon the injector that numbs the first wound site on her chest. As the numbing agent spreads she gets the coagulant spread across the wound next before a heavy bacta patch is hastily placed over it. It will do for now as Karys hovers over the prone Alor.

<"Breathe, the rest have them and you will be fine."> There is an odd steadiness to Karys that can only come with the conditioning of an ex-vanguard.

Avery nods to his friend's words and pats him solidly, but not too solidly... he doesn't want to add to the injury, on the pauldron. <"Always... I never turn when there's work to be done."> he comments with a grin. Of course the grin his hidden behind a visor and helmet, but the grim mirth is there. The ex-Stormtrooper stands and spins, sighting down the repeaters that advance on the party. "Let's see how much you bastards can take." he growls, blasting at the droids with his hefty rifle. If a droid had fallen, his red bolt cutting through its chest like a lightsaber through... well... anything, his statement and previous growl might have been seen as heroic, a stand even. Instead the red bolt simply lights up the grass and trench around it as it flies off into the sky, whiffing by a mile. "Well.... kriff."

<<"Hadrix,>> Narsai calls, her plasma glowstick rampage continuing as she tried to wipe out the rest of the droids. <<"Get Sumi clear, we can handle the rest of this.">> The man was injured too after all, and about the only other person she felt comfortable making a demand of!

Brightspot ducks as the an explosion rips into the trench she's in. Somehow, she's fine afterwards, just splattered with dirt and mud... but Sumi wasn't so lucky. The farghul turns, rising to go after and try to get to Sumi as someone's calling out to do, but as she's getting up onto the lip of the trench, a spray of repeater-fire splatters along the trench, sending up sprays of dirt and mud as the line of fire tracks towards her... and one bolt hits her squarely in the chest, sending her falling back down and into the trench itself. <<"I'm... still here!">>, Brightspot transmits a second... or a few... after she dropped out of view. <<"Hurting, but here!">>, she amends, as she pops up to take a few shots at the drones in the next trench over -- but not of her shots land, as she's clearly quite worried about getting hit again, with her right arm hugged around her middle, over a dark blast-mark in her bodysuit.

A blaster bolt from Hadrix lances out at the remaining repeater but slams into side of the trench besides the mechanical. Wounds making him sag some as he leans against the side of his trench, <"Kriffin' hell..."> slapping the side of his helmet. <<"Karys has her, will move on her position soon.">>

The lone droid tries to open up on Avery's position, slagging metal and super-heating rocks to glowing. A single droid! So brave! So programmed. So... Alone. With Narsai right nearby, telling Hadrix what to do! Does it fire on her! No! It misses another! The madness.

Karys continues to tend to the wounded. Moving from the first wound once its sealed behind the bacta patched to work on the next. <"Rathe has been teaching me field medicine. You will be just fine,"> she insists, trying to focus on tending the last wound. Both now have patches and the Alor is well on her way to recovering as Karys leans over her, the medpac closed up now that she is certain both wounds have been tended to. <"Stay where you are until we have dispatched the last of the targets."> This she insists about as she rises to her feet, readying her pistol.

Frustrated at the way this battle is going, Hadrix down and injured even for his standards, and Sumi unconscious with Karys tending to her wounds, Avery pulls his rifle up and grips it harder. It seems he gripped it too hard, pulled the firing mechanism too hard, for his shot blasts wide of the sole droid marching down the hill. A load gutteral roar comes from his helmet, not over the comms, not through the speaker, from the helmet itself as the slicer berates himself for the whiffed shot.

Brightspot keeps trying to peg the remaining drone... but its random blasts force her to keep her head down, spoiling her aim.

He probably shouldn't have gotten so angry, he most likely shouldn't have stood up from cover, and the droid reminds him of that fact when his leg gets blasted nearly out from underneath him. Avery screams, the sound echoing just as loud as the roar from before, while his body spins in a circle from the blast. He collapses to the dirt, still gripping his rifle, ready to fire, but this time staring at a droid that seems to have been cut in three. <<"Son of a!!!!!">> is all that comes through as he grips at his maimed leg, the blaster fire having torn through his armor.

Finally the last droid falls, the squeel of the lightsaber blade hissing through the frame of the droid that had managed to avoid the blaster fire of her companions. Tearing the blade through the last foe, the Ordo Alor turns back towards the others, deactivating the weapon in a hiss. <<"Trench is clear, are people still breathing?">>

She was no demo expert, but the woman in red was at least able to lend a hand with the taking down the threats!

Brightspot pokes her head and pistol up first... then slowly rises and pulls herself up out of the trench she's in. There's a scorchmark on the plating on her right shoulder, and a big scorch/burn on the front of her body. <<"I'm still kicking">>, she says, taking a moment to catch her breath.

The lone droid, the lone wolf-bot maybe, fortunate or well programmed finally ended. What upgrades had it received on the fly? What magnificence of combat systems. Quiet at last in this crease within the mountain.

<<"All clear... Prep to evac, medivac for Alor'Sumi...">> the big man moving up with satchels of explosives.

There is time to spare, charges to be planted and planted with some corrections that when the repeater station blew. The crowning piece was a Thermal Detonator. A bright sun born for seconds that erased breath and silenced the world around it as the section of Duracrete it was attached to was destroyed.

The repeater tower tumbled rather than collapsed. Unmoored and rolling down the hilltop moments after the Children of Mandalore and the child of Farrfin had exited. And giving the forces led by Ban and Aryn an opening much needed.