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Defiance Guild: Aggressive Management Tactics

OOC Date: April 28, 2017
Location: Parallax
Participants: Defiance: Tarion Tavers, Hex, Kasia Ashkuri, Jehni'va Cihn, Sapphira Solari

SPACE. It is wide and infinite like the void of Tarion's heart, and for some reason he's convinced everyone to get on his ship with him and go for a road trip. Space trip. Trippin' in space. Everyone is piled in the Parallax, which handily can haul all of you (you might need to use one of the prisoner cells) but it can haul all of you! The ship is chuggin' along towards the planet he's sent it to, with the explanation of 'valuable trade goods needing delivery' and disappeared into the captain's cabin to leave the rest to their own devices. What is this mysterious cargo? Who are they delivering it to? Why did they go along with it? WHO KNOWS.

Sapphira volunteered for one of the cells. She's curled up at the bottom of it, covering her face with her arms. She's wearing leggings and her home-knit poncho, and really you're lucky she's wearing that. Getting dressed today was hard. Drinking water was hard. Breathing was and continues to be hard. With her hair back in a pony, the girl lets out a little inhumane groan every so often, but otherwise remains still.

It's okay, Sap. Everything is hard for Jehn - but she's in high spirits despite the idiocy of whatever she's agreed to. As always, she seems unperturbed by the lack of information or direction, content to simply do what she's told with the undying and uninhibited loyalty of the simple minded. The pilot wears the usual - hidden armor underneath a tasteless grey jumpsuit. There's a tasteless belt from which hangs a tasteless knife as functionally worthless as its wielder. "You okay, there?" Jehn presses, leaned up against the door to Sapphira's cell. "You look like... Not okay." Eloquence, it's what she does.

Kasia volunteered she and Hex for a cell as well, though she did it by suggesting they could have sex in there. Not that it probably actually happens, but you know, at least half the fun of being a space mom is doing things to horrify your space kids, and she's starting to catch onto that fact. It's great. She might also be horrifying Hex, too, but there's a certain amount of fun in that as well.

Hex and Kasia did end up in a cell. Different from Sapphira and Jehn's cell. What are they doing in there? "Yes. YES. Oh, shit, yes. Yeah. Right there, babe, yeah. Harder. No, harder, ok ka, you got to -- AHH RYMA'AT, ohhhhhhhh goodddddsss...." Hey look, when you get a perfect shoulder massage and someone really tackles that sore spot, it's a great thing.

The whole ship rocks noticeably, with what one might call a 'violent shaking', as it abruptly exits hyperspace, and Tarion's voice comes over the intercom. "Uh, this is your captain speaking. We've just um, met with some unexpected, you know, turbulence and that sort of- well, it should even out here in a-" But the announcement is interrupted by the sound of klaxon warning bells and an explosion, because this is Star Wars and we make noise in the vacuum of space. "-no cause for alarm," the voice insists calmly.

Saphira wimpers and curls up tighter. "Everything hurts," she tells Jehn, and the other woman can likely smell the very distinct smell of stale booze on Mrs. Tavers as she detoxes. And then there's quiet for a few moments, and the sounds of Hex's ecstasy; sexual or otherwise. Sapphira's bright green eyes blink open. "Did I get laid yesterday?" Because she can't remember. But then everything is shaking, and Tarion is sounding anything but confident, and there's alarms. Alarms in her ship! She lets out a long, quiet string of Nar cusses, hauling herself to her feet once the worst of the shaking has passed. She moves to the intercom, pressing a button so she can talk to 'the captain.' "What did you break? Just ... just tell me where you need me most." Because he obviously broke some thing if not many things.

"Sorry, girl." Unfortunately her cell mate's laments aren't the only sounds the pilot is being treated to. She hates this. She hates everything about this moment. "I hate everything about this moment." Jehni'va voices, grimacing and stuffing her fingers into her ears at the /horror/ of whatever gooey green nasty is going on next door... And then she's thrown backwards out of the cell and hits the ground with a loud, crunchy thud. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" She hollers, still from the ground and struggling valiantly back to her feet, much in the same spirit if not a much different tone than Sapphira. Jehn scrambles to try and get her feet under her.

Kasia can't help but look amused at the groaning from Hex as she gives him a shoulder massage. "Clearly we need to do this more often, you're tense," she informs her husband, who she falls into, and then clings on as the ship rocks, which definitely helps her from falling right over. Then an explosion, which makes her eyes go wide as she pushes to her feet. "We need to get up there, see what's going on," see what trouble Tarion has gotten them into.

"Witchtits!" Hex curses as the ship reels, and he braces against the cell to keep himself and his wife from toppling over. They don't topple, though, they're solid people, that pair. "Ka, that sounds not good," he agrees with Kasia, throwing his half-removed armor back into alignment as he starts trying to make his way more toward Tarion, at whom he is hollering as well. "Talk to me, you misbegotten sandmaggot, what's the situation?"

"Why do you all immediately assume /I'm/ the one doing this?" The intercom crackles, complaining at the injustice of it all. The klaxon bells go off, but the warning lights continue to circle in their housings. "Everyone get to the bridge."

Once everyone gets to the bridge, which lets you look up and out of the main viewing panel, it should be painfully obvious what's going wrong. Tarion is there, for one thing. For another, he's pointing up and out at a big cloud of rubble and debris. "That," he informs them, "should not be there. Which means someone put it there, and recently, and it's my expert opinion that it was put there to stop us from flying through. Also we got tugged out of hyper early, so, you know, that's a-" A new voice cuts in to interject over the comm panel. "Tarion Tavers, you half-licked side of bantha spittle! You think you're gonna make off my with first mate that easy?!" Tarion blinks. "So, uh, that cargo," he mutters lamely to his compatriots, laughing nervously.

"So much shouting," Sapphira wimpers, putting both hands to her ears. "Why is there so much shouting?" It's a rhetorical question, and soon enough Sapphira makes her way to the bridge as ordered, but she does hang back in the darkest, quietest corner that she can find. And she listens. And her eyes roll so far back in her head she's surely looking at her own medulla oblongata. "Oh dear," she sighs, bringing a hand to her forehead.

OKAY WE GET IT, EVERYONE STAYED STANDING EXCEPT FOR JEHNI'VA. Finally back on her feet, the village idiot manages to stagger to the cockpit, where she is greeted by the sight of Their Latest Clusterfuck: Kidnap Edition!. "Wait, that's -" But things become clearer by the moment, even with Tarion's continued and irritating 'this is fine, everythings fine, how are you?' narrative. Long arms are thrown skyward as Jehn groans. "Of course. At least tell me it's a bad guy?" She's down with stealing buses, property, and slaves - but she still has to cling to some semblance of her long-lost morality somehow. Abruptly, she turns and slaps the comm panel in the hopes of grabbing a link back. "You want Tavers instead?"

Kasia helps Hex to get on his armor as quickly as he can, and then keeps a hand on his shoulder as they make their way to the cockpit, just in case the floor should try to become the ceiling again. Once there she looks ahead, frowning, at what she sees, at Tarion. Mostly at Tarion. "This is why we don't trust you," she informs him before all else, because it really felt like it needed to be said. "Care to explain exactly what the hell you've gotten us into?" /She/ doesn't try to trade Tarion yet, but by the look on her face, this time it's not off the table.

"Are you crotting kidding me," Hex asks Tarion, lekku thrashing briefly like the tail of an irritated cat. "A person. The cargo is a /person/? A person you kidnapped? Explain to me succinctly and promptly why I should not let their man out, stick /you/ in a crate, and let whoever that is take you home and use you unkindly." He might not be totally opposed to Jehn's plan here. You're getting outnumbered, TT.

"He's a bounty!" Tarion objects, throwing his hands up. "'Come deliver a bounty with me in case his pirate crew attacks' didn't sound as likely to get buy-in as 'all-expenses paid vacation on the beaches of Corellia,' alright?" Can /I/ help it you people don't have a strong profit motive?" The hunter rolls his eyes at all of them. "Interplanetary bounties are the most lucrative sort. And-"

Tarion is interrupted when Jehn makes successful contact with the pirates. "We'll give you thirty thousand for him."

Sapphira just groans again from her dark corner. "So much noise...." she complains. And at last she lifts her head to give her two cents in the matter. As Mrs. Tavers, surely she'll be campaigning for her husband's best interests, right? "He's got 30 thousand in his pocket right now. Tarion give Jehn and Hex and Kasia 30 thousand to get you out of your mess." And then she lowers her head and groans again.

Well, this changes things. Jehni'va, as mentioned previously, is saddled with the guilt of undying loyalty. She never said it was for Tarion. "That's a pretty good deal." She muses, eyeing Tarion with diminishing sympathies - her finger hovers over the comm. She would have done it for twenty - but, ugh UGH conscious. Growling with the weight of her putrid moral compass, she wordlessly thrusts her hand out toward Tarion, palm up. It stays there. "This guy better make a living clubbing baby Chiilak."

"Tarion Tavers," Kasia's tone has taken on that 'mom' tone again, twice in as many days. "We're going to have a lengthy discussion on why you don't /lie/ to us about where we're going, or what we're doing." But right now, they have to not die. Way to go, Ra-Ra, you've made Space Mom reeeeeeal unhappy.

Hex smacks Tarion upside the head, twice in as many days. "Unbelievable," he hisses. "You disappoint me. /Worse/ than that," because who cares about Hex's opinion, including Hex, "You INCONVENIENCE me. What is your plan then, ai'jou? Hmm? You and me hold off an entire boarding party of pirates? You make Jehni'va and Kasia fly this trash Firespray while we try to gun them out of the air? We get bounties on /us/ because you got a hard on for money and thought with the wrong head? I suggest you make a plan. And if I don't like it, I will throw you out the airlock and deeply uncomplicate my life."

"I was going to tell you when we got there," Tarion insists, right before Hex whaps him a good one. This draws a glare from him instead, rubbing ruefully at the back of his head. "Look, I'm not happy about it either. It was supposed to be a straight shot to Corellia, I didn't know they were going to blockade us somehow. I didn't even think you /could/ be pulled out of hyper." Even though it literally happened a little while ago with that whole Space Bermuda Triangle. The devious bounty hunter squints his eyes shut, coming up with a Plan. "Alright. Alright. Hear me out." Never what you want to hear. "Jehn and Kasia, you both fly, like maybe better than I do," he admits, "so you take the controls. Hex, we both have guns. Sapphira, you're gonna knit a giant net we use to capture- okay, that's a joke, you're gonna make sure we keep flying." Smirk. "So what we do is, we act like we're gonna-"

"Hull breached. Hull breached." The computer voice is a little inappropriately calm. It seems the pirates got tired of waiting.

"OKAY, new plan! Kasia, Jehn, try to shake them off us. Sapphira, make sure we don't decompress somehow. Hex, we might have to shoot but if we can I think we can talk our way out of this." Negotiations! The hunter ducks into the captain's cabin, emerging with a small, wheeled detention crate that dampens the sound from within, but not the furious stare of the small Ugnaut within. "Honestly don't know why they even want him back, /look/ at it."

"He seems like he's still mad at you for baring your ass to his bar yesterday." Did Hex know that Tarion did that? He does now. But there's really no time for ANYONE to dive into that, because the ship is rocking, and alarms are whirring, and the automated voice - why is it automated? We should change that soon - is complaining. So Sapphira, who was so recently groaning about everyone making noise, let's out a frustrated roar; albiet a feminine, kind of pathetic one. It's all her frustration at her beloved husband and the hangover she had to aquire in order to beat him in Sabacc yesterday. Which, yes, she did. She stomps off cussing in true Nar style, and then begins to jog to the access panel at the nose of the ship, where she dissapears rather quickly.

Dad is disappointed, mom wants to have a talk, and Jehn is still holding her hand out for money because the three of them could definitely overpower the one of him and worry about consoling his widow later - unfortunately, not being blown apart takes precedence. "Thirty thousand." She growls, making 'I'm watching you' eyes at the bounty hunter as she throws herself huffily into a seat at the controls. Copilot chair, because obviously Kasia will outroll her every single time and she ain't even bitter about it. "Redirecting power and holy /shit/ look at that - alright, I don't... Want that any closer." The pirate's vessel is a looming, terrifying blip on their scanner and she ain't fuckin' with that. Flip, flip, flip BEEP go the buttons beneath Jehn's fingers like the world most screwed, off-tune piano. "Leggoleggoleggo."

Kasia waits until Jehn is steated, and then drops into the remianing chair, doing much the same thign Jehn is, which is to say, looking at readings, and the scanner. "Do you see that?" she asks, glancing over at the co-pilot seat. "We need to get them off of us, or we're not going anywhere." Or at least not going anywhere without their new, kinda clingy friends. She takes control of the flying for now, navigating them through the rubble with something close to ease. A real unhappy ease.

"I'm going to shoot you," Hex informs Tarion, darkly. "I'm going to shoot them maybe, depends how shit your negotiations are, but I'm going to shoot you /definitely/. I'm not paying you for it, either." Nonetheless, lekku twitching pissily, he's checking his gun and heading towards the likely source of intruders.

The hunter starts leading the way to where the breach is, down near the prisoner cells, actually, towing his 'cargo' along behind him. "Alright, fine, you get a free shot, just let me see if I can get us out of this mess." As the two disappear down the hall, the whole ship is suddenly shocked again, and this time all the computer screens flicker out. "...that can't be good." Emergency lighting starkly illuminates the rooms and passages, but it's not exactly a warm and friendly vibe.

When Tarion and Hex cautiously enter the prisoner bay, they find the pirates already setting up a beachhead, about six armed men and their leader, apparently having exited from the narrow protuberance of the small craft they've rammed into the Parallax. "Captain Gorko," the hunter calls amiably, poking his head around the corner. "I got your man here. Why don't we just take a second and talk this out?"

"That ain't my man, that's a fat twi'lek with knobbies stuck on his head," Gorko replies bad-temperedly, the large, bearded man waving a blaster pistol with scant caution in their direction.

Was there a noise from inside the hull? A girlish yelp, perhaps? Maybe, maybe not. In the middle of alarms, negotiations, and the shutting down of many non-and-quasi-essential functions of the ship, it's hard to be sure. It was Sapphira, inside the nose of the ship when the electric pulse went through. And her hair's a bit frizzier, so that should give the sense of what exactly happened. "Hangover is death, hangover is death," the redhead chants to herself, as she opens one of the nearby power regulator panels and starts to try and reset the fuzes. It doesn't work quite as planned: she gets another shock, there's another arc of electricity, and she yelps again. If her hair weren't in a ponytail now it would be sticking up in all manner of directions. A Shepard Book look, if you will.

"We need to drop that tether." Jehn growls, trying to angle engines, flaps, /anything/, but the Firespray isn't as maneuverable as her beloved, beloved Hotbox. With the twin engines, unlockable wings... FOCUS, JEHN this isn't the time for arousal. "/THIRTY. THOUSAND./" She yells over her shoulder toward Hex and Tarion's retreating backs as they go to be diplomatic as fu. "We're such a wide target." Jehn continues bitching - and then yelps at a tingle of electricity that courses through the controls and stops them. Releasing her grip, she turns to eye Kasia. "Can we /please/ just sell him to the pirates?"

"Not sure there's a way for us to from here," Kasia remarks, eyes ahead at the debris that she's having to avoid. "Jehn--" she's just about to say something, hands lifting from the console as she turns to look at the woman beside her. Except then said gangly lady is yelping, and their controls go dark. "Great. Uh. Guys?" Are coms down? Probably, right? If so, she's just straight up yelling into the back of the ship. "We've got no control here, and we're going to run into some shit here real soon!"

"You come into MY house, with THAT kinda negativity," Hex bitches at the pirates, and then draws his own pistol. "Look, muchiku, I got a ship your fool asses disabled about to fly itself into real trouble, that's weighin' on my mind something heavy. Along with it, I got an entire room here full of people I don't care if they kick it. That includes you, Tavers. Literally nothing to lose by opening fire at this point, so if you got something to say about making a deal, say it before I get bored or twitchy, you ass-knockin' carpetface." Hex really only as one kind of intimidation, which is like he's that beater cutting you off in traffic all BRING IT I GOT NOTHIN TO LOSE, I'M NOT A RATIONAL ACTOR IN THIS EQUATION

Gorko squints MIGHTILY at Hex while he tries to decide whether this little beater with nothin' to lose actually stands a threat to his giant 18-wheeler, but then he seems to decide that yes, that tiny rustbucket might shred a couple retreads. "...alright, fine. We want our man back, and Tavers' head." Easy to please, is Captain Gorko. "Well, I take issue with both of those propositions on a fundamental level," Tarion replies, pulling his own gun out and starting to wave it from person to person. "So I got a deal for you, Gorko. You get back in your lander and high-tail it or I blow you all to kingdom come, and myself with it." Wait, what?

Where's Sapphira? Underneath and inside the ship, after a fashion, still working with some of those burnt out fuzes. She's smudged from the little (literal) fires she's had to put out there (including the ones she inadvertantly started) but now, at last, things might be going her way. Maybe. Kinda. "Three, two..." she counts down in a whisper, and suddenly the ship hums to life, the computers flicker on (but all have to reboot) and the lights come back on. "Ha!" She laughs at the ship, her defeated foe. And then groans and covers her ears. Everyone's loud. Even Sapphira herself.

They're just going to haplessly, helplessly drift into the rubble or be blown apart from behind - there's nothing Kasia or Jehn /can/ do. "So." The copilot sighs, leaning back and kicking her boots up onto the console as the boys flex their dicks in the back and Sapphira tries to get them moving again. She pulls exactly what you would expect from her breast pocket, a lighter from her other, and summons a tiny flame to the not-cigarette held between her lips before depositing the lighter and folding her arms behind her head. Puff. Puff. "So." She repeats around another plume of smoke, nursing the ember until it takes in earnest, orange glow slowly embracing and curling away the paper. It's offered toward the pilot. "You think we hit that shit or they kill Tarion first?" Before they can be answered by explosions or death, the lights are on! "Hot damn!" She whoops. But... Now she's stoned. "Let's see if we can go horizontal and yank that tether out, shall we?" This winds up being a terrible idea and instead the ship strains against the solid tether, yanking them all abruptly to the side as the ship fails to break loose and Jehn fails in every way.

"Neither if we're lucky," Kasia replies, watching a large piece of something juuuuuust miss them. She exhales a breath and sits back, head turning to look over at Jehn. "I mean, they can shoot Tarion a little and I won't be sad, but maybe not kill him. That doesn't seem fair. I feel like we have way more right to murder him." Oh hey, things are working again! Except now Jehn is stoned, and she's almost rocked out of her chair. Almost. Not quite. "Shit, shit," the jolt changed their path just enough that now there is something large about to smack into the ship. Large, and unpleasant, and it makes her curse even more as she desperately tries to manuver them around it. Which she only just manages, looking briefly to Jehn with wide eyes. "Let's not do that again."

"Tavers, shut the hell up or I swear to goddess I will shoot you earlier than I planned," Hex snaps at his employee, and then returns his attention to carpetface, maybe feeling there's a little more room for Solving Problems with Words now that Sapphira has the ship out of complete and dire peril, and the pilots are able to resume control. "Look this is all a misunderstanding, ok ka," the Twi'lek tries his luck with Captain Gorko. "You take your man, and go. I keep mine, and get to shoot him. Not that your option wasn't also a solid plan, but I can't allow you the pleasure of revenge; vengeance is mine, and I've already got elaborate visions of keel-hauling him over Ko Hentota dancing through my head. In compensation," he adds, "I'll give you 20,000 credits, which I'll take directly from the fund I use to pay this idol of idiot-worshippers."

"To hell with that," Tarion overrides Hex's attempt at diplomacy, furious at the prospect of losing what is, in all reality, a very lucrative bounty, and on top of that his paycheck. "This is my kriffing ship, and you got about half a heartbeat to get the hell off before I start dropping bodies, Gorko." The ship is moving again, too. "You're not stopping this ship and you're not stopping me."

The spiel is convincing, and no one is left in doubt that Tarion's not afraid to shoot people, but Gorko isn't that easily scared. The big man with his big beard yells "Get 'em, boys!" and the pirates open fire at the hunter and Hex.

Up where the ladies are piloting things, one thing has become inescapably clear; they need to get out of the junk pile. Large chunks of rubble and debris loom large in view, some of which are small and densely packed enough to be hard to avoid, others of which are too large for the shields to shrug off, and an uncomfortable correlation between the location of the two varieties means it's a tight fit to avoid taking some damage.

There's shots getting fired? That's extremely loud, especially in a ship. "Stop it!" Sapphira shouts from within the nose of the ship, though no one could likely hear her just outside of it, much less at the fighting. Maybe Kasia and Jehn could hear it, maybe, but otherwise would anyone even know where Sapphira is? The pilots might. Because now she's bent over the hyperdrive, her head hanging deep inside one of the open portions of the protective hull, hanging so far over that she doesn't actually touch the ground. One more wire .... and then the part hums to life. Up in the cockpit, the ladies will realize that they now have a functioning hyperdrive.

"Sorry." Jehn winces, joint still hanging from the corner of her mouth. "My bad." Don't look at her with that withering mom stare, it's her most crippling weakness. She's still going to keep smoking up Tarion's cockpit because, y'know what? He got them in this mess and he can deal with the smell. And the tiny little circle she may or may not burn into his seat out of spite. "Just remember -" Jehn reminds Kas lightly, resuming her appearance of someone who kind of resembles a professional pilot at times as the rubble soars by. "-This is all Tarion's fault." And, right on cue, the sounds of blaster fire open up behind them. "As is that, I'm sure." She groans, reaching to her belt to unbuckle the holster for her knife, should anyone try storming the cockpit. "Oh sh- we have hyperdrive! Way to go, Sapphira." Unfortunately that's about as useful as Jehn will be, trying to redirect power to the forward shields in time to stop a heavy KACHUNK fails terrible. "Shit on a tauntaun, I really hate this thing."

"Escho'ka ni tal'kan, stupid sa'sinak!" Hex yells in Ryl/Basic mashup at Ra Ra, Employee of the Month. "I had that situation under control!" He fires once, twice; misses. "UNDER CONTROL! You're dead, Tavers!" He fires again, connects, and changes his threat to a fate worse than death. "I'm gonna dock your pay so goddamn hard for this, you crusty schutta! SO HARD."

Withering mom-stare, ACTIVATE. Kidding, Kasia doesn't give Jehn that look just yet, the situation is crazy, and stressful, so it's like a tepid mom-glance more than anything. "It is Tarion's fault," she agrees, then calls over coms. "Hex? What's going on back there?" A pause. "Good job, Sapphira," she hollers in the better Tavers general direction before she begins to slap buttons and guide the ship around things. "Okay," she glances over at Jehn. "We need to get out of this before we crash into something, they can murder everyone while we go into hyper if need be. Right?" But first she has to get them out of the debris, which she, somehow, is managing to do.

"ALL GOOD BABY," Hex yells back at Kasia, throwing this in there. "GONNA NEED A NEW BOUNTY HUNTER."

There is a veritable storm of gunfire in the prisoner hold while Tarion and Hex exchange volleys with the pirates. The menfolk are putting up a pretty good fight, but Tarion does manage to secure a glancing blow to his thigh in the meantime, which hurts, dangit. "Keep shooting," he yells at Hex, like a great leader.

"Keep shooting!" Captain Gorko yells to the trio of pirates still standing, leveling his own blaster and taking another shot.

Things aren't looking awful, but they're not looking great either. The ship should have a clear shot out of the rocks soon, once Kasia gets new calculations put in and Sapphira confirms it's safe to blast off into hyper.

Sapphira's return to the part of the ship where the people get to play is heralded by a few blaster shots from the nose, as she makes her way out and into the main cargo area. Pew pew! They scuff up the walls quite nice, don't they? She's wearing a satchel with some tools around her person, now, and her weapon is in her hands as she presses forward. The third shot actually connects with one of the pirates, and no one is more surprised than Sapphira, who lets out a victory whoop. Yep. She made a single hit. With that in mind, she moves along the wall and behind a crate or something else for cover. Anything for cover. "I need to get to the breach to make sure we won't decompress when we hit hyperspace and their ship is ripped out of ours!" She shouts to the menfolk already engaging in the shootout.

Kasia just keeps flying, just keeps flying. Like Dory, but with slightly higher stakes. Hex hollers back that they're okay, which helps her to focus, because she knows that the people she cares about aren't dying from blaster wounds to the face. That would suck. For them, but mostly for her, because she'd have to see it, and live with it. At least for a while. Thankfully that isn't the likely outcome here.

"Okay, okay," Hex yells confirmation at Sapphira when she appears and chirps up that she needs cover to get from here to there. Cover he obligingly replies; three shots that connect from a pistol that is, like its owner, overpowered. "Go, go, ai'jou!" he encourages Pretty Tavers, and then reminds Disgrace Tavers, "Just cause they shot you doesn't mean I'm not going to shoot you." Between Hex, Tarion, and the random shot from Sapphira, the pirates are all either killed or injured, and Tarion takes a last shot that hits Captain Gorko straight in the hand. His blaster hand, which probably hurts like a mofo. The hunter grins broadly as the opposing leader drops his weapon and lets out a shout of pain. "It's over, Gorko. Maybe I ought to cash in on you too." His face screws up a for a moment, like he's actually thinking about it, but then he changes his mind. "No, I think we're just gonna push you out into the vacuum of space."

"Wait, I can pay!" Gorko starts to reason, but Tarion's already moving, er, limping, over to evacuate the boarders in a less-than-friendly manner. "Sapphira, see if there's a way to jettison this thing without doing more damage to the hull. We'll have to seal off this whole bay first." Sorry guys, you won't be able to get back into the prisoner cells without spacesuits. The good news is the individual cells will be sealed too, so no one loses their shit. "Hex, give me a hand, I want to strap him to the front of the landing craft." Unless Hex is too noble for that sort of thing. "You can shoot me after they're gone," he offers, in case Hex /is/ too noble for that sort of thing.

"Tare!" Sapphira scolds, and as she stands to rise it sort of seems like ... it's over. Oh, well alright then. Weapon still in hand, Sapphira moves cautiously around to one of the control panels in the bag. She looks at the pirates again, those left alive anyway, and gives them a polite smile. "Hello." Then she turns her attention to the panel and starts pressing a few switches. After a moment she pauses and looks over at Tarion. "I mean, if we're sure that there's only one breach, I can just seal that bit of hull before they're ripped away. But I'm not going to hang around and try to detatch it manually, because ... well because I'll die."

Hex is too noble for some things. Not too noble for others. After a moment of pause to make sure the pirates aren't firing, he steps out to resume firing.... this time on stun, this time at Tarion. "Shut up," he sums up his opinion of the plan, and then turns to Gorko, and whoever's still left alive. "You can dock and get out," he offers, "Or I can toggle this back to the red bolts. Take your ugnaught."

Well, that's an awful lot of stun, and Tarion hits the floor like a sack of stupid. That leaves Gorko open for discussion. "I'll take 'im," the pirate mutters, pushing himself back to his feet and jogging across to latch suspiciously onto the crate and dragging it back toward his landing craft, chucking it up into the belly and crawling in after it. Y'all better clear the room before he takes off.

"....okay," Sapphira says as her husband is shot and knocked uncontious and the pirates start to retreat. She presses a few switches, the terminal humming at her as it responds to her needs, now that it's fully awake again. "Sir, can you drag him toward the bridge so he doesn't die?" What a sweet request from such a sweet wife! "We need to be clear in 10, 9, 8...."

Hex spends a long moment regarding the lump of Tarion on the floor, a moment they don't really have, looking in general a weird mix of angry and thoughtful. In the end though, he does scoop Tarion up into a fireman's carry, hauling him to safety rather than - as threatened earlier - dumping him and uncomplicating his life. "Mark my words, nonna," he greets Kasia, arriving to dump Tarion wherever he seems out of the way, "Someday this one is going to shoot me in the back for the right price, and in spite of /everything/, I'm still going to be surprised by that."

Kasia is flying, and working out where they're going, managing to do so quickly, and successfully. She twists around in her seat to eye Tarion, check that he's still breathing as best she can from her seat, then look up to Hex. "You okay, ka're?" she asks this first, then glances back at the not yet dead bounty hunter. "The day he does that will not end up being a good day for him." It's a vague threat, but she sounds like she means it. "We can get out of here as soon as I'm given the clear to jump."

The hanger hums to life, little built-in lights all around begining to sparkle. Sapphira turns and jogs a few steps, just to bring her clear of the closing energy field doors. She's inside. Where it's safe. So is everyone else. There's a hiss as the air escapes out the hole when the pirates pull away, and then the redhead turns. "Clear!" she bellows up, as loudly as she can. They're done. They're going home.