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Anakin turns back from the dark side

OOC Date: November 23, 2020
Location: Coruscant
Participants: Jedi Order, Elrych Cometburn, Ban Iskender, Vhe Tenara, Zandra naMuriel, Jax Greystorm, Rey, Aryn Cole

Precious Cargo... Well, not really Cargo. They were in a transport shuttle, a 'Star Commuter' known as The Cloudburst. Owned by Elrych's better half, Vhe, who was of course an innocent ray of sunshine, but used for lots of hopping here and there where they didn't really want to draw a lot of attention. Because you know, a YZ-775 kinda drew attention.

Despite how rusty Elrych was with his smuggler voodoo having been out of the game for almost a year now and on to more legal trading pracitices (hear no evil see no evil am I right?) He had put together and /even/ better ship manifest now for their insertion into Coruscant for the second time. Really... it wasn't even illegal what they were doing, it was more /who/ they were that mattered at all. See, they were bringing the rebels supplies. Food, water, Guns and Ammunition, Fuel... along with a very specific tool: An Inferno Firefighting Droid.

El had slipped away to Nar Shaddaa one day having gotten a whisper of them being sold in the more lawless sector of the Gearhead District on the Hutt world. He procured at least one and hoped it would help the group with their firefighting practices.

The ship flew easy and casual, as Corellian's do, everyone secured in their or in the case of the boxed shaped droid and supplies, stored up in the back behind some ratchet straps because... well... there was a bit more than /just/ luggage.

Down in the atmosphere the smoke ws still a thick cloud rising from the under-city near the first Citadel which Rey had breached the last time they were here... no leading them on a hunt for a planet lost to time and history. Despite the fires speeders still zipped about and life went on where there wasn't any problems. Can't put coruscant down.

The ship didn't land at the under-city port like last time, this time it transmitted a string of codes on a low frequency band near a warehouse in that same district. The Cloudburst flew deeper and deeper into the underground until almost no natural light was shown before coming to a slow hover in front of a solid wall. "Hellooooo." Elrych said, just before a low rumble sounded and that wall parted. "There we go..." The ship flies into the building and lands without and trouble.

The ramp lowers and everyone disembarks. There on the warehouse floor they are met by a ragtag group of rebels in mismatched armor with equally outdated and mismatched weapons. They look dirty, worn down. Among them was the Baselisk, Jex Jettster, and the Falleen Natya Tipe, both who had saved the group from an old Civil War era tank in the purchase of a True Believe Militia. "Hey guys... got the goods if you want to start unloading." Elrych informs them, stepping off to the side while others make their way down. The firefighting Droid comes to life and follows the team down the ramp. It announces its self in a rather loud fashion; "GREETING CITIZENS... REMEMBER ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT OIL FIRES."

Jex raises his brows before scratching his head ridges with one of his large hands. "Huh... Welcome to our home base... it's not much but... it's enough." The groups leader looks about at the rest. "I didn't think the Jedi would ever return."

Pyretta was not currently in sight and it was clear that Elrych had expected to see her, "Where's Py?"

Ban Iskender descends the ship's ramp with shoulders square and head high. Green eyes scan over their surroundings, quiet greeting given to any of the locals who acknowledge them. The gentleman will lend a pair of hands to the unloading of supplies. "So this is Coruscant," he reflects, while observing the legendary world for the first time.

One of the group that disembarks, Vhe is giving their surroundings something of a look of loathing. Its like being the bowels of a large dirty ship and she's not liking the lack of real sky. The Ysanna remains tense just because of it and steps aside to get a better look at who has greeted them - the droid does give a measure of comfort in this meeting.

Pyretta is indeed not there and she clicks her tongue before doing a slow turn about to see if she's tucked away in some of those shadows that are naturall grown down in the depths.

A busy body at heart, Aryn was going to try to help. By try, she was attempting to lift up a crate full of medical supplies. She lifted it up with a comical grunt and immediately spilled it over, dumping a bunch of bacta pads (still in their wrappers!) and a few other tools. "Oh no!" She called from inside the ship as a small explosion of medical supplies rolled down the ramp. "Mother's mercy.. why did I try to lift that up?"

Zandra has been quiet on the ship, as she often is. There is a thoughtful look on her face though, a calm there that is not really disturbed, as she has to jump out of the way of incoming bacta pads and tools. There's a grey eyed glance up the ramp Zan was walking down and then a flash of a grin, as she moves to help pick up the dropped items. "It's okay, Aryn. We all have moments like that," she say ssoftly.

Jax walked down the ramp not far behind Ban. "It's a portion of Coruscant. One of the better parts, two. The people here are honest about who they are too for the most part." He looks around for a moment, "Coruscant is just like Nar Shaddaa with a better rep and better shoes. The real evil lives up at the top and lets the people below fight for the crumbs. Deeper you get the harder it gets... and darker it gets."

Jax eyes the Basalik and dips his head, "Thank you. We're here to hel..." Then there comes a crate of medical supplies rolling wildly down the ramp. "p." Then Jax moves to intercept the supplies and he grunts as he's nearly bowled over but stop the crate, "I've got it Aryn." He sighs. "You're good."

Rey is already off of the shuttle when she hears the supplies fall behind her. She winces at the sight of them falling, but sees Zandra, and others, moving to help so she remains where she is as she turns her eyes back to the one who spoke of the Jedi. "More or less." Rey says to the large alien man with a faint smile. Her white hood is drawn up over her head, but she's wearing that green jacket pilfered from the Falcon's lockers that she's worn a number of times now when in colder environments. Coruscant /is/ a cold war, at least least compared to what she's used to.

"We're certainly here in the now, to help with what we can, where we're able to."

To Ban's eyes and possibly Aryn's the undercity of Coruscant wasn't even half as clean as Deyla's Industrial center and very apt to what Vhe had compared it to. It was dirty, dark, littered with Neon lights, and at least a kilometer of The warehouses across the way were likely being used as drug dens and gang hide outs. It was indeed a hive of scum and villainy, a sore on the bright jewel that was Coruscant's surface... or at least used to be. The fires were an ugly blackhead as if the dark depths of this awful oppressive, cold, and dark place had herniated its self out into the sunlight and fresh air. Yet Jex Jettster and this morose group of worn down fighters were a small shimmer of a flame that could light a torch and crease the dark interior.

Jex is about to answer Elrych when the clatter of Aryn dropping the medical supplies drew both his and Elrych's attention. The Corellian followed as the contents of the crate rolled down the ramp, following them with his blue eyes as they came to stop at his feet. Jex starts up the ramp, passing Elrych, using one of his lower arms to hike up his sagging pants. "Oh there missy, let me help you with that..." He turns back to the rest, "Lets go you slackers... you want to eat tonight right?" The rag tag group hops off of crates they sit on and heaters they stand around and move to help unload the Star Commuter.

Elrych turns to Vhe, his own brows narrowing as he feels her discomfort. A silent nod to her as he moves to stand near her, even reaching out in the force for his own connection with his sister. Eyes search the darkened corners but like her finds nothing.

Rey, Zandra, And Jax are greeted by Jettster, a hearty laugh from the Besalisk who seems to be the only one with any kind of positive cheer. "Well I am happy to hear it. My father spoke very kindly of your kind. I never got to meet any myself but he instilled in me the values and the assets to run this organization. I would like for you to meet the Erased..." One hand waves across to indicate all those unloading the ship in that moment. It really wasn't much and they looked more than defeated. "My second there is Natya Tipe."

The Faleen bows her head, "Pyretta is off with a fire crew at the moment she should be ba-" Just then the doors on the far side of the warehouse open and in piles a group of soot covered diverse group of human and aliens. They're wearing protective fire gear, save for one. Pyretta. Her golden hair catches several bits of crumbled debris along with soot, the black stuff smudged all across her clothing and face. She has her arm around a Twi'lek woman who has a wooden splinter in her leg. "We need a medic!" She shouts, helping the woman towards the light part of the warehouse.

Ban Iskender comments evenly to Jax, "I daresay the reputation of the planet would be impossible to do justice in fact, yet still.." A small shake of his head. "Naught appears damaged-" he begins to assure Aryn while assisting in the pickup, before looking sharply to the new arrivals at the call for a medic. "I ought amend my last," he notes with a wry note coloring his solemnity.

Vhe is no medic and thus her head turns to Aryn who is currently being aided with her supplies but something changes across Vhe's expression. She blinks a few times, "A fire...how far? There are more people trapped." She hesitates as she takes a step past Elrych to Pyretta. "How far is it? We need to get there to help." This last is said as she turns to look at the others. She's ready to move but its best to wait for a group seeing as she is not sure how to navigate the underground paths.

A muffled "..thanks," comes out from the ship. The gratitude is given to Jax, Zandra, and Jex's guys. Aryn is just stepping down the ramp when the next disturbance happens. She sets a craft down, huffing from the weight, and walks by with a soft rustle of her cape. "My work is never done," She comments, pulling on gloves. "Clear a table to place them on! I need water, and something to stop the bleeding! Please move with haste.." Aryn moves to where the injured are to begin giving aid. Her head is spinning from the frustration of the crate earlier and now there's already injured! They had /just/ landed here!

Zan passes over the items she's picked up, putting them into the box they fell out of. Jax has that, it seems, so that works. Then Zan turns to look at Vhe, her head tilting. "I'll come with you," she says softly. "If there are people who need help, then we should help them." That might be the first time Zan's spoken up like that in - well, quite some time. "It is good to see you all. We did come to help, as we can, and hopefully we can."

When Zandra finishes loading the crate up in Jax's arms. He carries it over to dump with the other supplies, "Anytime, Aryn." Then looking to see the arrival of the firefighters with the injured Twi'lek. He looks to Jexter, Pyritta, Aryn, and Rey. "Where do you need me?" He asks simply moving to rejoin the group.

Rey's eyes are on the Jettster male, at least before Elrych's sister arrives across the distance, with a wounded person. It's then that Rey's hands come out of the green spacer jacket worn over her shoulders as she starts to walk toward them to help, glancing back to see Aryn on the way. They seem to have that in order, and Aryn is a far better healer than she'll ever be, so Rey's attention sweeps then toward Vhe's declaration of needing to go to the fires.

"I think Vhe is right, if more are in peril, we shouldn't dally..." A look is given to that firefighter droid, then to the locals. "We'll need guides to show us where we can assist." Her hands move up then to start to remove the jacket as it seems as though they're going to be headed toward a very hot place.

Natya turns rapidly, running towards the group to account for them. "Wait... where's Gribble, Grabble, and Klonk?"

Pyretta is too focused on getting the injured Twi'lek woman to the nearest table per Aryn's instruction to say anything. Though once that's complete, the green skinned woman shouting in pain as she's placed on the flat surface, Elrych's sister takes a moment to catch her breath, her hand still clasped tightly on the Injured Twi'leks. "As Vhe said... it's... the three. THey're trapped on the fourth floor of the building. Fire everywhere. The stairwell collapsed. We barely got out ourselves." She locks eyes with Elrych who steps up to her and puts a hand on her shoulder. He looks concerned, looking her over to make sure she's not injured as well. "I'm fine... just get them out of that building."

Elrych looks towards the rest of the Jedi gathered wondering what they might say.

The answer is easy for Jettster. "Well we best get going. We've got a team to rescue. Erased, let's MOUNT UP!"

Natya stays with Pyretta, one of their own medical people moving to assist Aryn, as they look after the Twi'lek patient. The rest of the group moves into the darkened cavernous warehouse with a quickness that didn't seem possible from their otherwise dower appearance. One of them hit's a switch and lights turn on with a loud shutter. The reveal a few old Civil War era ATSTs, except where there were once guns are now hoses of some type. Crews start to crawl up into the walkers while other in the group grab some other firefighting gear.

When Rey makes her choice, Jettster points towards the group heading to the ATSTs, "Follow them, Madam Jedi... they know the way."

Elrych nods looking to Pryretta one last time, then to Vhe with a serious 'let's get this done' attitude. "Let's go sparky!" He shouts at the droid who moves after him, "ELECTRICAL FIRE, WHERE?!" Hose nozels pop out of his boxy modular body as it follows along.

Ban Iskender nods to the unfolding decisions, stepping with haste toward the old scout walkers. "If any walker requires driver, assistant, or gunner, point it out," he calls to the Erased. "I am.. quite familiar with this design." Nothing quite like riding to save lives on the vehicles ancestral enemies had used to invade his homeworld. "The Force has an.. ironic sense of humor," the soldier mutters under his breath.

Vhe is not at all versed in driving such vehicles or manning guns but when the ATSTs are pointed out she starts that way. She will be getting in and going along for the ride but nothing can be done until later. A nod to Zan is given as she agrees that they need to move and when Rey has her choice, the Ysanna doubletimes it and is quick to load and get out of the way to make room for the others.

With the hurt party deposited on the table, Aryn pulled out her field scissors and cut up the pants leg to fully expose the wound. The cloth that was cut made a ziiiiiiiiiip noise until she finished making her cut. Setting the tool aside, Aryn performed a small scan after injecting the leg with a Kolto/scanner tech mix. This numbed the spot and gave Aryn's scanner a feed of what was happening beneath their flesh; an image which she projected from her scanner and spun in place. "No damage to any major artery... we can pull it out! You, hold the bacta pad.. and you, be ready to dump this clotting agent. Place the pad here and hold it.."

Aryn injected more kolto around the wound to numb it before nodding to her helpers. "Pulling," She said, and removed the splinter. The person holding the pad kept the blood from rushing just long enough for the clotting agent to be shaken out over it. "Alright, pad over the wound, and wrap it. Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap it up. Under no circumstance are you to remove this. If they bleed through, add another. Have them drink water. You have it from here, yes? I must join my companions.." Aryn took her scissors and tucked them away, then she grabbed a few extra supplies to help her friends.

Zan nods once, and she head sover along with Vhe. "We can hitch a ride if there's room," she says. Certainly they won't be good at following if they've not got their own speed. Unless these things move way tooo slow which hopefully isn't the case. She simply parks herself out of the way, reaching for the Force to aid her, concentrating. "Ready when you all are," she says. A rebreather is pullled out of a pocket -to make sure there's not smoke inhalation issues.

Jax looks at the AT-STs. "I don't know if it's the force, or the fact that the Empire just built and left too much equipment behind. I can possibly drive but I know I can operate a turret or a fixed mount. Is there a crew that needs my assistance?" Jax waits for verification for one that needs his help or at leasts has room. He starts to follow that crew up to ride on the At-St.

Rey steps over to the shuttle again to drape her jacket over one of the landing ramp support struts. Her eyes go to where Aryn is, watching her do her wondrous healing thing. As the others start to move out though, she's moving to accompany them, her eyes going up to the AT-STs before them, they look aged, to say the least. She glances toward Ban. "You've experience with these things?" She asks, curiously curious about this. "Well, I'm sure they're... straight forward?" She's not sure of that, but it's best to be confidently optimistic in the face of what danger they seem to be rushing headlong in to on this outting.

"Over here!" Shouts one of the ATST teams, head sticking out of the watch, hand waving towards Ban. "Gribble was our gunner and who knows, you might be a better Driver than Mindi."

"Go stuff your self Jeb!" Mindi responds, slightly muffled from already being inside the walker.

Aryn's skill in unparalleled, so much so it leaves the Erased medic slightly stunned. The Twi'lek woman shouts as the shrapnel is pulled before finally sighing in relief when the kelto patch hits her. Pyretta gives a thankful nod to Aryn, staying with the medic to assist her and probably to keep an eye on the base. They were a bunch of rebels after all.

As the Jedi mount up, the ATSTs take off, one manned by Ban while the others ride. Screeching sound of their metal legs stomping through durocrete, even leaping to and from broken down bridges. The heat increases and the smoke becomes thicker in the air. It was starting to get harder to breath. Rounding a corner of darkness they are presented with the bright glowing orange inferno that is the undercity fires. Right on the edge on that slowly growing blaze is the multiple story building that in in question. "Alright..." The crew chief says, "The ATSTs can target with fire suppression systems from the outside, but we need people to get inside and get out people out. We can only hold back the inferno for so long. It just keeps on burning..." Fighting a loosing battle is what was keeping them down. No matter what they do the fires continue, and grew, slowly consuming the undercity of the planet.

Straight forward? "No," Ban answers Rey. "Far from it, in truth- the bipedal walker design grows very unstable over uneven or unstable terrain; being named 'All terrain' was an exercise in either marketing, or self deception," the nobleman opines with a sniff. Activating the driver interface, he adds, "But yes, I am acutely familiar with the vulnerabilities and operation of these vehicles. Activating the chin mounted suppression system under my control.. auxiliary systems active, Sirs Greystorm and Skywalker. You may.. fire when ready." His use of the chin mounts is successful, but has only a modest effect.

Vhe is one of those not manning the turrets and once they arrive is amongst those that slip off the vehicle and down to the ground to reach the structure that is currently up in flames. "Should probably stick together or pair off. Do not want someone else to get caught in trouble."

She looks to Zan and tilts her head, motion as they head in. Vhe is of no help presently but what she sees is disturbing and likely distracts her enough from the task of those who finding the trapped. A couple strewn upon the ground, dead and with a picture of a child. "We could have more survivors than the ones named." This said to Zan with a side glance as she reaches down for the picture and plucks it up to show Zan.

Aryn enters the building after a short ride, and first arrives at what is an obstacle. A stairwell that is completely messed up. Further examination revealed that debris gathered around the vicinity of the stairwell might be utilized, if moved to the appropriate spot, to climb to the next floor. Raising her gloved hand. Aryn marshalls her influence of the Force to begin taking command of that debris. It is a difficult thing, Aryn's focus tapering at first, but an patient sigh sets her to action and she stacks enough debris in a sturdy manner to make a trustworthy path up! With a rebreather mask on, and protection for her eyes, Aryn's voice is conveyed over the mask's features. <"I have established a way up. Let us see who yet survives."> Aryn pulls on her more protective gloves and attempts to make her way UP!

Jax was standing behind the driver and gunner seat of the AT-ST's cramp cockpit. "You don't say? I was always in favor of a hover system like a land speeder, air speeder, or a good old fashion star fighter." Jax leans over and in between the two. He's invading space, "Hey hold right there, if you would Sir Ban." Then there's flicking of switches and hitting a button as one of the At-St's fixed mounts fires a stream of fire suppressant, "This is crowded and I apologize. Thankful we're all jedi that believe in personal hygenie unlike some of the jedi of the old order. Also this is what it feels like to be an astromech I think."

Zandra looks around, as she hops off the vehicle. Someone has to go in, after all. Aryn takes off on her own, and Zan's eyes widen. She looks to Vhe and nods her head. "We should stay together, I agree." A pause. "Which means we go with Aryn." Unless there is someone else going in with the doctor. She pauses, and then says, "There is another way up though, we could climb up the outside and break a window up higher, when we get close to where they are." She shrugs though, and looks at Vhe. "Come on, let's go help the doc." She heads in after Aryn. "Besides this way we probably have a better chance to see if there's anyone else in there." Like that child.

Zan's concentration continues as she looks at the building. "I sense life on the fourth floor, but also very faint signs on the second," she says, as she moves in.

Jax was standing behind the driver and gunner seat of the AT-ST's cramp cockpit. "You don't say? I was always in favor of a hover system like a land speeder, air speeder, or a good old fashion star fighter." Jax leans over and in between the two. He's invading space, "Hey hold right there, if you would Sir Ban." Then there's flicking of switches and hitting a button as one of the At-St's fixed mounts fires a stream of fire suppressant, "This is crowded and I apologize. Thankful we're all jedi that believe in personal hygenie unlike some of the jedi of the old order. Also this is what it feels like to be an astromech I think." (repose)

Rey feels an ominous uncertainty about the AT-STs after Ban's rundown on them, you might even call it a 'bad feeling' if you were so inclined. Either way she just nods to him and then moves with everyone to split up amongst the three different chicken-esque walking machines.

Loaded in to the 3rd one, with Jax, Rey settles in with the turret controls to familiarize herself during the trip. "This is a fascinating retrofit of these walkers though, quite really. I admire this a lot." She prattles on while toying with the systems and settings.

When they LEAP OVER A BROKEN BRIDGE she's jostled in her seat, her head wobbling as she reaches to hold on to something to gain balance again. "That was stomach churning." She quietly adds before they arrive at the fires.

A quick glance is given out of the view port. "Here we go then..." She powers on her turret and begins to unload on the flames and structures engulfed there-in.

"It's having an effect." She mutters, though there's... so much destruction here. It feels like ants fighting against a hurricane's winds.

The team on the waterguns keeps the firestorm back for the time being, buying the team inside some time. Aryn's efforts are tough but fruitful as she piles up debres in order for them to at least get the the second floor. The trouble here is that it's fileld with smoke. It's dark, hard to breath. Staying low is the best bet for those with a strong consitution. Rebreathers would be needed from this point out, which were issued by the order for this exact situatuon.

Elrych from outside instructs the fire droid to enter, hovering up and following the group inside. "KEEP LOW, CITIZENS... SMOKE DETECTED!" His sensors scan and nozels move pointing as if ready to fire at any moment.

Ban Iskender adjusts the scout walker's position as Jax requests. "I daresay the lives at risk are worth close quarters," in assent with Jax. Activating the secured communication channel the Jedi share, he transmits to, <<"Those within, we stand by to aid your ascent and withdrawal, direct us to your assistance as you require.">> Fire suppressant foam is shot in a stream that expands rapidly when exposed to air, having some small effect in keeping the worst of the fires away from the Jedi and rebels inside.

"It sounds like we are going to the second floor first. IF the life force is faint they may not be long," for this world. Or so she does not say but rather hints at. Vhe is moving in the direction of Aryn's ascent and is following after her, tucking the picture away into the folds of her robes. She grasps, hissing as she finds warmth beyond just tolerable temperatures before scaling higher.

She pushes upwards, bit by bit but it takes her connection with the force to get her up the rest of the way without anything catastrophic happening.

Once upon the second floor she turns about to get a clear look and its a little difficult with the smoke in the air. From the pouch at her waist she is quick to remove her rebreather and immediately use it, allowing her the ability to remain longer in the building as water pours down overhead, pattering and causing the fire to hiss in rebellion.

Vhe notes something near a side door that is still in tact and is moving making a motion to Zan to say she's found something. The toy is picked up and noted before she reaches up to the door and with a steady pull opens it to reveal two small children huddled together. <"I have two children here. I got them...keep looking."> is quickly said over her comms. Vhe then motions them forward. "Come, we are going to get out of here." Her voice modulated by the rebreather as she begins to usher them back the way they had come.

Aryn waited for the ladies to reach her location before stepping into the smoking darkness. A subtle closing of her hand activates a wrist light that has a thick contrail beam. It cuts through the smoke and darkness, but Aryn must go low to see the floor and where she is going.

When Vhe breaks off and communicates that she's found children, Aryn nods her head (even though no one can see that) and quietly continues forward. Down a hall adjacent to Vhe's location, Aryn locates clues from where the previous team had once been here. Her search of the immediate area reveals an unspent extinguisher, a tool Aryn is not eager to discard. She is no paragon of strength, but she pulls the sling over her torso and hoists up the extinguisher, shaking at first.

The straps dig painfully into her shoulder, conceiving the notion to drop it, but she 'toughs' it out in a show of strength and moves forward after orienting the nozzle ahead (paired with her light). <"HELLO? IS ANYONE ELSE HERE?!"> She calls out.

<<"Understood, Ban. Vhe says she's found children, and might be returning with them.">>

Climbing. Right. Zan climbs up steadily and calmly. It's not showy, but it gets the job done. Probably it shows that she's a pilot not a ground pounder. In any event, with a little judicious use of the force, Zan makes it up to the second floor, behind Vhe and Aryn. She listens as Vhe says she's found something, her attention going that way as she continues to look around the place. Zandra smiles as Vhe finds the children. Not just one, but two. << Well done, Vhe. >> She's thrilled for her friend and fellow jedi, and that happiness and pride can be heard in her voice. << I think that was all I could sense on this floor. The others are up higher.>>

Zan is examining things, and moving, and she says finally, <<Frek, we can't go up these stairs any further. There is a window at the end of the hall. We can go out and climb up that pipe, to get one or two floors higher.>> And Zan heads directly that way. << They're up higher, Aryn.>> Zan's going to go break that window and climb on the outside ... crazy woman.

"Has anything been discovered in the tomes about using the force for fire suppression?" Jax asks Rey as she comments about the AT-St having an effect. He nods at Ban's words. "I agree." Then he puts a hand on Ban's shoulder, "Hold her steady for a moment, if you will." He says as he hits some more switches and hits a big red button. The fixed canon firing again, "That's one of the hotter spots." He says to Ban. "The fire is almost blinding in infra-red." He blinks for a few moments. "I feel like this thing should be red with a siren and lights."

Rey is at the controls of the turret, continuing to track and listen to their people on the inside. She's not wanting to intercede on their discussions though, sos he's simply staying silent and using her water/foam turret to put out any blazes that she's capable of hitting with the blastwave of wet chemicals.

At Jax's question, Rey glances over at him and then back to what she's doing. "There were those who studied the arts of creating fire, which... is easier than putting it out. Fire is a challenging to control in the Force, due to the nature of its effect on the Force itself. Its... rapidly changing, a landscape in very quick motion. Temperature adjustments can help, if you can cool the room enough to make the fire choke itself out of existence... but..."

Rey spins her turret around with a mechanical clanking sound and blasts another burst of flame through an open window on what used to be some kind of a storage facility or office complex...

"It's complicated, and dangerous. The Force is, ever mysterious though, and a well educated Master could probably find a way."

The Fourth floor is reached by Zandra nad Aryn. It's a maze of collapsing cieling and scaffolding along with other on fire bits and pieces. there's glass all over the place from a window that's already been blown out. Smoke pours from it and into the sky. It's a hellish nightmare and certainly the extinguisher that Aryn carries will help in tandem with whatever assistance Elrych's droid can provide.

<<"I'm coming Babe, one second...">> Elrych rushes into the first floor, climbing up just enough to reach the children as Vhe hands them down. He mvoes easily over the stakced rubble and the force boosts his strength do he can take the smaller beings with ease.

Vhe gets about halfway down and reaches up to take one of the kids. Carefully she helps them down, setting her feet just right to be sure she has a good handle on each so that as Elrych takes them they can escape the building. Only then does Vhe push her feet up and begin the quick descent down that ends in a jump hop and has her heading outside to check on the kids, herding them away from the building.

When she looks back to check to make sure others are coming she notes the waving. <"Aryn..Zan I can see the team."> She proceeds to help give them directions towards the front of the building and what floor to head for, keeping her gaze on the team at the window.

Making it to the fourth level was the easy part. Navigating the maze of collapsing ceiling, blazing heat, danger, smoke, and everything that came with firefighting? Aryn was terrified. The entire time she questioned why she was here and not some droid. It wasn't some selfish notion of preservation, more a realization of her limited skill set.

Aryn did her best to follow Vhe's instructions so far as she could orientate to what she was saying. For the flames, Aryn made use of the extinguisher, and she relied on Zandra's eagerness to move. It was so hot up here, Aryn felt like she was sweating from everywhere! This was foreign for her. She managed to maintain her extinguisher though, and its foam came in handy in pathfinding and locating the missing team.

She was winded upon arrival and struggling to stand. The fatigue and effort it took to withstand the heat, the heavy weight of this extinguisher, and stress about staying alive was taking its toll on Aryn, but she was just as enthusiastic to leave as she had been to move inside. Zandra walks quickly down that hall, ballingup her fist in part of her cloak. She's grateful for the rebreather but she can feel the need to move quickly. She uses every bit of strength she can muster to smash that window out, sending the glass shards and fragments flying out and hopefully not raining on the folks below with them. It's another place for the fog to billow out. Then she swings herself outside, reaching for a handhold on the pipe. She misses with one hand, and dangles for a moment. Frek. Pause. Breathe. Concentrate, Zan. She reaches for the Force and uses it to pull herself up, painstakingly. And then she continues to climb up, finding her way to that blown out window, along with Aryn.

The heat from the fire was definitely nearly unbearable, smoke and soot everywhere, even with the rebreather. Zan also helps with triangulating, her own search skills coming to bear as she works with Aryn, and Vhe's help to pinpoint the group. "That way," she says at one point. Around a fallen beam, clamber over what used to be a decorative bust of some hero. There's no time for tiredness right at the moment - Though it's a close call, as they work together to get to their targets. "Time to get out of here," is her comment, called out hopefully loudly enough for them to hear her.

Jax makes a few more adjustments, "The reserve tank is getting awfully low." He says as he was down on his knees touching pannels. "Let me try something." He makes a few more adjustments. Then press a button and another fire supressing discharge. "Looks good on my side." He looks over to Rey, "What about Energy dissipation? Not something on this level of course, I'm not that insane." Jax notices, "It's picking up on your side." Then he opens his com link, <Team, you better hurry. Our tanks are beginning to run dry.>

Rey's eyes are on the horizon now as she's come to get used to staring out of the view port to aim her fire-suppression cannon. To Jax's question she replies. "Possibly, it's arguable that I stopped myself from being set ablaze on that Satellite when the lightning struck... But that was more preventative than... what we're dealing with here."

Rey's cannon firing is going quite well, but what the inexperienced firefighter discovers is that in her distractions, she's taken her eyes off of her intermix status display.

Suddenly it starts to flash red as she failed to keep the mixtures even and now the cannon has locked up!

Beeping starts to surround Rey's terminal as she starts to quickly reaching around snapping buttons and adjusting dials. "Shoot, shoot, no, no, no!" She states. "I can fix this... I can fix this."

Her right hand snaps up to her comm and she raises it up to her mouth <"Avoid the north quadrant. The fire is spreading and my cannon is in disrepair!"> She pulls her headset off then and pushes herself out of her seat to open a hatch on the bottom of the AT-ST where the turret is. This lets in a lot of smoke and heat, but it also lets her lean over and out of the AT-ST to manually unplug one of the mixer-hoses so it can blast out on to the ground beneath the walker!

Once it balances out again, she slaps the hose back in plus and tugs the hatch back up. "Sorry." She tells the others inside the cramped space, moving back toward her turret seat.

Vhe is waiting for them, watching carefully to see if she will need to run back in but then there is the window and she hesitates for only a second then reaches out and up with her hands. The Force answers her, not as strong as she normally finds but its therea nd the weight of those they seek to rescue are taken on. Slowly she helps to lower them to the ground, finding harmony in the Force with her fellows.

It is then she readies to help them down should they need it, her connection stills trong enough to hurry them to safety.


Is the sound of Aryn dropping the extinguisher. With the absence of its weight, Aryn was swept with a disorienting relief that left her on her knees a moment, trying to breath with her legs feeling like noodles. She shows some gumption in rising back up, thankfully with the help of the team they came to rescue. Though when it comes to contributing anything more than the physical effort of disembarking this building, Aryn is spent. Her shoulder is throbbing, she feels lightheaded, and strength seems fleeting.

She isn't reinvigorated until she sees their exit. An enthusiastic stumble brings her there. Then she flops over the edge, and begins to descend before falling for the last bit and landing below. Her entire body is steaming, she is covered in soot, and she has to pull her mask off just to breathe cool, fresh air. Gulped in large quantities, Aryn heaves and coughs, but finally regains some composure, if a little dignity too, and finds her feet. "Mother *cough* *cough*.. save me." She says, voice weak.

Zandra smiles as they find the team they are extracting. "We're getting you out," she says with a nod. "Right out that window." They look at her funny, of course they do. At first. "C'mon, Aryn, we can do this," Zan says, encouraging the doc. "You can do this." If Zan could will strength and oomph into Aryn with her words, she'd be doing it right now. << I'm goiing to need help. We have to get them out of the window and down.>> she calls on the radio. She stands and concentrates, reaching for the first of the three they are rescuing. She gets a squawk and some very wide eyed Erased looks, as that first member is lifted out, passed off to Vhe, Elrych and Jax. Zan does the same thing a second time, and then a third. And by that point, she's feeling the strain. So much so that she doesn't use the Force to get herself down. She flops out the window and clambers down the straight up physical way. At the bottom, she drops into a boneless heap for a moment.

Just a moment.

And then she gets to her feet, squares her shoulders and calls, "Come on, let's go - we need to get out of here." She finds whoever is nearest that needs help, and starts to help them towards the their rides home.

Jax gets jostled out of Rey's way. There's only so much room and much work to be done. He dodges an elebow or two. Then he looks out in time to hear Zan call to coordinate him. He relies to be the part of the force ladder to help get the rescued to the ground. His hand extended and a determined look on his face. "Rey, I may need help. This isn't my strong point and they're not the little toy x-wing that I'm use to do this with."

Back in the saddle, so to speak, of her turret, Rey fires up the systems again and the intermix display has gone full green... it wasn't even full green when she started this. She lines the turret up again and it starts to blast out at an even higher capacity than before, making the cannon on the turret shoot back in its housing as its firing a much wider cone of suppressant!

"Now we're going!" Rey says with a very audible jubilation to her words!

She aims the turret all around the fire to the northern and western sides, dousing the flames with the wide cone of foam and fluids!

Elrych raises his hands as he comes beside Vhe, helping Zandra, Aryn, and Jax move the stranded team in the force.

Sirens sound as imperial fire droids move on their way to the scene now still some distance off. Troopers might actually follow which means a withdrawal was of the essence. Lingering is a crowd of lower level denizens with seemingly nowhere else to go.

One of those pedestrians points a holo-recorder towards the scene just as the group of Jedi extract the team using the force, bodies floating in mid air as they escape the window. Then the two climb down. The footage and shaky and no clear identities can be made out, but the strange rescue is something to behold. Rey's wider cone causes the whole area to becoem wet with water and fire supressant mixture, the excess streaming down the durocrete and off the city platforms.

Jettster shows up with a speeder to pick up the team and children, to get them out and towards the warehouse where Aryn and their own medical people can take care of them. One this was clear, it was going to be a smelly fire and brimstone ride back to Chandrila.