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Mandalore: They Fought Like a Hundred Times Their Number

OOC Date: October 7, 2021
Location: Mandalore: The Ragelands
Participants: Valeska Jaivon, Jallo Dara, Hahtavi Kora, Zelo Parrai , Avery Ihala Kora, Sumi Kora and Hadrix Kora as GM Clan Kora

And here is where their troubles truly began.

<"I am just Mir. I remember and I sing the stories when the time is come. But I commend you and yours for bringing us to the Oyu'baat."> the hand lifting again to point to the old edifice. <"I've searched many times when the sands cleared, but even dead Keldabe is a Spine-lynx for a lone wanderer."> the desert robe wearing Mandalorian strides forward, letting the wispy smoke-like cloth fold around him.

<"There have been humorous anecdotes that the old tavern will survive the end of the galaxy - for the time it has stood. Even in disrepair as it does now. One of the last holdouts during the purge, when the chemical bombs fell. When the Emperor found his viral threats were nullified for reasons he nor his Internal Security Bureau could find. Mysterious benefactors. Mandalorian stubbornness. Who knows?">

"Same sort of stubbornness that's going to get you and these ones with you killed, old man." figures melting from shadows and around corners begin to gather, their armor a mix of repaired old and salvaged recreations that are as close to new as Mandalore gets; spikes and cutting edges added for offense and defense alike. Weapons ranging from old slug models to painstakingly maintained blasters of varied sort. Most of the T-visors are covered with protective mesh if at all - transparisteel or plastoid being rare as fair smelling jawas.

"Mir, you've stumbled in once too often. We're going to make an example of you and scavenge what we can of these that don't choose to join us. Keldabe is ours and the others skulking through will bend the knee just the same." one hand lofted with a old rifle clenched in his fist the speaker for the gathering forces of what looks to be various small clans under one banner begin to raise weapons or poise to launch themselves towards Mir and the Expedition with him.

Avery knew something was up, the tracks didn't make sense for a man claiming to be here alone. It appears, however, that he was wrong about them being in cahoots. With the blasters raised and threats given, clearly there was a line drawn and sides chosen. Whether or not he wanted to be with this 'Mir' fellow, at the moment, their guns would all point at the ones trying to intimidate.

<"I think you might be a little too sure of yourself there..."> Avery says through the microphone in his helmet, the Y-visor of the silver and blue Doomseeker helm shifting back and forth as the HUD designates targets and friendlies. The carbine in his hands is lifted, not directed yet, just presented and ready... waiting and watching for the one who is going to make the first fatal mistake. Avery's not averse to killing, quite the opposite when for a purpose, and right now they are in another's territory though threats will do nothing but haste his foe's demise.

Zelo kept feeling a tingle at the base of his tendrils, but perhaps it was wishful, perhaps it was folly, but he'd thought it just the feeling of being in some place so old. Or picturing how civilization could fall until only this remained... Thoughts of his new, civilized home, perhaps. As Mir continues, he looks around, H-visor with the wide arms giving more space for his black-pool Nautolan eyes beneath; there's a soft swish of the durasteel platelets covering the cage where his tendrils now hang. It's the second speaker that explains that tingle, too late for anything but commitment.

<"I'd consider this defense,"> says Zelo Parrai, the gleaming blue beskar standing out against the sands and ruins of Keldabe. There's no time to adjust or wish for more cover, or altitude. Odds were an attempt to rocket for an overwatch position would just make him the easiest target. He lifts the E-11 to shoulder in preparation, muttering a silent Nautolan prayer under his breath. They'd walked right into it, and he hadn't seen it coming.

Valeska has remains towards the back of the group, switching out her rifle for the pistol and listening to the old man talk. It still doesn't settle well with her. All this talk of remembering this and singing of that. Valeska carries terrible memories of that last time such a person showed up on Mandalore with pretty words and lofty, veiled-insulting ideas. It ended with a bunch of kidnapped children and her getting thrown off a speeding vehicle. That was a fun mission.

So imagine her utter surprise when the ones that make themselves the target first isn't the rambling old man. The pistol in her hand is raised up; aimed directly at the head of the man speaking and finger on the trigger. No quippy words from the crimson-painted Mando. She's been ready for the other boot to fall for a while now.

Hahtavi has been epxecting /something/ to break loose. As Avery noted, they'd seen recent tracks of more than one and then there were the mutilated bodies left out in the sun for days. A calling card if ever any of them had seen one. So it is that his rifle is already in his hands, senses pricked very alert. But it is perhaps not Mir who leads them into a trap afterall.

This Kora takes a good look as the strangers begin to show themselves. Hahtavi rapidly begins to mark targets in his helmet's HUD system and shares the 2 dozen or so markers with the others on their shared frequency.

Calm, cool, thus far seemingly collected and not looking surprised or upset by the strangers creeping out of the city's ruins, Hahtavi slowly turns with his rifle and studies them. Probably choosing who he wants to go after first. One can almost imagine the Manda'yaim native's nostrels to flare, eager to get into it. But first, he uses the moments wisely to study who they are and what they are armed with, how they are arranged and leaves the opening exchange of any dialog to Sumi.

<"Mir, traveler of old bones and speaker of old stories, join us in adding more names to your records. If it is violence they seek, I'm happy to provide it."> The violet hue of a lightsaber activates a moment later and Sumi casts back her cape to be pulled by the wind, violently flapping to one side. She angles the humming blade toward the foes who have moved against them.

<"The only ones bending knees today are those who are going to kiss my ass. If you're so eager to die, join the hundreds we've slain already and be made an example yourself. None shall oppose the Journeymen Protectors; we are their marshals."> Sumi moves toward the foes then, starting at a walk and moving to a run. She was going to charge the whole lot of them, and someone was going to die over some dust, bones, and old memories!


Jallo had been with this group the /entire/ time for sure! He didn't just appear in a puff of smoke and surfer. But no matter what he'd been doing recently he had caught up with the rest of the group that he'd flown out here with. As the ambush starts to appear around them his hand reaches down and his hand wraps around the oiled leather grip of the spear and pulls it away. Flicking his wrist as he toggles the spear to extend the two foot haft in his hand shoots out to six feet before his posture shifts going into an easy defensive stance. Not surrounded just a target rich environment.

If he could blink he would be as Sumi begins to charge into the midst of them. But well that's where the enemy are and they seem to just be out of reach of his spear from where he's at. <"Stay there I'm on my way over so I can stab you with my spear!"> And forward he goes as well. Of course not nearly as fast or epic as Sumi and her glowing sword of death but he'll be there eventually!

<"Bosaz sure does send a fair number into the center of Keldabe to attend to one old man and a party of wanderers that found him."> Mir's comment floating above the din and the older Mandalorian slips back, towards the line formed at Sumi; an old blaster rifle that looks like it was crafted during the Mandalorian Wars pushing aside the curtains of his robes. Barrel lifting in preparation to fire at those coming from the sides, or behind.

The surrounding forces, at Sumi's threat and Jallo's seconding begin to move, one of their number calling out "AIM!"

Amid the Kora numbers there is the rasp of durasteel clearing leather, the keening growl of a pressurizer charge growing and the purring series of clicks when Hadrix rolls the cylinder of the massive revolver in his other hand. <"Zelo, cover Jallo"> nodding to the charging miraluka, bracketing him on HUDs and seeking targets.

The aggressors roar as one, long and loud, looking into the face of conflict with certainty and confidence rather than fear or concern. The speaker of their number pointing, time dilating with the onrush of action - the thunderstorm of bolt and slug becoming like echoes and motion momentarily seems to crawl.

Avery doesn't even get the chance to react before one of the baddies descends on him and winds up for a big punch in the.... leg? Whatever target the fellow had been aiming for it did plenty already, the crack of bone under armor sounding quite like a tree trunk snapping under too much weight. The Mandalorian Slicer screams loud enough with the pain that, even without his microphone broadcasting, the noise of his anguish is heard amid the battlefield.

He had been pulling the trigger when he was struck, that bolt going well wide of the target he'd been concentrating on. <"Kriff!!! You son of a...."> Avery doesn't even finish the sentence before he's lifting his carbine onto a new target, the man who just pulverized his leg. He presses the E-11 against the badly armored Mandalorian's knee cap and fires, creating two figures on the ground with severely damaged legs. At least his is repairable, perhaps... his foe is now missing his knee.

Zelo nods to Hadrix. <"Tall order, but I'm on it."> The Nautolan is quick to snap off some shots though, answering the enemy plasma blasts while Jallo is still closing the distance. A couple of the nastier ones are looking to make things... Unpleasant for the gathered off-world Mandalorians and Zelo's not about to let it stand. The E-11 almost acquires targets of its own volition, a bolt going right in the junction of an empty T-visor and making all kinds of a concealed mess as he rolls away from a stray bolt that may have been meant for him, or just shot reflexively. Avery's already been hit, and Zelo sees another closing in so reflex shots narrowly tag the other Puilin Puncher. As the figure grabs at a fresh hole in the shoulder of his poorly-cobbled beskar, Zelo takes a few steps in Jallo's direction.

<"So, do... Do I shout directions?"> He's never seen a blind man fight, and he's seen an awful lot out on the border worlds.

Sumi is running into the fray -- that is to be expected and admired. Oh, look. The FNG is following suit! What moxie he has! Maybe later Valeska will ask the man his name. But for now there is a line of problems in front of them and Valeska has an answer to those problems. And that answer is very loud.

Clearly someone in that line took offense to Valeska aiming her DL pistol at their head. The volley starts earlier than expected and a slug makes its home in the bicep of her right arm. Well, it doesn't so much as make a home there as it kicks down the door, shoots their dog, and then takes a leak on the couch.

Her cursing today is brought to you by the lovely Mon Cal language. It's gurgly yet filled with spite. Three rapid-fire shots answer the burning pain in her arm... but that's her shooting arm and only one of those three shots make purchase, knocking one attacker on his rear but not out.

Sumi's pulled her light saber and gone charging right at them! Hahtavi grins behind his helmet, considers a grenade but sticks with his rifle as things break loose. He's already moving, making himself as difficult a target as he may and going for cover! As he does so, he fires off two shots with his modified Galaar rifle, taking one of them in the chest and burning a hole right through them, and another is hit in the side. That one spins, trips and falls, their weapon flying to clatter among the ruins.

The black armored Kora hesitates when he hears Avery's unexpected cry of pain. Hahtavi aborts going to cover and instead, moves to the side to help cover his clansman so others may tend to Avery's leg. <<"Covering Avery!">> Bolts wiz past him from one direction and another!

The initial start of the battle was less than ideal. Shots rain in on the party and a number of Mandos are hit, injured even. Among that number hit is Sumi, and though her armor saved her from any internal damage, she still suffered the concussive impact of each, prompting her run to stumble. The wind had been knocked from her, so upon arriving in range to attack, she was heaving like a hundred year old smoker.

Her attacks are well cast before she makes them, a sign of temporary exhaustion. She keeps her foes hopping back away from the hungry violet blade though, and when she can BREATHE again, her laugh continues. She'd need to ice some places tonight, that was for sure.

Jallo simply shakes his head as Zelo asks about directions, <"I'm fine!"> And then he's taking a blaster bolt to the chest, <"I'm mostly fine!"> As he closes the gap to the Stadfair Shooters who actually did stand still for him the spear twirls in his hand before he stabs it into one of the bad guys to his left flicking the blood off as his feet drift in a small semi circle never actually facing any of them but always seeming to... Keep his spear moving between targets, <"That's going to hurt in the morning.">

Blaster and slug bolts fill the air, the reek of expended tibanna, cordite and gunpowder mixed with that of blood spilled and vaporized all around. Ground churned with sandy soil blasted up by impacts of melting to glass dependent on the projectile striking. Voices rise in hectic clamor, akin to that in the helmets of Kora and their allies - but separate at the same time.

<<"Copy, attending.">> Hadrix is already kneeling by Avery, kit out and stims being jammed into the area adjacent to the wound, forcing the big man out of the fight for the moment. Checking feeds from Gripper and blinking out directions, defilade pointed out by Gripper and Gofor while Clankah steps up, drawing the old carbine of its back, half cylinder face glaring around.

"Engagin'!" A B1 Battledroid... with a Concordian Accent. Opening fire alongside the others

The attacking Ragelanders move from point to point, seeking cover, looking for flank postures. The place that was once the largest market square in the city becoming a sand choked shooting gallery; again.

<<"Zelo keep at your posture, he can see... with his ears. Watch his back he'll hear yours. Hahtavi, our six, high, Valeska, three o'clock. Avery keep still or you're going to lose the leg.">> Hadrix is working rapid fire, <<"Sumi, stop playing with your food.">>

And so it continues in full brutal fashion.

Avery grit his teeth against the pain, trying to force himself up on his knees to get a better shot when he realizes his leg just won't support any weight. Down he goes onto his rump, carbine extended with his right hand and leg grasp with his left. "Ow! What the hell?!" he yells, only slightly muffled by the bucket that covers his head. And through all that grimacing, Hadrix is there to lend a hand. Needle injected, pain being soothed, and wound being bound, things seem to be turning u..... and then the leg is gone, removed at the knee by a powerful blast that finished the job from the punch.

The silver Slicer looks from the missing limb to Hadrix... back to the missing limb... and he nearly faints from the shock. <"Tha.... that doesn't look right, Hads."> He says, a bit more calm than he probably should. The shock is talking and, could the big man see Avery's face, it would be as white as the snows of Hoth. Looking around, he sees the carnage happening about them, multiple getting hit and wounded, Valeska taking a few brutal attacks herself. <"Go... go help her."> Avery comments, lifting a hand to point at the wounded woman.

Zelo nods to Hadrix, getting a little lower and taking a knee to make a smaller target as he sees Avery - being operated on - taking a second shot and almost feels some bile in the back of his throat. Tracing the shot back, though, gives him someething else to focus on, and a bolt goes through the neck of the Kef Killer that gave Avery the opposite of two left feet. Jallo also took fire from one of those, which earns Zelo's ire as he squeezes another shot at the one next to it without knowing it was a second revenge for this band of Mandalorians as he rises to lowly approach Jallo.

<"By hearing? Listen for my basket,"> Zelo says, turning his head a little to move the durasteel links that make the mesh holding his tendrils, and the platelets woven to protect it. <"So if you need to fall back, you know where to go. I have your back."> Still, Zelo is not used enough to a blind fighter to not lean away a little at the swinging of spear.

Valeska leans against a derelict building, dodging another slug screaming her way that instead adds one more to two dozen pock marks into the structure. Her right arm hanging at her side, hand still gripping her pistol tightly, Valeska clutches the wound with her left hand; another string of Mon Cal muttered to herself but not triggering her comms. She's been awfully quiet since they had began their trek into this place and right now, she is having an internal debate on why slugs hurt way, way more than a blaster bolt.

She hears Avery is hit. She hears Zelo and Jallo. Was that Hahtavi? She's pretty sure she can hear Sumi, too. Even if it's just noises of fite. But it's Hadrix that gets the woman to answer. <<"Copy, Al'Verde. I'm head--- ARGH!">>

Pain rips through Valeska's... hips... as another slug slips through the cross-crossing straps of her armour and imbeds into her pelvic bone. The cry is unmistakably cripping and Valeska crumbles to the ground. It is from this vantage that she fires in anger in the direction the slug had come from, but the shooter is already gone.

Valeska never makes it to her position. <<"I'm... argh...">> Is all she can get out as blood is pooling into the sand where she sits.

<<"Got your six, understood.">> Hahtavi backs up and covers Hadrix as best he can as his ori'vod tends to Avery, who's down and bleeding. As he has his back to them, he is unaware of Avery getting hit /again/ and the bloody leg getting blown off! He's doing his best to keep these shabla hutt'une from shooting either one of them but shots are still getting through.

Hahtavi's rifle up, he fires at one of the Vapes who are intent to get close enough to throw something that might be a grenade. The bolt takes them in the shoulder, drops them but doesn't kill outright. His second shot misses as the body fell.

There is a lot of noise, a lot of firing, <<"We need to get to cover.">> Hahtavi's baritone is still calm but he can sense things aren't going too well for some of his clanmates. Sumi's light saber is slicing and dicing in his helmet's 360 view, then he hears Valeska's cry, unable to finish her sentence. He can't help but turn his head for a fraction of a second, trying to pinpoint her location relative to himself.

Nope, he just can't get to cover. Not with their people going down. Hahtavi's got to hold his position and keep covering Avery while Hadrix likely will go to Val.

<<"Hang in there. We got you, vode.">> He's not hurt yet, firing away!

Sumi impales one of the Punchers through the groin and cuts vertically, splitting their armor as they screamed up till it separated their lungs and replaced the noise with wet sounds and gurgles. When she violently ripped the blade free, it exited the body in a shower of ashing embers and was brought across in a horizontal swing that was intended for the last one.

She misses, they stumble back, screaming "WAIT... WAIT! WAIT!" Sumi stalks after them as they scramble back from her and finally pins them to the wall. They look away from her, wincing because of the inevitable blow, and Sumi chuckles.


A single pass of the violet blade and Sumi's foe hits the ground. Twice. His severed head rolls away.

Jallo's head cocks off to one side for just a moment, <"You call that your basket? I thought it was armor for your tendrils. Good to know what it is."> As a couple more blaster bolts come flying towards him he's just slightly moving out of the way. Then the spear darts out at one of the Shooters slightly behind him impaling the now jello shot before the spear flicks back out blood leaking from the Shooter's wound. <"Thank you. I was going to go after him after I was done here."> His helmeted face turning to face the various groups before back to the last few Shooters.

Iridescent purple splashed across with crimson and molten durasteel rapidly cooling against the painted beskar. The work he was doing erased. The leg gone and the reaction of his brother in the wake. Something tries to break loose, almost snaps, but it's a hairs breadth from madness. Medical kit hitting the ground and the big man looms to his feet with blaster bolts and slugs exploding, flattening against, or bouncing off of the plates of his armor. Jostling him, nearly kicking him over at one point but not stopping the big man's stand or the rise of the two ridiculous, so properly Hadrix sized, pistols he is carrying.

"Stand fast! STAND FA-" the leader of the war party's voice is cut off by Sumi's bladework bisecting him vertically even as the warriors continue to fire through the mounting losses. Adding to Kora casualties as best they can. Looking from side to side or behind them before they continue their thinning fusillade.

Zelo has claimed vengeance, but the thunderclaps of the pistols wielded by the Al'verde cut through the cacophony, blended with the throaty bark of the droid's blaster and joining the screams of carbines lancing out from the defending line - all while Mir remains standing, the outsized scope of the thick barreled long gun he carries swiveling to eradicate another target. Hunks of bodies vaporized or blasted out the back of them.

<<"Keep firing, marking points.">> kept to work, marking paths and firing lines coming and going while the sound of a jetpack joins the din and with it a Mandalorian whose armor is a mix of restored and salvaged with a heavy repeater cannon on a stabilizer in their hands. A roar of welcome and excitement coming from the shrinking number of the enemy.

The world has an edge of white to it as he shifts his attention from the standing and growling Hadrix to the injured Valeska dropping to the dirt. Avery turns his head to see Hahtavi nearby, covering as well as he can. There's a dopey smile that slips to his lips and the wounded Mandalorian lifts a hand to say, <"Hey Hahtavi.... ho-how're you doing?">>

There's a chuckle before turning back to the fight, his head bobbling about as he regards the opposition facing them. Up comes the carbine and, almost as in a dream, a bright red flower blossoms from the end and removes a slow moving, badly armored individual from their feet.... and then there's a large person who comes in on a gout of flame, a big weapon in his hand that he motions menacingly at Avery and his friends. <"You... no."> he simply states, squeezing the trigger to fire a shot that goes well wide of the new arrival. <"Poodoo...">

Zelo shakes his head as the numbers dwindle, but the volume rises. A jetpack tells the tale, morale coming on a gout of controlled and flaming combustion. Morale is a dangerous thing in a fight when it's on the other side. <<"Going to try to shut that one down before it gets something going on their side.">> Internal comms are the way to go when you talk about putting holes in the latecoming outrider. Unfortunately, the Galaxy has other plans as both of Zelo's shots are almost on target, but almost enough that it stings when the descending Mandalorian seems to swerve at the last possible moment. The Nautolan shakes his head. Must be all the yelling effecting his balance.

Valeska remains as motionless as she can, her back pressed into the building and fighting to control the laboured breaths. The sharp pain in her arm has dulled to a peripheral annoyance as the agony burning a hole into her pelvic bone has taken center stage. The pistol is powered down and awkwardly placed back onto her belt and the Sonn-Blas rifle is rolled from her shoulder and nestles into her hands.

She's lost track of the enemy count. Luckily the HUD of her helmet has been doing the heavy lifting in that regard. One by one, the indicators are blinking out. That's good. The tide of battle it turning towards their favour. But she can feel her extremities starting to get a chill to them; her fingertips going numb and it's a little harder to focus.

Very hard to focus.

All right. There are fewer and fewer of them left with every passing moment. Hahtavi has hunkered down near to Avery to be sure he can block shots at his injured clansman at least from one side. He can see Mir is still up and shooting, keeping tabs on all of the others through his helmet's HUD. A quick glance at his rifle's power cell charge, <<"I'm doing just fine, Avery. We're going to get you a shiny leg, don't you worry. Hadrix has got Valeska.">>

Hahtavi lifts his rifle back up and fires at another of the Vapes, taking her down in the rubble with a wound to the chest. Another cheers the arrival of the big mofo who jetpacks in. Instead of firing at thier newly arrived hero coming to their rescue, Haht ruins that one's day by shooting them in the crotch. That'll hurt.

Sumi moves toward the loudest target, unceremoniously swinging and missing. Startled by her appearance, they back track yet failing to do so fast enough. Sumi cuts the warrior in half horizontally across their belly and stumble steps off to the side, surprised at how easily the lightsaber cut through the warrior.

She rises back up from her knee and stalks toward the line of shooters, stabbing one through the back of her head and noisily pulling the static sounding weapon free, laughing again. <"Come on then, who is next?!"> The shooter's body falls behind her, an orange molten hole through the faceplate of their helmet.

Jallo's stance is shifting almost fluid as he moves to engage one of the Shooters. And then as Sumi moves towards the Shooters he steps to the side and out of the way of her saber enhanced rampage. As his spear zips towards the last standing of the Shooters his aim was just a bit off and it was deflected by the shooter's vambraces.

One left, watching the others fall around, their heavy support put down, backing off when they see their the last left. A hand raises with a chunky looking pistol clenched in a fist, firing into the sky to create a blazing red flair trailing blood red smoke as they turn, attempting to get out of firing line. There's bravery and then there is stupid.

Not succumbing to panic as their boots scrabble and scrape over looks masonry and sand - sending them skidding to a sand choked street and into the open as they make to fall back.

Mir raises his rifle to rest the barrel against his shoulder, looking up when another flair, south east, rises in response to the one trying to make a strategic disappearance. Another to the north.

<<"Val'ika, I'm incoming.">> medpak speedily lifted so that the Al'verde can look to Avery though, <<"Need to stabilize Avery first.">> looking to the stump of his leg.

It's grown quiet again, save for the sounds of the injured and dying.

A new leg? What's he need that for when he's got a great pair on right now, he can totally feel them too! Avery looks back to see his whole set of one and a half legs. His head tilting to the side when reminded of the strange sight below his knee. <"That's odd... I had it a little while ago."> While he's staring at his stump of a leg, crimson pooling into the dirt of the long dead town, there's Hadrix again. <"Oh, hello."> Avery states, an unseen smile to their Al'verde while his friend gets to work on bandaging and stabilizing his wound.

All but one have been stopped for the final time. That one, still well enough to run, sends a signal to the sky. Maybe it was just a sign of surrender particular to this collective. Sure... Until a pair of signals come back from further out. Zelo is a sniper first, and that means knowing the field of engagement and the forces. As the sole survivor flees, the E-11 is given the flick of one index finger, pushing the firing mode from plasma death to energized rings of stunning power, intent to send disabling shock through the body instead of crackling plasma holes. The aim is easy and the Nautolan knows it will hit before the ring fires. A split second later, the retreating figure is down.

<"That's one captured. Looks like we better get some intel, and fast."> He looks to Avery, and the rest of the injured. This is not the best start of an engagement in waves.

<<"I'm good,">> she assures Hadrix, lying through her helmet as easy as you please. She's not good. She knows she's not good. But from what she's been able to gather from the comm chatter, Avery is much worse off. Did Hahtavi say something about a new leg? Things are getting a little fuzzy. Are there still attackers to shoot? Things have gone a bit quiet. Clutching her rifle close to her chest, Valeska takes this moment of what seems to be calm to lay her helmeted head backwards against the building that is fully supporting her upright position. Her hazel eyes close for a short rest... that then turns into a much longer one. She can wait.

There's Hadrix. Reliable man, looking out for their wounded. Hahtavi takes a moment to watch Zelo down the runner, Mir's still alive, the flares. He turns his helmeted head in Valeska's direction but he can't see any details of her condition. What he's worried about though are those answering flares. <<"Agreed. I'll go up.">> That to Zelo's remark about needing intel.

Hahtavi steps away from Avery where Hadrix works on his vod. He fires off his jetpack, rifle still in his armored hands as he rises up into the sky. This Kora looks in the direction of each of the answering flares to see what he may see.

<<"I see movement. Can't say how many - but two groups. Maybe as large as the one we just wiped.">> Not good, too many. <<"What are your orders, Alor'Sumi?">>

<<"We'll need a more defensible position. This path, the one we were on was intended for moments just like this. A gauntlet for incoming foe with fall back and covered positions. Let's get our wounded treated and moved, cover down, and pick these huttsuckers off as they get closer.">> Sumi calls back to Hahtavi after deactivating the lightsaber and clipping it back to her belt. The electrum hilt was hit by the light just right, glittering with opulence until she brushed her cape back over it. <<"Sana.. we need you here.">>


down at his singed breastplate. As the Kora's begin to figure out and strategize the next bit the man moves back towards the others turning towards Zelo, <"Thank you for your cover fire. I haven't quite perfected the augmentations between armor and my senses to be able to accurately use ranged weaponry.">

<"The Oyu'baat, Alor Kora. Sturdy enough, defensible."> Mir drifts to where Avery is being tended by Hadrix, to the stump of his leg and the ruins there. <"If not else, it gives you time and cover stabilize and clean the injury...">

<"Going to have to figure out how put a kriffing peg on him, we're days out from the buggies and even further out from where Sahwali can make pick-up."> Hadrix growls through his vocalizer, the floppy floppy nature of his sedated and in-shock vod making him an absolute chore to try and pick up... So he actually pulls his plasma caster off his back, dumps numbing agents on the hunk of leg below Avery's knee and then gives a little puff of the 38CT to cauterize the injury.

Without warning. Avery might clench up if he warns him.

The flares fired into the air seem to hang there in their shallow arch. The one soldier stunned by Zelo laying motionless and crumpled in a heap. Making small 'guk' sounds while he struggles to make his limbs move. Make anything move. Oblivious to the slow growing form of the Old'n Busted drifting into hazy visibility far above.

<<"Greeza, Pheegus. You're on Sana's command until I call otherwise. Mount up on the Busted and raid the med bay for bacta... and a basic prosthesis.">>

<<"By the Mother Jungle... what have you been doing down there...?">> the Ithorian's synthesized translator voice managing to sound aggrieved at the request.

Hadrix's own movements continue, based on what Sumi's answer to Hahtavi is, <<"Hahtavi, Jallo - move into the old tapcafe, prep defense points. Valeska, you're glued to my hip while we get you treated, you're also helping me guard Avery while we get him to something close to fightable.">> reaching below to hook his fingers into collar of Avery's back plate to begin dragging, since he can get the man lifted.

<<"Sumi, get Valeska. Zelo, you're rearguard and overwatch until we're settled in.">> what a rekking day. But they're alive, there is no more shooting at the moment and there's shelter against whatever storm is going to rush over them next on Mandalore. A yellow flare from the south east. Then one from the north.