Valeska Jaivon

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The Inevitable Beginning

Daughter and first child to General Kodachi Jaivon of the Rebel Army and Captain Jericho Artoris of the Rebel Air Force, Valeska was born into war on an Alliance capital ship. She grew up among the motley crew of all races who had banded together to fight against the oppression and terror of the Empire. Though the Empire had fallen by the time she was born, the years following saw many battles and skirmishes to free several planets from its rule. Because of this, Valeska saw victory and death in abundance from a young age. She also witnessed the coming-together of several races fighting for a common goal.

So when from the ashes of the Empire rose the First Order, it was expected of her to pick up where her parents had left off. When the Resistance stood against a new threat, Valeska was called to join the efforts and bring years of training and education to bear. Instead, she denied the calling and left Dantooine to become a gun-for-hire for the next several years. That worked out. For a while.

A Job Gone Horribly Wrong

Valeska and her two partners Dax and Tarsk had taken on what seemed to be a pretty straight-forward contract: an escort job that would see a small, unassuming shipment from point A to point B. The time limit was restrictive to say the least, and there was little time for details to be discussed. Tarsk, a Bothan with a mind for numbers, had wanted to thoroughly look over the contact first. Dax urged there wasn’t time and that the payment being offered was too good to pass up. He was right. It was a ridiculous amount that would upgrade nearly every system on the Naga and then some.

All three of them were more than capable to handle the job and had been working together as a unit for over a year. Seeing the cargo, it was rather small. Just a couple of armoured crates in the middle of an otherwise empty bay. Assured that nothing… sentient… was being shipped, the three took the job and set off: a no-stops trip to the drop off planet Umbara. That’s where it all went to hell.

They were met at the spaceport not by any employer but by a group of pirates waiting in ambush. Outnumbered and pinned down, the trio fought back the best they could, but when Tarsk fell the battle turned quickly. Dax was fatally injured soon after. Valeska ran to him, but it was already too late. Badly injured herself and suffering the loss of her friends, Valeska was forced to flee into the wilds of Umbara; managing to lose her pursuers. Daring to return to the starport hours later, everything was gone. No ship. No cargo. No pirates. No bodies.

In a Dark Alley

Wounded, exhausted, and dazed, Valeska was taken onto a dark ship. A figure she could not see spoke in a low, hushed tone: berating her for loss of his shipment and foisting the failure of the mission onto her. She was stripped of her armour and weapons before being dropped unceremoniously onto the smuggler’s moon Nar Shaddaa.

Wandering the haphazard streets of Nar, Valeska’s luck went from bad to worse. She had been followed by the pirates she had escaped, and they pulled her into a dark alley to finish what they had started on Umbara. They very nearly succeeded when a man in Mandalorian armour intervened. The resulting battle was brief but violent. Two dead pirates, four fled, and one near-dead but eternally grateful Valeska was left in the aftermath.

His name was Hadrix Kora, a Mandalorian of the Kora Clan. He tended to her quickly, got her out of the alley, and fed her noodles. From this encounter, Valeska met several other members of the Koras including Avery, Hahtavi, Zelo, and their leader Sumi Kora. They took Valeska under their protection while she found her footing and began piecing together what had happened. An alliance was formed and Valeska found herself not just indebted to the clan but befriending them. Now she aids them on the ravaged planet of Mandalore as an extra gun and ally.

Meanwhile, those who sought to send her to join her fallen friends on Umbara had made their presence known: a shadow organization that wished to wipe all clues of the mission and any witnesses to it. No doubt to rear their heads again.


Kodachi Jaivon Mother - Retired General of the Rebel Army, Kodachi is as strict with her family as she was with her troops. She did her best to instill not just battle prowess but a sense of duty, honour, and responsibility into her children to varying degress of success. She now works as a military advisor to Dantooine's planetary defense.
Jericho Artoris Father - Now a retired Captain of the Rebel Air Force, Jericho spends his days repairing, restoring, and racing speeders. Still the hot-dogging pilot he was in his youth, Jerichho is warm and approachable. A skilled pilot, he likes to find any reason to take to the skies.
Hadrix Kora Sponsor - The first face she saw when her life did a hard rest was the T-visor of this intimiating Mandalorian. He saved her life and from that singular moment, everything changed for Valeska. Originally frightened of him, the more she learns of him the more she admires all he's been through and tries to achieve. Now her sponsor to the Kora Clan, Valeska counts him as a friend, ally, and brother in arms.
Avery Ihala Kora Partner - The second member of the Kora Clan Valeska met that fateful night, Avery offered her haven in the crew quarters of his ship: a safe place for her to go when she had literally nowhere else. That was the beginning of their relationship. Over time and after many shoot-outs, they gew very close and can often now be seen teaming up together for varying degrees of missions and mischief.
Hahtavi Kora Mentor - Born on Mandalore, Hahtavi is a bit gruff and fully dedicated to restoring the Way back to his homeworld. Not only is he an impressive fighter but also a stellar pilot. Valeska looks up to him as a mentor and close friend whom has a great many things to teach her such as Mandalorian history, the language, proper armour care, proper diet... every day is a new lesson.