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Mandalorians: Death is Life

OOC Date: May 18, 2020
Location: Dxun
Participants: Sumi Kora, Hadrix Kora, Narsai Ordo, Karys, Jarret Sur, Tara Sur, Kirioth Kora, Barad and Aldo Kohr Clan Kora

The Mandalorians were within the old fortress, forced to utilize old methods against superior numbers. The Onderonians had lost vehicles, commanders, and even an artillery base. Now they were using massed forces to make their last push, to try and force the Children of Mandalore off of Dxun, to claim it wholly for their own and to claim whatever can be taken from within.

<<"Mando'Ade - we have t-minus 90 seconds to first wave reaching location.">> Hadrix's voice is on comms - as it has so often, relaying tactical data, field information and support fire on this project that he's adopted in the name of unifying clans in mutual interest and not under some crazed bid for personal power. <<"Gripper is inbound and Zee'Roh found us the entrance to the fort. The entry cavern is open, but we can bottleneck - but her reports state the fort corridors are designed for defense positions. I'm on sight for fire support as needed.">>

Outside the sounds of, far fewer, armed speeder transport and ground troops is becoming audible to a degree that predatory creatures are actually vacating the area for the threat of numbers. Not much time, but enough to try and get into positions.

<"This is going to be a tight quarters fight once we start pushing our way further inside."> Karys points out with a voiced frown edging her tone. She adjusts the lock of her pistols and pulls out her chosen weaponry. The left holds the 54 and the right the lighter 44. Sister guns if one will. Her boot scrapes the ground as she turns to look at all who are with them. The 44 ejects a clip to the ground with a ping and then she is lowering the bottom of it towards a waiting new energy pack on her leg. It slides into place without changing orientation of her gun. It hits into place and the hum of energy is dulled by helmet and the talk going on. Green flares up and flickers at the back of her blaster to assure her its ready and in place.

Hit and run tactics had worked for a time, bait and blast, all of it. Now? They were going to have to make a stand.

Armor smeared with dirt and carbon across the red plating, the Ordo woman checks her heavy blaster pistols in turn, slowly checks the draw of the blade from the small of her back and the stretches her arms over her head. <<They'll come, we'll meet them.>> Seems it was that simple! <<Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur.>>

Sumi flicks her smoke off to one side, exhales and snorts out loud before grabbing her bucket (helm) off a rock to stop lounging. A small roll of her shoulders and the ancient soldier is grabbed a rifle up by its sling and casting the loop over her shoulder. Sliding her helm into place, its black T-visor washes out with silver, a seal forming with the sound of a soft subtle hiss. <"Everybody here?--My best bet is we just get 'em. I'm rekk all at on the fly tactics unless it's about ambushing, and we ain't ambushing. If we hold the corridor it'll get bloody. Anyone know if there's another way into this place we need to worry about?"> Another snort and Sumi is stationing one booted foot up, slapping the side of her shin guard.

Close quarters high pressure fighting. Tara's years of experience had proven that nothing was better for CQB where you didn't have to worry about too much collateral like a flamethrower, and the psychological impact couldn't be denied. Check the power pack and plasma levels, make sure the igniter's ready to hit the pilot light at the last second to maintain surprise... <<"I'm ready. Let's kick some aruetii shebs.">> A bit closer to the front lines, her own armor is flecked with dirt and carbon scoring, bare beskar showing through on her helmet and pauldrons where damage had removed the paint. <<"They get close enough, I'll light them up and the rest of you can shoot them while they're panicking.">>

< "Easier to ensure they stay on the outside, then. "> Though alor of his own clan, Jarret knows his place in a formation, and his place is mobile support fire. He unlimbers the repeater from his shoulder, nicks of shining, silvery metal showing through the crimson of a shoulder pauldron where the weapon has clattered there. < "I can provide grenade fire as well as suppression where required."> Though he stays close to Narsai - because of course he does, her being his chieftain - he is here as a lesser officer leading his own kin.

Roth's being her quiet self before battling starts. It's almost eerie today. She looks at the layout though and there's a grin behind her helm, <<At least the swords will get to come out before too much of the battle happens.>> the woman in white states as that black visor stares out at what is awaiting them. There's a moment taken, arms stretching up over her head, then bending at the waist to limber up some more. No muscles cramps in the middle of battle, no sir! She then straightens up with a satisfied groan and lets her hands rest on the handle of her swords.

Barad listens to the report on comms and nods his shaggy angular head once, firmly, causing his big 'ole floopy ears to wag back and forth in time with the motion. Well, it's about time, then. Barad seals his helmet in place, which kind of smushes his ears against this head a bit. Barad head-butts the wall to jam it in place and activate the seals. Yup. That's better. And after that Barad's silent. Waiting. Always the worst part. Military life is quite often a case of "Hurry up and Wait" at times. But now all of the Waiting is ... Almost over. Barad readies his MedPac and checkes the inventory. Beyond that, there's not much else to do but take stock of cover, attack angles, fallback positions ... and get ready for the red hot beams of Ouch to start flyin' around in here.

Aldo was ... there. He'd been picked up and offered the promise of currency, and frankly, more money beat less money any day of the week. Being a gunhand was better than being a slave, and, leveraging a gunhand was honorable. So, there he was. Armored, and armed, he scans the area around them from a middle point in the group, neither scouting forward aggressively or lingering into the rearguard. In his hand, he's taking time to get used to the weight of the Series III, twirling it in hand.

As the Mandalorians seat themselves, with cover and kill-box positions noted on AR overlays by Hadrix, <<"Alor, as much as I enjoy your direct approach... I have suggestions.">> points highlighting with suggestions based on the assembled forces fighting preference. <<"Gripper is reporting they're entering the caverns. Be prepared.">>

The ID10 droid surges in, whipping around a corner, dropping down AR markers to indicate forces incoming. <<"Score and thirteen inbound, primarily regular infantry. Heavy weapons support with them.">>

The first of them begin to work their way in, trying to move by cover points of their own, though their attempts to get the drop on the defenders is severely lacking.

With the call of arriving forces being brought back to them, Karys takes up a position in the corridor to use the side wall as cover where it dips out. Its not full cover but it will do enough for when she needs to duck back between shots taken. The soft sheen of light off her T-visor indicates the direction she is looking - or so one would suspect. The 54 is lethal in that moment the red bolt leaves the gun. It hits the intended target, causing him to whip about and the first bolt misses from her 44. The second however finds its home and sends him down after his struggle to course correct after the heavier hit.

Smoke rising form his armor the gun lowered as she tucks into that small space, turning herself sideways to do so.

<<"Copy, Commander. We'll do it your way.">> There was no ambition or disappointment in Sumi's voice. She was not the best soldier, just an old one. Grunting from the strain of weight, Sumi lifted the Morellian cannon with an unseen look of pride. A platform created by her species. Morellian hands gripped it, shouldered, and primed the cannon as the targeting display began to filter into her HUD. Brushing her cape back to take a kneeling stance, Sumi propped the heavy automatic cannon on her cover, anchored it with a heavy arm, and sighted.

The moment the heavy assaults and their infantry came into view, Sumi chuckled. <"You walked into the wrong damn corridor, boys! Hahahahaha! OYA! COME GET SOME!">

The red hue of her cannon shaded her and the immediate surroundings as automatic fire pelted the corridor at a cyclic rate. A cursory glance at the ammo count, and Sumi calls out. <"Nearly time for a reload!"> Now she was annoyed!

With the enemy moving in, Jarret ducks into cover and sets up his repeater - scoping targets through the combination of the AR contacts lit up by Hadrix's droid and his own weapon's sensors, the Mandalorian proceeds to dump withering fire over the heads of the assembled troopers at the assault troops hemming up the rear. But the mass is thick, and the bodies of the lighter troops are already starting to pack the passage as they fall; Jarret's suppression attempt does not succeed quite yet.

Welp. Time for Roth blasting off into a group. Because that is what she does. There is no chill! The alabaster armored woman takes a step forward, but her foot doesn't touch the ground, instead, the rockets kick in and she surges towards the incoming with her swords and starts hacking away at the numbers. Just clearing the weeds to get to the plants!

Barad listens, rather than watches. Sounds will carry and echo like crazy in here, and so that will take some time and effort to sort through the racket to decipher any meaning. Barad leans against the wall and tries to sort out the incoming from the outgoing, and the commands being given the Enemy from the shrieks and cries of wounded targets --- none of those friendly, so far, thank goodness. The stcatto blattering of Sumi's MWC blazes for an extended burst. The cries of the enemy increase after that one. That had to hurt. For his own part, Barad makes no noise. He's not firing; that isn't his job. His job is to tend to those who've received the wrath of the incoming. No calls of "Medic" from "Our Team" yet ... So far, so good! And yet there -is- a fainter, further - off echo. Yup, more incoming. Barad clicks on the comms, to let folks know: "T'ad Jurk'adir, Haar'chak.. 'There is a Second Attack Wave prepping!"

Tuned to the ID10's sensory markings, Aldo considers the targets carefully. He was thankful the battle was in thinly mapped corridors and close areas, seeing as he was practiced with repelling pirates on ships. Aiming around others and keeping cover? Right up his alley. Another twirl of the pistol before Aldo leans outward, offering a pair of shots from the hip as he rolls from a covered position to another. Because when you hang with Mandos, its style or die.

When it starts it's never a short trickle of fire but passages filled with fire, sounds of pain and the cries of the fallen. Dimly lit tunnels become lit by staccato bursts of red, blue, and green light that casts surreal ambiance across the stone and armor of those involved.

Men and women fall in clusters and more surge for cover points, trying to get position on the Mandalorians, knowing their bottlenecked and hoping to get through by weight of fire, even as on bursts into their midst swords swinging.

<<"Copy, Barad - ">> Hadrix's voice on comms is cut off as he takes a blaster bolt to the face, head rocking back and drawing a vicious sound from the big mandalorian. Biting toggles and examining the readouts he begins feeding more data.

<<"Heavy weapons, focus on their thickest force positions. Cover Kirioth, Karys I need you on that if you can. Mando'ika, I don't know your name, keep in cover and continue to present fire. Alor'Sur, Alor'Ordo If you have any tricks up your sleeve now would be a good time.">>

The Onderonians attempt another surge, one of them calling back over comms and more shadows begin to fill the corridors.

The hail of blaster fire back in her direction draws Karys' attentionb it its Hadrix call for her to help cover Roth that brings a nod of her head. She moves then, crossing the distance to her comrade with her weapons drawn. Three shots are let loose as red bolts sear the air to no affect as she attempts to help cover Roth.

Tricks it is! There's a breath, a slow exhale and a soft murmer beneath her visor that's more to herself than anything else, words of advice offered to her by more than one of the Mando'a who'd discovered her secret: "Embrace what you are..."

The air seems to ripple as Narsai lowers her blaster, thrusting her hand out with 'weight' to the motion. The light infantry? They're hoisted from their feet, scatterd and slammed hard to walls, ceilings and floor of the cave before they fall and lay still.

A gasp from Narsai, she's left to brace herself against the wall for a second. Clearly, that suprised even her!

The call to focus effect on heavy weapons earns the automatic fire from the Mando'ade heavy weapons lady! Trigger squeezed, the corridor lights up with red lance after lance. Burned ozone followed the humid steaming contrails of each shot as they pelt and pock up the stone. One unlucky dope stood up to run for cover and was picked apart in two three round bursts that split their mid-section and made a mural of their insides on the wall behind them. <"Hahahaha!"> Sumi issues in response to the violence, adjusting only to switch knees and shoulders and begin firing at a new angle.

Two bolts slam into her left arm, and Tara curses under her breath. Narsai's feat... Well that's impressive. <<"Kandosii, Alor!">> She squeezes the trigger on her flamer again, but a spasm from her wounded arm sends the gout of fire rolling across the ceiling of the cave. <<"Shab! Could use a medic over here!">>

Well, his daughter's just been plugged twice, and some of the Koras have gotten tagged - but Sumi and crew are still playing the role of Best Meat Grinder Ever and in a sudden show of telekinetic might his own warleader has made sudden paste of all the light infantry. It's time to use Clan Sur's secret weapon: science. Long before he became a warrior in earnest, Jarret was ever an engineer...and so, zooming in through his visor and scanning the overhanging rock at the cavern entrance, Jarret makes note of certain structural weaknesses, some made worse through Narsai's telekinetic assault. Perfect.

<< "Firing grenade, ">> Jarret bellows over local comms, then rises up on one knee and launches a brilliant orb of energy from his rifle's lower barrel - it whistles across the cavern, smashig into the stone over the entrance before exploding in a even more brilliant flare of light, heat, and pressure. In an instant, tons of stone are crashing down as part of the entrance collapses, dust pouring out from the devastation in a thin cloud. The result is a much narrower place for the enemy to come through, and a number of assault and regular troops smashed beneath the rubble.

Roth was in the middle of raising her Beskad to strike at someone when she feels the blaster both to her side. She slowly looks down to the smoke rolling off that patch of her armor, then back to the person who shot her. She points to her visor, then points back at them, "You're on my dance list. Just stay there." she tells them as she tries to get herself back into things. Someone messed up the beat!

Barad has been noticing that the outgoing fire has been consistently ahead of the incoming. Stands to reason, given the forces concerned! But, this might also present a "Window of Opportunity" if the circumstances could be rearranged as such. -And- -If- Barad can get the timing right. Barad thinks about fibre shell burncasing that he'd been working on earlier. He hadn't been able to get the fuse properly aligned at that point. But now he's just had An Idea. However, events have overtaken them, and now it's time to put in work. Sparing an amazed glance at Narsai's handiwork, Barad picks up his MedPac and scurries on over to where Tara had called from, keeping to cover as best as he can. Once there, he treats the burns with an efficiency borne of a wealth of opportunities and a lot of practice ... shielding the patient from harm as best as possible given the circumstances. And with "himself" if all else fails.

Aldo liked the borrowed Series III pistol. In his hands, another pair of targets fall to the ground. Keeping himself in the middle of the pack, and behind a bit of cover, he moves position to position. As he sidesteps, the pistol is levied and fired in quick succession. His aim was true.

From the depths of the corridors where he has been providing battle data, Hadrix emerges. Cape flying out behind him as he sprints to the aid of his vod with a force pike extended. They've been laid into with heavy weapons, explosives, falling rocks. The heavy troops have been doing their best to try and evade the white armored Mando's attacks while desperately trying to put her down. Only for the figure with blaster scored helmet to spear one on the pike, with his vocalizer bursting from static from the roar of the man within as he spikes the poor bastard to the ceiling.

"None are down! Losses are increasing! Require support!" one of the infantry calls out over comms while a pair wail and try to keep under heavy cover, "Rush them! Rush them! There's only eight of them! Space damnit! RUSH THEM!!"

Charge of the Starlight Brigade it seems, the Oderonians surge from cover, trying to overwhelm their foes as rocks slide and more begin to appear behind them.

In the mix of attempting to aid her comrades, Karys is mid turn to bring the 54 back up to bear. The tight turn draws the pistol up to aim when the blaster bolt catches her helmet. The bright flash near the T'visor blinds her and finds its way past the seal. The burning sensation is not as deep as it could be thanks to the armor but she lets out a muted cry as she blindly fires in return. She missed wholly once more and off comes her helmet, clattering to the ground as blonde hair has been burned and her right cheek near her eye has been scalded by the shot. She blinks still a few times, trying to find her position.

Sumi is relentlessly firing until the weapon goes click. Not even looking to see the outcome of her fire, Sumi puts her back to her cover for a moment and pulls back the charging handle, ejected an orange hot K-cell that clattered on the stone steaming. <"Reloading!"> Called Sumi from her position.

Trained gestures prompted Sumi to draw the next cell up, slide it into place with a loud snap before chopping (with her hand) the charging handle to spring it forward to prime the weapon. This, in turn, generated a high-pitched whine and saw the dull glow return to the receiver.

Sumi grinned, rotated, and hoisted the cannon onto her cover once more. With the compensator still orange hot and smoking, Sumi gives it reason to continue as she aligns and opens fire again. <"AHHHHHH hahahaha! COME GET SOME! Hahaha!">

For far from the first time, a lightsaber is drawn on Dxun. With another bolt hitting Roth beside her, walls collapasing and Sumi's heavy wave of fire filling the air alongside the Reviver's, Narsai glances towards Tara getting treated and then the charging assistance that is Hadrix.

<<"I'll draw some fire!">> she calls, withdrawing the concealed hilt of dark Beskar and igniting the violet plasma blade with a burst of energy. Her stance was more defensive, weaving to cover the others as she brandishes the big glowing target indicator.

Tara visibly relaxes a bit at the cool tingle of bacta replacing the shapr prickle of blaster burns. <"Vor entye. Now time to get some shabla payback."> Rising to her feet again, The chiss lets out a battle cry and swings the flamer across the group again, reducing it to a pair of terrified regulars who were lucky enough to be shielded from the flame by their teammates

And suddenly they're up and running - though quickly into the Great Kora Shredder. Jarret stands up and holds the repeater at waist-level, firing another stream of blaster bolts into the arriving horde. But...wel. What can one say? Suddenly the wall of soldiers is but a pair, and Jarret's autofire is sent wide and away to targets that no longer exist.

It is then that he makes the decision: he has GOT to get one of those MWCs.

Barad's shaggy eyebrows shoot upwards in shock, surprise, and outrage as their enemies charge, screaming, right on top of their dug - in position. Poor Form! Have these fellows got -no- decorum? Attacking wounded while they're being treated? Barad awkwardly tumbled back up to his feet and grabs the weapon of the nearest assailant, *shake shake shake* -ing the weapon quite vigorously, until its wielder is discharged. It's possible being smacked in the head with the rifle butt, by happenstance, is what ultimately proved "persuasive." Barad stares at the "liberated" rifle. Then over at the enemies who didn't have the decency to not attack the wounded and healing. Barad stares back at the blaster, and tosses it down at his feet. "*Grrr.*" Barad explains, which is Klatooinian shorthand for, ... "How ... uncivilized."

The last of the current slew of enemies had fallen to a Klatooinian doctor, and so, bereft of anyone to currently shoot, Aldo scanned the area quickly. With a small flourish, the pistol is slipped back to its holster, as he makes off to a small area where enough of the bodies had fallen to ... prohibit too quick of movement. This meant he would find somewhere to hide, and wait for the reinforcements that would come.


It's a commodity often unknown in a battlefield. But the Mandalorians have gained breathing room to act. Move to positions and prepare for the 2nd wave that had been waylaid so precisely. Things could have been much different but now quick patches to wounds can be made and at least one force pike can be retrieved to let a body hit the floor.

Charges blow to clear the rubble that is impeding after nearly two minutes of anticipation and preparation. The reek of bacta and tibana gas is heavy in the air, mingled with the copper of blood and the other odors associated with the recently passed in a terror situation.

But now they're coming again.

The wound to her face is painful and Karys reaches down after the blast to pick up her discarded helmet. The smell of burnt hair sticks with her and does not quite leave before she moves forward. She can't quite see out of her right eye but she does not take the moment to figure out exactly what might be wrong so does what she can with the other. She shifts forward, knowing very well it is not over but comes to find a better position to settle down in for the next wave. Cover found she goes through her guns, checking power cells in that moment as she tries to push her hair away from the wound but finds that some of it is stuck there.

With the last foe fallen, Narsai was left standing there where she'd been twisting, moving and diverting attention for the others. The hum of her saber fills the air and its bright purple glow illuminates the carnage, reflecting off the gather Mando'ade armor as it offers a backing noise to the otherwise quiet.

More were coming, Narsai gives a nod and backs up a step...but only a step before she gives a little roll of her shoulders and twirl of the weapon. Perhaps she was playing bait, or the lightsaber simply didn't offer any advantage from cover...but Narsai was simply standing ready for the next wave to make their attack with a soft murmered breath that sounded suspiciously like she was reassuring herself she could handle whatever comes through the mouth of the cave.

Sumi is settled into her position and ready to engage. The compensator at the end of her cannon's barrel finally had a moment to cool, and its soft sizzling noise could be heard if people stood within Sumi's proximity. Sumi was quiet for now, longing for a smoke maybe, or watching the violet hue of Narsai's lightsaber. She had nothing to offer in the form of strategy. The soldier had taken over, and Sumi was just as willing to follow. <"Ready here. Let them line up to die. I'm fresh on ammo and still have my back up. Today is not theirs to claim! OYA!">

Okay, lull in the fighting. Tara checks her weapons again reflexively, giving Narsai and Jar'buir acknwoledging nods from her current fire position. She doesn't really see a better place, so right now she's content to keep an eye out for more hostiles, and listen to the now comforting thrum of the Reviver alor's saber

While the enemy amasses outside and others prepare, Jarret - who made the blockage in the first place - goes to give them more time. Striding toward the collapsed entrance, where charges are doubtless being placed even now, Jarret ejects the power cell from his rifle and slaps in another just as he reaches the entrance. << "Suppressing reinforcements, ">> he calls over comms, just in time to empty the rifle's power cell once more - a pair of high-yield grenades hurtle down the hallway like Satanic versions of St. Elmo's Fire, whistling as they go. There's a treat for what ails them!

Roth stays still for exactly two point six seconds while healing is going on. She wasn't one to stand by idle and she was itching to go swing at things. BUT! She has a plan. After quiet thanks are giving to Doctor Dog she heads for one of the walls. To start her climb.

The itsy bitsy...the big white spider crawled up the cave wall...and Roth was hoping she didn't fall. She positions herself up on a little ledge and waits like some great white stone gargoyle or adorably rekked up Garden Mandalorian.

Barad drops the "liberated" blaster without a second thought, and without a second look after that. "Luubid." Barad immediately kneels back down once again and rummages through the MedKit for what's needed to treat Roth's wounds, next. Spray - synth. Bacta. IV fluid derm. Barad's working against the clock now, and he knows it. So Barad works quickly, and Barad works with silent efficiency. Soon -- very soon -- Roth is on her way again. This time: up the walls of the cavern! And Barad is re-packing the MedKit for the next patient. Barad hurries. There's not much time!

Aldo settles into his nook, blaster leveled and ready to fire at some scumbags. At least, today they were. Tomorrow they could be clients, though that seems less likely with each passing moment. For now, they were definitely scumbags and not prospective clients. Which meant they deserved to get shot in the back. With style.

Roth takes a deep breath once she rocks back on her heels, positioning herself so that she can drop down onto the group that makes it in first. She's resting her swords on either shoulder and watching quietly. Then there's a show and she knows it's time. SURPRISE! It's an Arkanian in a can. Just like mom used to cook! The Beskad sings out and hits her first target and she follows it up with the vibrosword swinging and cutting pieces out of the unsuspecting cattle being heard through the door.

Aldo lingered behind a half-wall for a long set of moments, waiting as a number passed into the open sightlines of his comrades. When a number of them had passed that his odds of not being shotgunned into pasta had passed, the young and fresh Mandalorian leaned outwards, firing at a pair of individuals from his vantage-place. A shot goes wide, much to Aldo's horror, but the second reaction-shot is true and plants some poor definitely-not-a-client.

The new spot that Karys found for herself is not so much cover as it is a better vantage point. In fact it stinks for cover on several fronts but as the others move out from their positions, she waits to shoot as she braces hersefl into position. The first shot is close but near enough as the second is a sort of vengeance that comes with its on wrath as repayment for the scorced side of her cheek and eye. The eye of which just won't seem to open. It hinders her attacks to some extent as her third shot is high and aside, leaving her lowering her guns and rolling a shoulder back in a distraction from the burning pain and itch her skin has taken on.

Tearing forwards as the declared soldiers of Iziz charge in. A sweeping spin of the blade has her slashing out, driving back two foes who decide not to walk into the glowy plasma death. The next Man? He wasn't quite so smart! His weapon comes up, only for Narsai to lift her saber and slam it downwards, right through his weapon and deep into his shoulder with an audible hiss of heat meeting armor and flesh.

Sumi has stayed in the same spot, welcoming the newcomers to storm her location. This Mandalorian did not retreat. Stubborn as a rock, Sumi lays one hand over the heatguard along the barrel-housing group and pulls back against her heavy weapon so its buttstock is flush against her shoulder. She establishes what she can of stockweld, pivoting on a point to open fire. Her initial burst is drek. Rekking drek, but the life of a machine gunner was not about precision, but volume. Volume and presence. She struck a hit on their commander and hopefully it was something that would draw her anger, attention and ire, placing it on Sumi and not her companions. Angry commanders made rash decisions after all.

Sumi switches knees, giving the other a rest, her leg shaking from the strain of holding a kneeling position for a long period of time.

<"Oya!"> Tara unleashes another gout of flame froma flanking angle as the next wave charges in, sending four of them to the ground. <"LIght armor doesn't stop fire, does it Arruetiise?"> She laughs, voice amplified and roughened by her helmet's vocoder into something probably pretty terrifying as it echoes off the cave walls. ...But not as terrifying as she'd like.

It certainly does not! Jarret, having drained another power cell carrying out his job as fire support, ducks behind an outcropping and makes to reload his rifle, hoping this time that perhaps he'll be able to do some damage with /direct/ fire before the rest tear the remaining foe to pieces.

Roth's not caring what name is shouted. Unless one of her companions is shouting for help, then she'll help! The swords go whirling again. Beskad cutting and then the vibrosword melting through things. She's focused on the killing part of the job now. Trying to make sure everyone is downed before moving on.

Barad can -hear- them coming. Barad can hear them coming even though his big 'ole floopy brown ears are plastered to the side of his head, inside the helmet of his suit. So Barad works quickly. But precisely. Head wounds can really tend to bleed. Head wounds can bleed -a- -lot- for a fact, and bleed even more if they're re-opened prematurely. It takes some measure of skill to treat such, especially if the eyes are involved. Luckily, Barad has such skill. After plenty of practice over many battles ...

The weapon in Aldo's hands comes to life again in his quick, agile hands. Another pair of shots are fired off at different targets in quick succession, in hopes of catching them as they turned to regard the ambushing gunslinger. The assault specialist manages enough of a defense that he isn't rattled by the show, but, scratch one more dead for the bad guys as another definitely-not-a-client falls to the ground with a quick, heavy thud.

The hailstorm of fire and flashing blades in their midst is such that when the attack rounds the corner that it is more to blacken the ancient stones of the old fortress than to actually cause harm. Ears ringing, heads pounding, lungs filled with dust and smoke despite scarves and rebreathers. The front line fall quickly causing a faltering to their steps even as their commander stalks forward.

"Try again you primitive, iron plated bitch." Yuzim snarls out, leveling her repeater at the blue armored mando with the staccato cannon, sending a spray of plasma and crystal fragments in an impotent flurry. Poor times for bravado.

Poor times indeed when the purple armored Berserker makes an appearance from a side passage, blade of his pike whiffing past its mark in the side ranks of the Onderonians

Karys has to sit still a moment when Barad finds the plastered burned hair at her wound near her eye. She hisses through her teeth but bears his work as much as she can while still trying to shoot. The shots like true form mostly miss save for one. She watches the man go down with a sort of growling happiness as she winces and then sighs as the work down to her face brings some relief. THe right eye is still out of full commission at the moment. Barad gets a nod of her head for his efforts. "My thanks," she remarks to the medic, "Take care." she says in regards to finding cover as she herself still braces herself where she is.

Forward Narsai charges, slicing away at the heavy assault soldier who weaves, dodges and deflects her arm with a grasp of his own. A little grunt of effort, Narsai deactivates the blade and lets it fall from her hand to catch it neatly in her other gloved grasp. The blade errupts once more, then she twists once more sideways, stabbing her weapon into the soldier's side.

<"Hey kid, don't call me primitive! Hahaha!"> Sumi calls back, obliging the brave Commander. Sumi observes with a dark gaze as the Commander is rocked backward by a series of burst fire trigger-squeezes, the second claiming her life as it was adjusted for a center chest dispersion and the recoil angled up to catch her pretty face.

<"Take /that/ to your Queen! Haha OYA!">

Sumi adjusts her fire to engage the standard infantry, cutting down one as they moved for cover and winging a second that cried out. Between the brief pause of gunfire, Sumi's laughter could be heard over the chaos.

<"You know, they call it friendly fire, but I never thought it was that friendly. What do you guys think?"> Tara unleashes hell on the next unfortunate group of Onderonian infantry to not realize proper combat spacing. <"Huh. Screaming What do the rest of you think?"

All this fire, and Jarret joins in - but damned if the targets keep evaporating! He's going to need to spend a long time at the range: all this time running down humps for money is dulling his edge.

Barad hauls the by - now well - used MedPak around to the indomitable Hadrix and then back around to Tara to complete the work begun earlier. *whew* And after a bit of work, a lot of bacta, and a slew of bandaging later, those two worthies are looking to be a fair sight better. Not one to do an incomplete job, Barad even works to revive and patch up the man he'd taken the rifle from earlier. He'll even live. Might be a while before that one regains consciousness, but, he should make it. And then, somewhere around that time, the shooting winds down. And then, it wraps up. Is it over? Have they won? <<"Briikase, Meg Oyacyir.">> Barad grins. "Joyful, are we victorious survivors." And, indeed, as the adrenaline begins to dump out of his system, Barad experiences calm and relief.

As the last of the men file past Aldo's hiding place, he snarks to himself about how it shouldn't really be that easy. That's when he steps, at least, into the open and offers a shrill sound, as though one's whistle had been processed by a vocoder. Which, in this case, it had been. Aldo wasn't used to wearing armor, and he was a little bit of a showman. After the whistle calling the pair out, one already bloodied, the pistol in-hand comes to life again, with enough energy to put both of them down. In the middle of the walkway. The smoking blaster twists in Aldo's hand before being slipped gently into the holster at his thigh.

<<"I'm showing a general recall engaging.">> Gripper's voice a smooth feminine one with an accent as posh upper Coruscanti as Hadrix's own where his is two glaciers grinding together sounds. <<"Repeat, Onderonians are lifting on jump-ships and are lifting for the frigate in orbit.">>

No more blood spent today to force out the Mandalorians. No more wasted lives when guerilla and defensive expertise can whittle their numbers and smash their assault to flinders.

It's true quiet at last now as the smoke pools like stormclouds at the roof of the cavern. Lit now only by helmet lamps or internally by low-light vision. <<"Sumi'Alor, Alor'Ordo, Alor'Sur... Perimeter secure.">> Hadrix's rumble comes next and the big man leans up against a wall, tucking away his pike after retracting it. <<"A good big step for Mandalore, eh?">>

Will the Mandalorians be taken more serious now, a legitimate force as they once were?

Tinnitus was a son-of-a-gun, even with the ear protection of a helmet. The ringing in Sumi's ears only seemed to grow in volume the moment she lifted her helm and shook her long dark hair out. The beskar helm is left beside the smoking Morellian cannon whose compensator was /finally/ given reprieve to cool.

Sumi Kora rose up from her kneeling position slowly, showing her age and giving voice to a grunt before stretching out her leg. A glance around leads her to the fallen Commander where she sits on the dead woman's chest and starts rifling through her belongings, finding a lighter to light her own smoke.

"Shame about your face, beautiful. I'd have kept you.." She says, talking to the mauled remains of the black armored female. "Now look at you. Your thoughts are all over the place..-- There.. and there.. and there.." Sumi sucks on the end of the smoke and sighs out casually. "..yeah, you're right. It was a good... /good/ rekking gun fight. Heh." Another take from the smoke.

<< May it always be so, >> says Jarret, who is already replacing another power pack in his rifle - and seeing that Tara has been seen to by the medicals on hand, turns his armored face to the cavern exit. << I will conduct overwatch, >> he proclaims. << Thank you for giving us the honor of fighting alongside you, for the good of our people. >> And this said, the red-mailed alor heads out to see what else he might pulp in the name of the Mando'a.

Roth is breathing through her vocoder, sounding a bit worked up with things, but after a moment she relaxes her posture and starts to resheathe weapons. <Everyone accounted for...> she states. Then she looks to Aldo, not sure where he came from, but, he's a really good shot. "Good shooting." the Arkanian tells him. Then she's reaching up to remove the helm, letting her hair down and running a gloved hand through it as she wanders closer to the Kora's, "Well, looks like there's a dent." she states.

Barad slouches into a weary sort of slump and rests his shaggy angular head against the welcome cooling relief of the nearest wall. Helmet off now, Barad lets his ears floop forward into their natural, more comfy attitude as he slowly breathes through the de -energizing adrenaline dump that is the body's natural post - stress reaction. Barad rides it out, with patience. Another day has come and gone. And they have lived to tell its tale. A story of stalwart, stubborn resistance. Of sacrifice. Of pain. Of competence. Of teamwork. Of triumph, and of victory. "Yaiyai'yc Verda." Barad whispers, with the faintest of faint smiles.

A passing comment is offered to Roth, a stranger he knew only so far as to say she shared a culture he once knew. But, they didn't hang around. Aldo did, for a while, to spy something that might catch his eye. He needed a symbol to commemorate the battle. He wasn't so heartless as to take favors from the dead, but he needed a firm visual in his mind's eye. And so, he searches for a time.