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Resistance: Hardly Working

OOC Date: August 16, 2019
Location: Random Beach, Dellalt
Participants: Tallissan Lintra, Ektor, Elrych Cometburn, Nova Korell, Merek, Palena Maris, Aryn Cole, Poe Dameron

The trackless blue sea which swathes the world stretches to end of sight on three sides, with only the path between trees offering a tether to the continent, behind. The sounds of the forest are lost to the constant motion of the oceans, as waves lap on the untrammeled sand of the shoreline.

No sounds of modernity piece the rustle of waves and the creaking of wind through tree branches. There is nothing here to remind a visitor which millennia they are in, apart from what is brought with them.

A friendly bulk freighter is being loaded at Mining Camp Ju'och, in a lengthy, time consuming process, due to continue through the night. As the strategically worthless Dellalt system has seen an inexplicable rise in attacks on freighter traffic, with reports of unknown fighters preying on independant shipping, the captain of the transport *Raxus Minor* (who has discreetly smuggled fuel and munitions to the Resistance in the past) has requested a few fighting ships be on hand for a discreet rescue, if it should be needed. And since the local Resistance Cell was shorthanded after recent losses, here we are:

A variety of civilian craft have set down on a remote Dellalt beach, to take their collective ease as the sun sets into the Western ocean. A firepit has been dug, stocked, and lit aflame by Ektor and another Tionese pilot- you can tell because the accents thicken when they insult each other. A Sullustan and a skinny young man (recognizable to those of the Rodian rescue team as Ek-shiik) are arranging meat of skewers for grilling, and drink is flowing freely. A nearby R4 Agromech droid is playing music, and the general mood is festive.

Farther up the beach, Nova Korell is locking down the boarding hatch on her Skipray. Aside from the lack of dirt she could be anyone in this mining settlement, clad in her well-worn tan jacket and cargo pants, save for the wariness of her gaze and the pistol on her hip.

Finishing her task, she wanders down along the water's edge, making her way generally in the direction of the firepit and the little gathering there.

To say that she is a little outside of her comfort zone might not be an exaggeration. Tallie left her shuttle to wander along the water's edge to try to sort it out. Civilian clothes that have been in a drawer for so long that the creases don't come out add to her discomfort. She is similarly dressed to her other squadron member in khaki cargo pants, a black tank top and a black jacket that she discarded in the heat. A gun in a holster strapped to her thigh is a measure of comfort.

Some sort of decision is made which amounts to a test of civilian life and kicking back. Party time. Of sorts. With few deft flicks of her wrist she tucks her honey blond hair back into a bun and marches to the fire pit.

Who else is wearing a pair of shades so dark they won't even know your name? Elrych Cometburn, stumbling out of the tree line with a few hisses and protests of pain. He eventually finds sand and goances around. "Huh... alright..." It had been a long ride... or maybe he just had gotten into too much of the case of fuzzy glug that he was freshly addicted to for he had seperated from his new kimogila heavy fighter in order to releave himself. He starts the make his way towards where others are gathering.

"Listen, Zap-" Ektor is arguing, reaching for a cannister of something marked flammable. "I *think* I got a BIT more experience blowing drek up than you, yeah? Come on, don't be such a-"

Zappa holds the tin well away from Ektor and rebuts, "Except we ain't TRYING to blow drek up, you fish-brained Hutt-sucker. We wanna set it on fire so it BURNS, not explodes, and you are NOT adding any more." Rude gestures and further insults are exchanged before Ektor wanders away, taking a pull from the bottle in hand. Having ditched all clothing but his trousers, which are rolled up to the calves, a wide variety of scars and questionable tattoos are on display as he greets the othewrs with an easy smile. "Hey, everybody. Who ain't had a drink yet? Food oughta be good in-" he looks aside to the Sullustan who warbles in her own language, and which Ek-shiik translates: "Half an hour." Ektor nods and grins back from Nova to Tallie, and finally Elrych and Merek. "You heard, yeah? Half an hour, so get your guts full of marinade-" he is offering what appears to be whiskey, "and get ready, yeah?"

"Is it wise to marinate the meat in something so flammable?" Nova has to ask, catching up with Tallie at the fire pit. She still doesn't get all of Ektor's euphemisms, plainly. "Sunshine... glad you could come," she adds, with a faint, uncomfortable smile. "Hey, Merek, Elrych."

Bare feet set in what sand is at the waters edge, and the woman they belonged to was the blonde haired doctor, Aryn Cole. She has her pants rolled to her knees, with a tight fitting tank. Her weapons and such were left in her satchel, which rested beside her. Aryn has her legs drawn up in a manner that allows her arms to encircle them, and her chin rests atop her knees while she stares thoughtfully toward the water and the glistening motions. Her thoughts are broken when Ektor calls out the time for food, but she doesn't glance that way.

Merek looks over to Nova, while he takes a few fish, nodding also a bit, "Hey Nova," he offers politely. He seems a bit distant while he makes to take a drink of some whiskey also, and begins on the cooking with the fish, "How are you?" he asks the woman, then he nods to Elrych as well as Tallie Aryn and also Ektor.

Tallie puts a dubious hand out for the whiskey, eyes narrowed at Ektor, "Will it leave my throat bloody or just burn going down, you pirate?" She reaches for the whiskey but not before checking what kind of reaction it gets from the other Tionese. No one seems to be making cutting motions across their necks - probably a good sign, pale but shapely arm aloft she makes a come hither motion with her fingers.

"Nothing he does is wise, Nova. Right Ek-shiik? How are you doing? Elrych. Merek," she nods to the others. Ektor blinks dumbly at Nova. "Huh? Nah, the fuel's just to get the fire pit burning hot enough, with it is NOT YET-" he looks back at Zappa to holler, being called an 'illiterate wreck' in return, before he looks back at Moonbeam. "*This*-" he offers a bottle fo whiskey, "Is for putting in your gut, so when the meat gets there in a little while, it can marinate. See, that's cooking science, right there," he claims. Passing the bottle to Tallie, "It's *supposed* to burn going down, yeah? And how come you gotta say 'pirate' like it's a bad thing, yeah? That's just... racist, or some drek." No, Ektor, pirate is not a species.

Ek-shiik gives Tallie a thumbs-up at the whiskey, and a knowing nod of agreement at the lack of wisdom, careful to do so when Ektor isn't looking. Looking toward the shore and noticing the silent doctor, the kid wonders quietly, "Say is- is she.. okay?" with a thumb toward Aryn.

Elrych Cometburn looks to Ektor with a sort of confused look before he just shakes his head and looks to Nova, "Hey Moonbeam. Your Skiprey flying smooth? Dealer at the BNF ripped me off. Thing didnt come with the concussion launcher." He give a nod and a small wave to Tallie in greeting. "Xer... ill take a glass." He looks off towards aryn, and nods his head towards the rest of the group.

There's a new face in the group tonight. New, at least, to everyone but a couple of the people. She arrived with Aryn Cole, but Palena Maris isn't sitting with her in the sand. She's wandering near the fire, where food is being made, but isn't quite ready yet. The scent of grilled meat makes her nostrils flare, and Palena's tongue shifts against the saliva welling up underneath it. It smells delicious. Much better than the long-term stuff they'd stocked in the galley of the ship she'd last worked on. She's bereft of both food and drink, however, and is more dressed than the rest of the individuals in that she has yet to shed anything. Instead, she divides her attention between those talking familiarly and the sun as it sinks towards the horizon.

"That doesn't sound like cooking science... not that I'm an expert on science or anything," Nova replies, with a dubious look at the proffered bottle. "I'll pass..."

And that is a question! About fighting ships! /That/ she can handle. "It's doing well," she replies. "I'm not sure how it's /supposed/ to fly, but it handles smoothly and all the right equipment seens to be there. Did they replace the missile launcher with anything? Or is it just gone?" Fortunately, the subject of Aryn's well-being comes up before she can make the moment any more awkward. "I'll go check," she says, turning and striding away, slowly as she gets closer to the Jedi doctor.

Bracing her hands on her knees, she leans down. "Credit for your thoughts, Doc?" she asks softly, managing a quick smile.

"I'm just enjoying the view," replies the accented Alderaanian. Aryn turns to look at Nova providing a smile in return; it's pretty on her, even with the scar that catches a glare from the sun. Aryn brushes her bright blonde behind an ear. "I enjoy watching the water and listening to the wildlife. It reminds me of home. The subtle undertone of danger, the unpredictability of nature. It's soothing. You're welcome to join me, but don't let me keep you from all the festivities." She hikes a thumb up toward the gathering mass by the fire where the source of music is coming from.

"Well I *am* an expert, and it totally is science," Ektor lies to Nova, plainly. Sharing the whiskey around, after taking a swallow himself, his eye gradually lands on an unfamiliar face. Raising his voice to carry, he drawls lazily at Palena, "Hey, New Girl. I don't know you or nothing, but you want a drink, yeah? It makes the food better, in advance." An amused babble comes from the Sullustan at the grill, to whom Ektor holds up both hands, "Hey, hey.. I wasn't saying the cooking would be bad, yeah? Just saying.. this helps!" Turning a crooked grin to Elrych, he cocks a brow. "No concussion tube? Rough, yeah? Them Hutts.. they will pinch every credit. ...With credits in this case being explosive missiles."

Elrych Cometburn holds out his hands in complaint, "Everytime. I was in such a hurry I didn't check." He nods towards Palena, "This is Palina she is new with yhe academy, still figuring things out."

Tearing her gaze away from the fire that's reflected in her dark brown irises and the voids of her pupils, Palena's gaze settles on the man wandering around in nothing but a pair of trousers. Her eyebrows hike in subtle skepticism, and the neutral set of her face is explicit in its judgment of him. Maybe it was for the 'new girl' moniker. Maybe it's because she doesn't trust his advice. "Yeah." But she does want a drink. "It's Palena," she corrects the introduction that throws out her business into the open, and crosses towards Ektor with footsteps that shift and displace sand in little pockets. Her fingers reach towards her sleeves to tug them up from near her wrists, so they're tightened and trapped around her forearms.

After a good pull on the whiskey bottle which leaves tears standing in her eyes, Tallie hands it back. "Pure Tionese poison," she exclaims with a laugh watching the exchange between New Girl and Ektor. The delicious chill that heralds the sun slipping over the horizon sends Tallie for her jacket. As she passes the new woman by she nods, "Hi. I'm Tallie. Will you be joining this run with us?"

The food is definitely *not* bad. Various types of seasoned meat are girlling, from chunks of fatty terrestrial beast, sizzling and popping, to small fish, and crustaceans. Ektor clearly had nothing to do with the preparation.

An easy, crooked grin greets "Palena," when she corrects the pronunciation. "Good to know you, yeah? Go on, take a hit," he advises as the bottle is passed over. "Way better than a lightweight like Sunshine makes it seem, no lie." A wink aside at Tallie with the light teasing. "Uhhh.. names, names. Lessee.. Well *I'm* Ektor-Xer, I remember THAT much, at least.." he grins, pointing around. "You know El-Rock, obviously. And Doc, I'm guessing? On account of the wizard thing? Anyways, that's Sunshine-" Tallie, "And Moonbeam-" Nova. "Spooky-cloak is the one on the fishing pole-" Merek. "The stingy one is Zappa, Fecia and Ek-shiik are on the grill, Fara is fiddling with the music droid.. Is that everybody? Did I miss someone?"

Merek lifts up a hand to wave to Palena, and also to the others as well. He then shifts his jacket while he takes a drink of the whiskey as well, "Merek," he says as a way to greet.

Elrych Cometburn blushes as he take a drink from the whisky, choking a bit as Palena corrects him. He coughs a bit, laughing nervously. "Eh... My Bad." He gives a croked smile. "We're all rebels here some more than others." He thumbs towards Ektor.

"That /is/ quite a view," Nova agrees, looking out over the sea. "I don't know about wildlife; before, I always had to set sensors and traps to protect a camp. Hopefully they'll stay back tonight. I could do with a little less unpredictability, especially when it involves teeth."

She looks down at the sand, some of which is being lapped by the dregs of incoming waves. "Looks like the tide's coming in."

"Hi, Tallie. What run?" This time, her brows hike in a gesture of curiosity rather than skepticism. She's got her gaze focused towards Ektor and the bottle he's carrying around soon after asking, mostly because Tallie's expression after a swig of it is telling of what to expect. "You're Tionese? I worked on a ship with a Tionese miner one time." The bottle being passed in her direction is taken without question, but she doesn't pull from it just yet. "Met him. Don't really know him. Aryn I know." Her gaze flows to the people as they're introduced, but their names grow increasingly abstract, and Palena dismisses the nicknames in favor of preparing to stay astute for catching the real ones later. "Nice to meet you." She lifts the bottle in salute to all of them, before throwing back a healthy swig. It doesn't make her cough or sputter, but the questionable expression left on her face definitely spells out she's not the biggest fan of the swill in the bottle. She passes it back to Ektor. "On account of the wizard thing?"

Aryn stretches her legs out toward the water, her bare feet becoming submerged and the sand washing away. "Looks that way." She says softly, laughing. After a moment of enjoying the warm touch of seawater, Aryn offers a hand to Nova. "Could you help me up? I'm really sore from all the training I've had." It's not clear just what training, but judges from the marks on her knuckles.. Aryn must have been punching something. "We can go join the others.-- Merek, you caught anything?!" She calls over. Aryn had a notion to bring her pole out from her ship, but she'd left when she witnessed Merek bringing his out. No need for competition!

"Yeah, the wizard thing," Ektor affirms, looking from Palena to Elrych. "That the academy you meant? Or is there another academy? I feel like the Navy one got blown up. Is there still a naval academy?" Looking around with a curious frown, he mutters, "Jess would know. Where IS she? Always on me about a real beach, and HERE WE ARE ON A REAL BEACH, and she ain't here."

The evening breeze rustles through the trees, with only the distant creak of swaying coastal trees audible above the music, crackling firepit, and conversation.

"It's what the uneducated," she lifts her chin and grins at Ektor, "call the Jedi or Jedi in training. He's assuming that you are one, too," the pilot explains after waiting for Palena's reaction to the whiskey. A little twist to her mouth and a nod suggest admiration for her handling of both the whiskey and the Tionnese. The fire flares sending her a step back from it.

"Ah, the run..." A small downward cast of her eyes and then another more piercing look at the woman decides Tallie, "We may be protecting some friends on a run tomorrow."

Elrych Cometburn points towards what Tallie says, "That." Before finishing off the glass. " You sure you marinated that thing lomg enough, Xer?" He starts walking over towards where the music droid is to see if he can hel get the tunes going.

Nova smiles and steps in front of Aryn, stooping and offering her hands just in time for a lapping wave to wash up to her knees. "Upsy-daisy," she says, trying not to giggle at the childish phrase. "And hurry? My pants are getting wet!"

Merek looks over to Aryn while he nods a bit, lifting up fish which he is cooking also. He then takes a moment to take a drink of the whiskey, then he places a fire blade upon the fish so he can sheath away a bit of the scales also.

"I'm.." Palena hesitates after starting, and glances between both Aryn and Elrych before settling her eyes back on Ektor. "I'm figuring things out." That's a good enough answer, and one that was provided for her in the first place. She shifts her attention back to Tallie, and there's a subtle shrug from her shoulders. "Unless you need the inside of some asteroids blown up or mined out, or some not-so-fancy flying, I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to help too much. I'm, uh, not really from a combat-oriented kind of background. Kind of the exact opposite, you could say." She's being vague about it, and she's not sure why. She doesn't expand on it any further, though. "Kind of just came for the free booze and food and to meet some people."

"Was you rich or something?" Ektor asks Palena curiously at talk of the 'opposite of a combat background'. "Not for nothing, I ain't seen a rich girl put down a drink like that before, but.." Itching at his jaw, the Tionese mutters, "Can't figure what else the opposite of fighting is. But yeah, free food, free booze. Eh, somebody paid for it, but it weren't none of us, yeah?" he muses with a chuckle that is shared among the other Tionese.

Tallie focuses all of her attention on the new woman, her glance at Elrych and Aryn are clear enough to the pilot who returns the subtle shrug, "Admirable caution. I hope you do get it figured out," Tallie's gaze finds both Jedi to whom she nods. "They will certainly help you. Welcome to our crazy little group in any case."

Stepping away towards Nova and Aryn, "What no fish tonight to add to the fire. Nova," she adds with great acuity, "you're wet!"

Aryn makes a soft groan as she's pulled upward and into the wave. It only soaks her bare legs though and she laughs. "Well, let's go then!" Aryn turns easily and begins to make her way toward the fire. The evening breeze is a cool one. While walking, she's witness to Merek's catch of the day and she trades his silent response with a quiet thumbs up of her own. Aryn comes into view, waving to Tallie, though her attention goes to Palena briefly. "Oh good, you've met the others it seems." Aryn's smile is an easy one.

"Rich?" Palena's exhale through her nose is hard, fast, and something of a laugh. "No. Not rich. My people are pacifists." She seems amused at Ektor's muttering and musing over what the opposite of fighting might be. To Tallie, however, she nods, both as a sign of acknowledgment and as a sign of appreciation. "I hope I do, too." The smile she offers is hopeful and gracious, and her gaze follows Tallie as she approaches the one called Moonbeam and the Doctor as she approaches. "In a sort of way," she comments. "I think I got nicknames for some of them, but we're introduced, so that's all that matters." A studious gaze takes the blonde in for a few more moments, before Palena casts it about the rest of the group at a lazy pace.

Nova chuckles at Tallie's words, and draws Aryn to her feet just in time to get hit by another wave that soaks her to the knees, some water even running into her boots. "You're sharp tonight, Sunshine," she teases gently, accompanying Aryn up the beach towards the fire pit. "Let's get clear before we get another footbath!"

Moonbeam waves to the gathered crowd as they close in. "Oh, hello," she says, realizing Palena's there. "Welcome to the party!"

Ektor cops a crooked grin, asking, "Not for nothing, but what's a pacifist?" The question draws a sharp laugh from Zappa who hollers "Illiterate wreck!" at him, again. Ektor throws a middle finger in response without looking. Then Aryn and Nova wander up. A short cackle stirs in his throat. "Purple," he states out of nowhere, without explanation. A lilt from the Sullustan is echoes by Ek-shiik: "First batch of food's ready!"

"Yep, I can feel that an overlong association with Ektor and his whiskey have sharpened my acuity to hither to unknown...heights. Yes, heights, Nova. If only the food tastes better than the whiskey then we count on a good evening. Hungry yet?" The question is thrown at Nova, the nod including Aryn as well.

Tallie arrives in time to watch the exchange between the Tionnese. "Well, you said it first and that finger my friends was his IQ. Food ready yet?"

"We don't like to fight," Palena responds without missing a beat, and sets her gaze on Ektor to watch for whatever reaction this revelation might spark. She abandons capturing it in the moment when the announcement about food being ready is called out, and Palena lines up to get some of the skewered fish for herself. The succulent meat has been calling to her ever since she spied it dripping its juices into the fire to add its note to the chorus of sizzling and popping. Still aware that it's hot without the help of the steam rising off of it, Palena steps out of the way of others who might want some and, if she's lucky, sets her sights back on Ektor to see what new developments there might be with the obviously intoxicated Tionese man.

"Purple? What's purple?" Nova wonders, looking puzzledly at Ektor. Sure, it might be anything, but she's known Ektor long enough to know he rarely speaks words without a reason. A good reason or a bad reason is another matter, of course.

She smiles wryly at Tallie. "Heights. Let's not get into the depths. And the food does /smell/ good. With the association between the senses of smell and taste, it should taste just as good." Yes, she went there. Egghead.

"Good. They mostly go by nicknames. It took me forever to learn their real names; at least until I got ahold of medical records and such. Some I see more than others though." Aryn did not indicate which. At the call for food, Aryn meanders over to the line to get some. She holds out a small plate, looking proper and somewhat out of place.

"What kinda fighting.. Like, no blasters? I can get behind that," Ektor drawls to Palena. "Blasters take all the fun out of a good brawl, yeah?" Tallie's teasing draw a dumb grin. "Everybody hear that? Hang around me long enough and you start looking smarter. Watch this, I'm about to double my IQ-" with a crooked grin, and an easy laugh, he gives Tallie both middle fingers. Helping himself to a roasted crustacean of some type, he wonders of the new girl while shelling his meal, "So.. they don't *like* to fight, but they obviously still do it, yeah?" Nova draws a smile. "Just putting it out there in advance. We'll see, yeah?"

Merek places a bit of the fish he makes upon a nice makeshift table as well, then he nods a bit to all the others also, "There you are," he says.

Holding her plate out to be served, Tallie laughs hard enough at Ektor to nearly lose a piece of fish. "Think what a little effort on your part might produce, Tion! And, do you really not get it? She doesn't fight. Ever. At all." A small log away from the fire beacons, Tallie walks over to it still shaking her head to settle and eat a bit away from the people milling about the fire.

"Only when forced to," Palena answers. "They pretty much do whatever they can to not fight." She's not sure why she finds his rationale so novel, but sometimes it's impossible to explain the why of something. She nods to Aryn in agreement, and then glances over towards Nova once she asks the question about the color randomly spoken. She, too, was wondering about the sudden, random word, but without any frame of reference for how Ektor acts most of the time, she didn't know whether or not to be concerned. There's a note of it, now. Discordant among everything else that seems normal. It's not something she pursues herself. Instead, her attention turns to the fish, and her fingers pick off some of the flaky meat to eat.

"You're putting purple out there in advance. But what if nothing's purple?" Nova has to wonder. "What happens then?" She really should know better, but she doesn't. It must be a soldier thing... or at least a soldier-from-her-single-digit-years thing.

She finds a plate, and adds some fish to it, along with a skewer of the mixed meats. "I hope my nose isn't deceiving me. This really smells good," she says, taking a place near Aryn and the new woman... did someone say her name was Palena?

She shivers a little, feeling a rapidly-cooling breeze cut knife into her knees and below, thanks to her surf-dampened pants. "You and your nature, Doc. Next time, I'll just hoist you up from behind by the shoulders," she threatens playfully.

When Tallie calls Ektor 'Tion', she draws a briefly puzzled glance from Ek-shiik, who is setting the fish on her plate. A quizzical look is shared with Zappa and Ektor, the latter of whom just shrugs. "Ain't too imaginative, yeah?" Chewing a mouthful of seafood, and swallowing after audible sounds of appreciation, he nods at Palena. "Yeah, but they *do*, see?" he points at the new girl while looking pointedly at Tallie. "See, they *do*. Cause they're still people, yeah? Can't even imagine people who won't fight AT ALL. Unless they're some kinda.. rock people, I guess." Curious, he peers back at the pacifist. "Wait, so.. your people still think blowing drek up is exciting, yeah? At least a little bit, even if you tell the others it isn't?" Nova poses a question. "Well, if no one else guesses right, then I STILL don't lose. Obviously." A grin and wink follow.

"Whose eyes are you talking about?" Tallie lofts the question from her seat a little distant from everyone. "I didn't make up that call sign, it was already in place when I arrived." She nibbles a piece of fish, unabashedly licking her fingers, "Zandra, I think it was, was joking and called him Drektor, the other day. What do you think?"

Aryn has gotten a small plate of food, and without much warning or fuss over it, she slips into the darkness in pursuit of her ship. Perhaps she's tired, or just wants a place to eat that is with bugs! She kicks small sand dunes along the way, playfully before disappearing into her ship.

When Ektor dismisses her statement that explosions aren't exciting as some attempt to cover up a secret love for them, Palena is ready to disabuse him of the notion. The arrival of another ship garners her attention, instead, and she glances between the orange and white astromech and the man following it. He's bringing more alcohol from the looks of it, and by Moonbeam's announcement, he sounds like someone important if he's a Major. Recognition is absent on her face, however, and Palena allows the round of greetings to the new arrival to eclipse her conversation with Ektor. She focuses on her fish, instead, though the bones are starting to become picked clean, and her fingers glisten from the fire's light where warm juice still lingers.

Merek looks up a little from the fish he was also eating upon, then he takes a moment to nod to all the others as well, "You all like the fish?" he asks. He offers a nice smile and leans back while he takes a moment to bring a little plush animal feline from his jacket to play with also.

Elrych Cometburn is knelt down beside the music unit, access door open, playing with the different wires and circuts. "Hey, Major... just trying to get us some tunes going." Suddenly there is a jolt and the jedi falls back on his rear shaking his hand in pain.

BB-8 responds to Nova in droidspeak, the collection of goofy warbles paired with a comical motion of his head. He doesn't linger there for long, he's moving closer to the fire. When the droid arrives at the fire, he glances up toward some of the others, but his 'gaze' is on Palena.

"Good initiative, Xer.-- Hey Nova, everyone. Here, someone get this Corellian spiced rum away from me." Poe holds up the bottle to pass it off, then sniffs the air. "Just in time.." He echoes, and moves toward the grill to see what's left. "This is a great spot! Kind of reminds me of home.." Where that is remains to be voiced.

BB-8 finally moves away from Palena when Elrych gets a big shock. Glancing between the Jedi Ace and the device being used to play music, the droid deploys a single tool and shocks the device back, kicking up the tunes. "You alright, pal?" Poe offers Elrych a hand to pull him back up.

Poe's arrival and delivery of fresh (expensive) booze draws a big grin to Ektor's face, but even spiced rum can't delay his dubious wit forever. Taking a swig and exhaling contentedly, he regards Palena. "So you didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway: it's NaBOOM! Bahahaha! See, cause we blew up a star destroter there, yeah?"

"Ek, you're /still/ using that joke?" Nova asks, unable to help a groan. "Seriously, it wasn't even funny the first time, and it's had weeks to wear out since." She manages to resist the urge to pinch her nose, but only barely.

She stands and collects the rum from Poe, moving to set it with the rest. "Thanks, Major. I'm sure it'll get put to good use. And... wait... something's moving back over there. I'd better check it out. It's awfully close to my ship," she says, frowning and stepping away from the fire. "I'll be back."

Ektor leans back with a crooked grin and claims to Nova, "Still funny. Deep down, you KNOW you wanna grin," he claims. Poe's unloading of drink pulls a few others back toward the fire, including Zappa whole claims one bottle with the words, "You know how to make yourself welcome, Pretty boy."

Elrych is helped up by Poe, "Thanks..." He says to the leader of Black Squadron, "I don't think anything but my Ego is hurt... maybe a little burned on my finger tips. Nothing I can't handle." Tallie stands and stretches before taking her plate to the stack of used plates and utensils that have accumulated."Well, the naBoom took me out. Major, keep him in line if you can. Thank you all for the food and for not letting Ektor cook," she calls with a smile to the Tionnese pilots. Passing by the others, she grins, "Elrych, Merek! Keep it real, I'll will catch you all tomorrow."

"Take care Nova, and have a good night, Tallie." Poe issues a two-fingered salute to her. Looking to Elrych, he smirks. "Ah, you've probably been shocked harder than that." A solid pop to the Ace's arm. "Go get something to eat, buddy. Before they get it all."

Poe moves closer to the fire and sits in the sand stretching his legs out and leaning against a log. "That I do. My old man said you can always make friends with Corellian spiced rum. It's one of the two things it's good for." He takes a bite of the fish and glances toward Merek. "You doing good over there? You get any of this?"

Elrych gives a nod to Poe, brushing the bottom part of his flight suit off which he had undone at the top, let the arms hang down, and then tied them around his waist. He moves over to the Grill and tried not to get caught in the cross fire as he gathers up a plate of marinated meat and some of the fish that Merek caught just a little while ago. His head starts to bob to some of the tunes, even silently mouthing some of the lyrics like he knows them all by heart.