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Mistaken identities lead to a shoot out at The Golden Orb

OOC Date: November 16, 2016
Location: The Golden Orb
Participants: Sar Yavok, Qadira Suuryet, Sabella Lockheart, Ax, Jax Greystorm, Sesti Gath, Rhani Aeternum, Morth, Triz Dermout

Having a teather to Nar Shaddaa sucks. I mean it really does suck. The weather, the hutts, the masses of questionably moral sentients doing quesitonably moral things. Then there's moments like these when Jax finds it a sunny day. Jax got to see the lone tree on the moon. There was a line. Only two street urchins tried to pick pocket him, only one attempted mugging. We won't discuss that one. It was a good day off except Sesti was on duty. So when Jax wonders into Golden Orb. He's alone and looking around for a serving droid/waiter type person to orde take out. He's lost in his own little world.

Kadi and Rhani are settled at a booth, Jax has just come in, and Sabella and Triz are somewhere in the middle. As Rhani rises, Kadi gives a blink, and then a nod. "Okay. But don't be too long or I will drink all yours." Hah. Cause that's of course hilarious right? Her gaze follows the others, and she waves from her spot over in the booth. "Hey, come have a seat and keep me from drinking all alone. Also, I have appetizers."

"Not a /lot/ of work, just a lot of little jobs," Triz explains upbeat to Sabe then laughs. As she looks about she first spots her fellow pilot "Jax! You following us or something?" But when the call comes out to join she looks over. It takes her a while, recognition but not placing where look fits on her. Then she smiles "Kadi? Is that really you?" And she is already motioning Sabella to come as she weaves between the tables to go to where Kadi is at.

Sabella Lockheart rolls her eyes slightly. "SO you say." This said with an amused tone and a soft laugh escapes her. A glance is sent back towards the movement and a smile is sent to Jax along with a wave. "Hey Jax." She looks back to Triz and follows over to where she is going, pondering a bit as she offers a smiles to Kadi and nods. "Hey."

Jax is hearing his name from multiple source and all of them female. The Corellian pilot who was talking to the previously mentioned Server stops looking around as this perdicment could be hazrdous to his health. Then he realizes it Kadi, Triz, Sabe, and Rhandi. It's mostly safe. "Ladies.. Give me a sec. I'll be with you. I'm order to go for Sesti." Then he turns back to the server and completes his order. Then turns to wonder towards the table.

"Hey, I was right. It is you! Triz, how have you been?" Kadi asks, amusement sparking. "Haven't seen you in - nearly forever, I think." She scoots over, to make room at the booth. "Do you drink brandy? That's what we currently have, but only because the wine bottle got empty." She smiles to Sabella, who she hasn't really met. I think. "Hi there. I'm Kadi. Well, Qadira Suuryet, but - unless you're my mom and mad at me, call me Kadi." Her smile to Jax is warm and friendly. "Hey, Jax. Join us for a bit, why don't you? How is Sesti? She's not mad at you, after that - demonstration in our common room?"

"I, I thought it was you. It has been forever! How are you," Triz asks as she brushes some hair back, adjust her clothes a bit. "Brandy?" She says as a statement more than a question "It will do but Corellian whiskey is my drink." She says loudly enough for Jax to hear, hoping he might get the hint. You know, for old time sake. Sliding in "This is my best friend, Sabella, we work together and just bought a ship. It's a bit of a wreck but we are going to fix it up. Just got it out of the junk yard today." Which might explain their looks.

Jax, who slides into booth how ever he can shrugs, "She's doing alright. She's on shift at the clinic she's working at. I thought I'd pick her up some dinner. Suprise her." He looks at Triz, "NO need to yell. Do you need to get your eyes adjusted? I'm not a serving droid." He looks at Sabella, "Congrats on the ship. What you name her?"

Kadi chuckles. "Nice to meet you, Sabella," she says first. "Rhani and I - she'll be back, I'm sure. She's maybe my best friend, if you don't count Ax. And we are drinking things we don't usually tonight - trying them out to see if we like them. Usually I drink Corellian whiskey too, but tonight is something different. You can join us? I'm sure there's enough for all of us." A pause so she can breathe and have a drink. And signal to the waitress who is already bringing over extra chairs. "Your own ship, huh? Congratulations! What did you buy?" Seems a good topic to this engineer, at any rate. "I'm sure you'll have fun fixing it up, it's something that I always enjoy when I get a chance." Kadi eyes Jax for a moment, but doesn't say anything further.

"Now that you mention it, Jax," Triz smirks "I get you confused with serving droids all the time." She turns to look at Kadi and her eyes linger for a time "The last time I saw you...you where, how old? You look great. And who is this Ax?" She motions to the server and orders a couple of shots of whiskey "I think I'll stick to the whiskey, it suits me. And we got," she smiles to Sabella before looking back "A YT twenty four hundred. Well it will be, right now it's more just a YT but it has the potential to be a twenty four hundred. One day," A laugh and looks to Sabella to give the name of the ship.

Sabella Lockheart shakes her had a bit as she listens to Triz go on and on about it before she grins to Jax. "You just love to poke her don't you? Though with how she flies sometimes I would say she does need glasses honestly." A faint nod of her head seen as she is agreeing with this. Hey she has to fix what Triz crashes after all! A faint wave of her hand is seen and she smiles. "I'll let Triz talk about it, she is more eager. Me I'm freaking out in my head knowing how much work is gona take to get this thing in any sort of shape."

Jax was sitting at a booth with Kadi, Triz, and Sabe. He's sitting next to Kadi and rests his arm along the back of the booth. He looks at Kadi, "What? She started it." He reaches for an appitizer. "And yes I know Triz from the Academy." Then he adds with a bit of a dejected sound to his voice, "Or so I've been told." Jax goes to respond to Sabe then she says something about poking. He looks up at the ceiling of the place. "Oh hey check out those lights. Oh people need drinks." Then he's getting up to grab more appitizers and head for the bar.

In a booth, the group is sitting. Fluffy and Lily are quietly watching the group. Or at least they're watching over Kadi. In theory. Kadi drinks a bit more, as she thinks, "Oh, man. I'm 24 now, but I was just starting university then, so probably twenty? That was at the big party, right? And thank you." She pauses a moment, her cheeks going just a touch pink. "And Ax is my husband." Yup! Married! Shocking, innit? Quick subject change there, maybe. "Hey, c'mon, at least Jax is doing something nice - don't pick on him for that." She frowns a bit at his somewhat dejected look, her head tilting slightly.

The last time she was in the Golden Orb, Sesti was dressed to the nines in a glittering dress and heels. However, she decided to not quite go all out this time. She compromised with the same outfit she was wearing at the Wayward's lounge, although instead of leaving her hair down, she's pulled it smoothly back around her horns to a high ponytail at the back of her head. The only difference between the lounge and now is that she's wearing a jacket and a brace of 'pretty' knives at her hips. The sweep of her eyes around the place seems more to look for someone in particular, rather than simply casing the joint. When her gaze rests on the Corellian pilot going to the bar (the male one) she moves forward again, slipping an arm around his waist and leaning towards his cheek for a kiss. Glancing back along his path behind him, she notes the booth and its occupants, and she let's go of his waist to wave to the women.

Triz puts on a shocked look "I swear it, that wall wasn't there when I landed. Stupid droids built it after." then to Jax she puts on an innocent look "I didn't start anything. Totally innocent." But she can't help but laugh all the same. "The ships name is Outlaw Shark. I got it to the CoreStar spaceport," then eyes both Jax and Sabe "With out hitting a think, thank you very much." Turning to Kadi and listens as she figures out the years. "Sounds about right. I had just returned from Sector duty about then. And yes, that big party," she sighs "I really don't recall a lot of it. Something about a wet tee and, well anyway..." she also colors a bit. Then blinking "Married? No way. He must be something that's for sure. I can't wait to meet the guy." Seeing Sesti, again dressed to kill while she is dirt covered, disheveled and well a mess she waves "Hi, Sesti. I don't know how she looks so good all the time. Me, I'm a mess."

Jax's heading towards the bar and gets stopped by Sesti for a kiss. T hen he blinks for a moment, "Oh yeah drinks. Hey I was suppose to be meeting you at the clinic. Kadi, Sabe, and Triz are here. You want to join them? I'll get you a drink and get our order changed to here." He says blantlantly checking out his wife. Then he continues towards the bar to order drinks and to get that to go order changed.

Speaking of droids to blame, a trio of old 501-Z Police droids are stopped at the door by a standard silver finished Protcol droid. The Protcol droid comes to stand in front of the 501 droids. "I am sorry but you are not allowed in this establishment. Please take your business elsewhere." The lead 501-Z Police droid looks down at the Protocol droid, "We have business with the owners of the Bad Habit. Our Master has ordered us to retrieve them." The Protcol droid stands his ground, "Oh my! how rude. My master has instructed me to not to allow droid--ZZZ" It's about that time the lead 501 opens fire with large blaster rifle blasting the protocol droid into two. Sparks going everywhere and drawing peoples attention and causing general Chaos. The trio of droids heading towards the booth.

"Y'all don't look like NSec droids," Sar says, wandering into the restaurant and leaning over to snuff his cigarillo out in an occupied table's ashtray. A look is given to Jax and Sesti at the bar, before his light eyes turn to regard the security droids.

The Orb was one of Ax's favorite places to grab a meal on Nar Shaddaa, and he and Kadi had spent a great deal of time having meals here since its opening. He'd come here to grab a bite to eat, maybe a few drinks. What he hadn't expected was to walk into the place while it was being assaulted by security droids. The Echani just sighs and remains at the door, not sure whether to go in, as if nothing was up, or delay entrance in hopes that he doesn't get shot.

"Yes, you were. That is alright, it is nice to get away from the clinic and our little ship sometimes. I can help you carry drinks if you like." It seems that Sesti is not in a hurry to leave the man's side at the moment, and her smile is meant to make him think of other things besides drink and food, if even for just a moment. A short lived moment as there's the 'zzzzzt' of the protocol droid going down with blaster fire. Her hands automatically cross in to her hips as she turns, but waits to see whether or not she's really going to need to be involved with this fight or not.

"Well..."is Triz's best explanation for nearly crashing a ship into a wall on take off. "I was a few years ahead of them," a number of years a head "But the circle was rather small." She explains to Sabella. She nods to Kadi about going to school with her cousin "And I actually attended classes that Kadi's parents held." She is about to say more when the disturbance at the door with the three droids occur. She hears the name Bad Habit and knows they are talking about the newly named Outlaw Cat. A quick glance is given to Sabella as she drops her hand down to her side where the blaster is at. "Uh oh," is all she says as she draws her blaster hoping the table she sits at hides the move.

The one of the flanking droids closest to Sar turns it head to look at him, <<This does not concern you. Move along.>> Then rotates it's head looking both at Sabe and Triz. It raises it's blaster rifle at the pair along with it's other flanking companion. << Ysillie Vale, and Zaena. Lady Greeba honorably request your presences to discuss the missing profits from her last transaction with you. You are to be escorted there immediately or terminated. Do you comply?" The two flanking droids then turn to cover the room in case somebody gets a wise idea.

Jax looks at Sar and then glances at Sesti. Since Jax hadn't made it to the bar, him and Sesti are near a table for two. That was unoccupied. His left hand moving to grab the table. The right one going for the blaster pistol on his hip. His eyes watching Sar for a signal. He failed to see Ax yet.

Kadi's eyes go even wider as she realizes that the droids are coming after her companions. "Holy crud!" That yelp might be heard as she ducks even more, mostly under the table now. Lily rolls in front of her, and Fluffy growls, though Kadi reaches for the dogbot. "No, no, you stay here," she whispers, probably too loudly, given that she's totally not sober any more.

"I reckon I oughta tell you that it becomes my business when you start threatening friends o' mine," Sar responds to the droid that mouthed off to him. The Old Man sniffs a bit and rests his hands on his hips, looking the enforcer droids over.

Lady Greeba, likely a slug, and to make matters worse, these droids were armed and looking towards friends and people around them. So, while Sar runs his mouth to one, Ax discreetly draws the disruptor on his hip. It was useless at long range, but here, it would be utterly devastating. He takes a quiet breath, calming himself in the hopes that he'd keep a steady hand should bolts start flying.

The door of the Golden Orb is opened and a young Mon Calamari male steps inside the swinging slab as it closes itself behind him. He is NOT dressed to suit the class of the establishment, but he doesn't really seem to notice as his eyes scan those in attendance looking for his friends. Morth blinks in surprise at that 'holy crud' from Kadi and the sight of droids wielding blasters, the young Mon Cal standing rooted beside the door rather than moving further in.

The Zabrak always seems to be bringing knives to a blaster fight. Her jaw sets, and she moves her hands from her hips to help Jax with the table, for some cover, and her eyes go about the room as the two flanking droids turn their attention outwards. She notes other tables and cover that can be used to close her distance if it should be necessary, but until Triz and Sabella make an answer to fight or accompany, she doesn't start anything.

Triz is so glad to see Sar there and she catches the moves by Jax, so the safety of her blaster is fingered off. The other hand traces circles on the table as she looks at the droids "I'm sorry, I think you have us confused with someone else. That is not who I am nor my friend here is. Really, everything is fine, you just have the wrong people. I seem to recall that ship had a reactor leak or something, it's not even flying any more." She looks down at the finger making circles as she moves the pistol slowly to aim at the nearest droid.

The door opens again and Rhani returns to the restaurant in a swirl of faux-silk. She is now carrying a smallish bag in one hand and a triumphant look in her eyes. She pauses as the scene begins to come into focus through the haze of drink and fine appitizers. The appearance of blasters and droids and Kadi hiding down there and... blasters... Again... causes her to fetch up short just inside the door. Her initial call to Kadi is stifled into a squeek.

Sabella Lockheart just blinks as the droids are not before the table and talking to them. "Who.. Is Vale and Zana.. Zaen.. Zaeeen.... Who are thise people, person...?" There is a pause while settng her glass down while she looks utterly clueless on the names, cause she has NO clue of them. "Who's Lady Greeba?" She has caught sight of Sar over there, and heard his voice, but her heart is racing even as she attempts to keep her calm. "Honestly, we have a peace of crap that can't even make it off a landing pad. How can it do anything like what your thinking?" She doesn't want to start a fight, but she is not going anywhere with them either, one hand is lowers to her leg if a fight starts she is pulling her blaster somehow, maybe... Hopefully she won't be the deed.

<<You have choose to resist. You must die.>> The lead droid opens fire at the booth and specifically Sabella but the blaster shot misses hitting the back of the booth bouncing off and flying into the orb lighting system the place is named for above Kadi's booth. The orb comes crashing down on the center of the booth exploding in light, electricity, and glass. Kadi's probably very happy she's under the table at this moment. The one flanking Sar turns and fires at the former Nsec officer. Though it misses the old man and hits the bottles behind the bar on the top shelf. These just got expensive. The other opens fire at Jax as he quick draws his blaster pistol. Then ducking down behind the flipped table. "Hey I've never even seen this ship. I swear Exine tells other droids how mean I am too him."

"I got the left," Ax calls out as he levels his pistol at the appropriate droid. "No shooting up my favorite restaraunt," he says just before pulling the trigger on the droid that had fired towards where his wife was hiding. The orange bolt cores into the droid, causing massive short circuits and melting the electrical circuits.

"Rude," Sar says as blaster bolts begin sailing by him. The Old Man's got his blaster pulled in an instant and squeezes the trigger three good times. Two of the shots go wide, but one of them strikes true, punching a hole through something important, no doubt. The Old Man does this while scrambling towards a column that looks like it should serve as decent cover.

The Mon Calamari's1 eyes widen as he watches the scene unfolding, the violence that is building while he stands as spectator by the door, and now beside Rhani who he met a few nights previous. As Ax raises his weapon and fires at the droid, Morth yelps in surprise and dives.... straight under one of the tables. Occupied though it may be, he shoves in past legs aggressively to get under cover.

When the globe is hit and shatters on the table Triz gives a yell out in pain. Glass has peppered her hand and the side of her face. Her armor that she wears under her clothes protects the rest of her. As she jerks away from it she fires her blaster, not even seeing if it hit or not. Blood starts showing deep red from the many cuts "Son of a bantha whore," she gets out.

Sabella Lockheart just eyes the droid as it move to aim at her. "Hey..." Is about all she get's out before the thing is blasting at her, and missing! HOW does it miss THIS CLOSE?! Either way She is grabbing her blaster from her hip and is lifting the blaster as the glass falls crashing and both water and boose from the glasses on the table is spilled. The mechanic get's one shot out on the droid which misses it just somewhat as glass cuts into her ther hand but what's more fun it the crackle of electicity that follows and guess whojust got a good zap from the power grid? Sabe is out like a light there slumped down on the booth and her blaster slipping free from her fingers. It was just enough of a good zap thanks to the water and booze on the table to cause the connection via her hand still on the table.

The table top above Jax expodes. It sends splinters up in a mist of wood. There's a little flame where the tables cloth is on fire. "Shoot the droids and not my position, Kadi!" He didn't know it was her but it seemed a good guess. Jax closes his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath. Then he exhales. He looks up to Sesti, "You take the closest one." Then he pops up firing at the one targeting Sar. The first blast hitting another expensive light fixture. The second one striking Curly. The droid taking the hit and a bit of smoke beginning to escape one of it's servos.

The vibrodaggers hum as Sesti lifts them over her head to shield herself from flying splinters, first. "Glad I did not take my jacket off, yet," she mutters, then nods to Jax at the plan. As he stands to take his shot, she turns in a crouch, uses a nearby empty chair to launch herself at the taller droid.

The great thing about being an expert in cybernetics is that you know wiring and strong or weak spots in robotic joints. One blade goes into the shoulder to give her a handhold as her feet brace on the back of the droid. Two quick jabs with the other hand sever the wires and struts holding the droid's head to it's body, and it tumbles to the ground. The zabrak also tumbles to the ground as she doesn't get her knife pulled from the shoulder when it falls the opposite direction that she expects. She rolls to the side, leaving the knife there for the moment in favor of not landing under the droid, and then looks up to Fluffy. "Good dog."

Two of the droids are down and all that's left is the one that had been engaging Sar in coversation and talk. It's smoking a bit from a server arm and it turns leveling it's blaster rifle at Triz. "I serve Lady Greeba. You termiantion has been ordered." Then the droid fires a bolt of energy at the pilot. The shoot flying true but Triz just isn't there when it hits. This leaves the droids back exposded to be shot by everyone and I mean EVERY-One. I mean you too Morth.

"Holy hell!" Ax says as blaster bolts start flying, more missing than connecting with the droids. He was going to have to pay a fortune for this place to get repairs in order to stay open. Either that, or he was going to hire the chef from here for his personal cook. That is if the chef doesn't get killed by obvious non-combatants trying to play soldier. "Going right!" he calls out, levelling his pistol at the one on the right, but it's apparent that he's not needing to as Sesti is cutting off its limbs, so he goes to the only one remaining and with another blast, fries the droid. "Clear!" he calls out.

It's Ax's voice that Kadi hears, and Fluffy. The dogbot is right in front of Kadi mostly protecting her from the shots. Or he would be if any of them came her way. He whufs at Sesti at her unexpected and sudden arrival, but does not bite her. Thankfully. Kadi peeks around, spies Sesti, and asks, "Is it safe to come out yet?" That said, she realizes she still has the blaster in hand, and quickly puts the safety back on and reholsters it. Nope, didn't do a thing, nope. By now the shooting is stopping, or at least it's gotten a lot quieter. "Is everyone okay?" She's still under the table though, not yet coming out to discover she has nothing left to drink.

Blaster bolts go flying, bottles breaking, blood coloring her face and hands red as the frig'n droid shoots at her again! She barely gets out of the way and it missed! More likely because of the damage it has taken than any skill she has. Anger flares "Stop. Shooting. At. Me. Damnit!" she yells out and for good measure shoots one of the 'dead' droids for good measure. She looks around as one eye clouds over so that everything has a red tint to it. Then sees that Sabella is down and out "Sabe!"

Ax just shakes his head and moves over to his wife. "Baby, I've got an ion pistol back in the Problem Child. I think that's a much better pistol for you to carry than what you currently have," Ax tells Kadi. At least then, if she hit a biological creature, she wasn't going to kill it. He then looks around the place, sighing. "My favorite place to eat on this moon and it's shot to hell. We should probably get any wounded to the surgical droid on the Soul or the clinic if anyone is there."

As blaster fire, breaking glass, sword combat, and dying droids fill the Golden Orb Morth Biddengulp is busy fighting the good fight beneath his sanctuary. He pulls his knees up to his chest and puts his arms up over his head in a covering position. He jumps with every blaster bolt fired and with every crash of glass, every explosion or frying sound from the droids. Even after the sounds of combat have ceased and the 'clear' call, the young Mon Cal stays hidden before finally sticking his head out from under the table cloth and peering around with wide eyes.

Jax stands up and keeps his pistol pointed down at the ground after dooing a sweep. The place is empty other than anyone caught in friendly fire and looks trashed. Jax puts his pistol away. He frows at a moment. He fight the urge to say 'check please' or 'Baby, I think the Kitchen is closed. The Meltdown. Definetly going to the melt down.' He closes his eyes for a moment as if trying to find his peace and center. He huffs giving up. "Sesti, what you need me to do?" Figuing the doctor would be the person to ask.

Sabella Lockheart is so not ok at the moment, but she an't really comment on it either. She's still out for the count right now, her left hand has a bit of an electrical burn from the lovely crackling buzzing power tha still dances above the table unless someone has turned it off by now, and a few pieces of glass is sticking in her arm which she has no clue about thankfully!

Standing, Sesti yanks the vibroblade out of the shoulder of the droid, then scans the wreckage for bodies and their condition. "It figures, I do not have my med pac with me. Can you please ask the owner for their kitchen pac?" She walks to Sabella, first, taking her pulse the good, old fashioned way and watches her breathing. "She is alright, but the electricity gave her a jolt, I think. She is going to be fine, Triz. Let me take a look at you," she turns to check the woman's face, a hand reaching out to gently turn it if allowed. "I think that it probably is not as bad as it looks. The head and face always bleed more than they are worth... but it would be a good idea to get it cleaned out and disinfected as much as we can, now. The air on Nar can infect an open cut."