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Title: Naelyn
Race: Sephi Hybrid
Sex: Male/?
Occupation: Entertainer
Profession: Dancer
Homeworld: Nobody Knows
Organization: Defiance
Ship: Epiphany

Naelyn is a dancer of the professional and exotic nature for the right price, but he has made money teaching dance as well. A skilled contortionist and acrobat who has used what he has to get by in the galaxy. A sassy flirt with a knack for telling it like it is and a protective type empathy for others, he has a past filled with tragedy and so lives as well as he can in the moment. He loves to love, yet trusts no one (except his snakes and computers). He finds beauty in the strangest people, places and things. He's also rather gender fluid so his biological gender is a mystery to many who meet him for the first time.

OOC Disclaimer: This does not mean, he is long haired pretty boy bishonen created for TS orgies. That is the furthest from what he is being created for. Seriously.


This individual has a feminine like quality that softens the sharp angles of longer limbs and combines with a natural gracefulness that blurs the line between genders and muddies the clarity of species. Naelyn stands at about 5'6 when barefoot, he's slender yet leanly muscular and he has the figure of a dancer, wide shoulders and narrow waist creating a V with his upper body that fades into long legs. His hands often betray him not being a stranger to manual labor, the occasional scar or bandage wrapped around long and dexterous fingers. His skin is golden in color, a lighter olive in shade combining with long black hair that falls when unbound to almost his waist and intense dark brown eyes. Delicate and soft, the defined angle of his nose and full lips set almost in a permanent pout only accentuate his facial features while his ears seem to point ever so slightly at the tips. His clothing choices often disguise his gender most of the time. Tattoos and piercings are easily hidden.

The Entertainer

Naelyn is rather diverse as an entertainer, taking on almost completely different personas for various dance 'personalities' so to speak. It also allows him to adapt to different audiences no matter where he is, experience gained through his travels of the verse and being sold to different masters. To avoid going insane, he learned to channel what was expected or wanted of him into his stage personas and that is what he gets paid to do. He also has a shrewd mind for business and knowing his worth, and the potential in other entertainers often taking them under his wing to help them reach their full potential.

Professional/Artistic Acrobatics/Modern/Ballet - For the style of dancing he uses when asked to teach, or perform for very clean or sophisticated audiences, he doesn't have a character created. He simply is Naelyn, and just usually amps up his gender fluidity.

Belly Dancing/Contortionist/Exotic Dancing - For the style of dancing that he usually gets paid the most to do, he becomes Enigma. Enigma embraces a level of female sensuality and has created a reputation for itself.

Back Alley/Street/Club - For the style of dancing at dance clubs or in the back alley joints where percussion is dropped and liquor is tossed back, Naelyn goes by Diamond usually. Sometimes different variations of Nae ( prounced Nay). He earns credits by dancing with people for certain amounts of time, or being the life of a party for small groups.

The Slicer

For those in the right loop, there is a slicer for hire out there who specializes in infiltration and exposure. Naelyn hacks like he dances...effortlessly and with serpentine like grace. Interested in an RP Hook Related to this, just feel free to page.

The Hooks

Are you a character looking for somebody in the slave trade or information about slavers and such? There's a strong chance that Naelyn has heard of, knows, or could find somebody for you. This is a very broad hook tying in with his background. Page and lets talk bondage.

Are you a character looking for entertainment or advice in the entertainment industry? Naelyn has started to take certain new and green performers under his wing so to speak with advice or helping them to book gigs with the appropriate venues. Or maybe you just want to hire a dancer? Page and lets talk booty shaking.

Are you a character who is interested in RP? Naelyn is a character on this game designed to RP with other people. There is a chance that he could RP with your character. Page and lets talk babies. (Well not really, but I was running out of Bs)

Seriously if you want to RP, develop history, create connections just page and we can chat.