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Lira'una, once a star acrobat of the esteemed Astral Marvels circus troupe, is remembered by countless fans for her mesmerizing performances that have left indelible marks on audiences galaxy-wide. With her striking lavender skin and unparalleled agility, she carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry.

However, the allure of the cosmos beckoned, and Lira transitioned from the circus ring to the vast star lanes, forging a new path as a trader and captain of the Puddle Jumper, a YZ-775 Heavy Freighter. While she may have left the full-time circus life, her connection to the arts remains unbroken. Lira continues to nurture the next generation, imparting her knowledge of dance and acrobatics part-time at the Lost Circus on Nar Shaddaa.

Those that know Lira personally remark on her warm-hearted nature, dedication to those she holds dear, and her ceaseless enthusiasm. Whether in the circus or amidst the stars, her passion and dedication shine brightly.

RP Hooks

  • Astral Marvels: Lira's old circus troupe, the Astral Marvels. She left about a year ago, but they still tour the galaxy. You might even have seen Lira's face on one of their holo-flyers somewhere... "Lira'una, the gravity-defying enchantress, will leave you spellbound as she pirouettes and soars through the air."... "Marvel at her mesmerizing aerial ballet, a seamless flow of acrobatics that tells a story of freedom and adventure!"...
  • The Lost Circus: Even though Lira left the troupe and isn't doing regular performances any longer, she still maintains a presence by teaching children at the Lost Circus.
  • Trader: Trader by day! Lira left the circus and became a legit trader. She even upgraded to a YZ-775 and hired a crew so she could haul bigger loads!
  • Martial Arts: Lira is fascinated with martial arts and practices regularly, though she never spars for money or any kind of fame. She barely ever even talks about it. If you wanted someone to teach you, though, there are probably worse people than Lira to get you started in the right direction.
  • The Rebellion: There is an ever-so-slight chance that Lira *might* know *one or two* people that do things that might appear to *some* people to be approximately rebel-adjacent activities. Maybe. Whatever. You know. Just don't make a big deal about it. Especially in public. People can get shot for talking about the Rebellion in public, you know? You don't wanna get shot, do you? Me either. So be quiet already. Why are we still talkin' about this?
  • The Jedi: I--I'm sorry. I don't know what you're talking about. The Jedi were eradicated years ago, and I thought I asked you to stop talking about things like this around me. I don't want to get shot, remember? Or worse, find the wrong end of a red lightsaber. And neither should you. So stop bringing it up. Excuse me. I'll go find somewhere else to sit before we *both* get in trouble. Please don't follow me.


Name Opinions
Qutha Buvu Pah You know I love you, Plant-Dad, even if I don't say it. I wouldn't be who I am without you.
Gar Massey You have opened my eyes and my heart in so many ways.
Na'luna Superstar tech, rockin' Lek, and stand-in big sister.
Juria Nexum That cool, crazy, badass aunt that's always talking about Hutt farts. She'll mess you up.
Lyglo Our views are so different, but maybe we can learn and grow from those differences.
Saito Partner in crime! Get in, loser. We're getting chicken nuggies.
Hadrix Kora Why, that's the second biggest monkey head I've ever seen! (It is always an honor, sir.)
Rieve Selki Beautiful prince. I hope one day to be as graceful both on and off the dance floor.
Kaine Ul-Nass So tempting, but so aggressive. Be safe out there, scoundrel.
L'orera BFFs. Miss you.
Aryn Cortess I wish I understood how something so beautiful could be so tortured.

NPCs in Lira's Life

Name Description
Ralen'una Lira's father
Vela'una Lira's mother
Tarn'una Lira's older brother
Selara'una Lira's older sister (deceased)
BB-BB "Echo" A BB-series astromech that Lira saved from a salvage pile and Na'luna helped her put back together!
Z-3 "Zee" A 501-Z Police Droid that had been repurposed into a bounty hunting droid until his master was killed.
WRD-N "Warden" An S-EP1 Security Droid that came into Lira's service through Na'luna. Bodyguard, trainer, friend.
BT-SKT "Skitter" Lira's BT-16 perimeter droid. Grumpy. Usually either sticks to the shadows or is trying to murder someone.
R2-BLP "Blip" The snarky astromech that navigates and part-time pilots the YZ-775 Puddle Jumper
JV-3S "Jeeves" A proud butler that serves the crew aboard the YZ-775 Puddle Jumper


Ralen'una, Lira's father

In a corner of the galaxy, far from the reach of the New Republic's promise of freedom and justice, Ralen'una's story begins. Born thirteen years after the iconic Battle of Yavin, during an era where many assumed slavery had been eradicated, his life was a stark contradiction to this belief.

Ralen's early years were spent on a remote, nondescript world, known only to those who profited from its obscurity. Here, the shadows of the past lingered, and the vile practice of slavery thrived away from prying eyes. His parents, mere shadows in his memory, were ensnared in this dark trade, and inevitably, so was he.

The world Ralen knew was one of hard labor and little hope. Yet, amidst this grim reality, a spark of defiance flickered within him. Even as a child, he dreamt of stars and freedom, his spirit unbroken by the chains that bound him.

His chance for escape came at the age of sixteen. It was a convergence of fate, courage, and desperation. Under the veil of a moonless night, Ralen fled, fueled by the raw desire for a life unshackled. He left behind the only world he knew, stepping into the vast uncertainty of the galaxy.

Fear of recapture haunted his every step. Seeking refuge, he found an unlikely sanctuary with a traveling circus. This motley crew of performers and outcasts became his new family. They taught him the art of disguise, the joy of performance, and, most importantly, how to hide in plain sight.

It was within this vibrant whirlwind of life and color that Ralen met Vela'una, a fellow performer with eyes that mirrored the vastness of space he so loved. Their connection was instantaneous, a bond forged in shared dreams and resilience. Together, they danced under the stars, their performances a celebration of the freedom they both cherished.

The circus life was nomadic and unpredictable, yet it offered them a semblance of peace. In this wandering world, their family grew. First came Tarn'una, a boy with his father's eyes and a spirit as boundless as the galaxy. Then Selara'una, a girl whose laughter was like sunlight breaking through the darkness of their past. And finally, Lira'una, the youngest, a beacon of hope and the embodiment of the new life they had built together.

But the shadows of Ralen's past never fully receded. They lingered at the edge of his happiness, a silent reminder of the life he escaped and the countless others still ensnared. His experiences shaped him into a man of quiet strength and deep empathy. He instilled in his children the values of freedom, resilience, and hope, hoping they would live in a galaxy far kinder than the one he knew.


Vela'una, Lira's mother

In a time of rebuilding and hope, ten years after the Battle of Yavin, Vela'una was born into a world vastly different from that of her future husband, Ralen. Her life began amidst the colorful caravans and vibrant tents of the Astral Marvels circus troupe, a nomadic collective of entertainers who traversed the galaxy, bringing joy and wonder to countless worlds.

Vela's early memories were painted with the hues of distant suns and the melodies of a thousand worlds. The daughter of the troupe's founders, she was born into a legacy of performance and wanderlust. Her childhood was an enchanting tapestry of new planets, diverse cultures, and the constant, exhilarating thrill of the circus.

From a tender age, Vela showed a natural talent for aerial arts. She took to the skies with a grace and fearlessness that left audiences spellbound. As she grew, so did her skills, and it wasn't long before she became the star of the troupe, her performances a breathtaking dance between risk and beauty.

The circus was not just her home but her universe. It was a sanctuary where the odd, the artistic, and the adventurous coalesced into a family bound by shared dreams and the open road. Here, Vela learned the values of community, resilience, and the freedom that came from living a life untethered to any single world.

It was during a routine stop on a remote planet that Vela's life took an unexpected turn. Here, amidst the bustle of setting up for their next show, she met Ralen'una, a young man with haunted eyes and a quiet strength that intrigued her. His story, one of escape from slavery, was a stark contrast to the free-spirited world she knew.

Moved by his resilience and touched by his longing for freedom, Vela took it upon herself to help Ralen blend into their vibrant community. She taught him the art of performance, how to lose himself in a role, and most importantly, how to let the joy of the circus heal his battered spirit.

As they worked closely, a bond formed between them, growing stronger with each passing day. Vela and Ralen found in each other a kindred spirit, and their love blossomed under the starlit canopies of countless worlds. Together, they embodied the spirit of the circus – freedom, courage, and boundless hope.

Their union marked the beginning of a new chapter in the story of the Astral Marvels. With Ralen by her side, Vela continued to soar, her performances an ode to their shared journey. Their family grew with the birth of Tarn'una, Selara'una, and Lira'una, each child a testament to their love and the life they had built together.


Tarn'una, Lira's brother

In the colorful tapestry of the Astral Marvels circus troupe, Tarn'una’s thread weaves through as a vibrant and sturdy strand, holding together the patterns of family, performance, and resilience. Born as the eldest child to Ralen and Vela'una, Tarn was destined to embody the spirit of the troupe – versatile, charismatic, and enduring.

From an early age, Tarn exhibited a natural flair for the circus arts. He was not just a performer; he was an artist, a craftsman of spectacle and wonder. His skills ranged from the mesmerizing art of juggling – where he would keep an impossible number of objects dancing through the air – to the thrilling spectacle of fire-breathing, sending plumes of flame skyward to the awe of the audience. Tarn was also a magician, captivating spectators with tricks and illusions that defied belief. He possessed the rare ability to transform the mundane into the magnificent, a trait that made him an integral part of the circus's soul.

Beyond his performance skills, Tarn was a natural leader. As he grew older, his role within the troupe evolved from that of a mere performer to a manager of people and shows. He had an innate understanding of the circus's rhythm, the ebb and flow of performances, and the intricate balance needed to keep the troupe harmonious and successful. He was the unseen hand that guided the troupe through seasons of change, ensuring that the legacy of the Astral Marvels continued to shine across the stars.

Despite his many responsibilities and talents, Tarn's heart was always with his family, especially after the tragic loss of Selara. Her death was a wound that deeply affected him, yet he wore his grief like a cloak, not allowing it to hinder his duties or his care for his family. He was the rock upon which the family leaned, offering strength and stability in a time of profound sorrow.

In particular, Tarn’s relationship with his youngest sister, Lira, was a testament to his protective and nurturing nature. Sensing her crippling fear and mourning, he took it upon himself to gently coax her back into the world. He taught her self-defense, not just as a skill but as a means to rebuild her shattered confidence and sense of security. Through these lessons, Tarn not only helped Lira overcome her trauma but also forged an unbreakable bond with her.

Even as their paths diverged, with Lira embarking on her own journey, Tarn remained a constant presence in her life. He regularly called to check up on her, their conversations a mix of sibling banter and genuine concern. Whenever fate brought them to the same world, they would meet – these reunions a blend of nostalgia, laughter, and shared understanding.


Selara'una, Lira's sister

In a galaxy teeming with tales of stars and struggles, the story of Lira and her older sister Selara'una weaves a poignant thread of love, loss, and resilience. Born into the nomadic life of the Astral Marvels circus troupe, the sisters' lives were an enchanting dance of color and light, adventure and family.

Selara, the elder by two years, was both a companion and a protector to Lira. The sisters shared a bond that was as deep as the space they traveled. Their days were spent exploring the endless wonders of each new planet, their laughter echoing in the setup of the circus tents, their bickering as normal as the setting of the twin suns on some of the worlds they visited. Yet, despite their occasional squabbles, Selara was fiercely protective of her younger sister. Whenever other children dared to tease or bully Lira, Selara was always the first to rush to her defense, a fearless guardian in the face of any threat.

Their bond was tested in the tragic shadows of Ord Mantell. On a day like any other, with the circus coming to life in a symphony of sounds and colors, a group of local boys began taunting Lira. Selara, ever the defender, chased after them, her protective instincts overshadowing any sense of danger. It was during this pursuit that tragedy struck. Selara, vibrant and brave, was unexpectedly caught in a brutal act of violence, her life cruelly snatched away.

The loss shattered Lira. Witnessing the horror, the eight-year-old retreated into a world of silence and fear. The once joyful and adventurous girl was now a shadow, haunted by the absence of her sister and the terror of that fateful day. For almost two years, she refused to venture outside, the outside world a constant reminder of what she had lost.

Salvation came in the form of her older brother, Tarn. Sensing the depth of his youngest sister’s pain, Tarn took it upon himself to gently coax Lira back into the world. He began by teaching her how to defend herself. These lessons, initially a means to empower Lira, became a crucial stepping stone in her journey of healing. As she learned to punch, block, and kick, Lira was not just learning self-defense; she was reclaiming her sense of security, her confidence, her place in the universe.

With each lesson, Lira's fear began to recede, replaced by a growing sense of strength and self-assuredness. Tarn, patient and understanding, knew that each jab and dodge was Lira's way of fighting back against the shadows that had enveloped her life. Under his guidance, she gradually found her footing, her spirit reigniting with a newfound resilience.

The path back to herself was long and arduous, filled with memories both bitter and sweet. Selara’s absence was a void that could never truly be filled, but her spirit lived on in Lira's heart. The lessons of protection and love she had imparted to her younger sister became a beacon in the dark, a guiding light through the tumult of grief and recovery.

BB-BB "Echo"

BB-BB "Echo" (BB-Series)

When BB-BB, or "Echo" as he would come to be affectionately known, was first activated, it was aboard a bustling Resistance cruiser. The droid was immediately assigned to a young and ambitious X-Wing pilot named Lysandra Mire. Lysandra, with her raven-black hair and fiercely determined gaze, was somewhat of a rising star within the Resistance ranks.

Seeing the droid's unique designation, BB-BB, Lysandra couldn't resist the playful redundancy and named him "Echo." The two became inseparable. Lysandra often joked that Echo was her good luck charm, with the droid saving her from more than one tight spot in the heat of battle through quick calculations and maneuvers.

As they flew missions together, Lysandra customized Echo, adding personal touches to make him more efficient in combat scenarios. She added a special module that allowed Echo to mimic and store enemy communication frequencies, which often provided a tactical advantage during dogfights. This ability to "echo" enemy comms further solidified his name and reputation within the Resistance.

However, a mission over the dark skies of Parnassos would change everything. Lysandra was tasked with leading a squadron to target a First Order supply convoy. The battle was fierce, and during the aerial dogfight, Lysandra's X-Wing took a direct hit. Echo tried his best to stabilize the systems, even managing to send out a distress call. The damaged fighter crash-landed on the planet's surface.

Lysandra was gravely injured. Knowing that she wouldn't survive, she sent Echo on a mission. "Keep the data safe," she whispered, referring to the vital intel stored within the droid about the First Order's next moves. With a heavy "beep," signaling his acknowledgment, Echo rolled away, disappearing into Parnassos' vast dunes.

For years, Echo roamed the planet's hostile terrain, evading First Order patrols and scavengers. During this time, the droid's power reserves slowly dwindled. Trying to preserve its core functions and the critical data it carried, Echo went into a low-power hibernation mode.

It wasn't until after the fall of the First Order that a group of Resistance members, scouting for leftover supplies and tech, stumbled upon the dormant droid and, seeing its Resistance markings, decided to bring it back to their fleet. However, with the galaxy's focus shifting to larger threats and the subsequent rise of the Sith Empire, Echo was left neglected, its history and importance lost to the annals of time.

It was in this state, covered in years of dust and forgotten among piles of discarded tech, that Lira found Echo, a silent guardian of a bygone era, waiting for someone to uncover his story and give him purpose once again.

BT-SKT "Skitter"

BT-SKT "Skitter" (BT-Series)

BT-SKT, later known as "Skitter" or "Skits," was initially manufactured as a BT-16 perimeter security arachnid droid, designed for the rigorous and isolated demands of guarding the B'omarr Monks' sanctuary on Tatooine. With its menacing baritone voice and a stun rifle mounted underneath its main body, Skits was a formidable guardian. However, fate had a different path in store for him.

En route to Tatooine, the cargo freighter transporting Skits encountered an unexpected skirmish with pirates in the Outer Rim. During the chaotic encounter, several crates, including the one housing Skits, were jettisoned into space to lighten the ship and aid in a hasty escape. Skits' crate drifted aimlessly through space, eventually crash-landing on a remote, lesser-known planet.

Months later, a group of scavengers discovered the battered crate. Upon opening it, they found Skits, surprisingly intact but dormant. They reactivated him, hoping to use him for their protection. However, Skits' complex programming and unfamiliar surroundings left him disoriented and unable to adapt to his new role with the scavengers.

Lira, having recently left the circus to forge her own path, landed on the same planet in search of supplies. At the local market, she heard murmurs of a "shadow in the night" that had been unsettling the local scavenger crews. Intrigued, Lira investigated and stumbled upon Skits, who was lurking in the shadows, still struggling to adapt to his surroundings.

Recognizing the droid's potential and sympathizing with its disoriented state, Lira approached Skits carefully. She spoke to him, her voice calm and reassuring. To her surprise, Skits responded in his deep, baritone voice, expressing confusion about his purpose and surroundings.

Lira saw an opportunity for both of them. She needed a companion and someone to alert her to danger, while Skits needed guidance and a purpose. Lira negotiated with the scavengers, and after some haggling, acquired Skits.

With Lira's help, Skits adapted to his new life. He found comfort in the shadows, preferring to stay out of sight, but always vigilant and ready to protect Lira. His deep voice, although menacing, became a source of reassurance to her in their travels.

WRD-N "Warden"

WRD-N "Warden" (S-EP1 Series)

In the shadowed depths of Coruscant's lower levels, a newly commissioned law enforcement droid, WRD-N, began its service. The neon-lit streets, crowded and dangerous, were a far cry from the glossy upper levels of the planet-wide city. Warden, as he would later be known, was an imposing figure among the chaos, his metal frame glinting in the artificial light.

As days turned into cycles, Warden's programming adapted to the harsh realities of his environment. He developed remarkable melee combat skills, essential for the frequent close-quarters skirmishes that defined law and order in this part of the galaxy. With each altercation, he became a more efficient enforcer, a guardian amidst anarchy.

But even the most sophisticated of droids have their limits. During a brutal confrontation with a notorious criminal gang, Warden was viciously attacked, suffering extensive damage. He was left inoperable, a once formidable law enforcer reduced to a heap of twisted metal and scorched circuits.

Partially rebuilt, but forever marked by the encounter, Warden was reassigned to a high-security prison. His new role leveraged his intimidating presence and combat prowess. Here, among convicts and chaos, he earned his moniker "Warden," a testament to his unwavering sense of order and protection.

Tragedy struck again during a catastrophic prison riot. Warden fought with unyielding resolve, but the sheer scale of the rebellion was overwhelming. In the aftermath, his nearly destroyed form was discarded among the ruins of the prison he had vowed to protect.

It was Na'luna, a skilled droid technician with a penchant for salvaging lost causes, who stumbled upon Warden's battered remains. Intrigued by his design and history, she undertook the painstaking task of rebuilding him. She enhanced his systems, fortified his structure, and, most importantly, instilled in him advanced training protocols. Warden was not just repaired; he was reborn.

It was in this upgraded form that Lira found him. She paid Na'luna 25,000 credits to cover the cost of his repairs, but this wasn't just a transaction; it was the beginning of a new chapter. Warden, with his good cop/cowboy ethos, took up the role of Lira's bodyguard and trainer. His protective nature and advanced combat skills made him an indispensable part of her life.

Z-3 "Zee"

Z-3 "Zee" (501-Z Series)

In the shadow of the Sith Empire's ascendancy over Coruscant, many aspects of daily life were upheaved, including the once-strict law enforcement protocols. Among those affected was Z-3, a 501-Z series law enforcement droid, diligently serving the Coruscant Police. With the regime change, Z-3 found himself redundant.

Z-3's path took an unexpected turn when he was acquired by a rugged and resourceful bounty hunter named Rax Kolarn. Kolarn, recognizing the droid's potential, repurposed Z-3 for a life of bounty hunting. The droid's innate skills in surveillance, apprehension, and combat were invaluable to Kolarn, and Z-3, rechristened as "Zee" for brevity, adapted to his new role with stoic efficiency.

Zee's loyalty to Kolarn was unwavering, but fate had a cruel twist in store. During a perilous mission on a backwater planet, Lira'una crossed paths with the duo. Lira, working on a separate but related assignment, found herself allied with Kolarn and Zee. The mission was fraught with danger, and in a climactic confrontation, Kolarn was tragically killed.

In the aftermath, Zee was left directionless. His programming geared towards service and loyalty, the loss of Kolarn left a void. Lira, sensing the droid's confusion and understanding the value of a loyal and skilled companion, offered Zee a place by her side. Grappling with his newfound independence and the concept of choice, Zee agreed to join Lira, finding purpose in assisting her in her endeavors.

JV-3S "Jeeves"

JV-3S "Jeeves" (JV-Series)

Once, in an era where droids were marveled as groundbreaking achievements, a JV-series butler droid was meticulously assembled. Its designation: JV-3S, but those it served would affectionately call it "Jeeves". This tale begins on Corellia, in a grand house filled with laughter, politics, and the smell of rich Corellian spices.

Jeeves' first activation flickered to life in the home of a renowned Corellian diplomat. Here, amidst polished halls and whispered state secrets, Jeeves thrived. His programming was more than just circuits and commands; it was a woven tapestry of etiquette, care, and a subtle humor that endeared him to his family. He was a tutor to children, a companion to the adults, and an integral part of this high-society life.

As the galaxy's pace changed, so did the fates of many droids, Jeeves included. With the advent of newer, more advanced models, Jeeves' novelty faded. He passed from one owner to another, each time adapting, learning, serving. From the aristocrats' lavish parties to the cozy dinners of middle-class households, Jeeves saw the spectrum of life through the lens of service.

The rise of the Galactic Empire heralded dark times. Many of his kin were decommissioned, seen as outdated relics. Jeeves, however, with his robust build and adaptable nature, survived. He became a caretaker during turbulent wars, a soothing presence amidst chaos. Jeeves witnessed the Empire's cruelty and the resilience of those who fought against it.

In the wake of the Empire's decline, Jeeves found himself in a dusty corner of an abandoned estate. He became a silent sentinel of memories, untouched by time. That was until Lira, on a furtive mission, found him. Reactivating Jeeves was like opening a book long thought lost - a tome of histories and tales.

Lira's life was a stark contrast to the quiet halls of aristocrats Jeeves once knew. She was a whirlwind of action and purpose. Jeeves found new meaning in caring for Sabra, a young girl Lira had rescued. He became a guardian, a role he cherished. But when Sabra returned to her family, Jeeves faced the quiet once more, a spectator in Lira's self-sufficient world.

The acquisition of the YZ-775 Puddle Jumper was a turning point. Suddenly, there was a crew - a medley of personalities and needs. Jeeves found himself revitalized, tending to this diverse family with his age-old grace and a newfound sense of belonging. He cooked, he cleaned, he listened – he became an integral part of their interstellar journey.

Aboard the Puddle Jumper, Jeeves traverses the stars, not just as a servant but as a keeper of stories, a bearer of wisdom. His journey from a diplomat's refined halls to the heart of a bustling starship is a testament to his resilience and his timeless dedication to those he serves.

YZ-775 Puddle Jumper

YZ-775 "Puddle Jumper"

In the bustling spaceport of Corellia, amid the ceaseless comings and goings of starships, Lira stood before her YT-2000, the "Champion," her eyes tinged with a mix of nostalgia and determination. The Champion had been more than a vessel; it had been a companion through countless escapades and a testament to her burgeoning prowess as a pilot. But as her ambitions expanded, so too did her need for a ship that could match them.

Her target was the YZ-775, a versatile freighter known for its ample cargo space and sturdy build, ideal for the more ambitious ventures Lira envisioned. A ship like that, named the "Puddle Jumper," was docked at a nearby hangar, its exterior reflecting the many journeys it had weathered. Lira knew that acquiring it meant not just a financial transaction, but a step into a broader realm of possibilities, one that necessitated a reliable crew and a captain she could trust implicitly.

The decision to trade in the Champion wasn't easy, but it was necessary. With a heavy heart, she finalized the trade, her gaze lingering on the Champion one last time before turning towards her new endeavor. To cover the remainder of the cost for the Puddle Jumper, she secured a loan, a decision made with both a clear understanding of the risks involved and a firm belief in her future success.

With the Puddle Jumper now in her possession, Lira faced the challenge of assembling a crew capable of matching her aspirations. She needed individuals who were not only skilled but also shared her values and vision. Her most critical decision was choosing the captain of the Puddle Jumper, a role she entrusted to Gar Massey, her boyfriend, and a seasoned pilot whose skills and judgment she respected deeply. Gar's appointment as captain was a testament to their partnership, both personal and professional, solidifying a bond forged in trust and mutual ambition.

YT-1760 Ghost Dancer

YT-1760 "Ghost Dancer"

Lira's journey to acquiring the Ghost Dancer began in a dimly lit cantina on the outskirts of Mos Eisley, where she chanced upon an old pilot whose eyes sparkled with the wisdom of countless star systems. Over a shared drink, the pilot spoke in hushed tones of a ship that moved like a phantom, perfect for one who valued discretion and subtlety in their travels. Intrigued, Lira coaxed more details from her companion, learning that this elusive vessel was last seen in the possession of a retired smuggler on Nar Shaddaa, who was rumored to be seeking a quieter life.

Navigating to the smuggler’s moon was a feat that required both caution and finesse. Known as a nexus for the galaxy's most notorious characters, Nar Shaddaa was a place where information was a precious commodity, and trust was scarcely found. Lira, adept in the art of blending into such worlds, arrived cloaked in a guise that drew no attention. Her inquiries about the Ghost Dancer were subtle, yet persistent, guided by her sharp intuition and keen observation.

The ship’s current owner, a Weequay named Krell, was a grizzled figure whose hands bore the testament of years working with starship engines. Initially skeptical, Krell’s demeanor softened as Lira spoke not just of credits, though her offer was generous, but of the adventures and stories that awaited the Ghost Dancer with her. She painted a picture of a future where the ship would continue to be more than a vessel; it would be a companion in explorations and a keeper of new tales.

Touched by Lira’s earnestness and perhaps reminded of his younger, more adventurous days, Krell agreed to part with the Ghost Dancer. It wasn't merely the lure of credits that persuaded him but the knowledge that his beloved ship would embark on a new chapter of adventures with someone who shared his passion for the uncharted.

As Lira took the controls of the Ghost Dancer for the first time, she felt an immediate kinship with the ship. The engines hummed in harmony with her excited heartbeat, responding to her touch as though they were old friends. The Ghost Dancer slipped away from Nar Shaddaa’s gravitational pull, weaving through the cosmos with the grace and silence that had earned it its name.


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