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A Reckoning: Fireworks

OOC Date: August 19, 2021
Location: Deep Space
Participants: Zelo Parrai, Sumi Kora, Avery Ihala Kora Hahtavi Kora, Valeska Jaivon and Hadrix Kora as GM Clan Kora Mandalorian

BRANKBRANKBRANKBRANKBRANKBRANK! The guns had been blazing the moment the Woor'tra reverted back from lightspeed; Greeza and Pheegus in the turrets, hammering away at the small, ad-hoc, station shields while the chunky and slow-looking blockade runner defies appearances due entirely to the massive drive systems modified into the system. Even from the lower deck the wailing of Heiyuu was audible, complaints about power levels and frustration with the pilot that didn't know what he was saying if it wasn't on the display board.

BRANKBRANK! The service droids in the cargo bay were preparing repulsor sleds over the cargo 'bomb' bay doors, the verpine-like J9 drone buzzing orders to the binary lifter even as the broken stone rumble of a voice rattles over internal speakers. <<"Keep an eye on my cargo droids.">> both droids looking to the Mandalorians for a moment before getting back to work. <<"They'll be loading onto the sleds and moving back. In and out, fast - watch your HUDs they know what we're looking for and will update as they identify.">> BRANKBRANKBRANKBRANKBRANKBRANK

<<"Tra'cyn'nynir">> Lighting strike, <<"Vode - Pheegus come take the controls; Gre'ika has it.">> the pirate stations point defense had been hammering into the craft's shields, chewing away when Hadrix's piloting wasn't spinning the ship out of the fire line. The two Z-95s that had been on BARCAP for the station were shrapnel, scorched metal was appearing where deflectors were fading on the munitions dump and the Mandalorian craft was a hairs breadth of a similar fate as the docking back doors are blown off and then sucked out into the vacuum seconds before the mag-con field stops further decompression.

Gunfire, explosions, and space... nothing new on this run it seems, Avery muses as he readies his armor and systems, giving the new library feed in his helmet and personal computer a double check before satisfied it had been installed properly. The silver and blue Mandalorian thumbs a few controls on his gauntlet before his Y-visored helmet turns to regard the group of Koras aboard the Woor'tra. <"Technically... if we're attacking the pirates, does that make us pirates of pirates or just concerned individuals taking the law to the pirates for the law?"> He asks, a hidden eyebrow lifting in curiosity and mirth.

A particular maneuver from the cockpit has him reaching for a hand hold on the bulkhead, his feet shifting to compensate for the shift in gravity before he rights himself again and looks to those controlling the craft. Through the view screen he's able to see the docking doors blown wide and the Woor angle itself in that direction. <"Looks like it's about to be 'go' time."> He states, pulling his trusty carbine from the holster on his back to be readied in his arms.

Sumi holds her helm up, and the red helm belonging to Sana Ryder clanks against it. Then both women are bringing their helms down and forming their seals. The pair stand at equal height, though the red and blue of their armor aren't the only difference. While Sumi wears a cape, concealing much of what she carries, Sana does not. Sana is armed with a pair of crossed beskad blades sitting comfortably across her back. She did not use scabbards to protect the blades, but rather metal rings fed into the baldric, which made it easier to draw them. Both women carried revolvers of the same design, Morellian Enforcers, and Sumi had an E-11 chicken winged under her arm.

The pair were quiet, eager for action and looking it. Sana rocked back and forth from heel to toe, while Sumi bounced from side to side in a hyped manner. Gods help whatever awaited them.

Pirates. It's a different kind of target yet also a classic. Valeska has been itching to rekk up some pirates and she couldn't seem to get Andan and Hadrix in the same room together, so this would have to do for now. Like she does, Valeska double-checks the powercell of her DL with a frown. Just a little over half left. Should she waste the powercell now or get stuck reloading a few seconds earlier otherwise? With a wordless sigh, the powercell is changed out and the blaster seems to whine in gratitude.

Just in time for a show. Their target gets their doors blown out and Valeska's helmet gives a slight nod. <"Open invitation. Nice.">

Aye, Hahtavi's staying clear of the droids and hanging on to webbing attached to the bulkhead of the Woor'tra's cargo bay. He's been quiet, gear checked, boots maglocked to the deck. Been gone off of Nar Shaddaa the past couple of days. Got back in time for the op.

No doubt the pilot was wishing he was flying his own ship and not riding around in one that's bucking and might be blown up at any moment. But hey, if the worst happens at least they all get to go out together.

Rifle secured to his tactical rig and ready to go, Hahtavi keeps silent as the others banter. His HUD scrolls with data as it comes into his helmet. Zelo is observed, seeing no trace of the Rancor's injury to the arm. No Iriin on this op with him, not yet. Hahtavi waits, listening to the others.

<"Here we go."> Hadrix appears in the cargo hold as the heavy craft squeezes into the station's docking bay; turrets still blazing - slagging the hatches at one side, sending pirates of varied species scrambling for cover or sprawling across the deck to move no more. <"Targets of opportunity as you find them. Drop ordinance as we leave - but watch it. Some of these turbolaser coils might go up and we don't want proton torpedos detonating while we're in proximity.">

The bay doors drop open, fast, and the droids (now perched on a sled each) plummet while the Woor'tra hovers, giving clearance space for the sleds slowing their fall to a safe height - the J9 and Binary Lifter scanning and identifying for the assault force. It also allows space for the assault team to drop and get to work.

From the far and side bulkhead walls - through the remains of hatches come nearly a full score of pirates with weapons brandished and voices raised in rage at the attacking Mandalorians.

Zelo nods, silently prepared. A hand triggers his Gravity Belt, toggling the field so he follows a moment after the droids, dropping lightly to touch combat boots down onto docking bay's deck below. The rifle is raised, and the Nautolan snaps off a shot at a particularly scurvy-looking individual covering behind a crate of what might be maintenance supplies, and a red plasma bolt lances out, taking the unlucky individual where neck meets shoulder, blasting a large and painful hole that may have hit more than just flesh as bleeding begins. The pirate drops to the deck just as Zelo's own boots touch down.

Zelo makes his way starboard, finding his own cover to lay down fire for the emerging Mandalorians and to protect the droids who know what they're after and will do the heavy lifting. Leaning out from cover, the Nautolan finds another lanky figure emerging from a hatch and takes them in the groin. Not intended, at all. But... Still effective as the figure drops straight down like a sack of tubers. Zelo watches the feed of information in his HUD as he waits for the whine of a charging carbine to turn into the silence of one ready to do more work. <<"2 down. Multiple contacts.">>

The moment the opportunity for attack presented itself, Sana and Sumi activated their jetpacks and leapt right toward the center of the conflict, landing in close proximity to several. Sumi popped off a shot just as she landed, and missed, then knelt down and fired a second scoring a hit to the chest that spread post impact with incendiary effects. The person it hit screamed in agony and fell, clutching themselves.

Sana landed, transitioning to a stride and drawing a single blade from her back. Rather than use the long blade to spill the contents of their body, she struck with the sharp point of the pommel puncturing their forehead in a single strike. One hit, one kill. She moved for the next and Sumi rose up to follow, staying close and to the blonde's left.

Some of the Mandalorians don't have fancy gravity belts. Some of them have to tuck and roll like a scrub.

Jumping from the Woor'tra gets a little easier each time she does it and Valeska is shocked to discover, upon a moment's contemplation, that she ends up doing so quite a bit, actually. Landing... well. Landing is always the tricky part. Valeska comes up from her roll, planting on a knee to stop her momentum and using it to draw up her DL.

Her target dodges the first shot which only serves to annoy her. <"Hold still, you idiot! Would you rather be on fire?"> Perhaps the Manky Pirate wasn't expecting the question, because he stops in shock long enough for two more bolts to rip through him, sending his pirate body crumbling to the ground. At least now if he catches on fire, he won't be alive to know it.

<<"Understood.">> As soon as the droids drop with their sleds, Hahtavi's unlocked his mag boots and gets moving. Rifle in his hands, he drops down out of the Woor'tra's hold, boots hitting the deck with a thump. No pausing - he keeps moving as he looks for targets as well as cover to take up a firing position.

His first shot takes a pirate as the other runs towards them, throwing the body back to crash on the deck. Hahtavi fires again almost at once, seriously wounding a second who was hot on the heels of the first one he shot. As soon as he can, the Kora commando sets himself up behind a crate for cover, keeping tabs on things as they unfold.

Their numbers being thinned by the initial fusillade from the Mandalorians, the pirates are driven to take cover where they can find it even as they begin to return fire. Screaming orders to one another, arguing, and some simply are erased before they can say anything more than an expletive.

sssSSSPINK SHOOOOMM - of all things an arrow comes from among the droids, closing the distance to burst against the chest of one, blowing them across the hangar.

<<"Approaching payload, keep it up - thin them out before more can come.">> Hadrix notes as he draws another missile from the quiver on his hip, marking defilade and movement vectors to upload to the lot of them.

No new faces join, yet, but there are sounds coming from outside of the hangar, mingling with the battle cries, scrams of the injured and the hustle of metal feet heading for a stack of crates - the binary lifter's fork-arms settling into position en route.

Avery comes a little late into the battle, having left the Woor behind the rest and scrambled to get into the action. As it is, he sights down his targets and rushes an attack, yanking back on the trigger instead of coaxing it to fire. Two bolts slide wide, striking the area around his prey instead of damaging them directly. Had he given just a fraction of a second longer to deal with these threats he might have actually been threatening himself. Instead a muffled curse sounds from beneath his silvered helm and he shifts to the side in order to be as in cover as possible... not that it'll do any good, the scrambling and attempting to keep up has left him a bit out of sorts.

From his cover, Zelo reviews the incoming movement vectors from Hadrix and plots what will happen when he rolls out of cover to transfer to the next crate... And steps into a plasma bolt with his right leg, hitting from the side to not meet durasteel plate but unarmored cobalt blue flesh beneath. Immediately, coppery blue blood begins to trickle out of the hole and the Nautolan falls to the ground. From that prone position, he squeezes off a pair of shots as he skids toward the next crate. One takes a pirate cleanly in the head, snapping it back before launching the too-dead-for-surprised figure back into a wall. The second shot is aimed at the pirate to the downed one's right, but in a freak accident of galactic dark humor, the bolt which would have taken the second pirate in its face like a twin instead strikes the flung-out hand of the just-killed pirate. Zelo and the intended target share a brief look before the Nautolan rolls back into cover and tucks himself against the crate.

<<"I'll need a heads-up if we have to run. I'm a little light on my right leg at the moment.">> Zelo works to pull himself back to standing, heavily leaning on his unshot leg as he does so.

Sumi shoots another, not necessarily killing them but doing enough damage that they certainly wished it. Sana goes on the offensive, swinging her sword and missing because the pirate ducked in a scurvy manner! Alas! As shots rained in, the two just moved in hopes of avoiding damage, and luckily, achieved just that. Sumi charges ahead next, and Sana is behind her with the sword in hand and low, ready to strike and end lives!

The volley is quick and Valeska rolls away, answering fire with fire. Because that always works, doesn't it? It's worked for her so far, anyways. Except right now. It's not working for her right now. The first shot takes purchase, but then she becomes distracted and the other two shots go wide.

Valeska hears the shots hitting her clanmates before she actually sees it and her attention is drawn towards Hahtavi who is closer by. She didn't see him take the shot but take it he certainly did. She can tell by the way he is standing. Cursing a bit -- there's a lot of cursing this round -- Valeska takes a few steps back closer to the Dreadfinder and providing a bit of cover. A slight look over her shoulder to him. Brief and silent then Valeska is focused forward again.

He gets to cover and is utilizing it but Hahtavi's leg sticks out from behind the crate to brace himself - at least to the view of one pirate who has a good angle. Incoming bolts mostly miss him but one nails him in the left leg. Hahtavi jerks from the pain and curses in the silence of his helmet, dragging himself further around the crate to change his angle. Hadrix's orders come over his helmet's coms even as his HUD is constantly updating with targeting positions, updating some of them himself.

Teeth clenched against the pain, Hahtavi gets another pirate lined up in the reticule of his rifle and fires away. A bright red bolt just misses a pirate as he or she dives behind a crate. Haht is patient and waits just a second or so for the fellow to pop up to take a shot - and nails them!

He can hear them coming but can't yet see the pirate re-inforcements. Hahtavi shifts position again, trying to stick to cover. He licks his dry lips, aware that he's just not been at his best for a while now. Belatedly he sees Valeska's movement closer, then his attention is back on seeking new targets.

"Sir, I have found primary, secondary, targets. Loading now." the insect-like worker drone hefting an oblong case that it has closed after the discovery of proton warheads. Moving with a bouncing sort of leg movement combined with hip swivel to begin attaching repulsors to the cargo pallet, hustling around the stack and moving to the next at speed.

Blasterfire, and a single HE explosive tipped energy arrow, fill the air with heat shimmer, smoke and thunderous detonations that feel like they're shaking the entire station at this point for the din being kicked up.

<<"Moving to the right, going to try and seal one of the entrances before more get here.">> Hadrix rumbles - and it's been a wonder that none have manage to get to the fight yet. Fear? Tactics? Whatever it is, it's a boon to the raiders raiding pirates tonight. The Binary Lifter plunks another cargo crate marked as turbolaser components onto a repulsor sled, sending it back towards the Woortra with a series of bleeps.

Sumi and Sana draw attention all their own, the blade and carbine packing pair enough to pull attention from the injured or those seeking position.

<<"Be ready to exfil on short notice.">> more words from Hadrix while he oversees.

<<"Ready whenever.">> Avery intones through their comms as he shifts to a crate near Zelo. The Slicer fires off two shots as he relocates, the first striking one of his targets from earlier dropping the pirate like a sack of potatoes. His second shot comes with much more dramatic flair, the vitamin deficient pirate sailing backward over the crates behind him, the size of the hole in his chest big enough you could drive a hoversled through.

As he settles next to the Nautolan he checks on his clanmate, a measure of concern coming through the speaker in his helmet. <"You alright? If you need a hand, I'm right here.">

It's been a bit of a day so far, and Zelo's about ready to be parting from this particular engagement. The hole in his leg is continuing to spill vital blue blood down his gleaming blue Beskar and pooling slowly at his foot. When Avery comes over, Zelo uses the other Mandalorian's approach as a distraction to finish what he'd started with the last of the scurvy pirates. This one doesn't have a flying limb to intercept it and the bolt strikes true, center mass and ending life as the target falls back. The Nautolan looks to Avery and shakes his head. <"Unless you want to patch me up, I think I'll be alright. Just... A little slow,"> he adds, holding up his leg in case the copper scent in the air was not obvious enough. <"But thanks. If we have to extract in a hurry, I may need a hand up into the ship. I can bind it until it gets medical attention.">

The Nautolan leans out the other side of the cover and takes a shot at the clustered pirates around Kora's Alor and her mentor, but the clash of bodies is too thick and the conservative angle he takes to avoid shooting friendly targets leaves the red plasma flying wide. He turns back and looks at Avery. <"It's always the arms or legs, though... I use those. Pretty inconvenient.">

They got a lot of attention by charging into the group, but it earned the ire of the other Mandos who began to pick off these manky scum! Sumi managed to kill two in close-quarters blasts, kneeling down on the second shot. Sana's sword swung over Sumi's head, the blade biting into the neck of another pirate. The swing carried the blade through, and the pirate passed on, their body hitting the ground twice in separate pieces.

<<"Say when.">> Sana reported, straightening from her 'follow through' stance and lowering the dripping blade. Sana offered an arm to the kneeling Sumi, who accepted it, and the even /older/ soldier pulled the younger up.

Strategic maneuvering had done exactly what she had been hoping. Valeska draws at least one of the pirate's attention away from Hahtavi and towards herself. It helps to see it coming, as well. Pressed against the crate, the crimson Mando rolls away; the CLUNK of a bolt into the metal crate just barely missing her torso. Then she happily returns the shot two-fold back at the pirate, erasing him from existance spiritually.

Glancing over her shoulder to check on Hahtavi, she finds the man tending to himself in the brief moments of calm they have yet spies no new injuries. A wordless nod and Valeska starts to walk a perimeter, taking the chance to reload her DL and keeping an eye out for any new threats. Preferably before it makes it to the hangar.

Their target rich environment is rapidly depleting. Valeska takes down the last pesky pirate that Hahtavi can see. As his leg is bleeding between the plates despite it being a blaster burn, he hunkers down to the deck behind the crate and pulls his medpack out to see what he can do to patch himself up.

Rifle against his chest, injured leg stretched out, the thigh plate is removed and the seal opened up on his bodysuit up the inside of his leg. Quickly, Haht measures himself out a dose of painkiller and antiboditics and then stabs himself in the thigh. Shab! That hurts.

A moment later he's slapping a bacta patch on it and sealing his fiberweave suit back up, a quick vacuum seal patch added to that, then reattaching the armor plate. It'll have to do. A deep breath and Hahtavi's hauling himself back up to his boots and taking his rifle back into his gloved hands, medpac stowed.

Just in time to see Valeska give him a nod, <<"Vor'e.">>

The roar of combat ends abruptly with the clatter of bodies hitting the floor mingling with the humm of anti-gravs and the clank of droids hard at work.

<<"Incoming.">> Hadrix notes, casually, while kneeling to bind and salve Zelo's injury, indicators on his HUD being shared out - Grippers sensors working at full tilt to feed information to be shared out. <<"It's going to numb up, bleeding is stopped - be ready for it to be sore as Haran when this is over.">> more indicator points going up.

<<"Sumi, Sana - hatchway opposite the woor, Avery, Zelo - right, Hahtavi, Valeska left. Bottleneck them, keep them out of the hangar.">> less chance of calamity there; by the big man's reckoning.

Blaster fire begins funneling through the hatchways announcing the incoming fire, light repeaters and carbine fire joining the mix to hose torrents of tibanna plasma. "Oi! Gett'm! They's filthy raidin' sleemo ain' takin' whut we stole!" shouted down one of the corridors as they advance.

<"I mean, having a hole that you didn't want put in you... typically anywhere that hole resides is rather inconvenient."> Avery mentions, more of a chuckle sounding in the vocoder this time than before. Seconds later, the blaster fire around them slowed to a halt, the last body hitting the floor as the Mandalorians rose from their positions. Avery looked around for anything that could be assisted with, stepping over toward one of the droids in an attempt to help with the cargo movement.

Then the call of more incoming coincides with the display of figures on his HUD, Zelo and Avery are ordered to take the right hallway and cover it Avery does. A few steps later, he presses himself up against the hangar entrance, one breath taken before popping out to loose two bolts down the hall toward their incoming foes.

Without clear vision, shifting out to fire, Avery manages to miss his first attack with the second striking an approaching pirate to at least give the fellow some additional thoughts about rushing the guarded hangar. <"Didn't get a count Zelo, lemme know if you do.">

Zelo looks down at the ministrations, holding his carbine ready while a quick patch is applied. <"Numb I can work with. Hopefully it's not going to give at the wrong moment. Thank you, Al'verde."> At the directions, and after the bacta's started bacting, the Nautolan rolls out of cover again, moving up with Avery to the door marking the right entrance to the bay. On either side, they'll do the best they can for a bottleneck.

<"Fair. Sometimes it helps to complain a little."> The Nautolan stews in the pain still fresh in his mind, even though his numb and dumb leg tells him it's feeling pretty okay right now. He snaps a quick shot off as he rolls across the doorway to his own post, but the plasma goes wild. The Nautolan in the gleaming blue beskar leans out into the doorway and fires with a little more precision, taking one of the lead pirates out but with more to take their place. <"Best count I have is 'more than we've shot so far.' It's not the best number, but it's all I can offer.">

Sumi and Sana move to their assigned hatch just as one of the pirates were coming through. Sana struck them down with a single swing, then Sumi threw a grenade down the corridor. A second later, a concussive wave of energy blew past the threshold and sent Sumi's cape back, fluttering. Body parts and gore spread everywhere, and those fortunate enough to survive the blast were suddenly trapped by the lifesupport defense as the blast doors locked and sealed, cutting them off from reaching the hangar.

Sana's accented voice sounds over comms. <<"Our corridor is shut down for business, Commander.">>

<"Oh, goody."> A flat-toned acknowledgement as her HUD lighting up with so many new targets. More importantly, direct orders from her Al'Verde. Valeska runs up to the entrance of the left cooridor, pressing her back against the wall and waits for Hahtavi to catch up. Man, what a perfect time to have a frag grenade or three. And also the skill in which to use them. Let's just add that to the never-ending list of things to learn and train on.

Once joined by Hahtavi, Valeska says hello to the pirates down the hall. One ducks away. Rude. Another takes her salutations straight into his sternum. Nice. The last only gives a half-hearted wave of a broken wrist. Rude again. On the other side of the hangar, the Morellian Gals are having a much greater success. <"I rekking knew it,"> Valeska grumbles out loud. <"Definitely frag grenades are the way to go.">

<<"Wilco, Had.">> Assigned the left passage, Hahtavi limps quickly in that direction, his leg able to bear his weight. He stacks up on the left side of the hatch and leaves the right side for Valeska. Chokepoint. Hell yes, use it.

Using the edge of the hatch for cover as he can, Haht starts to reach for a grenade himself, then hits a hesitation. Not like him to hesitate, but he does. Instead he leans around the hatch frame and fires away - one quick shot nails a pirate running towards them. Lean back, then pop back out for another shot. Winging another and making them fall, if not dead. There's Sana's voice reporting success with their grenade.

Hahtavi hears Valeska's comment. Osik. If he hadn't hesitated, he'd have thrown one. Sweating even in his cooled armor.

Staying near the droids, Hadrix continues to draw and fire, energy arrows impacting on bulkhead walls and detonating in a flashy display without much function save to blacken metal where it isn't glowing bright red where its been superheated. <<"Copy, Sumi. We're just about finished here.">> looking towards the train of anti-grav repulsor pads pulling cargo crates and munitions palates continue on their merry way to where they come to rest on the Woor'tra's cargo lifter.

<<"We're almost done. Be ready.">>

One line of entry halted, and the other two well covered the pirate forces are bottlenecked for the moment, trying to clear away the Mandalorians covering the hatches - waves of fire rushing down, fired in bunched masses to try and succeed through sheer numbers over precision shooting.

The Binary Lifter and the J9? They appear to be playing some tune picked up on some entertain-comm station or another; and with restraining bolts off; they've had time to develop their taste in bawdy, dirty language filled, dock-worker music. The munitions they're taking from dwindling notably.

No sooner had Avery loosed his shots, return fire streamed back down the hallway, two of which struck him in the chest and knocked him backward a hair. He takes a moment to look down at the scorch marks on his chestplate, no holes.... just carbon burns, and he pulls back into cover with a smile. <"Zelo! Did you see that?! I didn't get... ooooooo kriff."> he curses, noting that his companion wasn't quite as lucky, a hole seared in to the chest plate of his blue armor.

With a growl he pops back out and fires two more shots into the charging crowd of pirates. The first drops the lime sucking pirate in the front, his body being trampled by his fellows as they rush along the corridor. The second doesn't fare so well, the red bolt striking the ceiling to send some sparks down on their approaching ne'er-do-wells.

Perhaps it's just the rhythm of the encounter not matching the Nautolan's. Maybe one of the pirates just had his number. Whatever the reason, Zelo takes a plasma bolt to the left side of his chest, punching through skin, muscle and bone and opening yet another of those uninvited and inconvenient holes. A flare of red glow spills out around the gap where blue blood is flowing in earnest. The sniper clamps his left arm over the wound and steadies the E-11's barrel over his left wrist. Shooting against his chest, the aim isn't sighted but instinctual as he tries to keep the fire moving down the hallway to hold the oncoming surge back until the Mandalorians are ready to withdraw. For good measure, he yells his pain through the vocoder, the speaker sending his anger towards the pirates along with the pair of plasma bolts. The second bolt, out of luck or obstinacy, finds a pirate, taking their leg out from under them but not taking them out of the fight.

Zelo and Avery are doing a fine job of holding their corridor even when the heralded whistling noise of a Rodian glider blade flipped end over end and struck a pirate in the head. The exotic weapon was thrown by Sumi from across the hangar, and Sana arrived just after that by jetpack, impaling some poor soul upon the end of her sword. Sana shoves the body off about the time Sumi arrives. Sumi kneels to pick up the glider blade, yanking it free from the pirate's head before taking aim somewhere else. <"You gents have it from here?"> Sumi asked.

Passing another glance to make sure Hahtavi is okay, Valeska isn't fast enough to duck back behind the wall. A burning sensation rips through her left arm a split second before it, too, disappears on the other side of the corridor opening, the smell of burning flesh and melting fibroweave making its way into her helmet. <"Ah, kriff me, you kriffing sons-of-Hutts drek-piles, yeah?!"> At least she's swearing in Basic this time.

Okay, now she's angry. Valeska whip around the edge of the opening once more and blasts one of the pirates in two: her body falling in at least three different places as one hit staggers her and the other is powerful enough to pop her along the lines of her armour. Pain shoots up her arm and Valeska ducks again, calling over to her partner.

<"Tavi! We're done playing with them, yeah?!">

Blaster fire is really concentrating through the corridor and pouring out of the hatch. Valeska's hit and Hahtavi flinches, then growls. He pulls a grenade and activates it then ... just holds it. Ice water up his spine, <<"Frag out!">> Let it cook off and counting before he risks leaning out to throw - or more like toss it low, intending for it to roll - and hopefully /not/ bounce back at them.

Hahtavi says, <<"Val, back!">> He ducks back behind the bulkhead himself just in time for the corridor to explode, throwing shrapnel and smoke out into the hangar. They can hear the corridor's ceiling falling, emergency blastdoors slamming, and hull-integrity warning klaxons. Hahtavi's heart is beating a lot harder than it should be.

A few quick breathes, a fast look, then he crosses over to Valeska's side when it's clear, <<"Let me see your arm.">> He's got a medpac, if she'll let him use it. His leg seems to be holding up.

"Sir, the last of the component crates are en-route to the cargo lift. We have also acquired multiple warhead crates. We expect that this shall be an agreeable delivery to Mr. Bullet." the J9 is carrying two more of the large ordinance crates on either shoulder as it bob-walks past Hadrix for the Woor'tra.

<<"That's it, pack it in. J9, leave two torpedo warheads.">> the droid acknowledging the command in quick order; the Binary Lifter hustling with the last crate palate for the exit point - emitting a whistling sort of tune as it goes.

The last remaining opening for the pirates to move in through is sight illuminate in stark relief by the missile launching over the shoulders of Zelo and Avery to strike one of the pirates trying to leap frog forward, kicking them over to the ground before exploding in a messy display of fire and shrapnel both organic and ordinance.

<<"Pheegus, Alor and Al'Verde - Greeza is preparing to open fire with the turrets, firing on either of your command.">>

An alarm signals from the blockade runner, the front drop-ramp and even the top deck air-lock hatches cycling open to allow multiple vectors for ingress while the pirates try to find an opening in the rapidly closing avenues.

<"Absolutely, Alor!"> Avery calls back in response, shifting out to prove those words to his leader as he sights down on more of the incoming baddies to give them what for. That's when a rocket sailed by his head and exploded in the hallway, killing one of their attackers and sending up a spray of debris. Some bounce off the front of his armor as he looses a shot, burning through a pirate's knee before the call to evac comes.

<<"Roger, heading out.">> He replies, pressing a button on his thumb to ignite the jets on his back. Prior to him flying away, he sends a parting shot down the corridor, this bolt literally ending up as a warning to the crew when it strikes nothing but the wall. Still, they're out and the Slicer turns his attention to regrouping at the Woor'tra, their mission a success.

Zelo's back stiffens at the arrival of backup, but more due to the adrenaline in his veins and the audible cues of the approach as his body screams in anger and pain. <"Best attempts, Alor."> He nods to Sumi and Sana, but doesn't immediately fall back when the order comes. The blue blood is up in the Nautolan's veins and a want to inflict hurt on these pirates is strong. Not just because of the pain he's in, but for the pain that they no doubt visited on others before. Leaning out, spilling coppery blood to the ground as he does, he squeezes off a couple more shots, the first taking down the pirate Avery had struck, and the second taking another pirate in the leg. <"It will have to do.">

Zelo turns, wincing as he spins on the still-wounded leg that wobbles numbly with the weight. But apart from the rough start, his steps are quick enough as he makes for the lift to board the Woor'tra. The Nautolan runs at a diagonal, keeping his eyes and attention on the one open hatch through which more enemies could still spill. Until he's on board, his carbine is ready to fire. His left arm remains locked against his torso, holding in as much of the precious lifeblood as he can. He's going to need a membership at the medical clinic, eventually.

Sumi collapses the Rodian Razor and nods to Avery, <"Excellent. Sana, let's leave them to it."> Sumi deposits the blade back onto her belt just as Sana joins Sumi and they make for the exit at a casual jogging pace. Both ladies move back onto the ship, climbing aboard, then turning back to wait for the group. Sana sheathes her sword and draws her revolver, and Sumi just watches, leaning on the threshold of the ramp and waiting.

Valeska hesitates at Hahtavi's offer, but she doesn't jerk her arm away, either. There isn't enough time to make a decision as the call to make a hasty getaway comes down through the comms. <"Later."> Simple enough. Valeska doesn't take any shots; instead focusing on running back to the Woor'tra. Especially when she hears two warheads are being left behind. She's pretty sure she has an idea on what her ori'vod has planned.

And she doesn't want to be here when it happens. Though she might get a good view from her room on the ship if she's really lucky. Thought it's likely to be she'll miss it standing in the cargo bay or something.

He's about to pull his medkit to see what he can do about Valeska's arm when they hear the order to bang out. A quick nod to her, <<"Let's go.">> No argument from him. Hahtavi waits a second to let her get a start ahead of him and then he's following after, limping a little but able to force himself to run despite the pain. A quick check of his HUD that all the other Koras are heading to the Woor'tra and none of them need his help to get on board. Hahtavi's boots are among the last to hit the ramp and head up into the ship.

Soon as he's on board, he finds a place to sit, not trusting his leg and grabs something to hold on, rifle still in his hands lest any pirates make it before they are closed up and lifting. He braces for takeoff and a big boom that's likely to follow!

Hadrix is lifted on his jet thrusters to one of the upper level lock hatches - a signal sending Pheegus pounding down the corridor to the upper guns even as the big man's flight ends just aft of the cockpit - rushing in to slam down into his seat and take the controls of the craft. <<"Brace.">>

At least he warned people.

With each of the raiding team scooped up into the Woor'tra, lifts up, crash webbing over crates and hatches slamming shut - the blockade runners' shields go to full power and inertial dampening seems to be somewhere around ninety-seven percent by the forces imposed on the passengers when maneuvering thrusters fire hard enough to push the outsized craft back out and heeling over in a banking maneuver one might put a bombing snub-fighter through. The turrets barking a steady [ansi(#00FF00,B)[ansi(#00D700,R)[ansi(#00AF00,A)[ansi(#00D700,N)[ansi(#00FF00,K)[ansi(#00AF00,B)[ansi(#00D700,R)[ansi(#00FF00,A)[ansi(#00D700,N)[ansi(#00FF00,K)[ansi(#00FF00,B)[ansi(#00D700,R)[ansi(#00AF00,A)[ansi(#00D700,N)[ansi(#00FF00,K)[ansi(#00AF00,B)[ansi(#00D700,R)[ansi(#00FF00,A)[ansi(#00D700,N)[ansi(#00FF00,K)[ansi(#00FF00,B)[ansi(#00D700,R)[ansi(#00AF00,A)[ansi(#00D700,N)[ansi(#00FF00,K)[ansi(#00AF00,B)[ansi(#00D700,R)[ansi(#00FF00,A)[ansi(#00D700,N)[ansi(#00FF00,K) that slags metal and imposes further structural damage before one blast makes it through the mag-con protected landing bay passage of the pirate station.

Lighting off the torpedo warheads, there is the sensation of a great hand grabbing and shoving the Woor'tra away from the piecemeal station. Sympathetic detonations of power cells and fuel pods setting off chain reactions that push the jury-rigged munition dump, belching fire that flashes and dies with consumed oxygen, becoming blooms of flash-freezing metal before the whole apparatus seems to swell and then burst like a soap bubble in the void. The shockwave reaching out, trying to batter the blockade runner before it flickers and leaps to hyperspace.

<<"Good job, vode... Looks like we'll be bringing good news to Mr. Bullet.">> a pleased tone to the gravel and glass rumble, now that things are calming back down.