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First Order: Thyferran Investigation

OOC Date: November 29, 2018
Location: Thyferra
Participants: First Order: Hadrix Rol; Knights of Ren: Oran Arcantael, Erisi Auslese, Lioria Thrace, Brand Zyrra, Ravelyn, and Kylo Ren as GM

Thyferra is one of the planets enjoying the First Order's protection, and it shows. Traffic to and from the surface is sparse and orderly, respecting the presence of the cruiser parked in orbit that scans every one of them as they pass, the occasional Upsilon shuttle landing on larger vessels to perform inspections manually. The Order takes the movement of bacta very seriously.

And so they are reminded as the Vanguard shuttle brings them in towards one of the landing pads at the Xucphra headquarters, via a holographic projection of Kylo Ren. "Bacta is going unaccounted for. It's inevitable some ends up in the hands of the Resistance, but letting it go missing here makes it too easy for them. I want these terrorists choosing between bacta for their wounded, or more weapons for their rebellion. Not both. Find the source of the leak and bring them to me." The image cuts out just as the shuttle is powering down and the landing ramp folds out from the belly of the ship, and a uniformed official is revealed waiting at the bottom, a tense smile stretching the thin, pale skin on his face.

"Warmest greetings, and welcome to the Xucphra Corporation. It's wonderful to finally meet the agents of the Supreme Leader in person. You know, my grandfather always spoke in glowing terms about the visits that the Emperor would make to our humble facilities. Is the Supreme Leader with you today?" he asks, hands clasped behind his back, peeking up into the shuttle as if he might catch a glimpse, the smile spread so tightly it might creak. The facility in question is accessible via a walkway from the landing pads, and consists of three buildings, conveniently labelled with large aurabesh letters as Administration, Manufacturing, and Distribution. The administrative offices are just that, an office complex, while manufacturing occurs in a squat factory with towering silos that likely hold bacta or its raw materials. Off to the right, the distribution center is more of a hangar where tanks and shipping vessels fill the bays.

"The supreme leader is not with us today, a fact for which you ought to consider yourself exceeding lucky." Oran is not warm in response to the Xucphra official. "He is far less patient, less lenient, less gentle, than those of us who have come here to review the particulars of your gross misconduct, and /we/ are displeased as it is. This is getting fixed or we're dismantling every piece of Xucphra, building it again from the ground up, and giving it to the Vratix." Glare. "Give us everything you know about the missing supplies."

Lioria is in her usual crimson armor and she's sat quietly through the trip. R0-LY has been quietly dooting as he runs commands for his owner. When they get to where they are going, the helmed head moves to look at the boarding ramp going down and then she's getting up to move. With Oran having already answered the representative, the armored Knight stands off to one side and surveys the surrounding area for the moment. Waiting quietly.

Hefting a satchel of new collars on his back, fresh power paks for his blasters and his ax on his back, Hadrix marches in flank escort with the Knights of Ren. Rifle held at low ready, checking his helmet's HUD as well as his surroundings. When Oran speak, the Trooper simply looms, turning his helmets' 'eyes' towards the official, inclining slightly as if he were trying to stare directly to his core.

Ravelyn too has that familiar armor on, familiar to the knights, but likely menacing to those who have never seen it before. Also to some who have. "I suggest you do as he asks," is suggested with a small step forward toward the woman. "He doesn't have a lot of patience either."

The official looks from Oran, who's demanding details, to Lioria, to the black-armored Stormtrooper, starting to feel uneasy, and then when he catches sight of Ravelyn, coming up to support the demands, he swallows heavily, the smile finally faltering all the way into a nervous frown. "Well, of course, I- I only meant that- of course." The official here looks pretty young. He's likely not been chosen because of his experience and wisdom, but because the First Order isn't known for sparing the messenger. "All that we know is, when we reconcile the production logs with the shipping manifests, they don't match up. Somewhere between when we- the bacta is finished, and when it's supposed to leave that building," a shaking finger pointing at the Distribution center, "It just... disappears. We don't /know/ where it's going, that's why we reported it to you!"

In the distance, a lonely Vratix at the wheel of a grav forklift is shuttling some tanks on pallets over to the distribution center right now, chugging along with a yellow hardhat pulled down around his antennae.

A soft scoff from within the hood of Erisi, a soft chuckle following as Oran orates his displeasure, the whole groups displeasure. She reaches up and presses the hood of her cloak back, "The very fact you reported it to us, instead of letting it go on, is very much appreciated. Now, do you have video surveillance? Droids? Cameras? In the labs, along the whole processing route until it's shipped out?" Asked, Erisi dropping her hands into the pockets of her fancy arsed robe, the woman looking completely out of place with the rest of the jackals along on the trip.

Oran eyes the official with patent dislike. "And if you don't have that footage, what is actually wrong with you and how does it feel to be a complete waste of organic material? Do you know how many trees are on Thyferra?" Lots, it's a jungle. "You ought to apologize to all of them for the appalling manner in which you've wasted their oxygen." The former aristocrat folds his arms, and looks to the more senior Knights, Ravelyn and Lioria. "Along with review of the footage, if such is available, I imagine we ought to speak with workers in charge of moving the bacta from warehouse to shipping." He gestures at the Vratix with the forklift in illustration.

Lioria gives a bit of a look over the group and then there's a shake of her head to something that is said. She then looks to Ravelyn and then towards the warehouse. "Whoever wants to look at footage, raise your hand." the vocoded voice states coldly.

Continuing to look directly at the official, Hadrix chins his private comms to speak with the knights. **"M'lords, this could be an spectacular opportunity to try the collars acquired, as per their tracking capacities. This would also provide excellent data for R&D for our own version of these collars."** he then looks to Lioria, grinning a bit behind his helm.

"Do you not have security?" asks Ravelyn, focus remaining the poor representative sent out to deal with the Order people. "Surveillance will help, but do you not have anyone observing to prevent theft from happening? To catch them in the act? How shoddily is this place run?" The helmeted head turns to look over at Oran for a moment, then back to Erisi and Lioria. "Whether or not we uncover whoever is responsible for this, the Order may want a more hands on approach to this facility, clearly they are not capable."

"Of course we have security!" the official splutters, his face turning red with humiliation and shame. SHAME. The nameplate on his chest reads 'Shamm Trink', which is... unfortunate. "Come on then, and take a look at the video yourselves. We have security. We have the finest video surveillance the Empire could afford!" Thirty years ago. He starts down the walkway, escorting the Order reps towards the facilities. "It's housed in the security cell off the lobby of the factory, everything is contained within the same network and the buildings can't even share the tapes between them, to prevent tampering with the feed. Even so, the bacta just... disappears. I promise you, we do /not/ need closer supervision, but- but..." but they've called for it anyway, and the realization shuts him up, and Trink instead dials in a code at the door of a militant-looking subarea that resembles a prison. Not waiting to see if they're following, he strides in, waving his arm up at the wall. "See?"

The wall is completely covered with screens, all about a foot square, all showing different feeds, easily a hundred of them. Employees and personnel scurry back and forth, across one screen and appearing in another, some simply standing in certain areas, manning machinery. The screens flicker every ten seconds, changing to display yet other camera feeds, and sat in front of it at a console are a pair of humans, both female, desperately attempting to watch every screen at once. "Great howling comets! You're finally here!" one of them, a young woman with dark circles under her wide eyes, cries as the door opens. "Make him hire more watchers! We can't handle it all!"

Erisi's bottom lip lifts up to cover part of her upper lip as her eyebrows raise, a glance given from the official to Lioria, then to the others, "Wow, you guys are surreal. You could literally stand here for hours just talking. That's wild." A look to Hadrix, Erisi exhaling heavily, a sort of exhaustive sound as she keeps hands tucked to move and follow without waiting to see if the others are bothering to follow either, "Oh shavit, no wonder why your ish is going missing ..a turd in the boots of Jawas, your equipment is like ..a billion years old, and damn, TWO HUMANS?!" Exclaimed, Eri frowning, "Oh my brain, you could get a crappy thirty year old droid that could do a better job than two exhausted people ..what in the holy hells of all bananas beans ..Go, go, get some coffee, go take a pee or something, man ..get a sandwich, go, maybe a pedicure--" All said as Erisi untucks hands from her cloak and rolls up her sleeves, moving to take one of the women's chairs, taking over a console, corded braceleted wrists flexing muscles as fingertips work quickly, the very awake and perky Eri working through systems, "Okay ..so ..here we go ..despite a hundred or so random feeds not adequately trained on most relevant areas ..here is the ..feeds from factory to distribution --" The other screens go dark as she brings up the one feed which takes up a series of view panels, "And ..in the distrubution center itself .." Boom, the feeds, four in all, are all brought up in big time, Erisi leaning forwards with one elbow on the console edge, biting down on her thumb, humming softly, "Mr. Trink, gimme a time line for when the last bacta bit went missing." Asked over her shoulder, "Also keep the door open, let some air in, it smells something fierce in here .."

"The Empire over-reached its capacity to maintain control of its resources," Oran dryly informs Trink, though his attention is on the screens, arms folded. "And suffered the consequences, which is to say... a loss of control over said resources. The parallels are overwhelming. Xucphra's profits approach obscenity, I'm not pleased to see that /this/ is the security in place." Erisi has more to say about that, and he pipes down to let her, watching the four new focused screens.

Watching.. Watching... Watching....

"There," Oran suddenly points, stabbing a finger toward the distribution center feed. "Back it up please, and slowly forward? Look. Pallets of bacta tanks," sure enough, there they are, all ready to go.... "Then it blinks." Glitch. A small flicker. "And one of the pallets is gone." The screen shows the same group of bacta tank pallets, but in one particular spot, there was one pallet missing from what the screen showed just a moment before. "We need to know when this was and who was working or otherwise accessing the area."

"There is the first problem..." Lioria's cold voice comes through the vocoder. The black gaze of the visor settling on the man they were speaking with and her hand going to rest on her lightsaber for a moment. Then she's looking back to the two women. "It's Chaos, and not even organized chaos." she shakes her head. Then she's listening and watching, "Hmm. Seems like a definite inside job." she looks back to Mr Trink.

Inefficiency, most likely to save a few credits per hour. The financial aspect of it is of little interest to Hadrix - but the sheer inefficiency... Those sensative to it could likely feel the irritation coming off him in slow waves. He is about speak when Erisi sets down and gets to work. He does pose one question though **"M'lords, there was a vratix with a pallete traveling as we arrived. We should make haste"**

Ravelyn haunts the doorway as the others work, leaving them to play with the old computers and stare at screens. There is a passing interest in the screens for a brief time, but that dies soon enough and the knight turns to look outside of the office, watching anyone that might be coming and going while the work is done.

"A droid doesn't have the same level of cognitive flexibility, a human worker is superior. We thought the Order would appreciate our commitment to human superiority," Trink notes with his tinny voice. "And that's not /possible,/" he informs Lioria primly, mustering up that thin, tight smile again. "Our workers are rigorously screened." But there's Oran pointing out a missing pallet. "It must be some sort of lag in the feed, this image is live, and it can only be accessed from inside this building."

"My man, a droid has way more flexibility in its algorithms than two exhausted women who can really probably only focus on four screens each at their best, I mean, yeah humans are pretty awesome, but droids are made for this kind of shavit. And your systems are so out of date it doesn't even matter, you need to be putting funds into this .." A look back over her shoulder to the crew just lolling about, "So ..how about you guys, while I monitor the streams ..go ..and maybe check that out? You know, look at the pallets ..the missing one ..." Her eyebrows raise up as she tilts her head thrice to one side, kind of indicating they go, "You know ...go be heroes?" Erisi raises one brow then, turning back to the screen, "We don't need all of us here looking at this."

"If your confidence in the feed is such, perhaps you will be amenable to my holding you personally responsible should we discover that this is not in fact a lag," Oran suggests to their rep. "I would be delighted to hold a detailed conversation with you about it later." He eyes the name tag. "Mr. Trink." Then back to business, "Hadrix is correct. We need to talk to that bug driving the grav-lift, and whatever other unsupervised Vratix are crawling around here." He's already walking as he says it, apparently of similar mind to Erisi. Though he does add for the 'go be' comment, an amused, sarcastic, "Heroes? How appalling."

Lioria looks to the screens and then to the Stormtrooper when he speaks, he did have a point. Then Erisi and Oran are speaking and there's a decision to go look into things, so that's where the crimson armored one heads. Away from the room filled with screens and towards where they need to be.

Hadrix is already turning when Oran is shifting, heading to leave through the dingy door, immediately looking towards available ground cars, motioning towards them and adjusting his course, climbing aboard and prepping to take off immediately if noone else jumps in, or declares they're taking the controls.

Brand hadn't entered into the room with the rest. Rather, he had been standing in the hallway and watching those coming and going through the faceshield of his armored helmet. When others begin to emerge from the room with the screens, he moves to follow along after them. "What is the plan?" he questions of Lioria as he falls into step alongside her.

"How is it possible that someone would be tampering with the feed if it can only be accessed inside this building?" Trink questions of Erisi, because he's evidently not that bright. He's the sacrificial messenger that the board of directors voted to send here, and generally the least-liked and least valuable junior executive. His grandfather worked for the company, though, so... he's here. "Can you do something to see what would do that?" he questions further as the others head outside.

Outside, everything looks pretty.... normal. The factory hums behind them. There's activity, low levels, about what you'd expect, of Vratix workers loading the tanks on their pallets into authorized Xucphra delivery vehicles. On the face of things, nothing is amiss. But where did that pallet get to inside the loading area, if it wasn't seen being loaded onto one of the authorized vehicles?

"Trinkerbell, lemme tell you what I used to do for a living ..I used to slice into systems like this ..from the toilet." Said with a lopsided grin, "And yeah, I can try and trace any anomalous logins and the like ..." She'll glance over her shoulder seeing that everyone is finally out, "And cross reference vehicles in here and personnel, see if we have anyone out of place, or anyone new who has way higher access in comparision with their rank .. This'll be fun. This system is so old ..." Murmured as she gets to work, shoulders rolling back and bones crackling as she sits up straight, arse scooting back so she's sitting properly in her seat, "But there is more than one way to get a girl to let you lick her back ...let's do this, Tinker." Left hand raises briefly to tap her earpiece, and in a stewardess voice she'll calmly and smoothly speak, "Hello, this is your computer speaking, I will be slicing into systems now and will direct the directionless ...and .."

The sound of her typing sounds in the background, a swift sound, a deep throaty laugh rising up, "Aahaha ..no effing way ...that Vratix is our guy, or one of them is, he got into the ceiling and has tapped in to the system, he probably literally spliced into the wires. Hahaha ..no ...." The 'no' is softly crooned in a sad morose way, "Wrikkik ...you trying to be famous buddy? You sad little bug dude ..Guys, I'll send to your datapads the image of our guy from the personnel database, but ..they seriously look all the same. But it might be that one we saw leaving. Wrikkik. Wow. Great security, Tink." Said with a snort as she taps off her voice bit, still listening to the line, but now fixing Tink with a hard look, lips curled to one side in a half-frown, "You are /so/ pretty though, you got that going for you."

Oran Arcantael is short. Compared to Kylo and Hadrix he's reeeeeally short, but he's even kind of short compared to Ravelyn. Nonetheless he's drawn up to his full unimpressive height as he abandons Erisi with her new bestie and strides into the area outside. "Nobody leaves!" he shouts toward the Vratix workers. "Nobody in! Nobody out!" A side eye to Hadrix, "If they attempt to leave, shoot them." Pause. "On stun... or aim for the knees. They have what, six knees? You're fine." Looking around the area provides nothing that seems all that misplaced, he's not familiar with the area after all. Reaching through the Force, he closes his eyes a moment and searches for.... well, how do you do this? It's hard. And he's mad. Focus. Inward. Focus instead on something missing. Something valuable, not far away but /needed/, yes, all he has to do is follow his feelings and open his eyes and he'll find it, he'll see...

Brand. Well. That didn't work.

"Bloody kriffing hell," Oran curses, annoyed, and suggests to the others, "Just grab someone and start asking--" Oh, there's Erisi. A welcome source of news. He listens, while looking at his datapad and waiting for the holo of Wrikkik to load. "How much will productivity and profit be affected if we just kill /all/ the Vratix? ...Asking for a friend. No, I'm asking for me. They all look the SAME."

R0, for his part flips his arm out and an arc of electrical energy spikes as he rolls towards Mr. Trink. "R0, no electrocution. Yet." a vocoded voice seems to know her BB unit.

Lioria gives a look to Brand when he joins the group and there's a bit of a head shake, "Trying to find who is taking this bacta for the moment. You're right on time to help with the search." her voice is vocoded so it's hard to tell her mood. Once outside the woman stops and lets her senses snake out. But it frustrates her, "It's not left the area...but that's all I can sense." she growls.

Growling as he attempts to start up the ground vehicle, glowering at the controls as the enginer snarls but fails to start. "Nothing works this damned planet! I've been to fringe junker territories where they had more reliable equipment." leaping out from the seat and hitting the ground at a Stormtrooper trot, Hadrix starts in the direction he saw that pallete truck last, grimmacing as he cannot catch sight of it again. Addressing Oran, he offers a simple option, "As I recall the bugs are essential to the process, without them; no bacta. But perhaps we should operate by taking their young and engaging in creche training, keeping some of the loyal ones to teach them how to do whats needed.

As Erisi's voice comes across the comm and into his ear, Brand's head turns left to right. He reaches out through the force, but similarly all he seems to spy is Oran looking right back at him. It is almost a tender moment. And then Oran begins to curse in that annoyed tone and the spell is broken. Brand's helmeted head cuts toward Lioria and he gives her a nod of understanding. "These kriffing bugs all look the same. Maybe we should line them up? Corral them so that we can compare them to the photo?" His hand reaches for his blaster and he begins to pull it free before he offers toward Oran with a chuckle, "Or we can just start shooting them until someone turns over the one we're looking for."

"How did you do that?" Trink asks, equal parts aghast that Erisi has so quickly rooted out all of these seemingly impossible to find details and in a way that is likely going to end in bad things for him, however pretty he may be. "Tell them not to kill the Vratix! Not all of them, anyway. Just one or two. Three at the most. They can't /all/ be in on it and they're expensive to compensate. Do you know how many worker's compensation cases we handle, even with bacta? They have SIX LIMBS to injure!"

Some of said Vratix over in the distribution center have noticed the topic of conversation among the approaching humans and are exchanging suspicious looks, their small yellow hardhats reflecting the fluorescent lighting starkly. Don't Vratix have limited telepathy? That whole 'hive mind' thing going on?

Erisi doesn't know about aliens man! She's close with the technical side of life ..bugs ..are not in her wheelhouse. "Trinky-dink, I am a security nightmare if I'm being paid well enough." A tap on her earpiece, Erisi feeling like one of those holo-movie spies, "Guys, why don't you just use the name I gave you, and ask the damned Vratix ..where Wrikkik is. I swear, you guy /look/ menacing, but your common sense is like zero. Let them know Wrikkik is going to damn them all if they don't cooperate, and let them suss out the details as they bring his ass in. Seriously, use your big kid voices and ask. A lot of times these guys are willing to give up one asshat to avoid being murdered or worse."

Oran's reply to Erisi's suggestion that they use common sense is, "See if he'll go for four dead Vratix. I'll also accept three and one dead useless Xucphra facility rep."

"That's more or less what I was thinking," Oran agrees with Brand, off the earpiece. "The corralling. I do like the idea of taking the young. Write it down, Hadrix." Their path is taking them toward the bays where the feed showed the pallet missing, and he's watching, watching... eventually Oran stops, peering upward, and then points. "...Wait. Section of four ceiling tiles there. Different from the others, and I daresay, suspicious? I don't know what it is, so I'm going to break it. Stand back, please." He pauses a moment, hand extended toward the ceiling, then closes his fingers sharply into a fist as though taking hold of something. The suspicious ceiling tiles crack, then break apart and shatter, falling down to the ground with a clatter.

The tiles aren't the only thing that falls. Along with them, a pallet of bacta tanks, and atop the bacta... a Vratix. It is Wrikkik himself, live and in the flesh, riding his prize on down to the ground with no regrets. Maybe a couple regrets.

Lioria's head moves to look at Hadrix when he mentions snatching children and the Knight just stares at him for a moment. Then she listens to Erisi and there's a bit of a nod to this. Because she missed it over the talking. Though she follows after the rest of them. When the tiles come down, there's a bit of a look to the Vratix that's on top of them and she points her lightsaber at it, "If you run, you're going to regret it. So I urge you to stay put." she tells it.

"Copy" is Hadrix's response before the cieling is pulled down with mind powers. Seeing the bug beast tumbling with them he brings his blaster rifle to bear, clicking the setting to stun for now. Stock shouldered, looking down the sites, combining the 'iron sites' with his helmet's HUD systems. He doesn't speak, as Lioria has already issued the command to halt. He does hope the little bug runs just the same.

Ravelyn is still here with the group, but not responding over the comms to the helpful advice given, maybe it's just not getting through. "You probably ought to listen to her," is the helpful advice to the bacta riding Vratix as it comes down from the ceiling.

Brand is following along with Oran as he mentions the corralling, offering the man a nod of his head in complete agreement with his BFF's words. They are approaching the bays, and Brand's eyes are scanning the area closely, his hand moving to pull the stun saber from his hip and to send the weapon into a ready position with a flick of his wrist and toggle of a power button. He watches as Oran gets ready to foil the Vratix's hiding spot, drawing his weapon upward before he too looks toward the alien with a warning wave of his saber, not adding his voice to the mix.

When the false panel breaks out of the ceiling, the pallet comes crashing down to the loading bay floor, with a Vratix clinging to the top of it with all six limbs, riding the tank like a cowboy before it comes to an abrupt halt in a shower of dust, chunks of ceiling continuing to drop down around him. His reticulating neck lifts his head high at a defiant angle, compound eyes narrowing in on the group, his yellow construction helmet still perched atop his head, antennae poking up through holes specially designed to emit them. "K-k-killers!" he clicks at them, his carapace tinted an unhappy shade of yellow. "Thieves! You steal my people's c-c-creation, meant to heal all life, and bring pain and misery in its place!" Rather than backing down, Wrikkik draws himself up further, pulling back the small worker's vest he's wearing to reveal a vest of a different kind beneath it. "You k-k-kill me and there is not enough bac-c-cta on this world to put us back-k-k together again," the consummate heist professional warns, and the blinking light on his chest seems to suggest he's not bluffing or at least there's a fair amount of pageantry going on here. "Thus speak-k-keth Wrikkik, if they are the last words he speak-k-ks."

Erisi comes running out of the control room, yelling, "WRIKKIK, don't do it!" Yelled out in just way too adorable a manner, her right hand extended out, palm facing the bug, the woman not intimidating at all. She'll grunt as he exposesh his vest, "Oh my goddess ..he is so adorable with his little exploding vest .." Her left hand comes up and she'll curl fingers as if trying to encapsulate the bug within her fingers, like that episode of Kids in the Hall 'I'm crushing your head' (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91ahZDmqEQQ), "GUYS. ORAN, BRAND, RAVELYN, THE OTHER LADY WHO I DON'T REALLY KNOW, ONE OF YOU ..One of you .." Okay why is she yelling ..toning it down, "Set off his vest, the others BUBBLE HIM. You remember that lesson! CONTAIN HIM! Let him explode himself!"

"Did you kill Trink?" Oran asks hopefully in greeting to Erisi, but doesn't wait for an answer. They've got other pressing matters to attend to. "Rather a solid plan," he agrees instead, and reaches out... but not with a bubble, just a restraint, to keep Wrikkik from escaping. "Hadrix, detonate the vest, if you'd be so kind. Lioria, Ravelyn, as Erisi so charmingly put it.... bubble him, and let him explode himself?"

Lioria gives a bit of a look to Wrik as it rears up and the lightsaber follows. But she doesn't want to blow everyone up. She tries to summon a wave, but yeah, that's not happening. She backs off for the moment and starts to murmur something. Just to herself.

Hadrix wants to take the shot, he got to shoot less than a day ago on Nar Shadaa. He keeps his weapon trained as the bug threatens to blow himself up. He keeps steady when Erisi comes out hollaring. Then Oran gives him the order. Without hesitation he thumbs the toggle immediately to Kill and sights up the center of the explodavest. It's a magical day, for certain, explosion blasting him across a field or not. He fires a single shot, into the center of the vest, and probably through the bug beast and out his back. "Foolish rebels..." and then the explosion.

"Is it possible for you to bring it down about seven levels?" Ravelyn asks Erisi as she lifts a hand in the direction of Wrikkik and the exploding vest. "On it," to Oran. The helmet turns and the focus narrows to alien (NOT A PERSON OK GUYS,) ignoring everything else going on in the area to keep everyone from being blown up into tiny, bite sized bits. Erisi probably knows which wine to pair those bits with though.

Brand blinks in surprise as the bug they've been seeking comes into view wearing an exploding vest. His hand reaches instinctively for the blaster at his side, and then comes out the yelled plan for their success. His hand stalls in it's reach for his weapon, changing it's trajectory and lifting instead to point toward the bug. His fingers splay and he tries to create that wave to bubble the bug up... but nothing happens. He wiggles his fingers hopefully... and still nothing happens. Then he starts to back away.

"Free Thyferra! Free bac-c-" *POOSH*, Hadrix's shot rips through Wrikkik's chest, and the Vratix slumps forward for half an instant before the vest explodes. There is no ball of fire; Wrikkik is a person, and a very methodical and thoughtful person at that. Who knows how long he's been pulling this theft off, and his vest is a no frills affair. When the detonation triggers, it is a powerful high explosive, all force and no flame. The valiant bacta bandit is immediately obliterated at the epicenter of the blast, and were it not for Ravelyn's manipulation of the Force, the shockwave and bits of Wrikkik would be hurtling outward at 26,000 feet per second. As it is, the explosion is just barely contained, with the vaporized Vratix, a good portion of the tank, and splinters of pallet smacking up against an invisible wall before falling to the ground in a pool of bacta.

The bacta bandit is dead, and he was definitely a person. The leak is stopped, but the instructions were to bring them to Kylo. Whether that will matter is a story for another time.

"I don't think so, given you and the other one have done literally nothing on this whole thing other than listen to me, I think I can modulate at whatever level I want." Erisi says cooly to Ravelyn, "Though I'm sure you'll both twist this to the Supreme Leader as 'assisting us' in learning new skills. Given you both rank higher than Oran and I, right?" Oh wait, Brand is in there, "Or Brand .." Who is backing away. Thankfully Ravelyn has listened to Eri, leaving Erisi inhaling and exhaling out quickly, her hands tugging back up to bring her hood back up just as Wrikkik explodes, the bubble containing him, the woman speaking slowly and pointedly to the witnesses around them. Hazel eyes bright beneath her hood.

"To the rest of you I suggest you look at what this Wrikkik has done today and keep in mind I will find you if you dissent, as will my companions, and we will ensure you are brought down, messily or not. Do good work and you will be rewarded for your efforts with the gift of your lives and a continued paycheck." Turning around she will begin to walk away, a bit more panache in her steps than usual, heading off back to the room to grab footage and technical info to present to Kylo.