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Note: The Knights of Ren are no longer accepting PC applications. Any questions regarding the Knights should be directed to staff.

About the Knights of Ren


Leader: Malik Ren
Capitol: Spearhead Base, Ichren System
Flagship: Merciless (Resurgent-class Star Destroyer)

The Knights of Ren are allies of the First Order.

While they are not "official" First Order, they operate as a special-forces group for the FO, particularly in circumstances in which the Republic is expected to deploy their own Force-sensitive allies (Jedi).

The KOR has limited troop and naval capabilities of its own, but does not have a true standing army and navy, nor planetary territory, in the same way the FO proper does.

The KOR are not Sith.

They follow the philosophies of the first Ren, who unsuccessfully rebelled against the Sith and sought to end the Sith long ago. Like the first Ren, today's KOR believe that both the Jedi and the Sith Force traditions are inimical to a peaceful galaxy.

The Knights of Ren are actively trying to destroy both the Jedi and Sith, although their allegiance with the First Order means they focus on the Jedi primarily for now. The First Order has the power to make them cooperate with Sith elements for First Order goals, but it is an uneasy alliance on all sides.

Current Events

Following Kylo Ren's "disappearance" at Exegol, the Knights of Ren have been led by one of his former students, Oran Arcantael. Oran underwent a mysterious Force ritual and emerged leading the Knights of Ren as Malik Ren. He now recruits both Force-Sensitive and non-Force-Sensitive individuals for the Knights of Ren.

The Knights of Ren are typically viewed by the Jedi and Republic as A Problem and by the Sith as A Problem For Later.


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Recruitment info

Note: The Knights of Ren are no longer accepting PC applications.

Questions, comments, page or @mail staff.

The KoR is a combined group of Force Sensitive and non-FS characters, allied to but not strictly in the hierarchy of the First Order. The goal of the Knights of Ren is to enforce order in the galaxy, hunt Force Users and criminals, destroy the Jedi, and destroy the Sith!

KOR is:

  • Lawful evil
  • Its own special-forces group associated to but separate from the First Order
  • Bad guys who think they're doing the right thing

KOR is not:

  • Chaotic evil
  • Stormtroopers, naval officers, and strict structure
  • Sith

We can use human or near-human characters, and unlike a true FO structure, there is room for individual styles and roles. Most roles can work, however, we do a lot of PvP and you'll need to be comfortable in PvE and PvP combat. Fighters and medics particularly welcome.

Please, no characters that are already in other groups, though satellite (not full) BHG can be considered. If you're already in another group but want to work in conjunction with the KOR, drop a line, we'll figure something out.

FS hopefuls need to get in touch with Cujo per bbpost 7/68.

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