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The First Order

State of the Order

The First Order is a military superpower that dominates the stage of the Galaxy. Their fleet is unmatched in size and strength, counting among their number numerous Star Destroyers and smaller craft. TIE fighters, AT-ATs, AT-M6s, and other vehicles are all at the First Order's command, backed by an army of Stormtroopers.

Kylo Ren commands the First Order as Supreme Leader.

The Vanguard

Player characters can choose to be a naval officer, starfighter pilot, or a Stormtrooper. All PCs are considered part of an elite cadre specially trained to follow Kylo Ren on top secret operations. These operatives wear special black armor and are permitted to enjoy relaxed standards commensurate with their abilities. They can take names and commission personal ships from the First Order's arsenal. They can also interact more freely between ranks. Full details are posted on the bulletin boards in-game.

Why Join the First Order?

  • As a member of the First Order, you receive an extra paycheck based on your rank.
  • First Order members receive high-end gear for free and can use their own as well.
  • Be a part of the most feared fighting force in the Galaxy. The First Order is on the rise.
  • There are regular GM'd plots for you to participate in, regardless of which division you join.

Rules and Policies

  1. Be courteous to everyone OOC, not just within the Order but everywhere on the game. We are the bad guys but we're not bad people.
  2. If there's another group you want to be part of, make an alt! The First Order is an exclusive group. It's not my rule, but a Mush rule (Even if it wasn't, it'd be my rule).
  3. If you have any issues with someone within the group, please contact Kylo Ren for arbitration if you cannot work out your differences independently.
  4. Be active. There is no firm timeline but if you are away for some time you risk losing rank/relevance and/or your place in the group.

Ship Commissioning

By contributing a refundable deposit, First Order members may lease access to the following ships at the specified cost.

Note: Subject to availability. Cannot be sold. May be traded in through First Order channels. Leaser is responsible for repairs, fuel, and upgrades. You cannot give rides to civilians or have upgrades performed by civilian mechanics. Pilots without their own ship for personal use are still considered to have access to them for combat missions.

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