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What Was Lost: Sanctuary Run

OOC Date: January 7 2021
Location: Endor - Outer Rim Territories - Inner Zuma Region
Participants: Avery Ihala Kora, Sumi Kora, Aejin, Karys, Eirik, Maya, Zelo Parrai, Terek Rosol, Rathe Versiano and Hadrix Kora as gm Clan Kora

Endor System - High orbit over Sanctuary Moon.

<<"Quite a sight...">> Hadrix's gravel in glass growls over comms as craft come out of hyperspace in proximity to the Sanctuary Moon of Endor. Brilliant greens with patches of tan from plains, scrub, and desert peaking through it. The shadow of the Finalizer falls over it in parts - the picked over and broken remains of the Resurgent class Star Destroyer a husk and reminder of the recent events over Exegol.

<<"Some of the compartments never depressurized, we can attach and breech-board with docking collars. We have a few portable EVA airlocks, once you're in zero-G they're easy move. Hook them on the hull and make your door. Personal heater systems for the vacuum temps. They can hook onto the portable power supplies to get the computers back up and running. Just need to confirm what they have, pull their cores and get clear. If you don't have oxygen systems, rebreathers by the hatches. Hook them to your helmets.">> the Woor'tra lurches ahead, while Hadrix relays information, moving to hover over the primary docking area.

<<"There's likely still pirates or scavengers out here. In the ship, hiding. I'll be keeping an eye out, but watch your backs.">> The skeletal corpse of the massive battleship lists like the tumbled over remains of a ruined building hung in the sky. Unwelcome with a cold - but leering from vacant black eye-socket like holes in the hull.

As one of the lucky ones with a fancy suit but lacking in specific helpful devices, Avery grabs a personal heater and a rebreather, his lips pulling into a thin line before he begins attaching them to his suit. "This should be fun... don't even recall the last time we went for a stroll in space." He remarks, snapping the heater into place. "I guess there's no time like the present!" He slips the rebreather into his helmet to be secured, the obsidian T-Visored helmet lowering in place soon after. He wiggles it a bit on his skull, as if that would prevent the vacuum of space from getting through.

<"Ready?"> He asks the rest of the crew as he moves to a hatch, waiting for everyone to be ready and prepared before he opens the Woor'tra to the nothingness beyond. Once all are set, he opens the hatch and exposes the pure black of space. Snagging a portable airlock before he goes, the Mandalorian Slicer takes stock of the direction of the ship and launches himself from the Woor, angling toward the floating wreckage beyond. At least he has his rocketpack to change direction if needed, the mindnumbing expanse of space a bit much to just float willynilly in.

<"Its a good thing too because I unfortunately do not have that option."> Comments Karys. She adjusts her gear, making sure everything is tightly in place before she adjusts her helmet. It comes down and though there is no hissing seal she feels more presentable for the moment. Its only when she gets the rebreather fully attached that she can stop worrying over the issue of air.

She checks her belt again and works at getting the other equipment ready. But as the hatch is breached she nods her head, glancing back at the others as she helps to secure their crossing. <"Let us hope that we can get the information we need and perhaps not trigger any systems still operable.">

<"Last time we fought in the void, Zee got hit by that space sorcerer and went into a coma."> Sumi comments after attaching the necessary equipment to her armor to make her more 'space worthy'. She had switched out the body suit of her void armor to give her the core warmth needed to traverse space, but she still needed the breathing equipment.

Her HUD, consisting of the T-visor from her helmet, maintained a reflective silver awarding anyone she looked at with their own reflection; at first this was Avery and Karys. Then she turned to look ahead and prepped her weapon by attaching it to a sling and adjusting it to hang by her right side, against her ribs.

There is a checking of his gear in silent contemplation. This is Rathe's typical pre-mission routine. He doesn't even look at most of the gear, it's done by feel. The Medpac on his thigh has been fully restocked, along with the supplies on the Woor'tra since the last run. The only piece he is really looking over is a new piece of gear. Premium surplus that Karys had arranged, refurbished, and modified just the way Rathe needed. He's checking the ease of the folding stock one last time, and then holsters the weapon.

With the mention of all the EVA activity, Rathe is tapping on his left gauntlet to check seal integrity of his suit. His helmet vox crackles to life. <"Ah, sounds like I have to leap ahead of you all for a change. What could possible go wrong"> Rathe sounds amused by this, in fact those that know him well can pick up his absolute underlining glee. Medical Academy is boring after all... no explosions or being shot at during lessons. He plugs his suit into the ships systems to top off the pressurized backups. <"Please sync up your IFF data to my HUD. I'll spot any oxygen issues before most of you anyway."> He pauses, others launching before him after all. <"That'll teach me to be responsible...."> He sounds more amused than not. He's out to grab an airlock and rocket over in a hurry... except they don't fire just right. There's a hesitation, and Woor'tra's systems shake hands again with his gear and he has a muffled yelp at the launch taking him by surprise, but at least getting him over without becoming a bug on a windshield.

"Yeah I don't have any EVA capabilities." Terek notes, as he moves over to grab one of the rebreathers, before putting his helmet back on. He locks it back into place, and then moves to the edge.

He really thinks this is dumb, but you know, once you join the Mandalorians, dumb is par for the course. Once he's at the edge, he fires up his jetpack and leaps. Here goes nothing!

Eirik listens to Had patting Mayas shoulder before going over his weapons a s equipment once again. He'll stand up and gesture for Maya to do the same. <<"Ships seen better days yea?">> He says mostly to himself softly. <<"We also don't have EVA capabilities.">> Eirik states pointing to himself and Maya.

Maya looks to Had and nods as well in unison with Eirik as he is speaking about the lack of EVA. "Your correct.. We don't. " she does stand up and get padded by HAd waiting for a repsonse to thier lack of EVA.

Zelo feels itchy. Maybe it's this odd feeling of pressure to perform - to both impress the clan to which he's sworn, and to not let down the woman who stood for him - or maybe it's the pending decision to go OUT of a perfectly good spaceship while still in the void. The black ocean sails better with a ship and was never meant for swimming. That's why he's a pilot. But, of course, pilots are of little use without a ship. He snaps the personal heater to his armor, tying it into the systems already built in. He picks up a rebreather with hands held steady by sheer willpower alone - he even convinces himself that this totally isn't that big a deal. Snapping the rebreather into place, he double and triple checks his armor, feeling strange with his new glove on; he'd had to buy a separate glove for his armor as the adjustment he'd made for comfort shooting - that nice, open fingertip on his trigger finger - would have meant a very unpleasant and short first adventure into space. He triple-checks, armor, guns, armor... Armor.

<"Outside-the-ship-but-still-in-space business is new to me, so I'm going to be following leads. Other than being totally out of my element, I have a really good feeling about this."> He takes up one of the portable airlocks and secures it right before the hatch is opened. <<"We just... Jump?">> He eyes the expanse from the Woor'tra to the massive wreck that is their destination.

<<"Mount the heaters and rebreathers. They're good to work when getting the portables set up and into the areas not depressurized. Mount up and move, Mando'ade.">> Hadrix's grumble a little lower at the comments by Eirik and Maya, <<"Use them, I tested the equipment... Karys, Rathe and Avery know how much I love space-walks... so you can trust it.">>

The Woor'tra continues to maneuver until it's meters above the landing point where Rathe had brought one of the locks. No hunks of durasteel move, all that had been now burned up in atmosphere or fully in orbit of the Sanctuary moon. The benefit of the tech? Once it's fixed to the hull and powered, it mag-locks and begins thermite-cutting an opening as it accordions out for space, hatches closing on either end to allow for passage in twos or threes at a time with a functional pressure lock.

<<"You should be in one of the tertiary transit corridors. Rathe, Karys and Avery will know the way - pressurized system is data-processing and archive center Osk. Sensors show the commissary sub-station has active power but is open to vacuum, keep clear of the hatches or get them sealed...">> Gripper moves on her repulsors and antigravs through the hatchway,

<<"Ladies, gentlemen. I am at your call as well.">> the droid's own smoky woman's tone chiming in.

The distance across the yawning abyss seems far larger than it should be. Karys breathes, though for a moment she feels her heart flutter and her pulse quicken with the fact they are spanning something that could so easily end her in a second or two. Relief washes over her once she hits the other ship and manages to get a hand hold. <"Everyone set?"> Because nothing like having another person drifting in space instead of helping them.

Once they get inside she draws herself through the ship towards what looks to be a functional interface though working on reserves. She pulls up the screen and smacks the side of it. <"We should see about setting up some form of life support, just in case things go wrong. Its like swimming in an ocean out here. One wrong move and you could die. We can probably close compartments along the way to try to secure a smaller working area, not tax the system."> She tries. But there is a beep at her and a hiss down the way but nothing happens.

She pushes herself back and away as she pulls out her gun and readies - pirates and all.

The float across the void is curious, left with only his thoughts and the comms crackling with the other's voices. Avery floats in silence for seconds that feels like minutes, his mind shifting to the time that they all were aboard this ship... when it was whole and in a working order. As the wreckage looms larger, his thoughts drift to what they'll find, if anything in the derelict systems will actually have what they're looking for, information to their pasts. As his landing spot nears, Avery fires off a quick burst of jet, just to flip slightly and allow him to brace with his feet. Contact, and he absorbs the collision with his legs, dropping into a crouch as the rest of their crew get boots on the wreckage around him.

The obsidian armored Mandalorian glances back to the shape of the Woor'tra nearby, one final glance before moving toward where Karys breached the ship. He swings himself inside, enjoying the feeling of zero-g for the moment, swimming through space. Avery arrives as the ship gives a negative tone, his visor sweeping over the systems that she had attempted to communicate with. <"Lemme try..."> He states, pulling his UCI from his belt and slipping the cord into the jack, bringing the pair online. After a few moments, a green readout flares on his screen, notifying him of a minor success in bringing some systems online. <"Looks like we have a little bit of life support in there. Won't last long, it's using the emergency stores to power it."> He too pulls a weapon free, clutching the newly modded carbine to his chest as he awaits what lies beyond.

<<"Does Hadrix love space walks? Is water wet? Is oxygen vital to most of us? Is alcohol amazing? Is Hadrix' backside massive? All of these things are facts.">> Rathe chuckles at his own wit before unholstering his newest arsenal addition. <<"I'll take point, I'm no good with computers.">> Rathe has slipped into the corridor, the first thing he does is look for trouble. His visor goes straight ahead, right, left, up and down before he crosses into the ship fully.

After that, Rathe needs to pause and gain bearings, he tries to consult the datapad built into his gauntlet to refresh his memory while muttering inside his helmet. With the slicing team doing their thing... <<"Any chance we can boost the power, seal off the hatches like Hadrix mentioned?">> He's a War Doctor, not an engineer damn it.

Prior to departing Hadrix's vessel, Sumi performed a functions check for her rocketpack, then ensured her wrist device was set for cable mode. With no way to maglock her boots to the deck, Sumi would be floating unless they found some way to generate gravity inside!

Fast forward to their arrival, Sumi switched on her helmet light if only for ambient light (which was required for nightvision to work in most cases). She occupied the rear of the group, a bit out of her element. She stayed quiet and content to follow the clan for the sake of supporting their mission. After priming her weapon, she raised it at a low ready.

Eirik sighs as he gets fitted with the EVA. He looks around and chuckles at Rathes reactions. He pulls out his trusty EE-3 carbine. <> He calls to Rathe as he follows him out.

Maya begins to look down ar rhe floor and notices the scuffs on the floor and then.. that is when she reaches out and taps Eirik on the shoulder. "There are some scuff marks right here.. and you can tell it's heading deeper and deeper into the ship.. we should follow it though stay right on my 6. WE can't be too careful could lead to trouble. " she does look to the pressure triggers carefully walking not putting alot of pressure though she does let the other's know as well.. be careful when they walk.

Zelo draws the E-11, having made it to and through the airlock even easier than expected. He scans the interior of the wrecked Destroyer, having - for the first time in his life - no urge to fly a ship like this. He sweeps those black-pool eyes beneath his helmet over the interior, seeking vital information necessary to keep alive those who would count on him. As his rebreather hisses, he notices something on the wall in the direction of the computer hub. He holds up a hand to anyone who happens to be behind, and raises a voice for those who aren't. <<"Hold up. We've got bead sensors here. Doesn't line up with what I know of First Order tech. Definitely active. Anyone good at picking out specifics or seeing where the signal may be headed?">> He moves just close enough to point out the sensor so clearly even a Hapan in the dark would see it. Meanwhile, he continues sweeping his gaze over the interior, weapon at the ready.

Terek's angle of attack with his jetpack is not on target. He tries to re-adjust, but is unlucky enough to not be able to. It looks like he's about to slam into the hull, but he's saved at the last second by Sumi and manages to land without too much incident.

Once he's inside, he's immediately lost. He's never been on one of these ships before. He comes up over comms, <"Hey uh. Can somebody tell me where you need me to go in here? And maybe where I am..">

Rathe is a liar. Hadrix hates space-walks. Absolutely hates them. He has reasons.

It's enough gravity to turn floating from kick-offs into long leaps through the atmosphere creeping up to 'Hoth' from horrific frozen death temperatures. But it makes the personal heaters work better.

<<"Got you on sensors, you're closing in. Computer rooms read no pressure. Be ready">> The advantage of nearly half of those present knowing the way through this ship, getting to where one wants to go isn't a concern. The squib technology? Complicated - but the tech heads on hand can get another put into place to allow the group access to the computer archives.

Another airlock being set in place with thermite cutting passage when cautious ears pick up movement - magnetized boots being used for controlled bounds and leaps as figures in bulky eva gear come around a corner - blasters waved threateningly, might have been better if they'd tried for stealth. But... Pirates.

Avery takes care to avoid the sensors, both pressure and bead, as he makes his way to the information center. Unhooking the portable airlock from his back, he attaches it to a clear space of the wall and works on activating the device. A few moments later and the airlock whirs to life, slowly cutting through the durasteel wall to allow 'easy' access to the other side. The former First Order Stormtrooper leans back against the wall, careful not to trigger an alarm, while he waits for the airlock to complete it's job. <"I don't like the look of this, I think we're going to find some resistance on the other side. By the smell of it..."> Yes... smell in space. <"...it's probably pirates.">

He nods towards the traps pointed out by Zelo and Maya, making small motions for everyone else to keep away from yon devices. Moments later, a beep sounds from the airlock, letting them know that it has completed its work and is ready to be used. About that time, armored and angry fellows come around a corner and lift their weapons to point at the Mandalorians 'invading' their territory. Avery cycles the airlock, grabs the wall, and moves to fling himself inside. <"I'll work on getting the info, might need help! Otherwise, let them know that they're not welcome in our ho.... they're not welcome here!"> comes the call over the speakers emanating from the obsidian Mandalorian's helmet, and Avery flings himself inside.

As she secures one of the pieces of tech into place, Karys is not paying full attention to what is coming around the corner. That is until Zelo and Maya make a comment. Her attention shifts only when the seal hisses into place and Avery is moving. The visor of her indigo helmet pans, catching the light as she lifts her gun just as she sees the armed and armored figures.

Instincts. kicks in and the first bolt that hits is a stun, causing the pilot to flop with his maglock boots still attached. He's alive, but she quickly ticks her gun over and she shoots, squeezes off several shots as she smiles behind her helmets.

A nod of her head as the ones she hits also flop, but very much dead.

Sumi was not a tech-specialist, a medic, or anything with any specificity. She was a soldier, and had been for a century lifespan. So it should be no surprise that when they had company, she locked onto the threat almost immediately. Stationing herself against a bulkhead, she fired a silent shot of angry red, its incendiary impact playing havoc with their EVA and igniting the pure oxygen being vented in their suits. And just like that, two were incinerated, their orange hue reflected off Sumi's visor while their screams went unheard!

Indeed, Rathe loves to upset Hadrix. He got to confirm spacewalk rumors and couple them with the big ass joke he'll pay for later, he's sure. Sumi is lighting the way for him, so he leaves his off. Being war medic means being a target far more often than not. Maya and Zelo speak up on signals and signs. Rathe spot checks the E-11 in his hands once more, he's not got any concerns over it. Karys used his biometrics to get it right, he trusts their Armorer. Avery speaks up on the topic of pirates, and has a slip of the tongue. Rathe sympathizes, he was the last Vanguard hold-out of all of them, Avery was a close second.

Karys starts her combat manuevers and once again Rathe counts himself to be behind her, than in front of her. The same thought crosses his mind for Sumi as she drills her two targets. Rathe tucks the new-to-him weapon into his shoulder and snaps off shots for two seperate targets. He's not embarressed, two more down. <<"Karys there's no better Weaponsmith than you in the galaxy, know that? Best gift ever.">>

Well it seems that what they need Terek to do is no matter now, because what he needs to do is shoot these pirates that have ambushed them.

Turning around he drops to a knee, using the bulkhead nearby as a stable position and raises the EE-3 to his shoulder. He quickly sights in on the closest target, and fires a shot, though it goes wide as a bolt blasts off the wall above his head.

He re-adjusts and fires a second shot, this one scoring a clean strike dead center of the pirate and knocking him to the deck. He's not dead, but he's not getting back up either.

Zelo brings the E-11 to bear, still trying to get used to a small long gun. This one hasn't gotten a name yet, but perhaps that will change by the time this excursion is concluded. Pirates definitely are lacking in subtlety. The sniper lowers in an instant, taking to a knee and supporting his rifle with his left hand, wrist resting on raised knee for all the stability the short long gun can muster. One squeeze of the trigger, one unfortunate pirate won't be having second thoughts about his lifestyle anymore. One more squeeze of the trigger, the last one won't be able to finish the poem they wrote for that cantina-lady they've been dreaming of. <"Going to have to agree with Rathe, this Young Gun is masterfully put together!">

And now it has a name. Young Gun. It's not grown up like his old favorites, but... It has grown on him.

Maya goes to shoot at the ugly priate and well.. she misses horriably. Tonight is just not her night and she hangs her head in embrassment. "Damn.. That is so embrassing.

The horde coming around the corner gunned down en masse without even a single of their shots fired - the hallway is quiet for a moment.

<<"Woor'tra, Infil-Group, registering fire - I have engine signals coming up, I don't think the squatters appreciate your poking around. Be ready for more company.">>

In the archive center it's cold, dark enough to almost challenge the night optics of his helmet. Bodies float, skin blackened from the rapid frostbite that swept the First Order operators who had the luxury of flash freezing as death came to them, Droids, maglocked to the floor, stand like statues with their power cores having run down.

But there is one thing providing dull indirect ambience to lead him towards a core terminal. Low on power - but enough to start work, or jury-rig portable power supplies in place.

In the corridor, true to Hadrix's warning another dozen pirates burst from a hatchway, blasted open and causing the tenuous atmospheric pressure to feel like it was trying to rush out - a single forward running member firing wildly while bolts sing past his head.

<<"Be ready to call for extract in case we need to move.">>

Avery hop-floats across the surreal scene, dodging bodies, stationary droids, and other discarded debris. He doesn't look at any faces as he goes, horrified of the scene enough it would be even worse if he actually saw someone he recognized. When he reaches the terminal he does a quick check before attempting to jack in, the systems are at low power and, for the amount of information he needs to shift through, having them a bit more juiced would be preferable.

He looks around him, trying to find some device to plug into the terminal, something to give it just a nudge more... droids. There're no GNK droids to be scene but a protocol droid would do just fine. Avery pushes off to collide with a black droid nearby, wrenching the back off the thing and grabbing a handful of wires to stretch to the information center. After a bit of work, a few shocks, and some quiet curses, the terminal registers yellow. Not quite where he would like it but a definite improvement than where it was. <"Ok... here we go..."> He switches comms before plugging in. <<"How're you all doing out there? Am I missing a fun party?">>

<"We got more contacts. Copy, Hadrix. Avery is working on liberating the information. We will hold our exfil position."> Karys turns her head to look at Sumi as she finds a place for partial cover and turns about. Her hand extends and she squeezes off several shots. They lance outwards and the first slams into the intended target but the armor absorbs it. The next two blow right through and the pirate is left spinning as she makes sure to leave room for the others, her hand gripping the bulkhead with her free hand so she doesn't spin around and out into the line of fire.

<"Target down.">

When they get the call on the horn that more were coming, Sumi kicked off the bulkhead just as fire came her way! Sparks split off the wall, and Sumi fires back mid-air only to miss, then clatter against the deck in a comical display that might have been loud were there noises. Sumi 'oofs' within her helmet, and groans with age as she tries to right herself and prepare to open fire again. Her head is aching, as is the rest of her body. She hated space walking missions, she always came back with the worst bruises!

<<"Best Armorer in the galaxy.">> Rathe confirms towards Zelo when he agrees. Rathe isn't sure of the gun nickname, but it's not his call. Hadrix is promising for more targets, Rathe smiles inside his helmet. He stays silent about being eager to continue trying this thing out. Then there's another bunch of pirates to make his day. Avery jury rigs, Karys puts down her pirate. Relatively speaking as he's spinning off in the null-grav. <<"It's a nice light show you're missing, Avery. Work faster, aye?">> Rathe. Always so supportive.

There a pause as Sumi has a rough moment. Rathe starts that way, stops. <<"Need a hand boss-lady?">> He's paying for his cocky thinking earlier, as the first shot re-warms the wooblies that Sumi had. While the pirate is clutching at himself with a hand in wonder that he still can have little ones, Rathe puts a blaster bolt through his faceplate. Maybe it wasn't good sportsmanship, but it felt good to the war loving Kora.

Hugging the sides of corridors, using bulkhead supports or anything else they can for cover, the Pirate return fire in kind - the sort of fire that some might think was meant to keep heads down with the lack of accurate fire in favor of sheer quantity. Lucky shots hitting, if anything while the pirates shout invectives over helmet speakers. The air is quite literally vibrating with all of the pressure wakes from plasma fire going back and forth; a weak system alert going off, draining the already faint battery emergency power on the verge of total failure.

Inside the archives, the computer terminal blinks and then powers solid again.

Inp***-* mmand... Input com*!!d... the system readout flickering in and out but awaiting the slicer's work to be done.

Terek's aim was off, maybe because he wasn't used to fighting inside of a ship. His shots were going wide, and he knows he needs to adjust. But first he needs to take cover. He falls back from his position and ducks down a corridor, taking cover from the incoming fire that bounces off the walls where he had been just a few moments earlier. He's going to take the time to switch weapons, get the pistol out and go back to work.

He's always had better luck with this thing than the rifle anyway, he needs to get some more practice in with that thing. Once it's safely slung and his pistol is drawn, he'll be clear to move again.

Eirik moves forward looking for a better position finding one that'll do he lines up the shot taking it and nailing the pirate easily. In his arrogance though he doesn't quite line up the second shot and it misses wide.

Maya takes a hit towards her torso area.. though she doesn't drop down to the ground and just lay there.. nope! she moves to take cover and address just where she got shot more fully.. she is injured no doubt.. But she is quiet about this.. pain or no gain is her motto. Heck she might not be one of the clan yet..,but she took one for the team so to speak quite litertaly.

Zelo shifts slightly, bracing his elbow in a seam of the wall to hold stead at the rushing air from the pressure shift. There's been no call to evacuate and more enemies are coming, so his choices and his job are simple. He continues shooting until the opposition, or the job, is done. The Nautolan takes his time, picking out a target: a big, really ugly target. A pull of the trigger erases that pirate's looks from existence, and likely most anyone's memory. The pirate formerly known as ugly flies backward, striking the one that looks like it smells, even through unstable air pressure and a rebreather. Unfortunately, the smelly one in question was Zelo's next target and what should have been a kill shot ends up a heavy blow to the shoulder - still enough to drop it.

<<"Two more down, plenty of activity though. Any expediting would be appreciated, sir.">> Two fewer enemies for Kora, but this is a very large wreck. Who knows how many are left?

"I do love a good light show..." Avery mutters to himself, slinging the E-11 back over his shoulder and pulling the cord from his Universal Computer Interface to jack into the faintly glowing terminal. However, regardless of the good natured quips back and forth, his friends are getting shot at and he should, in fact, work faster. Now plugged in, he can do what they came here for. His fingers fly over the UCI screen, navigating through the systems and subsystems, searching for the files on the Vanguard's past. The lights from the machine flicker on his helmet, the cold glare of the T-Visor reflecting nothing but silence and calm.

There... there it is, or at least, he thinks it is. Deep in the personnel files, hidden well below officer records, are the Stormtrooper records. Logs and data on different creches, their training regimen, and the holy grail... the individual files of the members of the Vanguard. Anticipation shakes his form, his fingers nearly shivering with excitement and terror, years of wondering, of searching for this... right at his command. But there's no time to browse now, he has to wait to pour over what has been found. Preferably in a less 'life or death' setting, what with his friends being blasted at out in the hall. <<"I got it....">> he breathes into the comms, a crooked grin taking his lips as he downloads the files into his personal databank.

<"We are thinning the numbers but we could have more soon. They seemed to be on our end of the ship."? Karys remarks as she squeezes off her next shots. One pirate blown right through the neck and then the next gets smacked once and is hurt bad enough that he's out for the count, though her third shot goes wide and he will live - possibly, if his suit is not compromised.

<"We are clear to exfil, Avery has the package. Avery, move. We will cover you."> Karys starts to shit her position so that she can better block the emergence of her squadmate.

<"I'm fine,"> Sumi's raspy voice responds to Rathe as she picks herself up and fires, seemingly at a whim, and plants an angry red bolt into the cranium of some poor pirate who had just been peeking to fire. There's no sound to it, but the fiery contrail left embers burning through the helm where a visor shattered and cooked grey matter drifted out after they hit the wall behind them and floated upside down a bit.

Sumi fires a second shot, aiming this time, and misses valiantly. She chuckles despite this, and moves forward doing a real moon walk. Oh, her old knees.

Terek's cover stays strong, and he keeps his composure despite the rounds coming towards him. Safely putting his rifle back on it's sling, he draws his pistol and creeps back to the edge of his cover, peeking around the corner with his helmeted head. Not too many of them left, he doubts this firefight will last much longer at this rate.

At least there wasn't boring conversation, and idle boasting threats from the pirates really. Just professional fighting. Rathe pauses that thought, revises it to semi-professional, the pirates are still a gaggle after all. But at least they're focused on the shooting. Then they start with their invectives. Rathe sighs inwardly, but it's to be expected from Pirates. All he can do here is help buy Avery time. He's focused on the fight ahead, not the HUD readouts for the moment. Avery speaks triumph into the comms. <<"I'm enjoying myself. Are you sure you are sure?">>

Rathe really needs to get out of the Medical Academy more often. Regardless, as much as he wants to continue to fight, that wasn't the objective. The Ex-Vanguard nods his helmet in agreement, and remembers to speak up. <<"All right, you heard the Ruus'alor, let's get him out intact.">> There's a long glance Sumi's way as she responds and he speaks to her locally on his vox. <"As you will then, Boss Lady'> Rathe's voice contains a grin, he's simply happier at war. War. It's FAN-tastic! Speaking of which his first bolt sent back the other way after having some near misses coming his way excavates a pirates heart in a burst of flame, not as tactically deadly as the Alor, but passable. His next shot on the other hand... hopefully noone saw that so much. Just like he didn't see Sumi's or Karys'. Nope. All kills for them.

Eirik spotting Maya get hit he growls. <<"Mayas been hit guys.">> He says as he fires and misses before refocusing and and firing at the pirates and dropping another one.

Maya has been hit though.. as she is getting healed by Rathe she begins to feel some of that pain subside though its still there.. With her being hit.. she is down and out.. and calls over the comlink. <I've been hit..Can I get some asstiance? I'm out of sight for now. >

It seems like there are always more pirates. Zelo Parrai continues to do his work, growing more comfortable with the E-11 Karys had so heavily modified for him. Perhaps it just needs something in the grip for balance. He's not entirely sure, but target time is now. Planning time is scheduled for right after he has a functional ship under his boots. The last of the second wave, two pirates who look genuinely flummoxed. Likely, they had expected scavengers like themselves - bottom feeders of the black ocean. But they found Mandalorians instead, and these are the last two pirates to realize it. Zelo acquaints them with the concept with two pulls of the trigger, quickly stopping them in their magboot tracks and ending the most recent threat. He rises, eyes peering out for hints of further territorial aggression coming from the depths of the ruined Star Destroyer.

'Do not fail me.' That's what Karys had told him when he accepted her offer. Looking at all of the dead pirates, he hoped his contribution was enough to uphold that expectation.

Silence rages again in the hallway with the fall of the last of the pirate falls. The ship is shaking, weaponsfire off target having compromised hull integrity, such as it was, in places and rendering the ability to hold out vacuum indefinitely a non-issue.

The whistle of air leaving grows and then begins to fade with less and less of it remaining to allow sound to to be broadcasted.

<<"Woor'Tra, infil team - I'm coming in to dock on the hull above you. Docking clamps engaging. Sensors show you're about to have a bad time of it.">>

In the computer rooms, Avery's work comes to further fruit of a sort - but it looks like there will be one last bit of difficulty in his task.

Avery had been glancing over his shoulder when a red error message snaps his attention back to the datapad. "You're kidding me...." The slicer begins disconnecting his UCI and replacing it into his utility belt when he calls back over the comms. <<"Hey uh... I'm gonna need to yank the drive itself, there's too much data here to copy over.">> He pauses for a second while examining the system itself. <<"And I'm going to have to route the power from my armor and datapad into this thing to keep it from shutting down and wiping.">> As he talks, he's reversing the wires, plugging in his suit and his personal device to keep the memory they're looking for alive. <<"I'm gonna be fairly useless on the return...">> The obsidian Mando states, now satisfied with the rerouting of power and reaching down to yank the whole drive from the information terminal. "Ooooof.... that's heavier than I thought." Avery mutters as he watches the HUD in his helmet flicker once before it blinks out of existence. "Well kriff...." the voxless helmet states he hefts the massive drive and waddles back to the temporary door.

As their last foe goes down, Karys tucks away her gun and pushes off the bulkhead to angle herself towards Avery. <"Let me see if I can help."> She manages to latch herself to his arm and begins to work through some of the wiring. <"Less then efficient, just a second...nearly. Just need to cross this wire...there. Rerouted. Okay! You should have some power back."> She remarks, watching the wires spark a moment before the buzz of energy flows differently and she pushes to the side to help lessen the burden further. She will follow along side of the slicer with his prize.

"<Keep going, we are all bringing up the rear and I will make sure nothing waits outside."> <"Woor'ta are we clear? Inbound!"> she might be excited for the results.

Sumi stays astride of the group, moon-bounding as it were and pieing corners to ensure they had no more visitors to shoot at them. She stays quiet, dutiful, and mindful of the team, moving when they call out to do so. Her weapon is kept at the alert, the platform supported by both hands for easier, more accurate shooting.

Terek is not having a good night it seems. As the other mandos go flying down the coridor, he decides to follow them, firing up his jetpack. But he fails to account for the sudden change in position and slams into the wall in front of him, before bouncing off of it and ping-ponging his way down the coridor. Eventually he manages to straighten himself out, but the damage has been done to the bulkheads and his pride.

Eirik slings his EE-3 over his shoulder before grabbing Maya and picking her up and carrying her with him. <<"I've got Maya, I'll get her back to the ship thanks for healing her Doc.">> He calls as he follows Rathes departure. Spotting Terek pinballing the walls he keeps his laugh held in as long as possible.

Zelo does not immediately sling his E-11 over his shoulder, but begins walking backwards after the slow-moving slicer with the oversized hard drive trundles past him. The pace seems to pick up with Karys' modification but the sniper's boots click rhythmically as he propels himself backwards, never taking his aim from the area where the pirates had appeared. If anyone is coming for them, he'll give them a whole lot of trouble until everyone is clear. Because covering the retreat is what a sniper does. Everyone gets out, or they're all paid for.

He continues backing until he reaches the airlock, and then climbs out, making for the Woor'tra.

With the last aboard, the Woor'tra's hatch seals pulling away from the Finalizer's corpse without waiting for the inner lock to seal, violently depressurizing the corridor per design of Zelo while the blockade runner boosts and makes for the edge of the gravity fields so that the ship can lurch to light speed at the very last.

Behind them, bodies and debris are ejected into the eternal night over Sanctuary Moon. A field of macabre detritus soon to join the orbit or more likely fall into atmosphere, to burn away like a meteor shower over the forests and grasslands.

Now only a matter of filtering through data and finding the next steps in Karys's and Avery's personal quests.