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Rathe Post-Exegol Results

Rathe Versiano specializes in Combat Medicine, and was a former Stormtrooper member of the First Order's Vanguard, the elite Special Forces team hand selected by Kylo Ren himself. He has been known to provide violence before medicine. Currently he serves Clan Kora as their own war medic.

Current Status - Between conflicts in an unforgiving galaxy.

The First Order failed to provide order, being unable to fulfil such ideology left Rathe jaded. This especially in the light of being on a covert insertion mission when everything in the galaxy went to hell. It has taken quite some time but he's fought his way back to Nar Shaddaa looking to discover his future, which now happens to include Mandalorians.

Character Info

Born on Corulag to a very fanatic COMPNOR physician father who was later recruited to leave Corulag for the Unknown Regions and the birth of the New Order. Being from such stock, and having an aptitude for medicine resulted in Rathe's selection for the Creche's and Indoctrination... there was no resistance. Rathe wanted to be selected. A violent streak, a restlessness was discovered almost immediately, unsuitable as a physician. The First Order instead used his genetic instinct and training for treatment, creating a new Combat Medic for the Stormtrooper Corps. He has risen and fallen as an NCO. In Combat? Salty, almost abrasive, and focused on mission objectives. As a Medic, a firm believer in the tough love. If one wastes his time with a minor issue during combat, he will weaponize his intelligence. He likes to fight, be it with a rifle in his hand, or a Vibrosword.

Having returned to Nar Shaddaa, Rathe has made some new connections, and renewed old. He has a new beginning now, accepted to begin anew as a Mandalorian of Clan Kora. He serves as a dedicated War Doc, though has been known to extend services outside Kora as well.


Karys - We had found each other, but she brought me back to life. Such a bratty streak. I could not save her. We were wed in her blood, as she lay dying in my arms. I want to follow her... but I have promises to keep.
Sumi Kora - Leader of Clan Kora. Damn she is intense. May like violence more than I do. Likes to have fun.
Avery - More former Vanguard. Brilliant slicer. Still needs some work, but all business with warfare. Just needs my tough love.
Kirioth Kora - Another of Clan Kora. Masterful Swordswoman. Terrible dodge artist. I have a separate medpac labeled for her.
Zelo Parrai - Sniper, Karys trusted him. His actions speak, to me, speak that trust.


Saanvi - Technically I found her. Another Vanguard, works for Kryll in the clinic. Bit of a mother hen medico.
Jayla Shane - Shooter. Fixer of sorts. Set me up with an outstanding Carbine all tricked out.

RP Hooks

Combat Medicine - Practically a soldier before a doc, but is still a doc at the core.

Downtime - There is something to be said about bar RP. Be it drinking, lurking, or a good old fashioned brawl.

Tough Love - There is no filter if one "does the dumb" and gets themselves hurt. Sometimes the cure is worse than the injury.

Vibroblades - Rathe can hold his own in a Vibroblade duel. He is well known for having a Vibroblade bolted to the outside of the armor of his left calf.

Cigarillos - A more recent habit picked up in the aftermath of the Battle of Exegol.

More TBD.