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Mandalorians: Death is Life

OOC Date: May 4, 2020
Location: Dxun
Participants: Sumi Kora, Hadrix Kora, Narsai Ordo, Karys, Sar Yavok, Tara Sur, Kirioth Kora, Clan Kora

"Commandant Veryyr is dead, the firebase is taken. We're hemorrhaging resources, General..." The face of Mardut Kira, current King of Onderon was blurred in form by holocomms, but the frustration and anger there were unmistakable in the distortion.

"Your grace! We know where it is, our researchers are inside and we're doing our best to get past the entry hall"

"Not even past the hall!?" the king's ire palpable across the thousands of kilometers separating them, "Zanliis, we should have done this during The Crossing, when we wouldn't have to bother with blocking space! We could have just moved troops with aerospace barges. Moved research! The damned Mandalorians wouldn't have even known!"

"I have this. Under. Control. Your grace." Biting out the words, the older man scowled inwardly, too old for this. It was bad enough when the Empire controlled Iziz and Ondernon. Now this would be Beast Lord was trying to tell him how to operate this. "It will be handled.

"It best." the holograms faded and the General turned to the others, "Bombard the firebase, no point in taking it now! Orbital strike, kill any if we can and focus our attentions on the damned base. Find out what those blasted crusaders were keeping there."

On The Surface

Lances of coherent light spear through clouds and churn duracrete an rebar to slag as they become craters that will cool to look like massive stone ripples in the surface of a green and brown lake. Hastily erected laser towers and Quonset huts exploding into vapor that cools and becomes clouds of metal dust that paints a silvery sheen on whatever it collides with and chokes whatever breathes it.

What use they had made with it before now gone, and with Onderonian forces massing thicker - it becomes a question of if the Mandalorians can make this too expensive a project for Onderon before it becomes to expensive for them.

<<"Mandalorians, we've several units in field. They're watching their command forces with more caution. Armored cav are crushing down jungle, infantry look like they're prepping slit-trenches, and a combined arms unit. Infantry and light transports. On your orders Alor. We have demo charges and the Laar is readied for a strafing run if necessary.">>

Hadrix's voice rumbles on comms from his CIC point somewhere in the jungle, in what he and others affectionaly called a Duke Hole in their old days. It's effective AND evocative.

<<"Our best bet is to draw them into an open area. Trenches will give us the most cover, and if recon's right, there's only fighters prepping those right now. Let the Cav and combined arms roll on the trenches. It will reconnoiter their forces to one place; an ideal run for bombs and an aerial strike. Whatever's left, we can mop up from mid-range.">> Sumi flicks her smoke off to the side and dons her beskar helmet. Fresh blue paint dull the shine of a beskar cuirass and armored arm pieces, joining the ensemble of pauldrons and helm. <<"Thoughts?">> Sumi was spitballin' here. It seemed a long shot, and with orbital bombardment happening, drek could go sideways at any possible moment.

Sumi collects her A280 from leaning against a tree and tosses the sling over her mid-section. A weathered pat against the receiver has the weapon whining to life.

<<"So you want me on the SX for heavy firepower, or more mobile for rapid response? I'm good with either.">> Tara's leaning against another tree, her own helmet and pauldrons having the shine of beskar where the paint bears battle damage. <<"Sounds pretty good to me, although we'd probably want an option for some cover against air attack. I don't want to get strafed today.">>

Staring at a holo readout projecting from his gauntlet of the ongoing advance, as he has for decades. The erstwhile Colonel rests his free hand on his hip as he lowers the readout, looking to the rest of the gathered fighters. "It's as good a plan as any," Sar offers back to Sumi. "We've gotta do this hard and fast. We don't have the resources to drag this out. We secure the trenches, rig our charges in the open field, and hold onto them as a last resort. We look like we're getting overrun and we blow them all to hell," Sar says, sliding his EE-3 out of its holster.

Karys adjusts the belt about her waist, doing a last minute check of her weapons as she listens. Her helmet sealed into place she glances across the assembled as her t-visor reflects the images of those around her. <"Herding them does sound optimal. Getting them into one location."> Her right hand flexes as she takes hold of her 54 and her left remains low to her side with the forty-four.

She nods to Sumi with a quick dip of her helmet. Ready to be up and off.

Roth is back in her armor and looking like some tall Alabaster Mandalorian statue. She is quiet, like she usually is before they start missions. It's a time to listen and to process orders when they come down. Today is no different. She looks to Sumi as the Alor speaks and then she looks to Sar when he agrees with Sumi, <<Think we've got a plan going.>> she states over the comms. There's a nod of her helmed head and then she's looking to the swords strapped to her hips, "Well, we'll get to you at some point today." she pats them.

The slit trenches chosen, the method of assault a Mandalorian one of jet strike. The Onderonians are prepping their trench with the aid of agri-droids set to build some distinct styles of rows.

They stand on the edge of the jungle where a hill rises up like the stump of an arm thrusting from beneath the surface of an ocean, a tumble of rocks partway up and a small dry-fit structure that looks like it was once a simple redoubt having become a vine and moss covered feature of permanence and clearly the only sign that the fort was even here.

No wonder the Onderonians had such trouble finding the way in.

Sumi's helmeted head nods in acknowledgement of Sar's validating the plan, and wisdom to move quickly. <"If we can draw them to us in the field, we can back track and blow the charges anyway. We can see what survives, have our air smash what's left while we all shoot from a distance"> Sumi tugs the sling strap to tighten the rifle closer to her mid-section. <"Like Sar says.. we'll need to move in fast, secure the trenches, then set up what we need to and get the rekk out."> A slow turn and Sumi upnods to Karys, acknowledging her approval of the plan as well. A glance is paid to the fire team with her. <"Everyone ready?">


Sumi is among the first to land at the trench site. It's to the number of a hasty landing, the draw of her rifle, and the blasting of a heavy Onderonian trooper that spills them backward, tumbling into the trenches. <"HA! OYA!"> She screams over the sudden ensuing chaos as the others begin to make their landing. Sumi stomps forward, dropping down into the trenches while chicken-winging her rifle's buttstock under her arm. <"Move fast, vode! Violence of action! HA!">

<<"Once we're in I'll take up a firing position with the SX. THey've probably got more speeders.">> Tara checks the maglocks holding the two halves of the heavy weapon to her backplate on either side of her jetpack, and grips her pistols. <"Let's do this. Oya!"> 

The lightning assault starts, and Mandalorians are bounding and flying across the terrain. Staying low, and not keeping a constant course. Tara opens up, her well aimed bolts taking out two of the light infantry with shots to center mass. <<"Anyone sees a really good firing position in the line after we take 'em, mark it on the map for me!">>

<Ready,> remarks the old gunslinger, engaging his his jetpack and taking to the air. It's not his preferred method of conveyance. He'd much rather be astride a speeder bike, taking ridiculous pot shots at the enemy and drowning in all of the glory of his badassitude. Alas, his speeder bike is still parked outside of Roth's apartment where it was used to show off how cool he is. So. After downing one of the heavies and putting the hurt on another, Sar begins listing to the side before he panicks, sending himself into a spiral headed straight for the ground!

Feeling the ground beneath her feet give way, Karys waits until they reach a downward arch before she nods her head and taps on Hadrix' shoulder. A light push of her hip to give her room from him and the Skyripper armor's gliders opening to catch the upward air as she descends. It causes her to pull up sharp for a moment, sending her first shot off its mark.

As she leans into the turn, she brings herself in a back and forth pattern through the air that is meant to bring her closer and nearly atop her targets. Still hanging in the air she lets off two more shots and both miss.

Roth's go to is Rocketeering and then cutting down her enemies, she is following the rest of the Kora's when they take off. She has a heavy blaster pistol out though. CURIOUS! But her attention is distracted by that cobalt blue armor that Sar wears as he goes into a spiral and the Arkanian dives down, <> she states over the comms to him. He's righted in the air after a few seconds and the Merc internally calms down. She makes for the ground though once she's got him. Once there she takes a shot at one of the lights, because she wasn't focusing too much on who was where except friendlies.

Mandalorians in their ranks. Roaring heavy blasters and jet engines. The response from the force in the trenches is scattered but at least partly effective. Though a bolt from the purple wearing Mandalorian brings up only hunks of soil, a strike to the belly plate as Hadrix grounds.

Bodies already falling, one of the troops with heavier gear fumbles at his belt, trying to get a commlink out while firing on the attacking Mandalorians. The rest try to take defense posture, but with assault coming into their trench, their options are becoming distinctly limited.

In the distance the rumble of armored cav is coming, but too distant to help by any means.

Sumi allows the A280 to hang by its sling after taking a moment to duck low, avoiding a pair of blaster shots clearly intended for her. Dust, rock, and debris speckle her position, TINK-ing off the side of her helmet and pauldrons as she rose with a TRENCH GUN.


--sounded the receiver as she primed it and chambered the next tibanna capsule before releasing it with a thunderous discharge whose concussion stirred up dust around Sumi.

The custom compensator at the end of the barrel was initiated for maximum spread, and that was achieved upon impact when Sumi made a mural of a man's guts just as they dropped down to halt her advance in the trenches.

Bolts skim pass Tara as she flies, but she's able to drop into the trenches otherwise unharmed, Dual pistols up, she charges her way along the line. One regular takes a shot to the gut that leaves him on the ground and whimpering, another is dropped dead with a double tap to the torso.

Back on the ground, safe and sound, Sar looks up to his savior with a grin before he moves to stand. <<Mandalorians! Clear those trenches and dig in quick! I'm moving to begin setting charges!>> he barks, his military bravado shining through. Roth catches a trio of bolts shortly after, though and Sar twirls his blaster on its way up to level, collecting two quick headshots and looking to Kirioth to see if she's still drawing breath. He'll press on into No Man's Land, though, hand digging into his belt to produce a splodey bomb.

Her aim is just OFF and its causing a bit of an ire to grow within the gliding mandalorian. Karys misses the next two shots and is about ready to fling the gun when the last connects and takes down an injured foe. <"Finally"> she utters to herself in a tone of vexation. Her boots crunch as she hits and the gliders slip away. Both guns still in hand she urges forward amongst the others, making sure to herd and kill. The only way through is by blood.

The defenders are overwhelmed, they can't even tell how many of their number are left until the reports of weaponsfire provide explanation. Scuttling down the trench as they try to ward off their attackers. The Onderonian trio has only their wounded to support them.

One of them getting his commlink out and shouting into it in local dialect, panic driving their voice more than a need to report, or to demand backup. Theirs is to be the runner of Marathon. To die while carrying the message.

The trenches was the BEST place to be. People funneled into killzones without realizing it. Blind on valor, two emerge with vigor and determination, but for the effort Sumi rewards them in kind by dropping her shotgun and drawing the handcannon on her side in one fluid action. The weapon had just cleared leather when it issued three LOUD shots.

Two bodies fell backward smoking, and the ground behind them showered the fresh corpses with dust, rock, and steaming debris because Sumi GLORIOUSLY missed one of those shots thanks to quick setting terror and a happy trigger finger. <"HA! Did you see that?!"> Sumi asks, glancing over her shoulder briefly before seating her blaster and picking up her shotgun again.

<"Explosives! Set the charges, let's go! TARA.. find your hidey hole and let's mark a mid-range spot to fall back to once the charges are set!">

Sumi places the shotgun back on her back and wheels about her A280, preparing to cover.

With a final bolt from her Sentinel, Tara drops the last remaining hostile in her area. <<"Setting up the SX now. Cover me and tell me if any di'kuts start coming our way.">> The chiss mando kneels in the trench, unlocking the rifle sections from her backplate, fitting them together, and unfolding the bipod. All the usual rituals to prepare the weapon for action.

Tossing the charge up and down a few hands as he marches out into the field, Sar looks back to the trenches for a moment, his ruby visor gleaming as he does so. Kneeling down in the dirt, he digs quickly with his hands, planting a charge here and there in preparation for the armored cavalry's appearance. Seemingly content, he'll get back to his feet and begin his run to safety.

Karys sheathes her weapons as she quickly. moves over to Sar and begins to pull a few components from her bag, though she rummages through a bit of the guns that are dropped by their enemies. Taking a knee beside him she offers the end of the extended and patched wire. <"attach this, its a relay I am going to attach to a pad and give to you."> She plucks said pad off her own belt and begins to pull at the extension, freeing two wires that spark a bit and cause the screen to flicker. The moment she starts to work through the motions of getting them to read each other.

She tugs off a glove to do the finer work but once done it is handed off to Sar. <"You can control the explosions with this. Hit in succession the faster you wish them to go off.">

Roth'S visor gets a little hard to see out of for a minute as she takes another pair of shots. But, she doesn't fall over just yet. But boy, she's going to do it once she gets back to somewhere safe. Which is off planet probably. She makes her way for the cover and unceremoniously hops down. She struggles to get her helmet off and she leans back against a wall for a moment. Trying to breathe for a moment.

In the trench, a box marked: SH-ICH-B - Supplement 238-F-I Juice Beverage Refreshmant, 'Tropic Berry Blast' is offered to Roth by Hadrix as he checks her over. Someone took his medkit, so he can't even try to medkit at her, <"Good work out there, Roth."> popping his head over the edge <"Good thing I have the missile launche with, eh Alor?"> called over to Sumi as he enjoys his own.

Leave everyhing in your bunk before leaving base. Rekk that. Those juice boxes were the best.

The armored unit was ahead of the combined arms - A quad of old tracked Imperial tanks smash through the jungle proper and roar into view. Turrets are swiveling, looking for targets and the lighter transports with infantry are close behind, utilizing mobile cover on approach.

"They said Mandalorians, sir. Why not order bombardment?" The tank commander stared at Zanliis, hoping to see reason dawn. "We are going in and we will crush them as I told The King! NOW PREPARE FOR FIRE ORDERS" the drive crew ducking and looking over their shoulders at the shouting before checking scopes.

Passing near the charges.

Dxun was a strange place for Narsai Ordo. On one hand she'd discovered treasures and seen wonders here that would forever remain in her memory along with some of her nearest and dearest recollections. On the other hand, the last time she'd been here for an extended period of time, she had ended up being harrassed by a crazy ghost intent on forcing her to 'restore it'. So...maybe that was why she'd returned to the ships for a while to coordinate with Hadrix. Not that she'd admit it to anyone aloud.

Of course, when the shooting started, the red-armored Ordo was hardly going to leave her brothers and sisters in the fray alone. A streaking shape across the sky, Narsai's smaller frame was in high free-fall before her jetpack flared and she slowed her 'jump' to touch down in the trench with weapons drawn.

<<Sorry I'm late.>>

After a quick repositioning to get out of the new killing ground, Tara had set herself up in some foliage with the SX resting on its bipod. <<"Fire support coming in.">> Peering through her scope, she aims for one of the heavy infantry, but the bolt merely sizzles past him and makes a tree stump explode. <<"Shab!">>

With the detonator in-hand, Sar continues his sprint back to the trench, baseball sliding along the ground and dropping down into the trench with the rest of the crew. He's breathing heavily as most people who go for a sprint in heavy armor do, but he looks to the rest of the Mandos. <I set what I could. Let's hope it's enough.>

<<"I see you, Alor Ordo.">> Sumi says as the red-armored woman joined their line. <<"Be ready to jump out of this spot in a hurry. We're doing a little bait and switch.">> Sumi informs while wrapping her offhand with the sling of her rifle to force a steady shooting platform.

Angling over the edge of the trench, Sumi plants her elbow and tilts her head down slightly to align a shot. A slow line up, and FIRE.

The A280 issues a long red lance that cuts down one of the heavy troopers. <<"Another down.. think they're pissed yet? Hahaha.--Get ready to leave the trench, people!">> Sumi angles her rifle back, unhooks a pair of smoke grenades and initiates the primer, letting the spoons fly with two distinct metal clanks. Both cannisters are dropped 10m apart and begin to spew smoke into the air. <"ROCKET IF YOU GOT IT!"> She yells down the line, motioning for Karys to join her before engaging her own pack. Sumi would be the last to leave, ensuring the team got out.

With the remote set and handed off, Karys pulls on her glove and pulls a pistol free from her belt. She is already hauling her ass when Sumi motions for her. Boots hit the ground, throwing dirt back the way she comes from as she launches herself towards her Alor. Her arm slings around the shoulder as they get a rough start but finally lift off.

Holding tight she turns and extends her hand back. Not the best aim job but the blaster bolts that spit back are enough distraction as an attempt to cover their fall back to a better position.

Roth's head lulls to the side for a moment and those white eyes of hers look a bit amused, "None for me, thanks." she tells Hadrix. She seems to just be waiting for things. She does however try to keep a count of who is where and there's a bit of a moment taken to run a bloody gauntled hand through her white hair before she crams her helmet back on. <<Going up.>> she states as she gets her jetpack going and lifts off. There's a nice bloody streak on the wall that she pushed off of. She'd be fine!

"Too much smoke!?! FIRE THE MAIN GUNS!" "WE CAN'T. SIR." Bassiz was nose to nose with the General now, teeth bared up to when the blaster fires and his guts blow out his back through the smoking hole. Surprise comes and he slumps down, eyes glazing. "Now open fire!" "Sir we can't!" "WHY!?" the blaster swinging to the gunner. "The targeting systems can't make anything out in the smoke..." The man finches as Zanliis raises his pistol, shakes and begins slamming a fist against the body of the man he'd report as field executed for dereliction of duty.

None of the tanks fire, nor the light transports. The sensors baffled and targeting safeties clamping firing circuits. Not for those riding atop, even as fire comes their way, screaming and jeering while they return fire.

<<"Okay, moving on to some less mobile targets...">> Tara swings the big rifle around, centering it on the torso of the turret gunner on an APC. <<"I"m gonna try to take out some of the gunners so they don't mow you all down.">> She gently squeezes the trigger, and the gunner is blown out of his turret. Well, half of him is.

Landing some distance away, Sumi released Karys with a soft tap to her rear. <<"Sar, you know what to do. Everyone else, spread out. TARA.. get that big rekking gun up and pop any armor that beats feet back.">> Sumi takes a kneeling position for a moment watching through her HUD as the smoke begins to tower. <<"Lady Fae, any Mando air call sign; I'm transmitting a 10 digit coordinate now. Fire for effect. Ay-Oh is marked by smoke and is out in an open field of trenches. REKK ton of armor and infantry. Friendlies are clear--we're gonna detonate. Follow our splash. How do you copy?">>

Sumi glances over to check the fire team quietly, then back down toward the smoke. Fae's voice crackles over the comms. <<"I copy, mistress. Grid received. I'm making my approach, now, madam.">>

<<"TWEEEP! Bweedle TWWEEP FRRRP! Beedle-BOOP!">> <<"OH! OH! He says we are following coordinates!">> <<"Copy... Laar'Kote in range, we can provide air-evac as needed as well...">> Gripper being the last droid voice to comment in acknowledgement to Sumi's support request.

With the rest of the Mandos taking to the sky, Sar does the same. Unfortunately, he catches a bolt to the arm as he does so. It's not overly serious, but it will be bruising in the morning. Still flying straight and true, for once, Sar keeps up with the rest of the airborne warriors, lifting his blaster and firing off a trio of shots on his way to land near Sumi. A nod is offered to her and he slides the detonator out of its pouch. He waits for a time, hoping for the tanks to line. The detonator is lifted and the button is clicked several times in succession.

The swift pop to her rear puts a pep in her step and Karys briefly gives a glance to Sumi. It takes her a moment to find a position with the others but she sighs down the 44, focusing on the read outs her helmet is able to give. She squeezes off the first around, slamming into the enemy with a dead center shot.

She squeezes off two more to slam into another and drops him as well. <"There it is..."> she murmurs and then turns her head to look towards Sumi. HMMMMMM.

Roth manages to clear the trench, but, she gets a bit wobbly on the way down. The woman settles down a few feet back from Sumi and Sar and she takes a shot with the blaster that Sar gave her. With this much power and weak legs the Mandalorian COMPLETELY misses her target and sends herself backwards from the force of it. Wheeeeee!

Rolling towards smoke trying to clear and fire, Zanliis's eyes go wide as the anti-armor bolt slams through the forward hull to gut the man in the repeater seat... <<"Incoming INCOMING!">> A voice screams over comms as an explosion goes off. <<"Vehicle class weaponry!">> "WHAT!?" There is no response General Zanliis can make out as the lead tank is hollowed by explosives to its underbelly. He feels the explosions that nearly miss his own and repeat the action on the other pair. <<"General! Massive casualties!">>

Outside it's madness. Death. Chaos and destruction as ion engines go off sympathetically. Light APCs hault and swerve beneath the sudden appearance of the Kyber Heart with weapons blazing. They remain unharmed and roll forward, the troops aboard dropping down inside hatches buttoning up.

<<"Alor, recommendation?">> Hadrix's voice rumbles as he slots another warhead into his launcher. Looking to the mass of armored units rolling towards them. <<"Regroup up hill, make for the fortress? Or stick it out?">> Of course anyone who knows Hadrix knows what he wants to do. Even as turrets open up, turning the trench, and source of smoke, into massive punchbowl craters and stitching gigantic divots of soil with stitch fire up the terrain.

<<"Targeting one of the light tanks. See if I can stop it moving, make it an easier target.">> Okay, if the sensor cluster is there, and the hatch is /there/... Tara pulls the trigger again, punching through just below the backup optic and hatch. The armor's a lot heavier than a light APC though, and the tank veers off course and thuds into a neighbouring one. <<"Hit, but I think it's still up. Be careful out there, vode.">>

The destruction is catostrophic, but it's not to the scale that they intended. Armor is still moving around out there. Sumi has to jump to the side to avoid being obliterated by turret fire. She rose back up on her feet, setting her A280 down to look back out over the charred earth. <<"Uhh.. we're not leaving until they're charred husks out there. Fae, turn your pretty ass around, and blow this drek up!">>

<<"Yes ma'am, sorry! Sorry! Coming about!">> Sumi watches quietly as the Kyber Heart makes another pass, a quiet sigh escaping as annoyance begins to set in.

The bombing overhead does something for morale even if it is already high. There are many dead and now there is less flesh to shoot. The pistol is not going to do much to the tank but she shoots anyways and as she second shots slams it disappears inside and she nods her head. Karys seems relatively pleased with this result even if the third shot misses the same location. She slides back down out of sight and starts to consider another approach.

Roth had moved for some cover...any cover really given things were going south for her health wise at a rapid rate. The woman takes a shot at the tanks and then tries to figure out if she wants to go out in a blaze of glory and go toe to toe with a tank.

Maybe not today...

Airborne fire, heavy blasters and missile fire! It's all going wrong and they cannot even get troops out... So the APCs engage repulsors and assault thrusters after a hard brake thruster blast, launching craft backwards before they spin to fall back. Too much smoke to find targets, even if it is fading. The only remaining attacking unit? The tank.

The driver is injured and is trying to steer. The turret traverses and explodes ground near the gunslinger, spraying dirt and mud all over.

Another missile streaks from Hadrix's position - missing but obliterating a hump of stone in the ground, sending shrapne blasting over an APC hull.

Mandalorian battle planning is winning out the day.

<<"C'mon Aruetii, just a little closer...">> Tara re-checks the rangefinder in her scope, and takes aim at the gunner's optic. She fires, but the shot goes wide and doesn't hit the optic. ...It goes straight down the barrel of the heavy laser cannon. For a moment, nothing seems to happen, but then the gunner decides to fire again. A flash emerges from the barrel, but the bolt doesn't have any coherency at all and dissipates after about ten meters, shortly before another more brilliant flash, a loud bang, and the turret goes flying as flames shoot from the now unoccupied turret ring. <<"...Well osik. I was aiming for the gunner, but that'll do.">>

The Kyber Heart made a second pass, Fae inside the bridge at the pilot station, manning both the weapons (after interfacing the weapons HUD) with the flight controls. It was an extremely difficult process for a larger ship, but she scored a solid hit, slagging an APC and damaging another.

From the ground, Sumi watches while knelt down, holding her rifle out to her side, using its upright position to stay balanced. The concussive blasts from the cannon impacts were enough to jar anyone, and Sumi ALREADY had tinnitus.

The shot aimed at her from one of the APC's is not close enough to do damage but the concussive shock wave sends her side stepping and away from cover as earth rains down upon her. She peeks her head up over the edge o the rim to aim. Those tiny blasts from her 44 could roast a human but that tank is taking her hits like a beast. Karys releases another wave of shots in an effort to help slow it down and the smoke that begins to rise after gives her a bit of glee.

What do you mea-" the sentence is gone as the tank erupts around them, a ball of blue white fire ballooning out durasteel plating before seems in the metal pop open and metal both molten and solid. Hunks skip and cartwheel across the ground. Fae's destruction of armor goads the fleeing armor to gun their engines... or in the case of the last remaining - it manages to choke and cough its way into the foliage and tree trunks.

<<"Alor, Laar sensors reporting that they're going to mass at least one more offensive. Suggest we use the fort for its' purpose, or dig in deep.">> Hadrix's voice rumbles again over comms, <<"Orders?">>