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Resistance: By the Rings of Asimuse

OOC Date: March 28, 2020
Location: Above Chandrila, Chandrila System
Participants: The Resistance, Ektor, Elrych Cometburn, Tallissan Lintra, Karas Darkwing, Zandra naMuriel, Poe Dameron

Popular revolt was looming on Chandrila against the First Order (Final Order? Whatever they called themselves, the Chandrilans wanted them gone), which would result in terrible civilian casualties if unsupported. A Republic liberation campaign was already being prepared, but the current situation required that plans be accelerated. A covert ground team went into Hanna City hours ago to confuse and delay the Order's defense, but the first wave of elite strike fighters was going in, whether or not the ground team had succeeded.

The Republic Starfighter Corp was still gutted by the losses of the past year, and so, when a plan of attack called for a handful of fightercraft to go in unsupported, slip a Siege Dreadnought's shields and take out it's fleet-killing autocannons so that the heavy cruisers could jump in without facing immediate destruction, they turned to the Resistance.

With over a dozen capital ships a microjump away, General Dameron and the first wave emerged into the Chandrila System to find that the ground infiltrators had been at least partially successful: the Order forces in system were the deadly Siege Dreadnought *Dominance*, and the Resurgent class Star Destroyer *Fortress*. The third ship (the RSD *Striker*) was gone, having departed a mere hour before, on a wild mynock chase in the Ringali Nebula, reducing the Order's firepower by one third before a shot was fired.

Poe Dameron's fighter, Black Leader, streaked into real space with a sudden flash of blue followed by the impulse engine contrails of red. There was no hiding the IFF of his fighter, but the action had to begin, and fast. Shoving the thruster lever forward, Poe's visor slid down over his eyes and BB-8 warbled in a worried tone. "Happy beeps, buddy. We've done it two.. or three times.. we can do it again."

<<"All fighters, follow me in. This is going to be nasty, but we have to move fast! Full throttle and stay in cruise until we're beneath her shields!">>

Black 12 slipped into formation with the rest of Black Squadron after zipping back into real space. Instantly shiels and S-foils went up. Elrych Cometburn's music could be heard over the comms in the background of his cockpit as he called in, <<"Black 12, copies...">> A fast pased swinging tune from the High Republic years. His R2-unit, Eggsy whistled behind him in his socket. "We'll be fine, bud... Just a little follow the leader." Take a deep breath he focused and let the force into him.

Captain Lintra reaches forward to flick the final safety, bringing them out of hyperspace. Blue resolves into the Chandra System and the comtrails of Black Leader. Fiver beep-whistles his approval.

<<Black Four copies that Black Leader. Bracing for it. We are on your six.>> Lintra tucks her 'lucky' scarf a little firmer around her throat, and pursues Poe into the coming battle.

Black 5 appears into real space, pushing the throttle forward to max, the T-80 X-Wing streaks off moving into formation. As Black Leader gives the orders, "Black 5 copies." Karas says as he adjust himself in his seat. "Alright Spark, here we go." he says to his R2 Astromech. The quad engines flare to life as the snubnosed fighter moves towards the Dreadnaught. <<May the Force be with us.>> he says into the comms.

Following through hyper, taking a few moments to reach for the Force, much as Elrych does, Zan listens to the chatter such as it is. She punches through into real space and promptly takes up her position. <<Black 10, forming up and following your lead,>> she reports first. She's got no droid to talk to, and this time doesn't even speak to herself.

<<Oh, I'm following you in alright, Pretty Boy, but it's by CHOICE, yeah? Not because you run faster than me or anything,>> Ektor cracks, by way of announcing his arrival and assent. The solitary Y-wing in Black Squadron is faster than any Wishbone before it, but still lacks the acceleration of the A-and-X-wings. Scopes are flooded with TIE squadrons, as the Order fleet- already on alert due to the unrest on the planet- is poised a d ready to meet any attack. Deadly TIE Daggers and swarms of TIE/fo fighters come howling at the ships of Black Squadron, cannons filling the void with angry emerald energy.

Poe spins through the barrage of green cannon fire, passing by the fighters and leaving them uncontested. It'd test their mettle to pursue Poe beneath the shields, and in truth, would probably wipe half their squadron as a result. At the increased speed of cruise, Poe slipped beneath the dreadnought's shields and immediately deployed his S-foils to bring him to attack speed. He dipped lower, following the exterior terrain of the dreadnought's hull to circle below. A flip of a switch and Poe's targeting computer came online. <<"Targeting computer online.. I'm lining up for my shot now. WE GOT TO MAKE EVERY SHOT COUNT!">> His excitement conveyed over the comms. "I see em, buddy.. hang on!"

Elrych weaves and spins, erratic in his flight pattern as he crashes through the fighter screen. They really can't touch him, it's almost unnatural the way he moves that craft. The engines leave a trail of afterburner streams in the wake of his craft as he seemingly effortlessly slips under the shields right behind Poe, leveling out to continue onto the target. <<"Aquiring lock...">> He starts to humm along with the melody of the song playing in his cockpit. Into the dogfight they go, fighters converge on the group immediately, minute particles of dust illuminated green as the laser beams streak towards their targets. Not a minute into the it, and Black 4 flares a lurid green with a massive laser tag from a TIE dagger and loses half her shields. Lintra flinches but reaches forward to turn off the alarm system. "What did they damage, Fiver? The lateral system? You keep on it and give me target acquisition. They just got lucky!"

Already of the squadron are heading towards a destroyer to play the dangerous game of aces and slip under the shields. Lintra elects to continue the dogfight, engaging the Dagger that hit her so hard. Head-on they pass each other like mounted fighters of old, Lintra's shots going wide.

<<Black 4 I'm on your wing.>> Karas calls to Tallie. Watching as she goes after Delta Leader and that pilot somehow slips past her. Karas on the other hand watched as Delta 2 tries to move into position for a head on and knowing the tactics like this is not always good. He fires first, not giving the Tie Pilot a chance to fire. The T-85 laser cannons come ablaze as they fire electric red darts of destruction towards the enemy TIE scoring a hit.

The zippy little a-wing has some get up and go, and Zan hits the throttle, sending the ship forward with a good amount of speed. This definitely helps when the enemy is there waiting for them, with guns blazing. She dodges the green glowing bolts heading her way, and picks a target to fire back at, trying to keep some of them off the folks with the guns aiming at the large ships. There are definitely way too many of these fighters - it can't hurt to try to clear a few out right? She gets one in her sights and fires, managing to at least let him know she's there.

<<No lie? Every shot ALWAYS counts.. if you shoot a big enough gun, yeah? Proton bombs armed, goingg in.>> The pirate guides the light bomber throuh the initial storm of the fighter screen without his shields even flickering. He dives steep and at full speed to slip along the belly of the kilometers-long Siege Dreadnought, dipping beneath the shields with a crooked grin. R2-G13 warbles that a trio of TIEs have duplicated the maneuver and are still on his tail. Ektor cackles as a pair of lasers rock his rear shields, weavin between the other green lances without impacting either the *Dominance* or its deflector field. "Maybe, Genius.. But there's somethingg I can do that they can't duplicate. Ask me what it is. Go on, ask. I'll wait."

Poe spins again, remaining within the shields as he angles straight 'down' and out of view for the TIEs. He's made it to the ventral level of the ship and initiates his afterburner, emitting a bright circle of red behind his ship that propels it forward. Poe is set firmly against his seat, and even BB-8 begins to lean its head back.

Weaving, Poe gets in range and engages, firing a pair of proton torpedoes, before spinning and angling about, launching a second pair in the same pass! The result is catastrophic, and the left side of the autocannon is scuttled as a result. Black Leader is seen coming out of the flames on an escape pattern still at full throttle.


The hard part was staying under the shields at speed, that was a difficult thing even for a Jedi. When one of the TIE's hits him hard on the rear shielding, the entire ship rocks. HE compensates with a spin, and almost crashes into the energy bubble protecting the dreadnaught. However, by the luck of the Force, he recovered just in time to hear Poe give orders to his the other Autocannon. The tone of a torpeado lock rings over his jams, his thumb pressing the trigger on the yoke to loos two torpeados into the cannon, <<"Got it! Sort of.">>

Pulling back hard, Black 4 goes into a vertical climb relative to the destroyer to chase Delta 1, G-force pushing the ace pilot deep into the cushions of her seat. She lights Delta 1 up three times, leaving the mark of her red lasers as a calling card on him. The Delta fighter's shields go down to a quarter strength while behind her, Fiver struggles to bring their shields back up.

Black 5 rolls in a evasive manuver and as he does he watches as emerald blast rocket past him not hitting him. Delta 2 who is ahead of him is also rolling but isn't able to escape Karas but then again one of Black 5's laser bolts manages to score a light hit on the solar panel of the TIT/fo. <<Nice hit Black 10, keep up with us, Black 4. Come on let's finishes these nerf herders off!>> he calls to Black 4 and 10.

Zan flips around, to come for another pass. This of course is taken as an invitation for some to fire at her again. Zan mutters briefly under her breath, and then grins as she enjoys the roller coaster ride of high speed dog fight flying. She bears down on her target, waiting until the last second to shoot, and hitting both barrels. Still nothing to report, but she keeps watch on her screen, keeping an eye on all the little blips, friendly and not. << We can do this, I'm sure we can. >>

<<Oh, I GOT it alright,>> Ektor drawls with a lazy smile audible in his voice. His bomber had bruushed against the deflector field, coming dangerosly near to immpacting on the heavily armored belly of the Siege Dreadnoght, but stubbornly steadyingg his corse, even as pursuit cannons chip away at his shields. Genius had refsed to ask him what, but the Tionese pirate answered his own weak joke, anyway. "I'm a wizzard, yeah? I can make that entire cannon platform... DISAPPEAR, BABY." A pair of proton bombs are deployed, arcing down into the massive orbital guns that Poe Dameron had once aptly described as 'fleet-killers', before exploding with a tremendous eruption of destructive power whose shockwave rocks even his own craft as the Y-wing veers away from the Mandator IV. <<BOMBS AWAY. Yanno, I don't wanna alarm nobody? But I think- stop me if I'm wrong- I THINK. That we are reallllly rekking good, yeah?>>

The bombing run is a success, and Poe's free hand forms a fist before pumping forward in celebration, screaming. "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!" Slapping the comm button down to transmit over their encrypted comms, Poe's heard saying. <<"Pantheon, Havoc One, and Renegade. Signal for the New Republic fleet, we just KNOCKED this dreadnought's TEETH OUT! HAHA!">>

Black Leader's S-foils closed upon exit of the shields and angled away in a spin that had green laser fire following him. One of the three vessels pursuing him was destroyed beneath the shields while the other two made it. In open void, Poe proved a tougher combatant as he used the X-Wings superior cannons to pelt one of the two remaining fighters hard in a single pass. He jerked the stick to come back about and looked up through his canopy to watch. "Haha.. you're right, buddy. He should've stayed home."

Elrych gives a smirk, chuckling softly as opposed to shouting in triumph, zipping away from the destruction he, Poe, and Ektor just wrecked across the Mandator class. They weren't quite done yet, though. Eggsy announces the shields are back up and that smirk on his lips turns even sleezier. "Alright, buddy. Let's go play." Hitting the accelerator, pulling hard pack on the stick and coming about, triggering his cannons and ripping into the shields of one of the TIE's that was previously chasing him. "Oh how the tables have turned!"

The configuration changes with the Resistance fighters heavily outnumbered three to one. <You keep turning those tables, Elrock. Black Five, we promised to rekk his paint job...> Before she can finish her quip, an onlooker would see the telltale comet flare trailing behind the T-85 as the shields go down completely. Fiver screeches its distress. "Get us back online, Fiver. I don't have to tell you why."

Lintra pulls back hard on the throttle, taking them through a series of twisting dodges to give Fiver time to repair. The targeting computer provides her acquisition, flashing orange, and Tallie fires in a diagonal pass at the Dagger. Buffeted by a hit they angle back in their path to engage again.

Black 5 is under heavy assault and as numerous emerald bolts streak through space towards the T-85 X-Wing. Karas's reflexes are smooth and precise, he's a vetran at his young age, he's gotten used to being under pressure in crazy combat situations. Still the X-Wing banks and rolls through the intense gunnery fire and somehow with the evasive manuevers he exhibits shows that he's an Ace.

After evading the enemy fire, he still is able to pull onto Delta 2's tail and with a quad blast, red energy bolts destroy the TIE. << Splash 1.>> Karas says in a calm manner. He sees that Black 4 is in trouble and he smiles when he hears her, << I'm coming to cover you, we have quite a few of TIE Darts coming in along with other TIEs, get those shields up!>> he says. <<Black 10, come in, we are going to take these guys out.>> he calls and he gets ready to take on the incoming fighter.

Zan continues her dogfight, though she is being fired on by more than she's shooting at. There's a calmness to her, mostly, but an enjoyment in the flying, the sheer adventure of it. She continues to dodge, finally getting another chance to zig, zag and fire at her target. << Shields down on Delta 3, >> she reports. Then she has to dodge again, almost as though they heard her, though they obviously did not. Her sensors alert her this time, and her flying takes her juuuusssst a little bit wide. She can see the green glow across her screen, the bolts aimed her way coming close enough she can nearly smell them. << Too close. >>

<<Heheh, lookit me: I'm a rekking wizard, yeah?>> Ektor gives a dumb chuckle as he abruptly brings the Wishbone about with a raid deceleration and turn, in time to annihilate one of the pursuing TIEs with an expertly placed salvo. << See? Made a TIE disappear.>> Genius trills at him, scolding the pilot for repeating what was a bad joke the first time. "Rekk you, Genius, I'm hilarious-" He's also in a heavy battle, as multiple impacts on his shields remind him. "Come on, Genius, you gonna waste time with jokes or you gonna fix those shields?"

Poe receives a response in short order from Resistance command: <<Acknowledged, Black Leader. Fleet standing by for jump. See you soon; Renegade out.>>

Poe is hit for the first time in the sortie, but it only rocks the ship enough to shake him. "You're up, pal! I'm going to help Ektor out a bit. He's got the whole damn squadron after him." TIE pilots must have thought the Y-Wings were easier to shoot, or perhaps, were the most dangerous thing in space.

Moving after Black Six, Poe weaves in behind the TIEs, shooting a salvo of red cannon fire that misses. Poe grimaces, but stays with it, aware he's being pursued too. <<Gonna try to help you out, Tion. Not that you need it or anything..">> Poe smirks.

Elrych continues after the TIE/fo, his retical going green, finger diligently pressing down on the trigger mechanism for his cannons. The crimson death spits out and continues to rip away the shields down to barely nothing on the TIE. "Run away... come on..." The Jedi says, hoping to see it go evasive. If not, he'd continue on. He had to, that's how it was.

An unhappy droid sits behind Tallie furiously working to bring the shields up. "We're going to go for that Dagger, Fiver." With a deep exhale, she presses the trigger painting her target with two solid hits that finish him. The last view she has shows the TIEs wings separating from the fuselage. << Splash Delta 1>> Black 4 vectors towards her group for another run.

Karas is keeping with Black 4 and now that he called to Black 10 to join up with them, he peels off from Black 5 as a TIE Dagger comes screaming in. Controlling his speed and keeping it pushed to full he does Kieogan Turning Dive rolling upwards and then corkscrewing down to move into position and Karas presses the trigger on his control stick. Angry red energy lances hit home on the TIE Dagger scoring a few hits on the enemy fighter. << I have another dance partner. HOw you doing Black 4 and 10?>> he alls to his two squadmates.

Zan continues to dodge, flipping her a-wing around and vectoring to take another run. She targets the same enemy fighter, waiting fur her target lock, and letting loose with a barrage of energy bolts. The enemy ship seems to wobble, and then breaks apart. Zan jukes her ship once more. << Splash Delta 3,>> she reports calmly, as she checks for her next best target, her ship swiftly back into the fray. There's a sudden slight stutter to the vessel as it gets hits, Zan's shields taking the brunt of the force.

<<Pretty Boy, I need help in a dogfight like you need help getting your hair to make little curls->> Interrupting his light banter, as he has been weaving between the multitude of blasts sent his way, one of the many hits his shields, rocking the craft and setting off a 'shields low' light. <<...Not for nothing though, you use something in your hair, yeah?>>

Streaking into realspace in tight formation, one after another, are fourteen capital ships. A Savior class Supercruiser, several Calamari heavy cruisers of varying age, Nebulon-B frigates, corvettes, and fresh squadrons of X-wings, B-wings, and every other sort of friendly face. The Republic Battle Fleet has arrived, and opens concentrated fire on the suddenly outgunned pair of First Order warships. One can almost imagine the sudden alarm on those black bridges.

Poe is still behind the standard FO TIE that's chasing Ektor. A moment for aiming, and Poe releases a red salvo that connects firmly, splitting the vessel in two before it combusts and explodes. His X-Wing passed over before it went hot, the flames expanding after he passed by.

Green lances from the TIEs chasing him lights up his display, but Poe's flight pattern is difficult for them to predict. "Keep practicin' boys!"

<<"Why does everyone thing I fix my hair? It's just how it is!">>

The arrival of the fleet has Poe grinning. <<"THERE they are.. What a beautiful sight. Come get some, New Republic squadrons. There's more than enough for all of us! Hahahaha!">>

Elrych's ship is rocked for the second time in the sortie, his shields taking a big hit from a heavy lazer canon. Elrych's eyes dart to the sensors to indicate one of the Darts that were chasing him. "Damn darts..." Elrych grumbles, "Eggsy, get on that..." The droid reports back with a worried wobbled just as the fleet shows up. <<"There they are... about time...">> As Zandra sweeps in, the Jedi shakes his head with a chuckle, <<"you really wana be as bad as Xer, don't you Violet?">> He looks to see the turbo laser fire erupt and pour into the two First Order ships, <<"Don't tell Rey I said this, but that's rekkin' beautiful, aye gang?">> There is a laugh, <<"Hey, take pride in that product General. I mean, I use it. It's key to my look.">>

Tallie laughs at the 'little curls' comment, grinning from ear to ear, charged up from the fight.<<Tion, I didn't know you were so into the general's curls. Now, we know.>> Still laughing to herself, << Besides, product. Ewww.>>

Hitting the rudder hard she flips them into a port roll to descend on a TIE. They drop on the fighter like a hawk bat on its prey. Four laser hits explode the TIE, breaking it up into a trail of debris. << Splash Delta >>

Karas was listenign to the banter but not really commenting, as everyone was doing their own thing. With the fighters coming in hot and heavy now, he was starting to feel the pressure a little bit, as he tries to bank left and dive, his fighter shudders pushes him off course as a emerald bolt strikes his shields. "Oh boy, they are still up, Spark you good?" he asks his droid who is already working on getting the shields back up to full strength.

Black 5 is still able to re-engage his TIE Dagger and as he brings his fighter in on a tight turn into a dive, he fires at the apex of his dive destroying the TIE Dagger, << Splash 2.>> he calls as he pulls out of the dive to move up with the otehrs and is ready to engage another TIE Dagger.

Zan mutters under her breath, taking a sudden slow then jacking her speed to full to have her A wing zoom back into the fray. She targets one of the fighters chasing her friends and fires, moving to assist. << Black 10 coming in to help out, >> she calls. << Though I might have to do some repairs before the Chief sees my fighter. >>

<<Drek. Because I still just needed help in a dogfight. Don't tell nobody?>> Ektor appeals. On an open comm. He could have just not said it. <<You like curls, Sunshine? Here's a curl for you->> Ektor quips taking advantage of the aftermath of Poe's destructive charge, and cutting across the general's wake to blindsided another TIE, destroying it, and strafing into the shields of another.

The First Order ships are both vastly larger than the cruisers which make up the bulk and f the Republic fleet; had the autocannons been functional, the tight Republic formation would have spelled a swift disaster, but now- facing only masses turbolaser batteries and with fighter supremacy- every Republic cruiser that is damaged can fall back behind the cover of its neighbors. The *Dominance* and *Fortress* have no such luxury, and quickly the Mandator IV begins vectoring for escape. The RSD *Fortress* makes the bold choice to screen it's larger fellow, and after several minutes, the Fortress falls. Escape pods jettison by the dozen from the dying Destroyer, though it's fall allows the crippled Siege Dreadnought to flee the system.

First Order forces remain on the ground, and sooner or later, that second RSD may return, but in a sharp and sudden action, the First Order navy had been driven out of Chandrila.