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Fish In A Barrel

OOC Date: December 22, 2018 (Optional)
Location: Somewhere nearby Codru
Participants: Ektor, Poe Dameron, David Ironside, Calevaro, Karas Darkwing, Miri Sakir, Jessika Pava, Tallie Lintra, Elrych Cometburn, The Resistance

A First Order convoy is laying over for transfer of cargo in the Codru System, consisting of multiple heavy freighters and cargo containers, escorted by a squadron of TIEs. These war materials are for the resupply of the Order fleet occupying the orbit of Mon Calamari. Today's mission is simple and easy to remember: destroy everything, and leave before reinforcements can strike back.

The X-wings of Black Squadron and the heavy B-wings on loan from Green emerge from hyperspace very near the upper orbit of Codru. The targeting computers light up swiftly with twenty-two First Order transponders: eight mass cargo pods floating in a long line, the fifty meter length of a Sienar Mark I bulk transport, and the hundred-meter profile of an Action V heavy freighter slowly bringing the pods aboard with a tractor beam. Of particular interest to Black Squadron are the dozen TIE/fo fighters, divided into two groups at the front and back of the convoy (Alpha 1-6, and Beta 1-6). The Alpha fighters are nearest to the emerging Resistance craft, and swiftly bank on an intercept course, while their Beta wingmates will need more time to close distance.

Black Leader slows into view with a brilliant flash of blue light. Almost immediately, the snubfighter's engines come online, displaying defiantly tinted red contrails that contrast brightly against the canvas of dark space. BB-8's head is seen tilting one way then another. "I see them, buddy. Let's get shields online." Poe reaches forward to initiate his open comms.

<<"This is Black Leader. All call signs report in and assume intercept formation. Bombers, stay behind us as best you can!">> The T-85's were great for speed, and they displayed that now. Just prior to hitting maximum effective range, Poe pulled back the lever opening his S-foils to attack position. <<"We'll punch through these thugs and move to intercept the bulk freighters. Speed and teamwork here, people. Watch each others' backs!">>

This is where David belongs. Strapped in tight to his seat, enemies all around, astromech behind him . <<Black 6, reporting for duty.>> he replies as his hands fly over the controls and the X-Wing's wings separate to form the trademark X. <<Don't let 'em scare you, right Black Leader>> he replies to the further instruction, keeping behind the leader somewhat. << I remember.>>

"Black 8 ready, preparing to intercept," Calevaro's calm voice comes over the squad's open channel, the young pilot's stomach lurching as his tracking computer shows him the hostile targets. This'll be the first time that he's facing an actual first order the fighter.. These aren't pirates, they are trained troops. His x-wing was the second to appear, the craft now moving in formation with the other members of the squadron, the lever that opens his X-wing s-foils being pulled, the loud wine of the s-foils being opened serving as a small confort for him.

Black 4 appears within formation as the T-85 X-Wing exit hyperspace. <<Copy that Black Leader.>> Karas comms in. Feeling the his ship all around them and getting his mind right for this mission. The S-Foils of Karas X-Wing open as he pulls the lever. <<Everyone make sure you cover someone and ask for help if you need it." he says over the comms.

Miri almost certainly has a near-fatal case of the "oh-I-can-do-thats", and that's how she ended up in the cockpit of this B-wing. <<Black Leader, this is Green Two. I take back what I said about my ass earler. You all can watch it now, as far as I'm concerned.>>

With a lurch, Jessika Pava's T-85 X-Wing transitions from lightspeed to real space. The slight jerk on her flight harness rattles it at its connection points, and then she's got her back fully pressed against the rest behind her. Inside her helmet, Major Dameron's voice comes over the comm net with operational orders, sounding crisp and clear save for the way the frequency twists it over the radio. Hand braced against her craft's throttle and separated it from the black leather of her flight glove, Jessika's fingers flex over the top of it when she pushes it forward, feeding power into the fusial engines of her craft. She's rewarded with an inertial press back into her seat, and the image of the waiting targets growing larger in the narrow street of her view.

Her right hand is molded around the contoured grip of her flight stick, with her thumb just to the side of a guard-housed button and her finger riding just low of the trigger linked to the quartet of laser cannons on her craft. Like their Squadron leader, Jessika favors speed first, which means the s-foils on her craft don't split open until they're at maximum effect range from the TIE/fo fighters racing towards them on intercept. "Ali, you know the drill. Monitor shields and any other incoming signals jumping into the system." She glances towards a readout on the side of her instrument panel, then snaps her gaze back up to stare straight through the tinted visor of her Tierfon Yellow Aces helmet. Toggling her own comm, she acknowledges. <<Black Three reads you loud and clear.>>

In the rotating cockpit of Green 1, Ektor just sounds happier. <<So, Bee-El: am I still Black Seven for this run, or am I Green Leader, now? Cause if it's that second one, somebody gotta tell Sar that Hell froze over when we get back, yeah?>> Going off comms to laugh, he then drawls to the pair of B- wings flanking his craft. <<Waaay ahead of you, Green Two. Arright, Boomers: if one of these TIE turds comes at you head-on, blow his teeth out his inferior ass, but don't go chasing anybody. Our marks are the big Hutt-suckers and the cargo pods, yeah?>>

The Gamorrean grunts of Mekil Colez in Green 3 are translated as a warning against any 'green' jokes .

The first phalanx of TIEs draws into range, the familiar tense idleness before the storm as weapons range is entered, and the first pinpricks of emerald energy grow into cannon salvos. The fight is on.

<<"That's affirmative, Black 6.-- Black 3, great attack vector! Let's smash their teeth in.">> Poe leads the attack in, twisting his X-wing into a violent spin to suddenly match the flight path of Alpha 1. Almost immediately, Poe squeezes his trigger, pumping out four red bolts of which two connect sparking their shields for a nasty hit. "Come on!" -- <<"You'll be Green Leader for this, Ektor. Make sure you and your team smash /everything/ with those bombs. We'll do our best to keep these guys off you.">> Poe is following Alpha 1 still, remaining mindful of his team and opposing forces swarming around them.

David follows behind Black Leader, cutting the chatter with the Major's reply. Instead, he focuses on keeping on his wing, shaking his head at Ektor's questioning of his designation, but a grin appears on his face anyway. He squeezes the trigger on his stick a few times, though Alpha 1 is dodging Black Leader's attacks in such a fashion David cannot land a single bolt.

"Congratulations for finally being leader, Ektor." Calevaro can't help but gest, a simle appearing on his lips for a moment before he becomes serious, pushing his throthle forward. His strategy for engagement is fairly simple: Go head to head with the enemi and destroy them at almost any kost.. He moves his ship in the path of one of the ties, his wings glowing as his X-wing's lasers are fired. It is all for nothing, his concentrated burst of fire goes astray, not hitting the target. Despit that Calevaro would continue to accelerate, yes open trying to find a new good chance to fire. "Stay ready there, Rocks," The r2 unit answers with an afirmative electronic beep.

Karas watches as the attack begins, moving with the increased speeds of the newer X-Wings, Karas threads the needle as he sees that Cal misses his target, coming up and over the pilot, Karas gets a brief lock and fires. His snub-nosed fighter hits the Tie-Fighter with a few love taps of it's laser cannons. <<Black 8, get'em.>> Karas calls to the pilot as Karas breaks left so that he lets Black 8 line up for a shot.

<<Green 2 to Green Leader, ha ha ha. You're not cute. Okay, attempting a torpedo lock on one of these smaller freighters.>> As the TIE fighters start to swarm, Miri strains forward against her seat straps and says a silent prayer.

One look at the battlefield is all Jessika needs to see that Alpha wing has made a clear engagement error. <<Black Leader, Black Three. If we juke for the freighters, Alpha has to move out of their best intercept path. Recommend we bait them and then switch on 'em.>> She relays the information as concise as she can, and the unfolding events that follow lead to Major Dameron's compliment and the engagement with the TIEs that are caught off-guard by their sudden decision to sweep in towards them. Her astromech informs her of the various hits the TIEs take as a result, and her own crosshairs and targeting computer are busy lining up on Alpha Three. The holographic target sweeps in and out of the center, and Jessika waits for her moment.

There's never a clear one, but that doesn't stop her from squeezing the trigger and unleashing a rapid salvo of laser cannon fire that sails harmlessly past her target. Muttering under her breath, Jessika begins immediate evasive maneuvers, knowing that she'll never sweep around fast enough to re- engage the TIE/fo before it's on her six. Varying her speed and twisting her craft up on its horizontal axis, Jessika banks hard to starboard and swings clear out of return fire meant for her aft deflector shields. Ali informs her of the TIE's making their run at the bombers. <<Black Three to Black elements. Don't engage the same target! Those unoccupied squints are after our bombers!>>

The heat in the cockpit seems unbearably high to Tallie, left handed she pushes a finger into the white scarf that is knotted at the neck of her suit. <<Alpha Leader is mine>> Her astromech practically sings at the news. She almost smiles through the tenseness. Flying on the port side of Black squadron leader she rolls hard following his move, goes into a tight turn and bears down on Alpha leaders vector all cannons firing in close sequence. Three of the cannons hit and hit well and there is a tell-tale fog of debris and atmosphere that she catches just as she rolls into a maneuver to avoid incoming fire.

Alpha Leader flies well, clearly a veteran pilot, but trapped between Poe and Tallie, the lead TIE takes a punishing hit that inflicts severe hull damage. It isn't dead, yet.. but its close. Similarly, Alpha 2 occupies a trio of Black Squadron pilots, enabling a pair of their wingmen to streak past in an attack run on the B-wings.

Green 3 takes a hit, as commented on with grunts of annoyance from Mekil. He doesn;t sound worried, just irritated.

<<Nonsense, I'm kriffing hilarious,>> Ektor drawls back as his target lock is announced with a long tone in the cockpit. <<Torpedoes locked, linking fire. Let's drop the hammer, yeah? Fangs out, Boomers..>> The lead B-wing fires a pair of proton torpedoes which streak toeward the largest of the Order freighters, impacting directly on the vessel's stout shields. The turbolaser turrets rotate and begin laying down fire in return.

Poe had a lot of help, and practically two escorts on his starboard and port wings. He felt confident, but only for a moment. Pava's transmission of their bombers coming under attack led Poe to break contact from Alpha 1 when Tallie took over engaging that target. <<"Roger, Tallie. Give 'em hell. I'm moving to help our bombers.">> In doing so, Poe made himself a target and took a harsh blow to his shields when Alpha 1 tried to reward Poe for 'running away.' Little did Alpha 1 know he had Tallie Lintra behind him to retaliate.

Poe sighs, angling hard starboard and squeezes his triggers to engage Alpha 5. No effect on target is the result, but Poe stays on them. "Come on, BB-8, how's the shield repair going, buddy?"-- Poe takes a look outside his canopy to get a glance of the battle. <<"Spread the love to other fighters and open the way for our bombers, Black Squadron. Keep up the fight!">>

<<Copy, Black Leader. Engaging TIE fighter escorts.>> David acknowledges Poe's change of plans. << I'll keep them off your backs, team.>> he adds, breaking formation when Poe does what he announces, opening fire on the TIE designated Alpha 3. Somehow, all of his shots land this time, earning a grin from the pilot. "Our luck's turned, Ones." he tells his astromech when the TIE starts sparking a fire on the hull.

"Thanks for the help, Black 4!" Calevaro says appreciatively. He banks his craft away from A2's returning fire, managing to avoid the energy beams easilly. "Go engage other enemies, we have to protect our bombers," He recomends to Karas, smilling for a moment even as the fo tie continues to try and hit his X-wing. He spins his craft, paying close atention to his targeting solution. He squeezes the trigger at the right moment, this time. He can see the effect: A2's shields shimmer and almost fade as the tie is hit by his lasers. "Roger, black leader," Calevaro aknowledges Poe's order, his eyes on Alpha 2.

So close, so close, and... TIEs are getting a little close for comfort, and Miri has to take evasive maneuvers, swearing a blue streak. <<Green Two, I lost my lock, trying to reestablish. Keep them off me!">> At least her string of invectives didn't get transmitted over the coms. Right? She's pretty sure that's right...

Karas sees that his diversion to help Black 8 is working. <<Good job Black 8, I'm breaking right and going after Alpha-3.>> he calls to he pilot and as he checks his threat display and hearing the comm chatter, he knows they have to take these fighters out. <<Copy that Black Leader.>> he calls as he dives towards Alpha-3. Trying to cut off the fighter to the bombers, Karas watches as his shots go wide.

Despite her own suggestion to friendly fliers about spreading out on the targets, a friendly X-Wing sweeps in to engage the TIE she's already in a battle with. Jessika takes one glance at the IFF and files the information away for later, before banking off without a word and heading for a target that has once again been left unengaged. Alpha Four's attempts at harassing the bombers are waved off by Jessika's warning shots, which are squeezed off at a medium distance with no hope to hit. The TIE reacts as she hopes by peeling off away from the B-Wings setting up for their attack runs and swining back around to face her. It's a fine enough outcome for her, and Jessika doesn't flinch as they race straight on at one another, hand light on the stick. It's unnecessary, because in haste, Alpha Four attempts to engage her at the same distance, and the shots don't even so much as buzz her shields in the process.

<<Copy, that. I have plans for him.>> Tallie forgets the nerves that had made her hands shake and the cockpit so suffocating. The tracking marker beeps begins to sound louder and louder as she matches vectors with Alpha leader. He fires and misses, a close miss, green fire illuminates the cockpit for a moment. Bearing down on him she presses the button to fire her cannons, two hit and the TIE breaks apart - there is not telltale sign of the pilot punching out. <<Alpha Leader engaged, target down>>.

Ektor continues hunting the largest of the First Order vessels, the big Action VI bulk freighter. Weaving just enough, bringing the long wing that is the B-wing's body swinging from vertical to a horizontal angle, Green 1 avoids in cannon fire of Alpha 5, and looses another brace of torpedoes into the target. << Big boat's shields are down, one more volley oughta finish it off. Stick on that little Hutt-sucker, She-wolf. Bloody teeth, yeah? You doing good, Mekil, don;t die, yeah->> He pauses. <<Ahh.. Green Leader to.. everybody? That Beta flight of TIEs is coming in hard. I think I made em mad, yeah?>>

Mekil Colez curses again, reporting through translated grunts and squeals that his shields are down to 41 percent, but the first cargo pod has been destroyed.

The oncoming howls of Beta flight are roaring into the developing battle, filling the void of space with still more cannon fire.

Minus one IFF from their immediate proximity clued Poe in on someone escaping to maximum range, or splashing from a salvo of friendly cannons. Tallie confirms it was her kill, and Poe smiles. Poe is still after A5, but is having no luck with this, the pilot is exceptional! BB-8 relays that shields are back up, but more signals are coming in, confirming what Ektor said. Poe looks in the direction designated by BB-8. <<"Confirmed, we have a second squadron of fighters coming in. If you don't have a target, now's the time Black Squadron. Engage the secondary parade and keep them off our bombers. ">>

David nods at the new incoming orders. <<Acknowledged, still on this one though.>> Dodging and weaving through the battle, the seasoned (and not just pepper and salt, folks) pilot manages to keep on his target, dodging return fire easily by spinning and rolling his craft. Finally he lets loose some gunfire, two hits being enough to send the TIE spinning out of control. <<Aaaand now I don't. Engaging secondary squadron, Black Leader.>> he announces as he pulls his craft up and into an intercept course.

Being hit in a space battle is never a good thing. This goes through Calevaro's mind as he feels his ship shake, the result of a well-aimed salvo of energy. "Rocks!" He exclaims to his r2 unit, the little droid anowledging the situation. Fortunately, only the shields were hit and no components were damaged. This time. Calevaro once again starts to circle A2, trying to bring this engagement to an end as soon as pocible, his four wings firing randon bursts of laserfire at the tie. He turns his head to the side, noticing the betta wave of ties. "Stay sharp, everyone, it looks like things are about to get whorse.. I will try to assist whenever pocible," With that he ends his transmission, his focus back to his enemi. It is all for nothing: All his shots are dodged by the other ship, the pilot must be really experienced. He nods as he sees his X-wing's shields flare back up, no doubt Rocks doing its job. "Thanks, mate!" Calevaro says cheerfully, smilling to the astromesh before his focus turns back to the battle. It is ust in time as Alpha 2's pilot starts to fire back, his shots are easilly avoided. Maybe the other pilot wasn't so experienced, after all.

Black 4 maneuvers in behind Alpha-3 though as he tries to line up a shot he isn't able to. As Karas depresses the trigger the shot goes wide. "Damn, get your shit together Karas." the dark skinned pilot scolds himself. Still he isn't letting the enemy Tie get away. Keeping his wits about him, he eases the stick to he right and climbs with Alpha-3 trying to keep him within his sights.

Ektors prior volley had impacted the durasteel of the bulk freighters hull, even as the ungainly B -wing kept moving just enough to avoid the cannons of pursuit TIE and heavy turbolasers of the Action VI. The fresh onslaught of the Beta TIEs causes Ektor to whirl the moving wing around his stationary cockpit erratically, but as the assault starfighter screams past the hulk of the bulk freighter, he places a pair of torpedoes with deadly accuracy that ruptures the hull directly over something that looked very critical (power core, to anyone who actually knows the construction of such ships), starting a chain of explosions and vented atmosphere that tear the biggest craft apart. With a pair of TIEs still trailing him, Ektor mutters, <<Right, the big Hutt-sucker is down, Mekil- get your kriffing shields back up, Ill take your run on the cargo pods..>>

Green 3 fared worse than his wingmates, reporting failing shields with a displeased squeal.

"Oh, COME ON!" Miri shouts inside her cockpit when she loses her lock again. Breathe in, two, three. .. Cool as a cucumber in that swivelly cockpit, hoping the third time is the charm.

Speeding across the darkness of the void towards Alpha Four, Jessika remains as unflinching about their head-to-head collision course as she did about the TIE's shots spitting in her direction. Making minute adjustments with her flight stick, Jessika shifts the nose of her snubfighter to be dead on with the approaching squint, and her targeting computer highlights the centered starfighter with a blitz of fire indicators flashing along the smaller screen linked with her stick in mimicry of the more central screen on her instrument panel. Superheated Tibanna gas lights up the dark interior of her cockpit through its transparisteel viewports with red flashes, and she's rewarded with a solid smack of two of the red lances smashing into the front of her target.

Guessing the enemy pilot to be an amateur given their attempt to engage at such a distance, a brief moment of surprise registers with Jessika when they don't flinch off after the impacts, but return fire instead. Only Jessika's shields aren't a barely-there shimmer from the exchange. They pass, with the TIE/fo going to port, and she once again spins her snubfighter on its horizontal axis to sweep that same direction, increasing the time that it'll take for the TIE to try to jockey into an advtangeous firing position against her. A warning warble from Ali alerts her that the second wing of TIEs is engaging the bombers. The muscles around Jessika's jaw clench, but she maintains her current heading. She has to eliminate her target lest she drags it over and creates more problems.

<<Black Leader, buster on Five, gaining angle on him>> she pushes the stick, pressing the port rudder to do a turn that brings Alpha 5 into her sights. It's as though he can read her mind. "That pilot needs to be on our side," she murmurs to herself. Alpha 5 fires just as she brings herself into position. She sees it coming and pulls a jink to avoid the TIE's fire, her shields flare beautiful fatal colors as the warning drone rings through her earphones. Half her shields are down"Repair them.>> she says curtly to the astromech, and she pulls straight up presenting the half of her shields still in operation to Alpha 5 after issueing the command.

At the call of new fighters, and the announcement Poe made, he adjusted course the moment he saw Tallie take over the target he had been chasing. <<"Good luck, Tallie. He's a rowdy one. I'm breaking contact, and joining you Ironside.">> Dave may have noticed as Black Leader appeared by his starboard wing. Setting up for a two-pronged attack utilizing Black 6, they needed to make an impression that stuck. Poe disengaged his S foils, closing them and propelling him ahead of Dave. <<"Follow me in, Black 6.">>

Just as they came into range, Poe dipped his nose downward and engaged his S-foils, centering his craft between two of the oncoming fighters. He immediately opened fire at both of them, hitting both for devastating attacks. Breaking port, and leaving Dave to break starboard, Poe demolishes the port fighter, closing his s-foils again and flying through the split craft. <<"WOOHOO!">> He cut his craft high and port again, angling after other fighters!

<<Nice shooting, Black Leader>> David offers from afar after breaking off and seeing the explosion behind him from one of the Beta TIEs. << I don't think that one even saw combat before he went down. >>, he notes, determined to catch up with Poe before the rest of Beta catches up with him first. <<Now watch me do this thing, too.>> he grins, spinning his craft and shooting at one of the other oncoming TIEs, setting it ablaze when two of the four laser blasts strike true. <<Okay, so not -as- well. I'll get there.>> he tempers his own ego somewhat.

Calevaro sighs, shaking his head. Somehow, he has to find a way to end this engagement, his skirmish with A2 is lasting too long. He continues to circle the enemie tie, the four wings of his craft firing in synchrony. Once again he fails, his fire being once again avoided. He nods to Rocks when the r2 unit informs him that their shields are once again fully charged. "At least we are still flying," He comments as he continues to circle his target, not commenting about Poe's feat as his atention is all on his target.

<<Back on 5, Black Leader>> The droid's repairs are taking time and Five has decided that he has had enough of being dogged by her. The TIE drops below her and comes straight up at the remainder of her shields, her Astromech dweets frantically, a lock on warning drone. She makes a daring move - flips over and tries to drop behind the incoming Alpha 5. The pilot anticipates her move and the colors orange, red, and gold flare around her as the rest of her shields drop and she takes damage. The starboard rudder is not responding quite right.

With Alpha 3 being taken out, Black 4 quickly switches targets, rolling and climbing. Karas catches sight of another bogey and as he does Black 4 is chasing the enemy fighter down. Outside of maximum range, Karas tries to herd Alpha 4 to where he wants him. Laser blasts hit nothing but space from Black 4, still the deadly T-85 isn't letting the fighter go. Though as he focuses on one ship, he lets his concentration slip and at the last second he is fired upon, rolling the X-Wing wing over wing, the shields of his fighter are hit again. Shaking his head, he is off and he needs to change that.

<<BOOM!>> Miri sings out through the comms, bouncing as much in her pilot seat as the straps will let her. Who cares if the celebration is premature? Adrenaline will do that to you. Hopefully she didn't jinx anyth-- Yup. She jinxed it. Klaxons and warning lights blare at her from all angles. <<Flight, Green Two! Taking heavy fire!>>

Knowing that the TIE/fo is faster than her because of it's maneuverability, Jessika doesn't try to outbank it. Instead, she creates just enough of an angle that the enemy pilot will have to lead her if they want to get a solid series of shots lined up. Anticipating this to be the case, Jessika yanks back on her throttle, and the faster TIE shoots forward in front of her instead of finding her in her crosshairs. She's waiting for this. A quick tilt of her flight stick and twist of her craft on its axis lines up her crosshairs and targeting computer for a firing solution. The rapid flashes indicating the enemy is in her sights is the trigger for her finger squeezing, and the pilot's panic to get out of the way plays right into her hands. Her laser cannons spit.

In a bright, brief flash, Alpha Four is destroyed. <<Splash one. Alpha Four is down. Black Three's coming to aid you, Black Five.>> There are still plenty of hostile transponders pinging off her sensors, meaning she's got her pick of targets, but another warning from Ali alerts her to Tallie's loss of shields, and a quick snap of her s-foils into their cruise position allows her to feed her throttle to full to rapidly begin closing the distance, where other elements of her Squadron are weaving in and out of chaotic, frenzied combat in defense of the bombers making their runs on the First Order cargo. In the slot behind her, Ali reports that their shields have been almost restored to full, and Jessika spares a quick look at the panel for visual confirmation of that detail.

Mekil Colez grunted in triumph as his efforts to restore his ship's shields bore fruit, only to chomp his tusks in frustration as another pass of TIEs batters them back down. He reports minor hull damage, working to restore shields, again.

A small measure of heat is drawn off the Gamorrean as Green 1 comes roaring back through the convoy, trailing a line of heavy cannonfire along the spine of a cargo pod, blasting it to debris. One TIE breaks off of Green 2, and another off of Green 3 to pursue the wildly pinwheeling Tionese pilot. <<Another freight pod down.>>

<<"Good show of it, Dave. Keep with him, buddy!-- Green 2, I'm coming to get some of that heat off you. Repair your shields!">> Green 2 may have seen the approach of Black Leader as it leveled off ahead of her, its s-foils opening up whilst flying directly toward her. Red bolts of energy sail past her cockpit canopy as Poe angles his X-wing in pursuit of Beta 3, /smashing/ their shields and scoring damage on its hull. "Good work, pal. Keep monitoring our surroundings." Which was to BB-8 as Poe follows his prey into a violent spin.

<<Will do, Lead.>> David replies, doing his best to dodge and weave between the laser fire of the other fighters, the debris formerly known as fighters and of course the current fighters in combat. A particularly hairy turn sees the X-Wing catch some heat, the shield lighting up at an angle not usually exposed to enemy weapons. Returning fire comes in too late as the tables turn for the moment. <<He caught me, but I'll get him sooner or later.>> David reports somewhat tersely.

Calevaro phisically winces as he feels the ship shake once more. "Did we lost something, Rocks?" He asks the droid, quickly looking at the ship's status reports. He sighs with relief: Shields are holding, so far.. He has to end this quick, this has been his second close call sinse the mission started. Fortunately, the X-wing's hull is still intact. "You know what to do, Rocks," Calevaro says to the droid, once again accelerating to try and destroy his target, his shots being easilly avoided by A2's pilot. He nods to Rocks as the droid informs him that their shields are back at 80. "Well, 80 is sertainly better than 20," Calevaro comments distractedly.

His determination is paying off. Finding what his passion again, and keeping on the tail of A4, but watching as it is destroyed by Jess, Karas breaks left and as he does he sees Alpha 5 screaming overhead and he pulls back on his stick. The T-85 X-wing climbs and rolls after the enemy Tie. The X- Wing's engines flares up red as power is fed into them and quickly it begins chasing. As Alpha-4 begins a dive, Karas hears the sound of a solid lock-on and he fires his cannons and as he does, he watches the shields wink out, "Your mine." He says as he hounds the enemy fighter.

<<Black Leader, this is Green Two. Not to be ungrateful, but that was /close/!>> Miri rocks her ship back a bit as Poe chases the fighter off of her. She pulls off one glove for dexerity as she works on repairing her shields, and manages to coax a bit more life out of them.

Before Jessika can make it to Alpha Five to aid Tallie, Captain Darkwing breaks off from trying to kill her previous target and engages the one she called out going after. Jessika disengages from that whole fray after a survey of the battlefield and sensors reports there are still unclaimed targets free to assault the already-swarmed bombers. Jessika adjusts heading and speed to go after Alpha Six, and adopting a perpendicular intercept path, Jessika guides the nose of her snubfighter into a leading position. Squeezing the trigger, her s-foil's tips, once again split into their iconic position, flare as the laser cannons activate. The arced shots don't quite go wide, but most miss, reflecting off the bubble of the TIE's shields. One connects, though.

And that's enough to get Alpha Six to break off from it's vector towards the bombers, leading Jessika into another engagement that helps take some of the heat off the B-Wings trying to do their work. <<Green Leader and Green Three are still heavily swarmed, Black Leader.>> Jessika's not sure what that bit of information will accomplish, but knowledge is never bad, and Poe might be able to reassign some of the Black Squadron pilots still doubling up on targets.

Tallie can hear her father's voice telling her to never lose her temper in the cockpit. When her shields flare out and she is naked to incoming fire, a chill conteracting the heat that had bothered her throughout the fight runs up her spine and she gets angry. Targeting shows her coming in on him and instead of doing the smart thing as her Droid tries to bring the shields back on. Alpha 5 skill does not match Pava's and he takes damage. And, on the wings of her own temper, Tallie fires on him damaging him badly but not knocking him out of the fight. Yet.

Ektor wheels back through the debris of wrecked cargo pods, with a pair of TIEs chasing after him ineffectually. <<Nah, I'm good- these idiots are still trying to outsmart me, which I don't gotta say is a waste of time, yeah? Getting a lock on the last freighter.. don't worry bout me, somebody chase that Hutt-sucker off Mekil's tail, yeah? Green Two's ass is looking good and clear, now->> Without Tenner to distract him, Ektor really does run off at the mouth.

<<"Roger, Black 6.">> Poe says, acknowledging Dave's comment. When Green 2 comes back, Poe laughs. <<"Close is a part of the business, Green 2. Welcome aboard!">> Black Leader appears back within view of Green 2, chasing the fighter that had pursued her. A series of red bolts spit from the Xwing, splitting the TIE into pieces with a brief explosion. <"Splash another. Black Leader is moving to help Green 3. Keep up the great work, Green squadron.">> Poe's s foils close again, and he's put back against his seat from the force of his engines engaging. He hears Jess over comms, nodding. <<"Copy that, Jess. Black 4, break contact and help me with our swarmed bombers. Green Leader has two training his stern.">>

David moves a hand to the side, engaging the blaster cannon release. "Take the stick for a minute, Ones." he tells the droid after dodging a shot or two from his pursuer. The droid beeps in acknowledgement, and David's attention moves to a screen on his dash showing the TIE behind him, from the tip of the blaster cannon. The pilot squeezes off a few shots, not doing all that much to damage the TIE or even get rid of the tail. <<Still on me.>> he reports, before taking back control from his astromech.

"Keep repairing, Rocks!" Calevaro tries to encourage his r2 unit as he feels another hit, his shield shimmering but not fading. "Without our shields we are dead." He angles his craft's nose down, trying to move under Alpha two to have a better vantage point. Once again he misses, the tie moving up, away from his craft's fire, Calevaro once again lets out a deep breath, softly bitting his lower lip. He ponders going to help the bombers but a part of his mind realizes the risk of A2 following him and causing even more problems to the bombers. "Good luck, guys, I'm still keeping one of them buzy," He says over comms. "I will assist as soon as pocible."

With the enemy Tie flying without shields, Black 4 is on it, moving with it through maneuvers Alpha 5 tries to use against the Resistance pilot. Adjusting the speeds to keep behind the enemy fighter, Black 4 lines up a shot, but as it fires, Alpha 5 breaks and climbs. "Krif!" He cusses at himself. Pushing the throttles forward and about to come around to re-engage, he gets new orders, "Shit my brother. Never asks for help when he needs to." He sighs, << I'm on my way.>> he calls to Black Leader, the S-Foils on his X-Wing closes and Black 4 rockets around to chase after Green Leader.

Compared to the X-Wing Miri is used to flying, the B-Wing feels lumbering and exposed. When she sees one of the other bombers with two bogies on his tail, she fires, her cannon, hoping to at least annoy one. She hisses when she misses, banging on a console panel with a frustrated fist. It pops open, panel bouncing off of her helmet. Oops. Temper temper.

The battle rages on. Jessika and Alpha Six jockey for position around one another, and take turns missing. Green light strobes in the darkness of her cockpit, much like red strobes through the TIE pilot's. In the quick moments between changing her vector and trying to both get the TIE in her sights and stay out of their's, Jessika's gaze flicks down to her sensors to get quick updates on the combat taking place. The numbers are in their favor. Multiple enemy craft are down, and the B- Wings are a little beaten up, but still going strong. She's thankful for the presence of Black Five's craft still on the display, and figures the TIE engaging Lieutenant Lintra was too briefly overwhelmed to be able to find any follow-up. Jessika refocuses on her fight.

Just in time to realize she's been traveling in the same direction for too long. She slows her speed in that random moment, and then toggles off her inertial dampeners. This allows her to quickly tilt her nose upwards from her current position, and a sudden slam of the throttle forward hammers her back into the seat when the velocity change has her starfighter moving in a different direction than she was. She toggles the dampeners back on, returning some semblance of physics to the feel of her flight. Her efforts pay off, because the TIE trailing her hits nothing but void.

"Good fix, droid." Concentrating on the fight Tallie mutters to herself. "This Droid needs a name.. .I guess." She closes the wings and punches it coming back around to finish Alpha 5, but the rudder that has been responding badly makes her turn back difficult. The X-Wing actually wobbles which earns some of the choicer expletives that the young woman owns. All four cannons miss the target as she flies under her target and out to the edge of the fight. A slow turn grudging turn on the X- Wing's part brings her back giving her a view of the B-Wings being harried.

Ektor had careened through the chaos without taking a hit, so far. Overconfidence is always dangerous, and as he lines up the bombing run on the already stricken Sienar Mark I heavy transport, his attention is consumed by the targeting computer. He ignores the first laser blast that rocks his rear shields. And the second. Abd the third, be the fourth. Only when the claxon alert of failing shields blares through the cockpit does he mutter, "Oh, drek-" Firing his last pair of torpedoes, he then veers off course, erratically. Passing Green 2 on the way, he howls at the other B-wing over the comms. The detonation of the last freighter is impressive, but any sense triumph is short lived.

Targeting computers identify the arrival of the RSD Dominator in system. TIEs begin vomiting forth by the squadron.

Poe is within range now and opens his s foils again. He engages Beta 6, encouraging the fighter to leave Green 3 be, or suffer the consequences. However, Poe's attention turns to the new presence in space. A Stardestroyer has appeared and more fighters emerge from its interior. A quick glance back reveals the last freighter has been destroyed, but they still have cargo pods, SIX OF THEM. Poe angles away. <<"All call signs, our mission is to destroy all supplies. Now's our chance. See if you can light up those cargo pods, there are six of them. I say again, six! Then we need to get out of here!">> Poe looks at his targetting computer to follow after Green 3. <<Keep moving, Green 3. I'll watch your back, buddy.">>

<<Doing my best to shake this guy, but he's stubborn.>> David replies to the renewed orders. <<Will get on the pods when I can, though.>> "Ones, shut down those claxons, I've seen the Destroyer by now. " he yells over the deafening alert. "It's really very hard to miss, actually." he adds, before all goes silent again. He sighs a sigh of relief, then does a u-turn to try and throw the TIE off. It doesn't work as well as he'd hoped, the TIE is only briefly lit up by laser fire, but only in the literal sense in that the TIE glows red a bit as David's laser fire passes it harmlessly.

"Roger, black leader," Calevaro aknowledge over the comnet, moving away from the tie he had been fighting against. He shifts his atention to the pods, firing a salvo of laser at one of them. It doesn't work, the tie that now tails his X-wing makes it difficult for him to aim properly. "I have an hostile chasing me.. It seems I will have to deal with him before I can destroy the pods," Calevaro reports on comms, continuing to avoid A2's laser fire.

Hearing the new orders, growling a little but known that they have to take out th supplies, <<Black 4 copies orders.>> Black 4 continues racing towards the cargo pods, opening the S-Foils of his fighter, red energy bolts lances through space an cuts down one of the cargo pods. Watching it explode as Black 4 banks around to try to get a lock on another of the cargo pods.

<<Copy that,>> Miri sings out, swinging around to aim at the cargo pods. She bites her lip and makes a frustrated noise when she misses, then taking a breath, consciously slowing her heart rate as she re-aims.

Jessika doesn't need Ali's distressed beeping to let her know there's trouble. Her X-Wing's nose is pointed towards the section of empty space that suddenly isn't. A Star Destroyer fills her vision, and Jessika contends with a sudden surge of adrenaline pumping through her system. "Kriff." Breaking her out of her reverie, Major Dameron's voice crackles in her ear and reminds her of the task at hand. Knowing they have little time to do anything, Jessika ignores the swarm of sensor blips appearing on the display and abandons her engagement with Alpha Six to streak straight for the cargo pods. She doesn't wait to be anywhere close before squeezing the trigger and sending an ineffective salvo at the six pods that have yet to be destroyed. They need to disappear. Fast.

<<Copy that, Leader>> she acknowledges and drops the fight with Alpha 5 reluctanly. He was the best among the TIEs they had fought. Marked on screen she watches him pull from the fight too damaged to engage again. Tallie finds Black Squadron leader and closes her wings to come in above him engines blazing. Simultaneous to Droid announcing a failure to repair shields a klaxon goes off and the Droid follows its repair update with bigger news. A Star Destroyer sized piece of news. She focuses fire on the third pod, laser cannons lighting the side of it, material ablating from it.

The Resistance Comms erupt in a flurry of loud hard hitting Jizz music announcing the presence of the coolest (but not the best) Jedi in the known Galaxy. <<"Aww, Drek... Kid. Turn that Krif down, the Major doesn't need to hear it.">> The music does get turned down after Elrych shouts over it numerous times. Once that is taken care of, he clears his throat. <<"Black Eleven, reporting in... sorry I'm late to the party had some Navi-comp-waoh is that a Star Destroyer? Shaweeet... let's blow it up.">> Though, natural he starts angling towards the cargo pods. "Alright, Kid... let's hope our targeting computer is doing better than the navi-computer today." He takes a deep breath and calls on the force for assistance. He was feeling some good space wizard Voodoo today. Unfortunatly that was probably just the Caf he had before jumping into his t-85's cockpit. The target lock is solid and thankfully it's not as fried as his Navi-computer because bolts connect and rip into one of the Cargo Pods currently untouched by fire.

The targeting computers stop displaying individual signals and begin displaying stacks of approaching TIE fighters from the Star Destroyer. The window of escape is not yet closed, but it is shrinking. Quickly.

<<So, I'm reading something called the... RSD Overcompensator on scopes spitting TIEs at us. Boss, we taking one last pass at this, your you wanna pull the cord now, yeah? Cause I'm game for one more run, is all I'm saying.>> His fighter rocks with another light impact.

<<"One more pass, then we're jumping out of here, team. Give it your best shot!">> Poe tries to fire, and like a typical officer, misses, setting the example. He drags his hand over his face and just laughs. <<"Black 11, I'm glad you weren't lost to the cosmos. Help us mop these things up, and get ready to use that navcomputer again. Haha..">> Poe is already leading the way toward an exit, his wings closing, each engine emitting a red circle from the sudden thrust of energy propelling him forward. "Put in the coordinates, BB-8, then we'll wait for the others to jump out." Poe watches his screen, holding the central piece of his necklace, his mother's ring. The closing distance puts her in much better range of the cargo pods. A second strafe of fire riddles one with puncture holes and cracks, allowing some of the tightly packed cargo within to be sucked out by the sudden exposure to space. As soon as she registers the impact, Jessika's hand leaves her throttle to toggle her s-foils, and goes immediately back to the throttle to push it to full. Her X-Wing accelerates to full speed. <<"Black Three to Black Leader, heading for escape point. See you on the other side of the jump.">> Her BB unit has the hyperspace route programmed in and ready to go, and Jessika will be glad to be on the multi-hop exit out of this system. She'd be happier if they'd finished their entire mission, but she'll settle for living.

A parting gift from the TIE chasing her tries to interfere with her escape trajectory. The green laser cannon fire passes harmlessly by and continues to race into the void of space. On her sensors, multiple friendly IFFs are making the jump to hyperspace, and Jessika feels a small amount of tension in her shoulders begin to bleed away when she realizes there's not a single friendly loss. Damage? Sure. The techs will be busy when they get back. But the infirmary will be empty, and they don't have to toast drinks to anyone tonight. That's a win in her book. The First Order can have what meager supplies they've left behind in exchange for that kind of outcome.

Concentrating fire on the pod leaves Tallie wide open to incoming and Alpha 5 must have decided that it was still in the fight. Down the shields go again which earns a whistle of disgust from the Droid. "Did anyone ask you to comment on this?" she says through gritted teeth as she veers to starboard and down away from Black Leader hoping that it will leave him time and space to finish the pods. One last round of cannons that widely miss their mark as Alpha 5 begins to chase her, hammering at her. There is a strangely quiet pop, undramatic. The Droid klaxons red alert as the pounding without shields takes her life support out.

"Drek, drek, drek." she repeats as she checks her suit status and finds it green. All of her jangled nerves have disappeared as she waits for the Droid to do something, anything so that she can jump out of here and live. The faster TIE is on her and she begins a series of high-G jinks which don't help repairs but does a lot for keeping them in the Galaxy for a bit of time longer. Out they go, getting enough room to go hyper while the Droid works all the options for restoring life support. No life support, no hyper. The Droid signals go go for hyper and she punches out of the now into hyper.

<<"Yeah, no problem Lead... I guess.">> Elrych is a savant. A SAVANT. He dances through lazer fire like it were a damn interpretive art piece. "Kid... get those coordinates going and double check them. That nebula was super tripy and cool but that's not where we were supposed to be." How the hell did he manage to jump to the right place... Best explanation. 'cause Jedi. That's all you'll even need to know. He comes in after Jess's run on the pod and finishes it off with her. "Looks like we're going to leave one. Three out of Four ant so bad, aye Kid..." The droid beeps at him indicating Tallies Status... <<"Lead, moving in to help Tals. Going to draw some of the fire.">> He rockets towards her while she goes about fixing it. He hangs back from jumping until it's just Poe and Jess then jumps out with them. Thankfully, the Navicomputer is working this time.

Black 4 comes back around again for another pass but his squadron mates have taken care of them. Still they were in a sticky situation, closing the s-foils of his fighter, Black 4 listens as the calls are starting to come in that they are jumping. He wasn't going to head out yet. The snub fighter keeps within the vicinity watching as the others jump and keeping an eye out at that First Order ship coming in. Seeing the number of TIES, <<Alright people get a move on it!>> he calls. Though once he sees the last of the ships jumping and seeing Black Leader leaving, Black 4 will jump as well.

Ektor swings the B-wing fuselage around in another run, though the attack vectors are shrinking as he works to keep the slow moving bomber out ahead of the oncoming vanguard of intercepting Destroyer's fighter squadrons. <<Think that's as good as we gonna get, today. Green Squad, let's get the kriff outta here, yeah? Jump soon as you can..>> Avoiding more of the pursuit fire, one errant laser blast leaves a carbon score across the canopy. "...Huh. That was close." The arms of the bomber are drawn in and the hyperspace corridor begins to open before him...

...just as another Resurgent class Star Destroyer emerges from hyperspace. In a matter of minutes, it would have lain directly across their escape vector. <<Kriff me, that was REALLY close->> but he's gone into hyperspace before the comm can complete the sentiment.