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Resistance: Steal From the Thief

OOC Date: December 27, 2019
Location: Tion System
Participants: Nova Korell, Snap Wexley, Jessika Pava, Ektor, Tallissan Lintra, Merek, Elrych Cometburn, Miri Sakir, Poe Dameron,The Resistance

The Dastoon family was born to wealth. The sort of wealth that makes people feel they can buy planets, or at least a handful of shoddy moons. Highly placed in the Sienar-Jaemus Corporation, Lord Dastoon has recently determined to build a palatial stronghold on Tion 1, and palatial strongholds require cannons to keep back the unwashed masses. Thus, a shipment of embezzled war materials was en route to the Dastoon properties on Tion 1, with the cover story already prepared that the freighter had been lost to the pirates which occasionally plague this region of space.

It was a good cover story, quite believable, and the pirates which plague this region of space aim to make it true.

The *Prosperity* is the target, a shiny new Mark II Bulk Transport, upgraded shields, hyperdrive, and laser turrets. Together with its escort of a half squadron of TIE/fo fighters painted royal blue, black, and gold in the Dastoon heraldry, beside the deadly angular profile of a Raider-class corvette (*Iriol's Dagger*), the convoy was more than a match for any obsolete handful of renegade fightercraft.

When the stout convoy emerged from hyperspace, the pirate spotter was already plying the spacelanes between the first and second moons orbiting Tion, while the other ambushers were a microjump away, just awaiting the signal to arrive and attack. The signal from the spotter- Ektor, in a long-range recon variant Y-wing- is as follows: <<Well drek. They got a corvette. Zap, how long have they had a corvette? Never mind, they're here, might as well punch them in the junk and steal their stuff, yeah? Hop in, everybody. Lets light up the loot barge first, then blow the drek outta the Dagger.>>

In addition to the civilian rides of several of the Resistance's finest, there are a half dozen mismatched Tionese fightercraft escorting a Class B Sheathipede shuttle, holding the pirate boarding party.

"Bessarion copies. Like my new ride?" Miri flashes her external lights.

<<"Roger that. Follow me in. If you're quick enough punch the fighters. If not, focus your fire on this corvette.">> Poe Dameron says from the cockpit of the Ghost. Golden engines leave a distinct contrail despite the sensor suite masking the Ghost as nothing more than a subspace anomaly. That is until its shields have come on line and the guns cycle into position from their hardpoints. "Snap here on one ion turret." Snap calls out, followed by the fumbling of a headset when Jess made it to the aft guns. "Jess here." She manages. Poe flips a switch on the control board and engages their thrusters to push toward the corvette. "This is where the fun begins." BB-8 makes a nervous warble.

"What a rag tag group we are!" Lintra murmurs to herself already missing Fiver riding behind her. No Fiver, but the white synth scarf knotted around the outside of her Void suit has made it into the A-Wing.

<Erm, Sunshine copies that Tion. We have incoming drek in larger pieces than anticipated. I'd like Pretty Boy's signal for when I can jam this party." She fires up the massive engines on the relatively small craft, the sleek arrowhead shape darting in to join the first sortie.

Poe's voice comes over com, < Sunshine tagging those TIEs>

In the turret of the /Ghost/, Nova blinks and looks up as she hears Ektor's message. <Well, there's the inevitable intelligence foul-up,> she mutters. <Ready for action in the main turret! Ready to engage the corvette first, then the flying treasure chest. Hopefully we can knock out the intel gap before the freighter goes to lightspeed!>

An old ARC-170 built jointly by the Incom/Subpro corperations for the Grand Army of the Republic some... 50 years ago now reverts into real space not far from the Ghost. At it's helm, and the two Heavy Canons the s-foils of the predecessor to the X-Wing boasts was a Void Armor clad Elrych Cometburn. "So... sience we got those turrets, we're going to go on a run on that Corvette." His music is already playing in the cockpit, likely to his two gunners chargrin, a fast and loose tune. <<"This is Thunderbolt 2... brining torps on line and following in for a run on the corvett.">> To those in the ship with him, "Keeps those TIE's off us..." The engines burst to life and the ship screams forward, the Jedi taking a breath and reaching out to the force.

Merek has settled into his black flightsuit, while he takes a moment to set all the system to align with the classic ARC-170. He flicks a few switches on the medium turret while his gloves take the stick for medium laser cannons. There's a nod which is offered also to Comet.

The Bessarion manages to outfly the TIE on her butt, but gets a face full of heavy cannon. << I'm hit, but I'm still up. Getting a missile lock on the corvette.>>

There is a token broadcast from the Raider corvette for all ships to break off or face immediate destruction, but the vicious warship is opening fire in the instant its comm officer has stopped speaking. <<Whoa, they ain't screwing around. Right, target lock acquired on the loot boat, Ready to let loose, yeah?>> The recon bomber weaves between the fire of defensive turrets and pursuit TIE fighters, and a pirate interceptor takes a light hit from an enemy fighter, but the squadron holds together.

Poe brings the Ghost into a slow spiral as bright lances of cannon fire, and the occasional green flash of TIE fire blitz past his canopy. From the outside, the Ghost appears to be firing every single weapon it has. Blue and Red lances dash the corvette's shield, battering it with hit after hit. Poe laughs as he pulls the Ghost away to loop about. "Poe, what about the objective boat?" Asks Jessika. "What about it?" Poe fires back.

"This will have been a wasted mission if we can't flounder it." Jess says, and Snap grunts. "Yeah," Poe says, "But it'll also be wasted if that corvette slags us all in the process of floudering that big thing. Besides, let our fighters do their thing. We have to let Xer's plan unfold. Just go with it, yeah?" Snap grunts again. "What are you, some kinda Jedi?" Jess grumbles.

The Dastoon fleet were a wary lot and quick to respond. The TIEs deploy out of their escort formation and come swarming to sting.

"Woooohooo," Tallie, flying her first love, pulls on the yoke to put the Quick Event into a roll firing the pivoting lasers cannons at the first to be in range. They exchange fire, the canopy of the A-Wing lighting up a lurid green as the laser fire grazes her shields.

Nova winces at the near-misses that flash past the big freighter. "Good point about that loot boat," she agrees. "I'll see if I can't give it a tickling." Which is about all it amounts to, given that these are normal ion cannons, but it might give the bulk freighter crew something to think about besides running for the Big L. "Looks like those are upgraded shields. We'll have to hit it pretty hard to do much good!"

In a blink of an eye, the bad guys seem to have the jump on them. It hasn't been like that in a while but they did pop out of Hyperspace a little too far away from the flotilla. First, the Jedi enters the old Clone War's fighter into a spin so rapid that poor Yamo in the gunner seat opposit of CPL Black is having trouble holding onto his lunch. "WHY ARE WE SPINNING!" THe poor human male shouts... and it's evident when orange energy spits past them where the ship once was from a Quad laser turret. "Because we're getting shot at Yamo!" Elrych saw that before it was about to happen, the gifts of a strong connection to the Force... and a trained one at that. His reflexes... were inhuman at the moment. THe Music fuels that flow of the Force's current through him, his head bobbing to the rapid beat as he pulls up rpidly once more to angle away from some TIE bolts. He angles back in on the Corevette, the targeting computer beeping with a lock. "Hot cha cha..."

Thunderbolt 2 Merek takes a clean shot at a TIE which is shooting in at them, while he begins to follow it along with the targeting, finding the position.

The freighter begins to bank toward an escape vector, its nav comp calculating furiously. The vessel is well protected by an aggressive screen of Dastoon TIEs and the batteries of *Iriun's Dagger*, a droll broadcast coming from the Class B shuttle in Duros, translated as <<Well this is tedious,>> as the shuttle is fired upon ineffectuallly by a pair of TIEs.

"Bee-Bee, need you on those shields, buddy." Poe angles the Ghost for another pass while suffering the effects of a rush after taking a harsh blow from the Corvette's cannons. "Poe, we can't take that kind of punishment," Snap says in a mentoring voice. Jess pipes in, "Yeah, you're supposed to /avoid/ the red lances, pretty boy." Poe glances aside at BB-8 who looks up at him. "Tough crowd tonight."

The Ghost goes through another pass, battering the corvette's shields. <<"Shields are close to buckling. Who is working on that bulk freighter?">>

The dog fights begin with two TIEs flying in from different angles at the A-Wing. Tallie ducks the first by dropping abruptly out of its plane of attack, hitting the right rudder she swerves to starboard twisting out from under the second TIE. Quick Event's red lasers paint Alpha One lowering its shields somewhat. They continue to dodge back and forth, the two TIES dogging her in a fairly even fight.

Nova winces as the ship shakes under a blast. "Cabbie, your tip just shrunk," she quips, and swivels the turret to join in the pounding on the Corvette's shields. "This thing's tougher than a lump of triple-strength duranium alloy," she mutters. "I hope that shield generator's the easy-to-overload kind."

Doesn't look like it is, though. < Seriously, we need to find out where they're getting their corvettes, and then steal a couple!>

Maybe Elrych gets a little cocky moving in on the attack run towards the Raider Corvette, the targetting computers blips getting closer and closer together. A quick spin here, a waggle and jut there without taking his rectical off the prize and fire zips harmlessly by. "Eggsy, turn up the music..." The dorid does as commanded, turning up the music louder than likely should be but, the Jedi was having fun flying in his old War toy. The tone goes solid, the rectical turning a deep crimson. <<"TORP AWAY">> He comms and send the torp screaming towards the Corvette. It smashes into what's left of the shields, the explosion rocking the ships hull with a good ammount of damage. "HAHA, boys you see that?" Though, the joyous occasion ends as El just bARELY senses to harmful intent his way. He looks to his scopes and sure enough two TIE's are on him. He maneuvers quicks, slower than them, but seemingly far more experianced... beating them of their own game of cat and mouse. <<"I know, right? Nova... you have the best ideas.">>

Merek lines up with cannons upon the TIE, and begins firing. The blasts swing into the shields of the fighter with an expert ability.

The lightly damaged pirate interceptor and the Longprobe both launch volleys of proton torpedoes which bring down the shields of the Mark II *Prosperity*, even as it's hyperdrive has begun to spool up. An old R41 Starchaser near the center of the mismatched formation arms ion cannons and strafes the length of the blocky bulk hauler, promoting a laugh over the comms from Ektor, <<Nice work, kid- and before you ask: no, that don't count as a kill. Alright, Party Wagon, do your thing.>> The Class B shuttle maneuvers to dock with the crippled freighter, while the remainder of the Tionese squadron darts in to help their allies in the ongoing fight. <<Rekk em up, yeah!>> a feminine voice encourages the Resistance craft from one of the pirate craft.

Poe brings the Ghost back around, lining up for the next volley. Without warning, Poe slams the throttle engaging the engines to their maximum capability. "Everyone.. hang on!" Poe says too late for BB-8, who noisily bounces back into the corridor and further into the ship. "Pooooooe! I CAN'T SHOOT DREK WHEN YOU'RE FLYING LIKE A KRIFFING MANIAC!" Yells Jess over the internal comms. Snap just busts out laughing.

Thanks to Miri, the shields on the corvette have buckled once again, and the Ghost swoops in for the final touches. Two dual heavy laser cannons rattle along the exterior of the ship creating a chain reaction explosion that begins at the ship's stern before engulfing the entire craft in a brilliant explosion. The Ghost spirals slowly away. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!" Poe screams before laughing. <<"Another corvette down!">>

The fight intensifies with both TIEs determined to nick the new paint on her silver and red A-Wing. "Rekk them both," she mutters, as she uses the drop down maneuver only to double back in a loop that not many fighters can handle. The A is fast and Tallie pushes the envelope.

Bracketing Alpha One in the targeting computer, the ace fires both cannons twice, the target dissolving into a balloon of red that is a hazard as it disintegrates. Taking a quick deep gulp of breath, her fingers tighten on the yoke and she chases Alpha 2 laying down the law on it as well. < Sunshine, splash Alpha One>

<Nice work on that corvette!> Nova compliments, seeing the explosion. She shifts aim to fire on a TIE... pretty much a wasted effort, really, only scraping its shields. <Wonder when they're going to figure out they've got no way home but us, with their capship splashed...>

<<You owe me a drink for stealing my kill, Pretty Boy!>> Miri needles over the comms.

Elrych looks back as he's coming about for another run on the corevette, watching it explode and then disappear off the HUD. "Alright..." Then, he angles in on a group of the TIE's. He picks out one, dances with it a few moments and just barely misses. "Stang!" Yamo doesn't have that kind of luck. "WILL YOU TURN DOWN THE MUSIC I CAN't CONCENTRATE." Elrych does so, "Say it don't spray it, Yamo."

Merek takes another clean strike upon a TIE while its shields are blasted also, then he's adjusting the position of that cannon.

The dagger-shaped Raider corvette had nearly escaped into hyperspace, before the guns of the Resistance cut it off permanently. With both their capital ship destroyed and their objective freighter captured (Escape pods had jettisoned from the *Prosperity* immediately after it was boarded, a common freighter crew not willing to face an assault by boarders), the half squadron of Dastoon House Guard TIE/fo put up one last token exchange of cannonfire before fleeing into hyperspace themselves; two of the six are gunned down, but the remaining quartet succeed. Cheers and insults are plentiful in their wake, and not only from the Resistance and their allies: several Tionese civilian freighters broadcast support to the Resistance ships ranging from rather dignified <<Keep on fighting,>> to the rather more colorful, <<Rekk the Hutt-suckers!>> Several blind drinks are also offered. No love for Sienar or First Order ships here, it seems.

<<Aww, sweethearts, you can buy me a drink any day. But not when I'm at work>> Miri says playfully over the comms to the civilian freighters. << Stay safe out there.>>

<<"Alright, let's leave the rest to the professionals. I'll see you all back home. Ghost checking out.">> Poe has spoken. The Ghost sets to its escape vector and a second later, zips from view in a sudden golden flash.

Elrych turns down the music some as the TIE's start to head off and into hyperspace. The Jedi, merciful as he can be, doesn't chase after or mention any ill wishing about wanting to kill them. Taking a deep breath he waits for the go ahead to return to base, making sure Eggsy had a proper nav-calcution ready.

<Go ahead and run home!> Nova calls after the TIEs, laughing, standing in the turret's footrests and reaching for her belt with mischief in mind. <Come back next time you want a taste of...>

Which is about when /Ghost/ vanishes into hyperspace! She straightens and blinks at the sight of gray spirals outside, sighing. "Frell... Poe, I'd just got my pants down."

The subsystems of the ionized *Prosperity* begin to flicker back to life as the boarding team gets it back in shape for a jump to new coordinates. As has become usual, the Resistance will collect what they need of the cargo, and whatever is left over, the pirates keep or sell on the black market. <<Heh. We're like a regular Black Squad Market, yeah?>> Ektor grins at his own bad joke. <<See you all back on the world,>> he drawls in parting, waiting to see the captured freighter into hyperspace, before punching in his own hyperdrive with a lazy exhale and a crooked grin.