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The Cloak and Dagger

OOC Date: February 22, 2020
Location: Outer Rim World
Participants: Grom, Bizz Bliptettjupp, Ca'tra Kora, Evie Leven, Kirioth Kora, Hadrix Kora, Lozen, Sumi Kora, Clan Kora

Entering the atmosphere and hitting the pressure of a tropical planet might seem rudimentary, but the air pressure and tidal winds were a true challenge even for the most experienced pilots. The Kyber Heart, a VCX-100 that's rocking the best engines on the market, lowers from cloud cover and bucks hard from the air pressure. In the cockpit, Fae, who is normally pretty calm, has begun to sweat as alarms sound from various instruments. "Ohhhh.. I knoow, calm down, Kyber.. we can do this.." She says, talking to herself while she works through her nerves and the mission ahead.

In the hangar bay of the Kyber Heart, Sumi Kora props one booted foot on a bench and slaps the buckle of her shin guard. Her helmet is off for once, and she's nursing a cigarette from the corner of her mouth, her long dark hair hanging over the scarred part of her face. She brings her foot down, pivots, and sits on the bench now, pulling up her shotgun and pumping the receiver to chamber the next tibanna cartridge. Setting the weapon buttstock down against the deck, Sumi uses her free hand to pluck the smoke free from her lips and excel.

"This op is about as simple as it gets. We kill everyone. Everyone except the slaves quartered in the fields. Fae says this island is where she lost her humanity, lost a lot of things to become the soldier the Hapans wanted her to be. The Lady in charge here is a witch. Maybe not a lightsaber wielding fiend, but she is an evil woman. She torments, torture, and breaks the women of the Hapan special guard here."

"Fae suffered this with the expectation that she would serve honorable to a Lady worth a damn; instead she was cast carelessly about, her life meaningless. Her final battle for the Hapans saw her face off with me when a Duchess committed a dishonorable act." Sumi stomps out the smoke and picks up her Mando helmet, donning it with a loud HISSING noise. When her black visor washes out with a reflective silver exterior, Sumi's voice comes over the modulator. <"She wants no other girl to be subjected to the horrors of this island, of this planet. We free those being indoctrinated, and we kill everyone who is responsible. Our priority target is Lady Leta Pajarra, the Mistress of the Manor. She's dangerous, don't let her age fool you.">

Helmet in place, listening to Sumi as she explains the situation - Hadrix looms as he lifts up the pistol gripped carbine in his fist. Charge checking, eyes narrowed. <<"Copy. Comm-Check, Hadrix.">> voice husked over the channels as he flicks off his safety and rolls his shoulders.

His head is bobbing, speaking to himself no doubt. Sumi, Lozen, Evie and Ca'tra likely know what he's doing. Mnemonic devices, that set of conditioned triggers. Adrenaline is starting to pool in his glands, his body preparing to flood him with endorphins, dopamine, serotonin. A cocktail to make the thrill a pleasure. Fear tightly controlled. Rage a focus point.

Tip of the spear. Hammer of the Clan.

<"I am summoned I shall serve..."> the last bit loud enough for his externals to click on. <<"Hadrix. Keep it down">> Gripper. Filling his head, turning off his externals, speaking inside his helmet. <<"Not yet.">> Friend indeed.

Grom holds up a massive three-fingered hand to inquire, "Grom wishes to know if aged mammals are more or less tender than fresh mammals?" The hulking Houk quietly (not quiet) scolds the axe carried on his belt, "Hush. Do not be greed, Grom has promised guns a turn." Hearing the comm checks, the alien mercenary doesn't activate his comms and simply shouts louder to be heard, "GROM IS HERE." Tip of the boulder. Borrowed blunt object of the clan.

<< "Comm-Check, Evennia." >> One of the newer forms to take up the armor, Evie stands ready. Listening to Sumi as she lays out the mission ahead of the group. Is it going to be a slaughter? Oh, oh yes it is. Is it justified? It certainly sounds like it to her. << "Kill those responsible, free the indoctrinated... should we expect resistance from the innocents?" >> she asks -- Evie's seen it first hand.

People who've been broken like is being described to her aren't necessarily going to react positively to a rescue operation. Instead, they may attack their liberators in defense of their tormentors. She's come prepared for that possibility, but it's the more... multi-purpose of her weapons that's brought to hand first. Giving the pistol a once-over, to ensure that it isn't about to fail her again. Then, there's a quick glance to the gathered. Alright, Evie. It's about to be showtime.

Bizz Bliptettjupp is a monk of peace. But Lady Fae's promise of the location of an Aurean healing crystal of fire, and the opportunity to rescue the enslaved has drawn him into service. During hyperspace he meditates with a globular censer of Dagoyan incense emitting a slow trickle of silvery smoke. "By the FORCE, this Hapan must be very naughty," the monk mutters. He begins to extend out his strange energy bow and plucks the string. Then there is the obligatory sip of something from his flask - to settle his nerves.

Lozen follows along, her own helm on as she trots double time to keep alongside with Hadrix <<"Why is Hadrix on the Channel?">> Gripper is helpful of course but if the droid is part of the operation it's apparently news to her. Tiny hands check her ammo clips and she's got matching blasters on either hip, <<"Is there the chance that these sadists may try to use said slaves as collateral? Is there a chance of them winding in the middle of a secondary response to this assault?">>

Nose twitching from the odor of the smoke, Ca'tra sits on the bench opposite Sumi sealing the gauntlets to her suit. An unsealed bag green medical cross blazoned on its side lays open next to her. The bucking of the shuttle makes her grab for the bag, sliding it over her head. Black hair already in pigtails, she fits her helmet, its unusual H-shaped visor marking it as Skyripper armor onto its ring and seals it.

<Check, Had. Com check> She watches Hadrix go through his routine, her adrenaline beginning to spike in sympathy. Under the helmet, she grins unabashedly at Grom, keeping her attention fixed on Sumi.

Roth is here. The Arkanian sealed up in her Dreadfinder armor. She's quiet, as is her usual setting. She really doesn't have a bubbly or talkative side. Maybe she's getting too old for this kriff. She has her blades on her and she's just awaiting the signal to get to going. There's a look to the others with them, but no comments made. Just a dip of her head in greeting.

<"I am not certain, but we should suspect so. Should the youth be used as weapons, I would prefer we use non-lethal force. I have a soft spot for children. They do not deserve to die because we are too careless."> She raises a hand, suddenly remembering an important detail. <"Grab a bandolier of binders. Just in case we must apprehend these indoctrinated. Doctor Ca'tra can see to the wounded once the manor is ablaze and Leta is dead."> Sumi turns to Grom. <"I am 110 cycles old. Do you think me frail, Grom?"> The short Mando is looking up at the massive Houk.

Fae's voice filters over the intercom. <<"We're landing on a northern beach. I've flown in low to avoid sensor scans, so I won't be able to leave this position. Head south, through the foliage until you reach the fields. You'll want to cause some sort of disturbance there. Leta will send her guard first, and draw all the trainees to the barracks for lock down. With any luck, you will not see any of the younger ladies.">> Fae sighs. <<"The males.. the males are all servants. They should not fight, but if they do.. they know it seals their fate. Do not hesitate with them. They won't.">>

Sumi opens the ramp to reveal the peaceful shoreline of a tropical island. Salty air fills the hold, and the sound of waves and gentle rustling of tall palm (like) trees. The sky is cloudless with stars and three moons! Insects make their nightsong. Sumi steps down the ramp and lowers her shotgun. A brush of her cape sets it to her back, and she draws up a EE-3 carbine, lifting it so her other hand can cup the lower barrel assembly.

Following Sumi, clearing the ramp and hitting the sand, <<"Copy...">> a liquid growl in Hadrix's voice over comms, checking his HUD system to identify directions. <<"Proceeding south.">> He's not keeping low though... and he's tromping too loudly to be quiet about it.

His dander went up the moment 'child soldiers' was said. He should have tucked down the cape as well, that's blowing out behind him, not as... well contained as Sumi's own now.

Grom considers Sumi's question with visible effort. "Hurm. So LESS tender with age. THIS IS GOOD TO KNOW." The Houk nods slowly, seeming to grow closer to some decision. Muttering under his breath, yet still clearly audible, the Houk rumbles, "Little Hissing Gun will have its turn, first. DO NOT COMPLAIN, large roaring gun. You will have your turn, soon. Last time you made too large a hole in the puny foe and shot through the wall behind him and GROM REQUIRES GREAT PRECISION." The Houk draws a tricked out military carbine from a holster where the towering alien had been wearing it like a common pistol. He moves down the ramp onto the beach a step behind Hadrix, moving in a slight crouch, looking as if trying to sneak (or maybe juist to get out of the ship without hhitting his head), but spoils the effort with the declaration, "GROM IS HERE.""

<< "Check-and-double check." >> Evie replies, both to the response to her query, as well as the additional command -- using her free hand to snag one of the aforementioned bandoliers and sling it across herself as she walks past. Nodding along to the orders being given... and grinning to herself the more she hears, and the more she sees.

<< "Gonna take care of that disturbance she asked for personally, Hadrix? >> asks Evie, who, by nature of being /much smaller than Hadrix/, falls neatly into the position of being hidden by the massive shadow the man casts. This does not change the fact that the girl is naturally /loud./ Stealth and deception? These are two things that one does /not/ call Evie when it's time for. Fortunately, a disturbance was requested, and she's /much/ better in that particular domain.

Bizz adjusts his robe and puts his magnetic quiver of arrows down low on his bandolier, hanging near his waist. His uneti-wood staff is attached to his back in case of close-quarters. The Ugnaught monk bends and opens his round censer, trying to extinguish the sizzling incense inside once they near the landing zone. Then the monk waddles off the ship after Grom, keeping an arrow nocked in his silent bow just in case. His simple kasaya robe rustles in the breeze.

Lozen seems to count in her head before following, making sure there's distance, <<My heart? You are clear eyed and grounded, yes?">> She adjust where she creeps to keep a concerned eye on her massive mate. She knows she needs to move slow and low but that's hard to do in her current state so she just does the best she can, dividing her attention between minding her step and keeping an eye on Hadrix as he rolls onward.

Redistributing the weight of the med bag after stuffing in a bandolier, Ca'tra walks down the ramp into the soft tropical night. The slender, almost feminine form of a DL-30, is in her hand, and the much deadlier longer silhouette of a Flamethrower anchors the shoulder opposite her medical bag. On the HUD display she scans the night for the first sign that their presence has drawn the first hostiles.

<<This is the loudest ground I've ever walked on.>> Roth hisses as she keeps hitting things that make noise. It's annoying! But, the Merc wasn't known for her moving silently...or hiding. So..she'd deal. The woman doesn't pull her blades yet though. She'd do it when they met up with enemies. She didn't want to make /MORE/ noise at this point.






The group emerge from the treeline and appear in a tall field of Froff Weed, a sweet smelling tobac popular in the Hapes cluster for its bliss like side effects when burned. Four guards, marked by the shoulder lamps, draw close to the treeline but have not narrowed down who or WHAT the noise is. "I'm checking over here!" One of the females say, and another taller one moves with her. "We'll check along the trees," answers one of the other pair. All FOUR are women, armored in grey scale of somesort and carrying close quarters weaponry. Sumi's voice sounds over comms. <<"First contact. Spread out and engage. Then, set this whole goddamn field on fire. The flames will rekk with thermals and we'll get a decent view of investigators as they arrive to investigate.">>

<<"I know what I need to do, Lo...">> the rumble there in his voice as he plods ever onward, but it's another voice to pull him back. Gripper, Lo, Evie, Sumi, Fae... They're rounding him back to the present. Hadrix's shoulders are still rising and falling when the guards are spotted. Sumi gives battle orders and Hadrix's arm rises.

The CH-CHOOM of the antiquated blaster stitches across the shoulder lamps, crimson bolts churning ground and sand, igniting grasses and vaporizing the head of one of the guards as his line of fire and her cranium meet in the middle.

<<"Target down.">>

Grom hears 'engage' and 'fire', shortly before spotting the quartet of Hapan perimeter guards. "YOU ARE NOT IN A CAGE," Grom informs the Hapans, merrily opening fire immediately after. The rapid firing carbine had been modified with a larger grip to accomodate Grom's hand, which the Houk holds in one hand. He misses twice, but the one shot that connects makes a proper mess of the poor Hapan. "BLAM. Blam blam!" he roars, just in case the remaining enemy were not aware they were being shot at.

The feeling before war begins is long-familiar for Evie, even if the armor that she shares with most of her teammates... her new (and old!) family... is not. She hasn't taken it /off/ since receiving it to try and speed up the breaking in process. Knowing that the battle could be the last one for any of them. Possible exceptions being the massive Grom, and Hadrix the unkillable. Lozen's presence throws her a little bit. Given the Echani's condition... does that mean this is an incredibly safe mission, or that she's an incredibly stubborn woman? Either way, Evie reminds herself to keep a cautious eye on the woman.

...but then there's contacts, and the Kuati girl is quick to draw and fire her pistol. The first blast of green goes wide, but the second and third? Slam right into their target mercilessly. << "That's what I'm talking about!" >> ...the group's definitely impressing /her/ with their efforts so far.

Bizz splutters as he is surprised by the perimeter guards. "They saw us!" He draws an arrow and nocks it into his strange bow, drawing back and firing a blazing energized arrow from the powered bowstring. It strikes the guardswoman in her breastplate and she dies. Another arrow pops from his magnetic quiver into Bizz's hand and he nocks it, quickly firing, but the shot goes wide and detonates in the field of froffweed.

Lozen did promise Hadrix she'd be careful on this outing and so restraining her usual urge to go full ankle biter on these opportunistic buzards is checked. Not that she was well hidden but that doesn't stop her from popping up as if she was, sending off two hasty shots and then and then squatting back down with a grimace but to her armor's credit-it does NOT pop a seam!

Only four guards on the perimeter of the field and the first four out of the shuttle have nearly finished them. Their fire splits the quiet of the night. Blaster at the ready Ca'tra tracks one of the wounded ending the woman's agony on the spot with a single shot. There is a guaranteed satisfaction in killing slavers.

Roth was drawing her swords, but...everything is dead. This leaves the Arkanian to lower her arms slowly and she gives a look to the others and there's a nod of approval. Excellent, Smithers.

Where the energy bolts detonate and kick up dirt, fire begins to stir. At first, it's in small spots, but the weed is highly flammable and burns /hot/! It doesn't take long for the flames to grow tall and light up the horizon with a vivid orange glow. The manor sets off an alarm, and a small army of soldiers being led toward the disturbance by none other than Lady Leta.

From a distance, Lady Leta is tall, roughly 6'6 and broad. She's heavy set, or 'big boned' as some say, with armor plating that was thick and capped with a glimmering helm and glowing red visor. <"Find the source of this, and destroy it!"> She commands, her voice loud. She departs the field then to see to her charges, shouldering a massive sword over her shoulder. Her guards sweep the area, wading into the tall weeds without helms and scanning with lights and blasters.

Through the pockets of tall flames, the team can see these lights piercing through the billowing smoke. It'll be tough shots, but the incoming guards cannot see the strike team! Ten total light bearing soldiers closing in and likely more to come.

Sumi's raspy tone sounds over the comms, the flames reflected on her visor. <<"Engage these guards and be ready for more. We have the advantage.">>

Flames rising, Hadrix hangs his carbine on his hip and then... well. He has a kriffing ship-class missile launcher on his back.

Because OF COURSE he has such ordinance on his back. Sliding it up and over, resting it on his shoulder and tapping its targeting system into his HUD. It's not reliable. But it's hilarious for sure. Checking his systems and drawing a bead on the guards that are starting to gather.

<<"Ordinance will be outgoing. Laz targets.">>

A loud voice? A large (for a mammal) foe?? "GROM IS THE SOURCE OF THIS. GROM IS HERE," the Houk shouts, waving his arms helpfully. "Hurm. Smoke is in the way-" yes, Grom, that was the entire point. "Here, Grom will show you:" he blasts away at the column of guards, bellowing, "FOLLOW THE LIGHTS, WORTHY FOE." His 'guiding light' kills one of the guards. "... ALSO THE TRAIL OF DEAD BODIES, IF YOU REQUIRE MORE DIRECTION."

<< "Not sure they can see you well enough, Grom. I'll help light up the night!" >> Evie offers up, moving herself into position near Hadrix -- so that she can keep anyone who tries to come near him while he's setting up THE BOOM at bay. One poor guard decides that she wants to do exactly that. There's a shake of the grounded pilot's head. << "Not today." >>

Three quick pulls of the trigger, three ascending shots on her target - gut, chest... and /face./ Teaches /that/ guard to try and approach her family.

Bizz Bliptettjupp is attempting to avoid the growing flames of the fleffweed stalks. When more soldiers enter the field he fires blind at the search-lumens, sending one energized arrow into the darkness, then ejecting a second arrow from his magnetic quiver on his hip. He grabs the bolt in midair, nocks it, and sends the second energized arrow into the darkness. FWOOM FWOOM. Both appear to hit but Bizz must trust in the FORCE because he cannot see it.

Of COURSE they have the advantage. They have a Grom AND a personall incensed Hadrix with them never mind the devastatingly deadly ladies of Kora! An Lozen, who's so occupied with proving she's NOT too fat fight by NOT tumbling backwards on her rump-but that effort costs her when it comes to actually hitting what she's shooting at.

The fire dances across the field obscuring visibility, toggling to low light vision Ca'tra walks on, blaster raised. Halting, she turns sideways and calmly takes aim at two guards running towards her: two shots dispatch one and a third bolt injures another. < I expected them to bring more on than this. Where is the main force?>

Roth didn't bring a gun. Surprising no one really. If they are in Kora that is. The Arkanian takes her swings with the blade and does her best to try to kill her target. She's very quiet when she gets into battle this time.

Under fire, kneeling, a blasterbolt glancing off of his right bicep plate. There is a sound over comms. A hrrrrrr sound before a -very- pleased sounding Hadrix can be heard deep-whispering,

<<"Oooohh... yeah.">> It's flooding his system and he shudders for just a moment before the firing stud is pressed. The night is illuminated by the burning sun birthed by the launcher on his shoulder trailing a tail of fire in its' wake, headed for the incoming forces attempting to fend them off.

The explosion, magnificent, enemy forces vaporized or cast to the wind like cheap dolls. Tumbling across the terrain, what had been reinforcements now a trio for the others to attend.

<<"Yeah that's the stuff...">>

Grom is a very large, very loud target, it's only natural that some enemy fire finds him. A blaster bolt skips off his chestplate, leaving a scorch mark, but not harming the Houk. "GOOD, you followed Grom's MOST ROYAL directions. NOW COME CLOSER," he advises loudly, until the streaking trail of Hadrix's missile screams past and *annihilates* the majority of the guards. "A MIGHTY SHOT, Little Missile Mammal!" he cheers Hadrix. "Grom did not know it was time for LARGE EXPLOSIONS, but Grom has a-" he starts searching his armor for the detonators, before stopping himself. "No! Grom promised Little Hissing Gun this turn.." With a sense of almost resignation, the Houk blasts away at another pair of the surviving guards. ".. blam. blam blam."

Well, she was doing her best to make Hadrix /less/ of a target. Unfortunately, that also comes along with the cruel fate of making /herself/ more of a target. One of the incoming bolts clips the pilot in the arm and she's knocked to the ground with a yelp. Down, however, has never meant /out/ of a fight for Evie.

<< "Still alive. Still in this. I'm good." >> she checks in for the benefit of her team, switching her weapon from the wounded right arm to her healthy left. Unfortunately for her, it's been a /while/ since the pilot has shot left-handed... and between that and the pain? The green blasts go wide. Like, /way/ wide. Almost straight /up/ wide.. Was she trying to shoot at enemy starfighters that she imagined in a hurtful haze?

Bizz fires two more energized arrows into the approaching guards. One misses and one connects and explodes, killing a Hapan soldier. "There's a lot of them, by the FORCE!" Then a missile detonates quite far away and Bizz raises his hand, shielding his eyes from the shockwave and inevitable backwash of debris that come rushing forward. "Where did that come from!? Was that us?!"

Lozen gawps <<"My Heart-when did you get a rocket launcher?!>> she swivels her head around and huff-stomps, shooting as she does cover herself as she moves to another location with better cover since apparently there's no use in having a clearer view at this precise moment <<"After I've have your son you are letting me fire that.">> It's definitely not a request, though there's more giddy anticipation than demand.

The missile burns bright in the doctors HUD as it streaks towards its target. Around Ca'tra, plants catch fire sending up a skunky smell that insinuates itself past the helmet filters. Even low light enhancement isn't helpful with the thick smoke. She misses her first shot but spins another to the ground wounded. The group moves inexorably towards the main house where the Lady Leta awaits them.

<Evie, will get to you as soon as we are out of this fire fight.>

Roth moves with the rest of the group after the rocket is launched off. That was neat. She's quiet as they go. Trying not to be the loudest of the group.

Sumi watches through the smoke and flames as the last of the manor guards are blown up by the massive explosion, then picked off at last. Now was the time to move forward. Rather than call for the advance, Sumi steps forward and her jetpack ignites, taking her high above and through the smoke. She landed near the actual manor buildings, just beyond the smoke and scanned around.

What she found were beaten and whipped, barely surviving females hung in cages and barely alive. It was the stockade type punishment for these teens, who had failed whatever examination required and penance must be paid. <<"Mother have mercy..">> There were thirteen of these teens left to hang there, gaunt and weak, their feet or arms hanging out. One of the more lively reached for the small Mandalorian saying "Help us.."

<"THERE IS NO HELP FOR THEM!"> Yelled Lady Leta who emerged to join the battle. <"Much like there is no help for you, or your team, Mando. You face the Scourge of the Cluster, the Butcher of Drik. I will feed you your own guts, then hang you with them."> Leta no longer had a sword. She drew to her hand, either by arcane ability or mag-lock, an onyx colored flail with a heavy end, then activated her shield. <"Do your worst!"> Leta screams.

Sumi stays quiet and steps back, waiting for the support of her team to join as Leta begins to swing her flail idly, laughing a truly evil laugh.

<<"Evie, tell me if you need me, Lo - ... ... ... Yes dear.">> Last thing they need is for certain half-human half-echani to make sudden appearance. Last thing he needs is to deny Lo the chance to put her hands on his rocket launcher. He knows she wants to get her grip on it. Fire off a few rounds. They have a healthy relationship and she can't keep her hands off of his guns.

As he lights off he swings the missile launcher back onto his back on it's strap, reaching for his ax to swing up and activate even as he comes down to land with a heavy thud at Sumi's side.

<<"On your three, Alorir. I am your fist.">>

"A speech? Is this Worthy Foe making dramatic speech before battle?? GROM IS COMING," the Houk shouts, lurching into a.. surprisingly swift dash. Those reptilian legs are churning in a hurry, as Grom shoves the carbine back into its holster, and drawing out a notched, pitted, and stained vibro axe. "Almost- there!" Huff, Huff. "THERE. Grom is there! Which is here. Which is to say, NOW you do battle with the Mighty GROM. KING of Fale, CONQUEROR of the Sky Road, CHAMPION of Nar Shaddaa-" this may take awhile. Grom has not yet swung that axe.

<< "Affirmative. I can keep going, no need until it's safe, not while the target's in sight." >> Evie insists, getting back up from the ground. Rockets are igniting all around her and oh, how she'd love to fly. But she quietly reminds herself to put the mission first. They're going, so she goes too, mostly running, slightly stumbling in her determination to march forward and get into the fight.

The new target is big. She's too far to strike first when the massive flail strikes both Kirioth and Hadrix, but she's close enough to fire shortly afterwards... and misses again, and again, green bolts slamming harmlessly into pieces of the architecture. Frustrated, she shoves the pistol back into its holster and growls over the comms, << "SWINGER of AXES, Grom! START WITH THAT!" >>

Bizz Bliptettjupp notices everyone else blasting off with rocket packs and such. But the monk only has his two feet. Hiking up his robe's skirt, the pudgy Ugnaught runs with a great deal of huffing-and-puffing toward the manor house, through burning crops and a flattened blast crater. Once close he peers at the armored woman's armor. "Hey! She put the healing crystal in her armor, as jewelry! This is an affront to the FORCE!" He fires two energized arrows in quick succession and then, noticing that his quiver is empty, he takes his wooden stave off his back, preparing to batter Lady Leta into submission. If he can get close enough!

Lozen frowns and though she's ungainly and unstealthful she STILL can move damned fast so she takes off, running with the others to follow Sumi though at Evie's challenged voice on the Comms she veers a bit, turning her head and looking around trying to spot Evie in the fire and chaos <<"Evie? I will come provide cover.">> And then they she's confronted by the horrors and she looks legiimately rattled, silver eyes scanning the horror through her visor. She backpedals and fires reflexively-caught flatfooted by the sudden attack.

Two nozzles sprout fire as Ca'tra's jet pack takes her in a low arc behind Sumi. They land near the witch wielding her dangerous flail. She has a choice to fire on their adversary or treat the wounded. The sight of the girls hung in cages makes her see red, no need for a battle chant to make her want to strangle the woman with her bare hands and then use a scapel on her. Three missed shots. Just that. < I'm going for the wounded next>

Roth kicks off her jet pack and goes flying towards Sumi and the others. One sword is held out and the other is slid into it's scabbard as she does. The massive hit from the flail tumbles her out of the sky though and she rolls with the hit to come back up swinging. Missing the first, but connecting with the second. "I just got this!"

Leta is a lunatic, twisting and spinning, ducking under blaster bolts and out-stepping melee opponents. No wonder the Hapans entrusted her with their training in combat. SHE'S A MONSTER. The flail she uses whips about, sparking over the stone walkway when it skids low, and whistles when it is high. Every impact is followed by her laughter. <"You should've brought more friends! Hahahaha! Come Grom, King of NOTHING. Allow me to return you to the dirt, with all the others whose skulls I crushed beneath my BOOT! HAHAHAHA!"> WHOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!

Smashed in the leg by the witch as he moved to interpose himself between Lozen. Caught in the leg and folded in half by the speed and weight - like being hit by a personal speeder. Armor creaking as it bows inward. Caught while others are struck, Hadrix is only dislodged when he is slammed down onto the ground with the spikes lodged in the cuirass of his armor, forcing air from his lungs before he scrambles to his feet.

A bellow is released and he lurches rather than charges, stumbling on a leg that may have a crack in the bone, his swing is over balanced and he twists to land on the ground with a feral sounding snarl.

"Yes, SWINGER OF AXES," Grom is jolted out of his litany of titles by Evie's shout, rearing back with superhuman power and subhuman guile. Everyone sees the hack coming, ships in orbit saw the swing coming. Yet he still swung hard enough to power through Leta's defenses and score the Hapan's torso. "Not Nothing, *Fale*. Were you not listening? AND STOP ATTACKING OTHERS. GROM IS RIGHT HERE."

That last shot was ten; Evie faces a quick decision. Go for her stun pistol, or try shooting with the wrist laser -- she opts for the laser. Using her left arm to try and aim her right, she points in the general direection of the fiendish woman... and once again, there's nothing but air between her shot and the nearest wall. << "What I wouldn't give for a TIE right now..." >> ...or her suit. She should've brought the suit.

Bizz Bliptettjupp tosses aside his energy bow and pulls his uneti-wood walking stack off his back. He takes a moment to regain his breath, because running here was a feat, especially with his significant beer belly. "Do not... damage... the crystal! It is from the Shakamm Crater on Aurea... made by... an asteroid impact! Shakamm Crater crystals... are... impossible to duplicate!" He raises his staff, preparing to menace Lady Leta with it.

Lozen gasps as Hadrix takes the brunt of an attack meant for her, <<"No! Hadrix!>> she ejects the charge clip and drops it, she has another but right now freeing her hand to draw her ax is the priority <<"No one kill her too swiftly, she should have time to suffer before she perishes.>> as she unslings her vibro-ax and moves to step around her mate.

Roth's trying to chop at the psycho! But she's not getting good leeway, "JUST DIE ALREADY!" the Arkanian shouts at her. Like that's going to help?! The woman hopes it might.

Around them the battle rages on, Cat'ra hears the woman rail at Grom but the words don't process as she slips a bactra bandage through the hole in Hadrix's armor. Two quick patches to send him back into battle before she turns to Evie and her wounded shoulder. Delicately she manages a patch through the hole that gapes at the site. Rising she hasn't moved two steps before she is walloped that she loses consciousness for a precious moment. She lays on her back blinking upward into the starry night. It hurts to breath.

Around them the battle rages on, Cat'ra hears the woman rail at Grom but the words don't process as she slips a bactra bandage through the hole in Hadrix's armor. Two quick patches to send him back into battle before she turns to Evie and her wounded shoulder. Delicately she manages a patch through the hole that gapes at the site. Rising she hasn't moved two steps before she is walloped so hard she loses consciousness for a precious moment. She lays on her back blinking upward into the starry night. It hurts to breath.

Sumi backpedals and falls to her butt just as the flail comes within inches of taking her face off. The expression Sumi has is likely indicative of the pucker factor that keeps her planted and incapable of moving for a moment. She fires into the crazed witch, her handcannon making the loud discharges with bright red bolts. It sinks into Leta's armor, but that crazy witch is laughing about the pain. Laughing about the pain she imposes on others.

<"You would make an interesting pet, GROM. Once I bring you to your knees, you'll call me QUEEN! HAHAHA!"> Ca'tra becomes the target of Leta's ire now, and she brings the flail down hard, drawing it back with another practiced spin that has its chains rattling.

Sumi finally says something, climbing back up. <<"When this witch dies. I'm gonna cut her tongue and cram it up her ass!">>

Ca'tra may have seen Sumi's hand then. <"Back on your feet, Doc!"> She offers to help her back up using her free hand, Sumi's other still holding the smoking handcannon. <"Bizz, do you need the crystal intact!"> Or what, Sumi? You gonna glue it back together? Sumi's so dumb.

Tended to by Ca'tra, and hearing Lozen calling his name, swallowing the bit of his own cheek he'd bitten, Hadrix looks to the H-Visor near him and then back to Leta... and then he sees Ca'tra struck. Ca'ika hurt. Roth hurt. Evie Hurt.

Hadrix is up and charging for Leta, trying to get that glowing crystal, his swing coming in narrowly close to target but her twisting and spinning evades... Instead his ax is caught and he's dragged with until he loses grip of his weapon and is sent tumbling again, rolling across the ground and coming up on a knee to have his carbine back in hand.

"Do not wish for a TIE, little Armor-friend," Grom advises Evie. "Wish for a WIN. SO SPEAKS GROM." His now bloody axe is drawn back as Leta darts away from him to strike at Sumi and the Ca'tra. "..How DARE you treat others as greater foes than Grom! Was Grom unclear? Grom is *here*." He points at himself for emphasis. "Perhaps more axe will help," he muses, offering a violent swing as a reminder, crashing through Leta's guard and inflicting heinous damage in the reminding. Lady Leta's taunts of kneeling draw a booming, "THERE IS ONLY THE QUEEN OF WYN."

Ca'tra's fine medical work definitely makes it so that Evie feels /less/ of the burning that's made one arm largely useless after her opening salvo. It's not perfect, but she's definitely feeling more in this fight. Hadrix... is definitely going to be feeling those hits in the morning, but she knows better than to get between the man and his wife. The only way he wouldn't stand between the witch and Lozen is if he /couldn't/ stand.

Ca'tra being struck gives her an entirely new target to support -- the medic who was moments ago trying to aid her. The pilot drops down to her ally's side in turn, unsteadily raising her wounded arm towards their wretched foe and... nope, another twinge of pain strikes her and her arm falls to her side again, instead.

<< "Right. Silly me. We demand a /WIN!/" >> she corrects herself, for Grom's sake.

Bizz shuffles forward and whacks Lady Leta with his stick, aiming for the joints in her knees and hips where the armor is not as thick. THUNK THUNK THUNK. He makes little headway, but his stick is made from wood from the uneti tree, sacred to followers of the FORCE. He says to Grom and Sumi, "Do not damage the crystal! I don't know how to put it back together!"

Lozen uses the momentum of her swinging her axe up to bear to pivot around Hadrix, duck out of the way of the thundering Grom and sends her axe out in an upward arch along the Lady's flank-intent on avenging her injured husband!

A blurry image of Sumi looms over Ca'tra, the HUD is working perfectly fine - it's her vision that's cockeyed. Giving Sumi her hand on the unwounded side, she levers herself up with a breathless grunt and staggers out of the range of the crazed witch's weapon for the moment. It's her turn to patch herself, she instead grabs her blaster and pulls the trigger. A BIG FAT NOTHING. Forgetting to reload is a novice mistake. <".....">

Evie makes her wince and grin. <"Yeah, we are the queens of Wyn!">

Weapon up, Hadrix is breathing heavy. Painkillers and stims. He'll definitely feel it more later... He can't get a shot yet, but he can see others trying to move in... like the little... crazy monk thing wackin' the Hapan with a stick, and his wife charging in with an ax. But, he has a theory, so he aims, actually putting both hands on the carbine and sighting with more than just his HUD and AR systems.

"What crystal?" Grom asks aloud in answer to Bizz. "Is this foe made of crystal? Is that why she does not hear Grom and continues to attack OTHERS? GROM TAKES GREAT INSULT IN THIS," he informs Leta. Then Ca'tra yells about before ng the Queens of Wyn, drawing a slow, puzzled look from Grom. "...Do not be ridiculous. You are nowhere NEAR so tall." Belatedly, he remembers there is a battle going on and hacks a huge chunk out of the ground, as Leta gas wisely taken advantage of his distraction to weave out of reach.

<< "You should see me in my /other/ suit, Grom." >> quips Evie towards the biggest guy as she tries to keep her position between the Doc and their foe. Moving with the other woman as she stands to remain a shield for the only one, as far as /she/ knows, who can put them back together if they fall out here. Another shot, hastily aimed... and another miss. She wasn't really expecting anything /else/ at this point. Not until her arm is /entirely/ well again.

Bizz flees from the reach of the chain-flail, ducking beneath it with just a hair's width of space to protect him. "No, the crystal is in the armor!" He wades back in when Grom attacks, going for the leg joints with his stick. He takes a low stance, trying to stay away from the Lady's flail.

Lozen pivots again and lets both arms extend, causing the vibro ax to gouge out a section of the woman's flank before she trots around and behind others wanting their peice of the horrible witch. Lozen makes her way back towards Hadrix to check on him though she's ready to dive back into the fray if the need arises.

Ca'tra seldom gets angry even in the heat of battle. The girls swaying above them has her seething. Leaning slightly to sight around Evie who has made herself into a human barrier, she fires. The first blaster bolt hits the witch squarely. One handed, holding the blaster at waist level to keep the strain off of her wounded side she fires again, grinning wickedly at the damage she and the others inflict. The appearance of a stagger in their foe tells the doctor that she will be going down.

Clutching her side, she says with an effort, <"Put us in high heels, Grom. Stilts. We will be the Queens of Wyn.">

Lozen is her next objective then the poor girls that sway overhead.

Sumi tumbles to one side, rolling to a kneeling position and turning in a very Mando fashion. For a split second there's a moment, a perfect shot; it was the kind of shot sniper's waited their whole lives for. Sumi's head tilted down as her pistol came up, and she fired a single red bolt that caught Lady Leta through the visor.

The modified handcannon was the product of great tinkering, and its rebored muzzle and modified receiver produced a bolt that was /powerful/. So powerful, that when Leta's head jerked back from impact, the red energy emerged from the back of her helmet in a flash of red frozen tibanna gas, and a gust of misty pulverized red blood. The towering warrior dropped her flail in that moment and collapsed, heavily weighted by her armor.

Sumi seats her smoking blaster in a single motion and draws her knife, intent to fulfill her promise. She straddles Leta's upper torso and sits on her collar casually, tipping the dead woman's helmet off to reveal a fat face beneath. Steam and the sweet smell of frozen blood gently rose from the spot where her eye used to be. From behind, it appeared that Sumi was making a sawing motion. When her knife hand swung out slightly, so too did a trail of dark blood; she rose, her free hand coated in Leta's blood, her tongue in hand. <"I hate witches."> Is all Sumi says, hooking the trophy to her bandolier which still dripped blood over the chest plat of her armor. Sumi slides her knife home and motions. <"We've children to save. Get Fae on the horn. Tell her it's done."> A brush of her cape, Sumi abandons the body of Lady Leta, content to let Bizz do what he needs to extract the crystal.

Bizz Bliptettjupp has to go to the Lady's dead husk and step over all of the blood and gore. "Oh, by the FORCE, disgusting," he mutters. With a small knife in hand he attempts to pry the small healing crystal of fire from its place on her armor. After some time he manages to do it, but the crystal is spattered with blood. What a mess. "There are more of these, stolen, but this is a good start to restoring our Temple." He peers through the rare crystal, then spits on it and hastily wipes it with his sleeve.

Lozen wobbles a bit, holding hand to her injured side with one hand while the other shoves her ax back into it's sheath. She offers Hadrix a hand to help steady him if need be, "How badly are you injured, my heart?"