Teev Knavra

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Teev Knavra

Race: H.R.D.
Sex: Male
Occupation: Smuggler
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Alderaan

Species: H.R.D. Gender: Male Age: 73
Height: 6'7" / 2.00m Weight: 148 lb / 67kg Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown Skin Color: Pale Handedness: Right

RP Hooks

To Fight Is To Live

Born to the Work:

Created to continue on a revenge spree unfulfilled.


The work is paid for by the real work, apparently.


He is one and knows it, it's just not something shared easily with strangers.

Born on a Cloud of Dust:

Originally from Alderaan. Yes, that one.

Imperial Pain in the Cloaca:

Oh, they tell stories about the things that used to happen.

The Dark Arts:

Used to be a Batch-Spoiler: dropped into enemy training worlds, he made parents lose children. He was very gifted at this.

Past and Present

Working as a low-end mechanic, trying to angle into the world of smuggling full-time. The loss of the last ship, The Gauntlet Ascendant, was a severe and lasting blow six years ago. The time since has not been a kind era. A lot of moving from port to port, courtesy of whatever gig was hiring a temporary crew, and sometimes getting tasked by contacts in the Rebellion to fight First Order operations. Sometimes, it's visiting a scenic cityscape planet and stalking some bureaucrat - other times, it's landing on a moving transport and blowing it apart as it flies a crew pod full of new recruits - whatever it takes to bring morale to a new low. When it was just the Empire, those missions were almost easier.

Bloodied and Known

Calia: Someone who believed in me when it counted, and helped me when it mattered.

Bors Thul: Same planet, different worlds. The nobles who lost as much as the rest.

Dailo Fett: A Mandalorian to whom I owe a story and more.

Karas Darkwing: We met only in passing, although a story to tell is likely due.

Poe Dameron: A legend who exceeds the expectations. Humble yet grand.

Amaia Dara: A strong fighter with an excess of capability. Much to be learned from, indeed.

Sumi Kora: Brutal, effective, and a delight on the battlefield. Amazing worker.

Jallo Dara: A most efficient killer and a treasure to see in action.

Hadrix Kora: "Verd" is all that it needs to say, neh?

The Bloodbath

His pride and joy, the ship, a CEC YT-2400, was a purchase arranged through the auspices of the shadowy people who finance the Rebellion and their many goodwill agents. Originally she was known as The Pride of the Belt, and her previous owner renamed her Bloodbath after it ran aground of a Purrgil during a routine shuttling of crew from one workstation to another. The resulting damage saw it out of commission for a few weeks and the company owning it went into financial arrears, never to recover. Soon, it was up for auction and in Teev's hands. The name seemed appropriate and as such has not been changed. If anything, he seems to take ghoulish pride in it.

The Bloodbath.png