Log:Clan Kora: False Deities: Even False Gods Hit Back

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Clan Kora gets a punch right to the gut as a 'thank you' from the false mandalore.

OOC Date: August 11, 2020
Location: Ealor
Participants: Karys as GM, Clan Kora, Rathe Versiano, Sumi Kora, Hadrix Kora, Kirioth Kora, Avery Ihala Kora, Aja, Terek Rosol, Evie Leven

[Karys] Rain clouds threaten the early evening on Ealor that is brought in with that heavy purple color and thunder in the distance. The crack and flash quiets the natural life around the base with its crickets chirping and other insects and smaller creatures making their waking sounds as the nocturnal world begins to awaken and thus provides not only a chorus to the setting of the sun but a sort of presence all its own. Light flashes and the thunder rolls across the open air to make impact with the fortress and shakes the walls. The first few patters of rain fall but the clouds otherwise do not relinquish their bounty. The song of the wildlife begins anew, waiting for another rolling rumble to swallow up their symphony before they begin again.

Karys for her part is at the work table, now with both hands able to truly see to the work for the clan. A new tracker is before her, getting the last screws set to its frame to hold the modifications into place. Her fingers smooth over the surface of it and lifts it to sight down it at a small target as the rumble shakes the fortress like some wall of a bass drum. The weight of it feels right to her and she checks the fittings once more and then stands, offering it to Avery. "Go out and give it a try...practice." She says. She wipes her hands off and listens to another rumble as she lifts her head and tilts it. She removes her work glasses and setting them down remains where she is.

Out in the courtyard, where the ambience of the night washes over everything and gives it a peaceful primal feel there is a bonfire going. The smell of brine from the nearby sea invades when the air is just right as the complex is back lit by the dying sun. Another flash over the ocean that brings with it a rumble.

[Kirioth Kora] Roth's been spending time between Nar Shaddaa and Ealor lately, but, not being the most social of creatures. Even less so than she usually is. Their resident banshee is in armor, helmet strapped to her hip as she was coming back from some time practicing her rocketeering and trying not to crash land into the ocean. She doesn't seem phased by the storm, but, she definitely thinks it's going to be a pain in the ass.

[Avery] Avery takes the new carbine from her with a look of awe, clutching the weapon gingerly as he turns it over in his hands. "Wow... thank you so much!" He too lifts it to his shoulder and sights down the barrel, one eye closed and tongue stuck out to the side. "Feels really good, a bit lighter than I was expecting but solid nonetheless." The new recruit remarks as he lowers the blaster. He stands in borrowed armor, the Mandalorian Starscout seeming to fit him rather well despite it being on loan from Evie. He gathers his helmet from a nearby table and turns to head to the practice range, eager to test the Tracker out for himself. Avery also tilts his head, a thin lipped smile moving over his features. "Sounds like a decent storm might be heading this way." With a nod out the door and eyebrows raised he asks, "You comin'?"

[Rathe Versiano] While Karys makes use of her trade, Rathe is perfecting one of his in the light of the bonfire in the Courtyard. His helmet is off and clipped to his waist even in the face of the rain. In his hands his Vibrosword, normally a decent swordsman. Two factors work against him right now. He's still getting used to the Dreadfinder armor, and the fact that his sparring partner is a lot better than he is. Rathe's form is on point, his executions are slow. He grumbles to Aja while parrying one of her few attacks. "Come on now, don't make me do nothing but offense here." He sketches the Vibrosword in a salute towards the Farghul. "So. Aside from us and the thunderstorm. It's peaceful here, there are moments I like it. Others I feel too idle. Far far too idle... also. Hey! You watch that tail business. We're dueling, not pit fighting."

[Evie Kora] Evie is as Evie does, and what does Evie do best? Fly. However, she wasn't flying today; instead, had been conducting *business* meetings, another step towards her own production company and building the TIE -- well, the starfighter of her dreams. The X-Wing AND TIE-killer. Which explains the dress.

It was fancy, and floofy. A monochrome dress in black and white that featured a scoop neck and a big, extra floofy skirt. Because floof. It clearly meant business sense. kind of thing that rich Kuatis wear when they're going out to formal dinners and sticking their pinkies out. It was armor of an entirely different sort... the kind worn in board rooms to confuse and beguile one's opponents. Evie? She was bordering on wealthy enough to be sure, even if all the credits being saved had a very specific destination in mind.

"Honies, I'm hoooome~" the Kuati-born Mando calls out, voice sing-songing some as she makes her way out of the Hangar and into the Courtyard proper. Spinning just a bit as she walks because. Well. She Likes The Dress.

[Aja] Laughing at Rathe's responses, Aja feints and ducks, absolutely not 'playing by the rules'. She's playing like a Bounty Hunter, one that has money on the line. Her vibrosword dips and flashes, faking him out with false starts before she sidesteps and backsteps. Making him chase her while she looks for openings. "I didn't realize there were rules of engagement for fighting for your life... or for your money. Well.. no disintegrations, but... you know, sometimes its easier to take the Dead than the Alive." That tail whips around, distracting and drawing the eye as she tries to turn and dart in to slap the flat of the vibrosword against his side with a grin. "You might want to stick to guns in that gear. Its inhibiting you. Hindering movements, slowing reflexes."

[Terek Rosol] Not far from the bonfire, Terek is dozed off. His helmet is still on, but he's decidedly asleep. From his posture and the soft snoring coming from inside of the helmet, the cathar hunter is definitely out cold. It's a perfect storm of things to put him to sleep, a literal storm in the distance and a cozy fire to rest near. His tail does twitch occasionally, however.

[Sumi Kora] Lady Fae Renta is out by the beach with Sumi Kora. The ladies have spent the day beneath the sun, enjoying some shade given by the erected canvas tents, and no Fae is cooking over the grill. Neither Fae or Sumi seem concerned about the storm; more to the point, Sumi has rolled over on her towel revealing she is only wearing the minimum garment for modesty. This changes of course, when she sits up, wrapping the towel around her. "Nearly done?" Sumi asks the Hapan turned Mando. "Not yet, mistress." The noble replies softly, dressed in her own sun-gown and big brimmed hat.

Sumi stretches her legs out and points her bare feet, groaning from the effort. When she's achieved some sense of comfort, she leans back in a lawn-chair and lights her smoke, watching Fae as she dances to some jaunty tune coming over the portable jukebox. Heh. Hapans. Smoke. Smoke. Smoke.

[Hadrix Kora] The beach. Always the beach. Hadrix is knelt down, hands on his knees, breathing and working through the mnemonics that he has modified. Seeking calm as he can find it - the constant wish to quell the rage that bubbles beneath the surface. Armored as normal, helmet on - he was likely here when Fae and Sumi arrived and if nothing happens he'll likely be here well into evening while Kar is tended to by the nurse hired from his own ships crew. When the rain starts, he doesn't move - another pattern added to his surroundings with the crash of surf.

[Karys] The lightening flickers again, sending another crashing roll through the air as it hits the wall of the fortress and rumbles as Karys tilts her head and shakes it, smiling at Avery as she is half dressed in her armor. The upper half not far from her and the helmet within reach. She nods her head, "Yeah just a moment, need to gather everything up. You go on ahead. Meet you outside." She waves him on as she moves to gather up and pull on her chest armor, giving a glance up over at him. She tucks her hair behind her ear as she moves take take up her helmet.

Outside the thunder rolls again and once more the walls of the fortress stand strong against the onslaught. There is a moment where things change. Just something in the air that catches the attention of one or two. Maybe even inside though Karys seems oblivious presently. The crackle of the fire, the snap and flicker of the light and the calm remains.

[Kirioth Kora] And the thunder roooooooooooooooooooolls.


Roth's white eyes reflect a little as she approaches the fire light that's outside, but, the Arkanian gives a bit of a look around. Closing her eyes, she focuses, trying to figure out what might be going on, who would be flying in a storm incoming. <<Anyone supposed to be heading in this evening...or expecting a guest?>> the woman asks over the comms to those who might be on the internal channels. She lets her hand rest on the hilt of her Beskad as she stands there, the rain starting to wet her hair and run down her face.

[Avery] He nods, a bright smile catching his lips and he starts to put on his helmet as he turns to leave. But there's a hesitation, something doesn't sound right. Avery tilts his head to the side again, helmet lifted halfway to his noggin, and he listens intently. "That's.... hang on. That thunder doesn't sound right." His emerald eyes narrow and he gnaws on his bottom lip, taking a few steps out the door to get a better sound profile in the Great Hall. "Karys... something's not... something's not right. I don't think that rumble is thunder." On goes the helmet and up comes the HUD, all systems flaring to life. Looks like he might get to test the carbine in a trial by fire situation.

[Rathe Versiano] "My point is, while yes I prefer to train as I play. The purpose at the moment is getting used to the armor first. One thing at a time, training lifts so to speak." Rathe of course watches the damn tail because it's there. Distracting. That's what it does. Which means he takes another smack to his side, a dull clang that rattles his bones somewhat. There is a sidehop. "I'm good with my Tracker thank you very much. It's the Flamer I'd be more worried about. Hard to miss with that thing, it just feels... off. Balance issue for me." His head looks up to the sky at the odd booming. "That isn't thunder." He plucks up his helmet to slap it on his head and lock it down, not catching what Roth transmitted. <<"Rathe, in the courtyward. Who else are we expecting to fly in hot tonight?">> The Vibrosword is immediately tucked away, for the likely routine ship makes for a good excuse to NOT keep getting his ass handed to him.

[Evie Kora] Evie has always been the type to stick out among her compatriots. In the First Order, she was the ray of sunshine that refused to be dimmed by the brooding darkness of Kylo Ren, as a Mandalorian? She's probably the least naturally warlike among them, all smiles and practically dancing as she moves.

But void help you if you end up on the other side of a battlefield from her.

"Rooooth~" she drawls the name, tapping the side of her head as if to use a communicator that's... just not actually there. "Juria's on the *ship* but she's probably still doing some maintenance, otherwise it's just me." A friendly wave is offered to, well, everyone out in the courtyard, whether she knows them personally or not. Aja, specifically, gets a thoughtful look. Inside her head? She's trying to figure out if she's hugged the Farghul before. Because that's definitely how she knows if she knows someone.

Outside her head, though? Blue eyes flick occasionally towards the forest. Her overall posture doesn't change, but her movements slow just a bit. It's those military instincts -- the guard goes up, just in case.

[Aja] Ears twitch and flick, swiveling this way and that as the not-thunder rumbling. Nodding her agreement to Rathe, she reaches for her own helment and offers, "Looks like you're about to get a chance to test out that new armor, unless you know of anyone else bringing in friends?" Palming the helment, she slips it overhead and straps it secured. Her sword stays out, that tail lashing low and deliberate, occasionally vibrating from a rumble that can be felt as much as heard. Maintaining silence to let the Kora chime in on coms, Aja starts looking around for a good spot to ambush from, checking points high and low and starting to edge around towards a likely spot.

[Terek Rosol] The cathar stirs just a bit, his eyes opening inside of his helmet. He thinks he hears something but he honestly couldn't say what. He doesn't get up yet, he's still pretty comfortable.

At least as comfortable as one can be when they're sitting on the ground wearing Mandalorian armor. He does notice there's several folks around him near the bonfire though, but he figures they're pretty secure here, regardless.

[Sumi Kora] Sumi crosses her legs at her ankles and leans further back. Smoke is breathed out, and she watches the canvas as water begins to trickle against it. The rain was not loud, but under canvas, it was. This was so relaxing. Sumi's eyes drift close as Fae takes the smoke from her hand, sharing it while she cooked. "Mr. Hadrix, the food is almost ready, sir!" Fae sing-songs across the beach.

[Hadrix Kora] Audio pick-up of that one magic word. Food. Almost ready is good. But food. It sings to him, raises Hadrix's head and at first makes him ready to answer Fae. Food. She's a good cook. But then something else and he is turning attention toward the sky and eliciting him to rise to his feet in a single smooth motion. He really wanted to get a bite to eat... But no. Dropships. None of Kora have dropships.

The Bowcaster hung across his back is drawn - ridiculously gold plated, and cocked as he engages his comms, <<"We have inbound craft.">> looking towards Sumi and Fae and then back up towards the ships. <"Alor, get your armor."> turning now as he checks his kit and switches back to comms, when he turns - something else. He thinks of Kar'Tracyn and the rest is simple.

<<"Inbound for the castle - high velocity. Aliit'Kora, assemble.">> quick marching towards the castle, shoulders hunching, head low... so much for taming the old fury. Now if only he had a big rekking hammer.

[Karys] Yes. There is something wrong and there are ships on inbound. Drop ships with mounting guns on their sides and in the dying light it becomes clear that they are headed directly towards the Clan's home. As the first missile hits the fort with its smoking trail behind it, the fort is rocked and shudders, the explosion loud enough that no one need question what they hear now. The quiet of the evening is over as figures begin to emerge from the forest, waves of them, eight in each group as rush the coutyard and beach. There will be precious little time before the attack will reach the Clan.

Two dropships are coming in further off, one already having shot at the fortress. Inside Karys is as the door to the work room, helmet in hand as some of the ceiling and wall breaks away and slams into the floor, causing her to fall back. "GO AVERY! GO!" She cries out, as she slams her helmet down on her head HUD flickering to life. She gives him a shove as the second missile hits the fort and a piece of the interor slams down between them and she is just...gone. Outside however begins the firefight and more to worry over.

Figures in the fading light becoming the real thread as the first shots from their blasters are not exactly on but definitely signalling their intent. Death to Clan Kora.

[Kirioth Kora] "Ah kriff." Roth states as she picks up her pace, but, it is to no avail. Just as she is about to yell incoming, the world explodes and her ears ring from the blast of the missiles. <<GET TO COVER!>> the white armored Mando shouts over the comms. Probably because she can't tell she's that LOUD. Then she's taking a running leap, kicking the jet pack off as she rockets into air, "Ill news is an uninvited guest. These guys picked the wrong neighborhood." she mutters to herself as she draws Sar's gun and shoots and misses. Not surprising. So she shoves the gun back to the holster and readies to draw steel down on them next.

[Avery] He flails as he's shoved backward, regaining his footing just as the area around them rumbles to a fearsome kind of life. "KARYS!!!" Avery screams when the world tears apart and the fortress crumbles around them. The slicer jumps to the rubble that is still falling into place, grabbing at pieces of it to fling away. He works as quickly as he possibly can, bits of the armory ceiling flying away as fast as he can move them. <<"Karys! Karys! Can you hear me?!">> He cries frantically as he digs to try to locate his friend among the crush.

[Rathe Versiano] <<"Understood.">> Rathe answers Hadrix first and turns helmet to Aja for her benefit in time to get out on vox. <"Incomi-"> THOOOOM! Rathe stays on his feet but he had to brace for it, even in the heavy armor. He's pulling something from near the fire even as the bonefire itself likely fans from the explosion. He's already working his chin to toggle his HUD and ensure his IFF blips to the clan members. He makes a snap decision and taps at his left gauntlet to give Aja codes necessary for coordination. <"Use those, for comms!"> He hefts up the item he grabbed from near the fire, slapping hand to the switch to bring the weapon online and ready with a mini-fwoosh.

[Evie Kora] Rockets strike the fort and Evie, nimble little creature that she is...

...is clearly not used to wearing a dress.

She goes down like a sack of root vegetables, looking around quickly before deciding even quicker. She wasn't in her armor; not even one of her spares. She didn't have... well... most of her guns with her, just the laser that was always worn.

It was time to suit up as only she knew how. "Air support en route, loves!" she yells out, voice echoing slightly through the courtyard of Echoy'la Morut, the skirts of this floofiest of dresses now tinged with a little green from the courtyard grass that will need cleaned later. Preferably with the blood of those who messed it up to begin with. Because. Seriously. You don't mess with a pilot's dress.

"'ria-doll, I hope you're not in the middle of anything too important, because we need to fly!" she adds, talking to the wind more than her co-pilot, given that the latter has no way of hearing her at the moment!

[Aja] Aja is.. gone. Like the wind. Or like a cat on the prowl. Low to the ground and moving carefully to avoid detection. Making her way towards the fort.

She slips along the edges of the paths and down and away to get her closer to the incoming forces. Sneaky sneaky kitty.

There's occasional peeks to see if she can scout where enemy forces are placed. Utilizing her gauntlet to tap in the codes that give her access to the comms so she can perhaps call out positions to the others.

[Terek Rosol] Terek fully awakens just in time for the first missile to slam into the fort. Within a second he's on his feet, blaster being drawn from his holster. He didn't bring any of his rifles, so he's stuck with just his pistol unless he can get back to his ship. Which probably isn't the best idea at the moment.

Troops are getting closer. He makes his way to a defense position, overlooking the guys that are exiting the forest, "Damn." He mutters to himself. He opts not to take a shot, because the range is way too far for the blater he has equipped.

[Sumi Kora] "Kill the heat, Fae and come along." Sumi says, rising up casually to take her smoke back. The rocket explosion doesn't faze the century old soldier. She observes both impacts while thoughtfully sucking in on the smoke; when she flicks it off, a glance is paid to Hadrix. "We won't last in an enclosed space. Take the fight to the forest. I'll meet up with you soon enough." Sumi angles a small salute off her crown then motions for a timid Fae, who looks frightened. "Stick close, Fae."-- "Yes, mistress."

Sumi and the demure blonde split off from Commander Hadrix. Sumi takes a back entrance to the fortress, stepping quietly yet quickly in nothing but her towel, bathing suit, and bare feet. A neutral expression counters the worried one on Fae, who stays with Sumi despite wanting to run. When they arrive in the residential wing, Sumi glances up as the stones rumble and dust is stirred. She inputs the code, the door slides open, and they step in without much ceremony.

Sumi shuts the door behind them triggering the lock for now and moves to her armor stand, dropping her towel and removing what was left. "Worry not for your armor, Fae. Help me with mine, then shut yourself below in the safe room. We'll need someone to operate emergency comms when the power shorts out."

Sumi dons her armor quickly, stepping into the body suit, boots, and armored plating. The last piece placed over her, despite her helmet, was a green and brown cape. Sumi walks toward her walkin armory, unlocking it with a code cylinder and stepping inside like it's some walk-in closet. The custodian droid comes to life then as lights flicker on to show racks of various weapons, the air smelling like cleaning lubricant.

"Good evening, madame. What mood strikes you tonight, ma'am (said like mom)."

<"I'm feeling a little pissed off. Pent up. I need to kill something; no.. I need to kill a lot of somethings.">

"Very well, ma'am. One moment."

Before Sumi, a plethora of weapons are set out for her approval. Grand Gungan Army 'Boomer' balls, check and stowed. Blastech A-280 CFE Variant Assault Rifle, check, slung over her shoulder. Combat sword, check. Combat knife, check. MWC Staccato Lightning Cannon.


Sumi hoists the powerpack onto her shoulders, activates the Stacatto Lightning cannon, warms up the receiver and checks the weapon's coolant level. Everything is online.

"Good hunting, ma'am." Was all the droid said as the armory doors shut in her wake. Fae had gone below, and Sumi was left for a few moments of silence. Snorting in, like an addict, the soldier stepped free of her room and moved out to kill whatever left her welcome mat crooked. A cold voice crackles over the encrypted net comms.

<<"Sumi is on station.">>

[Hadrix Kora] Rocket impacts... explosions - masonry falling. Hadrix's quick march is turned into a sprint. Only sound coming from his vocalizers, angry, animalistic. Rocket impacts.

The castle.

The sprint becomes a leap as Hadrix's jets fire, casting him into a shallow arc of a expediated hop, chewing up distance as his bowcaster fires a bolt wrapped in plasma to slam into the ground well wide of his mark. Dirt spews and sand goes to glass while the heavy chug of the weapon sounds out - matched to the clatter of metal when he lands at full stride with the cocking cord being drawn back.

Stop the fight. Save the family. Keep to the here and now. Don't get carried away. But within the confines of his helmet he's foaming. The one place that's safer. His eyes turn to the damage to the castle and then back to the foes.

He points at one. Marks it on his hud. Sends signals to everyone one - big block Aurabesh letters as the IFF tag lights up.


[Karys] As the Koras assemble and return fire, the distance is still great but the dropships are coming in hot and one more missle rocks the clan's home. More chunks of it fall and slam into the ground around them and into the courtyard. Avery has a choice, rush out and help or keep digging. But there comes a voice over comms. <"Clan Kora...you kept knocking on our door so we thought it was only proper to drop by. We've had enough of your unscheduled visits...fair is FAIR."> The four missile hits the fortress slamming it into more pieces. It still stands but work will need to be done to see it restored if they don't keep pounding the group into bits. The marching figures that approach the courtyard return fire but their shots are still not in prime range. Some of them are aiming upwards and miss horrendously at the two flying mandalorians but they are quickly entering into range as they begin to run, there are war cries that fill the night along with the ominous roll of thunder as the rain begins to patter. A light few drops as they start to color the sides of the fortress.

[Kirioth Kora] Roth's given a little more propulsion from the blast, and she goes with it. The alabastrine Mandalorian lets out a screech as she races towards the foot soldiers, blades drawn, Beskad flashing in the lightning as she goes. She lands with a thud and slashes out at the first warm signature on the HUD. She doesn't care. She's out for blood and apparently ready to start off the blood bath with her own if needed.

[Avery] <<"Karys!!!">> Avery calls over the comms, once more. His attempts to locate her under the rubble proving fruitless. Instead what he can hear are the rumbling of engines, the taunting call over his headset, and calls of his clan mates outside. There is a battle at their door and the slicer is torn. A hand rests on the piece of durasteel separating him from Karys in the armory and he hesitates for the briefest of moments before pushing off to his feet. Avery grips the blaster in his hand, waiting for a heartbeat, hoping he hears her reply, before he grits his teeth and sprints out to the courtyard.

[Rathe Versiano] Another series of missiles and Rathe lands on a knee with a grunt. He's not going to be witty about his responses. The former Vanguard rises backup and advances, the emotionless visor tracking side to side for the first targets available. Some foolishly do so, as both side march at each other really. Rathe's footsteps falter hearing Avery's call, and he breaks his self-imposed comm-silence. <<"What about Kar-?>>. This was a bad day to be a Foot Soldier for False Mandalorians to be interrupting Rathe... A flick of his fingers and a long flame fwooshes to life, incinerating one of the Foot Clan painfully... and making another into a still living torch. He forces himself to focus on the job at hand, he cannot help anyone if he dies.

[Evie Kora] It doesn't start until Evie's safely in the cargo hold of her ship, but that's when it starts. The dress is coming off. It wasn't the kind of thing that one flew in and, while Evie wasn't anything close to being a woman of modesty...

She wasn't going to leave the dress on the dirty *ground* and undressing here meant she could also slam her hand against the ship's comm panel, yelling out, << "Juria! Get us airborne, we're under attack! I'll be there to take my seat in a second!" >> to her co-pilot.

With a voice slightly muffled by hastily removed floof she adds, << "Koras! If you have a favorite target for me to strike, mark it now. I'm T-Minus seconds before having my hands all over the stick and will be opening fire then.">>

[Aja] <<"Heads up.. looks like there may be two more still holding back near the treeline.">> Aja's voice purrs across the coms as she continues to slink and sneak her way around, scouting out anything that nots already out in the open. Eyes narrow behind the visor as she tries to pick out more details.

<<"Big. Trouble. Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur.">>

Aja starts moving towards one of the outliers, trying to creep up on them without notice as she flips the vibrosword from 'practice' to 'death'.

Sneak kitty, slink kitty, do not let them blab. Sharp kitty, pointy kitty, stab stab stab.

[Terek Rosol] Another missile strike. Terek's cover is no longer serving that purpose really well. The cathar moves out from behind his position, his blaster pistol in hand as he scans for a target. The guy who's just been lit on fire and is now providing a bright target makes for a good one. He fires a shot at that guy, center mass.

He fires a second shot at one of the other troops, but the shot goes wide. Well, at least he put one of those guys out of their misery. Not that the guy posed much of a threat anymore.

[Sumi Kora] The front hatch that used to be on the castle fortress is gone, allowing for the shadow of a short soldier to manifest into the shape of a blue-plated Mandalorian. For a small lady, she hoists a massive cannon, and its presence is well known the moment it begins to open fire. Initial wave and burst was intended to inform these huttsuckers they walked into the wrong goddamn courtyard.

Sumi is bathed in the red hue of automatic fire while descending the steps, shooting in all places and sweeping wildly. <"Kind of you to save us the trouble of finding you. Now just line up to die!">

[Hadrix Kora] Two shots aimed his way, as he lands amidst the explosions and chaos. The first bolt he twists to the side and swings to let it skim past where it would strike his shoulder.

The next he leaps forward into a Mandalorian Roll, hitting on his shoulder and rolling back to his feet with the crossbow raised and replacing his hand for pointing at the offending soldier.


Too busy aiming - there was something he should do, suggest to the others. But Hadrix is much too thrilled to remember to give tactical advice when the durasteel bolt sheathed in fire sends the man flipping onto his chest while his leg skitters and pinwheels off to the side.

Rage. The old anger. Hello old friend. Old enemy.

<"You'd best swallow your tongue... or bite it off. If you live I'm feeding you that."> rumbled as Hadrix points to the man's severed limb before re-cocking the bow.

[Karys] Fire. The night sky filled with lightning and the crackle of the fire. Far less harmful things - usually because as the color of bolts fill the air the entire place becomes chaos. Sand turning to glass, plants burning and smoke rising from the complex that is now partially ruined. As the clan engages, Karys does not answer and Avery runs out into the night to leave the questionable well being of his clanmate behind. Hopefully there will be no more missiles that might shake the very foundation around them.

The clan is far more skilled but the others have numbers as the guns on the ships are brought about they start to take aim down on the group and fixing on some of the heavier targets can be heard whirring to life as they power up. There is a war cry and yet still one is rushing away, heading right for Aja in his flight. One of the lesser foot soldiers who is going to run into the problem of his bosses that Aja said. More incoming but when? Right now there is trouble enough as a few fall to fire and bolts. Peaceful no more the courtyard is alight.

[Kirioth Kora] Roth isn't talking, she's just swinging, trying to put down the foot soldiers and incoming threat as fast and as efficiently as she can help with. Her helmet is getting jostled, but, she slams her fist on top, locking it into place. There we go. Then she's back to swinging and trying to cut a path of red between the folks.

[Avery] With extreme reluctance Avery sidesteps a few feet before giving his head a large shake of regret. He grinds his teeth and turns to head into the courtyard beyond. Furious, his anger rising over the unknown fate of his squadmate, the ex-Trooper runs outside and hastily searches for the closest target to him.

Spying one of the mercenaries advancing on the compound and his clan he hoists the carbine to his shoulder. "Let's see what this baby can do." He growls through clenched teeth, squeezing the trigger and sending a sharp red bolt into the night. The red blur strikes his target solidly, the merc crumbling from sight. Such is the surprise of how effective the new blaster is, Avery turns to fire at another and sends the shot wide. "Not bad...." he mutters, the rage pushing any thought but revenge out of his mind.

[Rathe Versiano] Striding forwards takes a halt in a hopping crabwalk suddenly from Rathe. He inadvertently broadcasts on the channel in the process. <<"Wha?! My ass?! HOW?!!">> Cause and effect leaves him open for another solid blaster burn to the chest of the Dreadfinder. Rathe has to rapidly hop-run behind a... something. He doesn't know what he took cover behind, he just instinctively knows it is cover from training. The Flamer is dropped on it's sling to hang across his chest as he blindly reaches his hand into his medpac. One injection, and a couple bacta patches shoved into holes will work for the moment.

[Evie Kora] Evie doesn't care. Running through the ship as she is, the cold of the pilot's seat, she doesn't care about any of it. It's the trained instinct of a fighter pilot, honed into a fine weapon by Fuze that allows her to focus only upon the enemy. "I've got it from here, 'Ria. Be ready to take care of any damages if they touch my ship."

That said, Evie's fingers fly over the control. Weapons on, targeting her foe -- or more accurately, one of them. Pulling that beautiful trigger to set the sky ablaze and strike into the heart of her opposition, causing the enemy ship to leak a bit of its smoke. << "Keep me appraised if you need cover air support, loves, otherwise I'll be dancing with these gents~" >>

[Aja] She was doing so good. But like all good sneaks, its ruined. By a fucking TWIG.


<<"Fuck">> Its all that will go out across the coms. Those who are listening might hear a heavy sigh. And then Aja is breaking from her ruined hiding spot and running towards the two large and very scary-looking men. Swinging the blade up on the diagonal, she catches the General across the leg, reversing and bringing the vibrosword back down right across the Lieutenant's midsection.

<"Su cuy'gar, shabuir.>

[Terek Rosol] Terek catches a bolt to the forehead. It knocks him back onto his ass, and he lays there, dazed for a few moments. He groans, but keeps his helmet on. He gets back up to his feet, and then gets behind cover again, he leans across the cover, trying to steady his blaster, but everywhere he looks there's twos and threes of the hostile attackers. He makes a guess and fires, missing wide. He fires again, missing wide on that one as well. He slaps his blaster with his other hand, "Damnit!" He needs to shake this ringing in his head in order to get his shots on target.

[Sumi Kora] Sumi is struck in the arm and spilled over from the heavy bolt impact. Stumbling and falling over, she's forced to abandon the heavy MWC rig in favor of more agile movement. Annoyed by this chain of events, she unhooks the electrum hilt from her belt and crouches near some fallen stone. Pressing the activation stud, Sumi produces the shimmering violet of a lightsaber blade with a loud snap-hiss.

She moves from her cover then, pursuing new targets at a quick strut, the purple hue of the blade shading her armor. The group of soldiers nearest her are the subject of her attacks, and they flee from the wild swings.

Sumi cuts straight through a low hanging tree branch, then halves a stone, and lastly leaves a long molten mark on the stone wall nearby.

<"Oh boys, don't run. The violence is just beginning!"> Sumi chases them, lightsaber at a high-guard. <"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!">

[Hadrix Kora] The next bolt explodes on Hadrix's cuirass, burning paint and leaving a scorch asterixis remaining as Hadrix continues forward. <<"Rathe... Fix... Others..">> his voice is a liquid growl, words suddenly lost as he begins into a jog. Bow up and the trigger pulled.

Someone once asked someone else if there was a place you could shoot a man in the head... would explode?


But if you hit a person in the chest. Just right.

88#88#8:#8-_ ___
22:58, 11 August 2020 (EDT)22:58, 11 August 2020 (EDT)22:58, 11 August 2020 (EDT)22:58, 11 August 2020 (EDT)22:58, 11 August 2020 (EDT)Karys (talk)

Cocking string pulled as he throws his arms wide and roaring at the assault forces, the blaze of crimson in the right branch of his visor flaring and his vox warbling and bursting with distortion.

[Karys] Its a massacre and really just a blood bath. Avery downs one quick and so does Hadrix. The others rip into them but and Evie's shots catch one of the dropships and turns it quickly in a blaze of smoke. Its gun is out of the fight as it lifts up and away slightly to try and even itself out. The men fighting have to pause though as the purple lightsaber is brought out and Sumi draws their attention and many do not fire for confusion. What is it? But she gets enough attention as it is, another shot wings her and Terek bringing them down a bit more. Clan Kora is feeling the devastation of the invading forces as is a dusty figure, helmet partially dented and scratched all to hell steps out in a quick run. Little time to choose a target Karys joins the fight, a little dusty and ready to enter the fray as three shots are released in succession with two hitting and the third missing.

The fight rages on but they enemy is looking more than a little battered. The sides taking chunks out of each other.

[Kirioth Kora] Roth's armor is getting splashed with blood, for once it's not hers. AHA! But she's trying to get the quickest hits in. The blades go singing in the rain filled night air and she grins behind her helm. "I'm not cleaning their bodies up till morning." the Arkanian states as she trudges deeper into the enemy line. Watching them break against the Kora's like a wave that wasn't stronger than the others. And she was confident that they'd outlast them.

[Avery] <<"Karys is trapped, under rubble in the ar...">> Avery begins to call over the comms when sudden and familiar blaster pistol bolts ring out in the air. There, bringing a smile to his face is the dusty form of Karys who joins the mix. <<"Nice of you to join us! Get tired of being kept in the armory?">> The former Stormtrooper quips. He has a grin on his face while his eyes dance over the targets listed in the HUD. Avery quickly chooses another adversary and tilts the Tracker in their direction, a trigger depressed, a bolt loosed and another merc falls. Avery quickly turns to sight down another but it seems changing targets is a bit too new for the rookie Mandalorian and the next shot flies wide.

[Rathe Versiano] Having taken a moment to patch himself so he can be effective at warfare. Rathe takes this moment to scowl at his comms even as his visor sweeps to assess the battlefield as a medic should. It is rare the Former-Vanguard goes unprofessional on comms, or even talks in general during a firefight. But as he starts running there is an audible growl <<"Ya don't say! Why don't you...">> Rathe searches for tactical genius and comes up with. <<"Engage in hand to dropship combat!">> Perfection. Telling Hadrix to melee a dropship, what could possible go wrong? He slides to a halt next to Sumi and the visor stares at her arm for a moment. <"Sorry, Sumi. But this will..."> Medical stabbery occurs, Rathe pumping her wound directly with an autoinjector of bacta, antibiotics and stimulants. He's still marvelling over her still HAVING an arm to stab.

[Evie Kora] Evie's in the zone. Blue eyes are narrowed, focused on her target and just... timing her shots like a conductor leading an orchestra. Dancing through the sky and firing blasts from her ship's laser cannons. One hits, two hits, a third... goes slightly off-key. Possibly because she hears Rathe over the comms.

<< "If you don't think I can handle it up here, doll, rocket your rear up here and I'll get you reeeeeal close to the dropships." >>

[Aja] Paying for her bold attack, Aja takes a heavy hit to her leg. Its a wonder the thing is still attached at all! Its certainly dragging like its not functioning at the moemnt. Blood pours as the Farghul growls, hissing as she lashes out with the vibrosword. More the action of a cornered cat than a calm and cool Mandalorian. Eyes narrowing at Haggard as he starts to leave. Marking him well.

<"Be seeing you.">

[Terek Rosol] Terek was still dazed. It showed, because as he was leaning out of cover he caught a shot to his arm, which spun him around and he landed hard on the ground. "Ah hell." He's not willing to back down though, he gets back up to a knee, leveling his pistol again. He tries his radio, <<Any medics around? I think they got me good.>> Comes his voice over local comms, if anyone can even hear him. He's not sure if they're being jammed or not.

His shot hits, at least his first one does. His second shot goes wide. And then he slumps back behind the cover. He feels like going back to his nap, but knows he probably shouldn't do that with a head injury.

[Sumi Kora] Sumi pursues the mercs until she doesn't. A heavy bolt finds her leg, taking her feet out from under her. Almost as suddenly as the lightsaber had come to life, it was extinguished, and the Kora wielding it was left on the ground, unmoving. It doesn't take long for her leg and arm to show all the indications of injury. A dark pool forms beneath her.

Rathe arriving at Sumi, and treating her yields no response. She's either out cold or dead.

[Hadrix Kora] You know... in his current mindset - that's an amazing idea.

Hadrix lifts off suddenly, spiraling up after the dropships overhead. Unable to catch up despite the level of thrust being used - another bolt is fired from the crossbow. Futilely, sadly, as the plasma bolt splashes harmlessly and is deflected away harmlessly.

As the craft peels away he breaks into a hover, shouldering the bow and firing again without a chance of striking before he is screaming after the craft.

Enemies. He needs enemies.

[Karys] As the group hammers into the dropship it pulls away and with it comes the others. Haggard and Jeramy are not abou tot die out here and are already grasping the hooks from the second ship to air lift out. Their lackies however? Four left..and the fifth already in the forest somewhere realize that they are being left behind. There is a moment of surprise as they start crying out and with a dramatic decision by a few they beat feet for the woods. Time to get away from the mandalorians as they refuse to be fodder - today. Its likely a hunt will be arranged to find those still left if the wildlife does not get them first.

The damage has been done though and as the fortress smokes and burns, the clan carrying its various wounds will need to patch themselves up as well. Its been an evening. A rather long one even though its only just started. Thankfully the cave in inside has not blocked the way to the medical bay save for some rubble here and there.

As the firefight dies off, they are left to gather each other up and see to the wounded. Revenge will come. Kora will strike and strike hard.