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The Jedi order and elements of a Republic Black Ops cell move in to try and make contact with rebel cells on the city world ravaged by fires and totalitarian rule.

OOC Date: October 25, 2020
Location: Coruscant
Participants: Jedi Order: Rey, Aryn Cole, Jax Greystorm, Elrych Cometburn, Vhe Tenara, and Kasia Ashkuri. The Irregulars: Hex and Nerys Greystorm

[Elrych Cometburn]

Those who decided to venture on this mission with Elrych were warned. There is not discussing it with anyone outside the groups chose to go to Coruscant. Not even significant others... unless said signifiant other was on this mission as well... as does happen from time to time. Not even the New Republic was overly aware of the details besides what ever Elrych's sister, Pyretta, told them... which wasn't much.

The Mission was simple. Get on world, insert Pyretta with a group of rebels so she can coordinate with them and other itelligence assets already on world that might be able to make heads or tails of what was going on with the First Citidel and the fires it had caused.

The Group departed in one craf, the Star Commuter called Cloudburst. A recent purchase of Vhe's at the behest of El incase an unknown ship would be needed for a mission or some type of puddle jumper craft would come in handy. The ex-smuggler was right, it would come in handy. Elrych at the stick, Pyretta hanging back because we all know the Corellian would insist that Vhe be in the co-pilots seat, passangers in the passanger seats. There were plenty of them. Elrych jumped them to Yag'dhul first before making the finaly short hop into Coruscant's system.

As they reverted to realspace they were greated by the usual fair. Lot of traffic, lots of ships, the bright city world glowing ahead of them. However, smoke could be seen billowing from closest to where the citidel rested... even from this far in space and above the world.

Those who had been to the system during its occupation might know the exact number of First Order ships... but the closets count by those who looked out the viewport was three Resurgent Star Destroyers, one Imperial Star Destroyer, Two Mandator Dreadnaughts, A Victory class Star Destroyer... and looming behind the fleet larger than all those vessels combined a ebon black Super Star Destroyer who's make and class was probably not on any database charts the New Republic had.

"Kriff that thing gives me the creeps... and gets me excited all at the same time." Elrych says, shaking the shivers that are crawling up his spine. He focuses his efforts on 'flying casual' the most Corellian thing to do in this situation as the Comms Officer from the Resurgent Class Destroyer hails the transport. "TRN Cloudburst, you have been scanned. While here, obey all laws and do not loiter. Finish your business and leave at once." Elrych looks at Vhe, nodding to her to respond an affirmative, transmitting the crew roster... which was of course bogus. Trades people, account executive, a wide variety of buisness and important people necessary to the Coruscanti economy... except none of them were that. Names, names that could get past a blockade.

[Nerys Greystorm]

What? Of course Jetpack, not her real name, was important to the Coruscanti economy. Who do you think brought in all of those pieces of art and artifacts that sold so well on the market? But, that was another life, perhaps, or not quite the person she was right at this moment. For now, she waited, arms folded across her chest. Her ID10 droid was cradled in the gap, resting as if she were some odd bit of chest armor, her single red eye flickering, as if often did when she was communicating. Whatever it was the small droid was saying to the woman though, as they waited there, Nerys leaned slightly forward to allow for the backpack she was wearing, communicated only on their personal comms.

[Vhe Tenara]

Vhe's gaze is on the large destroyer outside the viewport. "This is TRN Cloudburst, we acknowledge and understand." Simple response as she need not milk it. We all know how poorly that can go. She adjusts her harness and looks ready for their descent. Once comms are closed she glance aside at him. "Well we can only hope it goes smoothly from here." She murmurs faintly and then pulls at the wild braid at the back of her head to drag it over her shoulder and give her some room to sit back as they move to enter atmo. Her robes have been switched with a blouse and pants, civilian clothes in neutral colors. Her hair has been restrained and smoothed into place so that she looks a little more put together than she normally does.

"Ugh I hate these clothes," she remarks offhandedly, shifting in her seat.

[Jax Greystorm]

Jax was sitting in the passanger area of Vhe's ship. This particular Corellian was stretched out in his seat with his arms tucked behind his head and his feet stretched out in front of him. He dozed lightly or gave the appearance of it. As they flitted by the Star Destroyer scanning them before giving them the all clear, Jax eyes open. He stretches his arms up before stiffling a yawn. Then with the grace of one just waking form a nap, he stands up, rolling his shoulders. He mumbles, "We there yet?" He says in a perfect approximation of a Coruscanti from Coco town. Then ambles toward the refresher.


Hex Ashkuri is not known to be a great fan of Jedi. You get cut up with a lightsaber, and it leaves you with an inclination to avoid people with lightsabers, you know? Even if the colors are different... it's just the hum, it gets in your bones. But both Ashkuris have made strides toward true involvement with the Jedi lately; full membership in Kasia's case, and in Hex's, properly throwing in with Jax's Irregulars. So in his capacity as an Irregular... the name is Ryloth Slim, don't forget it!

Hex is checking the power pack in the DL-54 he's brought rather than a more conspicuous rifle. He looks the way he always looks: Big weird alien. He's a distinctive Twi'lek, particularly in the company of a bunch of humans, but he isn't wanted on any bounty lists anywhere, that we know of! "Koa," no, he answers his friend Jax as he snaps the power pack back into the pistol with a firm CLICK! "Still not there."

[Rey Skywalker]

Rey had spent the bulk of her time in the passenger area of the Commuter transport. Wearing her regular white-hued clothing, with a dark gray poncho slung over her shoulders to give her style a bit more of a galactic commoner look, she has her hood up and her eyes were mostly closed throughout the transit.

Upon arrival, Rey's eyes had opened, she stood up and walked toward the front of the ship, reaching out her hands to hold on to any grips or support to keep herself steady inside of the ship. She could see out the forward viewport, could see the Star Destroyers and First Order crafting, but her eyes were ultimately fixated on the planet of Coruscant itself.

Her expression is cold, her stare locked on the curvature of the planet's horizon. She's staring at it like one might look at a place that instills pure dread inside of them. She's never been to Coruscant, some who know her might remember this, but she looks at now as if it's whispering to her all of its terrible secrets...

[Kasia Ashkuri]

Kasia is wearing her set of newly acquired robes, blue in color and not quite the style she normally adopts. Not too far off either, honestly, lots of layers and draping going on, she can make it work. Her hair is back in a simple pony-tail, and she is sans any jewelry. There's still makeup involved, obviously, but it's tastefully done toward a more natural look. She's parked near Ryloth Slim, hands folded primly in her lap as she waits for them to reach the planet. "You sound like Boon," she tells Jax, one corner of her mouth tugging higher into a crooked smile.

[Aryn Cole]

Aryn is wearing a tunic of dull colors, with a hooded robe of dark grey. It's not her first choice of clothing, but it was imperative that she strike her usual appearance for something less noble, and less noticeable. She had even gone as far to temperarily dye her hair black! The darker color accentuated her pale skin, matched her clothing, and gave her a distinctive new look that would be a harsh antithesis of what she usually looked like. Aryn is armed, made evident by the westar-34 pistol in hand which she's gently cleaning while waiting. Her mind was elsewhere, perhaps meditating and finding some semblance of calm she could grasp for when the harder part of their mission came up. She was no secret agent, a fact that echoed constantly in her head. She didn't want to endanger the others!

[Elrych Cometburn]

When the Star Destroyer issues the all clear, Elrych hits atmo, the ship gliding through it as if it were returning home. It was a very Republic looking vessel, likely used during the High republic era as an actual public transport ship and not a smuggling vessel.

The city-world of Coruscant sprawls out before you with its endless horizon of intricately and artistically designed skyscrapers and bottomless canyonways. This world boasts the largest maintained population in the entire galaxy and it only takes a pair of eyes to see that that is indeed no lie.

The world is bustling with activity, day or night, streams of intermixing speeders, air cars, and starships race their way through the buildings and sky of this world, starships are constantly soaring up into the heavens and back down toward spaceports.

Coruscant is the heart of the governed galaxy, and often the crown jewel of claiming ownership over the galaxy as a whole...

They entered into the waining light of twilgiht as day was passing into night. The Citidel plumed forth toxic smoke and ash from beneith it's depths as if a demon breathing out fire for the bepths of it's lungs. Fires flickered a red orange glow, like blask clouds breaking against the evening sky. Elrych piloted away and towards the night side of the planet.

Pyretta (as played by Eliza Taylor) turned back towards the assorted passangers, her blond hair back in a pony tail and outfit likely picked out by Elrych because it looked very Corellian. "Okay..." She started in a feminine yet husky voice, taking a deep breath to steady her nerves. "We're heading to the underground sections first. There's less of a First Order presence when patrols come down... the only downside... it's the underworld-so." He bites her bottom lip. "Stick together but not obviously... just be smart and we'll make it to the meeting spot. It's not a long walk. Fingo and Dirk owe me a favor from back in the day. Nothing will go wrong." She didn't look convinced. Neither did Elrych. Despite this he turned his head to look at Vhe, "Relax. We'll be fine babe," She knew better.

The ship cruised between buildings, it's altitude lowering to the point where all that could be seen out of the view ports were the skyscrapers. This section wasn't on fire, cloud plumes off in the distance. Maybe the smell was still palpable even though the scrubbers but not so bad that it wasn't breathable or bearable. Everyone here had worse in their lungs from Nar Shaddaa. The ship slips into the barely illuminated darkness of a massive ventilation shaft and shipping tunnel. going deeper and deeper into the underbelly of the city planet. it allows for starships to enter and exit the extensive undercity of Coruscant. Hundreds of levels of Coruscant's city-covered blocks are descended past as one's ship comes down to this particular level.

The ship slows, repulsors whining as it comes to land in a birthing. Elrych flips switches, putting the engines in standby. He turns his chair around and gets up. He's wearing his usual flair, not realyl making an effort at a disguise other than his forged identity. He hoped it was good enough if they ran int oany patrols. He patts his R2 unit on the dome, "Stay here Eggsy, watch the ship. Never know when we'll need to exit in a hurry." He flips one last switch and the boarding ramp descends, opening out into the spaceport.

The docking shelf sits alongs the exterior ring of that same portal, and ships can glide in and settle into a landing berth. To look out onto the portal is to stare in wonder at the opposite side of the shaft, many kilometers away. A strong breeze is a standard thing here from the open-air atmosphere of the portal shaft and the sight of ships rising and lowering past one another is an almost constant presence.

This landing shelf has a series of ramps and staircases that lead up to the main level where hatches and doorways lead into the rest of Level 1313. Brightly lit signs offer some information on where one is headed when they choose a pathway, but some are poorly labeled. There's usually always at least a thousand sentient beings in this area, moving to and from their ships parked along the docking shelf here.

Pyretta makes her wat towards the off ramp, pulling her corellian cut flight jacket closer over her frame, "Alright... we got this." So far not a single Stormt Trooper Patrol in sight. The good thing about ecnomicly opressive regiemes like the First Order; a bristling underground and black market. Lots of paid off officials to stay away and noses pointed else where.

[Nerys Greystorm]

"Alright, Bitty, up you get." Nerys rose to her feet, arms lowering to her sides, as she settled herself. Bitty repulsored around, maglocking herself onto the harness that had been clipped onto Nerys' backpack, legs draw up, but the droid's hands were more or less free, making it easy for her to delve into the backpack if it was necessary. Nerys, checking her gear, gave herself a nod before she moved to join Pyretta. She seemed to give the city itself only a cursory going over, as though she were more than passingly familiar with the planet. "The faster we make delivery, the happier I'll be."

[Jax Greystorm]

The refresher door opens and out emerges Jax. The Corellian offering a weak smile to every one. He grins at Kasia, "Boon is clever and observant child. I expected no less of him when making inquires of his parents. Besides Senin does it too, alot." He follows Pyretta and Nerys down the ramp. The press of people wasn't a bad thing as it gave them a sea of individuals to mix in with. Jax looked at ease and as if he belonged in this den of scum and villiany.


Hex, like Jax, seems like he belongs in dens of scum and villainy! He lives on Nar Shaddaa, it's not so different, after all! "Anybody else see the irony of following somebody named Pyretta toward a fire?" he wonders, before adding, "No offense, miss," if she was listening!

[Rey Skywalker]

Rey remained mostly motionless throughout the descent in to the planet's atmosphere and throughout its continued descent in to the city itself. She'd been to Nar Shaddaa, she'd been to Denon, and Empress Teta. None of them had given her the feeling that this world was, however. Feelings she didn't want to share with the others, even if she may be noticeably on-edge.

It can easily be blamed on the mission, of course.

As the others move to disembark, Rey shows a faint smile to Jax. "Surely just a coincidence." She says with regard to Pyretta's name, as she glances to Aryn, and the others, before she moves to exit the ship and enter into the city proper.

[Kasia Ashkuri]

"He is," Kasia agrees with Jax, eyes crinkling slightly at the edges as she smiles at the Corellian. "I think every child does it, done specifically to test the sanity of their parents." She doesn't look as though she belongs here, but she appears comfortable enough. Given her residence is Nar Shaddaa much of the time, this isn't too much of a change for her. He's remark on Pyretta's name earns him a gentle nudge to the side with one elbow, but also a slightly suppressed smile.

[Aryn Cole]

Aryn rises up from her seat and sweeps her robe to appear more like a poncho around her torso. She uses a dull brooch to fasten it in place, and leaves the hood as an option, just in case. Her weapon, the blaster pistol, is slid into a worn leather gun holster that's strapped to her thigh. Aryn had been around soldiers and smugglers enough to know how they looked, but she could not disguise her accent. Years of speaking properly through upbringing and education left a sound that was posh when witnessed. She considered silence to be her only attribute at the moment but that quiet couldn't mask her slight unease at wandering into the predator's den.

A nervous, idle motion sees a gloved hand tuck a long strand of dark hair back, revealing more of the scar on her face and the concerned look in her bright blue eyes.

Hex's remark about Ms. Pyretta's name surprises Aryn, and she smiles about it. Finding humor on the cusp of tough missions seemed a soldierly trait, and in the moments of disembarking, Aryn was thankful for the distraction. She brings up the end of the group, adding only, "I am certain /he/ (meaning Hex) was only commenting about how apropos it sounds given our present situation." This said to Pyretta in a genuinely nice tone to curve any thorn she might have felt at her name being the center of a joke, no matter how harmless!

[Elrych Cometburn]

Down Si'dok street and down Nox's Hook. Deeper into the lower light parts of the undercity where the fancy neon signs of strip clubs and cantina's disappear. Distorted and shady figures walk the streets here. Their clothing tatters, thrown together. They smell and are diry, possibly living in the heaps of trash strewn about the place. Usually trash wasn't an issue but with all the service droids diverted to trying to clean up and contain the fires... things were out of sorts in the less cared about parts of the city planet.

Many alleyways and side streets are known as territories for different gangs. Many stand around fire barrels attempting to get warm from the chill of the evening air. The fires had blocked a lot of the warms that used to reach down here and the city wide weather regulator was on the frits. That was always the case though.

Pyretta turns to regard Hex, a smile playing on her lips. A smirk much similar to her brothers but perhaps a bit warmer and less cocky. She winks to Aryn. "My Father was a man who loved Irony so much it eventually killed him. The name was his idea." She turns back to look ahead as they move. "His last name being Blaze really really puts it right on the nose though." She was a fire though, those who knew her. Beautiful yet dnagerous in her own way.

Elrych followed along behind her, keeping up with his partner in crime, the Ysanna named Vhe. "How much longer, Pye?"

"Not too far." She responds.

The streets become more narrows, some buisnesses boarded up with broken windows.

[Nerys Greystorm]

Nerys, who stuck close to Jax, because, well, //someone// needed to protect him, delicate flower that he was, leaned in, well, more up and in, he was a tall one, "Sounds like someone picked a bad time, for us, to pull off a heist. We've got incoming." She twisted around, looking to see if she could spot a catwalk or fire escape to climb up. Never a good idea to be on the ground when being above the ground meant you didn't run into trouble on the hoof.

[Vhe Tenara]

Urban landscapes are familiar enough to her but being in the bowels of Coruscant is unsettling. She is quiet as they leave the ship though amusement is shared by all and even she enjoys the irony of the name but has no verbal comment. Its the sound that catches her attention and turns her head but distinct sounds can not be made out. The alarm however...is very obvious. "That can not be good."

She does not see the robbers making their get away and thus continues to walk forward. The mention of incoming makes her cease and she steps up closer to the side of a building. "Ill luck for certain. Question is do we interfere?"

[Jax Greystorm]

Jax smiles at Rey's question, "I don't know what you mea..." Then theres the sound of trouble coming. Jax looks up at Nery's statement, "I see them." Though at Vhe's question. "No. It'll endanger the mission. Save two and possibly lose billions. Besides we don't know if the two are in the wrong." Ocassionally law enforcment chased actual bad guys. He doesn't look happy about his answer. He says taking a step back towards the shadow for concealment.


Hex does not seem cheered that Pyretta is named Pyretta Blaze, or named by someone named Blaze? His lekku twitch a little and he snif-snifs at the smoky air, but he doesn't comment further. Wouldn't want anybody to think it's bad luck, after all, to bring the guy literally named Hex. As for interfering, helping someone, he scoffs, "NO. We do this and get gone, no side quests, ok ka?"

[Rey Skywalker]

Rey's eyes are watching the populace go about what is considered normal lives for them, or so it seems. There's a very specific kind of desolate attitude to this place, one that vaguely reminds her of locals on Jakku who had resolved themselves to a life of mediocrity. She didn't care for it, she felt a need to get away from it, a restless desire not be like that.

When her eyes pick up the tell-tale sight of the white armored forms of Stormtroopers, Rey flickers her gaze to the others. "We need to avoid conflict. At all costs. Affect their minds, if you're able to. If it does't work, flee, if that does't work... then we fight."

A soft nod is given to what Hex says. "No side quests. We finish this, and leave." Her eyelids flutter a moment after saying that as she glances back in the direction of the troopers.

[Kasia Ashkuri]

Kasia doesn't have to say no, that's well covered, so she simply nods agreement with the idea that they shouldn't mess in business that has troopers running after it. She isn't certain what the Trooper spotted that makes him decide to approach, but seeing that approach she breaks away from the group and moves to intercept him. "Pardon me," she says just loudly enough to be heard, and just properly enough to sound like the aristocratic types that inhabit the moon. Her hand raises as though to wave to the sergeant, smiling. "You should go look for the criminals over there," and with that she points the trooper in another direction away from them, down a long street that probably does lead to some criminals considering their location. As long as it's not right here, and not them, it works for her.

[Aryn Cole]

Aryn grins back at Pyretta, "Irony is a cruel mistress in the end. It's the heart of all poetry." Aryn makes a gesture for Pyretta to lead the way, and Aryn falls in, eager to be done with their mission and onto more honest affairs (honest meaning /not/ hiding in the open. Aryn's steps take her toward Rey, close enough to be her shadow. In their walk, there is a lot of noise going on around them.

Aryn hails from a frontier world, and while she has visited the Smuggler's Moon, Coruscant is its own animal. A planet with city sounds everywhere felt unnatural and yet immersive all the same. There was such life here. It alarms Aryn that there are a pair of criminals running by them; looters by the looks. The party answers any notion of intervening though: It seems the mission took priority. Further alarm came in the form of Stormtroopers. Thankfully, it seemed Kasia handled the interaction well enough that Aryn released a breath she had not realized she was holding. "Mother be with us," She prayed softly, slightly overwhelmed by all the city, all the life, all the crime, and all the danger. Aryn stays close to Rey, not saying much else.

[Elrych Cometburn]

"MAKE WAY! MAKE WAY!" Shouts the shoulder padded Sergeant chasing the two thieves through the narrow street. Elrych pushes up against the wall as the decision comes to let them pass, Pyretta doing much the same. The theives pass, perhaps bumping into a couple of the team. They look no more than teenagers, likely desperate. The patrol of Stormtroopers isn't far behind. The Sergeant happens to look right at Jax as he attempts to shadow walk, noticing the irregularity. "What the.. Hey you!" He's slowing to a stop as he comes upon the group, the rest of his team running off ahead of him/her. Single minded, and single focused.

While Nerys tries something and only does more to raise suspision of the NCO, Kasia is quick to back her up and reach out with the power of the Force to influence his weaker mind. He stares for a long moment, relaxing his shoulders. "I'm going to go look for criminals over there..." The Sergeant then joggs off to rejoin his unit. They are left with only the distant pounding of plasteel boots and the burgler alarm. A few windows smash in the distance, the shouts of a domestic fight up on top of an apartment building. An akk dog barks in responce to the fight.

"Welcome to Coruscant..." Pyretta informs before pushing off the wall and moving along. Elrych gives a look to Vhe before shaking his head and following his sister.

They arrive at the warehouse not lonf after the run in with the patrol. THey don't go inside, instead meet at an intersection of various buildings. Dirk Pendleton, a human male, is standing there with a dark tenchcoat. Next to him is the Rodian Fingo Grimbo. Pyretta raises her hand... neither of them raise one back.

[Nerys Greystorm]

Nerys reached out, tapping Jax's arm as they made their way towards the rendezvous, a finger indicating that she was heading up. This was a planet made of metal, easy enough to find a way to move up at least one level so that she could track the team from above and off to the side. Best to have someone watching their backs. Bitty, still maglocked to Nerys' back, went to work rummaging in her mistress' backpack.

[Vhe Tenara]

Something is wrong as the hair rises on the back of her neck to signify just how offputting it is. Vhe rubs there at her skin as goosebumps form and she glances around. "I am not sure who else feels it," she says as one obstacle is cleared and she continues in a hushed tone now that the stormroopers have moved on. "But something is watching us..."

She hugs the wall and intending to keep to the shadows so that the absence of light will cover her. It also blinds her. Trash beneath her feet catches her foot and twists her up, not to the point she falls on her face but jarring her knee she makes an undignified squeak of surprise as she fumbles with her own dexterity. Using the wall to try to push herself back up to both feet she furitively begins to look around having MEANT to follow after Nerys. That did not work so well.

[Jax Greystorm]

Jax gives a silent nod and pats Nerys on the arm to signal that he heard her. Jax turns to look around the circumstances as he takes in a deep breath and exhales. "We got contacts. More than a dozen by double if I count correctly. I'm not asking them to stand still for a proper count. " Jax says pushing his jacket back so his hand can hover near his blaster pistol. Hex slides his Modified DL-54 Pistol - 7766 out of its holster, bringing the weapon to bear.


Hex surreptitiously moves his hand toward the blaster he wears in its holster beneath the duster -- outfitted with a grip that interacts with his cybernetics, it's ready to quickdraw at a moment's notice! "Seems like the time and place to announce I got a bad feeling about this," he says. "I don't, and those guys look like people I'd go drinking with, but since you all do, I'm gonna go ahead and roll with this."

[Rey Skywalker]

Rey looks to Kasia just as she reaches out to twist the thoughts of that Trooper Commander in to the direction that would take him away from them. A singular nod follows, and Rey speaks out. "Like that." She says, approving of Kasia's efforts to get the troops find curiosities elsewhere. A quick glance is given to Aryn before Rey moves to the others. At the words of being watched, she exhales and sweeps her stare around their position. "To be honest, I've felt that way since we came in to the system itself." Rey mutters.

When the alerted words are spoken of contacts, and tensions start to rise, Rey looks to the others. "I'll split off, I'll make a distraction and draw them away from here. The rest of you keep on mission, with the heat in this area focused on me, they'll hopefully give you a clear path to the target."

She reaches for her own blaster, and lightsaber, holding them both in either hands as she moves to separate from the group.

[Kasia Ashkuri]

Kasia waits until the Trooper departs them and goes jogging off away from then, then falls back into the group as they continue on their way to the warehouse. That feeling of dread leaves her frowning slightly as she looks around, one hand reaching out to settle on Hex's arm a few moments. "Whoever is watching us means us ill," she remarks quietly. "Be careful." This is said to everyone, but especially Hex, who gets a look. Rey's offer to create a distraction is answered with a nod, accepting this as the plan now. The lack of a wave back to Pyretta makes her tense a little, one hand slipping into the bag she carries with her in as casual a way as possible. "Are they supposed to be our contacts?" she asks of both Elrych and Pyretta. "Because they do look like someone Hex would drink with, and I admit that causes some concern."

[Aryn Cole]

Aryn looks torn like she wants to go with Rey, but perhaps it's best she remain with the group at large. Rey could focus on the task without worrying whether or not Aryn was keeping up. Aryn had the sense like many of the others, but she was blind to their military movement and precision. If it were an ambush, Aryn was none the wiser, but she did place a gloved hand over the pistol grip of her weapon juuuuuust in case.

[Elrych Cometburn]

Pyretta narrows her brows. She didn't feel a damn thing. Perhaps her mispalced trust in two former Invid contacts blinded her to the reality that those loyalties to Tavira were no longer strong... or the woman had teamed up as a pirate lord under Vaughns little coalition. The answer to that was muddy. She looked towards Fingo and Dirk. "What is this?"

The Human speaks over to Rodian who was starting to say something, the bugg eyed alien staring at his counter part and shaking his head. "You brought us a really nice reward Pyretta. It's a shame, I liked you a lot when you were on the right side of all this."

Pyretta wasn't even mad... she was embaressed. Her pale face flushed crimson red. "You little twerp..."

"It's probably wise to just listn to Captain Anders...." Says Dirk.

Anders sticks his head out of one of the warehouse windows. He's got a megaphone, dressed in a black uniform that looked imperial but was clearly some off market design. Of course they weren't dealing with actual storm troopers... just the weekend warrior right wing extremists who advocated for them. They were after that sweet bounty on rebels. "HERE ME NOW!" His voice was high pitched and it was probably clear to those who could see that he was short, standing on a soap box in order to shout down at the group. "SURRENDER NOW AND YOU WILL BE TREATED WITH RESPECT AND..." He sticks his head back in the window, someone whispers something to him. He sticks hsi head back out, clearing his throat. "RESPECT..."

Following this announcement several oher Milita members come out of the buildings and take cover behind crates, training blasters towards the group.

"Ah hell..." Elrych said, pulling his lightsaber from his belt and activating it. "There goes the neighborhood."

Pyretta interupts Elrych as he's about to respond to Kasia... She takes out her own blaster pistol, and points it at Dirk. "He was..." She pulls the trigger twice, the blaster bolts striking him square in the chest and sending him to the ground in a smoking heap of dead and gone. Her eyes narrow and there's a fire, a dark fire there. She points and Fingo next who raises his hands.

[Nerys Greystorm]

This was going to end poorly, but, if Nerys was very lucky, not for the team. "Bitty, get ready. We need to lock down the warehouse." The ID10, detaching herself from her harness, withdrew the blaster she had appropriated from her master. He had many, he'd never notice, and prepared herself. Smol as she was, she gripped the big gun like a shotgun, legs drawn up to help her brace, as Nerys slung her backpack around, withdrawing her own weapon from the bag before it settled back onto her back. "We're going to lock down the building if we can. And then we need to get to work on the ventilation system, see if we can vent the building." It was not a perfect plan, of course, but it might disorient them. And if it killed a few well, that was bad for them. Good for her.

[Vhe Tenara]

They are found out either way and Vhe's not likely to be able to hide or move silently at this point. She kicks off whatever has clung to her boot from the ground around her and withdraws her saber. She begins to search for cover for the moment admist the refuse that will give her some advantage upon those that have them in their sights.

The saber in her hand remains unlit for a second longer then comes the snap hiss once she thinks she has some cover. Cyan light cleaves the air and hisses before it settles into a very soft hum.


Hex has been at lightsaber parties. Hex knows how this goes, for the person on the other end of the lightsaber. He raises his gun as though to shoot at the visible enemies, but instead of firing, he raises his voice at them! "AY THEY GOT LIGHTSABERS, OK KA," he yells at the goons, "YOU REALLY OUGHTA GET OUT OF HERE OR YOU'RE GONNA END UP LIKE ME." He's a fatass Twi'lek missing like half of his body. They should go home.

[Jax Greystorm]

As others went for their sabers, Jax did the same. He gathers the force around him to protect him. His saber glowing bringly in the dark glow of the city like one of the signs for the strip club. He takes a deep breath, "This just became complicated."

[Rey Skywalker]

Rey moves away from the others, she's down the way from them when she hears the combat break out, which makes her pause and look back over her shoulder. She slips her blaster away though and starts further down the street, running at ... quite a pace, weaving in and around other people and obstacles in her way until she spies them.

The backs of the stormtroopers that Kasia had turned away.

One of them, their commander, feels a hand slip around his elbow. He spins around to be face to face with her. "The Force Wit--!"

Rey's stare is deadlocked with the trooper. "The Knights of Ren have cornered a group of Republic Resistance troops that are attempting a coup, just back there. The Knights need your help, or their leader will be furious with you and your men."

The Commander looks back to his soldiers and issues them orders to go help the Knights of Ren.

He's about to go with them before Rey takes his elbow again.

"I need you to take me to the Citadel." She commands him, the Trooper's helmeted head nods once to her. "I'll take you to the Citadel." He replies, while the rest of his detachment moves down the street to help the 'Knights of Ren' fight the militia members...

[Kasia Ashkuri]

Kasia's gaze turns to Hex as he raises his voice, and then turns her gaze back to the remaining men and women that have assembled outside of the warehouse. She steps forward a pace and smiles, the hand not in her bag lifting to show that at least that hand doesn't have a weapon in it. "It doesn't have to go this way, you can just leave. You can return to your lives, and live far longer than if you stay here today. This isn't how we want it." Well, it isn't how some of them want it. "Go home, go to a bar, live your life. The alternative only leads to pain." Not the most convincing attempt, but she tried. On the heels of her words, she pulls the lightsaber from her bag and looks ready to defend herself.

[Aryn Cole]

"Lay your weapons down and surrender!" One yells at Aryn, who then, in a panic, moves for cover and yells back in a diplomatically unconvincing tone. "No, you!" With her back to cover, Aryn draws her blaster free from the holster on her side and takes a few hurried breaths to prepare for combat. She had to work it out in her mind, switching from preserve life to take life, a line that Aryn was not eager to cross.

[Elrych Cometburn]

Pyretta hadn't hesitated and neither did her brother. The corellian reaches out with the Force and grabs hold of the tiny Captain. He drags the fellow out of the window and slams him onto the ground. There is a groan as he holds him there, hard, against the cold durocrete. Hex and Kasia with heir wise and silver tongues, along with this sheer display of power has caused a good half of the company of militia men to turn in retreat. They say things like, "Fifty Thousand ant worth this!" And other things of that nature. The more seasoned gorunders and the officers are harder to shake along with more experianced soldiers. They train their weapons and open fire. If Rey wasn't convincing (she was) The eruption of gunfire in the distance sure was. The troopers start to beat feet back towards the way they came sans the commanding officer.

Pyretta returns fire once again, moving to hide behind a stack of crates near Vhe. She nods to her as more blaster fire rains down upon them.

[Nerys Greystorm]

Nerys and her Bitty continued to move along the upper walkway they had found, the two speaking amongst themselves as they scanned the dterior of the warehouse, Bitty making good use of her security knowledge to locate the panel the pair hoped would disable to doors and lock down th warehouse. No one getting out. No one running back in. That was the plan. When the blasters starting firing, and the night lit up with the sound of combat, she continued to move. Once the pair were in place, they opened fire. Bolts and blaster fire. That could have come from anyone, anywhere, right? There was a big todo going on. Sadly, neither of the pair managed to make their shot. There was always next time.

[Vhe Tenara]

As the shot grazes her arm, the cloth of her neutral robe splits and sizzles but luckily there is very superficial damage done to her arm. As Pyretta joins her, she nods back but is reaching out quickly to grasp at the NCO. There is a faint grasping of the figure overhead but there is nothing that results from her attempt to drag him out into view. Vhe's fingers flex and twist, turning her hand aout to try to draw him and still nothing. She hugs cover as best she can but its not likely the best sort.

[Jax Greystorm]

As a hail of blaster bolts rain down around Jax, he swings his saber around in a series of spins that bounce the blaster bolts in ever direcgtion as he goes running towards a trio of the militia. His saber slinging around to slice the NCO's blaster into two, he sprins around taking out one of the thugs blaster and causing it to go to peices. The saber shooting out to cut out the blaster of another villian but misses. "It's not too late to run." He offers to them. The N.C.O. and disarmed thug taking him up on the offer.


Hex gave them a chance not to end up like him, and hey, the smart ones took it. He's done what he can in the service of the Jedi cause he knows from Kasia -- you're not supposed to do violence if it can be avoided! Buuut... also sometimes it can't be avoided, and that's the good part. He does toggle his hand cannon to STUN in order to preserve what silly little lives he can, though it's a powerful weapon built for lethality in any event. The Twi'lek mercenary dodges blaster fire with an ease that shows how he's lived long enough to get fat, then fires back and drops a goon. Down he goes! "I could be home right now," he yells at Kasia over the sound of the fight, "We need to talk about these new friends you're hanging out with. I could be having snacks."

[Rey Skywalker]

Rey is walking side by side with the Stormtrooper unit commander, while she reaches for her satchel and pulls out a comm-link. She raises it up and keys it on. "Aryn?" She signals Aryn directly. "Aryn. I've sent the Stormtroopers to your location. I've told them that you're with the Knights of Ren. They can help you push back against those enemies, if you're still there when they arrive."

She glances over to the Trooper beside her, whose taller tahn she is, his helmeted eyes are set forward as they walk together toward a troop transport in the distance at the end of a platform. "I'm going to go find the location of Byss, if its anywhere, I believe it'll be in the First Order's stronghold. Or... somewhere here on Coruscant. Finish the mission, and make sure everyone gets off planet safely. I'll find a way back. May the Force be with you." She deactivates her comm-link then and slips it away in her belt before glancing back to the Trooper as they step ever closer to the transport used by the ground unit.

[Aryn Cole]

Aryn is beset on three sides by incoming fire, and sparks shower down post impact making her ball up, tensing and apprehensive of feeling the burn of being shot again. Rather than stand and attack, Aryn sets to aiming over her cover and firing in the 'general direction of', returning the favor of showered bolt sparks.

When she ducks back down, her ear buzzes with a familiar sound; Rey's voice! A free hand rises to touch her ear, enhancing the volume amidst the chaos. Aryn makes a face like she's straining to hear, because she is.. her ears are ringing!

<<"Understood!">> Replies Aryn, the background noise of the battle conveyed over the comms. <<"See you on the other side, Blue.">>

"Rey has sent Stormtroopers to /help/ us. Eyes open, and direct them toward the threats if you see them!" Aryn yells, cupping her hands around her mouth to get the word out to her companions.

[Elrych Cometburn]

Elrych doesn't move for cover. He's beyond that, the force flowing through him as scarlet blasts fly around him. His blade cuts clean through one officer, then the other... He turns to strike at an NCO... but you know what they say about Enlisted NonComs. They're even more experianced than their Officer counter parts. Damn educated fools.

Pyretta takes out the wounded officer she had plugged before, keeping behind cover with Vhe. It's chaos, put Kasia throwing the object at the goons causes nine more to route. THey were lossing numbers and to such few people? How? Anders was just now rising, hurting bad from his Elrych caused fall. Poor Nerys is light up by blaster fire as they fear a sniper setting up shop.

There's a rumbing from one of the corners, some vheicle of some sort approaching. It's not far off but danger and doom starts to permiate the area. The Reinforcments Rey sent were still on their way but were not nearly as fast as the Paragon had been.

[Nerys Greystorm]

And then, Nerys' luck ran out. As her luck often ran out, and all of a sudden, half a dozen blaster bolts were heading her way. And the walkway, which had been helpful before, was now a hindrance, as she had no easy way to dodge the incoming fire. And in the end, she took the hits, trying to get in the way of the fire, trying to protect the smol droid that was hovering behind her. That, though, did not end well, as the force of the blaster fire pushed her back against the wall and she crumpled, fighting to keep herself conscious. That smol droid through, who seemed to have inherited HiBall's d-roid rage, returned fire towards the ones who had shot her mistress, if for no other reason than to try to keep them away from Nerys.

[Vhe Tenara]

Nothing is working presently from behind cover and thus takes a moment to mark her targets iwth a glance out from the side. As Nerys takes a few sharp hits, Vhe is running out in an attempt to draw attention. The cyan of her blade gleams in the dark and she is quick on her feet. Rey's break away from them is acknowledged with silence for as her blade catches the first Goon and downs him, she sweeps through and slams into the next to knock him to the ground, run through with her blood. There is a deep well of disatisfaction on her face and the next is missed as she sweeps her arm out far to try to swipe the blade into the air.

And that is what it meets, missing the next as the Ysanna is now deep in the midst of it all, painted by her pale blue blade.

[Jax Greystorm]

Jax is in the middle of things and not really catching the com conversation between Rey and Aryn. He looks back to see Nerys in a bad position. He spinks on a dime and goes running toward towards Nerys position. His saber striking down one of the NCOs and missing another. He starts the climb to move to Nerys position. He's going to make sure his wounded cousin makes hit home.


"Stormtroopers to HELP us? I'm pretty sure they can tell red from blue!" Hex sounds a little panicked about the promised reinforcements! His soldier's training holds enough that he takes a shot to drop an NCO enemy before he continues, "And even if they can't, I'm damn well sure they are gonna understand that a Twi'lek doesn't go well with their team. I can't pass for human, ai'jouku, sorry." His near death experience at the hands of the enemy fire seems to seal the deal for him! That could have been close if not for the protecting wave! "I gotta make myself scarce before they get here. Ma'allesh, I'll see you at a rendezvous point!" Hex out!

[Kasia Ashkuri]

Kasia sends out that wave to protect Hex from being hurt almost before she thinks about it, looking back to make sure it did the work. He's still up, he's not dead. She's relieved, and nods as he retreats. His reasons make sense to her, and as he leaves, she lifts a hand to slam that unseen force she used before into the militia man she believes hit Hex. Is it the right one? Maybe. It's not to kill, but hard enough to hurt, maybe to disable. That's the goal. What happens after, well. "He's not wrong, they'll see the colors we wield and know we can't be Knights."

[Aryn Cole]

Aryn is adjacent to the location Nerys is and witness to her fall. A pang of guilt sweeps over the young doctor, but Aryn must push it down if there is to be any success in their operation. Rising up for the first time, Aryn takes a bit more poise and confidence, assuming a duelist's shooting stance. She fires a hammered pair, picking a part a running man with two distinctive hits, the second shattering their plasteel into bits and dropping the foe with two steaming holes. Aryn steps off then, making the effort to reach Nerys. Ducking low, as if pre-emptive, Aryn avoids a shot and fires back wounding. Whatever had held the young woman back moments ago is replaced with an air of bravery.

"Hang on.." Aryn bids under her breath, her hand dancing up as she tries to work her way over an obstacle in a girlish fashion, maintaining her balance but looking silly for it.

[Elrych Cometburn]

"I don't like the idea either!" Elrych calls back to Hex.

Pyretta is busy returning fire to cover Vhe as she makes her assult. "That's a real interesting leader you've got there, big brother!"

Elrych calls back to his sister, "She really grows on you. I promise!"

"Yes, percisly!" Pyretta offers to Kasia.

The Militia numbers are thinning but there's still plenty there to cause trouble. That rolling round continues and rounding one of the intersection corners in an old Imperial TX-130 Tank. Captain Anders starts to laugh. "Fools! We've got you now!"

Suddenly a concussion rocket zips overhead and slams into the tank, resulting in a massive fireball. The repulsor lifts fail and the metalic armred tank lists to the side. Atop one of the roofs is a four armed Besalisk. He's got a plex launcher in one arm, still smoking from the rocket he fired. rising up from the roof with a sniper rifle is a Faleen Female, taking aim at the Captain... laster trasing over his wrecked uniform.

Anders gulps, shock on his face... There is only a moment before he sound the retreat. What remains of his forces fall back.

The two grubby looking and worn down freedom fighters lok rough as they call down to the group. The Besalist lughs heartily. "Looks like ya'll could use some help."

The Faleen give her partner a dubious look. "That was our last rocket Jettster..." The Besalisk just laughs again and waves one of his free arms at the Jedi.

"I hate Courscant... I really really do." Elrych commented. Pyretta sighed with relief and let her head fall back against the crate she was behind.

They two didn't talk much but they offered medical assistance to the wounded and after a hushed conversation with Pyretta... a way back to their hideout. "I'll give you guys a call when I figure out more... for now you better move before that patrol gets here. Crazy Jedi..."

Once clearning the area, when the patrol arrives they survey the damage in awe. "What the hell happened here?"

[Rey Skywalker]

Rey, having been keeping her Mind Affecting influence over the Trooper Commander up with quiet commands and transmitted thoughts, urges, and indications, boards the trooper transport with them.

She sits in the back of the transport until the Trooper moves up to the cockpit to fire the transport up. It's then that Rey rises up and moves to sit in the co-pilot's seat with the trooper. The transport raises up in to the air and starts to leave the lower levels of Coruscant.

Rey looks to the Trooper. "You're a fine Trooper, I assure you that they'll never know that you did this."

As they draw closer to the Citadel, Rey motions to one of the buildings near to its base. "Set us down there, tell your Commander that you've had an engine malfunction and need repairs on this vessel."

As the shuttle descends, she rises up and steps out to head to the back where the hatch is. "You never saw me." Rey gives one last final command to the trooper before she leaves him on the transport, as she starts to run out, and down the ramp to the rooftop beyond.