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The Resistance robs a train

OOC Date: Dec 15, 2016
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Participants: Sar Yavok, Gren Delede, Corr Waldin, Sesti Greystorm, Sabella Lockheart, Triz Dermout, The Resistance, Kath Hounds

For some members of The Resistance, it's likely that they hardly ever see Sar Yavok outside of when he's sitting quietly in the back of the Starburst, chewing on the end of a lit cigarillo. It's where he's most comfortable; riding guns first into danger with the low hum of an engine blocking out the sound of the train-mounted flak cannons that are echoing through the canyons of the Gearhead District.

The dropship is manuevering quite well for a bird her age, as she rockets towards the mag-train that's speeding along its track.

The Resistance's target today? Well, the information divined from the datacube, in conjunction with the server digging, revealed that the train was carrying several thousand tons of Crimson Blades equipment to one of the various outposts that they've installed in the city-moon.

"You guys ever jumped onto a moving train before? S'fuckin' sick," Sar begins. "I remember one time back right after the GCW when Delede was porkin' this Ithorian broad for information on an Imp scientist. Her husband came home, eyes red as all hell, and Gren skipped right out the window in nothin' but his Han Solo briefs, right onto a moving sky tram. Hurt like hell, as he tells it."

He slides one of the viewports open and eyes the already-aggressive fortress on rails, and says, "This is kinda like that."

Again in the back of the bus. This is getting old and not what she is used to. But it is getting easier for her even with the dislike of relying on someone else doing the driving and they all know she is a much better driver than anyone else. But dressed she is as she cuts her eyes to Sar "No and it is sick," Triz grouses. She listens to the rest of the story and rolls her eyes. "I still don't understand why we can't just stop the train and climb aboard but instead have to do," she waves around the drop ship "This."

The zabrak looks impassively at the train speeding below them. "Res Selennoren," she replies, half to herself, half to Sar Yavok. "Although the speeding target was smaller than a train. I will help you," she assures Triz as she steps up beside the pilot. She has helmet in hand and is armed this time with her rapier like vibroblade and a stun baton.

"She wasn't Ithorian. Hell. She was a Chadra-fan. Way less gross." That's arguable. Gren leans out of the hatch, and eyes the train. "That was life or death. This is just stupid." Atleast he's wearing his flightsuit, and not naked. Because he was naked. He reaches down to pat the blaster on his leg, before sighing. "I wasn't actually wearing briefs."

Para-jumping is the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off, so it makes sense that Gren has managed to combine the two into one ultimate compendium of glory. Corr chuckles in the back of the Starburst across from Sar, ready to jump onto something without falling down for once. Hopefully. "Shoulda got those electro-magnetic boots from that party store," he suggests to those who're feeling unsure about this whole "train thing". "The ones on the holovid infomercials."

The gunship bucks and sways as it avoids the incoming fire and gets close enough to start firing some of its own. The port bubble-turret swings into position and a Res trooper begins to light up the manned defenses protecting the train. One enemy turret is barraged and erupts into a cloud of smoke and fire.

"Alright, that's our cue. Yavok to Starburst, deploying now. Pull up in thirty seconds and provide overwatch," Sar says, pressing down a button on the speak in the back. He smooths out his jacket and makes sure his pistol is strapped into its holster before he moves to the hatch and pulls the meaty lever back. With a *KACHUNK*, their exit slides open, revealing the six foot drop between the bottom of the Starburst, and a defensible entry point on the top of a train car.

The Colonel flicks his cigarillo out of the door and steps out, plummeting towards the train. He loses his footing, but managed to hit the target.

With a "Oh crap!" and Triz is out of the door. She lands on the train, feet, then knees and then hands. But she stays on and doesn't fall off "Whew. Huh, was kinda cool." she mutters to herself as she checks to make sure all her gear is still with her and where it's supposed to be. Glancing up to the drop ship she moves out of the way so someone else won't drop on her.

Delede eyes the distance, and scoffs. "This ain't shit." A final look at the interior of the clunker that he is leaving behind, and then he leaps out of the hatch with a wordless shout of enjoyment. His impact on the train is relatively light-footed, and he maintains his balance like a pro. You'd almost think he'd done this before. He drops low, before he's pulled free, and starts to scuttle to the door, as if stacking up for entry.

Corr doesn't make any pithy remarks, just straps his helmet on, tightens the sling on his carbine, and steps out into the open air, plummeting to the train a few moments later and landing like it's any other jump. Doubled over against the speed of the train, he hurries after the rest, adjusting his carbine on his back so it's not sticking out a weird angle to snag anyone in the perilous footing environment.

Sar Yavok gets his feet back under him and moves into a crouch. <<Comms're gonna be about the only way to communicate up here! Just stay low and move slow! Our target is three cars ahead!>> Sar shouts into his wrist-mounted mic, before he begins moving forward.

One car ahead is their first obstacle. Dug in pretty well is a group of five Crimson Blades, all of them now spying the intruders, as the gunship becomes less of a threat. Sar slips the blaster out of his holster and lifts it in front of him as he moves, sending three rounds downrange and popping the heads of two of the hired help!

It's gonne be a Great Train Robbery!

Triz nods to Sesti as she stays low. and follows Sar. As he shoots she does as well but just as she does, forgetting the slipstream which catches her and causes her to slip slightly she still manages to shoot and not hit Sar. Two blast are sent, both hit, and she gets back low again and looks over the edge "Damn," she mutters realizing how easy it would be to get blown off the train and on to the ground that speeds by below.

As blaster bolts start firing along the top of the train, and knowing there are people behind her who are going to be trying to shoot at the people ahead, Sesti drops and rolls, catching the edge of the train roof with both hands and letting momentum swing her body over the side. Finding purchase on a ridge where the rivets hold together the extra reinforced sides of the train for her feet, she begins to work her way along the side of the train towards the Crimson defensive position, and checking as she reaches one of the breaks between cars for any surprises waiting for her team.

Sabella Lockheart isn't liking this no, nope not at all, she should be in a ship, or on the ground not on the back of a moving train. She hears Sar's voice and mutters faint. "Right..." With Sesti moving off she blink and then catches sight of Triz firing at someone. Well things just got interesting around here.

The smell is..>>> Gren doesn't complete that thought, as he leans up, and draws his DL-44. The heavy blaster is leveled in the general direction of the pair of guards that remain. The first blast is accurate enough to put a smoking hole in the mans's throat, while the rest are a flurry of misses with a smattering of hits on the already wounded woman still standing. The little guardpost is emptied, and he continues to move forward, shoulders and head down against the terrible wind that reeks of Nar Shaddaa. Ugh.

And gone as quickly as they came, the bodies of the mercenaries tumble to the roof of the train before rolling off and falling down to the street miles below.

After their deaths, the train car they were standing on appears quite barren, allowing the squad to move closer to their goal. And they do. Most by foot, one by shimmy.

Unfortunately, there's more defenses on the train than orginally believed. Twin hatches slide open and the whirr of a lift can be heard, as a pair of platforms rise from within the train, revealing a duo of KX-series security droids, painted out in the red color scheme of the company that serves as The Resistance's villain of the week.

<<Gren! We've got KX droids! Hounds, take cover!>> Sar barks, just before one of the hulking sentries grips him in its vice-like hand.

"SAR YAVOK. CEASE AND DESIST. OUR COMMANDER WISHES TO SPEAK TO YOU AND MR. DELEDE," drones the manufactured voice of the droid. The other KX is headed straight for Gren.

Wait, what? Triz hears the comms and looks more foreword as the Droids come into view. "And this is why I am a pilot," she says into the wind and falls flat on the car she is on. They seem nice, not shooting so no sense in making things worse and shooting at them, besides one of them has Sar and it wouldn't be a good thing to shoot him, right?

You paged Sabella Lockheart with 'I have no clue.'

Sesti barely hears the whine of the lifts, but she doesn't miss Sar's announcement about the droids. She scuttles a little further along the train car, then slides in between two of them to climb the ladder. Bracing herself right at the top, she holds on with one hand, the other drawing her stun baton but not turning it on. She holds it low below her, waiting for Sar and Gren's response to the invitation.

Sabella Lockheart makesher way along the car with the others and soon finds herself next to Triz once they are at the spot where the badies use to be. She looks up at the talk of droids and just blinks as she catches sight of Sar getting grabbed. << Ah... This isn't part of the plan... Right? >> Her hand is on her blaster pulling it free but keeping it down low. She won't go shooting /just/ yet.

"We decline the invitation!" Gren shouts into the wind, quite possibly unheard by the other biologicals on the roof of the train. The Resistance Captain lifts up from his crouch, and allows the approaching metal behemoth to get close. Once it lunges for him, the lithe pilot side-slips to the left, and pivots to face the sturdy back of his would-be attack. The DL-44's begins to bark. The first blast takes out the things left arm, and the second tears through the joint that passes for a 'knee' on its right side. It begins to collapse, even as it starts to turn with grinding noise. Delede takes two steps closer, and places the muzzle to the side of the nasty piece of work's cranial unit, and pulls the trigger twice. A double-tap, execution style. Moving out of the way of the collapsing scrap, he fires to badly aimed blasts at Sar's friend. <<Seriously, assholes? Don't wait to be told to shoot, next time.>>> He sounds furious.

Diplomacy? What the hell is everyone waiting for? Twisting at the announcement of attack droids, Corr immediately sights in on the one grabbing up at his commanding officer, unleashing a withering hail of blaster fire. Four quick shots scorch through the air, thudding relentlessly into the durasteel plating and reducing the droid to a sparking, shuddering mass that skids off the top of the train with a grating scrape. "Aggressive negotiations," he mutters, moving forward behind the others while stealing a quick glance over his shoulder. Still clear in the rear.

After the fusilade from Corr's blaster, the droid drops Sar to the train's roof. The commander clutches at his bruised neck and works his way back up to a standing position, a scowl on his face. "You goddamn idiots! I reckon if those first sonsabitches had managed to get a word in 'fore we shot 'em to death, you'da just started weavin' flower crowns and jerkin' 'em off!?" He coughs and points to one of the hatches that the droids came out of.

With nothing but unbridled almost-died-rage, Sar slams his booted foot into the platform and sends it clanking into the train below.

"Go," he instructs, finger pointing into the opening.

"Look, I have no F'n idea what the hell we are doing so if you want to get pissed get pissed at yourself," Triz barks back at Sar and to the other's she gives them a look. But she gets back up to a low crouch and makes her way to the opening and goes in. The landing was perfect, right up till she actually hit the floor. Who knew that there was a box there that caught her foot, sending her flat on her face. A long string of obscenities stream forth as she fights here way back to her feet. At least she did hold on to her blaster.

<<The decision to negotiate or attack is in the hands of my commanding officer, and I will never usurp the authority of a commanding officer unless he is too injured or dead to give a command,>> Sesti replies calmly, unperturbed by human men's ire. She twists in her position to see if there is anything ahead of them, returning her baton to its place. <<Can we down the way they came up?>> Sar's order answers her question, and she pulls herself over the top edge of the train and drops down into the chute.

Gren looks at Sar, just prior to dropping down into the train. A brief shake of his head. <<<Where did we go wrong? Everyone knows we shoot first.>>> The pilot hits the mag release on his heavy blaster, smacks in a fresh power pack from his gunbelt, and then drops down through the hatch with a deft grace that hides his age. The cracks and pops of his knees when he lands, though? Nothing but elderly.

"You talk back to me over the course of another mission and the next time you'll see another goddamn ship is when I decide it's alright for you to look up from the freshers you're scrubbing, Dermout," Sar snaps back to his subordinate, no hint of playfulness in his tone. "Same goes for the rest of you in equal measure."

The Colonel continues rubbing at his neck and begins to look around. "Should be easier goin' from here, but keep your eyes open." He moves to the end of the train car and slides the door open, moving onto the small bridge between it and the next one. "Waldin, you bring your grenades?" He raises and eyebrow and slams his elbow into the glass, shattering it to pieces.

As Corr lands beside her Triz looks at him "Welcome to the club," she says as she struggles to get to her feet. When Sar goes off on her she just looks at him, says nothing but does smirk as he turns to the others. She offers a hand to help Corr up, "Come on, big boy, you take the lead," She will help him to his feet if he allows before moving on in the train.

The great thing about tattoos that make jagged turns and curves all over your face is that for the most part you always look fierce, and mostly unreadable. With her face impassive, Sesti lands and steps to the side when Corr's grenades are called for, her arms at an easy angle at her sides. At least Sar's voice seems to be normal, so no worries of crushing or bruising to the windpipe.

Sabella Lockheart glances over to Corr crious like as he nearly falls on Triz. "Alright there?" As for Sar she peeks over, well he is talking so he must be ok so no need to question him the same thing. When the question on grenades is brought up she will certain let Corr go first and will take up following behind Triz now.

Delede is impassive, as Sar lays into Triz. When he sees the smirk, there is a lift of his eyebrow. He steps close to his XO, and leans in, briefly muttering something. The question of grenades is overheard, and Gren actually can contribute materially to the success of the mission! He reaches behind his back, and pulls a frag grenade off of his gunbelt, beneath his bantha leather jacket. It is tossed casually to Corr. "Don't explode us."

Corr Waldin suddenly brandishes the unmistakable form of a Fragmentation Grenade and with the press of a button, Corr Waldin activates it!

Corr is mostly on his feet already by the time Triz offers him a hand, but he latches onto it anyway so that she'll feel useful. Teamwork! Or something. Damn pilots, always joking around and being casual while the ground troops are trying to make /serious war!/ "Delede's got it covered, sir," the soldier replies, catching the frag grenade and immediately activating it, chucking it through the window.

Just like that, the Kath Hounds are moving like a well-oiled machine. The grenade rolls along the ground inside the next train. A few brief seconds pass and there's a satisfying boom.

After the pop, Sar slides the door and and rushes inside, loosing bolts into the couple of soldiers left alive.

"By my approximation, our target is on the next car. Delede, take point. I imagine you'll be paramount in its recovery. Waldin, watch our backs. We just made a lot of noise, and we're about to make more."

<<Yavok to Starburst, start picking 'em apart,>> he instructs into his wrist comm.

On the order, the gunship swoops back down within turret range of the ship and begins to pluck away at the exterior defenses.

Busted but Triz just looks at Gren and nods "Sure thing, Boss," she says back to him. Then the grenade is flying though the air and she ducks out of concern but Corr does the job and the resultant boom reaches her. About to move foreword Triz stops in her steps to allow Gren to go ahead. before she follows the rest into the car.

As Triz makes her way in something catches the corner of her eye out the window. It's something that she knows to look for, not this ground stuff. She hurries to the window "X-Wings, but not ours." She says before they fly on out of her view. "defiantly X-Wings, but," she nearly climbs to press her face to the window trying to see where they went.

Sesti spots them almost the same time as Triz does, but as Triz plasters herself to the windows on one side, she goes to the other and, "they are on this side, now. I have two..." she stops, and her eyes swivel towards the front of the car. "Move! To the back, the car is breaking up.." she suits movement to actions, and anyone dallying will get pulled along. Even though Corr is tasked with watching their rear, she's herding everyone ahead of her as the need for rear watching is secondary to the need to not fall out of the moving train.

Gren doesn't dick around. Once the grenade has gone off, and Sar has wiped out any of the defenders...he's headed straight on through. The calls of X-wings has him glancing toward the windows, but clearly he doesn't see anything, because he doesn't stop moving. The pilot pops the door, and steps through, blaster in hand. Into the open air. There's a big object, covered in a tarp. "Hell yes." He knows what they were looking for, and it appears, they were spot on. The old Rebel pilot jogs more or less gracefully across the flatbed, and starts to work on ripping the tarp free from the cords securing it. Canvas gives away. Hopefully he gets strafed, while he works.

Watching the rear is a great job. You get to notice before your team gets blindsided by a squad of X-Wings. <<Inbound enemy fighters,>> Corr barks over the comm channel to make sure everyone hears him, including the gunship. <<Close air support, light 'em up.>> In case they don't, he goes pounding through into the next room, hot on Gren's heels, and starts working on the other side of the tarp, giving the ripstop canvas a heave upward and popping the eyelets through one at a time.

As Sesti and Triz pointed out, there /are/ baddies incoming from the sky, heading straight for their only ride out. If the gunship bites it, they're getting delivered straight to a Hutt with a sour disposition.

And then stuff gets real bad. Triz, Sar and Gren make it onto the flatbed that houses the tarp-covered X-Wing, but the other three get left behind, as the coupling that's keeping them together shears apart, leaving the train car they're in to slowly begin listing behind.

Sar looks over his shoulder as the two cars tear apart and he kneels down to pull the EC-17 from his ankle holster, shouting, <<Delede! Get that bird up, now!>> He then gets much quieter and says, "This is gonna be fucking stupid." He raises the blaster, equipped with an ascension line and lines up his shot. He squeezes the secondary fire trigger and sends the claw of the line into the floor of the car with the others. He drops to the floor and plants his feet against the lip of the flatbed, clipping the small blaster onto his belt and grapping onto a handhold. <<Jump! Now!>>

While the chaos unfolds at the other end of the flatbed, Gren has managed to work the front of the canvas loose. The wind grabs it, and yanks it backward, revealing the front of the X-wing that they'd come to procure for the Resistance. <<<Right.>>> That's Delede's breathless response, as he's begun climbing the vintage starfighter. A pause, as he cracks the cockpit, and then he's slipping into the bird. A very quick pre-flight that literally consists of punching the engines online, and the thrum of repulsors shakes the flatbed beneath them, as he brings the snubfighter into the air. <<<Starburst'll be clean in no time. Be ready to extract, folks...>>> Nothing but unflappable confidence in the clipped tones. The T-65c's nose is barely pointed skyward, before the s-foils begin to open. And then the loud reverb as military grade laser cannons erupt at close range, tearing through the dirty, smog-filled sky toward the Starburst's assailants.

As she herds the others to the entrance, Sesti's almost there when the coupling shears off. She's thrown against the doorway just as she was ready to jump, and the wind is partially knocked out of her for a moment. She doesn't have time to note who's made it and who hasn't in the thrumming and shaking of the X-wing taking off. She only notes that Sar's attached a grapple and is ordering them to jump, so she does, landing in a crouch on all fours, staying there until the bird is up. Then she's moving forward on the flatbed to whatever else Sar wants.

"Ah hell..." Sabella mutters out as the car is starting to drift apart and she is sliding her blaster back into the holster as she is running towads the end of the car she is on to get to the flatbed one with the others. With Sar there holding the thing she will have to make a point to thank him by the way. She is jumping forward and well, missing it right /there/ at the end, a bit of stabbing pain in her side is what she'll go about blaming that on thanks to her still healing bit from the other day. Talk about one's life flashing before them as she actually does happen to look down and sees certain death right there.

One of the opposing X-Wings meets a quick demise under Gren's assault. The old fighter explodes and no doubt lands on dozens of orphans, shredding them to pieces.

Meanwhile, Sar's dealing with his arms slowly being pulled out of their sockets. Luckily, the other team makes it across the gap that he's succeeded in making a good deal more manageable than it might've been.

With everyone across, Sar reaches down to press the release on his blaster and the claw detaches. He releases his grip on the handhold he was using and stands back up, reeling the line back in.

With a nod to Sar, thanking him for his assistance and acknowledging the command, Sesti moves forward, using her blade to pop the lids from a couple crates before she gives a hiss of appreciation. Reaching down, she begins looping straps together, then over her arms, making a daisy chain of med kits to take back.