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Diyu see what we did there?

OOC Date: July 12, 2018
Location: Diyu, Hutt Space
Participants: Defiance: Vasani, Hex, Zhu Yan, Dosk, Tarion Tavers, Sajin, and Kasia Ashkuri as GM

The short story: Vasani frolics. Dosk manages a complicated social life. Sajin is the shit. Tarion is the bomb. Yan solves problems single handedly.

The long story:

Everyone knew where to be, and when, which is to say everyone should be here now. Except the one person that isn't, which is Kasia. For some reason she had to stay home, that reason might be the toddler that can be seen in her lap, as her tiny blue self speaks to the group over holo, which is on the ship that everyone is on. Just one ship, no others. "Alright. Everyone listen, here are the details. You're going to Diyu, it's an industrial world in Hutt space, lots of factories and the like, lots of slaves that work in those factories. Something happened in one of them and a lot of slaves got sick or injured, and the factory was temporarily shut down, which opened a window into getting some of the slaves out. Which, another group did, but they're not able to get anyone off world, which is where we come in." The tiny blue image flickers a couple of times. "You're going to be meeting a man at a bar just off the startport, it's called The Oasis, which apparently is a misnomer because it's a real dive bar, but also a place you're not likely to be noticed, or overheard by anyone that matters. I don't have a name, and the only description I have is the guy will be wearing a white shirt, with a blue drink on the table in front of him, and a case on the bench beside him. He'll be seated in the very back. When you get there, don't say anything else, just say 'The blue bantha frolics through the misty meadow.' and he'll know it's you. That's it! Good luck, everyone!" Questionable, sure, but apparently solid enough that Kasia trusted it was a good idea.

With that the group is OFF. The trip takes a while, long enough for people to relax, snack, for Hex to fight with someone over the snacks, but then they arrive, and whoever is flying lands everyone safely at the starport. Good job, whoever you are!

"So then- get this! Then I threw the knife and do ya know where it landed? It landed in MY OWN FOOT!!" All of Defiance is learning just how annoying Vasani can be today as she spends the entire ride to Diyu telling everyone stories that they didn't ask for. Stories that even some of them were probably there for. Doesn't matter to Vasani. "Oh? We're here?" She asks excitedly as the ship lands. "Okay okay. What was it again? Blue Batha Misty Meadow. Blue Bantha Misty Meadow." She repeats the main parts of the phrase to herself before disembarking the ship with the others. "I dunno this place so uh, you guys lead the way!!" She tells the others, following them to The Oasis.

"You make any more Diyu puns on this trip like you did last time and I'll personally keel haul you through a red light district," Hex starts this off with information for Yan. He's smoking, literally not figuratively, and is wearing armor, curling the tips of his lekku in amusement as he adds, "Diyu see what I did there?" He laughs at his own joke, then adds, "No but seriously, why are you even here, didn't you just lose an arm? ...AY, are you lot listening to Kasia? Blue shirt! White drink!" No, Hex. "Something, something.... banthas in the fog."

"Diyu really belie..." began Yan, and stopped as Hex made his threat. NO HE WAS COMPLETELY INNOCENT THIS TIME I SWEAR. "Oh my god it's not fair is it!" For some unfathomable reason, Yan in his current crippled, gimped, almost neutered state (don't get ideas) had opted to accompany the team on this mission. He wasn't armored. He wasn't jacketed. He was mostly armless. But he was here and he brought a Bryar and this time he might actually do the five-years-ago trend and take cover constantly. "Hang on. No. The passcode was Red Spice Orange Schutta. Red Spice Orange Schutta." He couldn't stop smiling. He was glad his friend was finally along.

"I think it was Banthas on a log." Dosk adds. Pulling out a battered, once shiny, but now dull flask and takes a long pull from it. Offering it around. While 2 of his other arms pull out a cigarra and lighter. "Interested to see another industrial planet, though they all seem to look the same."

"What's a meadow? That's like, a desert with salt in the dirt, right? I know all about this garbage, I saw it on Daysna's Wide World of Color on Galactic Geographic. Do you know, they got butts out there hundreds of feet tall? Solid rock, sticking right out of the ground. Butts." That's Tarion, coming out from the back of the ship with his armor already on, a rifle that shoots grenades on his shoulder, and a smirk on his face. "Hey Yan, maybe you can feel a butt, but like, hopefully it's small enough for you get your hand around." He's got a bar of some kind he's eating, holding another just like it out to Hex. "Want one? I found them in the back. I've had four already." The wrapper says 'FiberTON'.

Sajin squints to read the title on the wrapper, "FiberTON..." the power armor wearing hapan says quietly to himself as he brings up the rear. The BACK DOOR MAN as it were. Giggidy. He's just enjoying listening to the banter, keeping and eye out. Taking a breather on this one perhaps or maybe he just dosn't want Yan to lose ANOTHER arm.

The place that Kasia mentioned is easy to find, follow the walkway out of the starport, and it's right there. RIGHT THERE. Kasia was smart enough to set Hex up with a GPS on his little datapad so that it PINGS when they get close. PING PING PING PING. YOU'RE HERE, DON'T MISS IT.

The bar is exactly as Kasia said, it is a dive. DIVE. The sign outside is busted and flickering, and the T and E are burnt out so only 'H OASIS' is illuminated. The inside isn't any better, the floors have a faint, perpetual stickiness to them that pulls at your shoes every so slightly with each step, there is litter and ash on the floor, broken glass here and there, and obvious signs of frequent brawls.

The place isn't exactly packed, but there are several people sitting at the bar, a few of the tables are occupied, and along the back wall there are booths, of the five, only two are occupied, both with a single individual. Only one of them is as described, white shirt, blue drink, little case on the bench beside him. Little because it's a Kushibah, looking as grizzled as a Kushibah can, one eye hidden behind an eye-patch, a second drink of some amber colored liquor, and an overflowing ashtray that suggests he's been here for a while. He's also armed with at least one small blaster on his hip. This little furry guy means business.

"No no, Ya all got it wrong! He frolics! Like-" And then Vasani skips the rest of the way to the Oasis as if to show an example of frolicking to the others. Vasani has totally imagined a whole story about this blue bantha who frolics in misty meadows... or was it magical meadows? Either way Vasani loves this code phrase and if the others could see into her mind it would probably look like a crayon drawing of a cute tiny chubby blue bantha surrounded by rainbows and sparkles. "Oh guys look- we're here! It's H Oasis!!" Vasani bounces, pointing up at the sign. Vasani reached the door first because frolicking and holds it open for the others to enter.

Hex regards Yan impassively through his own cigarette smoke, clearly dubious about this fragile, un-jacketed, one-armed state the DefinitelyCorellian man is in. Eventually he just shrugs, and checks the pistol in his holster. "Well, if you need an arm or whatever.... just borrow one from Dosk, ok ka." He has plenty. That's probably racist. Welcome to Defiance Dosk. "You all need to shut up about butts though! And foc-- hundred foot butts. /Really/? Wow, that's -- OKAY NO, focus. We need to remember what this contact looks like, white shirt blue drink, probably human because she didn't specify," racisssttttt "and the bar is called the Meadow." No, Hex. "And the code is 'The blue bantha frolics through the misty Oasis.' Vasani please write that down you're a lady really counting on you to hold the team together and not make up orange red schutta wrong codes right now. I do want a FiberTON. That sounds healthy, I want at least two."

Somehow, and perhaps against all odds, they do find their way with GPS to the Oasis, which Hex regards dubiously. "This isn't the Meadow," he frowns, but, that's where the device says to go. "This is the Ho, As Is." He exhales thoughtfully. "They probably mean you, Tavers. You're kind of a ho. We accept you as is. Man, Kasia is thoughtful." Once entering the establishment, he seems happy enough here, but clearly can't find anyone matching his terrible concept of who they're looking for. "Vasani, you're blue, maybe if you just frolic, the contact will come to us. Try to look Bantha-like."

Zhu Yan peered at the sign for an inordinately long time. "Hoasis," he said flatly. "Hoasis." Beat. "Guys I think this is a brothel." There. An apt assessment. He considered the sign for a little bit longer before giving his now-trademark lopsided shrug, followed by, "Ah kriff it," and stepped into the dive bar. The immediate sensation of his feet sticking to the floor resulted in the comment of, "Oh boy this must be the orgy room." It was a logical assumption to make. The horrible sticky sounds his boots made as he crossed the floor accompanying the rest of his group, who may or may not be in the mood for what this place may entail. Well, Vasani might be.

Yan glanced at the contents of the other booth, noting a couple of guys with drinks and said, "They must be the double-special," then he looked at the Kushiban and suggested, "I think that's the pirate-rabbit themed one. Guys, I think this is a male brothel. I can't be seen here. People will talk!" He had completely ignored the fact that the Kushiban was the person they were looking for. Likely because he wasn't paying attention in the first place.

Dosk looks around casually as he moves with the group, puffing on the cigarra as he watches Vasani frolic ahead. Listening as Hex repeats the pass code. "Ohh that's it" He says, entering into the dive bar as well. "Don't Yan, it doesn't count if you keep your socks on the whole time." adding before drawing silent to look about for the contact.

"This is a meadow," Tarion announces proudly, pointing at the surrounding area around the bar. It's definitely not a meadow. "We're in the right place!" Strolling in through the door, he looks around at the trashy interior and smiles brightly to himself. "Oh, krif. This is the best place we've ever gone on a mission like this. Kasia is my favorite person in the whole galaxy. She signs my paycheck, you know," he remarks to no one in particular, immediately heading for the bar to order a drink rather than looking for the contact. "Let me get a blue moon lagoon monsoon. And uh, you know if anyone else ordered one of these? Because I want to meet other folks with my high standards of taste."

Sajin pauses behind the other, "Wait. A brothel? I can't go in. Oriana would kill me. I'm not that kinda guy anymore and well, remember what happened last time. There's civil unrest right now because I rolled around on the floor aflame with Siha. You can't make me do dirty things for money anymore!" It sounds like this is a start of a mental breakdown. Though there's Vasani holding the door open, "I..." He steps close, "Promise me Vasani, if I go missing... you gotta come find me... make sure they don't see my face. I'm too pretty for them not to try and grab me." He walks in.

This is a real conspicuous group that just rolled into the bar, so just about everyone is staring, partly because you're all weirdos and terrible at your job, and also because there are about as many of you as there were in the bar to begin with, you've just about doubled the customer numbers in here. Well, not quite, but close enough. The Kushibah glances, and then goes back to looking ahead, smoking, doing nothing to indicate in the slightest that he's the one with the necessary information to rescue the slaves. After a few moments, most of the other patrons look away as well, back to their conversations, their drinks, their sad contemplation of where their lives went wrong.

The bartender doesn't seem to know what drink it is that Tarion is after, but he mixes one anyway. It's blue, it's strong, but it's definitely not like the ones he gets at the Blue Light, but the unhappy looking human behind the bar doesn't answer the question, he just holds a hand out for payment.

"Don't worry Saji, I got yer back!" Vasani says with a smile entering the bar after him. Vasani's had experience in brothels and as far as she can tell this is NOT one at all. Though she does follow Tarion up to the bar and stands next to him to order her own drink. "Dirty Twi'lek please!! You do have those here don'tcha?" She asks, tilting her head at the bartender and waiting for her drink. She leans over to Tarion and whispers. "This drink is also blue. Well it is if they make it right. Ya think our big spooky frolicking bantha got ona these?" Oh look and the drink is here! Covered in it's various fruits and decorations. "Okay, okay." Vasani mumbles to herself, looking around the room for any other blue drinks. Somehow she doesn't see any besides Tarion's and her own.

Hex sighs. He looks around. Where is Kasia? He is missing Kasia. Kasia is smart about these things, lives are on the line, she should be here to like... deal with it... but she's not. Focus, focus, focus. White shirt, blue drink. It's not so much he remembers, so much as he's struck on the correct permutation of what he thought he remembered. Okay, Kushiban. Unexpected, but okay. "Boys," he summons Sajin, Dosk, and Yan, those who aren't at the bar, and then he parks himself in a seat across the table from the Kushiban. He just sits there for a minute, grimly staring at the rabbit-man, who's clearly Seen Some Shit. You can picture Hex mentally scrambling through his thoughts like someone who just overturned a whole desk trying to find one key, but in the end.... somehow, he figures it out. And states, "The blue bantha frolics through the misty meadow." Then one brow lifts, while he waits to see if that was right or he's about to get shot.

"Dude, if I've told you once I've told you like a million times," Yan sighed at Sajin, thoroughly exasperated for no real good reason. "Get polygamy made legal on Drik. You've already started an uprising there," he exaggerated, failing to remember that he hadn't actually given the man this advice, "so passing a new law to quell the dissidents and also bone two chicks will be easy." Priorities. Yan poked the power armored pretty boy in the shoulder. The left one. That Yan didn't have. He might have been a little salty. "Then you can bone Ori and Siha and who knows you can probs," did he just say probs? "bone them both at the same time." And if either of them heard what Yan was saying, he was a dead man.

Moving on! "I'm not sure why she's ordering herself," Yan mused. He still remembered the Incident on the Spectre when Sajin and Yan were cleaning it. Anyway, he accompanied Hex to the booth wherein the pirate prostitute prostrated himself. Presumably. He was silent as he slid in to the seat next to Hex, keeping his one free arm on the table away from the Bryar. Y'know, not threatening-like.

Dosk nods as he heads over towards where Hex was sliding into a seat, sipping from his flask as he looks over to those at the bar. "Them two are brave, always have a backup drink." Saying mostly to himself before tucking it away as he also sits at the table with Hex and Yan.

"Look, this is... this is not what I ordered, BUT I'm willing to roll with it if you will accept as payment one of THESE," and here Tarion produces yet another FiberTON bar. "It's a new fad on all the core worlds, these are like, uh..." the bounty hunter squints at the wrapper, "they got so much good stuff in these bad boys. Look, I give you this, you give me this drink, we're square, it's a win-win. You uh... you look like you're probably pretty hard up for food as it is, so. This is like, a humanitarian thing."

The bartender is not swayed.

Sajin shakes his head as he walks over to the table with Yan, "You know that isn't going to fly with Oriana and Siha dosn't want that kind of thing and neither do I. I love Ori and..." He shakes his head, "I mean it 'would' be awesome. I can't say it wouldn't. I think they allow all sorts of 'gamy's on Drik. I don't know." He sits down hard, glancing to Vasani. "I don't know... maybe it gets her off..." Then as Hex randomly says the code word, he waits silent for the response if any.

The little rabbit dude sits there in silence, staring across the table at Hex, as Hex does the same. He HAS clearly seen some stuff, he's got a lot of scars that, from a distance, aren't nearly as visible thanks to the fur. The tip of one ear is missing, and there are other nicks out of it along the edges. While Yan settles in and makes himself look less threatening, the Kushibah slides his hand off the table, settling it on the seat beside that blaster. Bright amber eyes narrow on Dosk as he speaks, shifting like he might shoot, he's reaching for the blaster slowly-- ah, but there's the code phrase. No one gets shot. Yet. It's still early. The hand lifts again and he slides the blue drink across the table, along with what looks like a speeder or transport key. "It's parked around back." The voice is both gruff, but also doesn't seem deep enough to be that gruff. It's like cute was mixed in with gravel and broken glass. "Ditch it at the starport when you leave. Directions to the yard are under the front seat, follow the map exactly and you shouldn't have no trouble. Go out the door past the fresher and you'll see the transport in the alley." He doesn't wait for an answer, the hardcore adorable little guy slides out of the booth and heads for the back, ducking into the refresher he mentioned. He doesn't come back out.

The bartender mixes Vasani's drink as well, and holds out a hand for payment. "Credits only, pal," he informs Tarion. "You ain't got the means to pay, you don't drink. You don't drink, you get out."

Vasani picks up her glass, taking a sip. "Yum!" She says with a smile to no one in particular. The real reason she loves this drink is because it's super sweet and fruity. Plus drinks decorated with fruits means free snacks! She looks around at the bar again and figures it'd be weird if this whole group of people all just came in here and cornered that guy everyone's sitting with, so she decides to just take a seat at the bar and stay there. However she listens closely to what she can hear going on around the others and is ready to dash as soon as they need her. Wait... is Tarion trying to pay for his drink with food? Vasani reaches into her pocket taking out enough credits for both drinks and handing them over to the bartender. "There ya go, buddy!"

Hex looks stunned for about half a minute, because he did not expect to get that pass code right. Gravelcute Brokeglass is already vanished into the refresher by the time his synapses start firing again. "I was about sixty percent sure we were going to die here," he admits to Sajin and Dosk, then picks up the key and gets up. "Yan, stop being disgusting about women who, one, we /know/, and two, could easily break you in half, and three, I would do literally nothing to stop them if they did. Ryma'at." He hands the key to Dosk, with, "You can drive, right? Head up, please remember the directions, I probably can't. Vasani is that a melloroon slice, cause I want it. Parked around back... a transport... go to the yard, follow the map exactly. No trouble! Easy mission, ok ka?"

"Hey I am not being disgusting, I am being matchmaking!" Yan had very tenuous understanding of what matchmaking involved and was one day going to suffer for it. But that was then and this is now. With his hand in his pocket he ambled along behind Hex, being insistent on making his point. "We all know it's true love," said the man who had never really understood what love is, "and isn't true love the most noble of causes? Also I can drive." But you won't, Yan. You're missing an arm and this speeder might actually be a stick shift model.

Before Tarion has a chance to realize that Vasani has paid for his drink, a phrase which here means 'well after she has clearly paid for his drink', the bounty hunter all but explodes on the bartender, throwing both middle fingers into the air. "WELL KRIFF YOU TOO, BUDDY," he yells, reaching over to grab Vasani by the collar and take her with him as he prepares to storm out. "I'm taking my blue compatriot and we're going to blow this popsicle stand!" But her lekku get in the way and he ends up kinda bumping his hand into them instead, oh god they're erogenous, he recoils, horrified, rubbing his hand on his shirt. "Good day, sir!" Stomping loudly, he heads out past the refresher without consulting with Hex or the others at all, and eyes the nearest transport. "I bet I can hotwire that," again, to no one in particular. Teamwork is not a skill mentioned on Tarion's performance reviews.

Sajin shakes his head to Dosk, "They may be a neutral Party or tiny what ever his face making sure we do what we're supposed to or an enemy spotter in which case if he sees us going after him, then our jobs just got that much harder." He looks to Hex, moving around to the Speeder to get in. "He's refering to the guy in the window up there with the macrobinoular..." He hops into the back and spreads out. "Nice and lofty."

Everyone piles into the speeder, and whoever the watching person was, they neither shoot at, nor stop you guys from driving away. Dosk does a decent job driving, even if he's one of those people that texts and drives. Don't be like Dosk! The directions are clear, they aren't stopped by anyone, and they get to the place referred to as 'the yard' which is really just a place with a bunch of shipping containers that are kept behind a fence. There are warning signs that the place is under surveillance and has patrolling guards, but the guard shack at the entrance is empty, even though the lights inside are on. You're all able to roooollll on byyyyy. This is where it gets a little trickier, because the yard is shipping containers, and you're looking for a specific one. The rows are at least wide enough that the transport can get through easily, and because y'all are such attentive people today, you all find the container in short order.

The container itself is pretty large, it would hold quite a lot of cargo, or possibly quite a lot of people, which is what's inside there today, but there's a keypad between you all and the slaves that are supposed to be inside. Maybe there's a key code or something on the datapad that also had the directions?

"Wait- POPSICLES?" Vasani asks genuinely hoping they're hiding ice cream somewhere. But no, instead she is being dragged away by Tarion. She reaches over to grab the Meloorun slices off her drink for Hex before being pulled. She follows to the back exit and then to the transport, boarding it with everyone else. "Here, Hex!!" She passes one of the Meloorun fruit slices to him when they are both aboard and then eats the other one herself.

When the transport arrives at the destination of slave pick up Vasani hops out. "Can I take a look?" She asks before going through the datapad and easily finding the code in it. She types it into the keypad to open up the huge container and waits.

Zhu Yan had actually seriously contemplated pulling out his Bryar and shooting the guy Sajin saw in the window, but a sudden memory of having had his arm shot off due to his impetuousness forced its way into his brain, slapped him, and advised politely against it. Caution was no fun.

He was only mildly sullen on the journey, having not shot anyone in about a week now. Still, the day was young. He followed Vasani to the container and opened his mouth, but after it hissed open, he closed it. "You can do more than cook and leave behind really uncomfortable souvenirs? Huh!" He really hadn't been paying attention.

After sending out a string of emojis to his side'Ji while heading down the roads along the route, Dosk places the datapad on the dash once they near the destination. Opting to focus more at this point as they cruise on into the rows of shipping containers. Taking other's advice and turning this way and that until they reach the target. As Vasani hops out to make short work of the lock, the 4 armed man keeps the transport running but hops out to have a look around. Scanning the area. Noting something out of the corner of his eye but continuing to scan none the less. "I'm sure there's probably another set of eyes out here, at least." He says casually, not wanting to draw attention..

When the others appeared and piled into a transport, Tarion followed suit, jumping up in the vehicle that he had originally been eyeballing for a hotwire to go for a joyride while the others did pointless tasks like 'making the dead drop' and 'freeing the slaves' or whatever. "TO FREEDOM," he yells, holding his hand out over the side railing and letting the wind push his hand up and down as he twists it at different angles. It's like having a very large, very mean, very selfish, very greedy, very violent child along. "I'm thirsty," he points out to drive this home, producing a FiberTON bar and tearing open the wrapper. He's still gnawing on it and getting crumbs everywhere by the time they stop for Vasani to open the crate. "Hex, share your dumb fruit."

Sajin points to the crate, "Oh look, there is it. I think! Good job everyone!" Then he nods to Dosk, "I'm sure we're being watched." Which is why the Power Armor wearing Hapan was floating about on the outskirts of the group keeping his tracking system visor HUD thing on the area's around them just incase the evil do-er of the week was going to pop out and say: 'OHOHO Adventurer! Not so fast. I see you've collected the sared item, now if you'd kindly hand it to me! Ohohoh!'. Sajin really hoped it wasn't going to be like his recent dungeon crawl on Mysts of Korriban the newest Holonet MMORPG. "You know... I may have wathed some of the security footage before wiping the main computer..." He says offhandedly and in singsong.

Vasani finds the code to the door easily enough, beep, beep, beep, it inputs fine, there's another longer beep, and then the doors open slowly, but it's dark inside, and it's not all that bright out here, so the first shot fired is done by surprise. It's at Yan, because he just happened to be standing at just the right place to be shot at, luckily the blaster bolt sizzles right past Yan, possibly sizzling some hair, but leaving the man otherwise undamaged. The second shot is fired in the general direction of Hex, but that misses even worse than the first shot. There are cries within the container, fear, pain, you know, general sounds of helplessness and terror. There is just enough light to make out at least two armed figures inside, partially hidden behind crates, and clearly with some squishy scared people behind them. It's a pretty tricky situation for both sides. "DROP ALL YOUR WEAPONS AND WE WON'T KILL THE SLAVES." It's a male voice, loud, aggressive, tense. "Or our friends out there will blow all your heads off," warns a second voice, higher pitch, likely female. Which pretty much confirms Dosk's theory about there being someone else out there watching.

Vasani panics and takes a step back from the entrance, lifting her hands as she isn't already armed and looking between the armed people, the slaves, and then to Hex for guidance. "Uhhhh...." She's sort of speechless and waits for someone else to do something first before she acts.

"Cute," Hex dryly remarks as he draws a pistol, and starts walking toward the opening of the shipping container. "Look I got like ten or fifteen minutes max to waste on you people here and I'm not in the mood, ok ka? What's gonna happen is your boys in the buildings are gonna have a bad time shooting us, because we're going to be up in this schutta. Shooting. You." Pause. "Haha, Yan! SCHUTTA SHOOTING! Band name, write it down." Back on task. "Right, where was I. You're about to eat shit and die, but there's still time to reconsider. I'm not unreasonable."

"JEEZ LOUISE WHAT THE HELL MAN?!" cried out Yan, flinching in reflex as a blaster bolt came hilariously close to taking out his other shoulder. No regard was given to the fact that they were under an amazing amount of threat right now. He was too busy panic-breathing. Nothing added to the tension quite like a close call with yet another grievous injury. "I'll write it down when I find a pen!" Yeah he was a little rattled.

Dosk is on the other side of the transport as the blaster fire ensues. Ducking down quickly for a moment as he draws his Series III from its holster and peeks his head over the hood to see Hex and Yan near the entrance and opts to start looking around in another direction. Primarily where the peeping tom with the binoculars was previously at. Though he doesn't appear to see anything.

Tarion, the pet idiot who's been along for the ride most of the night, glances up from where he's at in the middle of chewing on a FiberTON bar, and it's like something finally just clicks in his head that they're actually here to do something. Without saying anything, the usually chatty man swings the large-ish assault rifle down off his back and wanders towards the storage container, cocking the underslung grenade launcher and powering it on with a hum. "Alright, so, here's the thing, I don't give a kriff who lives or dies here, I'm gonna get paid either way," he so isn't, but he thinks he will, "I don't care if /I/ die, because I gotta spend more time with these assholes if I make it out of here, but anyway, whether I live or I die or I lose an arm, one thing is sure, I'm gonna have time to launch a kriffing frag grenade in that container with you guys and uh..." here he chuckles, "It wouldn't turn out too good for you, I mean, I shot one of these into meat freezer in the Duros sector back home, and... man, what a mess. I hate Duroses. Duri. You know what I mean. So, what's it gonna be, we all dying or what, I don't really care."

Sajin makes his way around the immediate perimeter scanning with his HUD and tracking system. Night Vision, Thermal. All the twinky things money can buy before the vendors were randomized and formfitter was a mainstay at the armor shop on Nar Shaddaa! He turns, drawing his pistol but keeping it trained towards the ground. He moves to join Tarion and the Boss. "Aye... there ain't no one out there. You're bluffing. So why don't yo-" There is a pause as the Hapan pauses and then, all anyone can hear is a loud long, juicy fart that lasts for about 20-30 seconds. "PPPPFFFFTTTHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTTT SQUEEEEEE THHHHHHHHHUMP. THHHHHHPT. FFFFFFFFHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Sajin of course grunts and strains vocally as this happens. As it's finished, he just stands there... silent, his knees bent slightly. The smell. THE SMELL was palpable. "Boss..." He whispers, "Boss, I just messed myself..." He didn't even have a FIBERton, WTF?

Well, while Sajin's attempts to frighten the people inside the container with his gastric terrorism might not do much, Hex and Tarion's threats do seem to make an impact. There's a stretch of silence from the pair inside the shipping container, then a whispered exchange. "Look," the male of the pair finally says. "We don't even want to be here, the company don't pay us enough to be blown up by no grenades. So you just come in here and make it look convincing, but don't kill us, and we won't try to kill you. Yeah?" They're shook. SHOOK. "The other guy here won't be so nice though." Other guy, so there IS at least one more, but these two are effectively cowed.

Speaking of the other guy, apparently he's near enough to get an idea of what's happening, or he's got ears on the situation, because he abruptly begins to fire from his high ground on a container. The bad thing is, Hex and Dosk are both hit, the shots miss everyone else except one of the mercenaries in the container. One of them takes a blaster bolt to the face, and collapses. Which one? It's hard to say immediately, but if they ever found their courage again, at least one of them won't be a threat anymore.

Meanwhile, there are slaves crying in the background, hiding as far back in the crate as they can.

Other people are taking out guns? Vasani is taking out guns. She waits for the sign of other people getting ready for combat before taking out her own weapon. It must have been good timing too because even though those two guys backed down, there's another guy now shooting at them. Luckily Vasani wasn't hit, but some of the others were. She takes out her blaster, first looking at the one remaining guy inside and then turning to try and see if she can see the guy who was shooting at them from behind.

"AGH! A'kei ka schutta!" Son of a bitch! Hex curses as he gets hit by the sniper, whom he can't see. It's a solid hit, left thigh, and it clearly hurts, but he's still operational. "Vasani, as soon as we find and engage this guy, start getting these slaves into the transport, you understand?" Another fire, and that looks bad. "DOSK!" That looks baaaaaad. "Shit," Hex curses again, and stomps out of the container far enough to find the cowering merc that didn't get shot. For a couple extra seconds. "You believe in reincarnation? Don't take slaving jobs next time," he issues some sage advice, then shoots the poor fella. Quick. Bit messy. "Dosk, are you alive still? Tavers, Sajin, find that damn sniper!"

Okay you know what, frack this, this was far too much stress to be under for any one week. No one cared about Yan so Yan cared about no one. "Screw you guys I'm out, have nice lives!" cried out Zhu Yan, quaking out of his boots in fear, and just bloody well legging it into the container maze. And like that he was gone. Coward. Or at least a man pretending to be a coward. There was something a bit too determined about the way he disappeared.

Which bore fruit. He hadn't disappeared truly. He'd caught a glimpse of the sniper and was weaving through the containers, trying to get closer to him and dispense with all sorts of cunning repartee between blasters and cut straight to the stunning finale. Namely the guy getting shot in the head at point blank. But getting there would take... two turns? Maybe?

Blaster fire rains down as Dosk remains perched in his spot looking around. Apparently he was an easy target because a bolt flies at him and lands directly in his chest, causing him to fly back on his ass and up against the side of the speeder. An arm comes up to his chest as he looks down to see the burn marked hole through his armor. "I'm alive, kind of." saying as he uses 2 of his other arms to prop himself up and crawl into the. "I think someone else is gonna have to drive though." Reaching over in pain, he grabs his datapad and checks for any new texts.

Tarion is a bounty hunter, a profession widely agreed on as one of the most dangerous, and he's not dead yet. No one is quite sure how this has occurred, but what happens next might clear it up a little. The FiberTON bar falls out of his mouth onto the ground (yeah he was still eating it), and as he stoops to pick it up, blasterfire sails over his head. In the reflection of a piece of shiny metal next to the bar, he spots the sniper. "Oh, duh," he chuckles to himself, straightening up with a smirk as he reinserts the bar in his mouth and takes aim at the figure up there on THE HIGH GROUND and lobs a grenade from the launcher, the aim so casual that the grenade doesn't land anywhere near him, it bounces off the corner of another container and rolls /back/ against the guy's feet before it detonates. "Just like I planned." Munch, munch, pulling the now-empty wrapper away from his mouth and glancing down at it. "Anyone know what a 'regular' bowel movement is?" And then he adds, "Regular as compared to what?"

Sajin falls back onto his ass, a splashing splat sounds from the mudbutt contents of his armor as the blaster fire erupts, missing him because of his lack of balance. OR was that intentional? We'll probably never know. He falls back, something picking up on his tracking system. Up above the crate where the others are looking. He snaps his blaster over and fires two shots towards the mass. "This guy looks familiar..." He says.

Things really have gone kind of sideways for this merc group. The one remaining non-slave person in the crate is already on her knees, the weapon is on the floor beside them, and hands up. "Do I wh--" Then Hex shoots, and she's dead. That only serves to make some of the slaves whimper some more. They're /terrified/ right now. The bounty hunter, that dangerous fella that he is, probably thought he'd have a little more time. Sure they might shoot at him, but he has good armor, and even though the shot from Sajin lands, and hurts, he's still alive. But then there's a grenade. He's fast, he really is, he gives away his position immediately by springing up to his feet and trying to leap away, but just not fast enough. BOOM. The view from where they're at is pretty gruesome, if the guy IS still alive, he's lost at least one leg, and either way is probably no longer a threat to Defiance. The slaves are crying even louder now, Vasani, help them. Comfort them. Protect them from Tarion.

"Yes Sir, Mr. Hex!" Vasani nods in response to Hex and heads into the crate where the slaves are gathered. "Okay uh- Hi guys! It's gonna be okay, We'll get you all outta here." She attempts to calm them. She then turns back toward the others, basically staying a safe distance between the slaves and Defiance members to protect them and lead them out to the transport when it's time. "Oh?" Vasani walks out of the crate to see a slaughtered lady and seemingly no more bounty hunter. "I guess its time. Okay!" She turns back to the terrified slaves. "Okay we're here ta help ya! The worst thats gonna happen ta ya now is havin' ta deal with a smelly Sajin. Just come on out this way, okay?"

"LISTEN TO THAT GIRL AND GET ON THE BUS," Hex yells at the slaves, which probably doesn't help calm them, but at least he's holstering his pistol, so they might be able to at least have some hope he won't shoot them. The grenade raises hell of all kinds, Helpful Hell, which is now Tarion's nickname, and Hex exhales a breath, leaning against the edge of the shipping container for a moment while he examines the mess of his leg wound. "Tarion, I can't believe I'm saying this, but good work. Diyu believe Yan really left us finally? I'm leaving his ass here if he did." Testing weight on the leg, he continues taking assessment. "Dosk, I know you can't drive, but can you just like... keep the transport ready to roll? We got a good medical plan, did Kasia tell you about the medical plan?" Then there's a moment spent looking at the sniper window that Tarion shot, and the dead mercenary on the ground. "Sajin... I think you're right," Hex says, slowly. "You need some assistance, and you're right. It's cool though I got baby wipes on the ship." Sexy Shart's Hapan-poo is easier to contemplate than the realization that someone is hunting them.

Where was Zhu Yan? Why, with the explosion and the guy bounding into the air and the chaos and the blasterfire and the oy vey, it was pretty darn easy to triangulate where the final assailant was. Atop the crates Yan had struggled, until he finally found his mark. The area was blackened from the grenade, and there were blaster scorch marks everywhere. It looked like hell. And the guy on the ground crawling away from him was super-bad off. Definitely crippled. This was going to be easy, and as he pulled out the Bryar, a little sad.

"Yeah so," Yan said, walking up and kicking the guy's rifle away from him. There. Safe. "I haven't been feeling too crash hot lately. Lost an arm, see." He gestured towards the... hell, it wasn't even a stump, it was a crater where his left arm was. "Kinda got reminded of my own mortality, y'know, not invincible, so hell, I decided to fight with my brain instead of my balls for once." Yan wasn't even sure the pitiful crippled figure on the ground was listening, but it was nice to just talk about his feelings once in a while without judgment or laughter. He didn't have feelings very often. "And y'know, that might be how it has to be. I'll live, I'll learn. But you," he crouched down on to his haunches so he could get a closer look at the unfamiliar dude's face, "yeah you don't really get that chance. Ya kinda screwed this one up. I'd say I'm sorry," he put the barrel right up against the man's forehead, "but I'm really not. Bye-bye."


"Yeah it's still powered up." Dosk says from the passenger seat, leaning forward to check the gauges to make sure everything is still okay. "I'll slide up to the drivers seat if needs be." Saying as he finishes sliding into some DMs. "Everything cleared out there for now?" adding as he moves up towards the controls and looks around, then down at his chest.

"Everyone stand back, I'm a professional," Tarion suddenly calls, pushing his way through to where Dosk is lying up against the transport. IS HE GOING TO RENDER FIRST AID?! Luckily for Dosk, no, he's talking about professionally driving. Unceremoniously, he climbs past the Codru-Ji and plops down in the drivers seat, immediately adjusting it as far back as it will go and then sitting on the edge, flipping switches and turning dials until the thing sounds like it's fit to explode and all the lights are out. "Alright, ready to rip!"

Once everyone is in, he slams the throttle forward, immediately stalling, and with a grinding of gears these things probably don't even have, Tarion sends the transport sailing forward, scraping the paint against every third cargo container. "We'll buff out those scratches later," he smirks to the nearest passenger.

Sajin kind of walks with his legs spread a bit as he finally gets up. "I dunno where Yan went but was that the guy from the shop. You know down in the tunnel." He's literally walking like someone who shit his pants. All the way to the bus. He sits in the back, though he still stinks up the place.

The bounty hunter that Yan hunts down had some real nice armor, it might've been possible for him to survive all the damage that was done to his body had he been found in time. Found by people that wanted to help him, that is, and not by Yan, who definitely does not. It's an ugly business, but they won't have to worry about THIS particular guy coming after Defiance again.

In the time it takes Yan to hunt the hunter, Vasani manages to corral the slaves out of the shipping container. There's a variety of species of rough looking, sickly people, some have injuries that are still healing, or just healed, and all of them have tattoos on their necks with the logo of the company they were enslaved to, marking them as the property of said company. It takes some time to get them settled in, and there aren't seats enough for everyone, but it's a transport so there is enough floor space in the back for them all to sit. Hopefully they hold on tight, though, because Tarion is behind the wheel now, and he's drivin' crazy.

The drive back is uneventful, or as uneventful as Tarion's driving ever is, but they make it back to the ship safely, which is waiting for them right where they left it.