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The Azzameen Connection

OOC Date: January 8, 2019
Location: Azzameen Station, Omwat
Participants: The Resistance: Poe Dameron, Jessika Pava, Ektor, Yuun, Nova Korrel, Kipsy, Siha Archer, David Ironside, Lofty, Merek, Tallissan Lintra, and Elrych Cometburn

When the Resistance Cadre entered the Omwat system it was just as they had left it; sans First Order Frigate and the Squadron of TIEs that came with it. Even the debris was gone, scavengers having made quick work of the salvage. It would fetch them a pretty price. It also helped that far off in the distance, away from the pristine world of Omwat, orbiting the glowing hellscape of Peraxi was Azzameen Station. A famous trading station owned by a family known for their aid to the Rebellion in years past. Quietly it sat in stationary orbit looking about as normal as any station could.

There was something odd though, usually the station had a few freighters docked with it and there were many life signs aboard. Usually, lights from the windows of various rooms and quarters shone through the blackness in brilliance. Today however, there were no ships... and there were no lights. The station was Dark. As they get closer, red lights flash inside the central hanger where The Otana, Sabre, and Andrasta sit un-perturbed. Something was wrong here on Azzameen Station, making the first hurdle in the Resistance's attempts in diplomatic interlude.

Elrych is flying in the Spike, just now making contact with the main hanger. <<"Well, this is creepy. I'm having trouble detecting life signs but, the hull is thick... Doesn't look like anyone is home.">>

Ektor mutters around a crooked grin as the ship sets in to land, "Shoulda brought some grenades, yeah? Eh, who cares; if this goes bad we can always just send the rockets." A look aside to Elrych. "You DO have rockets on this boat, yeah? No? Nah, of course not." He winces and lets out a long breath. "If you die, I call dibs on your laser sword," he states as the Tionese checks his blaster and heads for the main hatch.

<<"Some of us should hang back while a couple of us clear the hangar. If it's a trap..">> Jessika Pava adds her idea to what she's sure are going to be a mix of them. The Outrider creeps towards Azzameen Station at an approach speed, but she's slowed it even further once the Corellian Spike makes mention of what it sees. It's not hard to spot. Jessika casts a glance at Leebo, and then fixes eyes forward towards the orbiting object that should be seeing traffic and activity. There's not even a hail from traffic control incoming. "Set us down next to the Spike and put the comm channel on the ship's intercom system." With that, she rises from her chair. The door to the Outrider's cockpit whisks open, and Jessika ventures deper into the ship.

David elected to come along in Black 6, notably the only one in a starfighter rather than a freighter or transport. <<Hanging back.>> he reports, electing not to land just yet. His hand flicks the switch to open the craft's s-foils and he turns to R2-1S behind him. "Ones, the Jedi didn't detect any signs of life on that rock. See what your sensors can do?" He turns back to face front and reports again. <<Scanning for signs of life, will make several passes around the station.>> The Ghost appears in the system in a brief flash of blue just before the subspace engines come to life, moving the ship forward. The largest of the ships appearing in the system is slower on approach. "Hit that switch right over there.." Poe points at the co-pilot station where a particular alarm has sounded and the switch is blinking. <<"Sounds like a good idea..">> The notion that the station was dead my Poe's skin crawl. The Ghost followed the Outrider and Spike in and transitions into a heavy hover above the landing deck. When at last the vessel's skids touch down, Poe begins to flip a series of switches to the off position, powering down everything. "Ready to go?" His question is to Kipsy, which he glances over at while unfastening his harness.

"Stay here, BB-8. We may need you to prep the ship in case-- when something goes sideways." Poe stands up and collects his jacket from the back of his chair and makes his way out of the cockpit. To lower the ramp, Poe smacks the panel, then steps out slowly, blaster raised.

<<You just know this place is full of creepy haunted things.>> The Sy'dartha's Captain joins conversation wise, << Which is /great/ for me. I /love/ creepy haunted places. I'll help clear the place out. >> Siha grins from beneath her t-visored helmet, the Mandalorian woman drawing her ship in closer to dock with the station, maneouvering in as she checks her systems, a Kath Hound and Akk Dog sitting behind Siha in anticipation, "Sorry bubbas, you two are only allowed to join in on ground assaults ..station assaults means --"

The ship gently lands within the hangar bay, Siha quickly shutting down her ships systems as the puppers whine behind her, knowing that tone of voice by now, "You two get to guard the ship." Whinnne. "I know, I know ..." Said as she rises up out of her seat after a quick unbuckle, vox'd voice sympathetic to the two, "I want to kill things with you both as well. But maybe we'll be lucky and someone will be stupid enough to try their way onto the ship." Affectionately she'll reach out with either hand to rub at the Akk and Kath's heads, limping her way out and off the ship, leaving the two behind as the airlock is exited and locked.

"So. This is exciting." Said towards Poe as she levels her blade at him, "You ready? I'm super ready." She has no idea who the man is, but she's ready. Can one tell? Sauntering limpingly down the ramp of her ship she inhales deeply of her cycled air, helmeted head tilting back, "Ahh." The sweet smell of creepiness. Lofty the Talz rode along in the GHOST with Poe Dameron, having lost his own ship when he was re-enslaved. The massive white-furred alien comes out behind Poe down the ramp, appearing cautious, his rifle at the ready. "Azzameens leave?" he warbles to Poe.

Having heard of this upcoming mission, Yuun decide he was going to go out on his first mission and after getting approval, his Slingshot comes out of hyperspace. Navigating to the space station, the dark skinned man lets ut a breath as he brings his ship into station and landing the ship. He quickly pulls up some of the security features of his ship and slowly he begins to walk off his ship and securing it before moving to where he sees the others.

Walking over to where he sees Poe, he gives a nod of his head to the man and follows along with him. Taking a moment to allow himself to center for a moment, Yuun lets out another breath.

Kipsy is just along for the ride, the scruffy runaway noble loitering somewhere in the back of The Ghost as Poe brings it in for a landing. "Sure, I guess," she says, appearing in the doorway of the cockpit and falling in line beside him. She's dressed in a borrowed shadowsuit, body hugged by tight, murky black shadowsilk, a balaclava draped around her neck and shoulders; worn down, for now. She seems to be having some trouble fitting her knife back into its sheathe, but after a bit of jiggling it clicks into place. She sticks close to Poe, teetering curiously on the heels of her feet as she peers around -- reserved, mostly, staying watchful and attentive yet quiet. There's a look given to Lofty, behind her, who she probably met on the ride over, and when Siha approaches, she gives a small uptick of a nod in greeting.

Nova might be in pilot training, but she still does her best work as a soldier. So she's packed in with the merry beings on board the /Ghost/, as a counter to boarders and spare turret gunner. So she hears the call when the station is pronounced life-sign free. <Not good... didn't we come to talk to those people?> she wonders aloud. It would appear investigation is in order. She sighs in relief when Poe reaches the same conclusion, and /Ghost/ takes up some hangar space.

Clambering down from the turret, she forms up with Poe, Lofty, and Kipsy, unshouldering her Tracker and looking carefully around. She nods casually to Yuun and Siha. "Place feels like a ghost town. I know if I had a ship like that, I sure wouldn't leave it sitting," she says, nodding in the direction of the /Otana/. "If we can find a computer terminal, maybe there'll be station logs or something like... assuming we don't find anybody first." She's not prepared to rule that out.

"Better late than never, right Fiver." Tallie is quickly changing out of uniform, breaking every reg there is by unbelting on the bridge in freewill while making an approach. Old com chatter is coming in over the channel. She listens as she dons her civvie flight suit. Words like haunted and abandoned come over the com. "Interesting times. We got spookiness coming up. Let's go." The landing sequence brings her close to the station, weapons prepped where she hangs monitoring the situation.

Elrych nods to Jess's words, looking over to see the outrider slide in next to his own ship. The Corellian Jedi looks towards Ektor, "I think you'll get dead before me because you're the one going out there not me." He gives a grin and keys the com to respond to Jess and the others. <<"Good Idea, Captain. Kid and I will stay behind and look over things. Flight Officer Xer is on his way out to join you.">>

The Stations may have lost main power but with the red lights flashing it meant emergency power was still running as well as basic Life Support functions. Inside the hanger are the usual fair of crates and refueling equipment. It didn't look that different from Blackrock in fact. There are two exits, blast doors shut for the time being. The computer terminals here seemed to be powered down as well. The worker droid are in apparent malfunction, a mouse droid zooming himself into a wall, backing up, and doing it all over again. Creepy and Spooky indeed.

Ektor strolls out of the Corellian Spike with his usual lazy gait. rolling his eyes and groaning, the Tionese pilot complains at the sight of Poe's ship, "Great. Not only is the station dead, now I see a Ghost." Cracking a grin after, and chuckling at his own weak joke, he languidly pulls his own pistol carrying it more like a thing to gesture with as he speaks, rather than a weapon to point at anyone. Turning in a slow circle, he regards the whole of the ominously lit hangar. "It's the red light. Makes everything look worse, yeah?"

The boarding ramp of the Outrider descends to touch the hangar's deck plating. She'd arrived before the Ghost or the Sy'dartha, but emerges from her ship after both Poe and some unknown woman afterwards. The reason is the combat gear. It's not a pilot's uniform, or even the normal armored flightsuit a few are familiar with. It's a set of trooper gear straight from the Resistance quartermaster. She's sans helmet, because everything else took so long to get on, and she's only carrying the standard pilot sidearm, but the rest of her? Covered better than a leather jacket and some trousers. Life had taught her to come prepared, and the equipment locker on the Outrider allowed her to do just that. She'd been shot before. She wasn't eager to repeat the experience.

"Maybe I should have stayed behind.." She remarks as the boarding party well outnumbers the allies they have in space. If the station were to explode right this second, the Resistance would be down more than just a couple of fighters. She spares a brief gaze at Yuun and Elrych, but finds herself more focused on the shadowsuit clad woman and the one wearing Mandalorian armor. That one's sniffing the air. "Can you even--," Jessika starts to ask, then stops herself. "Nevermind." Probably better not to ask. Adopting a low ready grip on the textured handle of her weapon, her gaze scans their surroundings. "What's the plan here?" Her suggestions aren't holding much weight, so she opens the floor for someone whose ideas are more popular.

Before long, Ones pipes up, and David nods. "I'll let 'em know." He flips the switch to the ground team's comms, reporting <<Ones has picked up several human lifeforms deep inside the station. Real deep. Try and find an intercom or a PA system, might still work.>> He ends the report, continuing his slow patrol around the station. If anything happens, if anyone attacks the station from outside, he's the only one there to spot them.

Poe is met first by a Mandalorian holding a sword, and he wasn't sure if he should /try/ to blast them or back up slowly. Backing up however might have made him topple over, what with Kipsy, Nova, and Lofty behind him. "I'm as ready as I'm going to be." He admits, still unsure about the Mandalorian. Yunn shows up in short order, then he hears Ektor across the way, and lastly there's Jess showing up at a ready. "I'm not sure, Lofty.." Then to Jess. "Plan? What plan,.. is someone in charge here..?" He looks around at everyone then sighs. "Right.. a plan. Let's start with the obvious then.. power. We need power. Everyone fan out. Look for a power source of some kind. Get some eyes on those hatches too. If we find power they could open, and there could be battle droids or something?" They'd been in worse situations.

"Callout if you see anything creepy." Poe's wearing a chest harness with a circular metallic item on his back. It comes to life when Poe calls for the droid, just calling it eye-dee. "Eye-dee, get us a good scan. Black 6 sees something on his sensors, maybe we can detect it too." The small droid takes to the air, floating idly (ha!) and begins to beep. <<"We're getting similar readings, Black 6.">>

Siha Archer glances down at her booted feet, stamping either foot in quick succession after her inhalation of the inside of her helmet, a quick lift of each foot done to check the soles as Jessika asks her question, "Well. I'mma go and look at whether or not those people are still on the station ..dead or not, so ..." A quick twist around has Siha walking backwards, finger gunning the group with her right hand, katana held in her left hand, "You guys stand around planning if you want but I'm going this way."

Back 'round she twists again, limping off towards one of the blast doors that's cutting them off from getting into the interior of the station, swinging her sword around to re-sheath it before she leans in with her elbow to bash a panel open beside the door, "SO." Said as she opens the now detached panel, leaning in to eyeball wires and the like, lips pursing beneath her helmet as she gets to work, "I don't think I've had the pleasure of knowing any of you ever. I'm Siha. Siha Archer. I run crap for you guys all the time ..." A grunt as a few sparks fly, splutting against her helmet though she doesn't flinch, instead a soft set of mandalorian curses are roundly murmured before the blast door lifts up about half a foot creakingly, "..Nice to meet you all." Said as she steps back, dropping down to one knee, and finally leaning forwards in a sort of plank onto her forearms, peering under the blast doors, "So .."

A half-scoot to the side to bring her in nice and close, Siha half-planking so her left arm can reach out and tentatively touch the blast door and check the clearance, "I'mma need some of you to come help pull up this door and stick something under it so we can all get under if you don't mind .." Called out over her shoulder as she unplanks into a crouch, peering over to Poe, "My dude, emergency power is /up/, let's get inside and into the real systems of the ship. C'mon. I won't bite. I promise." Right hand lifts and waves them over to join her, "I'll take big muscle, little muscle ..any muscle ..but at least two of you gotta help me lift this up." Or so she guesses, "Maybe someone grab a crate, scoot it over .." Said in a sing-songy sort of way through her helmet, the woman's idiot grin going unseen behind the t-visor of her helmet. Elbows prop onto her thighs as she crouch-waits, seeing who volunteers.

Lofty opens his larger, lower set of eyes, peering into the darkness of the partially-powered station. He moves forward ahead of Poe and to the left, not wanting to be caught in a straight line if something with a blaster is waiting for them. The large Talz attempts to access a computer but it appears unpowered. "Computer down." He points a large paw toward where Siha is opening the blast door. "Main power station that way." The large white alien goes forward to assist Siha Archer, gripping with his massive paws and pulling with a grunt.

Yuun joins up wit the rest of the group and as he does he sees Elrych and he walks over to where the other Jedi is. "HEy." he says as he looks around at everyone gathered here. Now the gravity of this is starting to hit him, still maybe nothing will happen right? Right? His comm picks up the chatter a bit, still Yuun is quiet for time being as orders are being given out. They needed to find a power source of some kind, he is about to head off in a direction to see if he's able to find any type of power source to help the group. Though at the same time he begins trying to feel out if there is anyone or thing watching them. You paged Lofty with 'I'll have everyone who wants to help Siha do that at the begining of the round.'

She's often casual, nonchalant, going wherever the 'flow' takes her; some of that shows now, but it's subdued. Kipsy is overwhelmed in the gathering of freedom fighters, and there's a sparkle of near-childlike wonder in her eyes as they bounce from person to person, weapon to weapon. She takes it all in. The Resistance -- the people from the stories. From the Wanted posters. She's right in the thick of it. It's hard to hide her enthusiasm, and she's smiling rather big for someone in the middle of what is apparently a military mission.

There's a subtle shake of her head, and she refocuses her colortfully harlequin-painted eyes on Poe. "Power?" Then, there's Siha. She's torn between the two of them, glancing back and forth for a moment. So much authority. When the fuzzy guy falls in line with the Mandalorian though, so does Kipsy. She follows the way to the blast door and glances up into Siha's visor. "I qualify as little muscle, I guess. I've never lifted a blast door before though." "Snowball's right: No computer power here. If we want information, we'll have to find one that works or get main power online," Nova agrees, with a nod to Lofty. "And that means getting a door open." Seeing that Siha's already getting volunteers to do that, she moves to find something to keep it open.

A tall, empty fuel canister, sturdy enough for the job, is quickly located. Nova slides the thing over to the door, standing it on end, ready to shove it into place once the door's up. "Ready..."

"So much for spookiness," she sighs. Some of the old chatter still filters in but the lag now is down to a minute and they are nearly caught up on all recent transmissions. Assiduously, Tallie monitors the different readouts. "Fiver, full scan, power signatures identified, highlight all drop ins in the system during the last 12 hours and start to sort them for Resistance ships known to you. Add hypers out. Then, add scan for emissions from EVAs. I want to see if anyone is parked and watching."

Elrych is in his ship, not with the group. In fact the Spike spins up as soon as Ektor disembarks and rises up to head back out into space to provide cover for the group as he had promised on coms previously. <<"Hey there sunshine, looks like it's just us up here... want to do some mad-libs?">> That leaves Yuun the only Jedi on station in the station...

There's no power switch that works from here, currently. Lights don't even flicker in the hanger. As those who move to help Siha lift up on the blast-door, some of them having a harder time than the others, Nova is able to stick that crate under the door to prop it up when it comes slamming back down as they let go. Good teamwork Resistance. The hall way is dark and menacing, even more creepy than the hanger. Anyone have a torch? There's a few clanks from down the hall, a Robotic voice yelling. "WHY DO I HAVE TO DO ALL THE WORK AROUND HERE!" It's animated and loud and coming from the direction of the power center.

Ektor saunters up to the blast door, gets in line with all the other lifters, and... "Alright, on three- One, two, hrrrr!-" He lifts a half second before all the others, thus struggling against the entire weight and failing terribly. Like, one could not fail worse. A pained grunt and hiss is followed by a pained mutter, "I meant ON three, not one two three THEN lift.. Owowowow."

Hiked eyebrows are her response. To everything. From Poe's exasperation and reluctance to make decisions as the ranking officer, to Siha Archer's introduction and wreckless approach to how things should be handled, Jessika watches in silence. The trio of individuals she doesn't know--knowing Siha's name hardly qualifies as knowing her--begin to work on getting a sealed door open. Poe's new toy detaches from his back and begins obvious sensor work, because it takes moments for him to confirm what has been said prior: there are life signs deeper in the station. Localized in one area, from the sounds of it. Jessika's fingers tighten around the grip of her blaster for a moment as the knowledge reverberates with a distant memory.

"It's possible the life signs are grouped together because they're being held captive. I doubt it's a ransom, though. There's no message broadcasting from the station making any demands. So, it could be something else." She doesn't want to say it's a trap, but she thinks it's a trap. Get some captives together, get a group to investigate.. then capture the bigger group that comes after. The mere idea causes the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up, and for a cascade effect of tension to ripple under her skin as her nerves fire and her muscles tense. What she knows is that this is the hangar, and there's not any kind of power source in the hangar that will do more than turn the overhead lights on.

She'd observed Siha fist-smashing the door panel and giving up once it didn't work. It gives her enough of an idea. She doesn't holster her sidearm until she gets to the door, where three people are straining to lift it open, Siha is preparing to play the guillotine game, and Nova is about to work something underneath the door in hopes that it's heavy weight won't smash through it and crush it. There's a lot of things that could go wrong there. Instead of trying to aid with any of that, she surveys the smashed panel and the assorted wires there. Some of them are disconnected. Jessika studies the panel for all of a few moments, before reaching into the pouch on her hip and withdrawing one of her blaster power packs. The multitool comes out after that.

Stripping the bottom of the power pack off, and adding some tape to the mix, there are a few long seconds of sparking before, with a sudden hum, the smashed panel lights up. Jessika reaches out and pokes it with her finger. The door rises. Unholstering her weapon, she peaks out into the hallway. "One of you owes me a blaster pack. Smarter, not harder, boys and girls."

David crosses his legs, assuming a comfortable position as nothing seemingly happens in space. Behind him, R2-1S keeps beeping and whistling, as astromech droids tend to do. <<Sunshine's not me, it's the blonde. Easy mistake to make.>> David replies to Elrych as the Corellian Spike joins the space force again. <<Hang on, Ones got some more info.>> He raises a thumb to the droid without looking, opening the comm channel again. <<Correction on that last reading. One life form. One life form, deep inside the station.>>

Poe is left somewhat speechless, but he isn't threatened by the presence of leadership. He appreciates the sudden effort to take charge of the situation because it freed him to get a better handle on what was happening around them. A brief moment is shared with Jess, where Poe just exchanges a look, then shrugs. "It kind of smells like a bait and trap." Poe adds on, moving along with Jess but stopping well before reaching the panel she intends to work at. He surveys the team working well, then turns to motion for Eye-Dee, who connects with the back portion of his harness. Since no one was covering security when the hatch opens, that falls to Poe. He does not add to the banter going back and forth, and under any other circumstance, he may have introduced himself to Siha, but they were there for business.

The doors opened, Poe peeks out to and swivels from fatal front to the direction of the noise (voice) they heard. He keeps his blaster at a low ready and pushes forward, sticking to the left side of the bulkhead. <<"We're proceeding further into the station and leaving the hangar bay.">> Poe relays to his officers still in the void covering the exterior of the station.

Siha Archer didn't, for the record, give up. She had in fact repaired the panel to the best of it's capacity (and hers) which caused it to lift up part-way, leaving the rest to team-work. Siha is still crouched, so any glance is going to have to be down into her visor, "You got arms, so yeah ..those are useful." A nudge of her chin towards the door, "Crouch, hook those paws and lift when I tell you, yeah? And lift with your legs so you're not bursting a disc in your back, because lemme tell ya ..shavit /ain't/ comfortable and you got a long ship ride off this station if we live." Of course she should have extended this advice to Ektor, not Kipsy as Kip seems to be fine while the dude, well .. "On three - one two-"

There's Ektors pained groan after his own countdown and Siha will snorting laugh through her helmet, the woman herself having moved into position, arms hooked under the door and lifting up as she says, "Three!" Still laughing, the door suddenly lifts with their combined effort, raising completely all the way a moment later as Jessika manages to work further to repair the job Siha already started.

"Or, you know, do both without insulting people ..." Siha breathes with a snort towards Jessika, nodding her head, her tone a little warmer as she offers, "Thanks for finishing what I started. Good work, everyone." Pause, "All right, let's keep going towards that screaming droid and see what it knows." Then she calls out, "HEY. WANT SOME HELP?" Called out to the droid, Siha drawing out her Katana once more just in case. Because, you know, she's a stupid Mandalorian who just smashy smashes her way through everything. It's true, actually, 90% of the time.

Poe is given an apologetic look which goes completely unseen, Siha no doubt expecting people to read her emotions and facial movements on the helmet, because it's like, a super integral part of her, right?! Right. But no, just a blank t-visored stare as she steps by, sword at the ready, to move with Poe further in, "If not I got a nice pointy stick I'd like you to see!"

Lofty uses his immense strength to wrench one of the doors open. Then, bringing his rifle back up, he surges through the opening after Poe Dameron and Siha Archer. "Lofty think generator down this hall, but... don't know if we can repair."

Yuun wasn't able to find anything that would be useful, though he did have a few things on him but nothing that would help. Hearing what is going on with the others, Yuun begins walking back over to the group. Seeing the door open and hearing that Jess needs a power pack, "Here." he calls to her and tosses her one of the few he did have on him. He looks to Ektor,Siha, Lofty and the others who tried to help with the door and he shakes his head. "You probably did better than I would've." he chuckles a little big. He rubs the back of his head a little bit and as the door is opened, he hears the voice, and as he hears this, he reaches out with the Force. He closes his eyes for a moment, "Hmmm..." he says as he looks into the darkness, "Shall we go?" he asks.

A squint. "Do, uh. People die on missions like these a lot?" Kipsy does as she's told; she crouches, hooks those paws, and lifts when Siha tells her too. Easy enough. "Nnnf--" Her legs buckle at first, but she works through it, tensing that lean, slender dancer's muscle harder that ever before. There's a, "Nnyeh," from her, and then she's pulling away once it's stuck in place. She dusts her hands off on her hips. And then pauses. She doesn't follow Siha as she rushes down the hall screaming, no. She waits for Poe, and once he's near she just stares at him with a 'what now?' kind of look. It's him she sticks with, for now. She draws her knife from its sheathe, and twirls it around her fingers in an idle show of absentminded dexterity while she creeps along beside Dameron.

The door is lifted those crucial few inches, and Nova shoves the canister underneath... and the door just /opens/? She looks up, blinking as she sees that Jessika came late to the teamwork and found another solution. "Better late than never," she comments simply, unslinging her rifle and following Poe. And Siha. "But nice work all the same."

She nods to Lofty. "True... but it can't hurt to try. And its condition might provide some clue as to what we're walking into." The exasperated droid's shout ahead, and Siha's answering yell of greeting, prompt her to take up a covering position at one side of the hall. "Hello up there!" she calls. "Who are you? It sounds like you need help!"

Elrych can't see the head shake or the face Tallie makes. Her dimple deepens, the grin can be heard in her voice. "Com chatter is an excellent way to let people know we are out here, my dear El. Encrypted or not," she adds. "Though it would be a lovely way to pass the time. What are you getting for life signatures on station?" Merek has put on his black armor with the helmet as well as the visor, which keeps him from being noted by most people as who he is. He shifts up a hand to his pistol to take it up, while he checks the safety. He is mostly with Nova as well as the others that are there. He doesn't look to Siha, although seems like it wouldn't be easy anyway to tell much with the HUD which he is wearing. He doesn't speak, waiting to see if he's asked to assist more direct, having managed what he can before he was following.

As Siha calls out to the voice far down the hall, the clanking stop. Dead silence comes from the room for a few seconds. As the group nears the door an MK-sires repair droid pops out holding an old A280 blaster rifle, "WHO GOES THERE?" He announces animatedly. "THIS STATION IS ON LOCK DOWN. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? EVACUATION WAS TWO DAYS AGO!" He juts the gun forward, rolling closer to the group. "I'll do it, I swear! I enjoy shooting!"

Back in space with Tallie, Elrych chuckles, <<"Don't be boring. Because sitting up here is really boring.">> He glances back to his computer screen, <<"Nothing... nothing at all.">> Still no ships jumping in to the vicinity.

Ektor winces as he stretches his back, commenting aside to Jess, "I... don't really do 'smarter', yeah? Still. Good trick, with the pack." Lofty gets a fingergun. "Nice lifting, big guy." Siha gets a dry snicker, "Yeah, yeah.. cackle it up." Ektor certainly does. But on to the business at hand as Siha limps loudly up the tunnel. "We're here to help, yeah?" adding on the heels of Nova's call up the corridor. "As long as it don't take much lifting." Then the droid and the "HOLY DREK A CANNON," is being waved kinda in a him-wardly direction. Hands go up in a calming (?) manner. "Hey, hey, easy there big shot- don't go all Fall of Naboo on us, yeah? We just here to meet some friends."

"If you call opening a panel and poking some wires around starting it, no problem. I don't recall insulting anyone, though. You don't joke around with people you've almost died with before?" Jessika's question might follow Siha down the hallway, but Jessika does not. Whatever tactical advantage they possessed prior to opening the door has vanished as the armored woman shouts a response to the speech traveling down the hall towards them. Rather than attempt to pile through the door with multiple people, Jessika recoils from her peek outwards and moves a little farther back, next to the opened panel and the tangle of wires she'd worked out of it for the sake of locally powering it with her blaster pack. It's in time to spot Yuun tossing something at her.

What she catches is a replacement for the one she rigged into the wall, and Jessika gives the Jedi a quick nod of acknowledgment. It's placed into her pouch, refilling the empty spot.

David is actively twiddling his thumbs, only stopping to keep circling the station, hugging it close. <<Anyone inside wanna fill us in on what's happening? No activity on the outside, so far.>> He reports in again, entertaining himself with barrel rolls and loops. David is fully leaned back into his seat, glancing out every viewport the angular canopy provides. <<Yup. Still a whole lot of nothing.>>

Poe isn't without sense. While he's a good shot, he isn't exactly the most armored here. That achievement falls to their Mandalorian named Archer. The same one he shares a look with when she moves to his parallel. He doesn't know why exactly, but he's smiling.

When the anxious droid rolls ahead of them, he's about to say something when Ektor pipes up. Poe could've facepalmed in that instant. Instead, he pauses. "Hey, calm down, buddy. Our readings say there's still life signs in the station. Can you help us get to them? Or maybe we can help you with something. You may like shooting, but my friend here likes slicing and dicing." He nods to the Mandalorian. "What do ya' say, pal? Friends?" Poe isn't in an ideal situation to relay back what's happening, yet.

"Oh. My. Goddess. I just noticed how cool your jacket is, damn son." Said in amazement to Poe who she only just seems to take in, or rather his coat, as his dulcet tones ebb out to the droid, amazement all in her tone, "Damn, you even sound cool wearing it .." Muttered through her helmet as the t-visor turns back to the droid, her own smile wide beneath her helmet, "Actually, I absolutely love shooting as well, maybe some time we can target practice together, but ..yeah, like this guy with the cool coat said, friends? Because we got other friends here who need help so like ..we can all help. Together." Awkward near the end, Siha scuffing one booted toe into the ground, sword at her side, tip down towards the ground, her lips pursing as she side eyes Poe, his coat, then shoots grey gaze back to the droid down the way, "Nice gun, by the by!" Offered out as she tries to, you know, make friends.

Lofty brings up his own rifle at aims it at the crazed droid. His four eyes suddenly dart around, probably looking for a restraining bolt of some kind. With Poe talking he doesn't shoot... yet. But his claw is on the trigger.

As Yuan makes it up to the door, he isn't crowding the door either. Letting Siha lead the charge, so to be, Yuun just begins to analyze the situation as the droid speaks about the station having been evacuated a few days ago. "Why was the station evacuated?" he asks. Yuun does looks deeper having felt someone else here not the group he's with, but that feeling is still there.

Kipsy thought staying close to Poe would somehow take her out of danger. And yet, here she is standing right next to him as he approaches the screaming droid. She blinks; only realizing where she's been walking to once she's there. A faint sigh, and she fidgets nervously where she stands, squinting suspiciously at the droid while she waits. She keeps flipping that knife into the air, over and over, catching it by the hilt every time it comes spinning back down.

"Easy there..." Nova says, backing up Poe on the diplomatic front by covering the droid. "You're one brave machine, I can see that. But let's look at this tactically, okay? You've got that antique. We've got weapons, too. Everybody starts pulling triggers, and nothing's solved. We just have a lot of dead people, including you. We could've done that already. We haven't. We're just talking."

She nods in Poe's direction, then Yuun's. "I think they've got the right idea. Let's start with introductions, and why this station's on lockdown. Sound good to you?"

<<Two out jumps within minutes of Resistance arrival.>> That announcement from Fiver has Tallie's attention but she does not add chatter to whatever is ongoing in the station instead she coms the other ships running guard duty. "Elrych, two left within minutes of the party's arrival. Copy to you. Interesting headings on both of them."

Merek listens to the others while the droid approaches. He doesn't shoot at it, while the others are doing diplomcy. He instead shifts his attention to Nova as she asks the question of that droid.

"Do you want to pet it?" The MK series dorid asks Siha in a sort of dream state before his primary programming takes back over, overriding the combat modification made to him so very long ago. "Okay! Only because I like your jacket!" He points to Nova, "And her hair is shiny." He turns and starts back towards the room he had come from. "Follow me! I am Emkay, the Azzameen Family's primary droid. I over see a lot of stuff around her, Okay?! Life Signs? Oh You mean Emon! He's working on getting the main computer back up and running. You see, /I/ thought it was a power issue but I've been trying to fix this thing for Two Days. He thinks it's a computer Virus. Either way we had to evacuate the station and don't plug your droids into anything!" The droid shakes his square head, "Aeron is going to be VERY upset!"

As if on cue a YT-1300 jumps into the system. It pops up on David, Tallie's, and Elrych targeting computer as the Selu II. A Female voice comes in over the general com. <<"This is the Selu... What's going on? Who are you people?">>

Elrych responds, <<"Oh ah... We're looking to do business here... who are you?">>

<<"This is Aeron Garn. I run this station. Why are my scanners only showing emergency power and... where are all the people?">> There is a pause as if she's figuring it out, <<"Damn it, Emon!">>

Back on the station the power rooms lights flicker on as do the ones in the hallway. There is a monitor just above the main console that comes to life. Appearing on it is the face of a Young Man, tan skin. Late twenties maybe. <<"Okay Emkay, I got that section... wait who are these guys?">>

Back out in space, El responds to Tallie, <<"Yeah. I'm getting your data now. Maybe someone was just as curious as us...">>.

Ektor gradually lowers his hands as crazed droid with giant gun doesn't start shooting. "That could've gone bad, yeah?" From behind the more capable diplomats, Ektor just waves at the face on the screen. "Don't mind me, yeah?" Crouching with a wince and rub of his back, the Tionese pilot slips his upper body under a routing terminal and begins muddling around in the guts of the machine. "Ohhh, THAT'S the thing..." his voice echoes. Hopefully he knows what he's doing?

<<"Pava to the Spike and other craft. The hangar has been secured and a team has moved deeper in. They've located a droid, which says the station is in lock down and that there's been some kind of evacuation. The ground team is still investigating.">> Jessika maintains her position in the hangar for that very reason. A hallway full of people can be a bad thing if they need to advance in the opposite direction, and it's a natural fatal funnel. During her entire transmission, the distant sound of talking has echoed down the hall, lending credence to her status update. She adds onto it. <<"..Some of the power seems to have returned. In the hallway, at least.">> She's not privy to the arrival of another freighter, or the conversation transpiring.

<<"Poe will update on this end once everything is sorted.">> Right now, it's a mess of multiple parties being engaged in varying levels of conversation. Jessika stays in the hangar rather than joining the other group. A room only remains clear as long as a pair of eyes are on it and can verify its current state. Letting Elrych talk to the newly arrived freighter, David takes the time to launch another important update into Resistance comms as he comes around to face the freighter. <<This is Black 6. Made contact with a YT-1300 freighter, pilot seems familiar with an 'Emon'? Cometburn is handling them, I think. Does that name ring any bells on your end? That's Emon.>> David makes sure to repeat himself, making himself as clear as possible. <<Will keep you updated, ground team.>>

Poe releases a breath he hadn't realized he was holding, and shares a look with Archer, then Nova, before looking back at their new friend and nodding. He was relieved the situation had not escalated, but it hardly qualified as a moment to place their trust completely in this droid. Regardless, he was talking. The comments about his jacket made his cheeks grow hot, but he was thankful for the lack of lights. "Thanks. A friend got me this, someone whose taste in clothing far surpasses my own." He hugs the wall, placing his back as flush with it as he can, and motions the others to follow. He trusts the people he is with to make the best call in their situation now they're at a point where they can help with the station's systems. Poe uses this time to move back to relay what information he has to Captain Pava, and their chain can remain informed.

"That is so cool, jacket man, b-" And before she can finish the droid is offering an opportunity and Siha is running with it, "Awwwh, no /way/, serious? Hell yeah I wanna pet it!" SCHWING. Into the sheathe at her side her katana goes, the sword bouncing as Siha abandons Poe's jacket in favor of the cool gun. She picks up the pace so she's parallel with the droid, grinning like an idiot as she reaches out with her right hand to gingerly pet the gun like a living, breathing dangerous creature. The best kind, "Emkay, the fact you let me pet your gun puts you at the top of individuals I won't kill." Vox'd voice rings out from the helmet, the curveless and boyishly shaped woman reaching that same petting hand to pat the droids shoulder in a companionable manner as they enter the room with the main console, "Unless I really gotta for your own good. Hey-"

Her head turns as Emon comes into view , the Mandalorian woman slanting him a two-fingered salute from her temple, "I'm Siha Archer of clan Tal and smuggler with the resistance. We're here to .. well I guess help you not die right now. I expected we'd meet under different circumstances but it seems we came at an even better time for you." A lopsided grin, which again, unseen, as Siha presses hands to her hips, head cocking to the side, "My parents used to be pretty big smugglers back in the day, the Archers? Ly'sia and Peryn? Maybe before your time .."

She digresses, "I doubt they could smuggle a tea cup out of their teahouse these days .." Murmured mostly to herself, a look slanted to Emkay, "So, where can we start in getting this station back up and running?" Offered broadly, Emon soon looked back to as she waits for backup from the people with her. Like Poe's coat. Ektor's hair. Yuun's biceps. Jessika's smarts. Nova's common sense. Kipsys' ...knife game. Lofty's ..loftiness. Anything. So she can stop pretending to have an ounce of diplomacy in her.

Lofty the Talz lowers his rifle once it becomes clear the droid isn't going to shoot anyone. Not wanting to dabble with computer viruses, he waddles after the MK-series droid as it leads the way. "You have drinks on station?" he asks the droid. All this exertion is making him thirsty. Yuun is staying in the hanger with Jess, he looks around for a moment taking in their situation and as Jess speaks into her comm, he is able to hear her side of the conversation. A more focused look is seen on his face as the young man is looking around, he's focused but calm and strangely enough Yuun has only felt this once before. Shaking his head a little bit, "Well what do we do outside of just wait?" he asks as he looks to Jessika.

Kipsy is looking at her reflection in her knife, fiddling with bits of her hair and tucking it back how she likes it, not really paying attention to anything going on around her, right now.

"Emkay... Emon... good to meet you both," Nova says, slinging her rifles and looking to the screen. "Formal introductions will probably have to wait until we see you face-to-face." Not being the CO, or even the XO, she can't reveal their collective identity, but she can at least build a bridge for when someone can. "For now, let's just say we're here to help you. It sounds like you have a serious problem. Let's start with that."

Merek listens to the droid as he lowers his pistol a bit, and nods. He pulls up his visor so he can check some data as well. He listens to the conversation as a whole as he nods a bit to the others.

Elrych raises his brows, <<"THE Aeron Azza- I mean Garn? Oh wow, it's an honor. Like, I wow...">> He stops, clearing his throat, <<"Anyways... we're those special people. With that special group. You know, that sent you a Holo message a while back that we were coming.">> There's comm static for a long moment before Aeron responds, <<"What are you some kind of idiot!">> Elrych is taken a back, <<"No!">>.

<<"Our Holonet connection has been down for weeks. We have no idea why... maybe this is something to do with it. Anyways. I'm landing, I hope you don't have a problem with that.">> It seems like she wouldn't care otherwise.

Emkay moves along with Ektor and starts to fiddle with the computers and different mechanisms. The display for the whole station systems and sections start to light up one by one. The young man in the monitor introduces himself, "The name is Emon Garn... and please don't tell my mother about this. I promised her the station would be in perfect condition when she returned from dropping off Dad and Uncle Ace... Just... Just make something up!" He's begging. "I've been stuck in the computer core room for a whole day and it doesn't smell real great down here. I think something might have died."

Emkay looks up to the monitor from where he's working, "So that's what happened to your Uncle's Anooba."

Emon looks back to Siha, "I don't know them no but my parents might. They smuggled for the Rebellion too. Even fought for them." There is a look to Lofty, "Y-yes... We have all the amenities of home..." Then to Nova, he blushes, eyes looking away. "Nice to meet you too." Someone has a crush on the Moonbeam? Uht-oh.

Over the comms to Poe comes Elrych, <<"Hey Major? We've got an Aeron Garn here... the one we've been looking for. She seems to be very upset with the situation and someone named Emon? Possibly? Either way, she's landing now so... good luck with that! Oh, and Tallie picked up two trailing jump signatures from when we first dropped in. Someone was here before us watching or... otherwise. Be advised.">>

Ektor is chattering away under the terminal, narrating his capable actions while remaining ignorant of the technical terminology. "-and a bypass for the little wheel shaped circuit thing-" it goes on. He scoots around, somehow burrowing deeper into the bank of machines in the process.

Before Jessika can relay the information sent down the line by Poe, the communication band is coming alive with Elrych's information regarding the identity of the freighter that entered the system. Still in the hangar, it places Jessika in the best position to be the one to meet the ship's captain. Part of her doesn't want to relinquish the weight of her blaster in her hand, but she holsters it nonetheless, barely hearing the soft rasp of the weapon as it slides into the leather holster on her right hip. The footfalls of her boots against the hangar deck become eventually muted by the approach of a classic freighter model. When it breaches, the sound of its engines and repulsorlifts drown out the noise entirely, and gusts of downward force ripple her clothes.

She approaches the freighter once it's settled into place, and prepares to meet the captain a respectful distance from the ship. She's racking her mind for the best way to handle this, because from the sounds of things, the woman's not happy. Jessika doesn't blame her. She just hopes she can get this Aeron Garn to approach the matter calmly.

<<Freighter captain doesn't seem violently hostile.>> David remarks. <<We would've known by now, I think. You know, sudden appearance of dozens of unfriendlies, and all?>> David makes a pass by the hangar, almost escorting the freighter inside. <<Either case, your problem now, ground team.>> he concludes as he effortlessly goes back to circling the station. He does alter his course to pass by the hangar more.

Snnkkttttttt laugh, Siha wheezing out in dark amusement, "My man Emon, one of the lessons of growing up is learning to take your lumps, because if I, or any of us, starts off lying to your mother, how can she trust anything we've come to say today. Tonight ..This ..morning ..I ..I have no idea what time it is on this station right now." Said as she does a quick turn around, trying to find something to indicate the time, "Well, regardless of the time of day, I'm not lying to her." Said as she rounds back to face the screen, hands up and waving off the very idea of lying from the air.

"If your momma flew with my momma, no way I'm letting that get back to /my/ momma." Mad respect for her mum. And by extension Emons, "Get your stinky arse outta there and cleaned up, you've got explaining to do and we've got ..things to say. To your mum." A glance down to what Ektor is doing, or rather where he's disappearing to with a slant of her body to the side, hands still on her hips, Emkay eyed as well.

Unlike Nova's good sense to not out them, Siha is ..not a part of the main resistance group and terribly rough around the edges, "Maybe over some hard drinks. Where are those comforts of home, Emon?" Negotiations always go better over booze. Or tea. Depending on your method.

Yuun watches as Jess walks away, he shrugs his head and stays where he is watching, keeping his com link open so that if anything goes down he is able to help. His nerves are getting to him a little bit, but he's taking it in stride for now.

Merek places up that pistol which has to the holster, while he nods to the others, "I am going to check around a bit, meet you all back at the ship," he says, with voice masked a bit. He does look to the one speaking while he waits to hear what they say before he walks back.

"She's got a point, Emon. We're here to talk to your mother, and if we say anything to her, it's got to be straight from the shoulder," Nova says, nodding to the poor guy. She can't call him a kid; he's likely older than she is! "I'll see if I can help EmKay. Sounds like there are some equipment problems as well as computer problems."

The sound of the transport landing in the hangar easily carries through the open door into the corridor. With her ear on the tac net, the veteran Sergeant has a good idea of who it is. "Mom's home. Better get her in the loop, Emon." She turns to the droid. "Okay, EmKay, show me what you've been working on? I can turn a hydrospanner pretty well." Doing one's own weapon and equipment maintenance does have some side benefits.

The Selu II lands and almost immediately after the power down sequence is started the boarding ramp on the YT-1300 lowers. Down comes a still fairly attractive older woman with graying hair that was once by all indications a light or honey brown. Slightly wrinkled face turns towards Jess and she eyes the woman up and down. Her own blaster doesn't move from its holster, "Where is my Idiot son..." She demands coldly.

Back in the power room, the display shows the other levels starting to come back on line too. <<"It was a virus. I just hope it wasn't one of my own. I'll have to run a scan to make sure.">> Emon comments off hand. From outside the lights to the station can be seen flickering on once again, lighting this bastion of free trade like a beacon of hope once more. <<"Thank you all for your help... especially the guy all up in the stations guts right now.">> He looks to Siha and frowns, <<"Alright... The doors should open now. Just let me run this sandbox scan and I'll head up.">> He sounds a little more than defeated.

Elrych would volunteer to stay in Orbit and 'guard' the station as they worked out the kinks. Eventually the people would be called back and the Resistance members offered Room and Board and an appointment made to meet with Aeron when she wasn't so upset with her son.