Nezlani Bebarv

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Character Capsule


Probably the most notable feature for this Twi'lek is that fact that he is almost seven feet tall. That aside, he has the deep, dark red skin of a Lethan Twi'lek. His body is somewhat slender, given his height, with his weight appearing to be around 200 to 230 pounds. With what he has, however, he is muscular and built with an athletic frame. Underneath whatever shirt he may be wearing, this Twi'lek brandishes a variety of scars. Two are the mostly healed burn mark from a blaster rifle on his right shoulder, one aged only a few weeks than the other. Another other is a much larger burn from an industrial strenght fusion cutter. While another still is a slash from some sort of bladed weapon on his left side. Just below his left rib is the scar tissue of a blaster bolt which is mirrored on the otherside of his torso, a bolt that went all the way through. Finally the last visible scar is the still rather new burn mark on his left lekku from a blaster bolt.


Most of his life growing up, Nezlani was surrounded by mercenaries. His father was a sniper for a mercenary company, were he met Nez's mother, a half Twi'lek female who served as a cook for the company. It was his father who trained Nez to shoot, specializing in blaster rifles at long range. The training began at an early age, leading up into his early teens. During his years training under his father and the other mercenaries in the company, at the age of 17, Nez finally learned everything his father had to teach him. It was then that his father sent Nez away to make a life of his own just like his father before him. From there, Nez took up the life of a Bounty Hunter, using his field training to track down his targets. Throughout his time spent training with the mercenaries and his time spent tracking down targets as a Bounty Hunter, the one thing Nez valued more than anything was loyalty. This was something he saw a lot of and learned to respect more than anything in a man from the Company. Although credits speak louder than values, one thing Nez took pride in was the friendships he had developed over the years. Ultimately, Nez aims to obtain a large enough fortune to be able to settle down somewhere in a more rural planet off somewhere in the Outer Rim. Although he has been enjoying the city life, his goal is to marry and return to the wide open space of the forests. Thus, he intends to work hard at his given profession, making enough credits to not worry about finances any more. For the last two years, Nez has been hunting down targets for various employers. Though these contracts have been small and never made much of a name for him. Now he's come to Nar Shaddaa to make a name for himself and to seek his fortune.

Current History

Shortly after arriving on Nar Shaddaa, Nez ran into Qadira Suuryet who recruited me to the Waywards. With them I've had far more opportunities than I ever have before. During my early days with them, I'd taken a solo bounty to track down a droid on Underlevel 225, Section 12, Block 27. It didn't take me long to realize that I was in over my head as I came face-to-face with a giant, fire-spitting death droid that chased me down nearly to death. Having escaped with my life, I decided it would be best to come back and fight another day. This is when I got involved with a mission helping my good buddy Adhar Gann, while he tracked down a ship that belonged to his uncle back in the day. After helping him out, I decided it was time to head back down to face the giant death droid. This time, however, I brought along some help. Jax Greystorm was an excellent hunting partner and a skilled gunslinger.


Tess Ul'Datha - She is a killer. Literally. But, she is Nez's former companion so there is that.

Ax - Loyal, generous and caring. Traits Nez values greatly in a man, and the same traits that make working for him all that much easier.

Qadira Suuryet - The infamous and unofficial recruiter of the Waywards. Compassionate and strong.

Jax Greystorm - A standup guy when he wants to be. Has had my back on more than one occasion, and I have his.

Adhar Gann - A loyal friend with whom I'd help with just about any mission any day.

Vraag Rengh - Just as loyal as they get, and a warrior who has earned his right to be proud of his skill. Vraag has Nez's respect.

RP Hooks

Bounty Hunter: Nez is a seasoned Bounty Hunter looking to make his name doing the right thing for the right price. As in, there are some contracts he won't take. Don't bother to ask him to chase down an innocent man or a lost slave. But if you've got a nasty little thief or a pair of crooks, Nez is your guy.

Wayward Security: Generally Nez likes to think of himself as the 'pew pew' guy for the Waywards.

Mercenary Company: Growing up, Nez was surrounded by Mercenaries like his father. This connection lasted him the majority of his life. It's entirely possible to have known him, his father or have heard of the Company.