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From humble beginnings

Nar Shaddaa or bust. Tess is originally from the smuggler's moon where she never knew her mother or her father. She grew up hard in an orphanage, one funded by Hutts, so it is here that she learned trade craft of the streets. It is here that she likely would have wound up dead because she was a terrible criminal. She has no head for theft and is not clever enough for con artistry: What she was always good at it was violence. Even at the tender young age of 8 she was just as willing to pick a fight with kids much bigger than her. A fact that would have ended in her untimely demise had it not been for the intervention of the most unlikely of people.

Enter Politics

Tess's father was a Republic Intelligence agent trying to embed himself in one of the Hutt Cartels. His approach was to take on the ward of a young girl who attempted to pick his pocket, then pick a fight with him when he caught her. He formally adopted her when they were both ran off the world when his attempts were thwarted and barely escaped death at the hands of those he was trying to spy on.

Ordan Ul'Datha

Ordan Ul'Datha

Ordan Ul'Datha is the father Tess never had and, truth be told, never really wanted. He was a spy by nature and career and treated everything about their life as if it was an elaborate design, which it was. Her adoption was meant to lend him credibility on worlds they traveled too, using his pretty young human daughter as a leverage card in political and statecraft. Her entire life was already planned out before she was ever old enough to live it. Their household was one of disciplinary and strict structure.

He was a prick

To Infinity and Beyond

Tess was shipped off to young cadets training academies when she got to old to benefit her father in his work, though he made it a point to stay intimately familiar with her career. Often paying her unexpected visits to be certain she was not simply succeeding, but doing so with pride; since his name was on the line. To that end she grew to resent the man despite his taking her out of the worst possible situation. Believed that he saw her as little more than a tool for his own advancement, even as she proved time and again that what she lacked as a thief, she more than made up for as a soldier.

Her instructors delighted in having her. She was focused and determined to be the best and she was quickly suggested for advanced warfare training post graduation from boot camp. It was during her Sharp Shooter classes that she got word that her father had died. Details were never provided as the mission was classified. Her love for the Republic went with him. Soon after this she drummed out of the Republic Military with the same determined focus that saw her so much success.


Viva La Resistance

The resistance offered an outlet for her rage. An enemy that all could agree was worth destroying... one that she could agree was good enough to be worth testing herself against. She does not believe in the ideals, she believes in the means. She fights for the other soldiers around her, not the sum total of their political desires.

Private Tess Ul'Datha: Marksman for Dagger Team

Tess' first love


Describing a psychopath

Long black hair is worn pulled back out of her face. She's a dark mocha color with several prominent scars: One running from the outter corner of her right eye down through the top of her upper lip that looks to be have been from a claw of some sort, several checker marks that were no doubt burns, and a wedge out of her scalp just at her hairline. She has dark brown eyes and wears very little makeup.

Quotes about Tess

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OOC about Tess

You paged Naelyn with 'I must know what your response was going to be'
Naelyn (Nae) pages: Either 'Make sure you include pictures, 1 third of your management team cannot read' or 'We do not accept stick figure diagrams as resignations, even if they are drawn in blood'


-(OOC)- Tarion Tavers says, "If you meant Tarion in general that's like a 200 diff"
You test your Constitution skill at a 200 difficulty. +SUCCESS+ (26).
-(OOC)- Tess Ul'Datha says, "I'm immune to you."
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