Septima Carnine

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Septima Carnine is a native of Chandrila, or, as native as one can get really. As a child she spent a lot of time around Sarini Island, trying to figure out just how she was going to sneak a caw-crab out of the zoo and back home. She was curious, but not one that set out for trouble. Seeming to be a poor diplomatic sort of girl. As she grew, that only strengthened and while she was dreaming of being some wild haired explorer, that was not her calling in life. When she was seventeen she was enrolled in the local university and was on the path of the Politician. She even interned for a few of the ranking politicos on their planet. It was a nice quiet life.

Until the First Order started terrorizing the galaxy under a flag of trying to keep everyone together and 'doing the right thing'. Septima had to put her political leanings to the side, to do what she could to help her family, which still involved trying to keep the peace.

Now that Chandrila has been liberated by the Resistance and the New Republic is on the rise, it's time to get back to work.

RP Hooks

  • Senator - Septima is the new Senator for Chandrila.
  • Politics - Most Chandrilans dabble at least.
  • Rebuilding - The Senator is hoping the rebuilding process will go smoothly.
  • Plants & Animals - Sep is a lover of both and can be found checking out the local flora and fauna...she also tries to run off with tiny adorable things. So that's a warning to tiny and adorable things.
  • Non Corruption - Septima isn't interested in plans that involve corruption in the Senate, Chandrila or the New Republic as a whole. It's a widely known thing about the Senator. And something that a few people might not like.


Mekil is Septima's bodyguard and head of security. And practically her shadow most times. It is rare that he is not with her if they are at a public engagement and the man does have a hard time letting her go off on her own. It's not possessiveness, it's knowing that she's got a target on her back and wanting to protect her. The man is pretty laid back when they are just doing simple things, but, Septima will probably be the death of thim.



  • Aras Khan - Senator for Mon Cal. He's a rather lively fellow and I hope that we'll see more of him.
  • Vhe Tenara - Someone that is loyal to the New Republic and aids the Resistance. We're happy to have her around.
  • Barad - He's new to the Freedom thing. I hope he finds the right path to enjoy it.
  • Kryll - He is a strange man.
  • Merek - Quiet, but seems to be in the Resistance.
  • Poe Dameron - I wish our first meeting wouldn't have been like it was, but I'm sure they next will be better.
  • Callax Dalso - A rather beautiful pilot.
  • David Ironside - The self proclaimed BEST pilot in the Galaxy.
  • Ambrosia Greystorm - She's intense, but, it's nothing bad.
  • Aryn Cole - A Doctor and a Jedi. She seems to be a good person.
  • Sesti Greystorm - Representative of Iridonia and a pleasant person. Married to General Greystorm's son, Jax.
  • Jax Greystorm - Husband to Sesti and son of Ambrosia. He seems to be a solid presence.