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The Rotworms face off against Nightmare Fuel

OOC Date: September 1, 2020
Location: Onderon
Participants: Clan Kora, Hadrix Kora, Dhr'rall, Kasia Ashkuri, Terek Rosol, Kirioth Kora, Aja, Karys, Sajin, Grom, Narsai Ordo, Evie Leven, Sumi Kora


The crowd erupts in a loud cheer that is so jarring and offsetting that it hurts unprotected ears. Stomping feet rattle the rooftops of the underworks, in particular, the ready room for the Rotworms.

Like the previous matches, Sumi Kora stands before a massive iron gate, looking out at the ramp, and the shifting lights, fire works, and the rapid flashing of zipping media droids. Onderon's King and Princess make their way out to their suite, and the crowd gets LOUDER.

Turning back with a swipe of her cape, Sumi appears to be heavily armed for this match. It was clear after their last match, they needed overwatch, so she donned her beskar'gam, the fearsome armor given to her by a close and dear friend; it was decorated in the cherished Mando'ade beskar, or Mando Iron. Her helm is on, its visor a washed out-reflective silver on the exterior. Her voice is conveyed over the helm's speaker. <"Is everyone prepared?"> Did it matter? The gate was about to open.

Rudimentary helmet on, lensless t-visor leaving eyes, organic and bionic exposed and a thin line of his his glower while the heavy blade was pulled and spun once to confirm the balance,

<"Prepared, Alorir."> muttered into an earpiece comm, Hadrix looks out at the pit, the fireworks, the Onderonian royalty. Eyes narrowing and nostrils flaring, the big man was once again his basic durasteel plates, leather strapping and the armored skirt that reached just above knee length.

Like a regular savage again and hunched like a beast of prey waiting to pounce, the big man looked about himself, at the others, giving a brief nod before his eyes turn outward once again.

Another round, another terrible enemy name. Rotworms has grown upon Dhr'rall, everything else seems too flashy for him at this point. As to the crowd noise, indeed his ears swivel back and down at the sound. This time he sighs, and plucks up the faceplate to lock in underneath the visor of his armor that has been tailored to his looming size and needs. The Guild is good. Dhr'rall checks the heavily modified rifle in his hands one last time, it having been customized to allow for his massive clawed paws.

The Togorian's glowing jade pupils flick from teammate to teammate one by one, taking in their own readiness. The last being they settle on is Sumi asking them all if they are ready. He twists from side to side, and then leans back and forth to limber himself up. Even a stretching of his rather big digitgrade legs. A nod towards Sumi, and the jade of his eyes settling on the rising gate.

Kasia is decked out in a lighter weight armor, but it's what she's used to, and that's better than trying to adjust to some heavier style while also in a fight. She has the heavy, nearly foot long pistol in her hand, and a skeptical look on her face. "I'm as ready as I'm going to be," she replies, glancing around at the others.

What kind of name was Rot Worms anyway? Knowing what he knows about Mandos, Terek assumes it's some kind of ancient name that brings great honor to those who use it in combat or some other such thing.

Look he's just a simple cathar from the planet that shares the same name. He grew up in a tree. He doesn't know what these kinds of things are. But he does know how to fight, at least enough that he's managed to actually get onto the team, "I'm ready." He replies, after giving one last check over his blaster, double checking the battery pack and ensuring that it's good to go, "Lets do this thing."

People might miss Roth if they don't look hard enough. She's not dressed in her trademarked white armor. She's wearing a dress, rather short, but hey, she's got long legs and they aren't seen very often. She's wearing an old leather jacket over the black silk and she's on her feet with a sign that got made by either her or she was helped by a baby. Probably both. It says 'GO ROTWORMS!' in large bold letters and there are little scribbles of purple, blue, red and other various colors. Kar's little squiggles! He was helping. She lowers the sign once things start and her face goes back to look a bit worried over what might happen.

Wearing the same gladiator's armor that's seen her through two rounds, Aja flashes an eager grin towards Sumi as she looks back. Tail flicking excitely, ears swivelling with all the cheers, those golden eyes are gleaming with the excitement of the coming battle. She lifts her vibrosword to the air and calls out, "OYA!"

<"So is this where you all have been the last several weeks? Fighting in a pit and being called Rotworms?"> Karys question comes out abruptly through her helmet. She pauses then and stops to study those around her. <"Wait...what are you wearing?"> She is likely staring - hard to tell with the visor but the gunslinger might be judging - might be.

She notes the gate rising and any other quips she might be ready to make are lost as she pulls her pistol and makes her motions to stride out when they are cleared to.

Sajin pulls the large ebony Ryyk blade that rests across his back from his sheath. <<"I suppose so... This is only number Three? We've a long way to go.">> He cranes his neck, the pullies and servos in his powerarmor whining as he does so. He also rolls his shoulder, the same arm he had gotten bit on previously.

Grom is arguing with his weapons. Apparently, they had misbehaved on the way over and as a result NONE OF THEM would get to play. Grom declares abruptly. "TRADITIONAL HOUK RULES," and looks around for something to hit, armed only with his armored GROM FISTS.


Is the sound of the iron gate rising up to open the threshold that led into the arena. The crowd is absurd and loud. All manner of sentient being is out there, some honoring the toga like wear of the Onderonians, some wearing armor, some obscenely drunk, and some are just trying to wave down the space hot-dog guy moving between the aisles.

Nightmare Fuel emerges from their side, swarming ahead with fast running bi-pedal 3m tall Woodoos, wearing spikes and starved for meat. They scream and squawk bloody murder, flapping their useless wings and seeking to plunge their METAL TIPPED BEAKS into BODIES! Some twenty (20) Woodoo flap around, followed by (15) yelping Hyenax, bounding between the Woodoo and hiding to pounce. Both animals working in unison IS the source for nightmare, but if that weren't enough, the changling 12ft tall goons, numbering ten (10) in total, trailing behind the swarm wielding rifles and pistols began to fan out. Their shifting form left them faceless, like a shifting ooze that simply wore armor. They moved in tandem and formed a semi-circle to engage those that got separated by the swarm.

Sumi nods to each person before engaging her jetpack and unslinging a EE-3 carbine, chicken-winging it under one arm. <"TO WAR, ROTWORMS!"> A sudden gust of dust and Sumi zips out of the ready room and out into the open, cape flapping wildly over one shoulder as she begins to take aim on the priority targets. With a swarm, and ranged fighters, they'll be hard pressed to win this.

The stands begin to stomp with loud bass as music blares, fireworks crackle overhead, and the holo-projection screen at the center way up above shows a close up of the teams as they rush out to do battle on the sands!

"Gladiator armor. Got it on the Homeworld." Hadrix's grin mostly hidden as he looks to Karys, "Fight well out there, vod." reaching to grab one of her pauldrons and thunk his helmet to hers - if she lets him. "Stay alive." said before he turns and at once his entire form is moving in unison to get the big man underway.

Tromp, Thromp, THRomp, THROMP! Quickly picking up speed, bolting from the gladiator pen, leaning forward with the two handed blade held low to one side as his sandaled feet chew up distance before dipping to avoid a leaping hyenex before his sword comes up to cut along the wattle and throat of a Woodoo before Hadrix drops to his knees, sliding across sand to the next. Slowing beneath just enough to gash his blade across his passing, sending steaming entrails in his wake and standing into a jog while the creature lurches and tumbles behind him.

Again his ears flatten, and Dhr'rall sighs, you'd think he would be used to that roar by now. Still, he flashes a fanged grin towards the crowd and the holocams for the sake of the show after briefy dislodging his face piece to do so. It's replaced as he looks towards Nightmare Fuel. His head tilts at the woodoos, considering their useless wings and spikes... and the unreassuring metal beaks. His head tilts the opposite way in regards to the yelping Hyenax. The Goons though, they get his immediate attention. The Togorian is a rifleman by trade, so he decides to act based on his personal threat assssment, even as his HUD lights up.

The Blaster rifle twitches in his hands snapping the barrel towards one fanning out on the end, not planning to allow them all to try to flank. The second Sumi tells them all to go to war, his finger tightens on the trigger stud, blasting one Goon to the ground almost instantly. He starts moving, being a standing target is a bad idea, but there is no cover here. So all he can do is move and start tracking his next potential victim!

Were this a better time, Kasia might object to or have some opinions on the name they're going by, but there are unpleasant looking creatures coming out to try and kill them, so said thoughts will have to wait. To war, Sumi calls, and she draws in a deep breath, ready to fight. Rather than aim at any of the beasts that come nearer, she squints slightly and raises her oversized pistol, leveling it on one of the goons. A few seconds are spent lining up the shot, and then she squeezes the trigger to send a pair of blaster bolts hurtling right into the leg of a goon.

Terek didn't really know entirely what they were up against, so he sorta finds himself suddenly and violently in the thick of it. Without really being able to do anything besides attack, he jumps right into it. No chance for stealth this time around!

He draws his blaster off his hip and raises it, quickly picking one of the goons with the guns, and firing a pair of shots into his torso. It's pretty much a clean kill, as he punches a pair of holes through the guy's torso. It's pretty messy, and he goes down in a heap.

Roth might have a Kar, yes. She's hear to show support to the Clan, because she was not getting out there in that armor. It wasn't her thing. And she wasn't a Bounty Hunter, so, she wasn't sure what was going to happen if she got out there and something snapped. She was pale enough to blind folks, she didn't need to flash them on top of it. She gives a bit of a look to the person next to her who keeps screaming about the rotworms, "Hey, be a bit nicer." she grumps.

Racing out across the sands, Aja is in full gladiator mode, letting out a loud cry as she runs for the hoarde of bad-tempered fauna. Darting this way and that to avoid that nasty birds, hissing at them as she goes, the Farghul's targets are clear. She's picking off the hiding Hyenax. Seeking them out from their cover and dispatching them with great pleasure. A clean stab through the chest drops the first before she pulls the blade free and whips it around just in time to take the top of another's head off! "OYA MANDO'ADE!"

The bidding of her to do well brings a nod from Karys to Hadrix, <"That is the idea."> She smiles but it can not be seen as she hurries out after the others. Her footfalls carry her quickly out into the open and she is soon adjusting to the change in terrain and setting. She lifts her pistol and considers her options for all of the split second it takes.

The first shot from her gun rushes towards its target and down the armed Goon, her gaze narrowing as the second two fly wide of intended targets. She hisses through her teeth and comes about slowly to get used to the locations of her targets.

Buckets was in the stands yet again surrounded by his growing group of female followers. He beeped and whirled as he flashed his credits attempting to make a bet against the ROTWORMS. His master who was down in the pit had no idea.

Sajin rushed forth as Sumi shouted to attack and the Iron gate rose. He wasted no time, taking a quick count of the enemies on the ground and in the air. <<"These things? I eat these things on Tatooine for breakfast!">> THUD THUD THUD he traunced forward, the massive ebon wookie blad crashing down and clean through one of the Woodoo beasts. He then slashes another, causing it to make a noise before colapsin. <<"Grom! We'll have so much food for the freezer!">>

Grom bellows, "What are these squawking beasts who seek to be LOUDER THAN GROM?" the Houk demands. "And taller? WHO DARES. Your arrogance shall be answered with GROM FISTS. And also other weapons, as Grom-friends are not Houk and are not bound by traditional rules. BUT MOSTLY GROM FISTS. CHAAAAAAAAARGE," he declares, launching into a rapid waddling sprint. "STUPID NIGHTMARE FOES LOOK DELICIOUS," he adds while punching a giant bird. It dies. So does the second giant bird he punches. Sajin is answered, "GOOD. For the Mighty Grom us feeling... Peckish. HA. GROM HAS MADE FUNNY. LAUGH, STUPID BIRD." He tried to shake a dead bird's broken neck to mimic laughter.

What had it taken for Narsai Ordo to be in the stands of the arena and not on the sands? Clan obligations...or perhaps she couldn't find a gladiator's armor that fit her?

Whatever the excuse, Narsai moved up near Roth and baby Kar as the fight began, reaching out to gently boop the child's nose before she sat down.

No cheers from her yet, only eyes moving to focus on the exchange of blows below.

The crowd is still screaming as the violence begins. Already the sand is stained with blood and the death of beasts who have been sent to swarm the venerable Rotworms into giving up their protected posture, but despite the overwhelming numbers, they bat down, blast, cut, and punch through the wave.

In the first trade off, the riflemen of the Nightmare Fuel squad is nearly at half, then Sumi blasts one from mid-air sinking a double-tapped ruby red hammered pair into their chest spilling them back. The hovering Mandalorian keeps her rocketpack engaged, swaying and ducking a shot intended for her. Its miss is made more apparent when the protective shielding of the arena flickers in response and showers the flying Mandalorian with sparks. Sumi adjusts her flight path to help her team as best she can, and that's done by obtaining a good vantage and aim of her intended targets!

And it begins. Right in the mix of it all, with hyenex and woodoo Hadrix finds himself leaping clear of one of the three meter death birds in time for the next to catch hold of his shoulder pad. "Shab..." Then it lifts and turns sharply

Kar is too distracted by Narsai's booping, making the happiest of all noises that there are now TWO people paying him attention. TWO. Kar gabbles happily and reaches for hair, or fingers, anything in his own gladiator arena. OF CUTENESS. The Son of Hadrix - Master of Happy Babble.

"SHEEEEEB!" Hadrix's shout of surprise at having become airborne lasting until he hits the ground, rolling and somehow managing to keep hold of his sword. Because... Sword. Sword goes into things better than fists. There's things he has to do to get that... you know lets not think on that.

Also there are people here who would be off-put if he shoved his hands into other organics to tear bits out, again. Don't ask. Don't ask Karys either.

Just. No. Teeth sink into his flank, catching on ribs and Hadrix is brought back to reality by the shock of pain in his side. Snarling back at the creature as the sword, dutifully remembered, and just so needed is thrust between it's shoulder blades as he makes his way back up to his feet. Spinning in a manner that flares his leather skirt and carrying the edge over the head of what becomes his next target, for the moment. But look at those thighs ladies and gentleman. Leg day.

There is a look from the Togorian Guildmember into the crowd for a brief moment. His shot pleased some, enranged others. His attention turns back towards the arena itself, especially when he has to highstep out of the way of the enemies. Aja goes full on Farghul-Blender mode, Karys drops a Goon and that gets a thoughtful nod. Sajin eradicates his with a hard sweep of blade. Grom.. Grom just... pummels things into complete and total non-existence. Even Dhr'rall makes a mental note to not fight him without backup. Sumi becomes rocketwoman, no twirling skirts to be girly in this match, and dispatches one of her targets.

As Dhr'rall starts to select his own target, Hadrix performs a girly skirt spin, and Dhr'rall really regrets his keen vision suddenly. The blaster rifle barrel weaves a little figure eight before him and suddenly snaps still. This time he's able to spot the perfect opening on a goon, and the blast is much more accurate that the last and splatter burns it's head into a new and unusual shape.

Kasia isn't too far from Grom, and though she's only paying a sliver of attention to what the Houk is doing, she doesn't miss the pun and the grotesque puppet show that follows. There's a bark of a laugh that's followed by a grimace. "Hex would be proud of that one, Grom," she calls to him, then makes a surprised sound as one of the Woodoo brethren attempt to peck at her, probably for laughing at the joke. She manages to dodge out of the way, which puts her right in the path of a Hyenax, leading to another swift jump back, and a second. "Anytime I do this I think, I need to run more." She's breathing a little harder from all that dancing, but not so hard that she can't line up another shot. Again the twin bolts fly out, and this time they burn a hole right through a Goon. Ouch.

Terek is trying his best to get off a shot on one of the goons still standing, but he has some unfortunate luck of getting tackled by a hyenax. His shots fly wide, and he struggles to fight off the creature that now has him pinned down and is trying to bite his face off. He likes his face where it is, so he'd prefer if that didn't happen.

"DON'T YOU BITE HIM IN THE ASS!" Roth shouts at one of the beasts that bites into Hadrix. She was dealing with trying to get another drink from the bottle and watching the chaos that was ensuing on the ground in front of the crowd. "COME ON ROTWORMS!" the Arkanian shots as she cheers for them.

Letting out a sharp cry as one of the Woodoo's takes offense to her nearness by biting her right in the side, Aja pulls away, leaving no small amount of flesh and fur behind. GIving up an outraged shout, Aja twirls the blade around and decapitates the offending Woodoo! Still a bit miffed, she kicks the body in passing, then reaches out and stabs another Woodoo through the neck.

Sniff. "Kriffing snackfood attacking. What is the arena coming to?"

Goons. Right? I mean gooooons are her intended target because they are shooting back. That seems relatively simple to understand. That is until she gets a bird beak to the chest and staggers back. She can feel where it pierced and she audibly makes a sound of pain. <"KRIFFING DOPEY AS A BANTHA BIRD!"> She turns her attention to the large creatures and without hesitation just opens up on them. Two go down and her third sinus no purchase but she looks like she might be ready to mangle with with her bare hands.

She looks own at her chest wound and brushes at the blood there. <"How did..what is even...I don't understand..."> This pit fight is literally for the birds. <"Kill them all!">

<"OWWWW!">> That was Sajin reeling back slightly after ducking from a flying Goon and three, yes three of those shifty space wolves. See, an angry big bird had pecked him in the left leg. <<"Did you just peck me?">> He asks it. It Squaks angrily at him. <<"Kriff you, that's rude! Food doesn't hit back!">> He chops it to death with his blade. Blood goes EVERYWHERE. He swing at another and that one squaks loudly as the large and sharp blade cuts through it to vital organs.

Grom lets the poor dead Woodoo flop back to the ground as a pair of further birds assail him with squawks and ineffective pecking. Grom is not the most perceptive of creatures and a cunning Hyrenax stalks toward the dull Houk's back, pouncing with vicious accuracy and savage instinct before Grom even knows he is in danger. And he never notices. The poor predator thuds harmlessly into his armored back, much as if it has leapt head first into a durasteel wall. Grom goes blithely on punching giant birds, while the hyenax climbs back unsteadily to its feet, dazed. A dumb toothy grin to Kasia as he declares, "YES. Grom's humor is NEARLY as mighty as THE REST OF GROM." Still blissfully unaware that there is a fierce predator staggering behind him, the Houk blasts another Woodoo with an armored fist and down it goes, wondering what cruel god created Houks.

A happy Kar was distraction enough, Narsai was happy to claim the tiny Kora for her lap as she watched the blood and blaster fire below. The bite makes her whince, reaching to cover the child's ears before she joins the yelling.

"Cut them to pieces Clan Kora!"

Sumi Kora blasts another of the Goons from afar, but it's a tradeoff that turns out one sided, their shot missed! She zips across the open battlefield again to take a new vantage. <<"Hang in there, Rotworms. We're gonna eat good tonight!">> She growls, adopting a new hover and taking aim again with the EE-3 carbine, her helmeted head tipping down slightly.

The battle has transitioned to a blow-for-blow chaotic field of dust and BLOOD. Woodoos show tenacity and a singular focus. Why? Well, any nature buff would know they're MEATEATING AVIANS! And they've been denied meals for a week in preparation for this battle. They're RAVENOUS!

The Hyenax leap and bound, seeking arms and legs and gnaw on and pull people off balance while the remainder of the goon squad fall back, firing into the masses with well aimed intentions but poorly aimed shots.

His whiffing spin is a bad moment with the beasts gathering around him and Hadrix's fist lashes out for one... right into it's beak and... well... Somewhere in another galaxy, where a man who is Mad -IS- great, and a Peck with an affinity for Brownies has stabbed a monkey man, turning him into a two-headed scrotum-face monster. There's something like that happening, but instead of reptillian it's blue faced murder-birds.

Hadrix is up by one arm and is being dragged to what could be a bad end just as one of the hyenex latch onto his leather skirt, barely missing skin while another beak find Hadrix's leg.

Kar'Tracyn? He sees red! Red! His hands go for Narsai's fingers and latch on, laughing at the game of 'cover ear and scream'. This is the best game. No idea that his father is currently being used as a tug of war toy between giant predatory avians.

The vibroblade slams point first between it's big stupid... stupid bird face eyes!! Like an electric bird carver, the head is bisected into GROM SIZED BIRD MEAT PIECE THINGS for the GROMDAY Plates.

Fah who for-aze! Dah who dor-aze! Welcome GROM!, GROM SMASH DAY.

He's suddenly falling, arm free so Hadrix does what Hadrix does best. He turns like a man that size should -not- be able to do, flexible hunk that he is and slashes the throat of the bird holding his leg.

"OYA! OYA KORA!!!" WHAM. Gravity. Gravity still works. Also there is now a bird on him. May not have thought this through.

The crowd is alive with the sound of... screams, blasting, squawking and SNARL!! One of the Woodoo's got through to Dhr'rall while he was busy trying to gain advantage on another goon. He hops to one side of the thing and snarls a challenge at it instinctually. He has a job to do! No amount of intimidation is going to work on the hungry vultures from hell, as their momma's done told them... to bring home somethin' fer dinnerrr. Sumi's on the rise again, and Dhr'rall needs to focus, and he does! Poorly. His blast whips over the shoulder of a goon and he starts snarling darkly in Togorian.

"You are very funny," Kasia agrees, grinning as she shoots another look in Grom's direction. "It's nice to see you again. It's been too long. You should come around the bar again soon, Hex needs more surprise workouts." Hex might not agree with her saying it, but he'll be happy enough when a brawl happens. The Hyenax that tried totake a bite out of her before comes back for round two, and she manages to spin out of the way, narrowly on the second snap of those too long teeth. "Grom you should try killing those too," she points to the snapping, toothy monster, glancing back up in time to watch a goon take aim, and then miss badly. She narrows her eyes on that specific good, and fires, putting an end to that particular goon.

Terek has failed horribly to get the hyenax off of himself, and it's still biting and clawing at him on the ground. He has good armor, but apparently not good enough to keep those claws from finding some weak points in it.

The cathar finally gets frustrated enough to grab the best by the head and haul it back, shoving his blaster into it's mouth and pulling the trigger. The hyenax falls limp in his hand, and he extracts the blaster from it's muzzle, "Ew."

Finally not being mauled, he gets back up to a knee and lines up a shot on one of the other beasts, firing a second shot which lances through the side of it's head.

"Oh kriff, sorry Narsai. I was distracted." Roth states with a look to the other Mandalorian when she's scooping up Kar. That makes it a bit easier to move for the moment. She gives a smile to the child, her scar on her cheek stretched a bit as she does. "Hopefully I'm not going to get in trouble for bringing him. Figured headphones and some outside time might work." she tells the Ordo.

Dodging another of those damned fat birds, Aja whirls on it and stabs the thing through the.. nothing! It moved! "Hey! Who said you could live??" The Farghul spins again, this time cutting deep into the creature's body, sinking the blade deeper. "Birds are food, not friends!"

Karys reloads, still muttering about birds as the expended power cell drops and she slams a newone in just as her leg is gnawed on by one of the canids. Her eyes narrow and she kicks at it, trying to settle her gun at her side and prepare to leave some dead in her wake. <"Remind me why we are here? And you all your armor."> Yeah that still has her. What her clan is wearing.

Yet another flightless avian pecked him, this time in the left arm. It barely penetrated the metal. <<"NO!">> Exlaimed the King of Drik before his Giang Black Ryyk blade sliced two more of the creatures. They died before him, a pile of dead woodoo's laid about him.

Sajin overhears the conversation between her and Grom. <<"Ha! Attack Cardio.">> At the mention of the Hyenax, Sajin turns to inspect them. <<"Huh... that's right. I forgot about them. THey're too lean to be good supper.">>

Grom punches a giant space bird. As one does. The colossal avian is dropped with an awkward squawk leaving Grom to sloooowly turn and peer at the last remaining Woodoo. Hefting the recently killed woodoo by it's long bird-feet, the Houk rears back with a floppy three meter club and chaaaaaarges the last bird, whacking one bird with another bird violently enough to leave TWO broken and lifeless birds. "GROM IS FUNNY, GROM WINS," he declares, before Kasia directs his attention to other things worth hitting. "Where? Grom does not see any, oh, Grom must look down." Hyenaxes! "More killing? GROM IS PLEASED." And he's just so *cheerful* about it, too.

The body of a woodoo twitches its last before giving a final, feeble, 'hrawwwwwk' from its slit throat and then it goes still. No movement further once those tremors end. Lo the great warrior fell.

There is a shifting... and the body of the woodoo bursts open. All of those who thought he might have been dead... WAIT! He isn't dead!!! HADRIX SURPRISE! There's a sword in his hand, and death in his eyes, and he can do Echani-Jitsu! Body cut Hyenex from Hadrix Kora!!

The next, caught in surprise but no so much that it cannot leap clear is forced away by Hadrix's blade slamming into the ground just to the side of it, teeth bared.

Legendary fight with Hadrix Kora. Normal Satunda Night, for Hadrix Kora.

At least he has been avenged and the last Woodoo has died, denying him his revenge, but Dhr'rall is fine with this. He is a professional, mostly, usually. He lines up a good shot at a Good but before his weapon can be discharged he hears a growl that sounds really clo- Pain, and snarling on his part! The Togorian has a momentary issue of a Hyenax gnawing at his abdomen after taking a flying leap at his hulking self. It makes the mistake of dropping down to try to circle for another leap-attack. Dhr'rall sidesteps and lowers the blaster muzzle, he intentionally blasts it through it's own abdomen. Partially so it can see how it feels, mostly so it can die in agonizing pain from being gut-blasted.

"More killing," Kasia agrees with Grom as one of the aforementioned hyenaxes attempts to bite her arm right off. She manages to yank it out of the way juuuuuust in time so that the teeth scrape along her arm, but there's no damage. "Start by punching this one!" she calls to the Houk, retreating a step in case Grom decides to do something like charge. She doesn't want to get in the way of that inadvertently. With the distance between them, she swings up her blaster and fires at the last goon on the field, watching him drop after the impact of the blaster bolt.

Somehow Terek manages to draw the attention of a totally different hyenax, and this time manages to dodge away from it's clasping jaws enough to turn around and get a shot on it. The first attack misses because of the beast's movement, but he manages to land the second one and blast it into the ground, "There. Stay down."

Greeted by Roth and Grabbed at by Kar, Narsai is quick to join in the game, hands playfully clapping over eyes, ears, gently letting the infant pull them away only to repeat. Because the cackling laughter of a child in a combat arena isn't unnerving at all!

Narsai's eyes follow the fight, the injuries inflicted on all, but Hadrix's sudden surge of action has her leaning forwards and shaking her head. "I swear someone needs to just stencil 'injury prone' across Hadrix...and Sumi for that matter...and...yeah, most of them."

Drawn into the battle deeper by bloodlust, Aja turns towards the Hyenax that are left, just in time to have one launch itself at her. The pair hir the dirt, rolling in the sands as claws and teeth tear and shred. Hisses, growls, then a sharp yelp and the rolling about is done. Aja rises up from the floor of the arena, more spots of blood showing after the down and dirty fight with the canid. She yanks her sword from out of the hyenax, flicking it clean with a lash of her tail. "OYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Karys is really not happy she's missing so much because on top of that she's bleeding and that in of itself is not pleasant one iota. Drip. Drip. Drip. She is going to have words about this pit fight. Why are they here? Are there credits involved? she One would hope because its not exactly enjoyable. She switches about and as the goon goes down the numbers are finally sliding into their favor even as one tries to take another chunk out of her. "GET OFF!"

One of the Hyenix's attacks and the swift King of Drik dodges, spinning around for the coutner strike and cutting the slick beast in twain. He turns and swings at another, but the slight bleeding he's suffered at the two Woodoo pecks has slowed him down slightly allowing for the beast to move out of the way of the large wookiee weapon. <<"Is this all?">> He asks as only two remain.

"GROM WILL START BY PUNCHING THAT ONE," the Houk decides, completely on his own and independant of the fact that Kasia just directed him to do that precise thing. A big double hammerfist drawn back and smashing down on the Hyenax, crushing the fangly beast into the ground in a broken pile. He tries to leap toward the next furry foe to repeat the attack, but he misjudges the distance, and falls very, very short. Instead of landing with an awesome smash, he must hop forward once, then- as the hyenax moves further away- Grom is forced to run after the still unsmashed enemy. "Stop running so Grom can land on you!" Grom does not speak Mando'ade. Grom does not know Mando'ade is even a language. So when he bellows, "Oh yay, man-grenade!" in a misremembered mimicry of something shouted by his teammates previously, while waddling after a fleeing hyenax, it is doubly surreal.

She might not be be down in the pits with her clan, but that doesn't mean that Evennia Kora isn't supporting them, and the others that she's called ally from time to time. She's in what she likes to call Business Armor, the fancy monochrome dress that she wears when not actively trying to murder people with anything but her looks and charm.

"Woooooooo! Go Rotworms!" she yells out, pulling a flare out of... somewhere, and waving it wildly over her head. "Show those Nightmares who really needs to be afraid!"

Because there's two kinds of supporters in a fight like this. The kind that worry about you, and the kind that want to see you do something stupid but awesome. Guess which kind Evie is?


The Mando settles into a hover just above the ground and segues to landing gingerly. Her jetpack? Red hot and orange around its vents from extended use, and the coolant pipes begins to glaze over with frost as the pack is flushed and produces a sudden loud sibilant hissing noise! Charging ahead without waiting for the coolant to take effect, Sumi keeps her weapon at an angled alert while madly charging toward the last two Hyenax. She passes by Dhr'rall screaming in a monotone helmeted version of <"AHHHHHHHHHHH!"> That sounded more like Eeyore said it, before she just stops, shoulders huffing. <"Rekk it.. running ain't for me. WOO! Ugh..breath Sumi."> She lowers her weapon, chicken-winging the buttstock under her arm, her other hand goes to her hip comically, clearly out of breath.

Meanwhile the final two Hyenax circle the Rotworms and come back for a mad dash. The crowd is already, absolutely going insane. With all the Nightmare Fuel team in shambles, unless these Hyenax are on some sort of hyped up adrenal, this may be it!

Injury prone!? That's Liquid Victory pouring out of Hadrix Kora this day! Why? Because he drinks POWERTHIRST! It's energy for Mandos! MANERGY!!! It comes in many flavors, like STABLET! SHANK-BISH! And GUN!

But no gun from Hadrix this day. He is still moving at full tilt, sword up as he charges and perhaps inspired by Sumi's performance in days past... and because it hasn't happened today, but he -IS- in a sexy leather armor skirt...

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Hadrix charges! Majestic! Tromping! Blood soaked and dripping! The Plan Besh of Kora! His blade skewers a hyenex and casts it into the air over his shoulder before he falls upon the back of the next, slamming the pommel into the back of its skull until it stops moving.

And then finally he stands, holding the poor beast by the scruff, screaming for the roaring crowd.

Holy Drek?! Is that his -SON-!?

It is done, finally it is over. His torso is a mess, such a hot mess from such small wounds! He does not understand it! Though Dhr'rall understands the beak damage, metal reinforced... maybe he should get metal fangs!! His head shakes, and he raises the blaster rifle up over his head in victory for the crowd. His clawed paws sweep out to ensure that the crowd is indeed entertained. For a little flourish, he makes it complete with full on Togorian battle roar at the end to startle the hell out of unexpecting arena watchers.

Kasia keeps her blaster in hand as the last of the targets are felled, only relaxing when the last one is down. "Well done, Grom. You proved that you were the worthier foe," she says to the Houk cheerfully. She slides the blaster back into the holster and lets out a breath, then glances down to the arm that was almost bitten. Her nose crinkles. "I have hyenax drool on my arm," she complains, though it could be a lot worse. Her arm could have been bitten off, then there'd be a lot more drool on that arm. "Gross."

Grom sees the body of a hyenax flung up into the air, and.. well, he's Grom. The excitable moron sprint-waddles toward the lifeless remains of the airborne attack animal, catching it for some reason, and then getting even more excited. "GROM BALL. TEN POINTS," he declares, before hurling the furry corpse back at Hadrix. Only once it is in the air does he remember that he forgot to tell Hadrix to catch. ...Also Hadrix's name. "LITTLE HUMAN," will have to do as warning. "Oh, Grom should be more specific-" too late.

Roth is quiet and watching for the moment, but she gives a look to Kar and Narsai as she gives a smile. "I'll be right back to get the little one. Need to hit the refresher." she murmurs as she stands, heading towards one of the exits quietly.

"So we won." Terek says, before he holsters his blaster. Well, this decidedly went way better than the last time he entered a combat arena, where he nearly died within the first second of the match. He's pretty happy with this outcome. He'll still need to get medpacked, though. Because those claws still found purchase in his chest.

Aja wipes her sword off on the body of one of the fallen Woodoo's and slides it into the sheathe. Bloodied but victorious, she lifts both hands to the sky, "PARJAI! We need skraan'ikase!" Forget the fact that she's still injured, its time to EAT and DRINK!

As the last of the rabid dogs are downed, Karys lowers her gun slowly back to her side and narrows her gaze. She reaches up to pop off her helmet to catch her breath when she watches Hadrix and Grom. Sharp blue eyes just sorta stare for a long moment as she glances down at her weathered and battered self as the crowd goes wild. Its definitely a different sort of feeling and she can not deny the curl of her lip upwards to one side to dimple her cheek. She lifts her helmet into the air and give sit a wave as her smile grows further. Infectious. That is what the crowd his and she turns about, thrusting both hands into the air. One with her blaster and the other with her helmet. ROTWORMS! Okay..she finally gets it.

Sajin shoulders his blade and looks towards the crowd as Hadrix send the Hyenax flying... poor Buckets lost all his money and his honeys, now destitute with likely several bookies lookign for their pay that Sajin will have to fend off or pay off later tonight.

Sajin sighs and turns towards Grom and the others walking towards them at a meandering pace.

"No rush," Narsai nods to the departing Roth. "I think he's having fun after all!" Probably anyway, laughter was good, right?

Back to the fight in its final triumphant moments, there's a cheer from Narsai, intermingled and lost in the crowd thanks to considerations of little ears in volume, but she's there none the less!

So classy. A high-born Kuati in all her glory. Except not. "That's my boys!" A pause. "And girls!" They're all her boys, really. It's a mental throwback to her days of being in the First Order, where all the pilots under her were her flyboys! There's a good solid two, maybe three minutes of the kind of cheering that will leave one's voice hoarse in the morning...

...until Evie's flare goes out. Then she looks at it in utter betrayal, giving a dejected little, "Aww. It's a dud." before tossing the thing away.