Log:Rebel Yell(and friends) Rescues an Old Friend Part 2

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Rebel Yell finds Gren's old friend, they get her the hell off of Rodia. The Rodian Navy takes issue.

OOC Date: January 13, 2016 (Optional)
Location: Rodia, and Rodian High Orbit
Participants: Gren Delede, Sar Yavok, Lofty,Kelnas, Sabella Lockheart, Kelnas, Ascalon, Quinn Ca'lio, Ax, Qadira Suuryet, Rontu Aru, Rebel Yell, Waywards

When we left our intrepid heroes, there was some general fighting in the air above the compound, but Rebel Yell's 'troops' have breached the interior, and

must begin their search for the target A-wing, and whatever other Rebel Alliance treasures that they can rescue. The mercs are sure to be a bit more

organized in their defence, now that a Carrack isn't bombarding them, and a freighter isn't landing on their heads.

The main entrance to the base is a long open corridor,and it has been used as a storage area to some degree, with stacked pallets, and equipment to move

them lining the walls. Most of this is being used by cover for the arriving defenders. The attackers are going to have to move up fast, or be slaughtered.

Sar Yavok takes a look around the courtyard and nods to his gathered crew, saying, "Alright. If anyone's fit to move, come on." He jerks his head towards

the open corridor and begins moving that way. Upon entrance, he's immediately fired upon from multiple angles. Luckily, the commander ducks and weaves in

such a way that he manages to continue unscathed, even managing to send a shot from his F-11 into one of the Crimson Blades' head.

Ascalon is far more focused on finding a hole than actually shooting back. Right now his processing cycles are dedicated to calculating the most efficient

way to avoid getting to shot to pieces with their already damaged forces. A single hand raises, indicating he is both in cover and intact once he breaches

the corridor.

Gren Delede wasn't going to let his comrades do all the fighting, considering this is his cause. But, he isn't exactly cut out for tanking his way through a

doorway. He's usually quicker than this, but as he's stepping into the corridor, he's struck in the side by a blaster bolt by a Rodian merc. He staggers,

and fires a pair of quick shots toward the most obvious muzzle flash. The first shot merely wounds, while the second manages to finish what the original hit

started. Dead Rodian smells worse than live Rodian. "I'm dead, goddamnit. I'm dead already..." He bitches, as he sags, following as best he can, trying to

use Sar as a meatshield.

The defenders are already handful of soldiers down, but they do not seem as if they're on the verge of surrender, anytime soon. They continue to hunker down

behind the boxes full of who knows what, likely old military gear, and focus on picking off the approaching Rebel Yellers.

Sar Yavok continues marching down the hallway, reaching behind him to tug Gren forward a bit and doing his best to make sure he's a bigger target than his

pilot buddy. Thankfully, it works, as he catches a blaster bolt that essentially serves to just melt the finish on his shoulder plating. It does knock his

shot off target, though.

Lofty the Talz calls out "Medic!" as Gren is hit by blaster fire. Spotting cover ahead in the corridor, the shaggy beast hustles forward, but not fast

enough. A blaster bolt grazes his arm and he howls. His own shot flies wide, hitting a barricade.

Ascalon makes it to the closest thing to a sufficient barricade his scanners pick up, crouching behind it and raising up from that position to take a single

shot that catches one of the mercenaries in the throat. He then begins scanning for another target, though he keeps an eye on his more fleshy compatriots.

For his part, Gren remains close to Sar, using his larger friend as cover, and leaning out only to fire a pair of shots. One of which takes most of the face

off of a Crimson Blade, while the other burns a hole in the arm of his companion. "Damnit. This bloody stings. Keep moving up. Think of something, this is

not going well." His voice is pained, and he focuses on moving forward with Sar.

There is still a hail of blaster fire burning down the corridor at the Yellers, but it is noticeably slackening. Still, the big boxes of likely military

equipment make really decent cover for the defenders. There are atleast a dozen sentients left firing at them, and shouts in Rodian can be heard over the


Above the compound, where the Lost Soul does its thing, things have quieted down somewhat. But these things never really last, do they? In the distance, a

trio of starfighters have appeared, and they are coming in as quickly as they can. Their electronic signatures would indicate that they're a pair of old

model Y-wings, along with a Tie Interceptor, of all things, flying a solo escort. It would suggest they are Crimson Blades, considering their frequent use

of surplus Galactic Civil War hardware. They appear to be on an intercept course with the Carrack.

Sar Yavok flattens himself against the wall as a bolt flies his way, pressing Gren into the wall, as well. He fires a quick reaction shot back down range,

venting the mercenary's head. A quick scan around the area and he shouts, "Lofty! Find new cover! Now!"

Lofty the Talz notices the 'EXPLOSIVES' demarcation on the crate he is hiding behind. The Talz gets up and flees from it, finding another box some ways

away. "Do not blow it up! Explosion bigger in small hallway!" He fires his rifle at the dug-in mercenaries.

Ascalon keeps down, lifting his pistol only the once to fire a single shot. Although it seems to be less lethal than his previous handiwork, reducing the

number of combatants is almost always a good thing. Its a risk, showcasing his abilities, but the 'droid builder' would rather not have to upload himself

again, and these Rebel Yell chaps seem like nice enough folks. His head pokes up for just long enough to finish the initial battlefield scans he had been

creating. "Sar. Uploading data to your comlink. Safest flanking routes, blind spots, gaps in enemy fusillade. Reccomend redistribution of forces based on

newly gathered information." The voice is colder than usual, as if its a native calling to the droid. No affected emotion, simply cold rationale.

Sabella Lockheart has found herself in this hallway with the rest and on top of that getting shot at. Her shoulder where the first hit is bloody, and she

shifts slightly as a few rounds get a bit to close to comfort as the bad guys are returning fire once more. One more round manages to tag her arm an there

is a slight hissing yelp heard while she finds herself trying to become one with the wall a bit more. "I'm not trying to complain... But... Any ideas would

be awsome now." Honestly she doesn't want to get shot again.

Rontu Aru's eye's widen, not in excitement as usual, but out of suprise and fear as this sensors ding out it's warning. He touches the headset he wears and

with an over excited warning in a shakey tone says, "We've got incoming! Three inbound and closing fiast!" He looks at his possition and tries to calculate

the best place to put the shields on the ship to best serve those below against any above fire. The Lost Soul begins to move over the compound.

Kadi is busy in engineering, but she's had a bit of a break. "I hear ya, Rontu, we're stable down here, so you should have all the juice you need. Let me

know if there's anything else. Can we provide cover?" She moves to see if she can squeeze a little more power to the shields, making sure they're ship shape

and ready for anything. There's a spot of grease on her cheek, and another on the back of her left hand, but Kadi is in her element.

Quinn Ca'lio tucks the warm metal of her blaster against her forearm as she struggles to slip behind one of the crates that, thankfully, isn't explosive.

She glances over, trying to get a read on Sabella. "Fuck," the girl grunts and chances a quick scramble to get next to Sabella. "You okay?" she asks in a

hiss, holding her gun up and at ready. "Shit, that looks like it hurts," Quinn says to the other girl as she tries to hover close and shield Sabella.

Gren manages to keep his feet, and avoid getting blasted again, while putting another of the defending mercs down with a shot from his Bryar. When he hears

Sar yelling for Lofty to move, there is a glance in that direction, and he fights the urge to cover his eyes. "Fuck." He isn't terribly stupid. He gets it.

He cmakes himself smaller behind Sar.

The defenders numbers have dwindled to nine, or so...but they can maintain a blistering fire, nonetheless. Still, they are dying much faster than the people

attacking, and morale is likely not going to last much longer. There is a loud crash of a heavy metal object being dropped from around a bend at the end of

the corridor, but otherwise, not much has changed...here.

The pair of Y-wings seem to be focued on the Carrack, rather the courtyard that it has positioned itself to protect. They each launch a pair of torpedos at

the large ship, while the former Imperial squint flies high cover for them, and does its best to avoid defensive fire that might comes its way. The

Wishbones are much slower to manuever, of course. But they continue to engage as best they can.

Sar Yavok grabs Gren by the collar and essentially throws his partner towards some cover before barking, "I want some suppressing fire on that position

right goddamn now!" His rifle is slung over his shoulder and he ducks and weaves his way to the crate of explosives, taking a moment to catch his breath as

he gets behind it. He exhales a few quick bursts of air and jams his shoulder into the crate, his armored feet digging into the floor as he pushes the heavy

container closer and closer to the barricade.

Lofty the Talz remains behind cover. When Sar Yavok starts pushing the crate of explosives toward the enemy barricade, the rotund white alien pops up and

fires several shots at the barricade, giving covering fire for Sar's suicidal attempt. "Cover! Cover!"

Ascalon fires a single shot, but this one goes wide. In Ascalon's databanks he labels this as 'suppressive fire'. Yes, we'll go with that. Sar seems to have

some sort of plan, so for now he is content to fade in the background and wait for the forward advance push. For all of his failure at his current shot

however, he does at least manage to avoid any return fire.

Sabella Lockheart glances to Quinn slightly as she catches sight of her moving closer. There is a pause and then a sharp yelp escaping her while another

shot slams into her. "What the hell?!" Is snapped out while she is doing her best to just break right down at the moment. Though don't ask her to shoot

anything seeing how both arms are hit. "Remind me to stay on the ship next time.." Is muttered out to Quinn while she grips onto her blaster a bit tightly.

For all she knows that shot bounced off something but it doesn't matter!

Rontu Aru watches the missels launched from the Y-wings heading towards him and the ship. Grabbing the yoke tightly, with no time to think, he rolls the

ship up and over the incoming. The explotion below him jar the ship hard, but causes no damage. His attempt to shield the ground crew now off and the Tie

Interespter still above him. "Kadi! Shields at full above us. Get em topside at full strength!" He evens the ship out, leveling her off. They got the jump

but they didn't get the edge. The ship begins to rise at an excelorated speed.

Kadi blinks at Rontu's request, cause that was not what she was expecting. "But - the guys be- Okay, on it," she returns, on the comm, before she skidaddles

across engineering to raise power to the topside shields, instead of the other ones. This takes a bit, unfortunately, and might not get done in time.

There's some beeping from the droids, and Kadi glares at Lily. "I am not slower than Rolly Turkins, you take that back, Lily."

~ The Specter, Ax's personal TIE/ad, had been providing ground support fire until threats reached space. When the Lost Soul is fired upon, he

throttles to full, bringing one of the fastest fightercraft ever produced to full speed, screaming towards the opposing Y-wings. The ships was as agile as

it was fast, and the man easily avoids fire and obstacles as he strafes one of the Y-wings with the quad of fire-linked laser cannons, completely

obliterating the Y-wing's shields. "Bet that got your attention, ya bastard," Ax says. He then keys up the comms to the Lost Soul. "Aru, kick this pig and

hit hyper. We'll meet at base. You can outrun all but the Interceptor, and it's not even a threat unless it tries to ram you. I think the job of the Soul is

done for now. Last thing we need is a price on our heads from the Rodian government." There's a slight pause. "Kadi, pick out a nice dress, dinner in the

clouds after this, and make sure Adder eats something."

Quinn Ca'lio grits her teeth and follows Sabella, keeping close. "Get behind me," she commands and pops up to fire a blast back at their attackers. She

grins at a hit. "Seriously. You're going to get /killed/," she continues as she gets hit on the side just below her rib cage. "/Fuck/," Quinn snaps and

starts to fire and hopefully distract from Sar's movements.

The mercs are dropping like flies, and are too dug in to cover to get any idea of what Sar is planning. However, they continue to hoist their weapons over

their makeshift barricade, sending hot plasma towards the gathered soldiers, as well as a string of curses in more than a few different alien languages.

The skies above are heating up, however. One of the Y-Wing's shields has been obliterated, leading the shaken pilot to divert course from the Carrack.

Unlike his cowardly compatriot, however, the Interceptor is closing hot on Ax's six.

Sar Yavok finally manages to smash the explosives crate up against the barricade he slides down to the floor. Being a badass is hard work, after all. He

moves to a crouches position and bolts up, running back towards his men, "Fire! Hit the-" He's caust in the shoulder by a wayward blaster bolt that sends

him tumbling. He begins crawling along the ground and resumes shouting, "Fire at the crate! Now!"

Lofty the Talz has his orders! He pops up, aiming with his H-11 blaster rifle, and pops off a shot as Sar Yavok lolls around on the ground. Then the giant

alien ducks behind his crate and closes his eyes, waiting for the BOOM.

Ascalon compartmentalizes, crouching into the lowest amount of space he can before the explosion resolves itself, popping out with pistol still at the ready

only when the detonation has run its course. "No hostile lifesigns detected. Sweeping room for valuable salvage." The droid walking with an almost casual,

ethereal gate, the jacket and hood not even singed as the droid walks about, sweeping the room in case anything of value or importance has been missed.

Sabella Lockheart swallows slightly and glances to Quinn, about to say something before the gunner is hit now. "Hey... You alright?" Though that is about

all she gets out when the explosion happens. She turns her head, eyes closing tight as she os her best to try and hide so to speak from things going bada

boom... Though in the end of it she can't escape it, new throbbing dull pain in her side and she coughs out even.

Rontu Aru nods to his Captain's order, "Roger Captain, departure in five." The thrust upward continues as he plots a hyper drive course to base. His

attention falls on his sensors and he touches his comlink headset, "Captain, you've got company on your six. Hyper drive course set and ready to engage. We

outta here." Stars begin to shine in through the window and the boy call to Kadi, "Engage the engines, we're going into hyper drive."

There's a chuckle from Kadi, at Ax's request. "Okay, but you have to dress up too, Ax," is her reply. Adder thankfully is not in engineering, cause that

would probably cause a droid riot. The shields now set, she hits the buttons for the hyper drive, giving Rontu the power he needs to get gone. "And Rontu,

that five should be down to three, right? On three, hyper drives engaging."

~ "Roger, thanks for the heads up," Ax says as he lines up for another strafe on the Y-wing he'd pummeled previously. The Interceptor wasn't being

ignored, but was less of a threat to his crewmates than the other Y-wing was. Still though, the Echani pilot began flying in a manner that would make him

difficult to hit at least, relying on his instincts in the cockpit to guide him.

"M'fine," Quinn insists as she leans to start blasting bolts towards the crate and then the nice folks attacking. She pulls back and sucks in a deep breath.

She winces at the explosion and drags herself more behind cover and ducks her head down.

KA-BOOM! The large crate full of explosives goes off like a charm, tearing through the barricade and sending shrapnel flying towards friend and foe alike! A

few Rebels get hit, but thankfully for them, there's no more mercenaties left alive to take advantage of that.

Ax is a making progress in the sky, as well, having shot down one of the opposing Y-Wings. The TIE Interceptor is staying hot on his tail, though, firing

barrage after barrage in an attempt to bring the Echani down. Unfortunately the leader of the Waywards is too nimble a foe to go down so easily.

Sar Yavok is caught in the explosion, but through some twist of fate, he manages to survive unharmed. The grizzled commander rolls over onto his back and

sits up, looking around. He stands up slowly and calls out, "Alright. So that's done. Let's keep moving."

Sar leads the group further into the compound until the source of the loud metallic thunk that had been heard earlier: a large, thick durasteel door that's

doing a damn fine job of blocking their way into the hangar beyond it.

Lofty the Talz is pretty beat up. He examines his left arm, which is singed by a blaster bolt, and rises from cover to follow Sar. "Uh. Door?" The four-eyed

alien looks around for a keypad of some sort.

Ascalon also studies the door, attempting to remotely interface with whatever door locking mechanism or protocol governs the door. The droid runs through a

series of encryption keys to bypass the security lock. It is not to be though and the droid steps back, determining to either try another approach or see if

anyone else has a better idea.

Sabella Lockheart will follow along though honestly not from the thought of helping when i comes to using one blaster at he moment. She eyes the door

slightly while glaning behind them a moment more. This is someone else's department at the momnt so she'll keep an eye behind them and the like while she


Rontu Aru holds tight, "...two, one..." He hits the switch and the ship is gone from sight. His ears pop as the sublight speed is reached, and the ship

presurizes for space travel. The boy opens his mouth in a forced yawn and he holds his nose for a moment. The stars are lines across the window. He looks at

the sensors to see if they are being followed.

Kadi moves to her own sensor readouts, once the soul stabilizes in hyper. "All systems are green so far," she reports to Rontu, letting the pilot know.

Meanwhile she too scans to see if she can see anyone or anything following them. The petite engineer has a bit of a frown on her face, looking a bit

worried. Her shoulders hunch for a moment, then Lily beeps at her, and Kadi sighs. "I'm sure he'll be okay too, Lily."

~ "Be safe, baby," Ax says as he launches a missile towards the remaining Y-wing, then goes to do an insane maneuver to end up behind the Interceptor.

The roll though didn't compensate for the maneuvers of the other TIE and wings scrape together. Neither ship damaged, but both thrown off a bit and Ax's

attack doesn't pan out to much more than the rub. A bit of paint scraped, that's about it. Even ace pilots do stupid things from time to time. "Holy hell!"

Ax says. "Kadi's gonna kill me."

Despite Ascalon's best efforts, the door remains shut. It's gonna take a little bit more effort than that, Robocop.

Back to the sky! Despite Ax's deft manuevering, the TIE pilot isn't gonna go down so easy. The trained Rodian fighter jockey, jams his yoke backwards and

ends up behind Ax, sending a few lasers screaming towards the Captain's fancy fighter.

Gren is slow to catch up to the group, as the explosion knocked him off his feet, and managed to cut him up, and burn off a bit of his hair. He semi-

staggers up, takes a deep breath, and looks at the door. "Big damned door. You'd best get through it, robo-dick." He's hurt, and pissed, and tired. His

nicknames need some work. He leans on Sar, if he's able. "How's everyone holdin' up?" His question is loud, as he might be a little deaf now. He looks at

everyone, doing some ocular patting down.

Sar Yavok unslings his rifle from his shoulder and looks the hallway over, "That was pretty cool, huh?" He grins to the rest of them and looks Gren over,

"You feeling alright, bud? You took a rough one."

Ascalon is silent, continuing to work through various encyryption codes. One of them does click the door, and Ascalon looks back. "You may wish to take

cover." He notes clinically as he rolls to the nearest high stacking of crates and takes cover. "Mr. Delede, kindly pick a smaller band of mercenaries to

retrieve your relic fighter from next time."

Once that large door opens, it is apparent that the entrance corridor hooks right up to a large hangar, and heavy equipment storage area. There are a number

of fighters, mostly old Alliance models, scattered about the area in various states of disrepair. There also happen to be a handful of intact fighters that

appear to be in the process of being scrambled, now that the Carrack locking the area down has disappeared. Flight crews dodge around the chaos, while the

few surviving ground pounders are setting up defensive positions in various corridors that lead off to living quarters and the like. But, shining like a

beacon to one of the Rebel Yellers...an old blue and white A-wing sits assembled, but unpowered. Fuel cables are attached, and a pair of techs race around

it, looking frustrated. A furry pilot is shouting orders at them in Shistaeven(or cursing) from a few meters away.

Sabella Lockheart isn't feeling that great right now, but you won't be hearing her complain about it right now. "I'm great." Though she doesn't honestly

look like it at the moment. The doors open and she peers inside slightly blinking as she takes in everything there. "Nice A-wing." Yeah well that is what

she was looking at seeing how there is a bunch of people running around it so it caught her atention.

~Ax had been getting cocky and overconfident. The brush with the other TIE though had startled him a bit and he hadn't quite gotten his groove back as quick

as the other pilot had. The Rodian got Ax in his sites and even with his strong instincts, the Echani pilot was slow to move out the way of the blast. His

ship is rocked as shields flare up in an electric blue arc as lasers hit pretty hard. "Alright, you fucker..." Ax says as he maneuvers the Specter into position and opens fire, sending a barrage of laser fire towards the unshielded

interceptor. Poor Rodian.

Kelnas trots up to the group from the courtyard now. The Wroonian loking none the worse for wear aside from a light blaster burn across the back of the

legs. Hearing Gren he calls out in a chipper tone. "Just peachy Big guy. Man that was a big boom." As the doors open, he lets out a low whistle and heads

for the nearest unclaimed cover.

The Tie Interceptor's pilot was good, but yes...his ship just wasn't quite up to snuff...but with that last attack...he could've been in a B-wing, and he

would've been fragged. The solar panels tear off of the squint, and the cockpit disappears. The sky is clear. For the moment.

Within the hangar, most of the techs don't seem to notice the door open, and aside from a few blaster bolts directed in its direction, the defenders seem to

be more worried about fortifying, and planning a counter attack than merely charging headlong into these unexpected visitors. Still...

"Nice A-wing? Oh, doll. That's the finest ship in the galaxy...." His reply to Sar goes unspoken, as Gren has seen the light of his life. The candle in his

wind. His soulmate. Last Call. He is exploded, and battered, and burnt...but the pilot levels his blaster at the wolfman pilot, and pulls the trigger twice,

before jogging toward the starfighter. The first kills him outright. Messily. Singed fur. Yum. "C'mon, pretty wrench...we gotta get her started." This is to

Sab, as he hurries off. And maybe someone can -cover- them. The two techs turn at the sound of close blaster fire, looking terrified.

Sar Yavok slides the Defender out of his holster and levels it at the opposing force, "Everybody, concentrate fire on the defenders!" He squeezes the

trigger twice and blows a technician's head clean off, wounding another.

The Commander moves to duck behind cover, getting a better idea of his surroundings as shouts to Gren, "She still as pretty as you remeber, you old


Lofty the Talz hustles after Gren as the old human runs to his A-Wing. He kneels behind some supply crates and machinery and pops off two blaster rounds at

the defenders. "Watch out!"

Ascalon scans wide, trying to pick out some of the more expensive offerings. But it is a firefight, so with the pressure of dramatically tilting and

shifting weight just so to avoid blaster bolts and putting a single shot of his down the line, hitting one of the defenders in the jaw. Ascalon apparently

is tired of this taking so damn long.

Sabella Lockheart actually seems a bit amused as she hears Gren. "Right." Is offered while she follows him over towards the said A-wing, and really hoping

no one shoots her in the time being. Her blaster is put away though seeing how she needs her hands for working on the ship to get her going after all.

Looking up as a gravely wounded Gren charges out followed by a seriously injured Sabella, Kelnas lets a bit of a giggle slip past his lips before he pops

out of cover. As far as it goes "OI! FUCKERS!" probably isn't the most memorable of battle cries as the middle-ish aged Wroonian swipes at a running tech.

Missing the man by a hair, Kelnas keeps moving. Another gets a pile-driver of a left hook to the sternum with a satisfying crunch. Pivoting on a toe like a

ballistic ballet dancer, the man lifts himself into a handstand of sorts and a third is kicked in the face. down but not dead. Kelnas continues the motion,

coming to his feet once more and bumping into another fleeing tech who is unphased.

The Wroonian assault, combined with blaster fire, a Shistaeven corpse that is smoking and smoldering, and the like, has led to a lull in the actual

fighting. The defenders still fire, but it is more difficult to get a good shot, considering the chaos in the hangar. Scattered around the area are more

pallets of equipment, and even a handful of forklifts used to move such pallets. One of them is already loaded down with who know's what, while the others

stand empty.

Gren, for his part, is not standing idle. He is hurrying around the A-wing, inspecting it, ogling it, trying to get an idea why the ship was being worked

on. He climbs up the ladder, looks down into the cockpit, and tilts his head, closing his eyes, as if in thought. He snaps his bloodied fingers, sways on

his feet, and turns to shout at Sabella. "The port engine is showing a warning light, won't launch without a bypass... Bastard sensor might just be burnt

out. These fucks haven't taken care of her. Just reach in under the cowling, feel around, and yank the thick ridged wire out....I think." He still remembers

how to bypass stupid sensors. While he waits, he climbs into the cockpit, and sighs happily. A single fist raises in the air for the crew to see. Victory.

Even if he dies. Victory.

Sar Yavok hops up onto the crate that he's taking shelter behind and fires the heavy, boomingly loud F-11D into the air, shouting, "Hey, assholes! How many

more of you bastards do we gotta kill before you realize that you don't fuck with Rebel Yell!?" Another party pop into the ceiling. "We got a pretty little

Echani fellah flying around outside who's getting ready to level this place, so how about you just get your asses out of here?"

The commander drops down off of the crate and begins walking towards the hoverlift that's loaded down with GCW weapons and equipment and climbs into the

driver's seat. "Lofty, Kel; if any of 'em are smart enough to run, let 'em run. Otherwise, cut 'em down." The Commander operates the panel and grabs the

wheel, starting the machine. Unfortunately, he ends up bumping into another lift on his way towards the hall. "Dammit all."

Lofty the Talz waits a moment with his rifle raised, seeing what happens after Sar's play. It seems to work... a little bit. He waddles over to a crate and

moves to grab it.

Ascalon too attempts to search the place, but his optics appear to be malfunctioning or just won't penetrate the crates. So instead he goes looking and

finds a surly but still...persuadable load lifting droid, which he begins to load cargo on to. It doesn't matter if it bitches constantly in binary, as long

as it obeys. "I think we have our backup plan." Sabella Lockheart tests her Repair skill at a 90 difficulty.

Sabella Lockheart is looking at the fighter, this would be a first time she's been able to actually touch a A-wing honestly, though how different can they

be? She glances up to Gren and nods while she moves over to the port side and goes about looking within before she is reaching under the cowling and tries

to find the wire in question, which will take a few moments as she isn't moving too well right now. That wire is found and she pulls, yanks and tugs upon it

until the wire is pulled out, and for good measures put back where it belongs as she got the right angle to see what was up with it. "Alright, try it now!"

Is called up to Gren as she moves back a few steps. ' Hearing Sar, Kelnas pauses. fist wrapped in a handful of Techie shirt and fist upraised in the process of punching the man, the Wroonian quietly releases

the man's uniform and gently pats him on the shoulder, straightening the tecchie's shirt, he smiles and steps past the man, patting him on the bum on the

way bay. "Want me to drive oh fearless leader?"

The defenders, for the most part, are running the fuck away, after the thrashing they've received...and after Sar's threat. Those ships that have been

prepping start to make for the hangar doors, and begin to zip into the sky. The crates on Ascalon's droid's back, and the one that Lofty grabbed might be

all that you're going to get, if Sar's can't drive.

Gren is overjoyed in the cockpit of his A-wing, as the warning light goes off. He shouts out of the bubble canopy, as it starts to slide closed..."Get the

fuck clear, Wrench. Back to the Jawa, everyone. I'm going to fuck these fucks up for fucking up my baby!" The repulsors snap on, as he flips a switch, and

the starfighter lifts off her skids. He slews it around with some torque on the rudder pedal, and the nose is brought to bear on a cluster of retreating

mercs as, and a burst of laser fire goes over their heads, tearing a chunk of rubble out of the ceiling. Further rotating of the Last Call, and he's got a

bead on another Y-wing that is taking to the air, rather slowly. He pulls the trigger, and neatly perforates the bomber's cockpit, sending it crashing to

the hangar floor. This might not be the safest thing to be doing, with his comrades in the vicinity. But he's hype. A moment later, and the powerful engines

thrum online, and he shoots out of the bay, and into the sky, where he'll hopefully wait for Jawa to launch.

Sar Yavok continues to smack the forklift into things in a style best described as Austin Powers-esque, so he decides to hop off of the vehicle, undo the

straps holding the crate in place, and lug the heavy box off of the machine, where he'll then resign to pushing it down the hallway, on the way back to the

Jawa. "En route to the ship, Delede. Keep those pretty skies clear."

Lofty continues waddling toward the exit with a massive crate in his paws. He grunts at the exertion. He's a wounded Talz! He pauses along the way, picking

up discarded weapons from the dead mercenaries they managed to drop at the first barricade.

Sabella Lockheart nods as she hears Gren and is turning around ehading back the way they all came before he is firing off on another ship. "Bloody hell."

She wonders if they will get out of this honestly. There is only a moment to pause and she points to Lofty offering to carrying a few of them weapons before

she is making a beeline to the Jawa, the rest is totally out of her hands now.

Ascalon makes a beeline for the jawa and the upper turret, which he immediately brings online and jacks himself into. The turret and the ship was never

designed to interface with him, but apparently the two systems get enough of a dialogue going that Ascalon sees the weave of code and targeting solutions

that provide far more value to his sight than mere visual scans. The droids turret spins to life and begins clearing the way for the Jawa's inevitable rise.

Taking up the rear, Kelnas keeps huis blaster handy as he guards the other people doing cargo lugging. because let's face it. Heavy lifting...Ew." Back in

the Jawa, he heads up and takes the co-pilots seat next to Sar.

The skies immediately over the compound are clear, except for Ax's Tie Advanced, and Gren's A-wing. Gren is heading for low orbit, and just a moment after

launch, he's calling into his comm. "Whats left of the Mercs and about a dozen Headhunters are tangling in orbit. Rodian Navy, looks like. Sure there'll be

more incoming. Let's get the hell out of here, Sar." He kicks the engines onto their highest setting, and tears ass through the atmosphere, leading the way

off this jungle planet.

Sar Yavok slides the heavy crate up the ramp of the Jawa and waits for Lofty to get on board, before he runs past the rest of the operation's crew and slips

into his chair, taking his helmet on and tossing it aside. The Commander reaches up and flips a few switches, the repulsor lifts humming to life. "Big Guy,

get that hatch closed." He quickly changes comm chanels and says, "Delde, we're clear for lift-off. Taking off in 3..2..1...Now."

Sar kicks the lift jets into full gear, but he's obviously forgotten how closely-packed the ship is in the courtyard, so he may or may not lose a little

pain. "Don't talk about it," he remarks to Kelnas.

Lofty the Talz waddles away into the courtyard, going up the YT-2400's ramp awkwardly and tossing the salvaged guns and the crate into a corner of the cargo

bay. "We go!" he says, slapping his paw on the CLOSE RAMP button and then squeezing himself into a turret. "We go!"

As allied vessels take to the sky, Ax calls out over the comms. "Get clear fast, guys. This is going to be a fucking mess." There's actually a

chuckle that's hear over the comms as he keys up his last loaded munition. Screaming towards the planet, he locks on with his targetting computer for the

landing field of the mercs. As soon as he gets a proper tone, he keys in the firing sequence and a bright blue orb fires out, then straight down from the

TIE/ad. A proton bomb is let loose and streaks to the ground. As the orb makes an impact, there's a huge explosion followed by a massive shockwave. What

fighters and ships were left on the ground were tossed like leaves in a windstorm. Windows are blown out for a kilometer in every direction. "Holy Hell!" Ax

screams as he'd flown a bit closer than he should have. His TIE is spun out of the atmosphere, nearly causing him to lose his lunch inside his helmet.

Fortunately, he'd skipped lunch and when the ship finally stopped spinning, he levels off. "Holy shit! I've never used one of those before!" Then he's

moving to take up Gren's wing position. "Let's get the hell out of here."

"Oh. Hell." Gren states bluntly, as he realizes what Axel is doing, and though he misses most of the aftermath, as he burns into orbit...that was not a

great sign. A trio of Headhunters break off from their pursuit of a fleeing Headhunter, and shift to intercept the A-wing, as it approaches. Delede could

easily outrun them, but that'd leave the Jawa as easy pickings, so he throws Last Call into a series of sharp manuevers designed to draw the focus of the

Rodian starfighters, and keep their interest. The Old Man might not be able to hit what he's aiming at, as he fires off a number of quick laser bursts

during the confusing melee...but he can fly. "I bloody well missed you, baby." The green-skinned pilotes don't come within a parsec of hitting the old

Alliance fighter, but they sure as heck don't quit trying, either. All around them, there are explosions, as the furball continues. A pair of larger sensor

contacts are visible on the boards of just about every ship in the vicinity, but there's no visual sign of the approaching vessels, just yet.

"Holy shit, Ax! Wait til we're further away! Goddamn it!" He kicks the engines into gear, quickly reaching the Jawa's surprising fast top speed. His jaw

tenses as a Headhunter moves into position behind them. He may not be the best pilot in the galaxy, but he's learned a few tricks, so he manages to stay out

of the small fighter's sights long enough for Ascalon to tear through through it's engines, sending it spiraling into the ground.

Lofty the Talz squeezes into a turret and wildly fires at one of the incoming headhunters. He misses!

Amidst the confusion, Kelnas leans back in the co-pilot's seat and giggles to himself. Baptising the Rollie cigarette, the blue skinned Wroonian just seems

to be enjoying the ride. as the blast goes off, he grins even wider. "That was AWESOME!"

Delede continues his dance with the the trio of Rodian Navy Z-95s, with a net positive result. The small, fast interceptor is hit with a smattering of fire

from the lead Rodian's triple laser cannon, but the A-wing's shield maintains cohesion, and doesn't collapse. "Yavok, if you get my ship blown up, I'm going

to be...well, not pissed. A little salty, maybe." The glee is evident in his voice, as he does the one job that he truly loves. He's a damned combat pilot,

and it shows. After a few more frantic evasive manuevers, he manages to catch one of his little pursuers napping, and launches one his precious concussion

missiles. It is a quick impact that leaves his pursuit at two fighters, and a collection of gas and debris and rapidly expanding Rodian. "That's two. Bloody

lucky you can't smell in space."

The two sensor contacts continue to grow closer, and the nearest is visible to the Jawa's sensors. A CR-90, much like Vanguard...but coming from the wrong

direction. It is still a distance out, but it's moving closer. Either out of vengeance or a desire to punch through the noose, a pair of Y-wings flying

Crimson Blade's colors and IFF IDs launch a pair of torpedos at the Jawa, and chug toward the freighter, though they won't catch her.

Of course they don't catch her, Sar's a pro. He ducks and weaves the ship in and out of the way of the torpedoes, until they eventually find new signatures

and go spiralling away towards them. "Yavok to Delede; closing in on the Vanguard."

And there she is. Sar's own personal pride and joy. The colossal 100-man CR-90 floating out in space, shining like a beacon and just being all-around

pretty. "Begin Hyperspace calculations. Gren to Corellia, Jawa to Coruscant and I'm taking the Vanguard to Nar Shaddaa." He taps a hyperspace route into the

naviation console and as he finishes, the Jawa has nearly closed in on the Rebel Yell's personal capital ship.

Lofty the Talz puts his radio headset on, firing at the Y-Wings chasing them. "Wishbone come for us! Shoot it!" he says over their communications frequency,

firing wildly at the incoming Y-Wings. A few shots barely engage their shields.

"I've got to do it all..." Gren complains over the comm, though with joy in his voice, and throws the A-wing into a tight spiral, avoiding a hail of laser

fire from the pair of Headhunters that are now on his six, but eating his dust, nonetheless. They'll be able to intercept the Jawa and Vanguard, if they

aren't dealt with...but he has time. Last Call is still spiraling when Delede is able intercept the Y-wing that's trailing Jawa, and walk fire from his dual

laser cannons up its starboard engine pod. Its shields drop, and the pylon sheers off, sending both pieces of ship flying in opposite directions. The

Rodian's wingman is vaporized by timely fire from Ascalon's turret, as well.

Sar Yavok reaches up and flips a few more switches, opening a connection between the Vanguard and the Jawa. The Commander taps a few commands into his

console and the docking ring of the CR-90 lights up. Steady maneuvering lines the 2400's docking ring up with the capital ship and the two ships clunk

together in a manner that satisfies Sar to no end. "Kelnas, take the helm."

Sar bolts his way through the Jawa, moving to throw himself through the docking ring and into the Vanguard. A few quick commands are entered into the panel

and the ships break apart. "On board the Vanguard, moving to take the helm. Let's get out of here, boys. We've done damn good."

Lofty is still blazing away with the turret as they dock. BRAP BRAP BRAP. The top turret of the YT-2400 spits mad lasers, tearing apart an incoming fighter

as they move to undock.

Last Call's pilot cuts all forward momentum, and spins the ship, still coasting in the reverse direction. The lone remaining Headhunter chasing him, still

firing away without much luck is spit right into his crosshairs. After a burst of ranging fire, his second series of shots is able to rip puncture some

important piece of equipment, and send the older design to an early, and explosive grave. "And, for the moment, friends and neighbors, we're clear.

Appreciate your help in reuniting us. Delede. Out." The A-wing's hyperdrive course is finally plotted, and it disappears in a burst of light, followed

closely by the Jawa, on a different heading. The capital ships of the Rodian Navy are quickly cleaning up what scraps remain of the Crimson Blades in their


"Take it easy, friend," Sar remarks to Gren as the Last Call and Jawa jump to hyperspace. His console rings out as his own calculation and he jams the

levers forward, the big ship lurching forward as it starts goin' real real fast.