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So begins the slow camera panning down to see a street with buildings on each side. So rises the small rockets of confetti, exploding into multi-colored hues that catch the light of a setting sun. Music is played over the speakers all of which originate from a local band celebrating the freedom of a nation. Though, one can't shake the feeling that all of this... ALL of this must mean something more.

In the skies above, beyond the purple and gold canvas of clouds, where twilight segues to the void lingers the silent sentinel guardians of the system each emblazoned with the reborn phoenix of the New Republic.

Down below, in the crowded streets of celebrating people, all dressed in bright greens and whites, blues, and every color imaginable, waits our heroes who have joined the party. For, near the front of the capital building, whose spires stretch high above the city flying, now, the New Republic banners, stands a Resistance and New Republic formation of soldiers.

The Battalions are called to attention at the arrival of the Generals, and all at once dismissed. The party can now begin.

X-Wings and A-Wings pass by overhead leaving behind streamers of varying colored afterburners. A number of starfighter wings put on a demonstration of old formations and death defying stunts. All of this ambience is what has Poe Dameron's attention as he slowly descends the steps of the capital building to join the crowd. A lazy smile forms across his face, the breeze put off by the passing crafts catching the dark curls of his hair. This was what it felt like, he thought, remembering his mother for an instant, and everything his parents fought for.

The time for speeches was done, and it was a time for partying. Games were being hosted all along the streets, and a MASSIVE grill with HUGE flames, cooks up some of the best smelling STEAK in the galaxy. Carts and carts of liquor, wine, and beer roll down the street; even the children are enjoying a sneaky sip of a stolen beverage-- running through the alleyways giggling. Drums joined an orchestra of up-beat music, and a section for dancing saw some 1000 or so people doing the 'Lightsaber Slide.'

An entire section of seating was marked off for Resistance and friends. It is an outdoor cafe with seating beneath big umbrellas. A walkway with benches provides a view of a passing river stream, the water trickling but its flowing life overshadowed by the celebration of music and freedom.

Tonight.. tonight was gonna be good.

The wild mass of hair that is the chief clue that Vhe is around has been tamed into a thick braid and tied off down her back so that it follows her like another appendage. The amber colored hues of her eyes take in the various attendees and though the young woman seems somewhat amused and at least open to the strangers around her, she takes a deep breath to enjoy it. Choosing to remain off to the side she folds her arms before her as she dips her chin. The sharp features focus on this and that though in that moment she steps forward to snag a refreshment - whether for anyone or someone specific it never makes it there. Its off the tray and into her hand to sniff at first and then sip. She mmmms in approval and gives a shrug of her shoulders as she takes another deep drink.

Thus she begins to move, making a circuit of the locale as she sips again at her drink.

After an at-attention display like that, Nova Korell is just glad not to have been on duty tonight. Her unobtrusive garb doesn't look much different than the working-class attire many of the guests are sporting, and she's even left most of her weapons behind.

Which is a little out of character, to be sure, but how does one try to be something besides a soldier while wearing a starchy dress uniform (ugh...) and carrying an arsenal? She's not here to represent anything: She didn't even play an official part in freeing this world. She's just here to try and be a normal person, if only for one evening. How else is she ever going to understand the people she and her comrades are fighting for? Or, in her case, fighting to protect from the awfulness of being... something like herself?

She picks up a glass of punch from a waitress, exchanging pleasantries, and moves to the railing overlooking the stream. Just a moment, and she'll get down to the difficult business of mingling. Just a moment...

Merek is about for festival, with uniform on. When all looks like it is finished up with the speeches, there's a nod while he maneuvers to the place that the party will be. He often looks like he does, the cybernetics that he uses look not to be that noticeable as well considering the work on them.

Barad's large soft brown eyes blink in staccato syncopation to clear his vision of the afterimages of the exploding celebratory fireworks. Barad's big 'ole floopy ears quiver with the thunder of the confetti bombs and the raucous thumping of the drums. But it's Barad's cold wet dog-like nose that captivates his full attention, reporting new of GRILLING STEAK. Barad is a Klatooinian --- a canine -esque species whose homeworld has now been enslaved for 25,000 years . . . or possibly more. No one really remembers. 'Cause that's A Long Time. A runaway slave, Barad has made the journey (by hitch-hiking) here, just to understand what "Freedom" tastes like. And if it tastes like GRILLING STEAKs? . . . Holy Cow. Well, then. "Yes," and "Yes," and "Yes," and "More please." Barad trundles on over toward the mesmerizing scents coming off of the grills . . . just 'following his nose' as it were.

Ektor hadn't been part of the marching, or the orderly, disciplined formations. The reformed (?) pirate had been swagger-limping through the common press of party-goers, laughing while he heckled his friends in dress uniforms as they gave dramatic speeches. One hand held a fresh drink, the other one clutches a pair of skewers loaded with freshly grilled steak chunks, scattered with spices he knew nothing about. "Heyyyy, Pretty Boy! That looked like a good speech- I wasn't really listening, but it looked pretty popular- which one you want, yeah?" Between booze or steaks. Louder, to no one in particular, "HEY, WHO'S GOT A TOAST? I can think of few, if I gotta."

There are a few figures she recognizes and as Nova makes her way over to the railing she follows. "It has been some time since we last saw each other but you look well," she offers, attempting the normal social motions as she holds her own drink in hand. Vhe turns her attention to look out over the others and then once more to the railing dwelling Nova. "I like the uniform. It looks a little itchy though," she comments. As if in an empathetic motion she lifts her hand to scratch at her neck and play at the far more open collar of her own shirt.

"Vhe," she provides as if she might not come to mind. "Cooking wholesome food for the wayward Shades..on occasion. It seems you all did a great deal of good here."

David Ironside is here. By sheer coincidence, or the will of the Force. Or because he had business here. The last thing he was expected was to get caught up in the Republic's celebration after the Chandrilan liberation. Which he only learned about when he touched his ship down in the city, because the Holonet isn't exactly what it used to be. Shaking his head, he walks into the crowd. "Could be worse. Could be the liberation of Jedha." he muses, just picking any non-temperate planet to favorably compare Chandrila to. Now, where's the free drinks?

Rey had been a presence in the crowd for awhile now. After being up with some of the Republic during one of many speeches, she'd since moved in amongst the people who'd gathered here to celebrate. Mingling with many, she'd eventually made her way to get herself a drink but it wasn't but a few moments later that a band of wild roaming children approached her and convinced her to play a game with them.

So for the past half an hour, Rey has been caught in playing 'Fort Siege' with two (maybe more, she can't really tell) groups of children. Each group has to get a certain number of members into the other group's safe space without being tagged. Whoever gets the most wins!

Try as she might, Rey was tagged fairly quickly in every subsequent match. But that didn't stop her from giving guidance to her team from afar with hand signals and sneaking around to spy on the other team, like all the other kids were doing.

When it's all said and done though, Rey is now separating from the kids who've mostly dispersed to go watch the festivities and she is now approaching a stone railing with a drink in her left hand and her loose hair whipping softly in the winds about her face as she watches... the revelry.

Lofty the Talz was doing some dancing arm-in-arm with the Y-Wing maven Lega Fossang before returning to his table. The white-wooled alien was enjoying a planet that wasn't a humid swamp like Rori, Ajara, or Mon Cala, and he even brought his overweight feline pet Jabba the jaxcat to enjoy the celebrations. The housecat-sized jungle jax is tied up by its harness to the table in the Resistance section. Flown in special from one of Naboo's bakeries is an oversized platter of Adarian-style donuts at his table: iced with chopped ettel nuts, Trammistan chocolate, muja fruit-filled, iced Endorian maples, shredded Ishi Tib-cracked cocounut, Yowvetch custard-filled, cake iced with dark matter sprinkles, fluffy Christophsian powdered sugar, and divine dianoga cream-filled donuts are all represented in unequal measures. Lofty plucks up one of the powdered muja fruit-filled donuts and slurps the filling out with his proboscis, then sacrifices the sweet outer part to Jabba the jaxcat who attacks it and gnaws while making NYA NYA NYA meowing sounds.

Poe Dameron stops mid-way down the stairs to look at another fly-by pass over head. At the tail end of their engines roar, Poe picks out the sound of Ektor's yelling, and quickly hones in on the ace bomber. Instinctively, he waves. "DO YOU HAVE TO ASK?!" He fires back, laughing. "LET'S GET SOME /GOOD/ DRINKS!" This is yelled over the crowd though instead of moving closer, Poe turns away to motion his faithful droid. "Let's go, buddy. The fun is just starting!"

That's when Poe joined up with Ektor and his quest to find booze (if he hadn't already) and a place to drink it and chill. Dancing would come later. And.. absently, he thought about Zorii for a moment, glancing around.

What about Rey? Finn? Amber? Tallie?.. Poe rolled down the list of names in his mind while trying to work through the crowd. Kare? Jess?

Merek maneuvers to the people dancing, joining with that, while learning the way of that Lightsaber dance maneuver. He seems to be having fun, though he keeps away from people which he knows, likely.

Speaking of wayward Shades, here comes Elrych Cometburn. Aka Shades, Aka El-rock, aka... some other not so nice names from several people out on the out rim who maybe lost some credits to him at some point. He already had a drink in his hand and a charming smile for Vhe and Nova. "Hey hey, ladies..." He nods to his fellow Jedi Initiate, "Moonbeam always looked good in a uniform." A grin is given before he takes a swig from the fluted glass. "Man, big party."

Jax was here and didn't really have anywhere else to go or be at the moment. He watched the speech with the civilians. He'd been a part of this liberation. Then the speech had come to the end and the celebration had come to an end. So the Corellian begins to make his way through the crowds and stop past Lofty and his table. He offers the Talz a smile and slaute, "Looking good Lofty. Don't get many days like this." He catches sight of the Jax cat attacking the donut. He reaches down to pet the cat trying to dodge the horn and any teeth and claws coming his way, "Glad to see he survived Rori."

It's only -moments- later David finds himself with a disposable cup in his hand. Turns out getting plied with alcohol is really easy when every other stand is handing it out. One additional moment thereafter, he's double-fisting different drinks. Chandrilan celebrations seem a bit pushy. David walks through the crowd, finding a stone railing to set at least one of the cups on. At least the view's nice enough to get plastered to.

"ARRIGHT, BUT I AIN'T GONNA WASTE THIS ONE, YEAH?" Ektor hollers back at Poe, indicating whatever substandard alcohol his tasteless self had grabbed first, downing it in a rapid series of gulps. "Drek, I forgot to toast-" Someone suggests 'To the Republic!', drawing a grimace from Ektor. "Nah, nah, that's-" too late, exultant Chandrilans have started calling 'To the Republic!' around a groaning Lieutenant Apollyon. "Eh, rekk it all." Taking a bite off the steak skewer as he goes, the Tionese nudges his way toward Poe, accompanying the General to a pair of seats and a fresh bottle of, "What have we here-...Huh. I swear, they speak Standard on Chandrila, yeah? I can't even read this label. Poe- POE, hey, what's this say?" Glancing around, in search of reinforcements, he yells, "HEY, ANYONE SPEAK FANCY?"

  • Tap*Tap*Tap*...

General Greystorm was sitting in dress uniform for the speeches. But now? She's prowling in a dress.

It didn't take long for her to make the change. The hair was already done. The makeup, simple. Some scars are easier to hide than others, but she's made an effort to be festive. Mildly so. Elegantly so. An aging femme fatale whole still knows how to dress. And drink.

"To the Republic," Ambrosia purrs from over the rim of a crystal flute as she materializes between Ektor and Poe's shoulders. She reaches in tompluck the bottle from Ektor's hands.

Nova glances up, a little surprised that anyone's talking to her. "Oh... Vhe! I almost didn't recognize you," she says, summoning up a smile for the tall woman. "How have you been?" It's not a social nicety: She's genuinely curious.

"Uniform?" she asks aloud, glancing at her attire. The mechanic's working garb she's wearing do have an insignia and rank tabs, though they're a lot more comfortable than a dress uniform. "Oh, this... closest thing I could find to civilian clothes. I was hoping to blend in."

Her attention is quickly caught by a familiar voice behind her, and she half-turns toward it. "Elrych," she replies by way of greeting, bowing her head. "Hey. It's pretty crowded here, huh?" Count on her to notice that. "At least it's the peaceful kind of mob."

"Yeah I figure anyone that I have met in the pat year expect the living entity that is my hair to be free. I figured for the sanctity of all I best braid it," Vhe teases and offers Nova a grin, "Well enough. Dealing with things. Went to see the brother. Which means I spent some time with the walking tank that is Grom King." She rolls a shoulder back and turns just in time to see Elrych on approach. "Look who I found. One of the few people I will know here.." she admits and lets her gaze wander before she glances back down at Nova's uniform. "Well all I generally have is civilian." But with Ektor yelling and then the talk of peaceful mob and sort of hesitates. "I think its going to get more restless as time passes, given the drinking that is going on."

Vhe lifts her own drink to give it a small swirl before sipping from it.

Vena'nratha, known to some faces here as Vena, spent some well earned time in a bacta tank after the ground mission of liberating Chandrilla. But the tall Chiss woman seems to be out of it now, even if she is walking a bit stiffly compared to how she usually is. She's not in her armor tonight, she's dressed in black pants, black shirt and a white jacket over that. The black boots that are on her feet haven't been shined, but, she wasn't accepting any awards. Her red gaze scans over the crowd, seeing a few familiar faces in the sea of celebrating people. Her black hair is brushed back out of her face and falls to mid back, the silver at her temples making her look a bit more distinguished. She seems to be mingling with drink in hand before making an approach towards anyone.

Rey raises up her glass of juice and takes a sip from it before she notices movement out of the corner of her eye and turns to take notice of David Ironside. She recognizes the tall man almost instantly. "There's a familiar face." Rey says to him then. "You're looking well, David!" She tells him then with a nod of her head. She glances out at the city party and then back to him. "Come to immerse youself into the fun, I hope?" She then inquires of him before looking at some passer-bys to offer them a wave as they wave to her.

Lofty the Talz eases his massive girth into a chair beside his table of donuts. He plucks a flute of Chandrilan raava from a passing serving tray and raises it to Jax Greystorm. "Jabba evacuate Rori just in time." The fat jaxcat attacks Jax's hand after being pet, not wanting anyone to steal his fluffy donut pastry.

Elrych chuckles, shaking his head with a smile in amusment at Nova. "You did good Nova, don't worry. Though, I do wonder what you'd look like in one of Red's dresses, yeah?" Ektor's shouting catches his attention, a grin returned as Vhe comments on it. "That's just how Xer always is... but, you're probably right. Things might get a bit roudy 'cause of that and Xer will definatly try to instigate it..."

Poe and Xer have made their way to a table in that marked off section where the old outdoor cafe is. (THIS CAN BE FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO INTERACT). Amber has just stolen Xer's bottle away before Poe can tranlate what the label says. "See, that's what I thought it said." He waves a hand casually. "Amber's."

Jax accepts the flute of Raava from Lofty. Then gets bit by 'Jabba' for his troubles. It seems the force didn't deem to warn him of the cat bite and he jerks his hand back just sligtly mauled. "I see.... and I feel." He looks down examining his hand before switching the flute over to his right hand. He raises the drink, "To the Republic!"

David turns at the call of his name, inclining his head to Rey. "You're not looking so bad yourself." he replies in kind, gesturing towards the cups he'd set down, inviting the Jedi to join him. "Well, not initially.." he starts, "..But you know, when on Chandrila, do as the Chandrilans do? That's my philosophy. Just happens to be a massive party today. What even happened?" he asks. He'd clearly missed the stuffy official part of the day.

Jax watches Lofty accepts the flute of Raava. Then gets bit by 'Jabba' for his troubles. It seems the force didn't deem to warn him of the cat bite and he jerks his hand back just sligtly mauled. "I see.... and I feel." He looks down examining his hand before looking back to Lofty, "To the Republic." He says sans drink agreeing to the raised glass.

"Gah," Ektor grunts in surprise at the sudden Amber. "Rekk me, I'm surrounded by Generals. Generals who are... totally going to share whatever's in that fancy-ass bottle, yeah?" A crooked grin as he appeals to the elder Greystorm. "Come on, you wouldn't steal my booze like that that, I know you wouldn't- wait, you did, that one time," he remembers, mid sentence. "Well. This time's different, I got a good feeling, yeah?" A sidelong chuckle to Poe, as he snaps and nods. "I *thought* that's what it said, now that you mention it. But lookit the fine print, it clearly sayd 'to be shared', yeah?"


"Well... let's try to have some fun before the inevitable fight starts, then," Nova suggests, not without some amusement.

Elrych's question draws a blink from the blonde soldier, along with an impression of dismay and embarrassment. She blushes, but probably not for the reasons most people would. "I'm just as glad not to be in one," she replies, more quietly. "I'm not sure I'd be as much of a sight as you think, Elrych."

She looks down the rail, seeing two people there. "Wait... is that Rey? I should at least say hello. Or try to collect that still-outstanding bounty," she says, stifling a laugh at the latter. The Jedi has a playful side that the children of this world have recently been discovering, or so Nova has witnessed.

"I love fireworks," Finn tells one of the other Resistance soldiers nearest to him when he hears the announcement, eyes lighting up as he turns his head skywards. Admittedly, most of his experience with fireworks are actual explosive ordinance being fired at enemy starships and the like but that's kind of like fireworks, right?

He's keeping mostly to himself throughout the celebration, occasionally pausing to make brief conversation before moving on once again. He pauses at the railing for the moment, clasping it in his hands and leaning back a little to look upwards. He hums along to the Ode as it is played.

"It says it's older than you. Always cherish the company of an older companion who has..." *Shkkt* A tiny knife snaps to action from somewhere up her skirt and she uses it to pop the cork and sniff. "Aged well." Ambrosia hands it back to the rascally pilot - not the one with good hair. "Enjoy her."

After clapping a firm but well manicured hand over Ektor's shoulder, she throws Poe a wink and moves on. Stalking other prey, eviddntly.

Rey lifts her drink up for a sip from it again as she listens to David's reply to her. When she lowers her glass she shows a soft smile to him and uses her free hand to motion out to the celebrating masses. "Why didn't you hear?" She asks coyly. "The fine men, women and other of the New Republic and Resistance managed to thwart the remaining forces of the First Order in this system. It's been liberated." She looks back to him then and shows a playful smirk. "Sure you noticed Republic ships in orbit, rather than the dreadful First Order vessels, right? Your vision isn't going in your old age, is it, David?" She teases him before taking another sip of her drink.

"Come back, General. We can cherish you for a while." Poe calls back, hopefully earning a glare, smile, or whatever passes for humor on Amber's face. In return, Poe offers a wink of his own and finally takes a seat. "Sounds like fireworks are coming out next, and we got the best seat." He brushes his hair to one side and leans back. "GOOD SEATS OVER HERE PEOPLE!" Poe calls out, grinning like an idiot. "Come on, Xer. Pour some glasses, buddy."

Lofty uses his snoot to slurp down that glass of Chandrilan alcohol. SLUUUURP. "Yah, Republic." He raises the empty glass. When talk of fireworks starts, his lower set of eyes - more sensitive to light that the upper set - suddenly snap shut, not wanting to be blinded. His fat jaxcat finishes the donut and starts to bat at Jax Greystorm's boot laces.

As Nova makes her way over towards Rey, she glances towards Elrych and then Ektor who was thus named. "Well...why not introduce me? I know only a few faces and well.." she shrugs her shoulders and downs what is left of her drink. As a tray passes by she sets the glass down and makes a motion forward. "I can stand by this railing or I can attempt to meet people I suppose." She glances to each and then takes a few steps forward whether at the lead or to follow beside Elrych it does not matter.

Vena gives a look over, listening to some of the conversations that are in ear shot and there's a bemused look over the talk of age. Nope. No dinosaurs roaming around these streets. She then gives a look to Poe when he is shouting and the Chiss shrugs her shoulders as she heads that way. "General Dameron." she gives a dip of her head to him. She then finds herself a seat at one of the tables. Her eyes are keeping track of the crowd though, looking for more familiar faces.

"Holy drek, I didn't know they made years that long ago," Ektor chuckles, peering at the label. Amber gets the laziest two-fingered salute on Fleet record in parting. Cups are poured freely. "Here we go, here we go! One for yu, one for me, another one for me... One for- HEY, MOONBEAM. Wherever you're going, take a cup of this with ya, yeah? It's some real fancy drek." Ektor, master salesman. "Hey, one more for you-" he adds, handing a glass to the unfamiliar Vena, upon her approach.

Elrych blinks towards Nova, perhaps feeling the embaressment more closly than a normal on looker. "Oh Moonbeam." There's a tsk as she walks off towards Rey and a shake of his head. Looking back towards Vhe, he's got a smile for her... "Well come on then... you know Ektor... you've met him before but... what about a General, huh?" He holds out his arm for her to take, moving towards the loudmouth and he General. "Xer, General. This is Vhe, she's back from visiting her brother." Seee, his 'lady friend' isn't imaginary. "Vhe, this is Ektor... you remember Ektor... and General Poe Dameron..." Of course the fireworks are likely to start soon.

David shrugs at Rey with an easy grin on his face. "Wasn't anything on the Holonet." he replies. "And I might've been a little.. asleep on my way over here and let my astromech do all the flying for a change." He winks at the Jedi. "I don't know about you, but I really needed that nap." he asserts. "In any case, congrats on liberating this place." he says, taking one of the glasses he'd been handed earlier and raising it to Rey. "Hey, so, I'm not sure I should be mixing these.." he realizes out loud, "Take one of them off my hands?"

"FIINNNNNNNNNN-- REYYYYYYY! (lol)" Poe motions with an exaggerated free arm. "OVER HERE!!!" Poe's attention doesn't stay on his friends for long because he has visitors at his HUGE table, and Xer is already hooking up the drinks. The first to arrive is the war hardened Chiss whose discipline Poe could spot from MILES away. Her use of his honorific and seriousness was put off balance when Ektor shoved a drink toward her.

Poe was about to address Vena, when Elrych and Vhe arrived. Poe raised his hands like 'hold up' and put on his best charming look. "Ladies.. please. It's just Poe.--" Then to Vena. "I'm Poe, Poe Dameron." She already knew who he was, but he offered a hand for her to shake, then Vhe's. "It's nice to meet all of you. Get a drink from Xer before he fixes all of them for himself."

Vena gives a look to Ektor and there's a smile that offsets her hardened features, "Commander Vena'nratha of the Chiss Defense Fleet. Retired." she offers in greeting. Her other jobs are left unlisted though. She didn't really look retired given she'd been helping with things. "Nice to meet you and thank you for the drink." she states to Ektor. Then there's a look to Poe and she reaches out to shake his hand with a bit of a chuckle, "We've met...and fought together a few times, Poe. It's good to meet you in person though." she tells him. There's a dip of her head in greeting to the others that approach, her glass lifted as well, "Evening."

Jax looks down at the cat batting at his shoe laces, "Rambuncious little guy. Enjoy the rest of your evening." Then Jax seems to disappear into the crowd. He moves to find a place to watch the Y-wings fly over and into the fireworks. His arms crossed for the moment to watch the sky.

"I am sorry, imaginary?" Vhe glances aside at Elrych after his arm was taken up. "So then I was imaginary. I should have stayed away longer though I am very curious as to how this all played out," she looks bemused but quiets with the hold up hand from Poe. The Ysanna hesitates, her lip sparting before she snaps them shut again. Her arm leaves Elrych so that her hand can take up Poe's in a firm shake. "Good to meet you. Seems Elrych knows everyone," she glances down at said Xer and said drinks. "I will take one if you are giving them away. It will go nicely with the last one I had." She admits and smiles down at him, read yto take that offered drink when it becomes available.

"El-rock!" Ektor crows in greeting at the Corellian wanders up and re-introduces Vhe. "Holy drek, She-" he either heard or pronounced Vhe's name incorrectly, "No lie, I thought you was imaginary. Yanno, even though we met before or something. Yeah?" With that 'cleared up', drinks are provided. Vena gets a dumb grin. "No lie? I already forgot half of that. But good to know you, yeah?"

"Ek? Oh... thanks?" Nova says, having a drink shoved into her hand. Great. Now she has one in each. She hastily swallows down whatever it is Ektor just gave her, taking a deep breath to deaden what threatens to be a stumble; it's strong. "Good to see you again. Um, don't poison yourself just having a good time, okay? We need you, you old pirate."

Her attention swings to Poe, to do some introductions... or not. He's taken care of that already. "Poe, good to see you again." For once, no rank beforehand.

Her attention turns to Dave and Rey. "Dave... you're here, too? It's good to see you," she says sincerely, offering the man a hug. He did bring her into this war on the right side, after all.

And last but not least, Rey. "Hey again, Rey. Enjoying the party? ...And the fireworks?" she has to ask, hearing them start. "It looks like you're a hit with the kids here."

Rey shakes her head softly to the holo-net commentary. "The wider news array is based off of Coruscant. Messages about liberations aren't exactly on their best interest to spread far and wide right now, especially with that dreadful citadel that the First Order has apparently constructed there." She replies, her eyes then go to the offered drink and though she offers a light smile to the man she shakes her head lightly. "I don't drink anything with alcohol in it, I'm afraid." She looks up to him then. "I'm sure it's absolutely wonderful though." She adds before the sound of her name being distantly shouted by someone (who isn't Finn?!) draws Rey's attention over to the distant sight of Poe's cute little face all practically hidden by taller shoulders. She cracks a grin and waves over to him. "I think the Commander has the opposite rule about drinks." She states in good fun then.

Barad *finally* makes it to the front of the "Get your GRILLED STEAK here!" line . . . well, as one can imagine, it's quite a _popular_ line to be sure . . . and he is, by no means, disappointed. Eschewing the niceties of cutlery and tablewares, Barad trundles off, simply *nom*-ing on a large juicy slab of protein -packed goodness that he's holding in his meaty right paw. Or, at least, is holding for as long as it lasts? Ohmygod, sogood, sogood, sogoooood. It's STEAK! Barad is starting to like this Freedom concept. Maybe, . . . to like it _a Lot_. But man are there sure a _lot_ of people here. Barad looks around for, maybe, someone not 'in the thick of things.' Spying one possibility, Barad trundles off in that direction.

Elrych scratches the back of his head, "Because you were gone, he teased me that you were imaginary. I told him, and told him but here you are." He hopes that can quiet any concern the Ysanna might have about that subject. He reaches for a drink of course, blue eyes glancing over towards Poe as Vhe shakes his hand. There's a humble blush from the ace pilot, a mumbling before he says. "Well not /everyone/... Just the right ones yeah?"

Fireworks. Beautiful for some. A trigger for others. For General Greystorm, they are neither. They are a colorful strobe by which to search faces and find the one shaped by the Greystorm gene pool. A brooding one, at that, as he leans on the railing alone.

Maybe there is more of her in Jax than either would care to admit.

"Jax." Ambrosia takes up a lean alongside him, hip cocked to side. She upturns her eyes to the sky, half tuned in to the show.

Greeting Nova, David hugs her back in that half-tight way one does when they have a drink in their hugging hand. "Sheer coincidence." he tells her. "Have a drink." he adds, offering her the drink after Rey turns it down. "It's good to see you, too. Missed you after Exegol, you know?" he accentuates his statement with a slow nod. And a swig of whatever he didn't order. Best drink that one first, in case it's good. And it's.. pretty good. "Yeah, I figured it had something to do with the bad guys still controlling the news. Guess they still haven't learned that thing about gaining support through indiscriminate mass murder. Remember the shield gate?" he asks. "This is exactly like that, except it doesn't impact traffic as much." He grows quiet, probably thoughtful, turning to lean on the railing and watch the fireworks.

Hands shaken, Poe puts on a charming grin. "Commander Vena, apologies if I slaughter it. Honestly.. truly, I'm the worst when it comes to names. Right, buddy?" He motions to the BB unit near him. You know him, he's orange and white; one of a kind. "I appreciate your service to the Resistance then, to the Republic. Stay with us and drink. We need more nights like this. I've felt enough dread for TWO lifetimes." This is said in a manner to address both Vhe and Vena, so Vhe wasn't left out.

Poe seemed like a natural extrovert, because gestured to Vhe. "Xer says you're imaginary. You seem pretty real to me. Good strong grip too.." He references by raising the hand she shook moments before. Then he gestures to Elrych. "He's a good man, .. for a Corellian, I mean.. Xer, give El-ROCK another drink!"

"Hey Nova, you look great tonight." Wink. "I like what you did with the blonde hair. Xer does too. RIGHT XER?!"

Finn obligingly moves away from the railing to join Poe, glancing up and smiling warmly once he spies Rey. Despite all the time he's spent off doing, you know, Jedi stuff he doesn't seem to have adopted their fashion sense. He's still in dark clothes over which a beaten up old Spacer's jacket that once belonged to his fellow general has been thrown.

"This is a nice place," he admits, looking around, "Nicer than any I've seen."

Hands shaken, Poe puts on a charming grin. "Commander Vena, apologies if I slaughter it. Honestly.. truly, I'm the worst when it comes to names. Right, buddy?" He motions to the BB unit near him. You know him, he's orange and white; one of a kind. "I appreciate your service to the Resistance then, to the Republic. Stay with us and drink. We need more nights like this. I've felt enough dread for TWO lifetimes." This is said in a manner to address both Vhe and Vena, so Vhe wasn't left out.

Poe seemed like a natural extrovert, because of how he seemed to slide into conversations with ease. He gestured to Vhe next, before hiking a thumb back to Xer. "Xer says you're imaginary. You seem pretty real to me. Good strong grip too.." He references by raising the hand she shook moments before. Then he gestures to Elrych. "He's a good man, .. for a Corellian, I mean.. Xer, give El-ROCK another drink!"

"Hey Nova, you look great tonight." Wink. "I like what you did with the blonde hair. Xer does too. RIGHT XER?!"

"I mean as far as I knew I was real...glad to know its been confirmed by more than one person," Vhe counters to Poe as she clears her throat and downs some of the drink shared. Her eyes settle on Elrych a moment, a smirk playing at her lips. "Mmmm well I suppose making you suffer a little bit in my absence..I bet it at least provided some entertainment." She looks up and across at Vena as she holds her glass in hand, giving it a light turn about now that it is half gone. "Good to be out here with the rest of you." SHe admits and then nods to Poe. "But I will agree, he's good for a Corellian. May need to work on that," she continues on, a faint chuckle leaving her lips as she does.

"Why did you never introduce me before..granted there was training but they are all rather fun."

Rey's eyes flicker over to Nova and her remark about the local children causes Rey to look back in that direction where she'd last seen them, but as they do they've all gone and disappeared. So with a light laugh, Rey looks back and raises her free hand to pull her loose strands of hair out of her face to sweep them back behind an ear again. "They're like an army of endless energy, it's... uplifting to get to interact with them." When a distant firework goes off over one of the city's buildings, Rey looks to it then as well. "And yes, very much so. I've never seen any in person before, this is a first. I could get used to this. All of it really." She shows Nova another soft smile before glancing to David again. "There's big things on the horizon for the Republic, the Resistance, and the Jedi."

To Poe, when he arrives, Rey raises her juice glass up to him in greeting, she grins at him. "How much have you had tonight?" She asks him, joyously curious, and teasing of course.

Yuun walks to the celebration, his clothing is slightly different, it's still relaxed and a bit baggy, but he has on a bright smile, his lightsaber is clipped to his belt. The dark-skinned Jedi looks around until he finds his friends, granted he's worked with most of everyone here.

"I can't get poisoned, Moonbeam. Booze is like... sterile and drek, yeah? It's a natural anti-poison, that's just science." Ektor claims, displaying clearly that he has no functional grasp of science. Talk of hair and liking what was done with it draws a dumb look from the pirate. "You think? No lie, I think her hair looks better when the helmet just comes off, yeah? With all the sweat and drek from blowing some Hutt-sucker's face off, yeah? But you look fine now, too, Nova!"



Vena gives a smile to Poe, "Thank you, Poe. /I/ don't need to be thanked though." the Chiss tells him. "I'm happy to help." she admits. Then there's a look to BB-8 and there's a grin, "Ah, you're the little one I've heard so much about. You are as adorable as the rumors state." she muses. Then there's a look to others that approach, the Chiss' gaze seeming to glow given the wonderful oxygen rich planet they are on. She doesn't get star struck so much anymore. She worked with Thrawn and Vader, but she does keep track of some of the more well known faces, everyone was so young. "Is General Calrissian going to be making a well dressed and dashing appearance this evening?" she asks no one in particular. Maybe the BB-Unit knows.

But then it's time for fireworks and the Chiss goes quiet and still in her chair as her eyes are glued to the sky.

"Hey..." Elrych frowns at the mention of him being good for a 'corellian'. "At least I ant no Tion." He thumbs a finger towards Xer before taking a swig of the drink poured for him by the aformentioned pilot. He glances up towards the fireworks, as they start to come, eventually looking back towards Vhe. He leans in closer so she can hear him over the explosions. "Well see, last time they had a party they didn't tell me. I missed it! Then we got stuck on Ajara for a while. And all that before then was real depressing, if you remember. I would have done so sooner, but..." all he can do is shrug. Though there is a nod towards the fireworks and passing fighters.

"They're... really wonderful, aren't they?" Nova observes, sounding tentative. After all, what does she know about being a child? "I hope they never stop being that way... or not for a long time, at least." She lifts her eyes to the sky, then gives Rey a quick smile. "They're kind of the good side of demolitions. It's a pity they're not used more often."

And Ektor. He has a way of centering one's attention even if someone else is pointing a blaster at you. "Um... okay? Though I mean..." And compliment. Loud one. "Thanks. I think..."

Someone else arrives just then, and Nova gratefully turns away to greet the man. "Hey... um..." she starts to say, and pauses, seeing the old jacket and the dark, good-natured face. "Wait, you're /him/. The other Stormtrooper. FN-2187. It's an /honor/," she says, offering Finn her hand. At least she doesn't snap to attention and salute.

Jax leans against the rail. His eyes still to the sky, "Mom. You remember that Rememberance Day when Aora was what Five? We watched the fireworks over the ocean. She cried and crie...." Then the loudest music ever starts to play plays. The Corellian falls quiet not even trying to talk.

It was time for celebration, another planet liberated from the clutches of the First Order, and while she may had played little to no part in the liberation this time... well. It isn't a party without the Empress of the Void herself, and the woman in the increasingly familiar blue armor isn't about to disappoint.

Helmet off -- this is no time for work -- she's also not /alone/ at this particular party, perhaps almost /literally/ dragging along her compatriot for the evening. "It's perfectly alright, Terek! No, they're not going to shoot us. I already offered to let them shoot me!" she points out, even doing a bit of a spin to display that, no, there are no blaster bolt scorches on her armor.

It's just a combination of a showwoman's timing and /LUCK/ that the fireworks start just as Evie spins.

"They're nice enough people as long as you don't point blasters at them." A pause, and a wide grin spreads across her face. This is the grin that many of her compatriots, current and former alike, know means trouble.

"If you /want,/ I'll /personally/ introduce you to anyone you like." ...regardless of whether or not she actually knows them by anything but face. Because Evie is fearless, and cowers from nothing and nobody!

David glances Poe up and down, noting the rank insignia with a raised eyebrow. "General." he offers curtly. And when Nova turns to greet Finn, he repeats. "General." That takes care of.. two of them. The other one's likely around somewhere too. Noting Nova did not take his drink, he tries offering it to Poe. Someone's gonna have to take this stuff off his hands before he's no longer double-fisting. "Take it, it's probably fine." he offers.

Barad instinctively turns to run away when all the people with the torches come out and gather up and start marching toward them. Because, well, y'know: Historical Reasons. . . But it's soon clear that they mean no harm, so, that worked out. And then the booming sky-boom boomy noises start to cascade down from above, sending Barad's big 'ole floopy ears a-quavering. Barak instinctively looks for something to crawl under or something. BUT! It's . . . not an attack it seems. Hm. This 'Freedom' stuff might well, just possibly, take a bit of getting - used - to . . .

As it turns out the fireworks Rey had witnessed had been those being set off by civilians. So when the main display starts and the booming explosives take to filling the skies with their colorful array of hues, Rey's eyes lift up to them and she's taken a lot more by what she sees. "Well then, I guess I spoke a little early." She quietly comments before she turns her eyes to see Finn stumbling past. She reaches out to take hold of his arm. "Hey!" She calls out to him. "Having fun?" She asks the form Trooper. "Where's the others? Rose and Jannah?" She'd last seen them with him on their way in when they'd first arrived.

"Hey Finn, buddy, chear up man. You look so.. WHAT'S THE WORD, XER?! -- HOW FINN LOOKS?" He hikes a thumb up, screaming over the fireworks. Poe and company are doused in the colors of the bright lights from the bursting fireworks, their thunderous explosions rattling the empty chairs and shadowing the music.

For a moment, Poe's voice tapers off and he looks to the colorful displays and is taken away. Another explosion, and another, and another. It's Rey who draws him from this moment, asking how much he's had to drink.

A dark gaze lowers to her for a second, meeting her eyes, and a moment passes before he smiles again. "Clearly, not enough." He turns to regard David, upnodding. "Just Poe, David. It's good to see you in health. Thanks, buddy." Jolly on the spot! Poe takes one of those glasses from Dave and tips it back for a few gulps like it's his job.

"Not sure where the caped crusader is, Commander Vena. If he knew you were looking for him, I'd bet he'd be here in a heart beat, the old pirate."

"Just the last time I encountered a Resistance member he plugged me four times in the chest before I could even get my blaster up." Terek responds to Evie. He has his helmet off as well, the Cathar looking a bit nervous but this is a PARTY so probably nobody's going to be shooting anyone.

"But if you know people, you can introduce me." He doesn't know if he'll get any contracts out of this party, but at least meeting people powerful enough to take down the First Order should be something. His eyes drift upwards as he looks at the fireworks, letting out a soft whistle.

Ambrosia prolongs her lean against railing, weight braced on folded forearms while the sparks of overhead fireworks reflect in her moon-gazing eyes. The evening chill is felt, but notnentirely unwelcome. It will be motivation, perhaps, to venture to the dancefloor. But for now, she's a mother, slouched alongside her son. Searching for a lost memory.

Her mouth crooks into a lopsided smile. It is small but genuine. "She wasn't the only one. Loud as she howled...couldn't quite outdo your little brother.

"Oh, no idea," Finn admits to Rey, looking around the room as though hoping to spot them but failing to do so, "I think they were going to go watch the fireworks, maybe? I know Jannah hadn't seen fireworks before."

He glances to Poe then, leaning back a little in mild alarm when he raises his voice: "Cool?" he asks, hoping that's the word Poe was looking for, at least, "Maybe serene? Jedi-like would be good."

When the fireworks start he cranes his neck back to watch them, smiling as the colors light up his face.

A smile seems to etch itself across Vhe's face. She may not know a great deal of those here but they are all in pleasant mood. Her portion of the conversation is forestalled as she turns her head to look up and watch the fireworks. That smile lingers ever so long as she turns fully to invest herself into the display. She leans over to whisper something to Elrych before she straightens back up and takes a long drink while the night sky is patterned with the brilliant colors overhead. The conversation that continues around her, her foot taps in time to the booms going on.

One arm folds before the other, resting her hand in the crook of the opposite side as the drink is lowered back to her side. New arrivals get a look but neither appear familiar to her as many of the others do not.

Vena gives Poe a smile, "Vena is fine, no need for all that extra stuff tonight." she muses. Then there's a laugh, "Oh I just wanted to ask him who his tailor was." she chuckles to that. She's then finishing her drink and settling the glass down. Time for quiet enjoyment and people watching for the moment.

What's the word? "DOUR, yeah? Rekking DOUR," Ektor supplies with concern, upon eyeing Finn. "And DRY. You need a DRINK, yeah? HERE YOU GO." He looks up to yell wordlessly in approval of colorful sky explosions, before chuckling and adding, "I was gonna be flying one of them Wishbones, yeah? But someone heard me make a joke about what it would be funny to load in, instead of the fireworks, and, well-" A shrug. Tilting back for another drink, he pauses, his good eye catching on another familiar face, and a broad crooked grin pulls his lip. "EMPRESS OF THE REKKING VOID," he hoots across the crowd, with arms thrown wide in greeting (one hand still holding a bottle of way too fancy wine).

Did someone say 'Sar'? No? Well, too bad. He's here, anyway, as per usual. Dressed in his Starscout armor with his helmet on for now, the man takes a long look around the area, a smile splitting his lips as his eyes turn towards the fireworks. It's always a nice change of pace when the big explosions and bright lights in the sky aren't on their way to kill you. His hands lift to pull his helmet off so he can get a better, more natural look at the festivities.

Elrych places a hand on Vhe's back as she leans in to whisper to him. There's a slight frown, his hand not moving from that spot between her shoulders. It moves up to give the shoulder on the other side a squeeze though, reassurance. "We've plenty of time to experiance so much, and there's plenty more to come." He does his best to ease her worries. Nodding towards Rey, Nova, and Finn he attempts to get their attention. "Hey Rey, look who I found yeah?" There's a chuckle, a smile for the lot. "And here's another General, Vhe. Finn... he's also training with us, recently discovering his abilities. Fin, this is Vhe, a fellow Initiate."

As Yuun nears the gathering he finds himself amidst the party and he smiles as he sees everyone enjoying themselves and having a good time, he passes near where Evie Leven is and he looks towards Rey and the others are, "Hello. Glad to see everyone having a good time." he smiles as he looks towards the group, Yuun's hair has grown out a little bit and is tightly braided with a few intricate beads within the dreads.

Jax watches the sky and continues inbetween songs, "You remember that old lady down the road to telling you to take your kids inside or keep them quiet? What was her name? I remember Kadi and you hated her." He says watching the sky again, "Wish they'd flown Y-wings over."



"I WAS GONNA GO WITH HANDSOME, BUT WHAT DO I KNOW?!" Poe yelled to Finn before finishing off his glass of expensive alcohol. "XER, I NEED ANOTHER, BUDDY!" He motions with a hand, his other resting on his gun belt now.

Welp. Terek did it to himself. There will be introductions made, and Evie may go straight to the top just to make it all the more intimidating...

...but Ektor is the first one to spy her, and Evie's not about to leave him hanging. "C'mon," she encourages Terek, before taking off in a /run/ towards Ektor and quite literally leaping at him with arms extended for a hug. It might end up being a tackle hug, if he can't keep his balance. She'll have to remember the weight of her armor eventually, but right now? She's just happy to see so many familiar, and friendly faces. "PIRATE KING!"

After a moment of hugtime, and possibly a moment to get /off/ of him, she adds, "King Ektor, meet my dear brother, Terek." a motion towards the Cathar. "Terek, meet one of the finest fliers I know." she introduces, still grinning like a fool.

Barad recovers from the calamitous cavalcade of big bright boomy sky - booming boom -y -ness, . . . whatever *that* was. He *shakes* himself, to clear his head, comes out of his shell (-shock) and looks around for some more folks to maybe talk to, as there has been a -lot- going on here that he doesn't quite fully understand, just yet. Hm. Where looks promising? Barad's large brown doggo -ish eyes survey the party - scape, with a nascent speculative curiousity. Wroo?

David shakes his head at Poe. "I was called Lieutenant on Ajan Kloss, thought it was pretty funny that someone remembered -my- rank. Just wanted to pay that one forward." he tells him. "Good to see you're still in one piece, too, would've thought you'd be on your way to Admiral, though." he offers sincerely. Right about when Ektor yells something about Empresses and Voids, causing David to turn around looking for the one who goes by both of those words. Just in time to watch a reenaction of space-Dirty Dancing. Possibly.

"Mmmm," is all Vhe says in reply because now the beautiful colors that light up the sky have gone into overdrive. A grin slowly spreads, parting her lips as the Ysanna's eyes widen little by little. Her drink forgotten she has to summon the will to look away when she's introduced to Finn. The fingers curled around her glass ease up and she switches it to a free hand as she leans over and offers her right to Finn, leaning abit to hear everything Elrych says. Rey gets a sheepish smile but the initiate gives her a nod of her head. "I suspect we should speak when there is time," she assumes and then leans back after attempting to make herself heard.

She shifts her weight upon her feet, quickly lifting her drink to down the rest of it and find a safe place to set the cup so its not lost in the growing celebratory madness that is around them.

"Yeah, sh-" Ah, nope. Ambrosia just shuts her trap, unable to compete with the cacophony of BOOMS and the victorious screams of thousands. Upon thousands. She merely unfolds one arm from the other and snakes her hand along the railing to find one of Jax's. Her hand rests atop his. Lightly. A touch awkwardly. PDA was never her thing. But, ya know. Mother's here. And maybe...just maybe there'z a note of apology in that touch.


"WHAT?" Ektor yells back at Poe, "WHADDYA MEAN YOU NEED ANOTHER BUDDY? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE KICK BALL?" That shouted 'conversation' is forced to wait as an enthusastic Kuati in armor is leaping at him. Fortunately, Ektor is on the large end of the pilot spectrum and the Tionese pirate catches Evie in a big hug, spinning around once and cackling, "We blew up so much drek, Evie! You shoulda been here, we was all- What, you got a brother?" he turns his crooked grin to the Cathar. A big dumb grin. "Hey there, GOOD TO KNOW YOU! That's gotta be one COLORFUL-ASS family you two got, I like it. We met? That name sounds familiar.. Hey, Poe-" he turns back to the General. "POE. HEY, PRETTY BOY. HOW COME THE NAME TEREX SOUNDS FAMILIAR?"

Shifting his helmet to the other hand, Sar begins wandering through the crowd on his way to where he spies a few friendly faces; namely Poe and Ektor. "Got any liquor for a washed-up old retiree?" he'll ask by way of making his presence known, his free hand moving to rest on his gunbelt.

"Maybe they were just being nice." Poe says to Dave. "Nah, Admiral ain't for me. I've never been about the glory. Tell you what, get another drink from Xer, yeah. Kick it with the guys. I'm sure someone's missed you!" Poe is moving on then, called off by Ektor. He steps by Dave to join Xer and happens to see the old man Sar Yavok. "Yeah buddy! Xer will hook it up! It's good to see you, Yavok!" A firm pat to the arm. "Xer, HE WAS THAT PIRATE YOU SHOT IN THE FACE!"

Terek is of course hauled along as Evie goes for a running leap at someone. The cathar is actually a bit surprised but it turns out that, hey, that's just how they greet each other. Without warning he finds himself face to face with the pilot, "Ah, well...Not by blood of course!" He says, though he grins a little, "Though you know, blood hardly matters when it comes to family, right?" He glances at Evie again, and gives her a grin, "You two must have had some interesting adventures, from the sounds of it. I'd love to hear more. Though I'm not sure if we met, but we have now, that's the important thing."





Jax doesn't pull back his hand and after a moment reaches up to pat his mother on the hand for amoment. He gives the older Greystorm a somber smile. "Well I think, I've had about as much celebrating as I care too. Besides You might wnat to keep an eye on Ektor and Dameron. I think they're about to get into some mischief or recruit Yavok. Good Night." Jax says pointing a finger at the Old grizzled fighter that's become a Newly Minted Mando.

Vena's just watching things and there's a moment taken to stretch her legs out under the table where she is sitting next to Ektor and them. She was indeed enjoying the evening. When Sar arrives closer there is a nod to the man, look, more old people! She wasn't feeling so...surrounded by youths anymore. There's a look to her datapad after that, putting in a few notes and then slipping it back into her inner jacket pocket. A womans work was never done.

David raises a curious eyebrow at Sar Yavok's sudden appearance. "You.. left the Resistance, too?" he asks, studying the armor the old man is wearing. "Is it the armor that attracts people?" he asks, genuinely curious if probably offensive. No matter. "Look, I'm gonna go grab something to drink, if.." a side-nod to Ektor and Poe, "..those two haven't already gotten to everything on offer. But I'd love to hear your take on it, anyway."

"YOU SHOULD'VE CALLED!" Evie laughs, reaching a hand out to muss up Ektor's hair. Because she can and is close enough. As the fireworks die down, her voice does too. "If you had /called,/ I would've been there with bells on. Literal bells, even. I'm sure I could find some and tape them onto the side of a ship..." she mentions, and then grins. "...but yes, very colorful family. In more ways than one." ...and then more people are approaching and she's going to introduce the Cathar to /all/ of them. Pointing around at the approaching group, "So, that's /Sar Yavok,/ and /General Poe Dameron/, and /Admiral Vena/, and /Captain Dave Ironside/, and..." she trails off for a few moments, grins to herself, and yells out to the group.


...because dancing won't get you shot. Not at all. "...and definitely, Terek, I'll have to tell you /all/ about them, but I get the feeling you're about to be very busy." Cue innocent whistling.