Netep Muri

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Netep Muri

Title: Netep Muri
Race: Near Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Linguist, guide, taxi.........
Profession: Explorer
Homeworld: Omwat
Organization: Explorer's Guild
Ship: NA



They're questionable. Controversial. But what does one expect, from an expecting xeno-geneticist who worries for the viability of her offspring...

Netep's heritage hails from the Ibaan'I tribe of Socorro and the scholastically-endeavored Lorddians, but her culture is derived from many, many more influences. Her Lorrdian mother, Naunet, was pursuing anthropology studies abroad when she visited some of the nomadic tribes of Socorro, whose ancestors first colonized the barren landscape from the richer soils of Corellia. The Ibaan'I tribe was more than accomodating to the outlander, and she couldn't help but to develop attachments for a local man.

She came and went over the course of a few years, between stays elsewhere and brief check-ins with the University. Studying the origins of humanity and cultural evolutions of races was not the only subject to tickle Naunet's fancy, however, and her focus eventually turned to xenobiology and genetics. On her final visit to her friends among the Ibaan'I, Naunet declared her final farewell, but was not without consequence. The young man with whom she'd fostered a strangely long-distance relationship with expressed a desire to explore the galactic wilderness she so often spoke of. When Naunet's shuttle launched, she discovered a stowaway on board. Jeric Muri.

The two came to settle on Corellia for a time, after a final, brief stint on Lorrd. Naunet found employment as research scientist and Jeric managed more meager means of employment working in the shipyards. There, Jeric was educated on his own origins of rich, Corellian history and he readily adopted the adventurous swagger that the galaxy at-large stereotyped Corellians to possess. The two solidified a monogamous pact, and Netep's first three siblings were born - Adara, Lok, and Jenica.

While attending a symposium on Coruscant, Naunet learned from an Omwati peer that the natives of Omwat had recently restablished connection with their colony on Coruscant after many thousands of years' separation. Eager to study the differences between the original, 'wild type' Omwati and their colonial offshoot, Coruscanti-dwellers, Naunet put in for a transfer to the Outer Rim territories and made a proposal for genetic study. The Omwati were already an intriguing race, given the incredible, intellectual potential of their young.

It's during the Muri's time among the Omwati that family and professional affairs took a darker turn and Netep and her brother, Kalif, were born. Netep's education on Omwat and accompaniment of her mother on research-based travels was enriched with strange, cultural influences, and wild ideologies. Netep proved to be amazingly adept at assimilating new languages and picking up on nuances of alien cultures, largely without tutoring. Her quick brain and other 'quirks' led some, who knew Naunet's earlier research history regarding restorative neurological function of the humanoid brain, to suspect that the young Muri was subjected to genetic altering prenatally.

A few years into their grant-funded stay, rumors among the scientific community pointed fingers at Naunet Muri for unethical use of university funding and resources. Some speculated that her research was not limited to the laboratory and that she was taking work home with her in the most personal of ways. Whether or not Naunet was indeed experimenting with her own code or had done so with her own unborn children's was never determined in court, but her funding was eventually cut off.

A Family Apart, Daughter Adrift

That seed of doubt was planted for eternity. The outside accusations turned inward and culminated in a family divide. The two oldest children left home - one already at University - and Netep's father abandoned their mother and her controversial research to pursue his own dream, away from the scandal and deceptive wife. He returned to Socorro, taking Jenica, their third child, with him. The familial split left Kalif and Netep with their mother, too young and inexperienced to tunnel their own way out and into the stars. Or so their mother hoped.

Netep left home two years later, by way of cargo hold. The plan was several months in the making and the teen had managed to scrounge a few hundred credits together in secret before departure - tips from the spaceport diner she served. A note was left for her brother, with the promise to 'check in' now and again.

The freighter captain was less than pleased when his maintenance crew discovered the stowaway sleeping in an engine compartment. Would be several weeks before their schedule could spare a run back to the Omwat system, so they considered just dumping her at the next stop. The idea got mixed reviews among the crew while Netep waited, locked inside the fresher as a makeshift brig. By the time they exited hyperspace, a begrudged conclusion was reached: the kid would stay on and earn her keep for the duration of the runs till they could deliver her back where she'd presumably come from.

Netep was elated.

She became a master head scrubber, tool greaser, and - to her chagrin - laundry maid, when such opportunities arose. The multilingual girl did have the chance to showcase her cunning and brainiac traits near the end of their time together, when the on-board translator droid picked an inopportune time to malfunction during a trade deal. Mostly, she fudged her way through the translations, relying heavily on body language to fill in the many, many gaps in her vocabulary, but managed to facilitate a deal which saw her host crew depart in one piece. Impressed with her knack for alien language-on-the-fly, and ability to obviously bluff her way through much of it, the captain began to second-guess his eagerness to be rid of the adept teenager.

Maybe she could stay on...but just until she started costing their enterprise money. Then they'd leave her at the nearest port, for sure.

Three years later, Netep parted ways under her own terms and linked up with another crew out of Mos Espa - one a little less old and bossy. Came with a caveat, though. These traders were also little less honest, she'd soon discover, and too young in the trade of swindling to be very good at it. They got caught. After an eight month stint in a penal colony, Netep was released. She was able to make contact with an older sibling at this time, who - rather than see her disappear again into the unknown expanse - pulled some strings and secured her a job with the university, as a receptionist for the sentientology department.

To say Netep was bored would be an understatement, at least until she wheedled her way into the favor of one of the professors and became reassigned to his office as secretary. Less than a year into her reassignment, she was accompanying him on his research expeditions and finally found her calling, she thought. Adequate travel to far-flung places, immersion in exotic cultures, and a steady paycheck - even if small - to boot. After some years of saving, she was able to purchase her own, crummy vessel, and parted ways with the professor to pursue her own career as linguist/guide/artifact-procurer for hire.


Netep's nomadic lifestyle suited her just fine, even if she experienced a few hiccups along the way. She returned 'home' to her mother several years after her unnanounced departure to check in on the woman and the brother who still relied upon his mater's care. Things didn't seem great. Naunet's own neuro function had begun to regress and the once sharp and snappy scientist struggled some days to even recall what she'd meant to retrieve from the market. Afraid of what she'd seen, but unwilling to put down roots and play caregiver herself, Netep did what she deemed next-best. She sold the Ghtroc 720, transferred what few cred it put in pocket to a private account, and hired someone to "check in" and assist Naunet in her ongoing botanical research, while also secretly keeping affairs in order at home. Groceries, medical needs, housework...the sort of thing that her wanderer daughter imagined they needed.

The loss of her own wings was a temporary set back, but she it work by hiring herself out, piecemeal, as crewman, translator, navigator, messenger...whatever pays enough to start rebuilding her dream.

A few years ago, Netep had a chance encounter with Corr Waldin in Ko Henota, Nar Shaddaa. It led to her accompanying the man and his Explorer's Guild crew on one of their artifact-seeking/history-validating adventures. She's been part of the team for many since and also had the experience of being shot for the first time during one such mission! In a library, of all places. The guild has since gone on to make quite a name for itself, following the (re)discovery of the Bimmifly!

When savings were replenished, Netep purchased the Doaba Hermi and also became one of the founding members of a Traders Union. She has obtained a small residential suite in the Spice Terminus Station in Bysis system and a swanky, multibedroom suite on Taris. Couple of many homes away from home away from home. The Traders Union was absorbed into The Shadowport when Idan Jensa left the Union in pursuit of a political career on Neimoidia and Liz'diot and Netep opted to meld their assets into Shadowport's operations.

Through The Shadowport, Muri made B'haav Adasta's acquaintance and has since become his life mentor, or "shaman" to help the Balosar unleash and define his inner self. No way that goes poorly...

Professional Communicator - An exerpt of Muri-style business communication...

RP Hooks

University - are you a fancy pants member of Coruscant's educated society? Maybe you ran into Netep while en route to class or to your research lab. She'd have been the walking eye-roll delivering professors' coffee.

Smuggawho? - Netep's brief career as a smuggler (with crew) ended badly. Maybe you share criminal affiliations, in or out of the labor camp. Maybe your crew was cheated by her crew, back in the day. Maybe you're the poodoo-licker who sold them out to port authority. Possibilities abound.

Wanderer - Netep's nomadic lifestyle seeks out diverse cultural experiences. Maybe she paid a visit to your home world and passed the peace pipe. Maybe you'd like to accompany her on your next trip, or contract her piloting services to have your own exotic vacation.

Nerd - Netep is a lover of learning. She's a collector of misc books and oddities and could listen for hours to a lecture on subculture speech patterns just as easily as one highlighting proposed land management changes to preserve this 1 bug's nesting site in an industrialized wasteland. Really. Few topics bore her.

Cheers - Netep is the 3RD PLACE winner of Boozapalooza, hosted by the Blue Light. She's not ashamed to wink for a free drink or three and is often lounging around local watering holes to catch up on gossip and test her linguistic abilities under varying degrees of inebriation.

Explorer's Guild - Netep's been a member of this for a long while. Bimmifly!

Traders Union - Netep teamed up with a number of other money-minded folks to form this merry band of cargo-runners.

Socorro - She's still got family there. Six degrees of separation could apply.

Omwat - She's also still got family there. See below.

Mad Science - Netep's mother was accused of misusing research grants to fund her own pet projects at home, involving her children. Do you police academic integrity or know someone who does? Hit me up for the dirty deets.


A weird little list (and growing) of some tunes that touch on her "theme" and/or may very well be something she'd have playing in her little SW space earbuds.

"No Roots" - Alice Merton [1]

"Wanderlust" - Bjork [2]

"Adir Adirim" with Victoria Hanna - Balkan Beat Box [3]

"Liquid Lunch" - Caro Emerald [4]

"Oriental Job" - Gramatik [5]

"Daze" - Beats Antique [6]

"Chambermaid Swing" - Parov Stelar [7]

"Egyptic" - Beats Antique [8]

"Pandora's Box" - Beats Antique [9]

"Creep" - (Medieval Style) [10]