Zerna Gann

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There were screams….so many screams…and then silence. The small orange Togruta, no older than six or seven, came back home to as sight she never expected to see. Crying out she runs to her home that was on fire and just screamed. There as a moment where she was about to run but she heard a voice behind her. “I’m not here to hurt you. I am here to give you a better life...” Zerna would move to turn but soon felt a sharp pain at the back of her head. The cloaked individual would stare at her though their face could not be seen before the young girl would slowly fall over, out cold then. Catching her, they would effortlessly pick her up and toss her over her shoulder before standing and making their way. "...sleep. You’ll be better off with me...than what awaited a girl like you...”

Many years have passed and she was on to her next contract. Some of them had really made her wonder why she was taking the job...but then she remembered: money. And here she was on another job. “No...no no...please...” The man was crawling backwards now that he was beaten and bloody. Eyeing his blaster that wasn’t far from him he’d then look to the woman that now stood infant of him. “...can’t we make a deal...?” The now twenty-something Zerna would slowly make her way over to him with a swagger in her walk. Smiling softly she would unholster that blaster from it’s home on her hips as she then rolled her shoulders as she sighed a bit. “Sorry but...I really, really can’t...” Her voice was almost melodic as she moved to where she put her foot down slowly on his chest and pushed him down onto his back. He let out a scream from the wound on his chest as she pressed down. Her golden eyes would stare down at him as she raised up her weapon. “Ta ta….” And with that she’d simply raise her blaster, pulling the trigger…and that was it. Sighing she’d just shake here had as she stretched her arms up above her head after holster her gun. “...three down...one more to go...” After she did find that last hit but now? Now she’s bored and on the hunt again.

After her mentor had passed she just seemed to be doing hit after hit after job but then....something changed in her. She was tired of the killing. Her mentor wasn't exactly the kindest but to her he was. Maybe she was having a change of heart in things so now she as floating around working at clubs and gathering information to sell instead of the more....intense missions.

RP Hooks

Dancing Girl: I mean....look at her. She has had to make her money some how and what better way than to dance her little heart out. And needless to say...she's pretty good at it.

Nar Shaddaa: Her most recent place to hang out at. Currently dancing it up at Pulse for credits.

Hidden Talents: For those that are more observant, one can see that she seems pretty well in shape just for a dancer. True she is a Togruta but she is seems to be a bit more than she lets on.


OOC & IC Shenanigans

-(OOC)- Zerna says, "What's the girls' number? >_>"
-(OOC)- Xan says, "lol"
-(OOC)- Daven Ohtani says, "Zerna"
-(OOC)- Daven Ohtani says, "You can ask for her number /after/ the scene."
-(OOC)- Usha XDXD
-(OOC)- Daven Ohtani says, "I'm waiting patiently too."
-(OOC)- Zerna says, "I mean to shoot her"
-(OOC)- Xan says, "I thought both at the same time"
-(OOC)- Usha says, "That's how i read it at first too. XDXD"
-(OOC)- Yoska Lash says, "Also how I read it. Thirded."
-(OOC)- Yoska Lash over hear like YEAH GIIIRRRLL
-(OOC)- Zerna says, "I'm saving this for an OOC quote"
-(OOC)- Usha says, "I think she's 2969"
-(OOC)- Yoska Lash makes phone hand, mouths "call me"
-(OOC)- Xan sings the number and it's a hit!
-(OOC)- Daven Ohtani says, "Hah. The Sex Number."
-(OOC)- Usha XD