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Organization Overview

Formed in response to organizations like the Hutt Cartel, the Array Consortium - so named after the notorious Sabacc hand - is a collection of free trade captains (read: smugglers) who work together to further their fortunes free of involvement with organized crime beyond associates of their own choosing. It is, in short, a smuggler's union. Headed by the smuggler, Adhar Gann, the Consortium works to unify independent smugglers and so-called 'gray traders' under a common code of conduct while supporting its member crews with legal, financial and security support.

Benefits of Membership

  • Captains and their crews protect and aid one another in finding equipment, lucrative smuggling and trade routes, and assistance in conflicts (plots).
  • Captains who lose their vessels via RP or misadventure can petition the Consortium to assist them in regaining vessels or, if impossible or infeasible, purchasing a replacement.
  • Captains and their crews can find shelter from conflict or legal assistance.
  • Captains and their crews can cross paths with smugglers belonging to other organizations, creating cross-factional RP!
  • Assistance to those crew who wish to buy their own ships and become smugglers in their own right.
  • Assistance to traders who wish to make the jump from everyday commerce to the smuggling trade.
  • See the galaxy, make money, avoid jail. Live the dream!

Articles of Membership

To become a member of the Consortium, captains pledge to agree to the following code of conduct:

  • Though Captains administer their crews as they see fit, violence or mistreatment toward crew or allowance of violence or mistreatment between crew members will not be tolerated. Captains who breach this rule will find their membership suspended upon reception of evidence and will suffer personal sanction as agreed upon by a council of their peers, which may range from monetary compensation to victims up to ultimate sanction by agreed-upon parties.
  • In matters of major import affecting the consortium, Captains will be called upon to vote, either in person or via holocommunicator. Each captain has one vote, and in event of ties the Senior Captain will cast his or her vote to force a decision. Captains who do not vote more than twice in a row will have membership suspended until they can answer before a collection of their peers.
  • Under no circumstances will Captains participate in, or allow their crews to participate in, the trafficking of slaves. Slavery is the enemy and will not be tolerated. Captains who are discovered to have breached this condition will be pursued until the ends of the galaxy until justice can be served.

(( OOC: Note: We're aware of the craziness that can go on with PC connections and RL drama, etc. etc. You work with us, we'll work with you. No worries. ))

How to Join

Contact the Senior Captain via RP or IC @mail, or by contacting any other Consortium member by the same means. Captains must be smugglers, or traders who are prepared to change their +profession to Smuggler with sufficient RP, but their crews can have any number of professions. Captains and crews can also belong to other factions, so long as they adhere to the Consortium's laws. You should hear back in a few days at most.


Adhar Gann -- Senior Captain, Captain of the Serious Business

Mara Jade -- Captain of the Termagant

Pash Danigo -- Captain of the Fathier Express

  • Zuhj, First Mate/Gunner

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