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Organization Overview

Formed in response to conditions on independent smugglers by organizations like the Hutt Cartel, the Array Consortium - so named after the notorious Sabacc hand - is an organization that began as a collection of free trade captains (read: smugglers) who worked together to further their fortunes free of exploitation. Headed by the smuggler, Adhar Gann, the Consortium has since evolved into a small but profitable organization not only associated with smuggling but arms dealing and other related endeavours, as well as legitimate trade and security. Although it has vastly outgrown its original mission, the Consortium still assists independent operators as requested, and is often involved in anti-pirate activities or other matters in which independent trade - both legal and not - are supported.

Benefits of Membership

  • Captains and their crews protect and aid one another in finding equipment, lucrative smuggling and trade routes, and assistance in conflicts (plots).
  • Captains who lose their vessels via RP or misadventure can petition the Consortium to assist them in regaining vessels or, if impossible or infeasible, purchasing a replacement.
  • Captains and their crews can find shelter from conflict or legal assistance.
  • Captains and their crews can cross paths with smugglers belonging to other organizations, creating cross-factional RP!
  • Assistance to those crew who wish to buy their own ships and become smugglers in their own right.
  • Assistance to traders who wish to make the jump from everyday commerce to the smuggling trade.
  • No small degree of excitement and action participating in patrol campaigns and brushfire wars to help tame a galaxy currently chock full of opportunistic malcontents.
  • See the galaxy, make money, avoid jail. Live the dream!

How to Join

Contact the Senior Captain via RP or IC @mail, or by contacting any other Consortium member by the same means. All manner of roles are accepted, from smugglers to soldiers to scientists. Inquire to see if we can make use of you!

The Consortium has openings in the following branches:

  • Capital Ship Crew: The Serious Business is always in need of crew, from engineers to medical operatives, scientists and hospitality staff. Think you might fit in? Let us know.
  • Consortium Marines: Serving as the Consortium's security and battle forces, the Consortium Marines are a small, talented, and heavily mechanized force utilized not only to secure Consortium interests and assist its members but to project its influence and prosecute warfare when hired or drawn into conflicts. PC Marines are issued standard equipment with special weapons and vehicles on hand per mission - rather than cannon fodder, the Consortium goes to great lengths to develop its forces and preserve its investment in them.
  • Combat Pilots: The Serious Business has a sizable flight group, the ships of which require talented pilots. Beyond its defense and patrol wings, advanced starfighters and combat craft are regularly sortied on various combat missions.
  • Smugglers and Traders: Legitimate or not, business-beings make up the backbone of the Consortium's activities in the Rim. Come join, have your ships maintained and your business supported, all while making money for yourself in the wild corners of the Rim!


"Thrilling Adventures"

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