Maeve Zavir

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Maeve Zavir

Title: Doctor
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Profession: Surgeon
Homeworld: Corellia
Organization: Resistance

          Maeve is the second of four children in the Zavir family of Corellia, with one elder brother, one younger brother and one younger sister, Maeve and her siblings are a close knit family unit with all the push and shove, noise and drama, love and chaos that comes with a normal family life. As the second child, Maeve inherited their mothers love of medicine and their fathers love of knowledge, pushing herself to excel beyond general medicine into the demanding field of surgery. Her focus, her passion, her drive really, allowed her to streamline her education to a certain degree, while sidestepping some of the more typical social interactions. Preferring to study instead of party, for example, did not make her a campus celebrity. On the other side of the coin, she was a major asset in study groups and labs, a reasonable trade off. Like all medical students and eventual interns, she made her mistakes, her errors, the painful lessons of learning that only real hands-on knowledge can give.
          Many surgeons, Maeve included, select a specialty within the surgical field and focus on that specialty to refine their specific skill set. A cardiac surgeon, for example, is not a neurosurgeon, nor a orthopaedic surgeon does double duty as a neonatal specialist. Maeve's focus settled on trauma surgery, both thriving on the adrenaline rush and excelling at the time intensive demands that accompany the hours, the life really, of a trauma surgeon. Having settled into her position as a trauma fellow, Maeve's life had achieved a measure of balance. Demanding hours, intense surgical rotations, difficult cases, diplomatic dancing required to find the safe way of playing politics within the hospital sphere, even a modicum of a social life. That balance was thrown entirely into chaos the day that a particularly troubled citizen walked into their ER with a bomb strapped to his body. In an instant, countless colleagues and patients were obliterated with the press of a button. The summary investigation would show that the bomber had never set foot in their ER before, had no tie, no connection, to the ER, it's staff, or any of it's personnel. He had selected their ER, their hospital, at random. Pure, random, madness. For Maeve, a mere hallway away when the bomb went off, it was hours of being trapped at the bottom of a stairwell without light or fresh air, the intermittent flickering of emergency lights, the shifting and threat of the rubble, and the cries and sounds of pain of those trapped beyond her reach, beyond the reach of the first responders to the scene. It is natural, as result, that she experiences a measure of claustrophobia at times, or a certain startle-factor to loud noises. Maeve would say that everyone has issues, she's not unique.


          Maeve values knowledge that is balanced with kindness. Discovery and innovation that is not blinded by ambition or poisoned by cruelty for the sake of advancement. Bravery, in the face of the unknown, and even more so when the consequences are clearly outlined. Material wealth does not impress her, nor is it a driving force for the goals she has set for her life. Some people, she would say, are what they become. Maeve believes that people become who, and what, they have always been. Peel and pare away the edges long enough and the person, the core, that part is revealed. That truth, that truth of self, is the most difficult truth to own and accept, to be. Maeve strives for that truth.
          Presently, her goal in life is to continue to use her surgical skills when, where, and as needed. After the bombing she experienced a rather marked difficulty returning to work in the ER once it had been repaired, renovated so to speak, and the damage skillfully erased. A skilled and well qualified trauma surgeon, she had no lack of opportunities but finds herself at a bit of a loss as to where to sign on at this point.

Recent History

          The easy route has never been the path most appealing, and it is in that light that she is working her way through a rather complicated network of physician-to-physician referrals, taking short term assignments while sorting out the next chapter of her life. She made a brief run at managing a clinic on Nar Shaddaa but, after about a year she decided to freelance instead. As one of the best surgeons that money can buy, she has a 'No questions asked' approach to business and for those that can afford her fees (which include the cost of travel, medical supply and time) she's on call at all hours. She also likes rum, long walks on the beach and hates flying and/or leaping insects.


RP Hooks/Places/People

Corellian - Graduate of Corellian Medical Academy, graduated top 5% of her class, known in some circles as 'The Physician who lived'.
Surgeon - One of the best surgeons that money can buy.
Shoe Fetish - Some things can't be explained, and Mae's love of shoes - and her shoe collection - is pretty extensive.
Nar Shaddaa - Currently resides on Nar Shadda and has just recently completed renovations on her flat.
Axilon Bjin'ax - One of her oldest friends on Nar Shadda, has excellent taste in weaponry and armament and probably the best market insight and know-how when it comes to turning a credit into a few billion.
Qadira Suuryet - Also one of her oldest friends on Nar Shadda, and the absolute best mechanic, among other things. Lots of other things, excellent sense of humor and above all, kind.
Kael Greystorm - Old so and so! He knows why he's earned this!
Jax Greystorm - Another of the Greystorm clan, trouble makers, the lot of 'em!
Sesti Greystorm - Awesome incarnate. See? The Greystorm clan is expanding with more awesome people.
Ambrosia_Greystorm - The mother of the other awesome Greystorms and the very standard by which all others are measured.
Sar Yavok - Rogue & troublemaker, two of the best possible features. And... while Mae isn't quite ready to put a 'label' on it, she and Sar are currently in negotiations regarding the shape of their relationship. Mae believes that all successful relationships rely on a series of on-going and good-faith negotiations.
Gren Delede - Former comrade in arms of Sar, and apparently some sort of friend, if not cohort in crime and probably the person who also needs to be bailed out in tandem.
Sapphira Solari - Excellent fashion sense, hell of a mechanic, also knows how to fire really big guns when the need arises.
Lorana Adella - Complicated, intelligent, kind, complex, and so much more.
Hazar Jast - young Sergeant in the Resistance, terribly earnest and determined, adorably so.
Karas Darkwing - flight officer and excellent pilot.
David Ironside - flight officer, excellent pilot, lately of Naboo and voted most likely to get into shenanigans!
Adhar Gann - Adhar is a complicated man with a complicated set of decision making parameters that inspire him to do the things that he does that need doing. He says he's a white hat with really bloody hands. Mae's opinion is that he has the making of the Last Action Hero, with or without the film rights. But definitely all of the replacement plastic parts.

Recent Images

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